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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 5 – Gravity Gathered Planets

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and TranslationNations

"You're really planning to go to the Dark Star Realm?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu were staring at Qin Yu.

As for Ye Qu and Wu Lan, they glanced at each other and then started laughing. Ye Qu laughed and said. "Qin Yu, if you were to try and pretend to be a person from the Dark Star Realm and wander the Dark Star Realm, then that would be truly interesting…. to be honest, I've been curious about the Dark Star Realm the entire time. Back then, when I was following Ni Yang, I did not manage to thoroughly get to know the Dark Star Realm."

Hou Fei said helplessly. "Big brother, as you're planning to go to the Dark Star Realm…. actually, I also want to go there. Dark Star Realm, that place is truly mysterious. It's making my heart itchy. However, that place is hostile to the people from the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm and I also do not possess the ability to pretend to be a person from the Dark Star Realm like you."

"Monkey, we'll just ease ourselves and continue to train in the Jiang Lan's Realm." Hei Yu was instead smiling. "Big brother's cultivation speed is so fast. Even the current me feels like I am unable to catch up to him. And now, since big brother wanted go and wander the Dark Star Realm, we should stay in the Jiang Lan's Realm and calmly train ourselves. Hehheh… with the gap in time being tenfold, we would definitely be able to catch up to big brother!"

Upon hearing what Hei Yu said, Hou Fei also smiled.

Precisely as Hei Yu had said, ever since Qin Yu reached the eighth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' Hou Fei and Hei Yu who are still both level seven Demon Emperors, had been trying hard to catch up the entire time.

With Qin Yu being in the outside realm and Hou Fei and Hei Yu being in the Jiang Lan's Realm, they are confident that they'll be able to surpass Qin Yu.

"Haha…actually, one of the reason why I am going to the Dark Star Realm is because I wanted to use the entrance in the Dark Star Realm to enter the Bewitching God Temple. The other reason is to check out this legendary Dark Star Realm." Qin Yu was filled with excitement of exploring the unknown.

In the eyes of the people from the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm, the Dark Star Realm is of the utmost mysterious. Even the Cyan Emperor and them had never managed to explore it thoroughly. The most they know is some of rough information about it.

"Qin Yu." Wu Lan had a somewhat serious expression. "Make sure to not be too careless when you're in the Dark Star Realm. Afterall, Ye Qu and I only possessed a skin deep understanding of the Dark Star Realm. It might be possible that the people from the Dark Star Realm might possess some method that we do not know about that could determine that you're a foreigner."

"Rest assured." Qin Yu himself was instead filled with confidence. He said to himself in his heart. "I do not believe that the people from the Dark Star Realm could discover the energy in the Stellar Space."

Afterwards, Qin Yu looked to the rest of them. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, for now, the two of you will stay in the Jiang Lan's Realm and train or provide Little Tong and Guo Fan some guidance."

"Okay. Big brother, you also need to make sure to be careful in the Dark Star Realm." Hou Fei was no longer laughing and playing. Instead, he said those words with a serious expression.

Merely, Hou Fei and Hei Yu knew of Qin Yu's current strength. To be able to kill Qin Yu… there are not that many people that would be capable of doing that even in the Dark Star Realm.

Qin Yu flew in the boundless cosmic space by himself. His brothers had already entered into the Jiang Lan's Realm. And now, as he is by himself, his speed could also now reach the fastest speed.

Qin Yu did not use his Divine Sword 'Sky Piercer' because his body was now comparable to a Mid Quality Divine Artifact. At this moment, he was rushing toward the Bewitching Overlooking Star with a frightening speed.

"Originally I had planned to go to the Dark Star Realm directly. However who would've expected those numerous space cracks had actually split up the space between the Bird Clan's Territory and the Dark Star Realm, separating them." Qin Yu had a helpless bitter smile.

Upon thinking of those unceasingly forming enormous space cracks over millions and millions of miles long, then no matter how strong Qin Yu was, he would still have to make a detour around it.

It was not a single space crack. Instead, it was a serious of space cracks. Qin Yu knew that he could not pass through those directly.

From the Bewitching Overlooking Star, Qin Yu had used the Interstellar Conveying Array and reached a planet to the extreme south of the Bewitching Overlooking Star that also bordered the Dark Star Realm. Qin Yu had set off to go toward the Dark Star Realm from this planet.

There were no space fluctuations in the surrounding of this planet. Qin Yu had first flown out of the planet and then used Greater Teleportation twice before he arrived on the region of the Dark Star Realm.

On a planet in the Dark Star Realm that was very suited for the living of humans. There are rivers, flowers and plants on this planet. However, there had not been any people living on this planet for numerous years. Today… someone had finally arrived on this planet.

"What's going on?"

