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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 14 – Two Great Selections

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu and Hei Yu continued to stay in the Jiang Lan's Realm's second layer space and didn't return to Sealfeel Village. Originally, Qin Yu had come to the Sealfeel Village just so that he could obtain a general idea of the Divine Realm. And now, Qin Yu had decided to prepare to undergo a deep level training.

There would always be a lot of people missing in the Divine Realm every day. This was merely a trivial matter. If Qin Yu and Hei Yu wanted to reinstate their ordinary lives, they merely have to pay some Divine Spiritual Stones to the Yuchi City's Governor.

In the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm. There were currently five people sitting together drinking and eating. These five people were Qin Yu, Hei Yu, Uncle Fu, Wu Lan and a extremely huge and dark skinned man.

"Wu Lan, how much longer will it be before your Divine Tribulation arrives?"

QIn Yu asked with a smile on his face.

"My Divine Tribulation? I'm not sure. Even now, I do not have any sensation of it." Said Wu Lan helplessly. Although it had not been a long time since he had arrived to the Divine Realm with Qin Yu, he had stayed in the Jiang Lan's Realm's second layer space the entire time. Thus, the actual amount of time that had passed was over a hundred thousand years.

To be unable to sense the arrival of the Divine Tribulation even after having been a level nine Demon Emperor for over a hundred thousand years, this had caused Wu Lan to feel extremely helpless.

"Brother Wu Lan, do not worry about it. When the time comes, this Old Wu shall accompany you and undergo the Divine Tribulation with you." Laughed that huge and dark skinned man. "Master's Jiang Lan's Realm is the best after all. It's like another world. In here, I do not even feel the slightest restriction. I actually can take a human form here, truly delightful."

Wu Lan lightly smiled and said. "The Divine Realm's demon beasts are restricted by the Divine Realm when they're in the Divine Realm. Before they pass the Divine Tribulation, they are unable to take on a human form. However, when the Divine Realm's demon beasts reach the lower realm, they would all be able to take on a human form. This is the same principle in the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Qin Yu understood it very well in his heart.

Those eighty plus house pets that he saved were all in their true forms when they were in the pet cages. However, once they were set free, they all managed to take on a human form.

"If I were to appear in the Divine Realm now, I would change into my true form of a Blackstain Ant." Wu Lan shook his head helplessly.

This was also the reason why Wu Lan had not left the Jiang Lan's Realm all these years.

This Wu He, the large dark skinned man, was none other than the Subterranean Cave Dragon that Qin Yu caught in the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine. The Subterranean Cave Dragon was restricted in the Divine Realm and could not take on a human form. However, when it came to the Jiang Lan's Realm, it took on a human form. Wu He was the name of the Subterranean Cave Dragon.

After they finished drinking and eating.

"Wu He, Wu Lan, the two of you can continue training. Xiao Hei and I will also be training now." Said Qin Yu.


Said Wu He and Wu Lan respectfully. The two of them proceed to leave together. Wu He and Wu Lan possessed very good relationship with each other. Among the Divine Realm's demon beasts, both the Subterranean Cave Dragon and Blackstain Ant were Emperor level demon beasts.

The Subterranean Cave Dragon's best strength was in its individual fighting strength. As for the Blackstain Ant, its best strength was in the fact that it could control Ant Swarms which filled the entire sky and earth to attack their enemies. When compared to the Subterranean Cave Dragon, the people from the Divine Realm feared the catastrophe-like Ant Swarms even more.

Seeing that the two of them had left, Qin Yu turned to Hei Yu and said. "Xiao Hei, Fei Fei is gone now, so there's no one to accompany you to compare techniques and train now. Follow Uncle Fu into the Bewitching God Temple and check out the martial arts technique books that are in the Bewitching God Temple. There are a lot of battle technique books in the Bewitching God Temple. They might be beneficial to you."

"Don't have anyone to compare techniques and train? No, there is one." Hei Yu lightly shook his head.

"Oh?" Qin Yu looked to Hei Yu with a surprised expression. "There's not that many people in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Who would you be able to spar with?"

