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Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 11 – Cultivator of Mount Dazzling Gold

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

That Liu Qiyan could be considered as being calm as he did not flip out and act violently. After he finished receiving the taxes, he decided to go to Zi Yun's house. After that, he brought his subordinates with him and left the Sealfeel Village and returned to the Black Dragon Pool.

As for what exactly this Liu Qiyan had talked about in Zi Yun's house, Qin Yu wasn't sure. However, what Qin Yu did know was, that in the end, Zi Yun's family had agreed to the marriage between her and Xing Yuan. That was because on the third day of the tax collection, Zi Yun's parents, Zi Yun and Xing Yuan had invited Qin Yu and his brothers to go to Yuchi City with them.

What good was it to pay taxes once every thousand years? In the past, Qin Yu was unable to understand the reason for the taxes. He now however understood it…. at the very least, there was a completely maintenanced government road. Furthermore, there were army troops stationed along the road to ensure that the people traveling the road would not be robbed by bandits.

"Little brother Qin Yu, I have walked down this road numerous times in my lifetime. However, this time around is the happiest I've been. Haha…" Zi Yun's father, Zi Futian laughed and said.

At this moment, Xing Yuan said in a slightly respectful tone. "Lord Father, how much longer will it take for us to reach Yuchi City?"

Upon hearing this, Qin Yu and his brothers started to smile.

"Hell, you've already started saying 'Lord Father' before you're even married. Not bad." Hou Fei patted Xing Yuan's shoulder and said in a jokingly tone. Zi Futian instead started laughing and said. "Sealfeel Village is located very far away from Yuchi City. I estimate that it'll still take two more days of travel."

As the group of people journeyed to Yuchi City, Zi Yun had been walking next to her mother and chatting with her. Contrary to expectations, she was not together with Xing Yuan.

After about two days, Qin Yu and them could finally see Yuchi City in the distance. Yuchi City was like an enormous vicious beast that has been lying in wait the entire time. That sort of ancient aura caused Qin Yu's heart to be completely stunned.

"Uncle Zi, do you know how many years of history Yuchi City possesses?" Suddenly, Qin Yu asked curiously.

Zi Futian smiled and said. "Of course, Yuchi City's history is as long as the Divine Realm's. They are both about a two quadrillion and a hundred million years old."

"Truly ancient." Qin Yu gasped in admiration.

"All the major cities of the Divine Realm have been in existence since the Divine Realm first appeared. They have also never been destroyed before. Furthermore, the Divine Spiritual Energy within the cities is extremely tranquil and gentle. One can easily absorb them to train. As for the reason why these cities are so peculiar, even now, no one knows about the secret to it." Zi Futian said with a sigh.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu and the rest all nodded.

Merely, Qin Yu had another theory in his mind. "I suspect it isn't that no one knows about the secret but rather that those who know have never told others."

"Lord Father, can you tell us a bit about the Divine Realm? We know too little about the Divine Realm." Xing Yuan said with extreme modesty.

Qin Yu and his brothers also looked to Zi Futian.

"Haha, I am merely an ordinary resident of the Divine Realm, how much more would I be able to know about the Divine Realm? I merely know a bit about the eastern region of the Divine Realm." Zi Futian started to talk about it slowly. "Of the Eight Great Sage Emperors of the Divine Realm, the Utmost East Sage Emperor's power range is located in the eastern region of the Divine Realm. As for the Utmost East Sage Emperor himself, he lives on top of 'Mount Dazzling Gold.'"

"Mount Dazzling Gold?" Qin Yu and the rest were all surprised.

They did not know anything about this.

"You all know how special the Divine Realm's space is. In the Divine Realm, flying is a sort of extravagant hope. One can only fly when one has reached the Heavenly Deity level. Furthermore, for non-living things to float in the air, it is something that is even harder to imagine. However, Mount Dazzling Gold is precisely a floating mountain!"  Said Zi Futian solemnly.

Floating mountain, Mount Dazzling Gold? The dwelling place of the Utmost East Sage Emperor?

Qin Yu remembered it in his heart.

"There are a total of sixty four cities underneath the Utmost East Sage Emperor. These sixty four cities are all of the same type. As for the core of the eastern region of the Divine Realm, it is Mount Dazzling Gold. Of course, it is impossible for regular people like us to go to Mount Dazzling Gold."

