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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 16 – The Eight Levels of Formation Arrays

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Mount Bewitch You possessed enchanting sceneries. There were even some demon beasts living in the mountain's forest. There were no traces of human activity in the entire mountain. It was an extremely peaceful location. Following Qin Yu's arrival, this mountain located at the southern edge of the Black Dragon Pool's territory now had a new master.

The pond water was so clear that even the bottom could be seen. There were glossy stones at the bottom of the pond as well as all sorts of fish swimming in it.

Beside this pond was a wooden house.

Outside of the wooden house stood a black gowned long haired youth. Beside this youth was an old man with a respectful appearance and a face full of smiles.

"Uncle Fu, from today on, I shall be living on Mount Bewitch You. I will temporarily not enter the Jiang Lan's Realm. For a short couple hundred years… it's better to be outside than inside. This way, Xiao Hei and them will also have more time to train." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

"Yes, master." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

Qin Yu swept his gaze at his surroundings. He couldn't help but feel carefree and relaxed. "This place is very decent. Soon, I shall arrange formation arrays in the surroundings of this Mount Bewitch You so that the people from the Black Dragon Pool can experience them."

"Master, before you start experimenting with the formation arrays, I have a thing that I need you to see." Said Uncle Fu suddenly.

"Oh?" Surprised, Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu. "What is it?"

Uncle Fu said respectfully. "When the old master left, he left behind some things with me. He had instructed me that when master's 'Array Path' has stepped into the palace of formation arrays, master shall be allowed to view these scrolls."

Suddenly, a golden scroll appeared in Uncle Fu's hand.

"Stepped into the palace of formation arrays?" Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from smiling. Indeed, when he compared his achievement on the 'Array Path' with Uncle Fu, Qin Yu had only taken the first step into the palace of formation arrays even though his comprehension in the 'Array Path' was much stronger now, than hundred thousands plus years ago.

"What are these scrolls?" Qin Yu asked curiously.

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "Master will know about their contents once you read them. These could be considered as some lighthouses to guide master in the 'Array Path'."

With curiosity, Qin Yu send his Divine Awareness into the golden scroll.

"Hello, my successor. By the time you see these scrolls, I reckon you've already opened the Artifacts Palace and obtained control of the entire Bewitching God Temple and have also reached a certain level in the comprehension of the 'Array Path.' This scroll that I have left behind is merely there to let you know about some of the finer points of the Array Path so that you'll know better as to your own standing."

"The ocean of formation arrays is boundless. Even now, there is no one who has managed to see the end of it. There are experts that have mistakenly determined and separated the 'Array Path' into different stages – first stage, second stage, third stage. However, I believe this sort of classification is incorrect. That is because every person possess a different first stage 'Array Path.' For example, myself. When I first comprehended the first stage of the 'Array Path,' its strength, when compared to my second comprehension of the first stage of the 'Array Path,' was over a hundred times weaker."

"For example, my servant 'A'Fu.' Although A'Fu has been on the road toward the comprehension of the first stage of the 'Array Path' the entire time, his ability in formation arrays is comparable to ordinary second stage 'Array Path' experts. Thus, it is impossible to differentiate the level one has in the formation array with merely three stages. This was also the reason why I decided to issue my own classification of the different levels of array path!"

"All the formation arrays that have emerged since the birth of the Divine Realm, their levels could all be found within my classification standings."

"The formation array examples that are shown in the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path' are numerous and range from easy to difficult. However, all those formation array examples are merely grade one formation arrays. That is to say, they are the most primary level!"

Reading till here, Qin Yu's mind was stunned.

Back then, he had finished studying the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' comprehended a first stage of the 'Array Path' and thought himself to be exceptional. But, he now knew that those were merely the lowest level formation arrays.

"As for the different ranks of formation arrays, I have, for the time being, classified them into eight different levels! The strength of the formation arrays of these eight different levels, I have written about them in detail in the other golden scrolls."

"Level one formation arrays could be considered as the foundation. When one is able to set up level two formation arrays, then one could be considered as having stepped onto the palace of formation arrays. When one is able to set up level three formation arrays, then one could be considered an expert of formation arrays. As for being able to set up level four formation arrays, one would then be considered as a master of formation arrays! As for being able to set up level five formation arrays…. in the Divine Realm, if one wants to be able to craft a Heavenly Divine Artifact, then one's training in the formation arrays must be at the very least at the level five formation array level."

Qin Yu remembered it in his mind.

One could only craft Heavenly Divine Artifacts after being able to set up level five formation arrays.

"In the Divine Realm, there are not many people who can set up level five formation arrays. And for those that are capable of setting up level six formation arrays… Haha, I reckon that there are five or less people among all of the Divine Realm's great artifact craftsman masters that are able to do that. As for level seven and level eight formation arrays, in the entire history of the Divine Realm, only I, Chehou Yuan, have managed to set up those formation arrays!"

Qin Yu breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

From the classification of the different grades of formation arrays, Qin Yu came to understand clearly the strength that Chehou Yuan possessed in the 'Array Path.'

