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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 8 – Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

After spending thirty six Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones, Qin Yu set up a Gold Attribute Conversion Array and sat within the formation array. The Elemental Spirit Energy, after passing through the Conversion Array, was changed into Gold Attribute Energy. Soon after, the energy was frantically absorbed by Qin Yu.


Never had there been anyone in the Dark Star Realm that dared to absorb Gold Attribute Energy so crazily like Qin Yu. Thirty six Top Quality Elemental Spirit Stones was so extravagant that likely even the main formation array of the Mulberry Receiving Village could not compare to it.

However, even though that was the case, there was still not enough Gold Attribute Energy for Qin Yu to absorb.

"The martial techniques of the Dark Star Realm are truly blessed by the world. To change the body fundamentally… it is no weaker than 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' martial technique." Qin Yu felt very relaxed.

His body had already transformed to a frightening level. And now when absorbing the Gold Attribute Energy, he was simply absorbing as much as possible.

The cultivators in the Dark Star Realm trained to precisely increase their body's level. That is, the amount of capacity they have toward Gold Attribute Energy. The larger their body's capacity, the more they'll be able to absorb.

However, what about Qin Yu?

His body had long since reached a frightening level. His body's capacity was frighteningly large. He could absorb as much as he liked.

"There's still not enough Gold Attribute Energy." As Qin Yu absorbed the energy, he did not sense any great change in his body. Thus, he started to ponder.


"I've forgotten that this is Jiang Lan's Realm!"

Qin Yu laughed at himself. He waved his hand and undone the Gold Attribution Conversion Array. At the same time, he disappeared from the private room. Setting up formation arrays in the Jiang Lan's Realm, would Qin Yu even need to use Elemental Spirit Stones?

In the Jiang Lan's Realm, he was omnipotent!

In Jiang Lan's Realm's space, Qin Yu was standing in the air.

"Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm, I could make the Conversion Array as big as I want it to be." Qin Yu pointed forward. A golden ray of light flew out from Qin Yu's finger. Casually, Qin Yu drew a formation array. After a while… a golden formation array with a circumference of over ten thousand miles was created.


With an intention, that enormous formation array with a circumference of over ten thousand miles started to revolve. It started absorbing a large amount of Elemental Spirit Energy and began converting it into Gold Attribute Energy.

"Decrease the conversion speed by half." With an intention, the conversion speed of the formation array immediately decreased by half.

Immediately after, Qin Yu sat inside the great formation array with his legs crossed. The Gold Attribute Energy that covered the entire sky started to rush into Qin Yu's body from all directions. It rushed into Qin Yu's muscles, bones, muscle fibers, and even the cells.

Qin Yu's entire body was being slowly transformed.

"Now that I've decreased its speed by half, its speed is the same as my absorption speed now." Qin Yu was very satisfied. "When comparing the two, the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body has some weak points. The Nine Steps Dark Gold Body focuses the most the bones and secondly the muscles. However, this Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique instead pay equal attention to the bones and muscles."

When comparing toughness, Qin Yu's bones were now comparable to that of a Mid Quality Divine Artifact. However, his muscles' toughness were likely only comparable to that of a Low Quality Divine Artifact. If he were to be attacked by a Mid Quality Divine Sword, then he would likely bleed. Yet, it would be unable to break through his bones.

After three entire days and nights.

With such a frantic amount of Gold Attribute Energy rushing into his body, Qin Yu's bones and muscles were changing unceasingly. After three days, Qin Yu's body had finally reached the limit that it could bear. If he were to continue to absorb… then his body would turn into metal.

With a whip of his hand, Qin Yu undid the ten thousand miles circumference great formation array.

"To me, the Gold Punishment Sect's primary, middle and advanced martial techniques are all the same." Qin Yu lightly smiled. He then took a step and disappeared into the air.

The difference between the primary, middle and advanced martial techniques was that they determine the speed at which one's body transformed. However, for Qin Yu… his body had already been trained to a successful level. Currently, he was merely going through a process… a process to transform his exterior.

Qin Yu's strength did not change much. However, he now possessed the Gold Punishment Sect's Golden Force flowing through his body.

Qin Yu directly arrived at Ye Qu's residence. At this moment, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were training. For the time being, Qin Yu did not wish to bother them.