"Uncle Fu." Hei Yu turned around and looked to Uncle Fu. "Uncle Fu's speed is faster than even that of a Heavenly Deity. His attacks are also extremely sharp. If I were to spar with him, it would definitely be of great aid to me."

Uncle Fu looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu naturally knew of Uncle Fu's strength. Uncle Fu was extremely fast and his attacks were extremely straightforward. With Hei Yu's current strength, he was simply no match against Uncle Fu at all.

"Uncle Fu, what do you think?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "I do not have any comprehension of the spatial laws. However, the old master once taught me a set of battle techniques. This battle technique relies purely on speed and power. I think that it will be sufficient for me to spar with His Highness Hei Yu. I will also keep my power under control."

"Good." Qin Yu thought about it for a bit and then also agreed. "Xiao Hei, if you were to feel that you're bored and lonely, then go and trample upon Wu He and Wu Lan."

"Trample upon them?" A smile appeared on Hei Yu's grave and stern face.

As someone who had reached the Mid Level Deity and possessed a completely refined Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, the Snowthread Gloves, Hei Yu's attack power was much greater than before. When Hei Yu fought against Wu He in the Divine Spiritual Stone Mine, he was still only a Low Level Deity. However, he was able to wound Wu He by relying on his Cloud Piercing Spear and Snowthread Gloves.

And now, Hei Yu, who possessed strength ten times what he had back then, was now capable of piercing through Wu He with a single spear strike of his.

"If I'm bored, I'll go and trample upon them." Said Hei Yu with a jokingly smile.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

In the following days, Qin Yu was training in his room peacefully. He had wholeheartedly submerged himself into the analyzation of the 'Array Path.' The Killing Array, Trapping Array and Defensive Array were separated into many different categories. Within each category was numerous other branch categories.

He continued to analyze formation arrays unceasingly. One to two, two to four, four to eight… just like that, he continued to endlessly analyze!

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness' analyzation speed was extremely fast. Numerous formation arrays automatically appeared within his mind. At the same time, formation array symbols of different attributes were also changing unceasingly. In an instant, tens of millions of marks and seals disappeared and tens of millions formed.

However, when looking from the outside, Qin Yu merely continued to sit like so.

"Delightful, delightful."

Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes. He had a wide smile on his face. The moment earlier, he had finally managed to successfully comprehend a complicated Trapping Array that he had tried to comprehend for three thousand years.

This sort of unceasing studying and researching, this sort of non stop hard work, the feeling of obtaining success gave Qin Yu a feeling as if he had managed to conquer something difficult.

It was like conquering one mountain top after another. At the same time, Qin Yu started to realize the strength that Uncle Fu had in the 'Array Path' even more clearly. The Killing Array that Uncle Fu had shown him earlier, Qin Yu had only managed to barely see through a portion of it at his current level. However, he still didn't understand a bit of the true principles within it.

Every single time Qin Yu conquered a difficult problem, he wouldn't rest until he solved it.

"Is it correct for me to wholeheartedly submerge myself into the research of 'Array Path?'" Qin Yu suddenly frowned. He began to doubt his actions.

Having been in the Divine Realm for so many years, Qin Yu had spent practically all his time and efforts on the research of the 'Array Path.' 'There are only two ways for me to stand up straight in Li'er's family. The first is to reach the Godking level and the second is to become a character with status like the Craftsman God.'

Qin Yu knew of his own advantage.

His advantages were the 'Meteoric Tear' that was left behind by Zuo Qiumei, the Bewitching God Temple, the large amount of scrolls regarding the 'Array Path' and experiences left behind by Chehou Yuan.

If he were to indulge himself in the comprehension of the spatial laws left behind by Zuo Qiumei, how long would it take for him to reach the Godking level?

Qin Yu pondered for a long time. His answer was… he didn't know how many years it'd take!

That was because Qin Yu had spent three thousand years to reach the Mid Level Deity stage from the early Golden Soul Pellet stage. According to Qin Yu's estimation, he had estimated that if he were to spend ten thousand years to comprehend, he'll be able to become a High Level Deity.

