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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 58 – 'Array Path,' Nine Hundred Scrolls

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Robin and Kulops

Uncle Fu nodded and smiled. "There's no need to worry about it for now. Although the thing in the other room is important, these three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are Spiritual Treasures that you must have when you walk about the Divine Realm in the future."

"Uncle Fu, please explain." Qin Yu immediately detected that there was something he must know.

"The Divine Craft 'Flying Yamen' and the God Sealing Pagoda are both support type Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, if you have the time, then it's best for you to first bind the Divine Craft Flying Yamen, then the God Sealing Pagoda and finally the Snowthread Gloves." Recommended Uncle Fu.

Confused, Qin Yu asked. "Uncle Fu, why is it that you suggest I bind the attack type Grandmist Spiritual Treasure last?"

From Qin Yu's point of View, he felt that increasing his strength would be the most important after arriving in the Divine Realm and so he should bind the Snowthread Gloves as early as possible.

Uncle Fu smiled and said as he shook his head. "You already possess the Divine Spear Waning Snow. Your attack power is already very strong. Furthermore, a High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact is a lot easier to bind compared to a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Thus, you do not have to hasten yourself in binding the Snowthread Gloves."

"That I agree. The Heavenly Divine Artifacts are indeed easier to bind than Grandmist Spiritual Treasures." Qin Yu nodded and said while smiling.

One could easily bind a Heavenly Divine Artifact the moment one's soul reaches the Golden Soul Pellet stage. Furthermore, if one were to compare might, then High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts were comparable to the second or third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures.

Of course, even High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifacts have those that are inferior and superior to each other.

"These three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures shall be left here for the time being. You can bind them when you have time in the future. These Grandmist Spiritual Treasures can only display their strongest might after being bound completely." Said Uncle Fu. "Come, follow me, let's go to the other room."

Qin Yu immediately nodded. He followed Uncle Fu and left this room with the three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures and entered into the other room.

Once they entered the room.

The scenery in the surrounding took a huge change again. Qin Yu was carefully surveying his surroundings.

This was a misty and boundless starry space. Numerous bright stars were radiating fascinating and brilliant starlights from afar. As for the location where Qin Yu stood, it was the outer space.

Before Qin Yu, at a distance not far from him, was a house floating in the starry space. Numerous golden scrolls were floating surrounding this house. There were over several thousand golden scrolls. These several thousand golden scrolls were floating around the house just like that.

"What is going on here?" Confused, Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu beside him.

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "Qin Yu, while this place appears to be a starry space, but the actual space here is not large at all. Regardless of whether from the front to the back, left to the right or top to the bottom, they are all only about a mile in distance. It is impossible for you to walk past the one mile distance."

"Uncle Fu, you mean that… those stars are all just illusions?" Qin Yu instantly understood.

"That's right, they're illusions." Uncle Fu smiled. "Although my master's strength was very powerful, he had still not reached the level to create a large space. The most he could do is create a small scale space."

Uncle Fu pointed to that stone house floating in the middle. "Inside that stone house is the core of the entire Bewitching God Temple, the Refining Flame Wristband created from the nine Purple Origin Flame Beads."

"Refining Flame Wristband?" Qin Yu unable to refrain his excitement. This Refining Flame Wristband was the core that controlled the entire Bewitching God Temple.

"The Purple Origin Flame Beads are by themselves third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures. My master had merged the nine Purple Origin Flame Beads into one and created the Refining Flame Wristband. With the Refining Flame Wristband, your ability to use Flames would increase. As for the Refining Flame Wristband itself, it is a second-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. However, for the artifact refining experts, it is comparable to first-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasures." Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu while smiling.

Qin Yu immediately managed to guess it.

To artifact refining experts, the ability to control Flames was extremely important. Not only must they control the heat of the Flames, they must also control the level of the Flames. And this Refining Flame Wristband was created through nine Purple Origin Flame Beads. Thus, it was surely a fire-attribute Spiritual Treasure and the assistance it would provide in artifact refinement and creation was self evident.