The Eight Levels of Formation Arrays. Chehou Yuan was actually the only person capable of setting up level seven and eight formation arrays.

Qin Yu tried his best to quiet down his emotional mind. He proceeded to continue reading.

"Within the Eight Levels of Formation Arrays, I am the sole person who has managed to reach the seventh and eighth level. Thus, we can temporarily ignore those two levels. From level one to level six,  they can already classify all of the formation arrays that the experts of the Divine Realm use. Level one to level six all start from simple to complicated formation arrays. Even a great master who could set up level six formation arrays thought that the more overlaying, the more mixed, the more complicated the formation array was, the more powerful it would be."

"Back then, I too believed that to be the case. However, after I reached the third stage of the 'Array Path' and managed to set up level seven and eight formation arrays… I discovered that level one to level six formation arrays go from simple to complicated. However, from level seven on, the formation arrays become more and more simple. Reaching the Greater Dao, perhaps this is the principle behind it."

Qin Yu firmly remembered these words.

However, Qin Yu was also a bit confused. The more overlaying a formation array was, its power would naturally become stronger. A formation array required each and every section of it to integrate together perfectly. For example, if a formation array was composed of ten overlays, its strength was naturally inferior to one that was composed of sixteen overlays.

However, why was it that level seven and eight formation arrays started to become more simple from more complicated?

"This is truly profound." Qin Yu smiled bitterly in his heart. The current him was unable to understand the reasoning behind it. However, he believed that perhaps he would be able to understand it in the future.

"As for the effects of the Eight Levels of Formation Array, I have written detailed case examples on the other golden scrolls. They include the weakest and the strongest formation arrays of each level of formation array. Successor of mine, I suggest that it's best for you to not research level seven and level eight formation arrays. After all… if you start researching them without first having a solid foundation, it might instead be harmful to you."

"Of course, the Eight Levels of Formation Array is merely my own classification. It is not the accepted classification by the entire Divine Realm. Furthermore… I believe that above level eight formation arrays are level nine formation arrays and even level ten formation arrays. Only thing is, the current me is unable to achieve any more breakthroughs. Successor of mine, the Bewitching God Temple is yours now. I hope that you will also be capable of succeeding my title of the 'Craftsman God.' Successor of mine, try your best!"

After placing away the golden scroll, Qin Yu grew silent for a moment.

"Uncle Fu, give me the golden scrolls that Senior Chehou Yuan left the detailed explanation of the Eight Levels of Formation Array." Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu smiled as he nodded. "Master, there is one golden scroll that contains the detailed explanation of level one to level three formation arrays. There are three golden scrolls that contains the detailed explanation of level four formation arrays. There are twelve golden scrolls that contains the detailed explanation of level five formation arrays. There are ninety eight golden scrolls that contains the detailed explanation of the level six formation arrays. As for the level seven and eight formation arrays, there is a single golden scroll!"

As he said that, a pile of golden scrolls appeared before Uncle Fu.

Qin Yu immediately did a rough inspection of the contents with his Divine Awareness.

Qin Yu did not carefully read the contents. He merely roughly skimmed through them.

Chehou Yuan had recorded the weakest and the strongest formation arrays of every level in the golden scrolls. That was to say…. there were only two levels per formation array, one weak and one strong. Only the level eight formation array possessed a single one.

"These ninety eight golden scrolls actually only recorded two formation arrays." Qin Yu exclaimed in his heart.

It was indeed very frightening when the formation arrays became so complicated.

"Master, the other people of the Divine Realm, when they craft Divine Artifacts, they would add and maintain formation arrays. That was because the formation arrays were excessively complicated. This in term caused there to require an especially large amount of time to craft an artifact. Thus, crafting a Heavenly Divine Artifact would require immense time. However, the old master… could create Heavenly Divine Artifacts extremely easily." Said Uncle Fu proudly.

The title of Craftsman God, how could it possibly be a trifling matter?

"Uncle Fu, I have not carefully read through those golden scrolls. Can you tell me what level my current formation arrays are at?" Asked Qin Yu.

Uncle Fu said respectfully. "Master is extremely talented. In merely two hundred thousand plus years, master have already stepped into the realm of level three formation arrays. Although master would still be considered relatively weak among other level three formation array experts, it is still extremely exceptional."

"Level three formation arrays?" Qin Yu lightly nodded.

This sort of speed was still pretty good.

"Uncle Fu, what about you?" Qin Yu suddenly asked curiously.

Qin Yu knew that in the entire Divine Realm, there were only five or less individuals that managed to reach the sixth formation array level. As for the fifth formation array level, it was most definitely extremely sparse too. After all, when one reached the fifth formation array level, one would be able to craft Heavenly Divine Artifacts.

Uncle Fu smiled modestly. "Back then, the old master would frequently give pointers to this old servant. This old servant also didn't dare to slack off in the slightest. After all these years, it could be said that I have entered the fifth formation array level."

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