As for reaching the Heavenly Deity level from the Deity level, as it was a threshold, Qin yu had estimated that it'll take several tens of thousands of years to surmount it. As for the Low Level Heavenly Deity, Mid Level Heavenly Deity and High Level Heavenly Deity, each stage was harder than the previous. The amount of time required for Qin Yu to reach those stages was definitely much longer than the previous. Furthermore, the amount of time would be increasing by over ten folds or more.

Qin Yu believed that if he wanted to reach the High Level Heavenly Deity stage, it'd require him at the very least ten million years.

And that was  assuming the most fortunate circumstances. In the Divine Realm's history, had there even been a single person who had managed to reach the High Level Heavenly Deity stage in merely ten million years? In the Divine Realm, the High Level Heavenly Deities were all people who could call upon the wind and summon the rain. Each and every one of them had experienced all kinds of difficulties and only managed to attain their success after countless years of bitter hardships and training.

However, this was not even the hardest aspect.

The hardest was reaching the Godking level from the High Level Heavenly Deity stage!

The number of Godkings in the Divine Realm was extremely low. The Eight Great Sage Emperors were all Godking-level experts. As for those Eight Great Sage Emperors, they were all people who had existed for who knows how many hundreds of millions of years.

Would it truly be possible to reach the Godking level relying merely on the comprehensions left behind on the 'Meteoric Tear?'

Qin Yu did not believe that was possible.

If it were that easy for one to reach the Godking level, then there would not be so few Godkings in the Divine Realm. Qin Yu believed that… even though he possessed the comprehensions left behind by Zuo Qiumei, if he did not possess sufficient time, sufficient experience and a trace of luck, then it would still be extremely hard for him to reach the Godking stage from the High Level Heavenly Deity stage.

The amount of time it would require for him to reach the Godking stage was something that Qin Yu was uncertain about.

Thus, the first path that he could take has been blocked up!

The second path… become an artifact craftsman expert comparable to the number one artifact craftsman, the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan.

Qin Yu was sufficiently confident in himself.

There are a couple essential points in becoming an artifact craftsman expert.

Firstly, one must have someone to teach you how to create artifacts. Creating artifacts was a skill. If you had no one to teach you and you decided to mess around like a blind person, you would not be able to achieve success. Qin Yu possessed the large quantity of books that the Craftsman God left behind, as well as Uncle Fu, who had followed the Craftsman God for numerous years. Thus, it would naturally be easy for him to learn how to create artifacts. As for the rest of the people, only a small number of talented individuals were able to find experts artifact craftsmen to guide them.

Secondly, one must possess sufficient supply of materials to use to experiment, refine and create artifacts with.

Creating artifacts was the same as creating other materials – practice makes perfect. Regardless of how good one was in theory, one must still start by experimenting with ordinary Divine Artifacts. One could ultimately only become an artifacts crafting expert after accumulating enough experience.

Equivalently, in order to experiment, one required a large supply of materials. If one did not possess enough wealth, would one dare to exhaust his money for such a large supply of materials? However, Qin Yu dared to do that. That was because he possessed the large amount of wealth left behind by the Craftsman God.

Thirdly, one must be proficient in the control of flames. In other words, one's Divine Awareness must be of high level.

As he possessed the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu's current Divine Awareness was comparable to that of a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Exactly how many Heavenly Deities were there in the Divine Realm? Are all Heavenly Deities going to try to create artifacts?

Fourthly, one's body's true flame's level!

In order to dissolve some materials, the use of flames was required. Qin Yu was currently at the late Origin Stage. His true flame was still the Black Divine Flame. But, he merely needed to move forward a single step and his body's true flame would become the White Pure Flame, the flame that Heavenly Deities possessed. Furthermore, Qin Yu possessed the Refining Flame Wristband. There was likely no one that could compare to him in his ability to supply flames.

Fifthly, the final aspect, the comprehension of the 'Array Path.'