"Qin Yu, the most important thing that you must do right now is… to immediately bind this 'Refining Flame Wristband.'" Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. His gaze was cast toward that floating house.

Once he has bound the 'Refining Flame Wristband,' it means that he would be able to control the entire Bewitching God Temple. Qin Yu immediately stepped forward onto the empty space and proceed to walk toward the floating house. However, after merely walking a couple steps, Qin Yu's gaze was cast toward those golden scrolls.

"What are those scrolls?" Asked Qin Yu in confusion.

Uncle Fu explained while smiling. "Those scrolls are scrolls that contain martial techniques, secrets or all sorts of other different kinds of knowledges. That are comparable to the jade slips of your Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Merely, the amount of information that these scrolls can contain within them is a lot more than those jade slips."

Qin Yu was surprised.

Qin Yu was very familiar with the amount of information that a jade slip could contain. That amount could be considered as being astonishingly large…. even his own master, Lei Wei's science and technology cosmos's so-called storage drive would not even be able to control a ten thousandth of the amount of information that a jade slip could contain.

Those golden scrolls, their capacity was actually much larger than even the jade slips. They were truly deserving to be the things used to store information in the Divine Realm.

"Qin Yu, the reason why I said the things in this room are more precious than the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures in the room to the right was primarily because of these scrolls." Said Uncle Fu with a serious expression.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

Qin Yu had originally thought that it was because of the Refining Flame Wristband that Uncle Fu said the things in this room was more precious than the things in the previous room. Never had he expected that it was actually these scrolls.

"These several thousand scrolls are priceless. They describe numerous medicinal herbs, peculiar demon beasts of the Divine Realm and the numerous dangerous places in the Divine Realm… and so on. Essentially, they contain information on numerous things. In order to become a master artifact craftsman with a majestic status, one must know all of the information in those scrolls!" Said Uncle Fu as he pointed to those floating scrolls.

Qin Yu looked to those golden scrolls with blazing gaze.

"Those golden scrolls are the recordings of all my master's knowledge. Of course, a lot of the things are indescribable with words. For those things, you can only go and comprehend them yourself." Said Uncle Fu with a smile. "However, the path of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The most important thing for you right now is to grasp the single skill that is the most fundamental and the most important to artifact refining experts… Formation Arrays!"

"Formation Arrays? Which scroll is that?" Qin Yu asked.

Qin Yu was already determined to study and learn it.

"Which scroll?" Uncle Fu was slightly shocked.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "That's right, what's wrong, Uncle Fu? Could it be that you're telling me that a single Golden Scroll was not enough to record all the comprehension and knowledge that Senior Chehou have toward the Formation Arrays?" Joked Qin Yu.

"Of course. My master had left behind the 'Array Path' which is composed of nine hundred scrolls. You must completely comprehend these nine hundred scrolls in order to take the first step toward the road to becoming an expert of the formation arrays!" Uncle Fu said as he nodded.

Qin Yu felt a burst of pressure. "Uncle Fu, please don't tell me that these nine hundred scrolls, each and every one of them are full?!"

Qin Yu was already very clear with the capacity of jade slips. In all these years, he had never once seen a jade slip that was completely full with information. As for the Golden Scrolls that possessed even more capacity than the jade slips, Qin Yu felt dreadful just imagining how much information a single Golden Scroll would be able to contain.

Even though a Divine Realm expert's Divine Awareness possessed an extremely calculating speed, to completely read over an entire Golden Scroll's information, it was still very frightening.

"These nine hundred scrolls, not every one of them are full." Said Uncle Fu with a smile. Qin Yu immediately had a sigh of relief. Uncle Fu continued. "Of these nine hundred scrolls, the first eight hundred ninety-nine scrolls are completely full. As for the final scroll, it is only half full."