"Ye Qu!" Qin Yu saw Ye Qu who was not far from him.

Ye Qu stopped his training and turned around to look at Qin Yu. Immediately, he opened his wide mouth and started laughing. "Qin Yu, how does it feel now that you've arrived on the Dark Star Realm?"

"Pretty good." Said Qin Yu while smiling. "However Ye Qu, I've just recently obtained a Gold Punishment Sect's training technique. It is only a primary level training technique. But, after I trained in it, I discovered that the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' appeared to be inferior to the Gold Punishment Sect's training technique."

"For real?" Ye Qu did not believe it one bit. "That's absolutely impossible."

With a wave of his hand, Qin Yu took out a jade slip. On the jade slip recorded the martial technique of the Gold Punishment Sect.

Ye Qu received the jade slip from Qin Yu and then inspected it. He carefully pondered for a moment and then said to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, I believe that the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique is inferior to my Dinosaur Clan's martial technique!"

"Why is that? When the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body reaches the ninth stage, one's bones will be comparable to High Quality Divine Artifacts. However, one's muscles will be a level weaker. However, when one reached the pinnacle of the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique, both one's bones and muscles would be comparable to a High Quality Divine Artifact. Which one's better and which one's worse is obvious." Said Qin Yu.

Ye Qu shook his head. "That's wrong. If two people, with the same aptitudes, were to train respectively the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body and the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique, the one who trained in the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body would certainly be stronger."

"Let me tell you, the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body, is a martial technique that one can train anywhere. However, what about that Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique? One can only train that after constructing a Conversion Array. This is the first reason. The second reason is that the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body does not require the use of Elemental Spirit Stones in setting up a formation array. However, the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique do. The amount of Element Spirit Stones that would be used would be a large expense. "

Ye Qu said confidently. "And the most important reason is… bones are naturally much tougher and stronger than muscles. The Nine Steps Dark Gold Body allows for those who are strong to become even stronger while simultaneously increasing the power of the muscles. However, what about the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique? When one first trains in it, it would not increase the the toughness of the bones. Instead, it increases the toughness of the muscles. It would wait till the two reach the same level before slowly increasing both of them together. For the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique to be like this… it would definitely be extremely difficult to reach the peak in the martial technique. That is because the bones are most definitely easier to reach High Quality Divine Artifact level hardness compared to the muscles!"

Qin Yu immediately started to laugh.

"Ye Qu, never had I expected that what you said would be pretty reasonable." During his training, Qin Yu had also sensed that it was much easier to increase the toughness of the bones compared to increasing the toughness of the muscles.

Muscles not only need to be hard, it was more important for them to be tough. In order to transform the entire body's muscles, it required an extremely careful and slow process. However, what about the bones? Although toughness was important, hardness was even more important.

"I can assure you that… when the Gold Punishment Sect's martial technique is trained to the later stage, it is completely impossible to reach the pinnacle where it could be compared with a High Quality Divine Artifact without outside help!" Said Ye Qu with absolute certainty.

Qin Yu was shocked. "How did you know that?"

The martial technique that he had given to Ye Qu did not state that. Qin Yu only knew about it from Xu Zong's memories.

Ye Qu said confidently. "That's because my Dinosaur Clan has tried multiple times to use energy at the same level as the Elemental Spirit Energy to train. The muscles would only be able to obtain the hardness of Mid Quality Divine Artifacts. Only the bones, due to the fact that they're superior to begin with, would be able to become comparable to High Quality Divine Artifact. I do not believe that… without using external help, the people in the Dark Star Realm would be able to make their muscles reach the High Quality Divine Artifact level."

Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "That's right. If one were to continue to train on a planet, one's muscles would at the very most reach Mid Quality Divine Artifact level. As for the method that the Dark Star Realm used to solve this difficult problem, it is… with the help of gravity!"

"Gravity?" Ye Qu grew confused. "How does that help you?"

"Dark Star!" Said Qin Yu.

Ye Qu's expression changed. "Impossible. Different Dark Stars possess different gravity. Some Dark Stars possess gravity so strong that even experts that have reached the ninth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body cannot withstand it. Upon setting foot on those stars, their entire body would be crushed to pieces. Even the soul cannot escape."