Qin Yu had managed to comprehend the first stage of the 'Array Path' after spending about ninety thousand years. Although he hadn't comprehended the true foundation of the 'Array Path,' in the history of the Divine Realm, the fastest person to comprehend the first stage of the 'Array Path' had also spent a hundred thousand years. As for Chehou Yuan, he had even spent a million years the first time he comprehended his first stage

There was no need to talk about Qin Yu's talent in the aspect of 'Array Path.' Adding on the experiences and warnings left behind by Chehou Yuan, this had allowed Qin Yu to not stray from the correct path.

With higher talent than Chehou Yuan and not straying from the correct path. On top of that, practically all of the other factors were perfect for Qin Yu. If Qin Yu were to fail becoming another 'Craftsman God,' then it could only be because the Heavens wanted him to fail.

Qin Yu possessed a resolute conviction. Wholeheartedly, he analyzed the 'Array Path.' As time passed, Qin Yu's comprehension of the 'Array Path' grew deeper and deeper At the same time, he began to feel even more of how boundless the ocean of formation arrays was.

A hundred twenty thousand years.

This time around, Qin Yu had spent a hundred and twenty thousand years to research the 'Array Path.' The reason why he stopped his research was because he had reached a bottleneck.

"Uncle Fu." Qin Yu shouted.

Uncle Fu lived in a house beside Qin Yu's. Hearing Qin Yu's shout, Uncle Fu immediately walked in. "Master, is there something that you need me for?"

"Uncle Fu, I was studying a Trapping Array earlier. However, I am unable to determine the might of this Trapping Array myself. I feel that there are many different kinds of attack that this Trapping Array could have. Yet, I am unable to determine which kind. What should I do?" Qin Yu said somewhat anxiously.

Uncle Fu smiled.

"Master has finally reached this point." Once Uncle Fu said those words, Qin Yu immediately felt a burst of relaxation. It was evident that Uncle Fu had been waiting for this to happen entire time.

"Master, everything you have been analyzing and comprehending regarding the 'Array Path' in your mind was merely fantasization. They are all based upon theories. Actually, a lot of things are not necessarily going to happen like the theories. In the past, perhaps you might be more certain about the effects of a formation array. However, as the formation arrays become more and more complicated, master's Divine Awareness can no longer determine the results. At a moment like this, what master needs to do is to experiment!"

Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu with a smile.

"Master, do you still remember when you asked me for the Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones, I took out a large amount of Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones as well as all kinds of other Crystal Stones from my Storage Ring?"

"I do." How could Qin Yu possibly forget about that?

Uncle Fu nodded and said. "Those formation arrays that I have designed myself, even now I am unable to determine their might because they have already reached the limit of complications. Thus, I would always use some Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones to set up the formation arrays so that I can conduct experiments with them."

"You mean, I should start experimenting with formation arrays? How shall I do it?" Qin Yu started pondering.

Hei Yu? Wu Lan? Wu He? Have them come and experience the formation arrays?


Some of the formation arrays were too powerful. What if the three of them were to seriously get hurt or lose their lives? Furthermore, I cannot waste other people's time. After all, Xiao Hei and them also have to train themselves.

Have Uncle Fu help?

Uncle Fu doesn't possess a soul. Some of the soul based attacks were completely useless on him. He would also be unable to inspect the power of the formation arrays.

Test out the might of the formation arrays myself?

That's no good either. Although I would not be harmed in the slightest in the Jiang Lan's Realm, if I were to use the power of the Jiang Lan's Realm to cancel out the attack from the formation array, how would I be able to inspect the might of the formation array?

"Master, this is very simple. Just do what the old master did. You merely need to randomly find a place where bandits are gathered and then set up the formation arrays at some places and use those bandits to experiment with the formation arrays." Uncle Fu said his suggestion.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

"Good. In that case, I'll go with…" Qin Yu smiled and said. "A location at the edge of the power influence range of the Black Dragon Pool."

Suddenly, Qin Yu's body shook. An aura started to spread out from Qin Yu's body. Qin Yu became dazed for a moment. Soon after, his eyes were filled with ecstasy. "After a hundred and twenty thousand years, this Stellar Space has finally evolved successfully."

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