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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 19 – Xiong Hei's Might

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Kulops and Robin

"Yes, milord." The black clothed woman, A'Zi, bowed as she accepted the order. After that, A'Zi immediately departed from the main hall and started to gather a large group of people, a large army, to clear the path for Lord Xiong Hei.

On the main hall, Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji were both looking at Xiong Hei with smiles on their faces.

The handsome Daoist Liu Xu said with a lot of enthusiasm. "Big Brother Xiong Hei taking off personally and with the Heavenly Divine Artifact bestowed by Lord Black Dragon on top of that, a mere Mount Bewitch You is definitely going to be a walk in the park. I, your little brother, is also very bored staying over here at the Black Dragon Pool. I might as well proceed to Mount Bewitch You together with Big Brother Xiong Hei so that I can watch Big Brother Xiong Hei's might from the side."

"What Big Brother Liu said is interesting. I shall go together with you and watch Big Brother Xiong Hei's might from the side too." Mei Ji lightly shook her sleeve and said in a sweet voice.

Xiong Hei walked down from the seat he sat on above the main hall. He stood beside Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu. His nearly three meter tall body made Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu have to raise their heads up in order to look at him.

"Mei Ji, Liu Xu, since the two of you wish to go and see, then let's go together."

Xiong Hei slightly lifted his head. The ominous glint from his eyes passed through the entrance of the main hall and was cast toward the south. "Humph, Mount Bewitch You…" Xiong Hei then started walking out of the main hall with large strides.

After a short moment, close to ten thousand troops had been gathered outside of Lord Xiong's Palace.

Ten thousand troops were merely a very small portion to the Black Dragon Pool. However… when the amount of people gathered was ten thousand, it appeared to be an extremely vast amount of people. All of the gathered Deities were discussing with each other outside. It was extremely noisy.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" The sound of heavy footsteps were heard. Xiong Hei's gigantic figure appeared on the high platform. He gazed at the people gathered below.

After some shouting by some of the leaders of the Black Dragon Pool, the ten thousand troops immediately became quiet. All of them were looking at Lord Xiong Hei above them with respectful appearances.

"Lord Xiong Hei."

Nearly ten thousand people have all kneeled down on one knee simultaneously. Their voices were incomparably resonate.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu also flew up to the high platform. The two of them stood on either side of Xiong Hei. Mei Ji said in a low voice with a smile on her face. "Big Brother Xiong, so impressive."

Xiong Hei did not bother to pay attention to Mei Ji at all. Instead, he waved his hand and shouted. "Set off."

Instantly, the ten thousand troops split into numerous units. Methodically arranged, they began to rapidly advance toward the south.

The boss of the Black Dragon Pool, Lord Black Dragon, had not shown himself in many years. Thus, Xiong Hei's status could be considered as the highest standing in the Black Dragon Pool. If he wanted to personally set off to do a task, how could the display of his grandeur possibly be light?

Xiong Hei was sitting on a recliner contentedly. Four robust men with builds comparable to Xiong Hei's were carrying the recliner. All four of these robust men possessed strength of High Level Deity.

As for Mei Ji and Liu Xu who have come to watch the show, they too were being carried by others on recliners. The only difference was that the four High Level Deities that carried either of them were all beautiful women.

The journey was about three days long. The army had finally arrived by Mount Bewitch You.

Qin Yu stood on top of a certain tree. He was looking at that long queue of troops coming from afar. The front army of this army had just arrived at the Mount Bewitch You. The middle army and the rear army would still take some time longer before they arrive.

"What a huge show of extravagance." Qin Yu had a smile on his face. With a movement of his foot, he had arrived at the edge of a cliff.

Qin Yu sat on the edge of the cliff. Uncle Fu was standing behind him.

"Master, it appears that there are about ten thousand troops." Uncle Fu managed to guess the approximate amount with a single gaze.

"Against a great formation array, having more people is useless. The more they come, the more they die. Hopefully the leader of this Black Dragon Pool would not be enraged and think calmly. Otherwise, if too many people were to die here, that too would not be my wish." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face. "Uncle Fu, say, do you think this Killing Array of mine would be able to stop them?"