Qin Yu understood that the Dark Stars are, in his master Lei Wei's previous cosmos, the science and technology cosmos, the 'Neutron Stars,' 'White Dwarf' and other planets with frightening level of gravitational force.

Different Dark Stars possessed different level of gravity. Some of the frightening Dark Stars possessed attractive force approaching that of Black Holes. Even bodies that are as tough as High Quality Divine Artifacts would also collapse under the weight.

"I do not believe that the people from the Dark Star Realm are capable of finding Dark Stars that are most suited for them to train on where the gravitational force just happened to be their limits and not surpass their ability to bear the weight. How could there such a coincidence?" Said Ye Qu with certainty. "Back then, the seniors of my Dinosaur Clan had also once thought of using Dark Star's gravitational force to train. However, many of the seniors instead lost their lives when they step foot onto the Dark Stars with terrifying level of gravity. Since then, no one dared to enter a Dark Star without permission."

Qin Yu nodded.

It was indeed very difficult to tell how strong a Dark Star's gravity was. Some Dark Stars possess very weak gravity, that even ordinary Immortal Emperors would be able to bear. However, there are some that possess extremely strong and terrifying gravity. They're so strong that even Nascent Souls would be crushed by it.

"I also do not know how the seniors of the Dark Star Realm managed to find a Dark Star that suited their needs. However, what I do know is… they have the legendary 'Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars.' These eighteen Dark Stars are respectively suited for one starred Emperor level expert to eighteen stars Emperor level expert. Those who are able to persist for two entire hours on a Dark Star would be able to be rated with stars according to the Dark Star." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

Eighteen Emperor Level Dark Stars. Eighteen King Level Dark Stars.

The legendary Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars were something that practically everyone in the Dark Star Realm knew about. More than half of the experts in the entire Dark Star Realm were training on those Dark Stars.

As for how these thirty six planets that just so happened to be suited for King and Emperor level experts were discovered, Qin Yu had no idea. Qin Yu had the same thought as Ye Qu, this was practically impossible.

For example, in order to find a Dark Star suitable for an eighteen star Emperor level to train on, at the very least the person finding the Dark Star ought to be an eighteen star Emperor. That was the strongest one could be before ascending to the Divine Realm. For such an expert to go find Dark Stars, while it's one thing if he managed to find one, but if he were to find a Dark Star with a gravity stronger than what he could bear, then it would mean that he'll die instantly.

How many eighteen star Emperor level experts are there in the Dark Star Realm? It's likely hard for there to even be one. So how would they possibly be able to risk searching for Dark Stars?

"If they were to slowly draw closer to a Dark Star and withdraw when unable to bear the gravity and descend when they are able to; using this kind of method should be able to allow them to find a Dark Star." Suddenly, such an idea came to Qin Yu's mind.

However, merely after a moment, this idea was rejected by Qin Yu.

"I am truly foolish." Qin Yu laughed at himself.

If one were to do what Qin Yu suggested earlier, then while flying near the Dark Star Realm, what would be resisting the gravitational force of the would not be one's body but instead it'll be the energy within one's body. The stronger the body's energy was, the stronger the gravity it could resist.

Those who cultivate and train their body, their body was usually more powerful than the energy they have in their body.

For example, when training in the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' one would use the Nine Steps Force to resist the gravity when flying. However, the body's tolerance is usually stronger than the Nine Steps Force. By slowly approaching the selected Dark Star type planet, it would definitely be unable to reach the body's limit and would have no effect on training the body.

Outside the Mulberry Receiving Village of the Dark Star Realm.

A lot of the youths of the Mulberry Receiving Village were gathered together. In the middle of the group of youths were Xiu Ya who had trained for three days now. Xiu Ya had absorbed the golden liquid in the Golden Core and then the Gold Attribute Energy. And now, her strength had just reached the one star King level.

"Little Ya, congratulations. Starting from today, you would be ranked amongst the top five from your generation." Said a brown haired youngster while smiling.

The several tens of youths in the surrounding were all chatting and laughing. For there to be an outstanding talent in their village, of course all the villagers would be happy.

Suddenly, a blond girl spoke out. "A'Ya, exactly how strong is that Liu Xing? He appeared to be very outstanding. From the way I see it…. it's very possible that he's a fake expert."

"Don't talk gibberish, that Liu Xing has at the very least killed Xu Zong." A youth defended Liu Xing.

