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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 13 – Asura Sea

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Jiang Lan?" The gray clothed man frowned as he muttered the name.

Qin Yu and his brothers glanced at each other. They then looked back at the gray clothed man. The strength of this gray clothed man had already completely stunned them. It was simply impossible for them to escape in front of this man.

"You are Jiang Lan's disciple?" The gray clothed man frowned as he looked to Hou Fei. "You'd best not lie to me!"

Upon hearing this, Hou Fei had a sigh of relief in his heart. "It seemed that master's great name is still extremely useful."

"That's right. My master is Jiang Lan. I already have a master and thus cannot bow again to a new master. You also cannot bring me with you." Hou Fei said in succession. Hou Fei didn't wish to be separated from his brothers.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu could only remain silent.

"Haha, little monkey, don't try to play tricks to get around it. Regardless of whether you're Jiang Lan's disciple or not, I am still going to bring you with me. Even if you are his disciple, you do not know even a tiny bit of his skills. What do you call that? If I were to help Jiang Lan teach his disciple, I believe he would also not have any disagreement." The gray clothed man smiled openly.

Hou Fei's expression had instantly turned bitter.

Uncle Lan's remarkable abilities, it was true that Hou Fei didn't know any of them.

At this moment, Qin Yu had instead grew somewhat impatient. He immediately spoke out. "Senior, Hou Fei is my brother. We three brothers have ascended to the Divine Realm together. Senior, must you really separate us three brothers?"

The gray clothed man smiled and said. "Things don't always go as planned in this world. Ever since this Hou Fei managed to master the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike, he was fated to become my disciple. Well then, once this kid manages to achieve accomplishment in his training, I will naturally allow him to return to see you two."

As he said that, the gray clothed man waved his hand and Hou Fei's body stopped moving.

Hou Fei's two eyeballs were watery. He was staring at the gray clothed man in anger unceasingly. However, no matter what, Hou Fei was unable to say a single word. All he could do was to try to resist with his gaze.

"What a fierce personality, I like it." The gray clothed man slightly smiled. He then proceeded to walk towards the window of the restaurant. As for Hou Fei, his body started to involuntarily follow behind the gray clothed man.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu wanted to chase after them. However, there appeared to be a transparent membrane stopping them in the front.

"Senior, if we want to find Hou Fei, where do we go to find him?" Qin Yu hurriedly asked.

And at this moment, the gray clothed man had already flown out the window. As for Hou Fei, he was also flying behind the gray clothed man involuntarily. The gray clothed man turned his head around and lightly smiled. "If you want to find Hou Fei, then go to the Asura Sea!"

After he finished those words, the gray clothed man turned into a ray of light and shot toward the horizon. Hou Fei also followed behind him. The two dots of light had instantly arrived at the horizon and then disappeared.

"Asura Sea, Asura Sea?" Qin Yu muttered to himself.

At this moment, Hei Yu spoke and said. "Big brother, the invisible obstruction in the surroundings have completely disappeared. Big brother, don't think too much about it. That gray clothed man's strength was a lot stronger than us. If he wanted to kill us, he could do that with a single intention. Furthermore, he is that familiar with the Monkey and Ape Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area, he is most likely a senior from the Monkey and Ape Clan. He would definitely not bring harm to the Monkey."

Qin Yu also nodded.

How would Qin Yu not understand this aspect? Thirty plus Heavenly Deities were unable to even move in front of this gray clothed man. How would such a powerful expert possibly come to deceive nobodies like them?

"From that man's tone of speech, it is evident that he knows Uncle Lan." Qin Yu sighed regretfully. "Earlier, I was only worried about Fei Fei and actually forgot to ask if that senior knows where Uncle Lan is."

"Big brother, don't think too much of it. Let's leave the restaurant first." Hei Yu immediately followed behind Qin Yu and left the restaurant.

Right when they walked down the stairs and then to the street outside, Qin Yu and Hei Yu immediately saw Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and Zi Yun's parents waiting for them on the street.

"Qin Yu, what happened earlier? Where's Hou Fei? Did anything happen to him?" Asked Xing Yuan impatiently.

Xing Yuan was located in the front of the restaurant. However, that gray clothed man had flown off with Hou Fei through a window located in the back of the restaurant. Thus, Xing Yuan did not see the scene of the gray clothed man flying off with Hou Fei.

Qin Yu comforted. "It's nothing. That is a certain senior of Hou Fei. He had come to find him for an important matter."

"In that case I am relieved." Xing Yuan smiled an ashamed smile. "Qin Yu, earlier when we came downstairs, we noticed that you all did not come down and had been worried the entire time that something might've happened to you all. Merely, that man's strength is too powerful so we didn't dare to go back upstairs either. I hope you will not take offense."

Qin Yu smiled carefreely. "That cannot be blamed on you. Brother Xing Yuan, I must tell you something. Hei Yu and I will not be returning to Sealfeel Village. In the future, you also do not have to come find us. If there is something, we would come and find you all. After all, I know the address of your new house."

"Not returning? You're buying a house?" Said Xing Yuan with a puzzled expression.

Hei Yu who stood beside Qin Yu spoke and said. "No, we'll be going out of the city."

"You're going to try to occupy a mountain and declare yourselves rulers?" Xing Yuan guessed in a low voice.

Qin Yu shook his head and said smilingly. "No, not that. We are merely going to find a quiet place and train. Originally, the reason why we came to the Sealfeel Village was just so that we could familiarize ourselves with the general information regarding the Divine Realm."

