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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 6 – Metal Beast

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and TranslationNations

Qin Yu took a glance at Xu Zong's corpse and sighed in his heart.

This Xu Zong was truly shameless. From the exchange he heard earlier, this Xu Zong seemed to have pursued Xiu Ya before and wanted her to become his wife. Although he did not succeed, Xu Zong still had the face to attack her.

Furthermore, with what Qin Yu had observed with his Immortal Awareness, Xu Zong and Xiu Ya ought to possess a similar level of strength. That young woman called Xiu Ya, had she not been previously injured, she would likely not have been forced to such a situation.

"The tougher and more durable the body, the harder it is to recover. With an arm broken, it'll likely take a long time and energy to recover it. After having an arm broken, her strength had been greatly reduced." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

This is the weak point of almost every expert who trained in the body.

Ye Qu had also said before that if the bones within his body break, it'll be extremely hard to recover them. One could easily imagine how hard that would be just by comparing how hard it was to restore a broken Divine Artifact. Merely, as the bones are part of one's body, when compared with restoring a broken Divine Artifact, it was still a bit easier.

As for the people of the Dark Star Realm that also train in their body, they are no exception.

"Thank you Lord for saving my life." Xiu Ya said to Qin Yu respectfully.

"I was merely passing by, do not care about it too much. Which village from the 'Deep Mulberry Star' are you from?" Qin Yu asked very casually as if he understood this planet very well. In actuality, everything that Qin Yu knew about were all obtained through the 'Soul Searching' of that Xu Zong's soul.

In fact, Qin Yu had already learned from Xu Zong's memories that Xiu Ya was a cultivator from the "Mulberry Receiving Village' of this 'Deep Mulberry Star.'

Xiu Ya instead did not doubt Qin Yu in the slightest. She said respectfully. "I am a cultivator from the 'Mulberry Receiving Village."

"Mulberry Receiving Village? Mn, it's my first time here on the Deep Mulberry Star. I shall go and check out the Mulberry Receiving Village first." Said Qin Yu with a light smile. Xiu Fa was instead pleasantly surprised. "I can lead the way for Your Lordship."

"You should heal your injuries first." Said Qin Yu.

Xiu Fa bowed thankfully. She then started to sit on the ground and start to restore her injuries.

And at this moment, Qin Yu started to tidy up the information he had obtained from Xu Zong. At the same time, Qin Yu had also attained a comparatively thorough understanding of the Dark Star Realm. At the very least, he now knew a lot more than Ye Qu and Wu Lan.

"So apparently, there are only three star fields in the Dark Star Realm that truly possess people. The other six are all spacious and empty with barely any people." At this moment, Qin Yu had a complete understanding.

From Xu Zong's memories, Qin Yu found out that… the Dark Star Realm possesses a significantly inferior population compared to the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm.

In the Dark Star Realm, the planets on which people reside, usually merely had a population of over ten thousands. Even on large planets, the population numbered only over a hundred thousand. Ordinary planets had a population of ten to twenty thousands and for smaller planets, their population only numbered several thousands.

It was a number incomparable with the Immortal Realm, where the population numbered in the hundreds of millions. Furthermore, the people of the Dark Star Realm only live on the Gravity Gathered Planets.

Of course, Gravity Gathered Planets, is Qin Yu's own name for those planets. As for the people of the Dark Star Realm, they address those Gravity Gathered Planets as 'Origin Movement Planets.' The number of Gravity Gathered Planets is awfully tiny. An entire galaxy would usually only have several tens of them. An entire star field would usually only have several hundreds of them.

"The number of people is truly small. An entire star field only has a population of around ten million. The three star fields combined only numbered a population of around thirty million. Dark Star Realm… is truly sparsely populated." Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from gasping in admiration once again.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm…

Any ordinary planet would have a population of over a hundred million. As for greatly developed planets, such as the Blue Flame Star and such, their population numbered several to tens of billions. The population of a single planet easily surpasses the population of the entire Dark Star Realm.

"However, there are more experts in the Dark Star Realm compared with the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm combined." Qin Yu was still shocked by this discovery.

According to Xu Zong's memories.

There was an elder in every single Gravity Gathered Planet of the Dark Star Realm, protecting and administering the Gravity Gathered Planet. As long as nothing major happened, the elder would always remain in the 'Elder's Palace' and train quietly.