Uncle Fu smiled and shook his head. "Although the Killing Array is powerful, an attack of this level would likely not be able to kill a Heavenly Deity level expert. And this time around… I reckon that the Heavenly Deity level experts of the Black Dragon Pool would also have gathered here."

The front army possessed a total of two thousand troops. The rear army also possessed two thousand troops. As for the middle army, there were close to six thousand troops. As for Xiong Hei, Liu Xu and Mei Ji, they were all situated in the middle army.

By the time the entire army had all arrived by the foot of the Mount Bewitch You, Qin Yu had already waited close to an hour.

All of the troops were gathered on the ground. At this moment, a robust man flew out from the nearly ten thousand concentrated troops. He wore a body of black battle armor. His facial appearance was extremely fierce-looking. His imposing and overbearing aura was able to be felt from very far away.

"Flying? Sure enough, the Heavenly Deity experts have come." Qin Yu stood up.

Against Heavenly Deity level experts, Qin Yu cannot be as casual as he was before. However, right when Qin Yu stood up, two more people surprisingly flew up behind that robust men wearing a black battle armor.

"Three Heavenly Deities. They are truly giving me face!" Qin Yu started to feel a trace of excitement. "Three Heavenly Deities, they should be able to allow me to experiment with a lot of formation arrays."

Right when Qin Yu began to consider the three Heavenly Deities as 'guinea pigs' to experiment formation arrays on, the three Heavenly Deities however started standing in the sky. Xiong Hei stood to the front whereas Daoist Liu Xu and Mei Ji stood behind him.

"People of the Mount Bewitch You, listen carefully. I am Lord Xiong Hei from the Black Dragon Pool. If you are smart, then you'd best behave yourselves, give yourselves up and come out from the Mount Bewitch You. Otherwise… do not blame me for being vicious and merciless." Xiong Hei had a face filled with disdain.

Mei Ji and Daoist Liu Xu glanced at each other.

"Xiong Hei? Never heard of him."

A clear and sonorous voice sounded. A figure flew out from Mount Bewitch You. He stood in the airspace above the Mount Bewitch You.

Seeing that someone had actually flown up, Xiong Hei's expression instantly changed. Even Mei Ji and Liu Xu no longer had their relaxed expression from earlier. Instead, they grew serious. Merely, the gaze that they looked at Xiong Hei contained within it a trace of laughter.

"Ah, it's a Heavenly Deity."

"It's actually a Heavenly Deity, it's going to be a large battle this time around!"

The ten thousand Black Dragon Pool's troops had become noisy. Seeing that the enemy was actually a Heavenly Deity, the atmosphere had immediately started to boil. Even Xiong Hei no longer had the domineering aura that he displayed from the beginning.

"Him? How did he became a Heavenly Deity?" Liu Qiyan was within the crowd. He was looking at Qin Yu who stood in the air with a dumbfounded expression. The appearance of the person before him was something that Liu Qiyan remembered very clearly. This man was Xing Yuan's friend, a person called Qin Yu.

"Handsome little brother, I am called Mei Ji. That big guy over there is our Black Dragon Pool's Lord Xiong Hei. This person is Daoist Liu Xu. May I know what little brother's name is?" Said Mei Ji with a sweet voice.

"I am called Qin Yu!"

Qin Yu directly declared his name. The name Qin Yu had brought about quite a bit of troubles in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, in the Divine Realm… there was not much reason for Qin Yu to hide his name.

Xiong Hei frowned. He then humped coldly and said. "Qin Yu? I did not expect that you were a Heavenly Deity. Since you're a Heavenly Deity and have occupied the Mount Bewitch You, if you have sent our Black Dragon Pool a greeting, our Black Dragon Pool would naturally be very magnanimous and not mind it. However, the conducts and deeds that you have done in these past days have set yourself against our Black Dragon Pool. Speak, how do you plan to satisfy our Black Dragon Pool?"