Currently, Qin Yu could be considered as having complete understanding of everything within the range of the jurisdiction of the Yuchi City.

"Oh, in that case, when you all are training outside, be careful to not be discovered by bandits." Xing Yuan reminded.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu lightly smiled.

In the Jiang Lan's Realm, what sort of bandit would be able to discover them?

After bidding their farewells to Xing Yuan and his family, Qin Yu and Hei Yu proceeded toward the East City Gate. Following the main road, they continued on eastward. After travelling a thousand miles eastward, this main street had turned into many smaller roads. Qin Yu and Hei Yu continued onwards, following one of the smaller roads.

After walking half of the distance of the smaller road and seeing that there were no people either before or after the road, Qin Yu and Hei Yu disappeared.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm's second layer space.

"Uncle Fu." Qin Yu had called for Uncle Fu directly.

"Master, is there anything you need?" Said Uncle Fu with a slight bow.

Qin Yu asked. "Uncle Fu, I have been in the Divine Realm for so long now. I now know about the Eight Great Sage Emperors. However, I do not know anything about the other Godkings. Today, I encountered an expert. I believe that he should be a Godking. He said he had come from the Asura Sea. Uncle Fu, is it possible for you to tell me what sort of place the Asura Sea is?"

"Asura Sea?" Said Uncle Fu in shock.

Hei Yu stood beside Qin Yu, quietly listening.

"Uncle Fu, you know of the Asura Sea?" Qin Yu was rejoicing in his heart. "Uncle Fu, quickly, tell me all that you know."

Uncle Fu said helplessly. "Master, the old master once entrusted me to make sure that when the new master is still not strong enough, he would not go and provoke any major power and not even allow him to know about them."

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. Chehou Yuan was pretty thoughtful.

"However, since master has asked, I shall tell you." Uncle Fu said respectfully. "The Divine Realm is composed of primarily two great factions. The first consists of the native powers of the Divine Realm and the other is the power composed of ascenders from the lower realms."

"Oh?" Qin Yu's eyes shined. "The native powers of the Divine Realm, it means the original residents of the Divine Realm, right?"

Uncle Fu nodded. "The eight greatest of the old powers of the Divine Realm, that is, the Eight Great Sage Emperors, are the native powers of the Divine Realm. They have been in existence since the day when the Divine Realm was formed."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

"Other than these Eight Great Powers, there has been a gathering of more and more ascenders over the countless years. Among those ascenders, some heroic people have also appeared. Ultimately, they gave birth to Three Great Powers that belong to the lower realm's ascenders!"

Uncle Fu said slowly. "These three great powers are respectively the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island!"

"Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island?" Qin Yu engraved these three names deeply in his mind.

Uncle Fu continued. "The old master once evaluated the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island. He had determined that each of the three were a match against one of the Eight Great Sage Emperors!"

Qin Yu understood it now. From all that had been said, the powers that belonged to the lower realm's ascenders were still a lot weaker.

There were only three powers that belonged to lower realm's ascenders whereas there were eight powers that belonged to the natives. It was clear that they were not at the same level.

Qin Yu exclaimed in his heart. "The Eight Great Sage Emperors are extremely old and ancient powers. They have been in existence for two quadrillion and one hundred million years. For these three great powers to be able to develop to a stage where they can match the level of a Great Sage Emperor, it is already an extraordinary feat."

"However, among the Asura Sea, Mount Blood Demon and the Dual Domain Island, my old master had once said that… the Asura Sea was the strongest among the three!" Said Uncle Fu solemnly.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from being a bit shocked.

"Master, do you still remember the general map of the Divine Realm?" Said Uncle Fu with a smile on his face.

Qin Yu nodded. "The Divine Realm is primarily an enormous and vast area of land. In the center of this area of land is an internal sea. And in the surroundings of this vast area of land is a boundless ocean."

Upon saying this, a scene started to emerge in Qin Yu's mind… 'A round flat cake floating on the river. In the middle of the round flat cake was a hole. The round flat cake was the dry land of the Divine Realm. The hole is the internal sea. As for the river that the round flat cake was floating on, it was the boundless ocean.'

"That's right. This internal sea has another name, it is the Asura Sea!" Uncle Fu said with a smile.

Qin Yu was greatly surprised.

"The internal sea is the Asura Sea?" Qin Yu did not expect for the Asura Sea to be the internal sea. He had thought that it would just be a large lake.

The internal sea of the Divine Realm was extremely vast. Merely its area was about an eighth of the entire Divine Realm's land mass.

"The Eight Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm respectively occupy the regions of land in the Divine Realm's East, South, West, North, Southeast, Southwest, Northwest and Northeast regions. In the middle of them all is the Asura Ocean! As for Mount Blood Demon, it is crammed in between the Utmost North Sage Emperor and the Northwest Sage Emperor's territories. As for the final one, the Dual Domain Island, it is an island located outside of the Divine Realm's land, in the boundless ocean."

Uncle Fu had explained the geographical locations of all eleven great powers of the Divine Realm in a single stretch.

Qin Yu managed to clearly visualize the locations of the eleven great powers in his mind. Upon remembering that Uncle Fu had said that the Asura Sea was the strongest among the three major powers, Qin Yu felt a bit more at ease. "There are actually people who dare occupy the internal sea located in the center of the Divine Realm and even name it the Asura Sea. It would appear that the Asura Sea definitely possesses exceptional strength. For Fei Fei to be there, it should definitely be of benefit to him."

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