There are certain to be an elder on a Gravity Gathered Planet. There numbered about two thousand Gravity Gathered Planets across the three star fields. In other words… there are around at the very least two thousand or so elders. And in order for one to become an elder, they would have to, at the very least, be an Emperor level expert!

With merely these elders, they already numbered over two thousand Emperor level experts!

However, the number of Emperor level experts in the Dark Star Realm, was most certainly more than merely those elders. That's because in each of the Three Great Star Fields that the people of the Dark Star Realm lived in, was a 'Sacred Planet.' These Three Great Sacred Planets were respectively the headquarters of the Gold Punishment Sect, Black Flame Sect and the White Profound Sect.

On the Sacred Planets, the number of Emperor level experts from each of those sects were most definitely numerous to a frightening level.

In addition to the Sacred Planets, there was another mysterious place that was certain to possess a large amount of Emperor level experts. In this place, the Emperor level experts were so numerous… that it was estimated that they numbered greater than half of the entire Dark Star Realm's Emperor level experts!

"The amount of elders of the Gravity Gathered Planets and the experts from the Sacred Planets likely number nearly three thousand. However, this is merely half of the Emperor level experts… So many. The Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm, it is likely that even with all of the Hidden Experts and other unknown Emperor level experts added to the list would likely not even number three thousand." Qin Yu felt helpless in his heart.

The difference between the population was so great.

Yet the amount of experts in the Dark Star Realm was much more numerous.

This was something that one couldn't do anything about. This was something that was determined by the time when the babies in the Dark Star Realm were born. The babies of the Dark Star Realm possess physiques that surpass those of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm's babies. It was likely to be caused by generations of evolution.

At the same time, the Gravity Gathered Planets are also one of the reasons. With gravity that frightening, how could the babies possibly be lacking?

Ordinarily, the babies' strength would increase rapidly after birth. Majority of them would have reached the level of level one Heavenly Immortal by the time they reach adulthood at the age of sixteen. Of course… in the Dark Star Realm, strength is mainly divided into three categories. Ordinary level, King level and Emperor level.

King level was comparable to Golden Immortal and Demon King. Emperor level was comparable to Demon Emperor and Immortal Emperor. As for the Ordinary level… it was comparable to levels lower than Golden Immortal!

In other words, in the Dark Star Realm, there was no such thing as Jindan, Nascent Soul and Heavenly Immortal. That was because as long as one was a person from the Dark Star Realm, even if one were to be lazy and not do any work, one would still easily attain the strength at the level of Heavenly Immortal. Furthermore, there is no such thing as the Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation, Six-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation or the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation for them!

"This… isn't the Heavens favouring one and discriminate against the others?" Qin Yu was speechless.

When the people of the Dark Star Realm reached adulthood, they're already comparable to level one Heavenly Immortals. This was the difference. Those that are talented were even able to reach a level comparable to level one Heavenly Immortal while they are still children.

"Lord, I've finished recovering." Xiu Ya stood up and said respectfully.

The years of Xiu Ya's training and cultivation were not long. She had not even cultivated for a hundred years. However, she was one who stood at the peak of the 'Ordinary' people and soon to become a King level expert. Even in the Dark Star Realm, her cultivation speed was considered to be extremely fast. After all, the people in the Dark Star Realm… as long as they do not encounter any natural or man-made disaster, they would have a near infinite life span.

From the moment of birth, they are able to absorb the energy of the Heaven and Earth, live without air, possess extraordinary strength and a body with a frightening level of hardness. This was what it meant to be loved by the heavens.

"Let's go together then." Qin Yu nodded.

Qin Yu could only believe that the gap between people was so large. However, what he did not know was that although the people of the Dark Star Realm are extremely formidable since birth, there are actually people in other spaces that are tens or even a hundred times more formidable than those from the Dark Star Realm. This was the cosmos!

"Lord, Xiu Ya is very grateful that you saved her life. If Your Lordship has any request in the future, Xiu Ya would definitely try her best to fulfill them." Said Xiu Ya, as she flew beside Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. "Xiu Ya, never would I have guessed that you'd be able to kill a King level Metal Beast, when you're not even at the King level yet. Truly outstanding."

