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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 57 – Three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Robin

In the deep, serene and complicated passageway of the Artifacts Palace, Qin Yu was walking behind Uncle Fu. They were walking deeper into the passageway at a steady pace. Qin Yu was inspecting the walls on the two sides of the passageway. His mind was also entirely free from worry. On the walls were relief carvings. Furthermore, the carvings were all of sceneries of nature. That sort of natural and flowing artistic sensation rushed toward Qin Yu.

"Uncle Fu, looking at these relief carvings, the person who carved these should be a great expert, right? Uncle Fu, do you know who created these relief carvings?" Asked Qin Yu. Qin Yu thought that as the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan possessed such a high position, it was unlikely for him to waste time and slowly carve those carvings.

"All these relief carvings were personally carved by my master back then." Uncle Fu's response had shocked Qin Yu.

"You said all these carvings were made by Senior Chehou?"

"That's right." Uncle Fu had an expression of yearning. "To hold the position of number one artifacts forging expert in the Divine Realm, the amount of knowledge one must accumulate is astounding. For example, you need to know how and where to collect ores and possess the ability to find treasures. One must also know how to set up formation arrays and barriers. Then there's the need for one to be able to delicately control flames. And then one must know how to carve and draw… in order to become an artifact forging expert, one must learn a lot of things."

"Furthermore, an artifact forging expert is usually also an alchemy expert. Merely, to concoct pills is a tier lower than to forge artifacts. The most important aspect of pill concoction is the pill furnace, the control over the flames and the understanding of all sorts of materials and the nature of medicines…  Of course, when comparing the concoction of pills to the forging and refinement of artifacts, pill concoction is still much easier." Said Uncle Fu with a smile.

[ED(Robin): Please note that "refine", means to improve something, or make it purer, not create! Which is also the only way "refine" is going to be used in the future 🙂 ]

Qin Yu was carefully listening.

Qin Yu had already decided to become an artifact forging expert at Chehou Yuan's level or even better.

"There are that many requirements in order to successfully create an artifact?" Though Qin Yu with amazement.

Uncle Fu lightly smiled and said. "Of course, in order to become an artifact forging expert, one has to become quite knowledgeable. Among all the different requirements, the hardest one, the most important one and the most fundamental one is… the comprehension of formation arrays and barriers."

"Qin Yu, you ought to know that any single great master of artifact creation is a great master of formation arrays!" Said Uncle Fu with certainty. "They are required to set up a powerful formation array and place it on the artifacts at the moment the artifacts are formed. Furthermore, the formation array must not have even the slightest restrictive effect on the artifact. It must allow the artifact to display its strongest might… in short, creating artifacts is extremely complicated."

Qin Yu instead smiled.

"creating artifacts is complicated? Doesn't this mean that the more complicated the process of creating artifacts is, the fewer artifact refinement experts there are in the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu started to grow excited. The fewer artifact refinement experts there were, the higher his status would be when he becomes one.

And at this moment, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu had just arrived at a relatively spacious and empty main hall.

The main hall was extremely elegant. In the four corners of this main hall were four different passageways. Qin Yu and Uncle Fu had walked in from one of the passageway.

"These three passageways signifies three different levels of treasures. The first passageway contains the most rooms. However, the things within it are also the most ordinary." Uncle Fu pointed to a passageway on an opposite corner to them.

Qin Yu slightly nodded. His gaze immediately shifted towards the other two passageways.

"As for the second passageway, it could be considered as the place where the comparatively precious things were placed in. There are also a lot of rooms in there. Come with me!" As Uncle Fu said that, he stepped into the second passageway.

Qin Yu wanted to inspect his surrounding with his Divine Awareness. However, in here, his Divine Awareness was unable to permeate far away.

After stepping into the second passageway, Qin Yu glanced over and saw several rooms.

"Uncle Fu, what sort of things are in these rooms?" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "Mostly Heavenly Divine Artifacts and some precious materials are placed in the rooms of the second passageway. Of course, there are also some exotic and valuable items for collections and so on."

"Come, let's enter this room first." Said Uncle Fu as he opened the first room.

Qin Yu followed Uncle Fu and entered into the first room. Once he entered the room, the scenery before him instantly changed dramatically. That room turned into an enormous courtyard several hundred of meters large.

The ground on this courtyard was filled with slate. At the same time, numerous stone display desks were placed around the courtyard. Each of the stone display desks were half a man's height and had a weapon placed on top of it.