Zi Futian laughed and said. "Now that I've talked about Mount Dazzling Gold, let me talk about Yuchi City. Yuchi City, a long long time ago, was not called Yuchi City. The reason why this city is currently called Yuchi City is because the city's governor is Lord Yuchi. The number one clan in Yuchi City is the Yuchi Clan! The governor of this Yuchi City is also the number one expert in the region surrounding Yuchi City!"

"Number one expert? How strong is he?" Qin Yu asked.

"Big brother Qin Yu, the governor of Yuchi City is extremely powerful. Even that Lord Black Dragon of the Black Dragon Pool is greatly inferior to the governor of Yuchi City." That Zi Yun had also walked over. She smiled and said.

Qin Yu lightly nodded to Zi Yun. "Zi Yun, do you know what level expert that Lord Yuchi is?"

"I think, I think he's a High Level Heavenly Deity." Said Zi Yun without absolute certainty. She then said with definite certainty. "However, the governor of Yuchi City is extremely powerful. In the entire range of Yuchi City, there is no one that can rival him."

Zi Futian lightly smiled and said. "The boss of the Black Dragon Pool… Lord Black Dragon, although he can also be regarded as being very powerful, he is different from the governor of Yuchi City. Back then, Lord Yuchi followed the Utmost East Sage Emperor to numerous wars and achieved great contributions. In the end, Utmost East Sage Emperor bestowed this city to Lord Yuchi."

"Numerous wars? There are also large scale battles in the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu was slightly surprised.

"Of course there are." Said Zi Futian with a smile. "It would be impossible to not know this as long as one has lived for several billions of years in the Divine Realm. In the Divine Realm… every six billion years, all of the major powers of the Divine Realm will go to war with each other. The war is extremely bitter and desperate…"

Zi Futian gasped in admiration.

Every six billions years, a large war that extends through the entire Divine Realm would occur?

"Lord Yuchi is a great expert who has moved through the Divine Realm unhindered. There are also a large number of Heavenly Deities that have died by his hand. How could someone like the boss of the Black Dragon Pool be comparable to Lord Yuchi?" Gasped Zi Futian with admiration.

In Zi Futian's heart, this boss of the Black Dragon Pool was simply not someone that could match up to the governor of Yuchi City.

"Come, let's go into the city."

At this moment, Qin Yu and them had already arrived at the entrance of the city. The soldiers who guarded the entrance inspected the group's identity title plates and then received the fee to enter into the city before allowing Qin Yu and them to enter into the city.

Upon entering Yuchi City, Qin Yu and them all felt the tranquility and docility of the Divine Spiritual Energy within the city. Absorbing and refining such Divine Spiritual Energy was simply incomparably effortless. Inside Yuchi City, Qin Yu and them directly proceeded towards the City Governor's Palace's Property Selling Bureau.

All of the houses and buildings inside Yuchi City were controlled by the city. Thus, everyone would naturally have to go to the same location to purchase houses.

This was Qin Yu's first time in Yuchi City. Upon viewing the different kinds of constructions and buildings in Yuchi City, Qin Yu had to admit that the arrangement of the city was truly good. Although they were all different and irregular, they gave off a charming effect and were not disheveled in the slightest.

Medicinal Herbs Store, Weapons Store, Leisure Teahouse, Stone Carving Store, all sorts of stores appeared before Qin Yu. Qin Yu was surprised to discover that there were actually a lot of places in the Divine Realm for leisure and enjoyment.

"Step aside!"

Following a shout, a line of troops that numbered at the very least in the several hundreds were running in perfect harmony on the street. In the sky above this group of people was a man wearing a standardized golden battle armor, flying with his hands behind his back.

"It's a Heavenly Deity." Zi Yun pointed to the man in the sky in surprise.

Qin Yu and the rest also raised their head up to look.

"That man is definitely a Division Commander or a Legion Commander of the Yuchi City Army." Zi Futian said to Qin Yu and them.

"In Yuchi City, ten soldiers compose a small squadron. A hundred soldiers compose a mid squadron. A thousand soldiers compose a large squadron. Ten thousand people compose a division. A hundred thousand soldiers compose a legion. Among them, in order for one to become a Legion Commander, the requirement is that one must reach the Heavenly Deity level. There is no such requirement for the Division Commander. However, a lot of the Division Commanders of Yuchi City are Heavenly Deities."