Qin Yu was dumbstruck for a moment.

"Uncle Fu, how long would it take for me to finish reading all these nine hundred scrolls?" Qin Yu asked sorrowfully. Even now, Qin Yu was still not certain about the capacity of the Golden Scrolls from the Divine Realm. While it possessed a bigger capacity than the jade slips, but how much bigger?

Uncle Fu smiled and said. "I am not certain myself. But I estimate that…. if you don't stop to eat or rest, then it would take you at least several hundred years in order to finish reading all nine hundred scrolls. Once you finished reading them, it meant that you'll have taken the first step toward the first level of the 'Array Path!'"

"It'll require several hundred years to finish reading the nine hundred scrolls? And that's only the first step toward comprehending the first level?" Although Qin Yu was prepared to meet the difficulties in becoming an expert artifacts craftsman, but merely comprehending the formation array technique had already shocked him.

"You misheard. I said… after finished the nine hundred scrolls, you'll be able to take the first step and be qualified to advance toward the first level of the 'Array Path.' At that time, you are not anywhere close to comprehending the first level." Said Uncle Fu with a light smile.

Qin Yu felt a burst of pressure.

In order to become the number one artifacts craftsman in the entire Divine Realm, it was extremely extremely difficult.

"Uncle Fu, how long would it take to comprehend the first level of 'Array Path?'" Qin Yu asked.

Uncle Fu lightly smiled and said. "If you're fast, then you'll be able to accomplish that in several tens of thousands of years. If you're slow… then even in several billions of years you're still not at the first level yet."

"Several tens of thousand of years?" Qin Yu nodded in his heart. If others could accomplish that, then he would definitely be able to accomplish that even better.

Uncle Fu continued. "Qin Yu, the comprehension of the 'Array Path' is different from the comprehension of ordinary martial techniques. It is not something that is better the faster you managed to comprehend it. On the contrary… those with better aptitude, the longer they linger in the comprehension of the first layer, the better it is."

"My master had used over a hundred million years in order to comprehend the first level of the 'Array Path.' He then spent over ten millions of years in order to comprehend the second level of the 'Array Path.'" Said Uncle Fu slowly.

"However, later on, my master decided to discard all of the comprehensions he attained in the past and study the 'Array Path' from scratch again. This time, it took him over a billion years to comprehend the first level of the 'Array Path.' However, it took him merely two hours to comprehend the second level of the 'Array Path!'"

Qin Yu was shocked. He was unable to refrain his eyes from showing a shocked expression.

This Chehou Yuan had a great perserverance. At the start, he merely spent a million years to comprehend the first level of the 'Array Path' and ten million years to reach the second level of the 'Array Path.'

However, he actually dared to abandon all that he had comprehended to study the Array Path from the beginning again. It then took him over a billion years in order to better comprehend the first level of the Array Path. And then, it took him only two hours to comprehend the second level of the Array Path.

A million years. Ten million years.

A billion years. Two hours.

"What's going on? What exactly is going on?" Qin Yu felt that an enormous mystery was contained within it.

Uncle Fu lightly smiled and said. "The 'Array Path' is a test of one's talent and patience. My master possessed exceptional heaven bestowed talents, great perseverance and great knowledge. Only through all of that did he managed to comprehend the third level of the 'Array Path.' This had also allowed my master to become the number one artifact craftsman of the Divine Realm!"

"Had it not been for the second re-comprehension, it was simply impossible for my master to manage to comprehend the 'Array Path's' second level." Said Uncle Fu indifferently.

"What's going on? Didn't Senior Chehou already manage to comprehend the first level? Why did he start comprehending from scratch again?" Qin Yu felt that his mind had turned somewhat chaotic.

Uncle Fu shook his head and said. "That was because the first level that everyone comprehends is different."

