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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 15 – Journey Together

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Inside the Stellar Space.

The entire Stellar Space was like an angry ocean. It was hysterically spinning. The entire space was spinning in distortion… and the core of these revolutions was that 'Origin' that now had the same color as the 'flour paste energy.'

"Sure enough, it is just like I anticipated."

Qin Yu's awareness had completely fused with the Stellar Space.

Last time around, Qin Yu discovered that in the surroundings of the Origin was a small area of space that was distorted and spinning. At the same time, that area had been slowly expanding with a hard to detect speed. After all these years, that distorted space had finally extended to the entire Stellar Space.

The entire Stellar Space was now in a state of vibrating revolution.

"What will the next stage after the Origin Stage be?" Qin Yu started to ponder.

Qin Yu's awareness was touching the 'Origin' on one hand and touching the liquid-like flowing 'flour paste' outside of the Stellar Space. That extremely ancient and ever-existing aura of the flour paste space had caused Qin Yu to feel very peaceful.

"So that's it…"

Qin Yu's awareness had suddenly became clear-headed.

Qin Yu's awareness was able to feel that the 'Origin' was expanding and contracting like a heart. Although the range of the expansion and contraction was extremely small, so small that Qin Yu was only able to barely sense it after fusing his awareness with the Stellar Space.

"The Origin is becoming smaller!"

After all these years, although the Origin had become smaller over time – it was merely the size of a quail egg now – Qin Yu was unable to notice the change in the Origin when he fused his awareness with the Stellar Space.

However, he was able to notice it now.

The Origin was expanding and shrinking. After every single expansion and shrinkage, its size would become a trace bit smaller.

He did not discover it in the past but managed to discover it now. What did that signify?

It meant that the degree at which the Origin was shrinking had become larger. It had become so large that Qin Yu was now able to detect it.

In an instant, Qin Yu's awareness had completely returned back to his body.

Qin Yu opened his eyes. A smile was on the corner of Qin Yu's mouth. "This Stellar Space has completely evolved. The evolution of the Origin will soon reach its destination. The next stage should be…"

Like a lightning bolt flashing through his mind, scenes appeared in Qin Yu's mind…

There was a scene where the Origin has shrunk to the peak and suddenly exploded. It formed countless stars. It evolved into an entire cosmos.

There was another scene where the Origin has shrunk to the peak and turned into a black hole.

There was another scene where the Stellar Space exploded and the Origin entered into the 'flour paste space.'

All these scenes represented the comprehensions that Qin Yu had obtained throughout the years. Each and every one of these scenes may become the next stage of the Origin Stage.

Each of the stages shown in the scenes represented an evolutionary path. However, among all of the evolutionary paths, only a single one was the most perfect and would allow Qin Yu to ascend to the final evolutionary path. Which path would that be?

Qin Yu was uncertain about it.

"If I were to take a stray path and reach the final evolution through that path, although it might not give the best and most perfect evolution, the increase in attack power would definitely still be extremely powerful." Qin Yu thought in his heart.

From Qin Yu's point of view, if he were to condense the 'Origin' to the pinnacle and then evolve it into a new 'Black Hole.'

And then form a new 'Origin!'

He suspected that at that moment, the Origin Energy would be condensed to a frightening level. However, Qin Yu had determined that this was a loop path and was merely a stray path. Although if he were to reach the end of this stray path, the attack power would definitely not be weak.

Qin Yu felt that if he were to take this path, he would definitely not fail. However, it could also not be considered as being successful.

"Exactly which one is the most correct and best path?" Qin Yu sighed in his heart. He had thought through all kinds of different evolutionary paths. However, not a single one of them gave him the feeling of perfection.

What Qin Yu was pursuing was the 'clear comprehension' sensation that he had when he comprehended the Black Hole Stage like he did back then.

Qin Yu believe that if he were to have a feeling of 'clear comprehension' when he thought of an evolutionary path, then it perhaps would be the most successfully evolutionary path.

"The Origin is still shrinking. According to the rate that it is shrinking at, it'll should take several hundred more years for the Origin to shrink to the limit. I still have a few hundred years to prepare myself." Qin Yu thought in his heart. "In these couple hundred years, if I am unable to comprehend the best evolutionary path, then I could only go down another path."

Qin Yu understood very well in his heart.

He knew that at the moment when the Origin had shrink to its limit, he must make a decision to lead the Origin to the next stage.

"Master, what's wrong?" Uncle Fu said.