Xiong Hei, Liu Xu and Mei Ji were all Low Level Heavenly Deities.

The number of Heavenly Deities in the Divine Realm was extremely few. Usually, all the large powers would try to rope in Heavenly Deity level experts. Xiong Hei was unable to determine at all whether if… Qin Yu was by himself or if he possessed a large backing behind him. Although the Black Dragon Pool was a relatively large power in the territory of the Yuchi City, when compared to big cities like the Yuchi City, they were much weaker.

"Satisfy you guys? That's right, my formation array would satisfy you guys." Said Qin Yu with a smile on his face.

Xiong Hei's expression grew cold.

"That is the way you plan to satisfy us?" Murderous aura started to burst forth from Xiong Hei's eyes. At this moment, Qin Yu said with a smile on his face. "That's right. Xiong Hei, Mei Ji, Liu Xu, let me warn you three. What I have set up in the outer regions of the Mount Bewitch You is a Killing Array. I have also placed formation array in the middle region of the Mount Bewitch You. I welcome you all to come and try to break through them!"

After he finished saying that, Qin Yu flew into the forest of Mount Bewitch You. He had disappeared from everyone's eyes.

"Mei Ji, Liu Xu, the two of you stay to the side."

Xiong Hei's expression had grown cold and heavy. With an extension of his hand, a nearly four meter long scarlet colored spiked club appeared in his hand. Jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy started pouring into the spiked club from Xiong Hei's hand. The entire spiked club started vibrating.

Mei Ji and Liu Xu glanced at each other.

"Big Brother Xiong, with the 'Mountain Crusher' in his hand, he will definitely be able to easily capture that Qin Yu." Said Mei Ji with a smile on her face.

Xiong Hei took a step forward and instantly entered into the Killing Array.

Right when he entered into the Killing Array, lumps of black flames started rushing toward him. They covered Xiong Hei from all directions. However, to Low Level Heavenly Deities, the Divine Flames did not cause them much harm.


Xiong Hei violently shouted. The space surrounding him grew completely distorted. His large and thick hands were grabbing the spiked club. The spiked club started to radiate jade green colored Heavenly Divine Energy from its exterior.

Pouring Heavenly Divine Energy into Heavenly Divine Artifact. This was the way to allow a Heavenly Divine Artifact to display its utmost might.

"Mountain, Crusher!"

Xiong Hei's spiked club ferociously smashed on the ground of the Mount Bewitch You. Qin Yu who was on the top of the Mount Bewitch You and watching this scene unfold was shocked to discover that the Mount Bewitch You slightly trembled.

Qin Yu managed to sense the tremble even when he was located on the top of the mountain. Then what about Xiong Hei's surroundings?

With Xiong Hei as the center, all the mountain stones in a ten meter circumference surround him had been crushed into fine dust. The mountain in the surrounding hundred meter circumference also cracked open. Furthermore, a formation array's foundation that Qin Yu had placed at that location had also been destroyed.


The spiked club, carrying the strength of tens of thousands of catties, smashed onto the mountain like ripping apart space. All the mountain stones in the circumference over a hundred meters surrounding the area that the spiked club smashed at cracked open.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!"….

Like an earthquake, it continued to shake several tens of times. All the formation array's foundations in the outer region of the Mount Bewitch You had been destroyed.

The Killing Array had dissipated!

"This Xiong Hei, how come his might with the Heavenly Divine Artifact is that powerful?" Qin Yu suddenly stood up. He looked to Xiong Hei who carried the enormous spiked club on the bottom of the mountain.

"Master, when a Divine Artifact has been instilled with Divine Energy, its might is much stronger than when in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. With the same logic, a Heavenly Divine Artifact would be most powerful when being instilled with Heavenly Divine Energy." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

At this moment, Xiong Hei held the enormous spiked club with a single hand. He was walking up the Mount Bewitch You step by step. Every single step of his was so heavy that the ground started shaking. The murderous aura on his extremely fierce face had grown even more frantic compared to before.

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