"The different first level that one comprehends would determine the future that one would have in the 'Array Path.' Qin Yu, what I am about to tell you is also what my master told me to inform his successor before he left. For the first level of the 'Array Path,' you must reach the most perfect comprehension. That's right, the most perfect comprehension… You must try your best to penetrate deeper into it."

Qin Yu felt a bit pained.

Undoubtedly, that Chehou Yuan possessed a very high talent. However, he still spent a billion years in order to comprehend the first level of the 'Array Path.' How long would Qin Yu have to take? Does he have that sufficient amount of time?

"Uncle Fu, I shall first refine and bind the Refining Flame Wristband. Regarding the comprehension of this 'Array Path,' I'll figure that out after I ascend to the Divine Realm. The time that I have in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is already insufficient." As Qin Yu said that, he stepped into the stone house.

In about a hundred and eight years, Qin Yu would be undergoing the Divine Tribulation and then ascending to the Divine Realm.

And in these a hundred and eight years, there are still a lot of things Qin Yu must do. He simply did not have any time to comprehend the 'Array Path.' With a time of only a hundred and eight years, he cannot even finish reading the 'Array Path' at all.

Inside this floating house radiates a red light that brings about a warming sensation. The source of the red light is wristband formed by the nine scarlet almost sparkling and translucent beads.

Qin Yu stared at the wristband.

Refining Flame Wristband!

Qin Yu was absolutely certain. And at this moment, Uncle Fu walked in. He said. "Qin Yu, it is a bit difficult to refine and bind that Refining Flame Wristband. It is mostly determined by your body's True Flame and soul's level. Firstly, you are to drip a drop of blood on it. According to the set up my master had placed on this wristband when he made it, it should be very easy for you to drip a drop of blood to become its owner and then take it within your body."

Qin Yu nodded,

He extended his finger. A drop of blood dripped down from his fingertip and landed on the Refining Flame Wristband. The Refining Flame Wristband immediately started to give off a sizzling sound. At the same time, a burst of white mist appeared.

"It's done." Qin Yu was able to clearly sense a soul connection.

With an intention, that Refining Flame Wristband was directly absorbed into Qin Yu's body. Almost simultaneously, Qin Yu sat down on the ground in a cross-legged position. He had already started to refine and bind the Refining Flame Wristband.

As Qin Yu does not have a lot of time before his ascension, he didn't wish to spend a lot of time on refining this wristband. He wished to leave some time to spend with his family.

"Truly a great effort." Seeing Qin Yu starting the refinement and binding process right away, Uncle Fu started to smile and nod. "With your soul's level and the fact that my master had lowered the refinement demand when he created this 'Refining Flame Wristband,' I estimate that you'll be able to successfully refine and bind it within a couple thousand years."

Couple thousand years?

Qin Yu would have to undergo his Divine Tribulation in a hundred and eight years. Unfortunately, the current Qin Yu was completely focused on refining the Refining Flame Wristband and didn't hear what Uncle Fu said at all. Otherwise, he'd choke and die.

"My master is truly amazing. Originally, the Innate Grandmist Spiritual Treasures would all require several hundred thousand years to refine. As for some of the more powerful Grandmist Spiritual Treasures, the amount of time it required to refine them was even more astonishing. If the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures were to resist, then one would likely be unable to refine them regardless of how long one spent on refining them. Fortunately, the Refining Flame Wristband was personally created by my master. Only because of that did Qin Yu manage to attain a small advantage and would be able to refine it in merely several thousand years." Gasped Uncle Fu in admiration.

Evidently, Uncle Fu believed that refining and Grandmist Spiritual Treasure in several thousand years was extremely fast.

After that, Uncle Fu sat to the side. With a flip of his hand, he took out a pot of tea. Unhurried, he started drinking the tea. As for Qin Yu, he continued to sit there cross-legged and wholeheartedly refine the 'Refining Flame Wristband.'

Time passed… year after year….

Inside Qin Yu's dantian's space.