Zi Futian had already lived for several billions of years. The knowledge he possessed was clearly very vast.

"Ahead is the Property Selling Bureau. Let's go buy the house." Qin Yu said.

Just like that, Qin Yu and them entered into the City's Property Selling Bureau. The Property Selling Bureau was a very large two storied building. When Qin Yu and them walked into the Property Selling Bureau, there were already a lot of of people inside it.

There was only a single service personnel in the Property Selling Bureau. It was a yellow clothed woman.

"There are jade slips over there. They contain information on the empty houses inside the city. You all can go and check it out for yourselves. If you manage to find any that you like, just tell me about it." The yellow clothed woman did not look at Qin Yu's group at all. She merely said those words indifferently.

"Big brother, this woman's attitude is truly lacking." Said Hou Fei to Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "There's nothing we can do about it. All the properties in Yuchi City belong to the Governor. Even though her service attitude is lacking, there is nothing that we can do about it. All we can do is to tolerate her attitude."

Qin Yu thought of a thing.

For a number one artifacts craftsman like the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan, if he were to act arrogant against those major powers of influences, those major powers of influences would still have to tolerate him. Wasn't this the same principle?

While Qin Yu and his brothers were chatting with each other, Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and them had gone to the jade slips to inspect the currently available empty houses.

After a living discussion, Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and them finally decided. Xing Yuan walked to that yellow clothed woman. With a smile on his face, he said. "We have decided. We would like to purchase Yuchi City's North City District's number 8793043 house."

"There are only thirteen houses left in the North City District. This house that you chose is the best among them. You all truly have good eyesight."  Said that yellow clothed woman with a light smile. "You can pay the price now. It's a total of two million two hundred eighty thousand Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones."

Xing Yuan and Zi Yun glanced at each other. They smiled as they took out two hundred twenty eight High Quality Divine Spiritual Stones.

That yellow clothed woman received the two hundred twenty eight High Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. She nodded and then flipped her hand and took out a hexagonal key. At the same time, she also took out a jade slip. However, right at this moment…

"Little Yan." Following a voice, a golden battle armored man walked in.

"It's that Heavenly Deity from earlier." Said Hou Fei to Qin Yu via voice transmission. Qin Yu nodded. He naturally remember that Heavenly Deity that they saw earlier. However, the person that Qin Yu took note of was another person.

Right after that golden battle armored man walked in, a white clothed youngster also walked in following him.

"That youngster is an expert. A Heavenly Deity level expert." Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the aura from that white clothed youngster.

When that white clothed youngster walked in, he proceeded to walk to the jade slips and start inspecting the housing situation in Yuchi City. As for the golden battle armored man, he had walked to the yellow clothed woman.

"Ah, Legion Commander Liu, is there anything you need?" That yellow clothed woman's smile had instantly turned brilliant. She completely ignored Xing Yuan and Zi Yun.

That Legion Commander Liu nodded. He said. "I remember that in the North City District, there was a house close to the 'Empty Condor Pavilion.' I shall take that house, remember that for me."

"Yes, Legion Commander Liu." Said that yellow clothed woman at once.

Zi Yun said to Xing Yuan in a low voice. "Big brother Xing Yuan, of the thirteen houses in the North City District, wasn't ours the only one that's close to the 'Empty Condor Pavilion?'"

Xing Yuan also remembered. He immediately said to the yellow clothed woman. "Young lady, we have already purchased that house. We have even handed over the two hundred twenty eight High Quality Divine Spiritual Stones to you."

"Mn?" That golden battle armored man frowned. "Little Yan, what's going on?"

That yellow clothed woman called 'Little Yan' said with a smile. "It's nothing." As she said that, she looked to Xing Yuan. "His Lordship Legion Commander Liu have decided to take this house. Furthermore, I do not have any records of the selling nor have I given you all the key to the house yet. That house is technically still not yours yet." As she said that, the yellow clothed woman placed the two hundred twenty eight High Quality Divine Spiritual Stones on the table.

"Take those Divine Spiritual Stones back first. Look for a different house." Said the yellow clothed woman straightforwardly.

Zi Yun and Xing Yuan glanced at each other. They then glanced at that Lord Heavenly Deity. They felt anger in their hearts. However, what can they do? Are they to fight over a house against a Heavenly Deity?