The blond haired girl humped. "That's hard to say. It's likely that Liu Xing killed Xu Zong with a sneak attack. That is not enough to show that he's powerful. A'Ya, say, is that Liu Xing very powerful?"

Xiu Ya wanted to speak.

However, she remembered what Qin Yu had asked her to do. He didn't want her to speak of his strength.

"Since A'Ya isn't even speaking, seems like that Liu Xing is really nothing great." That blond haired girl grew even more certain. "From the way I see it, that Liu Xing would at the very most be a one star King level expert. He's about the same level as the current A'Ya."

Xiu Ya said angrily. "I am much weaker than Lord Liu Xing. You all didn't know about this but.. three powerful King level Metal Beasts were about to kill me, but Lord Liu Xing killed all three of them in a blink of an eye."

"Blink of an eye?" Everyone was startled.

"Impossible!" Immediately, a couple young males and females all spoke out.

However, just when they were talking about that. The brown haired youngster from before suddenly frowned. "Stop making all this noise. There's a group of people coming toward our village from the south."

Immediately, this group of youths all grew quiet and looked to the south. A moment later, several hundred silhouettes had rapidly flown over from the sky. Afterwards, they descended outside of the Mulberry Receiving Village. They were led by three middle aged men.

"They're from the Golden Sun Village!" The brown haired youth frowned and immediately said with a clear voice. "This is the Mulberry Receiving Village, what might the Golden Sun Village come here for?"

Of the three middle aged men who lead the group, the one in the middle stepped forward and said. "I am the village chief of the Golden Sun Village. Not long ago, we encountered a herd of Metal Beasts and were forced to migrate our village. Only after we finished selecting our new village location did we discover that… your Mulberry Receiving Village is located less than a hundred miles from our new village location. Thus, we decided to come and greet you all from the Mulberry Receiving Village."

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 9 – Emperor Level Metal Beast

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

Being attacked by a large and powerful herd of Metal Beasts and then forced to migrate the village. This was a common occurrence in all the Gravity Gathered Planets of the Dark Star Realm.

"Jin Feng, if you want to greet our Mulberry Receiving Village, you only need to come by yourself. Why did you bring such a large group of people with you? There are several hundred people. Furthermore, all of them are King level experts. They should all be the third stage experts of your Golden Sun Village, right?"

Following the thick and strong voice, a robust man without any shirt on walked out. It was precisely Si Liu… the number two person of the Mulberry Receiving Village.

The village chief of the Golden Sun Village, Jin Feng, smiled lightly. "The reason why we came was first to greet you all and secondly to ask about a matter."

"What is it?" Si Liu frowned and said.

Jin Feng's expression turned cold. "This time, our Golden Sun Village split our people into multiple groups for the migration. Amongst a group of them were a bit over a hundred people… however, everyone in this group has died."

"Everyone of them died?" Si Liu's expression took a huge change. Even the group of youths including Xiu Ya were astonished.

It was truly rare for there to be so many people dead at once. That was because the Metal Beasts possess very low intelligence. It is practically impossible for them to kill over a hundred experts at once.

"After we searched, in that group of people, other than Xu Zong, we were unable to find even the corpses of the other people. Also, looking at the injuries that Xu Zong had that caused his death, he ought to have been killed by humans and not Metal Beasts." Jin Feng's voice was cold. "In the surrounding area, only your Mulberry Receiving Village is located near there. I want to know whether or not it's your people that killed Xu Zong and the over a hundred people that were migrating?"

The Golden Sun Village was antagonistic towards the Mulberry Receiving Village. They possess a hatred that has persisted for countless years. Adding on the corpse of Xu Zong, it was no wonder that Jin Feng would suspect the Mulberry Receiving Village.

"No, we haven't." Said Si Liu resolutely.

Jin Feng sneered. "Although there is hatred between our two villages, it's not at a level where you should kill over a hundred of our people at once."

At this moment, a silver haired old man walked out from the Mulberry Receiving Village. Beside him was precisely Qin Yu.

"Village chief." Si Liu, Xiu Ya and the rest of the Mulberry Receiving Villagers, all bowed. At this moment, all of the villagers of the Mulberry Receiving Village who had been training in their residences had also walked out. Over a thousand people had gathered here.