That Refining Flame Wristband was floating within Qin Yu's dantian's space. Numerous black flames were unceasingly pouring into the Refining Flame Wristband. At the same time, Qin Yu was unceasingly pouring his soul force into it.

"What's going on? Why is the refinement of this Refining Flame Wristband so slow?" Qin Yu had already dripped his blood on it and became its master. He was able to tell that the Refining Flame Wristband was still very far away from being completely refined.

According to what Uncle Fu said, the speed of the Refining Flame Wristband's refinement was determined by his body's True Flame and his soul's level. Furthermore, after becoming its master, Qin Yu also knew that… if he wanted to increase the speed of the Refining Flame Wristband's refinement, he could only do that via increasing his soul's level or increasing the level of his body's True Flame.

"Like this, when would I be able to finish it?" Qin Yu grew anxious. "If I place this 'Refining Flame Wristband' directly into my 'Stellar Space' where my body's True Flames are originated from, I reckon its refinement speed would be faster."

With an intention, the Refining Flame Wristband was directly sent into the 'Black Hole.' Following the Black Hole Channel, it reached the Stellar Space.

The current Stellar Space was already extremely vast. Qin Yu's Awareness was surveying the Stellar Space.

That boundless cosmic space-like 'flour paste space' outside of the Stellar Space was the same as before. The thick flour paste was still flowing unceasingly. At the same time, traces of the thick flour paste energy were influxing into the Stellar Space.

"There's still a bit from reaching the Late Stage Origin Stage." Qin Yu looked to that dark black colored sphere. That dark black colored sphere was flickering with traces of gold light. According to Qin Yu's estimate, if he were to completely reach the Late Stage Origin Stage, then there would likely not be a single trace of gold light from that dark black colored sphere.

The Stellar Space was unceasingly absorbing the 'flour paste energy.'

"It still has to absorb for a little bit longer." Qin Yu sighed. His attention then shifted toward that Refining Flame Wristband.

The Refining Flame Wristband was flying toward the origin of the 'Black Divine Flame.'

However, right at that moment…

"What's going on?" Qin Yu looked to a scene before him in shock. A trace of flour paste energy had actually drifted to the Refining Flame Wristband. The Refining Flame Wristband immediately started to tremble. It then started to absorb the flour paste energy with 'great difficulty.'

This trace of flour paste energy was extremely small. The core of Qin Yu's Stellar Space, that dark golden sphere would absorb a huge volume of flour paste energy in an instant.

However, the Refining Flame Wristband took an entire month's time and was unable to even absorb a tenth of the flour paste energy that had landed on it.

However, with merely absorbing a tenth of the trace of flour paste energy, Qin Yu was able to sense that…. the refinement of the Refining Flame Wristband had instantly increased a tenth!

"Heavens!" Qin Yu was shocked.

At the same time, he was capering madly with joy. A single month had already increased the refinement by a tenth. Adding on the two tenth that he had already refined… the entire Refining Flame Wristband would be refined in another seven months.

However, in the coming days, Qin Yu discovered that… the speed at which the Refining Flame Wristband absorbs the flour paste energy grew slower and slower.

Originally, it had absorbed one tenth of a trace of flour paste energy in a month. Later on, it took it two entire months to absorb a tenth of the same trace of flour paste energy.

Ten entire years!

After ten years, the Refining Flames Wristband had finally finished its refinement. And at this moment, that trace of flour paste energy, a small amount of it was still not absorbed. However, the Refining Flame Wristband was unable to absorb it anymore. It was as if the Refining Flame Wristband was already full.

As for the remaining bit of flour paste energy, it followed the millions upon millions of other traces of flour paste energy into the core of the Stellar Space, the Origin. The Origin continued to absorb those flour paste energy with a frightening speed every instant.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 59 – Return

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Inside that floating stone house where several thousands of golden scrolls floated around it, Uncle Fu was seated at the side. He had a golden scroll in his hand. His eyes were slightly closed. That golden scroll in his hand was unceasingly radiating a golden light.