After being praised by Qin Yu, Xiu Ya's face grew red. However, she ultimately said helplessly. "Had it not been for the King level Metal Beast's Golden Core, that Xu Zong would not have used such methods against me."

"That's right. To treat a woman like so, truly shameless." Qin Yu sighed.

In the Dark Star Realm, the males usually possessed a bit greater talent compared to the females. Occasionally, there would be powerful woman. However, in general, it was still the males that's more powerful. For example… the previous Gold Punishment Lord, the current Black Flame Lord and the White Profound Lord were all men. From such, one could see the difference between the two genders. It was not that there had never been a female Sovereign in the history of the Dark Star Realm, but… in the entire history of the Dark Star Realm, amongst all those Sovereigns, only a single one of them was a female! Thus, the gap between the genders was evident.

The people of the Dark Star Realm, the men would usually not bully the women, nor would they ever go so far as to mercilessly kill a woman. What Xu Zong had done, even if ordinary Dark Star Realm's people were to see it, they would still kill him on the spot.

"Xiu Ya, for you to be able to obtain a Golden Core, it ought to be able to allow you to save a lot of cultivation time." The current Qin Yu was very familiar with this 'Golden Core.'

Xiu Ya nodded. A smile involuntarily appeared on her face. "This is a King level Golden Core. At the very least, it'll allow me to save a hundred years of cultivation time. Fortunately that Metal Beast had only reached the early King level. Otherwise, I would've been the dead one."

"Lord, could you tell me what level you are? Are you a King level expert? What star ranked King level expert are you?"

Qin Yu knew that in the Dark Star Realm, there was a star ranking system for the King level and Emperor level. For example, amongst the King level experts, the weakest was an one star King level expert whereas the strongest was an eighteen star King level expert. As for the Emperor level experts, the weakest was also one star whereas the strongest was eighteen star.

Compared to the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm, the Dark Star Realm possessed more ranks for the King and Emperor levels.

"You asked what star King level expert I am?" Qin Yu was unable to conceal a smile.

King level?

Even though he had only reached the eighth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' it was still, at the very least, comparable to a fifteen star Emperor level. If Qin Yu's Life Elemental Energy's recovery ability was to be added onto it, then he would be comparable to a seventeen or eighteen star Emperor level.

Qin Yu suddenly started to laugh. "What level do you think I am?"

"Could it, could it be that you're an eighteen star King level expert?" Xiu Ya guessed with a low voice. However, when Qin Yu heard what she said, he was unable to refrain his laughter. At this moment, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness discovered some ferocious bird beasts were flying over toward them to attack them.

"Lord, exactly how many stars are you?" Xiu Ya, hearing his laughter, pressed for an answer. Her pure eyes were staring at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Stop asking. I just discovered three Bird type Metal Beasts flying over here rapidly."

Xiu Ya's expression immediately changed. Promptly, she asked. "What level?"

"They're all King level. As for how many stars, you should be able to tell once you encounter them." Said Qin Yu with a gentle laughter. And at this moment, three enormous golden colored vicious birds had flown over.

Xiu Ya's complexion turned pale in an instant. At the same time, she looked to Qin Yu with an appealing expression.

"You go first. Rest assured, I'll look after you from behind." Said Qin Yu while smiling. Upon hearing those words, Xiu Ya's frame of mind immediately turned better. Soon after, she raised her morale and grew excited. With Qin Yu behind her, she would not have to fear about anything. Immediately, she shouted and rushed forward.

Displaying all the skills that she knew and using her nimble body, Xiu Ya was unexpectedly not defeated instantly.

Qin Yu stood to the side and watched. However, his mind was still in a state of shock.

"This Dark Star Realm is truly incredible. Metal Beast, where exactly did these wild beasts, whose entire body is composed of metals, come from? They possess immense strength but their intelligence is excessively weak."

Qin Yu had been puzzled the entire time.

The Gravity Gathered Planets were not something that the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm didn't possess. It was just that there are no people on those planets and were considered as desolate planets. No one had ever paid attention to those planets. However, when Qin Yu used his Greater Teleportation, he had also searched through a couple of those Gravity Gathered Planets with his Immortal Awareness before. Yet, he had never discovered such a peculiar life form like the Metal Beast.