From a glance, one could see several tens of stone display desks in this courtyard. On each of the stone display desks was a Heavenly Divine Artifact.

"Sixty-eight Heavenly Divine Artifacts, that many?" Qin Yu's eyes started shining. He was carefully looking at each and every one of the Heavenly Divine Artifact placed on top of the numerous stone display desks. Some of the Heavenly Divine Artifacts were large battle knives. Some were long and narrow battle knives. Some were machetes. Some were long swords. Some were daggers. Some were flexible swords. Some were nine sectioned whips…

All kinds of Heavenly Divine Artifacts were placed before him. This was a scene that brought about a burst of shock.

"Qin Yu, these sixty-eight Heavenly Divine Artifacts are all items that my master personally created when he was bored. Among them, there are forty-two Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts, twenty-two Mid Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts and four High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts for a total of sixty-eight."

Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu with a confused expression. "Uncle Fu, how come there are so few High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts?"

"Qin Yu, you're being too greedy." Said Uncle Fu as he laughed. "Qin Yu, you need to understand that even the most skillful housewife cannot cook without rice. In order to create a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, it requires extremely precious materials. You must know that generally, High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts are comparable to Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, although it's only second and third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!"

Qin Yu understood it now.

The Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were so exceptional because they possessed Grandmist Spiritual Energy. However, High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts did not possess Grandmist Spiritual Energy. To attain such might, without possessing Grandmist Spiritual Energy, meant that the materials used to create them needed to be extremely precious.

"In order to create a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact, extremely precious materials are needed. My master does not have much influence and power in the Divine Realm. While he was able to gather ordinary materials by himself, in order to obtain precious materials, one needed to possess a great amount of power and influence or be extremely lucky. My master only obtained some precious materials through receiving them as payments when he helped others refine or create artifacts."

Uncle Fu sighed and said. "My master moved about unhindered in the Divine Realm for so many years; every time when he would refine and create artifacts for others, his price was always extremely high. Only with that method did he manage to gather a large number of precious materials and create a large number of Heavenly Divine Artifacts and Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!"

"In regards to the number of Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, my master possessed enough to compete with a single power of influence in the Divine Realm." Uncle Fu seemed to be very proud.

Back then, the 'Craftsman God' Chehou Yuan possessed an extremely high status in the Divine Realm. That was because he did not belong to any party and was number one in the ability to create artifacts. Thus, none of the powers in the Divine Realm dared to offend him.

That was also the reason why Chehou Yuan was able to still exist safely even though he possessed all those treasures.

"Unfortunately, my master gave everything up in order to create an Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure. All of the most precious and peculiar materials, as well as many of the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, were melted down by him to obtain their Grandmist Spiritual Energy. The amount of riches within the Bewitching God Temple is now less than half of what it was before." Explained Uncle Fu to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded and said: "I understand."

Qin Yu completely understood everything now.

Merely from the words left behind by Chehou Yuan, Qin Yu was able to sense the longing that he had for the legendary 'Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure.' For Chehou Yuan to actually leave behind all these items for him, he was already extremely generous.

"Uncle Fu, bring me to the other rooms." Qin Yu turned around and followed Uncle Fu out of this room.

Of the Artifacts Palace's Three Great Corridor Passageways, Qin Yu followed Uncle Fu and checked out several rooms of the second corridor passageway. The items in this second corridor was truly incomparably precious. Any random one among them could become an Inherited Treasure in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

"These precious materials, when will I be able to possess enough strength to use them to create Heavenly Divine Artifacts?" Qin Yu sighed. He then followed Uncle Fu and left the final room in the second corridor passageway.

Qin Yu was able to tell that those precious materials would not melt even if they were burned by the Black Divine Flames.

After walking out of the second corridor passageway, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu had returned to the main hall.

"There are only two rooms in the third corridor passageway." Uncle Fu pointed to the most important passageway. The walls on this corridor passageway were completely black. The carvings on the wall were mainly black and red.

Upon entering into the third passageway, Qin Yu was shocked to see a dragon head! The scarlet red eyes of the dragon's head were fixed on him.

"Huff!" Qin Yu felt that his heart had violently jumped. He only now discovered that it was an enormous carving. The entire corridor passageway was a complete carving of a dragon. That dragon carving was giving off a natural domineering aura.

Qin Yu gasped in admiration in his heart. "Senior's Chehou Yuan's carving ability had indeed reached a heaven startling level. As the number one artifact craftsman in the entire Divine Realm, he is indeed not simple."