As for Qin Yu who was sitting cross-legged on top of the praying mat, his eyes suddenly opened. As if he had sensed Qin Yu opening his eyes, Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, you? Why aren't you continuing with the refinement of the Refining Flame Wristband?" Asked Uncle Fu with a puzzled expression. "Qin Yu, it's only been over a dozen years. It's still very early. The Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are already very hard to refine. If you're able to finish refining it within several thousand years, then you're already doing very well."

Qin Yu smiled and looked to Uncle Fu. "Uncle Fu, you said something about several thousand years? I'm confused as to what you meant by that. I have already finished refining the Refining Flame Wristband."

Uncle Fu was shocked.

"You said that you've succeeded in refining the Refining Flame Wristband?" Uncle Fu was filled with amazement.

"That's right." Said Qin Yu with a smile. "Why? Could it be that you don't believe me?" With an intention of Qin Yu's mind, the illusions in the outside of the house started to change.

The scene that was originally that of the cosmic outer space had turned into a scene with a little bridge, rivers and meadows. The originally floating house was now located on top of the meadows. As for the several thousand scrolls, they have been gathered together neatly to one corner of the house.

Seeing this scene, Uncle Fu said with a shocked expression. "Qin Yu, you…. no, Master!" Uncle Fu bowed respectfully. "From today on, you're the master of the Bewitching God Temple and also my master."

"Uncle Fu, there is no need. Just address me as Qin Yu." Said Qin Yu nonchalantly.

Uncle Fu firmly shook his head and said. "When the old master left, he had commanded me that once the successor managed to control the Bewitching God Temple, he shall become my master. I cannot rebel against the command of the old master."

Qin Yu understood it in his heart.

This Uncle Fu was a puppet created by Chehou Yuan. Uncle Fu naturally would not dare to resist the orders of Chehou Yuan.

"Master, please address me as 'A'Fu.' A'Fu is too ashamed and doesn't dare to be addressed as Uncle Fu by master." Said Uncle Fu respectfully. Although Uncle Fu was extremely happy when he was addressed as Uncle Fu by Qin Yu, but Chehou Yuan had also mentioned before that a puppet was only a servant.

A smile instead appeared on Qin Yu's face. "Uncle Fu, I am now your master, correct?"

"Yes." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

"Could it be that you want to argue with me about what I want to call you?" Qin Yu asked with a smile. "I can call you whatever I wish to call you. From today on, you are still the Bewitching God Temple's housekeeper. And I…. am still going to address you as Uncle Fu."

Declared Qin Yu straightforwardly.

"Master." Uncle Fu looked to Qin Yu. He was extremely moved.

He was a created puppet. Although he possessed emotion, intelligence and could even smile and get angry like man, but he was still unable to train. Even the energy within his body was provided by the Divine Spiritual Crystal Essence.

However, as he possessed emotions of humans, he naturally possessed a longing to be acknowledged by others.

Qin Yu addressing him as 'Uncle Fu,' had brought him a speechless moving sensation.

"Uncle Fu, you mentioned something about taking several thousand years to refine the Refining Flame Wristband, what do you mean by that?" Qin Yu was filled with confusion. "Didn't I manage to successfully refine it in merely over a dozen years?"

At this moment, Uncle Fu's attitude was clearly different.

Respectfully, he said. "Master, the Refining Flame Wristband left behind by the old master, because of the fact that it was personally refined and created by the old master and that the old master had also considered about his future successor, it was a lot easier to refine. With master's current soul's level as well as your True Flame's level, it should require you several thousand years to succeed. For master to succeed in merely over a dozen years, even I am unable to understand how master was able to do it."

"Oh?" Qin Yu naturally recalled the scene when he was refining the Refining Flame Wristband.