A Metal Beast with the strength of a Golden Immortal yet possessed such low intelligence?

And what's the most strange was that!

Even in the Dark Star Realm, the other couple star fields also do not have Metal Beasts. Only on the star fields where the Gold Punishment Sect was located at are there Metal Beasts. Furthermore, these Metal Beasts were only born on the Gravity Gathered Planets.

As for the Gravity Gathered Planets of the Black Flame Sect, they instead had the Blazing Fire Beasts that are composed of a Fire attribute energy crystal. Their entire body was burning with flames.

On the Gravity Gathered Planets of the White Profound Sect, there are Frost Ice Beasts whose bodies are composed of cold ice.

"What exactly is going on? On the star fields of the Gold Punishment Sect, the Gravity Gathered Planets have Metal Beasts. However, on the star fields of the Black Flame Sect, the Gravity Gathered Planets instead had Blazing Fire Beast. Could it be that the Gravity Gathered Planets of the two places are different?"

Qin Yu was filled with confusion.

He was unable to understand what sort of difference the different star field's Gravity Gathered Planets possessed.

Currently, Qin Yu was unable to understand how the Metal Beast, Blazing Flame Beast and the Frost Ice Beast came to be. Only later when Qin Yu actually met the Emperor level experts of the Dark Star Realm did he managed to clear up his confusion. After all, those sort of things were not something that ordinary people from the Dark Star Realm like Xu Zong would know about.

"Lord." Xiu Ya only managed to last for a moment before being unable to continue to bear the three Metal Beasts.

Qin Yu smiled. Immediately after, his body moved. In front of Xiu Ya's astonished eyes, Qin Yu instantly turned into three blurs and appeared before the three vicious Metal Bird Beasts simultaneously.

All three blurs outstretched their hand and grabbed. Instantly, the vicious Metal Bird Beasts' bodies were all penetrated through and the core of those Metal Beasts… the Golden Cores were all snatched out.

Immediately after, the three blurs disappeared. Qin Yu had also returned to his original spot. This all happened in a blink of an eye. Had Xiu Ya not been looking at Qin Yu the entire time with wide open eyes, she would've thought that he had not moved at all.

"Lord, you…' Xiu Ya suddenly sensed that the Qin Yu in front of her was likely a legendary expert that could match up to the elder of the Deep Mulberry Star.

"You can have these three Golden Cores." Casually, Qin Yu threw the three Golden Cores to Xiu Ya.

Qin Yu had killed three Golden Beasts in the blink of an eye and then threw the three Golden Cores over to Xiu Ya. The series of event had left her dumbfounded. She stood stunned for quite some time.

"Ah, Golden Cores." Xiu Ya immediately dived downward and caught the three Golden Cores that had passed her stunned self and started dropping.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 7 – Mulberry Receiving Village

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and TranslationNations

Qin Yu did not care about the Golden Cores of the Metal Beasts. From Xu Zong's memories, Qin Yu knew that these Golden Cores were of some benefit to the people from the Dark Star Realm. To be more exact, it is beneficial toward those who train in the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique.

"Thank you Lord." Xiu Ya was filled with excitement. She was thanking Qin Yu repeatedly.

"Don't mention it. These Golden Cores do not have much use to the current me." Said Qin Yu while smiling. Since he planned to pretend to be a resident of the Dark Star Realm, he naturally had to pretend to be an expert.

When Xiu Ya heard what Qin Yu said, she immediately grew astonished. The 'Golden Core' possessed a very large usefulness toward those who trained in the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique. For example, even the ordinary King level Golden Cores are very useful to the seventeen and eighteen star King level experts.

"Could it be that he's an Emperor level expert?" Xiu Ya secretly guessed in her heart. Merely, she did not dare to ask.

"I believe we're about to arrive at the Mulberry Receiving Village?" Said Qin Yu while smiling. His Immortal Awareness had already discovered a village not far away from where they were. However, even though he possessed Xu Zong's memories, it was still impossible for him to determine whether the village was the Mulberry Receiving Village.

That was because the eight villages of the Deep Mulberry Star frequently migrate. That was because they would sometimes encounter herds of Metal Beasts and have no choice but to evade through migration.