Qin Yu woke back up. He smiled and said. "Nothing. I have decided from today on, for the next several hundred years, I will stop researching the 'Array Path.' I will first go find a place on the edge of the territory of the Black Dragon Pool and experiment with some of the formation arrays that I managed to analyze."

Several hundred years was a very short period of time for formation array analyzation.

At Qin Yu's current level. All the formation arrays that he would require to spend effort on analyzing would all require him several thousands of years or even longer to succeed. A time of several hundred years was simply not of much use to him at all.

During these several hundred years, Qin Yu had decided to experiment with his formation arrays and comprehend the next stage of the 'Stellar Transformation.'

"Uncle Fu, you can continue to stay in the Jiang Lan's Realm. I will go to the edge of the Black Dragon Pool's territory to find a place. There is no need to bother Xiao Hei with this matter." Qin Yu said to Uncle Fu and then disappeared from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

After determining with his Divine Awareness that there was no one on the remote side road that the Jiang Lan's Realm was on, Qin Yu then proceeded to appear on the side road and continued to walk forward.

Finding a mountain top after leaving Sealfeel Village to train, this was their original plan. Thus, Qin Yu naturally had already purchased a map of the powers distribution in the surroundings of Yuchi City when he was in Sealfeel Village.

A map like this was extremely cheap. It cost only a single Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stone. That was because the territory of bandits in the surroundings of the Yuchi City was common knowledge.

"Back then, I had even planned together with Fei Fei to pick a mountain top and quietly train on that. Never would I have expected that he would go to the Asura Sea." Qin Yu sighed in his heart. He then held back this sort of emotional feeling that he had.

Qin Yu's pace was not fast. However, he had a special rhythm. Keeping up with the rhythm of his speed, Qin Yu had walked for two days straight. If anyone were to notice Qin Yu's eyes, they'd notice that there was no spirit within his eyes.

That was because Qin Yu had only slightly paid attention to walking. Practically all of his attention and spirit were focused on thinking of the next stage of the 'Origin Stage.'

In the past two hundred thousand plus years, Qin Yu had been researching and analyzing the 'Array Path.' This had allowed Qin Yu's soul's level to increase a bit. His Divine Awareness was now a lot more powerful and his ability to analyze things was also a lot better.

Inside Qin Yu's mind.

The scene of a spinning nebula. The scene of a shooting meteor. The scene of a floating stellar core. The scene of a planet. The scene of a star. Then the scene of the star exploding and turning into a black hole and then the back hole into the Origin…

Numerous scenes flashed through Qin Yu's mind like lightning.

The scenes in Qin Yu's mind then started changing with a lightning like speed. All sorts of possible evolutionary paths were emerging unceasingly. They then started to be filtered by Qin Yu unceasingly. One by one, the different possible paths of evolution emerged in Qin Yu's mind.

The evolutionary paths that would end up giving a weak increase of power were directly discarded by Qin Yu. Qin Yu then spent even more effort in researching those evolutionary paths that would increase the power by a greater amount.

As Qin Yu continued to ponder, suddenly…

"Mn? You are?" A voice sounded in Qin Yu's ears.

Qin Yu was merely pondering. He still paid a trace of attention to his surroundings. The deduction of the next evolutionary path for the Stellar Transformation that Qin Yu was thinking in his mind had suddenly come to a halt. Qin Yu's eyes had also instantly grown bright with spirit.

He raised his head and looked to the sky to his left.

A white clothed youngster was flying in the sky. That white clothed youngster smiled and nodded to Qin Yu. He then flew next to Qin Yu. "This seems to be the third time that we met."

"That's right, it's the third time." Qin Yu smiled as he replied.

This white clothed youngster looking person was precisely Huang Jing!

"Haha, that day you were also in the restaurant and came to know that I am a female. There is no need for me to conceal myself anymore." Huang Jing lightly smiled. The white colored warrior outfit that she wore had instantly turned into a yellow colored gauze robe.

Right in front of Qin Yu, a gentle and quiet looking youngster had turned into a gentle and quiet looking girl.

"Lady Huang Jing, my humble name is Qin Yu." Said Qin Yu respectfully.

Qin Yu remember that this Huang Jing was a Large Squadron Captain from Mount Dazzling Gold. The status of a Large Squadron Captain was one of the top-notch high level sorts in the eastern region of the Divine Realm. Furthermore, this Huang Jing ought to be a High Level Heavenly Deity.

Qin Yu still remembered that with an intention from the gray clothed man, thirty plus Mount Dazzling Gold cultivators were frozen still. Only Huang Jing managed to struggle a bit. Although the gray clothed man managed to suppress Huang Jing by merely adding on a bit more strength, Huang Jing's strength was still not something that could be looked down upon.