There were only two rooms in this black corridor. One was on the right and the other on the left.

"In this room, there are three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. They are the treasures that my master has left for you." Uncle Fu pointed to the room on the right.

Confused, Qin Yu pointed to the room to the left and said. "What is in this room?"

"The things in the left room are the most precious. Don't worry, let's check out the room on the right first and then come back to check the room on the left." Uncle Fu smiled as he pushed open the door to the right room.

"Most precious?" Qin Yu felt puzzled. "It's even more precious than three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? What might it be?"

"Qin Yu, quickly, come in." Shouted Uncle Fu as he stood by the doorway of the room to the right.

Qin Yu decided to temporarily not think about the thing that was inside the room to the left. He followed Uncle Fu and stepped into the room to the right. This room to the right had three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures in it.

Right after he entered into the room, the scene before him instantly changed again.

"Huahua~~~~" [This is supposed to be moving water sound.]

Before Qin Yu was even able to clearly see the scene before him, he could already hear the sound of the rushing stream. Qin Yu looked to the location where the sound was originated from. It was actually an unceasingly flowing river. A little boat was even floating on the river.

Qin Yu carefully looked to his surroundings.

The layout of this room was a ravine. There was a single river. Floating on the river was a boat. On the shore beside the river was a stone house. Beside the stone house was a tall gray stone pagoda.

"Uncle Fu, where are the three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Confused, Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu shook his head and smiled. "Haha, the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures possess intelligence. If they don't wish for you to discover them, then even if they were right in front of you, you still wouldn't be able to discover them. Look carefully… you ought to be able to see two Grandmist Spiritual Treasures now. They are right in front of you."

"In front of me?"

Confused, Qin Yu started to carefully pay attention and look at the various things before him. That floating little boat, the flowing river, the stone house, the stone pagoda, as well as the stones, flowers, plants and so on.

"That little boat is odd." Qin Yu suddenly stared at that little boat.

The river was flowing unceasingly. The little boat was floating on the river, swaying back and forth unceasingly. However, regardless of how much it swayed, it still remained in the same location. It did not follow the river stream at all.

"That's right, that boat is one of the three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. This boat is called Divine Boat Craft Flying Yamen. It is a flying Spiritual Treasure. In the Divine Realm, it is also an extremely precious Grandmist Spiritual Treasure of the support type." Said Uncle Fu with a smile. "Look again, see if you can find any other things that might be a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure."

[TL: The Yamen(Yuan) is the same Yuan as the Yuan from Chehou Yuan. Guess he named the boat after himself. Yuan means Yamen, a magistrate/officer’s residence in ancient china or axel. Flying axel just sounds weird…]

Qin Yu smiled helplessly. "I'm not certain. I think it must be either that stone house or that stone pagoda."

Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu in shock. He nodded and said with a smile. "That's right. That stone pagoda is another Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. It is also an extremely precious support type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure…. God Sealing Pagoda!"

"God Sealing Pagoda?" Qin Yu looked at the gray colored ordinary stone pagoda in shock. Never had he expected for this stone pagoda to possess such a dreadful name.

"As for the third Grandmist Spiritual Treasure, it is located within that stone house. It is the only attack type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure among the three." Uncle Fu smiled and he walked toward that stone house. Qin Yu immediately followed suit.

The stone house was not large. After stepping into it, a single praying mat was located in the center of the house.

Behind the praying mat and located next to the wall was a long display desk. A disk was placed on top of the long display desk. On top of the disk was a pair of almost transparent gloves!

Qin Yu looked to this pair of gloves in shock. If it weren't for him paying close attention, he might easily have missed seeing it.

"This pair of gloves is the only attack type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure among the three. Its name is 'Snowthread Gloves.'" Uncle Fu said while smiling. "These three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were especially left behind by my master for you. With these three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, as long as you reach the Heavenly Deity stage, you'll be able to move about unhindered in the Divine Realm."

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

Qin Yu was not certain about exactly what advantages these three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures would provide. He must first bind them in order to find out. However, binding Grandmist Spiritual Treasures was no simple task.

"Binding these Grandmist Spiritual Treasures will require time and energy. There's no need for me to worry about them for now. I shall go and and see the other room first." Qin Yu nodded and then said to Uncle Fu. "Uncle Fu, let's go and check out the other room."

Even now, Qin Yu was still thinking about the other room. After all, the things in the room to the left were even more precious than those in the room to the right.

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