"Lord Liu Xing, allow me to take care of this matter first." This silver haired old man said to Qin Yu via voice transmission.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

It had been two days since Qin Yu came out from the Jiang Lan's Realm. These past two days, he had been together with the village chief of the Mulberry Receiving Village, Si Liu's father… Si Xu. Qin Yu slightly exposed a bit of his strength and Si Xu immediately began to welcome Qin Yu respectfully.

"Village chief Si Xu, could it be that you're also planning to deny that the over a hundred people of my Golden Sun Village were killed by your Mulberry Receiving Village?" Said the village chief of the Golden Sun Village, Jin Feng, coldly.

Si Xu's silver brows jumped. He lightly smiled and said. "I admit that Xu Zong was killed by our people. However, the other people were absolutely not killed by our people."

"Father." Si Liu looked to his own father with a frown. The matter would become very troublesome once they admitted that they had killed Xu Zong.

Jin Feng laughed out loud. "What a joke! Since you've admitted that Xu Zong was killed by your people, how could you not dare to admit that the remaining over a hundred people were also killed by your people? Si Xu, you ought to not be this sort of person."

Suddenly, a clear voice sounded.

"Village chief of the Golden Sun Village, Xu Zong was planning to plunder my Golden Core and kill me when I was seriously injured. Only then did he get killed. As for the other people, I have never seen them." Said Xiu Ya as she stared at Jin Feng.

"Little girl, do not interrupt when I haven't ask you." Jin Feng shot a cold glance at Xiu Ya. "Furthermore, don't you dare go and insult the honor of a descendant of my Golden Sun Village. The descendants of my Golden Sun Village would rather die than do that sort of thing."

Qin Yu who stood to the side merely lightly laughed in his heart. A man whose strength was merely around the level of a level nine Demon King actually dared to be this tyrannic.

"You are Jin Feng, right? That Xu Zong was killed by me. I can bear witness… the descent of your Golden Sun Village, Xu Zong, indeed tried to take advantage of another person's hard work and tried to kill Xiu Ya." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

"Who are…" Jin Feng was about to shout and berate Qin Yu. However, when his gaze landed on Qin Yu, his expression slightly changed. Immediately, his manner changed greatly. Courteously, he said. "May I know who Your Lordship might be…?"

Upon hearing these words, the youths that were still disputing with Xiu Ya regarding Qin Yu earlier were all shocked. This was especially true for that blond haired girl. Unable to believe it, she said to Xiu Ya who stood beside her in a low voice. "A'Ya, is that Liu Xing truly that powerful? Even the village chief of the Golden Sun Village has to address him as Lord?"

"Lord Liu Xing is truly very powerful." Said Xiu Ya with absolute certainty.

In the Dark Star Realm, people would usually address those who are stronger than them as 'Lord.' The people in the Dark Star Realm, when compared with the people from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, adored the strong even more. In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, those with amazing backgrounds might be able to be respected and revered. However, in the Dark Star Realm, even if it was the son of one of the Three Sovereigns, he should still be looked down upon if he were too weak.

"This is Lord Liu Xing." Said Si Xu. "Lord Liu Xing only recently arrived at my Mulberry Receiving Village. He had saved Xiu Ya enroute. Jin Feng, could it be that you do not believe in what Lord Liu Xing has said?"

Jin Feng was immediately distressed.

For one, he was unable to sense Qin Yu at all with his soul's strength. Thus, Qin Yu was at the very least at the same level of power as him. Secondly, Qin Yu was radiating an aura from his body. That kind of aura was something that only Emperor level experts possessed. Jin Feng had only sensed those kinds of auras before, when he met some Emperor level experts on the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars.

"Jin Feng definitely would not dare to doubt what Lord Liu Xing has said. It's just that, how else did the other hundred people die?" Jin Feng continued. "Furthermore, Xu Zong was amongst the same group as them. How was it possible that such a thing like what Lord Liu Xing said had happened?"

And at this moment, a middle aged man who stood beside Jin Feng raised his head and said. "Lord Liu Xing is extremely powerful and possesses majestic status. Your Lordship is someone that I should not doubt. It's just that Xu Zong is a descendent of my Golden Sun Village. At the very least, he ought to possess the dignity as a descendent of my Golden Sun Village. The action that Your Lordship spoke of, I am unable to believe that those are things that Xu Zong would do."