Qin Yu frowned as he stood on the meadows. He used his Immortal Awareness to cover the entire planet and found out that there was no one else on this planet other than himself. "How could there be no a single person on this planet that is so suited for humans to live on? Majority of the planets in this cosmic space are desolated. There are rarely planets this beautiful. Instead of there being no one here, there should be a lot of people here."

This was Qin Yu own determination.

However, Qin Yu knew that… the people from the Dark Star Realm ought to be very different from the people from the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm.

After looking around for a long time, Qin Yu was able to be sure that… no one had lived on this planet for a long long time. That was because Qin Yu was unable to find the slightest amount of human traces on this planet. Nature had filled the entire planet.

"I reckon that this planet is most likely to be on the edge of the Dark Star Realm. Let me continue onward and see. I do not believe that I would not be able to encounter someone from the Dark Star Realm." Qin Yu used Greater Teleportation and disappeared from this beautiful planet.

After a month.

Qin Yu was standing in the middle of the cosmic space. He was feeling a bit helpless.

Everything was beyond his expectations.

An entire star field! Qin Yu had explored a star field located on the border of the Dark Star Realm. However, he was unable to find even a single person on this star field. This star field was completely empty.

"I reckon that the Dark Star Realm possessed a territory of ten or so star fields. So why is it that there are no one in the star field located on the edge?" Qin Yu was unable to understand.

And now, Qin Yu had already arrived on a new star field.

Upon setting foot on the new star field, Qin Yu had a kind of indescribable sensation. He had a premonition… that he'll be soon to discover people from the Dark Star Realm.

After merely half a month, after Qin Yu had used Greater Teleportation for dozens more times, Qin Yu stopped in the middle of the cosmic space. He was looking at a yellow colored planet located far away with shock. This yellow colored planet's size was not big. The entire planet was likely only several hundred thousands of miles in diameter.

"You're kidding me!" Qin Yu had a face filled with shock.

Qin Yu had been searching for those beautiful planets that are suited for humans to live on as he had believed that those planets are the ones where people are most likely to live on. However, never had he expected… the first time he found the traces of people were on such a planet before him.

The yellow planet before him, had it been in the Immortal Realm or the Devil Realm, would've been a planet that no one would be interested in. No one would want to live on a planet with such an arduous environment.

However, Qin Yu had discovered with his Immortal Awareness at least ten thousand people's aura on this yellow colored planet.

Furthermore, his Immortal Awareness was able to clearly see the appearance of everyone. At the very least, Qin Yu had discovered that… the people in the Dark Star Realm also possessed a nose, two ears, two eyes and a mouth. They were not much different in appearance compared to himself.

If a difference must be said, then that would be…

It seemed as if every single one of the Dark Star Realm's people were relatively powerful. At least, in the ten thousand people that Qin Yu had discovered and examined, the majority of them possessed strength greater than a level one (Golden Immortal). Even the children that he came across all possessed strength of Dujie level. Some of the children were even at the Heavenly Immortal level…

[TL: IET forgot some words. He wrote level one but not what rank they are. Since the children are at the level of Heavenly Immortal, I'm assuming the adults would be Golden Immortal level. Dujie → Undergoing Tribulation level]

"From all the things on this planet, it seemed to be an ordinary planet of the Dark Star Realm." Qin Yu was able to tell that this planet was very ordinary. The amount of people living there was also relatively few.

"Whatever, I'll go and check out this planet first." Qin Yu had determined to enter the Dark Star Realm through this planet in front of him.

Greater Teleportation!

Qin Yu had arrived on this planet. However, at the moment when he first set foot onto the ground, Qin Yu had already discovered in astonishment that… this planet possessed a very strong gravity, an astonishing level of gravity.

"How could the gravity be this strong?" Qin Yu frowned. However, this amount of gravity does not affect him in the slightest. "When determining a planet to live on, one must at the very least consider whether or not the babies would be able to live on it. With such strong gravity, would the babies be able to bear it?"

On the planets of the Immortal Realm with populations of over a hundred million people and numerous other ordinary planets like the Flowing Mist Star all do not possess a strong gravitational force. They merely possessed a gravity several times stronger than the Purple Mystic Star of the Mortal Realm.


On this planet that Qin Yu had just arrived on, the gravitational force was about three hundred times stronger than that of the Flowing Mist Star. The same baby would weigh twenty three catties on the Flowing Mist Star. However, if this baby was to be on the planet that Qin Yu was on now, then… she'll have to bear on a gravity of seven to eight thousand catties!

A newly birthed baby would have to bear such a gravity. Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

"There are too few people on this planet. The total amount numbered only ten thousand. Although the planet isn't huge, but for there to be only this few people… the majority of the places on this planet are still spacious and empty. Hm? There's even ferocious beasts on this planet?"

Qin Yu merely casually checked out the planet before deciding to pay attention to the two people closest to him, a man and a woman.

With a movement of his foot.