"That's right, my village should be located several hundred miles ahead." Xiu Ya looked at the surrounding before nodding. Immediately after, she smiled and said. "Lord, the brothers and sisters in my village, they would definitely be very happy to see you."

The cultivators of the Dark Star Realm adores the strong.

As for Qin Yu, he was a strong expert not just in name only but also in reality.

"For now, you do not have to publicise my strength. I am only planning to temporarily stop by your village. I do not wish for your village to change too much because of me. After some time, I would also have to go to the Elder's Palace." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Qin Yu was already prepared.

How to become a member of the Dark Star Realm? When Qin Yu obtained Xu Zong's memories, he had already devised a complete plan in his heart. Of course… before then, he must also learn the martial techniques of the Gold Punishment Sect.

Fortunately, in Xu Zong's memories, there was a primary level of Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique.

The martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect was divided into three different sects of three different levels: primary, middle, and advanced. In actuality, one could reach the pinnacle of Emperor level with any one of the martial technique sets. Merely, the efficiency of each sets of martial technique was different. For ordinary people like Xu Zong, they were only able to obtain the primary level martial technique.

Qin Yu and Xiu Ya continued to fly. Soon, they came to see a village before them.

"Lord, we've arrived at my village. If you do not mind, you could come and live at my place!" Xiu Ya said with a smile. "The residence of every one of us in our village was constructed by ourselves. There are no empty residences."

Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "In that case, I'll trouble you."

"You're not troubling me, of course not." Xiu Ya's complexion turned slightly red. For an Emperor level super expert to come to her house, what else other than the greatest honor could it be? Especially this expert who was both handsome and possessed magnanimity.

"What kinds of stupid things are you thinking about?!" Xiu Ya abandoned the wild imaginations that she had in her mind.

Qin Yu did not know about what Xiu Ya was currently thinking. Instead, his attention was completely concentrated upon the 'Mulberry Receiving Village' in front of him. With his Immortal Awareness, he had casually inspected the entire village.

"This Mulberry Receiving Village is truly powerful. There are over a thousand people in the village. Other than several hundred Ordinary level people, the remaining thousand plus people are all King level experts. Xiu Ya ought to still be considered as a weakling in this village."

Qin Yu had attained the complete understanding of the strength of everyone in the village.

While he was investigating with his Immortal Awareness, Qin Yu had discovered one thing… the people of the dark star realm, over ninety percent of them were all training unceasingly.

They were either training in their own house, sparring with another, or training via fighting Metal Beasts outside the village. Only a small amount of them were chatting and laughing with each other.

"What a magnificent cultivation atmosphere." Qin Yu gasped in admiration in his heart. "No wonder when Xiu Ya first met me, she introduced herself as a cultivator from the Mulberry Receiving Village. It would appear that every single person of the Dark Star Realm is a cultivator."

At this moment, Qin Yu and Xiu Ya had arrived outside the village.

There were currently several hundred youths sparring with each other outside of the village. Upon seeing Xiu Ya, some of them smiled and greeted her. "Xiu Ya, you have been away for an entire month now. Did you manage to harvest anything this time around? You'd best not say that you haven't even encountered a single Metal Beast."

Xiu Ya raised her head up slightly and said confidently. "I encountered one. Furthermore, it's a King level Metal Beast. I even killed it!"

As she said that, Xiu Ya took out the Golden Core from the Metal Beast that she killed. After showing off in front of her companions for a while, those couple teenagers all looked to her with astonishment.

Qin Yu was laughing in his heart. "It seemed like these teenagers are about the same age as Xiu Ya." Just by looking at their strength, Qin Yu was able to tell that these couple teenagers were all not at the King level. They were even a lot weaker than Xiu Ya. Thus, he was able to determine that they ought to be about the same age as her.

"King, King level?" A teenage girl covered her mouth in shock. At this moment, many of the people who were still sparring with each other had also walked over. A middle aged man amongst those people said laughingly. "Little Ya, you've killed a King level Metal Beast? Not bad, not bad at all."

"Little Ya's potential is very high. She could already be ranked amongst the top ten for the people her age." Another middle aged man also nodded and said.

At this moment, a tanned and robust middle aged man with naked tops and wearing only trousers stared at Qin Yu. Immediately after, he looked to Xiu Ya. "Little Ya, where did this expert behind you come from? How come I have never seen him before?"