"One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. Do you all understand this principle?" Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

These people from the Golden Sun Village had indeed believed themselves to be infallible.

Qin Yu continued. "Furthermore, had it really been as you all had said and that the people of the Mulberry Receiving Village had indeed killed your people, then since they've already disposed of the traces of a hundred people, why would they leave the corpse of this Xu Zong behind?"

Jin Feng and the rest of them Golden Sun villagers were dumbstruck.

That's right. If over a hundred people's corpse had disappeared, why would the corpse of Xu Zong remain?

"Furthermore, at the moment when I had arrived on the Deep Mulberry Star, I had once used my Soul's Power to inspect the planet and discovered a large group of Metal Beasts surrounding over a hundred corpses. It's just that I did not pay much attention to it back then. If my guess was correct, those people ought to be from your Golden Sun Village." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

In the Dark Star Realm, the people referred to things like Immortal Awareness and Demon Awareness as Soul's Power as what is used to search was the Soul's Power anyways. Thus, Qin Yu naturally referred his Immortal Awareness as 'Soul's Power.'

The expression of the people from the Golden Sun Village changed.

Jin Feng said coldly. "Lord Liu Xing, you said that your Soul's Power managed to discover a large amount of Golden Beasts surrounding and attacking a group of over a hundred people? In that case, why didn't Your Lordship save my clansmen?"

"Save?" Qin Yu was startled.

He had never thought of saving!

This could not be blamed on Qin Yu. During the time when he wandered the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms, when he used his Immortal Awareness to search on a planet, he would frequently discover hundreds and thousands of people fighting on the planet. How could Qin Yu possibly save each and every one of them?

After a long time, Qin Yu had grown accustomed to it.

When he arrived on the Deep Mulberry Star and used his Immortal Awareness to inspect the planet, he had already discovered several tens of battles happening. Could it be that Qin Yu really must go and save the weak? Save all of the weak from the occurring battles?

If he were to save all of them from every single battle that occurred, then he would've long since collapsed during the moment when he was wandering the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realms.

"Who do you think me to be? Your Golden Sun Village's protector?" Said Qin Yu coldly. "When I wander the Dark Star Realm, how many battles do you think I discover on every planet I pass? Do you think that I am required to save the people from each and every battle?"

The group of people from the Golden Sun Village were all stunned.

Merely, in their heart, they were angry. After all… Qin Yu once had the opportunity to save their people.

"That village that's being constructed right now around a hundred miles from here ought to be your Golden Sun Village right?" Qin Yu suddenly said.

"Right." Jin Feng replied.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "Let me tell you all a thing. At this moment, there is a large herd of Metal Beasts. Their number is no less than a thousand. They are currently split into two groups, one from the front and one from behind, proceeding toward your village."

"Ah?" Jin Feng was startled. Immediately after, Jin Feng spread out his Soul's Power and then lightly smiled. "A total of a little over a thousand Metal Beasts, although they are a bit hard to take care of, killing all of them is still possible."

"Do not be too confident in yourself." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Qin Yu had already discovered that this herd of Metal Beasts was still not at a frightening size. However… the leader of this herd of Metal Beasts was one of the strongest Metal Beasts on the entire Deep Mulberry Star… an Emperor level Metal Beast!

Jin Feng instead had a completely confident appearance. "Lord Liu Xing, could it be that you don't know that the Metal Beasts are the targets that we people from the Dark Star Realm use to test ourselves? No matter what, it is impossible for them to extinguish our village. At the very least, the Elder would not ignore it."

"Oh?" Qin Yu said confused. "Targets to test yourselves?"

The village chief of the Mulberry Receiving Village, Si Xu, who stood to the side said to Qin Yu. "Lord Liu Xing, you might now know about this matter. This is what the Elder has told us. The reason why the Metal Beasts came to be, was for the purpose of helping our clansmen grow. However, all of the Metal Beasts are under the control of the Elder and will not endanger the safety of an entire village."

Qin Yu came to a realization.

Every 'Elder' of each Gravity Gathered Planet were there to protect the planet, while monitoring what happens on it. They are there to prevent major catastrophes such as an entire village being wiped out. After all, the population of the Dark Star Realm was small to begin with.