In merely a blink of an eye, Qin Yu had traveled a distance of several thousand miles and arrived in a ravine. However, right after he got here, Qin Yu discovered an astonishing thing…

The gravity had changed!

To be exact, the location of the ravine when compared to the location where Qin Yu was on previously possessed different gravities.

"Even though it's the same planet, the different places on the planet possessed different gravity?" Qin Yu was amazed. Suddenly, Qin Yu recalled his master Lei Wei. On the cosmos that his master Lei Wei was from, he had once described a type of planet, 'Gravity Gathered Planets.'

The cosmos where Lei Wei was from was extremely progressed in science and technology to a point where humanity had practically covered the entire cosmos. They were even able to leap through the space between star fields. Thus, one could imagine how progressed their science and technology was.

A peculiar type of planet was mentioned before in the books that Lei Wei had left behind… 'Gravity Gathered Planets.'

Gravity Gathered Planets possessed peculiar core structures. Unlike regular planets, Gravity Gathered Planets possessed extremely strange gravitational and magnetic forces that causes the different regions of the entire planet to possess different level of gravity.

However, the locations on the Gravity Gathered Planets with the smallest amount of gravity were still a hundred times stronger than those of planets that are suited to live on. Thus, in the cosmic space where Lei Wei was from, the Gravity Gathered Planets were planets that are unsuited for humans to live on.

"Could it be that the people of the Dark Star Realm live on Gravity Gathered Planets? Truly the world is full of extraordinary things. Master had written that the Gravity Gathered Planets are uninhabitable planets. However, in here, numerous people lived in such planets. There were even babies and children." Qin Yu smiled. Earlier when his Immortal Awareness had covered the entire planet, he had already discovered the babies and children.

"The location where I was before only possessed gravity three hundred times that of the Flowing Mist Star. However here, the gravity is nine hundred times that of the Flowing Mist Star!" Qin Yu looked at the two people who are fighting each other with a lightning speed and was unable to refrain himself from complementing how outstanding the people of the Dark Star Realm were.

The two people in front of him possessed only the strength around that of a Golden Immortal. In front of Qin Yu, they were naturally inadequate. When the two of them are fighting against each other, they were also speaking with each other nonstop. Qin Yu stood there and carefully listened to every one of their words. He gradually came to understand what happened.

"This is truly too barbarous. Consider it your bad luck, I'll chose you." Qin Yu lightly smiled and disappeared.

The two people fighting each other were a man and a woman. The woman possessed an sporty black short hair and milky white skin. Her body was soft like satin. However, she was vigorous like a leopard. She was attacking with her legs like lightning.

As for that male, he possessed a head full of dazzling golden hair. His explosive and terrifying power followed each and every kick as he firmly continued to kick at the woman.

"Xu Zong, although your attack power is a bit stronger than mine now. But it's still greatly insufficient to kill me. Do not force me to take you down with me." Shouted that woman. The two of them had fought each other for six entire hours now.

Xu Zong laughed. "Haha… Xiu Ya, although I had pursued you before and wanted you to become my wife, but you'd best not think that I'll be lenient toward you because of that. Immediately leave behind the 'Golden Core.' I'll spare you if you leave that behind."

"In your dreams!" Xiu Ya angrily rebuked. "Had I not fought against that Metal Beast and injured my right arm when trying to obtain the Golden Core, how would you possibly be able to injure me? This Golden Core is something that I had attained through fighting with my life, don't you dare dream about obtaining it!"

"You'd at the very least have to be able to survive if you want to use the Golden Core. Since you're so obstinately persistent in going about things the wrong way, then I shall help you with your death." That Xu Zong's entire body started to shine faintly with a golden radiance. His attack power had once again increased by a layer.

It was evident that this Xu Zong had already decided to kill her.

Xiu Ya's heart was filled with hatred. Had she not fought against that Metal Beast, ended up seriously injured and even had her right hand brokened, how would she be forced to such a circumstance? Yet, in order to her order, she needed time, a sufficient amount of time!

"Despicable!" Xiu Ya grew even more hateful of this sunshine like Xu Zong.

Xu Zong's hands and legs turned into a blur and came attacking at Xiu Ya with a rapid speed. Following a 'kacha' sound, Xiu Ya flew backwards. Her left arm had also been broken.

A malevolent smile appeared on Xu Zong's face.

"Bang!" A palm casually smashed onto Xu Zong's face. Xu Zong's head was twisted around. Immediately after, that palm caught Xu Zong's head and grabbed Xu Zong up by his head.

Devil Technique, Soul Searching!

"Dead." Xiu Ya looked to the scene in front of her with shock. She was able to sense that Xu Zong's soul had already scattered. His aura was also gone.

"It's one thing to try to rob another's possession, but bullying a woman makes you wrong. Especially wrong when you want to rob and kill a woman that you have once pursued. That makes you deserve to die even more." Qin Yu's voice sounded.

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