Qin Yu did not pay any attention to that robust middle aged man. While this robust middle aged man possessed pretty decent strength, he was likely comparable to a level eight Demon King, but in front of Qin Yu, he is still greatly inferior.

Upon hearing this question, Xiu Ya's expression turned into one of anger. She said. "Uncle Si Liu, this time when I left the village, I had encountered a King level Metal Beast. Only through great difficulty did I managed to kill it. However, never would I had anticipated that Xu Zong from the Golden Sun Village would take advantage of my serious injuries, try to kill me and steal my Golden Core!"

"Xu Zong, is that the youth from the Golden Sun Village that had once pursued you?" The robust middle aged man called Si Liu said with a frown.

In the Dark Star Realm, each of the villages are usually extremely united. That was also the reason why Xiu Ya immediately showed off the Golden Core that she obtained in front of her brothers and sisters. However, similarly… two different villages are always under constant strife.

"Xiu Ya, what did Xu Zong do to you?" Many of the teenagers around were filled with anger.

Amongst them, a simple and honest looking youth said angrily. "The next time I see Xu Zong, I will definitely kill him."

"Such a shameless, despicable and nasty person, he must definitely be killed." The surrounding youths all started shouting.

Xiu Ya instead started to laugh. "There's no need for that, Xu Zong is already dead."

"Dead?" The surrounding people were all shocked. Many of the people looked to Qin Yu who stood beside Xiu Ya. Xiu Ya nodded and said. "That's right. When I was about to be killed, it was precisely this person who killed Xu Zong and saved my life."

That middle aged man called Si Liu placed his left fist on his right chest. He slightly bowed and said. "Si Liu on behalf of Xiu Ya give thanks to you, friend. May I know your name, friend?"

What's my name? Qin Yu was slightly startled. Immediately, he smiled and said. "Liu Xing!"

"Liu Xing?" Xiu Ya who stood to the side muttered. It was also the first time for her to hear Qin Yu's name.

"Liu Xing, this Mulberry Receiving Village thank you for saving our Little Ya. I am wondering if you would like to come to my residence so that I could be honored to entertain the distant arrival friend?" Si Liu's manner was very courteous.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and shook his head. He said. "There is no need. I am only planning to stay in the Mulberry Receiving Village temporarily. After some time, I planned to go to the Elder's Palace."

Upon hearing the 'Elder's Palace,' Si Liu's attitude grew a bit more respectful. "Liu Xing, if you need anything, feel free to have people come and find me. In the Mulberry Receiving Village, I, Si Liu, manage nearly everything."

"Lord Liu Xing, Uncle Si Liu is very powerful. In our village, only the village chief is slightly stronger than Uncle Si Liu." Said Xiu Ya to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly bowed and said. "If I need anything, I would most definitely come to you, Si Liu."

Qin Yu knew that for the experts of the Dark Star Realm… he cannot use their soul realm's level to determine their strength. As for the strength of one's body, it was something that was very hard to determine with merely Immortal Awareness. This Si Liu in front of him, his soul was merely at the level of level eight Demon King. However, as for how powerful his body was, that was something that's hard to determine.

"Xiu Ya, you can bring me to your residence." Qin Yu looked to Xiu Ya.

Xiu Ya smiled and said. "Sure, come with me."

Si Liu then shouted to the surrounding onlookers. "You all, continue training. Stop wasting time here."

"Yes." All the surrounding people returned to sparring or training in their own residences. As for Qin Yu, he had followed Xiu Ya and arrived at her residence, a very ordinary looking house.

This house was only a single story tall. There are three rooms in the house. Usually, Xiu Ya would live in the room to the left. The middle room is the living room that's used to receive and welcome guests. As for the room to the right, it had now turned into Qin Yu's residence.

"Lord Liu Xing, please go ahead and tell me if you need anything." Xiu Ya's face was red. She slightly bowed and said to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "I do not have anything I need. As you've obtained the Golden Cores, it's best for you to go and properly train. I would have to do seclusion training for a period of time. When I am finished with my seclusion training, I would inform you about it."

"Seclusion training?" Xiu Ya was slightly startled. Immediately after, she smiled and nodded. "When Your Lordship is finished, you merely need to call for me!"