"What a Heavenly Deity!" Qin Yu frowned. He did not interfere. His gaze was suddenly cast toward that white clothed youngster that had been inspecting the houses the entire time.

"North City District? All of the thirteen empty houses in the North City District, I'm taking them all." Said the white clothed youngster with a smile as he raised his head.


Not only Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and them, the yellow clothed woman, the Legion Commander Liu and the other people who were inspecting the houses all looked to the white clothed youngster. Qin Yu and his brothers also looked to the white clothed youngster.

"You are…" Legion Commander Liu looked to the white clothed youngster with a frown. Only now did he discover that there was such a super expert behind him.

That white clothed youngster lightly smiled. He flipped his hand and took out a golden colored title plate. "I am a large squadron captain of the  Mount Dazzling Gold's cultivators, Huang Jing. I have brought my subordinates to Yuchi City and might be staying for a relatively long period of time. These thirteen houses are barely enough for us to live in."

"Mount Dazzling Gold's cultivator!"

Legion Commander Liu's expression took a huge change. That yellow clothed woman's expression also took a huge change.

"A large squadron captain from the Mount Dazzling Gold?" Legion Commander Liu only felt a burst of pressure on his chest. He immediately squeezed out a smile and said respectfully. "So it's actually senior Huang Jing. His Lordship the City Governor has already ordered this junior to receive senior. Never would I have expected that senior had already arrived. This junior has already made arrangements beside the City Governor's Palace…"

"No need. I'll take the thirteen houses in the North City District. You can just go and inform Uncle Yuchi about it. What? Is there a problem?" This white clothed youngster called Huang Jing looked at Legion Commander Liu.

"Of course not!" Said the Legion Commander Liu straightforwardly.

"Uncle Zi, how powerful is this Huang Jing? Does the large squadron captain of the Mount Dazzling Gold's cultivator possess a very high status?" Asked Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission to Zi Futian.

At this moment, Zi Futian was looking at Huang Jing with a blazing expression. He replied back to Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. "In the Eastern Region of the Divine Realm, over half of the Heavenly Deities are on the Mount Dazzling Gold. They number about ten thousand people. The cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold, the weakest among them are Low Level Heavenly Deities. The cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold are already people who possess special privileges. However, this Huang Jing is actually a Large Squadron Captain of the Mount Dazzling Gold."

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from looking at this seemly gentle and quiet white clothed youngster. Exactly how powerful was this white clothed youngster? Qin Yu didn't dare to determine that at all.

Volume 15 – Splitting the Heaven and Earth Apart - Chapter 12 – A Mysterious Man

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"There are about ten thousand people belonging to the entire Mount Dazzling Gold. According to the logic that a large squadron is composed of a thousand people, this Huang Jing being a large squadron captain ought to make him classified as a high status person on Mount Dazzling Gold." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

Qin Yu didn't know that in the armies of Mount Dazzling Gold, the highest position was that of the 'Large Squadron Captain.'

As for this Legion Commander of Yuchi City, he was merely a Low Level Heavenly Deity and couldn't hope to compare to a Large Squadron Captain of Mount Dazzling Gold.

"Hand me the keys." Huang Jing smiled as he looked at the yellow clothed woman.

The yellow clothed woman immediately flipped her hand and took out thirteen keys. "Lord Huang Jing, these are the keys for the thirteen houses in the North City District." This yellow clothed woman's attitude was incomparably respectful.

With a wave of his hand, Huang Jing received the thirteen keys.

"Senior Huang Jing." That Legion Commander Liu was beaming from ear to ear. "Senior Huang Jing, I don't know how many cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Army senior have brought with you this time but will those thirteen houses of the North City District be enough for you?"

Huang Jing smiled mildly. "It's good enough if I have a couple of them share a house."

"How could we possibly allow you to crowd several into a single …"

"You don't have to speak anymore." Huang Jing interrupted Legion Commander Liu's speech. "Return and tell Uncle Yuchi that I have arrived. Also, tell him that during the time that I am in the Yuchi City, do not allow others to come disturb me."

"Yes." Legion Commander Liu said respectfully.

Huang Jing nodded. With a movement of his foot, he disappeared from the sight of everyone present.

On the first floor lounge of the Property Selling Bureau. The group of people were all looking at the location where Huang Jing previously stood before disappearing. They remained silent for a long time.