"But the strength of your Elder is inferior to that Emperor level Metal Beast!" Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

The Elder's Palace was located on top of a mountain peak of the Deep Mulberry Star. That Elder was indeed an Emperor level expert. However, when looking at his soul realm's level, he was merely comparable to that of a level two Demon Emperor. That Emperor level Metal Beast, on the other hand, possessed the strength of a level four Demon Emperor!

That Elder was simply unable to detect that Emperor level Metal Beast. Thus, how would he protect them?

"As I have said, it's best for you all to not be overly confident." Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

This time, Jin Feng spoke to the group of people surrounding him. "Let's return first. Although those thousand Metal Beasts or so cannot be considered catastrophic, if we do not return, then it'll be somewhat hard for the remaining villagers to take them on."

"Yes, village chief." Immediately after, those couple hundred people began to rapidly fly toward the direction of the Golden Sun Village.

"Si Xu, follow me, we shall have a look." Qin Yu suddenly said.

Qin Yu knew very well in his heart, that with merely the group of villagers from the Golden Sun Village, whose strongest individual only possessed the strength of a level nine Demon King, it was simply impossible for them to take on that Metal Beast with a strength comparable to a level four Demon Emperor.

"Okay. I shall have a look as to how this Golden Sun Village will deal with the Metal Beasts' attack." Said Si Xu as he nodded. Immediately after, Si Xu followed Qin Yu and proceeded toward the direction of the Golden Sun Village.

Si Liu said to the surrounding villagers of the Mulberry Receiving Village. "Everyone, return to your residences first. Currently, the herd of Metal Beasts is attacking the Golden Sun Village. It might be possible for them to spread over to us. Everyone must be on alert."

At this moment, Xiu Ya and the group of youths were discussing.

"A'Ya, how strong is that Lord Liu Xing? Earlier, I saw that our Village Chief and the Village Chief from the Golden Sun Village, were both very respectful toward him." That blond haired girl's eyes were shining. "Could he be an Emperor level expert?"

Xiu Ya did not speak. Instead, she was looking to the direction that Qin Yu left toward.

"Si Xu, let me ask you a question. Usually, the Metal Beasts possess very low intelligence. What might be the reason for that? Could it be that all of the Metal Beasts possess very low intelligence?" Qin Yu asked in confusion.

Si Xu smiled and said. "Had Your Lordship been training on uninhabited planets?"

"That's right." Qin Yu knew that his question was somewhat stupid.

Si Xu nodded and said. "No wonder Your Lordship isn't familiar with this. Metal Beasts are only born on the Origin Movement Planets. All of the Metal Beasts are very powerful. However, for some unknown reason, they all possess a very low intelligence. But… once a Metal Beast reaches Emperor level, it develops an intelligence comparable to ours."

"Emperor level?" Qin Yu understood everything now.

No wonder that herd of Metal Beasts cooperated so well when they charged into the Golden Sun Village. It all made sense now.

"However, Emperor level Metal Beasts are extremely rare. While there are a lot of Metal Beasts that have reached the peak of King level, the number of Metal Beasts that have reached the Emperor level, is so small, that it's frightening. Once they break through that gateway, they will be able to attain intelligence! Metal Beasts that do not possess intelligence are not scary at all. However, once they develop intelligence, even though the body of an Emperor level Metal Beast possesses merely twice the hardness when compared to a peak King level Metal Beast, the difference between their strength is ten times or greater!" Si Xu said solemnly. "Even on the Sacred Planet, there is an organization, the 'Enforcement Squadron,' specially created to search and kill some Emperor level Metal Beasts. The reason being, that an Emperor level Golden Beast could easily cause the entire population of an Origin Movement Star to die out. At the very least, in the past hundred million years, there were already five Origin Movement Stars that have been annihilated."

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Had it not been for my arrival, then the Deep Mulberry Star would have been the sixth."

Si Xu's expression changed. "What Your Lordship means is… there's an Emperor level Metal Beast here? Impossible! How did the Elder not manage to discover it?"

Qin Yu's gaze was cast toward the Golden Sun Village located not far away. "Elder? The Elder's strength is merely around four star Emperor level or so. However, that Emperor level Metal Beast is roughly at seven star Emperor level! How would your Elder be able to discover it?"

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