Afterwards, Qin Yu closed the door to the room.

Seeing the surroundings, Qin Yu did not dare to arrange any barriers. He feared that his identity would be discovered. After thinking for a while, Qin Yu had came to a decision… "It's better that I return to the Jiang Lan's Realm and train there."

With an intention.

A silhouette flew out from Qin Yu's body. Immediately after, it stood on the ground cross-legged. It had the same appearance as Qin Yu.

"Sword Immortal Puppet, it's been a long time since I've used it. It'll temporarily replace me." Qin Yu merely left behind a trace of his soul power in the Sword Immortal Puppet. He then took out all of the Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones.

With a movement of his body, Qin Yu disappeared from the room. As for the clone that he had created with the Sword Immortal Puppet, it continued to sit there cross-legged.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu did not go and greet his brothers. Instead, he went directly to the private room in his own residence.

Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. A Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique appeared in his mind.

"This Dark Star Realm is truly peculiar. The entire martial techniques of the Dark Star Realm were only divided into three different schools. This martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect could also be considered as being loved by the world and was extremely peculiar." Upon inspecting this martial technique, Qin Yu started to gasp in admiration.

According to Xu Zong's memories, this set of martial technique was merely the most fundamental amongst the three sets of martial techniques of the Gold Punishment Sect. It was also the slowest one to train in.

After reading information regarding the martial technique carefully, Qin Yu came to a realization.

The boundless amount of Elemental Spirit Energy in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm could be converted into Gold Attribute Energy, Cold Attribute Energy and also Fire Attribute Energy. In order to convert the energy, a formation array was necessary. As for the major Gravity Gathered Planets, they all possessed an already setted up enormous formation array that has been conducting the transformation. When on those Origin Movement Planets, people are able to directly absorb the Gold Attribute Energy.

However, if one wanted to set up their own 'Conversion Array,' one must at the very least reach the King level in order to be successful.

"Never had I expected that the cultivators in the Dark Star Realm do not absorb Elemental Spirit Energy when training! Instead, it's a converted energy." Qin Yu exclaimed in admiration. Every set of Gold Punishment Sect's martial techniques contained within them the method to arrange the 'Conversion Array.'

The size of the Conversion Array and how many Elemental Spirit Stones are used are all factors that determined the efficiency of the Conversion Array.

"When absorbing Golden Attribute Energy, when one absorbed more than one could control, it would actually… turn into metal!" Qin Yu was unable to refrain from smiling.

When training in the martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect, one must absorb Golden Attribute Energy slowly and allow one's body to steadily transform as one absorbed the energy. At the same time, the amount of energy one absorbs must be within one's control range. If one were to absorb too much Gold Attribute Energy, so much that it surpassed one's ability to control… one's body would turn into metal!

The reason why the people from the Dark Star Realm search for Metal Beasts to kill was because when they crack open the Golden Cores from the Metal Beasts, a golden liquid would flow out from the Golden Core. If one were to absorb this golden liquid, then one would be able to develop a part of one's potential at an earlier date, allowing one to absorb even more Gold Attribute Energy.

Those people with soul realms at the level of level eight Demon Kings, if they were to not use Golden Core, they would at the very most become fifteen or sixteen star King level experts.

If they were to use the Golden Core, after the golden liquid had been absorbed by the body, another portion of their body's potential would be opened up allowing their bodies to be able even more Golden Attribute Energy. Their strength would then be able to reach seventeen or eighteen star King level expert.

Golden Core!

It was the possibility of bypassing ranks. However, the stronger one was, the less effective the Golden Cores are. If one were to become an Emperor level expert, then the Golden Core would have practically no effect. Golden Cores merely allow one's potential to be released at an earlier date.

Thus, to King level experts and the one or two star Emperor level experts, the Golden Core was still very useful to them. Merely, when one become an high star Emperor level expert, the Golden Core would then become useless.

"The effectiveness of the formation arrays are dependent on the quality and amount of Elemental Spirit Stones?" Qin Yu smiled.

He casually set up a Conversion Array in his private room. Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that a large amount of Elemental Spirit Energy were being absorbed by this Conversion Array and then converting into a special energy.

"I'll just train according to the primary martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect." Soon after, Qin Yu started to train quietly.

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