"That man, I reckon that even if I were to use my Divine Spear Waning Snow, I would still not have the slightest chance of victory over him." Qin Yu was absolutely certain. "For this man to be able to become a Large Squadron Captain of Mount Dazzling Gold, is he a Mid Level Heavenly Deity or a High Level Heavenly Deity?"

Hou Fei and Hei Yu had also been silent for quite some time.

Legion Commander Liu frowned. He then stopped mentioning the thing about purchasing a house and rapidly left the Property Selling Bureau.

"Mount Dazzling Gold." Xing Yuan was still remembering these words. "If only one day I can become a cultivator of Mount Dazzling Gold!" Xing Yuan remembered the disdain that 'Liu Qiyan' had for him as well as the grandeur of that 'Huang Jing' from earlier.

Xing Yuan glanced at Zi Yun beside him. His conviction for training hard became even more resolute.

Soon after, Xing Yuan and Zi Yun had picked a house on the South City District. This house was a bit cheaper. It required only a total of one million nine hundred and eighty thousand Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones. After finishing purchasing the house and obtaining the key, Qin Yu and them then proceeded to leave.

Nine Crane Restaurant.

The Nine Crane Restaurant was a very well known restaurant in Yuchi City. As Xing Yuan and Zi Yun had purchased a house, they decided to go to the Nine Crane Restaurant and enjoy themselves. As for Qin Yu and his brothers, they naturally also followed them into the restaurant.

Qin Yu and his brothers, Xing Yuan and Zi Yun's family numbered a total of seven people. The seven of them just happened to fill a table.

"Let's enjoy ourselves this time around." Zi Yun frowned her nose and ruthlessly ordered a great deal of dishes. The dishes of the Nine Crane Restaurant were all incomparably tasty and elegant. A lot of their dishes originated from many different cosmic spaces. Furthermore, the ingredients they used for the dishes were also extremely peculiar.

In a single breath, Zi Yun ordered sixteen dishes. They cost over eight hundred Low Quality Divine Spiritual Stones.

"Your mother and I have only been here once when the two of us married. Never had we anticipated for so many years to have passed in a blink of an eye. And now, Little Yun you are also going to settle down and get married." Said Zi Futian while smiling.

Zi Yun smiled happily. She even glanced at Xing Yuan.

Xing Yuan was also smiling and laughing.

"Brother Xing Yuan, soon, I most likely will be leaving the Sealfeel Village and also won't be in Yuchi City. Today, I shall accompany you and drink to our fullest." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"You're leaving?' Xing Yuan said in shock.

Hou Fei laughed and said. "In the future, when we have time, we will come back and visit you. Haha… Mn?" Right when Hou Fei was halfway through his sentence, his gaze shifted towards the stairs. Qin Yu and them also followed Hou Fei's gaze and looked to the stairs.

They heard a series of footsteps. A group of people walked up from the stairs. The person leading them was precisely Huang Jing.

The footsteps continued. One after another, a total of over thirty people had walked in.

"They are all cultivators of Mount Dazzling Gold." Qin Yu had determined that in his heart. These thirty plus people, each and every one of them were Heavenly Deity level experts. Because of the arrival of this group of people, the entire restaurant had instantly grown silent. Even if they did not deliberately reveal their strength, but for thirty plus Heavenly Deities to arrive at the same time, that sort of aura had already stunned the majority of the people in the restaurant.

"Large Squadron Captain, please sit here." Quickly, those Heavenly Deities had seated themselves on five tables. As for the white clothed youngster Huang Jing, he saw Qin Yu and was unable to refrain his eyes from shining.

"Mn, what a coincidence." The white clothed youngster Huang Jing smiled to Qin Yu and said.

The thirty plus Mount Dazzling Gold's cultivators all looked to Qin Yu.

"Truly a coincidence." Qin Yu lightly nodded.

The white clothed youngster Huang Jing said no more. He directly sat down on his own seat. These five tables of people had also ordered some dishes. For this group of people to arrive, they instead caused Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and them to be uncomfortable eating.

"Large Squadron Captain, how long are we staying this time around? I think it's better for us to stay here for a shorter period of time so that we can return back earlier." As they were eating, a cultivator of the Mount Dazzling Gold suggested.

"Shorter? While I might be willing to do that, that younger brother of mine might not be willing." Said Huang Jing with a light smile.