"Do not call me Lady Huang Jing. I am not used to hearing that. You can just call me Huang Jing." Said Huang Jing while smiling.

Huang Jing's smile easily gave off an amiable sensation.

Qin Yu nodded. "Huang Jing. As far as I know, it has been over a thousand years since I last met you. Could it be that you have stayed in Yuchi City the past thousand plus years?"

A hundred thousand plus years in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm was only a thousand plus years outside.

"No. Last time I had brought some subordinates to accompany my younger brother. This time around, I have come by myself to see my younger brother." Explained Huang Jing with a smile on her face.

"Oh." Qin Yu nodded. "Huang Jing, aren't you from Mount Dazzling Gold? How come your brother's here?"

QIn Yu clearly remembered the information that was leaked by the conversation of Huang Jing's subordinates in the restaurant the last time around…Huang Jing's younger brother was extremely powerful. He was even more powerful than ordinary Mount Dazzling Gold cultivators.

Huang Jing lightly smiled. "Although my younger brother has also reached the Heavenly Deity stage, he does not like the atmosphere of Mount Dazzling Gold. Thus, he had decided to live over at Yuchi City. Well then, let's not talk about this anymore. How are things going with you?"

Qin Yu and Huang Jing continued to walk side by side like so. They walked past the lake and the forest. The two of them were casually chatting with each other and what they were doing. Qin Yu did not hide anything. He merely slightly changed some of the more important things.

"Ah, we're about to arrive." Huang Jing suddenly looked at her surroundings. She then looked at Qin Yu and smiled. "Never would I expect that unconsciously, we have arrived at the fork in the road. I am now going toward the north. Where will you be going?"

"The south." Qin Yu replied.

The Black Dragon Pool's headquarters was indeed located in a distant area in the south. Qin Yu continued onward toward the south. As they were still on the government's road, there were no bandits here.

Huang Jing seemed to be a bit disappointed. She lightly smiled and said. "In that case, we shall meet again if the time comes in the future. I shall go to my brother's location first."

"Farewell." Said Qin Yu as he nodded with a smile.

Huang Jing had immediately started flying. Her gauze robe also started to flutter in the wind. Right when she started flying, Huang Jing suddenly turned around and looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, to be honest, when I was walking with you earlier, the sensation that I had when I was with you was very comfortable."

"Very comfortable?" Qin Yu was startled.

"Don't take it the wrong way. It just felt pretty comfortable. My mind felt very peaceful. I think that if I were to be by your side often, my cultivation speed would also become much faster. Well then, farewell." Huang Jing smiled to Qin Yu and then started rapidly flying toward the north.

Qin Yu looked at Huang Jing's figure it disappeared into the horizon.

"Comfortable?" Qin Yu smiled self mockingly. He then continued to proceed toward the south.

In Qin Yu's mind, encountering Huang Jing was merely a small matter in his journey. However, for them to meet each other three times in a row. Furthermore, to meet each other after a separation of a thousand years. The two of them could indeed be consider fated.

This time around, Qin Yu sped up. He even started to exercise control over the space surrounding his body to counteract the gravity. His speed had turned extremely fast.

In merely two hours, he had traveled more distance than he did in the past two days.

Qin Yu had instantly moved past the power territory of the Black Dragon Pool. He had arrived at a location south of the Black Dragon Pool. There was no sign of human habitation in the south of the Black Dragon Pool. As there were no villages located here, there was usually no one in the vicinity.

Qin Yu thus chose a location in the south of the Black Dragon Pool's territory. Although this location was considered as being at the edge of the territory of the Black Dragon Pool, there were still many people from the Black Dragon Pool passing through here. In Qin Yu's plan, these people were to become the people he shall test out his formation arrays on.

If these people wanted to blame someone for their fate, then they could only blame the fact that of the Three Great Bandit Powers outside of the Yuchi City, Qin Yu was most familiar with the Black Dragon Pool and also possessed the most 'reason' with the Black Dragon Pool.

"Mn, not bad. Although this mountaintop is relatively small, it could also be considered as possessing an enchanting scenery!"

Qin Yu looked at the mountain before him. This mountaintop was verdant and lush with many plants, trees and vegetations. Although the mountain was not tall, its height being only two thousand meters, Qin Yu was very fond of its appearance.

"From today on, I could be considered as 'having occupied a mountain and declared myself a ruler.' This mountain shall be called… Mount Bewitch You!" A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. He then proceed to walk toward Mount Bewitch You with large strides.

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