Huang Jing appeared to be a very gentle and quiet youngster. Even his smile expression appeared like that of a woman's. However, none of those thirty plus cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold dared to act impudent in front of him.

"Little young master is too powerful. If we were to go, we'll only be trampled upon. Large Squadron Captain, please just accompany little young master for us. After all, he is no match against you." Said a female cultivator of the Mount Dazzling Gold.

Huang Jing shook his head and said. "My younger brother refuses to fight with me. Otherwise, why would I bring you all over?"

"But, the little young master…"

"Fine. This time I will try my best to reduce the time. You bunch." Huang Jing shook his head helplessly.

"You all, quiet down!"

A cold and clear voice had suddenly resounded through the entire restaurant. Everyone in the restaurant had suddenly stopped talking. Huang Jing and the thirty plus people with him have all looked to the location where the voice sounded from.

"Truly someone with enough courage." Hou Fei, Hei Yu and them also looked to the originator of the voice in excitement.

The person who spoke was a gray clothed man who sat on the corner of the restaurant. This gray clothed man had a short beard and appeared to be a bit dispirited. Just by looking at this gray clothed man, one would involuntary feel a sense of 'sadness.'

"Is he an expert?" Qin Yu was also unable to ascertain it.

"Hey, who are you? Did our conversation hinder you?" A robust cultivator of the Mount Dazzling Gold stood up. He shouted at that man in a loud voice.

"Everyone, let's continue our chat. Don't bother with that lunatic." That robust man sat back down. He did not care about that gray clothed man at all.

Immediately after, those thirty plus cultivators continued their conversation. As the cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold, there were not many people in the Eastern Region of the Divine Realm that would dare to stop them from talking. At the very least, they have all seen those few big shots before.

Huang Jing however frowned and glanced at that gray clothed man a couple times.

"Quiet down!" That gray clothed man raised his head and said in a cold voice. "This is a restaurant, not your Mount Dazzling Gold. You all are customers and other people are also customers. Do not be too overly rude."

The thirty plus cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold had all grown angry.

However, Huang Jing instead stood up. "You knew that we are from the Mount Dazzling Gold? Looking at your strength, you're a Mid Level Heavenly Deity. However, you're not from the Mount Dazzling Gold; which one of the sixty four cities are you from?"

That gray clothed man continued to drink his wine. He had completely ignored Huang Jing.

Qin Yu continued to watch the scene as it unfolded before him.

"Big brother." Hou Fei's voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu looked to Hou Fei. Hou Fei's complexion was a bit pale. He said via voice transmission. "Big brother, I kept feeling that gray clothed man is looking at me."

Qin Yu turned around to look at that gray clothed man. The gray clothed man was currently drinking.

"But he's not looking at you." Qin Yu frowned.

Hou Fei's complexion turned even more pale. "No, I am able to sense that he's looking at me. Furthermore, he has been oppressing me with his aura." As Hou Fei said that, beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.


Qin Yu was unable to sense any sort of aura in the surrounding. He was unable to refrain himself from being confused and looking at Hou Fei and then that gray clothed man.

Huang Jing stood and looked at that gray clothed man. He frowned. As for those thirty plus cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold, they were quietly staring at Huang Jing and awaiting his orders. Because of this, the entire restaurant had grown silent.

"Huff, the wine's pretty good." The gray clothed man raised his head up as he finished drinking his wine. He then stood up. His gaze was cast toward Huang Jing and them. He sighed and then shook his head.

"Motherfucker, a Mid Level Heavenly Deity dares to be this arrogant!" That loud voiced man shouted. He directly rushed toward the gray clothed man. Huang Jing did not prevent his subordinate. That was because he too felt a burst of strangeness.

Qin Yu and them promptly retreated themselves to the corner.

"Zzk zzk~~~" With this loud voice man's body as the center, countless golden rays of light shot out. Like threads, the golden rays of light formed an enormous cocoon that covered this gray clothed man.

Qin Yu and them were simply unable to see what was occurring within the golden cocoon.


The golden cocoon suddenly shattered. That loud voiced man spurted a mouthful of blood. He flew backwards to where he previously stood. As for the gray clothed man, he continued to stand there. It was as if he had never attacked at all.

"Little girl, did you know that I hate people being noisy the most?" The gray clothed man's gaze was cast toward Huang Jing.

"Little girl?" Qin Yu also looked to Huang Jing in shock.

Although Huang Jing had appeared to be gentle and quiet, his voice still sounded like that of a man's.

"You…" Huang Jing eye's were wide open and displayed a face filled with shock and disbelief.

"I have also came here today because of an important matter. Originally, my mood was pretty good. However, I am unable to even drink in peace. Thus, I believe that… I shall give you all a punishment." The gray clothed man slightly smiled.

A buzzing noise of air vibration was heard.


Regardless of whether it was Huang Jing, the loud voiced man or the rest of Mount Dazzling Gold's cultivators, all of them were standing there motionlessly. It was as if they were frozen. That loud voiced man still had his mouth open. However, no matter what, he was unable to close his mouth.

All thirty plus cultivators of the Mount Dazzling Gold were in shock.

Huang Jing, a genius of the Mount Dazzling Gold, possessed strength at the level of High Level Heavenly Deity. A super expert like Huang Jing, against the gray clothed man, was actually unable to resist at all.

"Ka, chi…"

A sound like that of glass shattered sounded. Black space cracks actually appeared in the space surrounding Huang Jing. Dazzling golden light was revolving around Huang Jing's entire body.

The amount of black space cracks became even more and more numerous. At the same time, the width of the space cracks became wider and wider.

"Little girl, you possess some strength and some perseverance." The gray clothed man slightly nodded. "However, you should stop resisting."

Right after the gray clothed man said those words, all of the space cracks had disappeared. Huang Jing resumed the state of immobility like that of earlier. Everything was done in vain. Huang Jing looked to the gray clothed man with a gaze asking for forgiveness.

Clearly, Huang Jing also found out that they had encountered a man above them.

"Mn, my mood today is pretty good. I'll forgive you all." The gray clothed man slightly laughed. Immediately, Huang Jing and the other thirty plus people suddenly jolted. They had all regained their mobility. However, they all looked to the gray clothed man with gazes filled with shock and horror.

"This time around, it is this junior's fault for being disrespectful. Thank you senior for your generosity. Let's go!"

Huang Jing's voice had actually turned very crisp and mellow. It was clearly that of a woman's.

Those thirty plus people didn't dare to speak rubbish at all. They immediately followed Huang Jing and promptly left the restaurant. And at this moment, in the restaurant, other than Qin Yu and his brothers, all of the rest of the people had disappeared. Even Xing Yuan, Zi Yun and the rest had fled downstairs.

Qin Yu felt extremely helpless in his heart.

"Why is this gray clothed man blocking us?" It wasn't that Qin Yu and his brothers didn't want to flee.

At the moment when they saw that the gray clothed man managed to stop Huang Jing and them in an instant, Qin Yu and them have immediately felt that the situation had turned bad. All of the people started running downstairs. Zi Yun and them managed to flee downstairs. However, no matter how Qin Yu and his brothers tried, they were unable to flee downstairs. It was as if something was blocking them.

"You three little guys don't need to worry." The gray clothed man looked to Qin Yu and his brothers with a smile on his face. "The reason why I have came today is to find the three of you."

"What might senior have in mind, finding us three brothers for?" Said Qin Yu with a bow.

"All three of you have came from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, right?" Said the gray clothed man with a smile.

"Precisely." Qin Yu replied.

The gray clothed man slightly nodded. "Do you all still remember… that there was a sentence left in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm's Monkey and Ape Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area… 'anyone that managed to master the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike at the moment of their ascension to the Divine Realm shall become my disciple.'"

Qin Yu and Hou Fei glanced at each other. They looked to the gray clothed man before them with shocked expression.

"You are, you are that senior that had left behind the Inherited Prohibited Area?" Hou Fei said stammeringly.

"That's right. Hou Fei, I already known everything that has occurred in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. You are a descendent of my Monkey and Ape Clan. Furthermore, you've managed to master the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. I naturally would comply with my promise. From today on, you shall become my disciple. Prepare yourself, we shall be leaving right after." The gray clothed man said indifferently.

Qin Yu and his brother's were all in a state of confusion.

Becoming a disciple? Furthermore, leaving with this gray clothed man?

"But I already have a master!" Hou Fei said hastily.

"You have a master? How come I don't know about it? Who is your master?" The gray clothed man said with a frown.

"It's Uncle Lan, oh, Jiang Lan. My master is called Jiang Lan!" Hou Fei said hurriedly.

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