After Qin Yu dripped blood on the Refining Flame Wristband and became its master, he had instantly refined around ten percent of the Refining Flame Wristband. Later on, using his soul's power as well as the Black Divine Flame, he managed to refine another ten percent after spending several years. Finally, he moved the Refining Flame Wristband into the Stellar Space.

After it absorbed that 'flour paste energy,' the speed of the refinement started to increase rapidly. The first month was the fastest. Ten percent was instantly refined in a month. Later on, the speed became slower and slower. The later on, the slower it became. It ended up taking ten years to refine the Refining Flame Wristband in the Stellar Space and a total of more than a dozen years to successfully refine the Refining Flame Wristband.

"Master, I had originally estimated that you'll be able to immediately refine ten percent of the Refining Flame Wristband at the beginning. Afterwards, you'll be able to refine another ten percent in about five year's time. After that, another ten years to refine another ten percent. The speed then grows slower and slower. The final ten percent, I had estimated that it would take about two to three thousand years for you to refine it." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

Qin Yu was listening to the pattern that Uncle Fu spoke of.

The speed at which the Refining Flame Wristband absorbed the 'flour paste energy' was exactly like how Uncle Fu described. It gets slower and slower… at the same time, the speed of the refinement was also slower and slower. The final ten percent took close to five entire years.

"Master, your speed of refinement was extremely fast. I have followed old master for all these years and yet have never heard of someone managing to refine a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure so fast like master did. Unless, unless an expert of the Exalted Celestial level were to help." Said Uncle Fu with a low voice.

Qin Yu slightly nodded.

His refinement speed being fast have nothing to do with the help from Exalted Celestial level expert. Instead, it was because of the 'flour paste energy' that his Stellar Space absorbs.

"This 'Stellar Transformation,' ever since it reached the 'Black Hole Stage,' and opened a channel to another space, the evolution of the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique had entered into a different evolutionary path."

Qin Yu knew that the Stellar Space was located in an extremely vast and boundless 'flour paste space.' What exactly was this 'flour paste space?' Why was it that the core of the Stellar Space, the 'Origin,' only absorbs the 'flour paste energy' in order to evolve?

"The current 'Stellar Transformation,' had reached the Middle Stage Origin Stage. It is not far away from reaching the Late Stage Origin Stage. However, what would be the next stage after the ninth stage, the Origin Stage?"

Qin Yu was very certain in his heart that if the 'Stellar Transformation' martial technique were to continue its development like this, and if each of the step in the development were to be a correct step, then it would likely become extremely powerful.

However, mishaps could also occur in matters like creating your own martial technique. If a mistake were to be made, it would be possible to cause the 'Stellar Transformation,' to walk down a different branch. While the different branch might also give birth to a good accomplishment in the future, it would not reach an extremely powerful level.

"There are no benefits to over thinking such matters. Perhaps when the moment comes, a moment of enlightenment would allow me to know what to do."

Qin Yu stopped pondering about the future of the 'Stellar Transformation.'

"Uncle Fu, I reckon it'll also take a long period of time to refine the other three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu.

Uncle Fu nodded and said. "Yes, that's right. Master, the speed of the refinement of the other three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures ought to be slower than the Refining Flame Wristband's. According to my estimates, master would likely have to spend…. eh, even I do not know how long it would take master to refine them."

At the current moment, Uncle Fu was also not daring to make assertions of the master that stood before him. The numerous years of experience that he had gathered beside Chehou Yuan had turned useless before Qin Yu.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Well then, let's leave here first then."

"Yes, master." Said Uncle Fu respectfully.

The Bewitching God Temple was floating within the outer space. Qin Yu and Uncle Fu were outside of the Bewitching God Temple.


Qin Yu extended his right hand. On his arm was the Refining Flame Wristband. The Refining Flame Wristband started to shine a faint red light. The Bewitching God Temple immediately decreased in size rapidly. It then turned into a ray of light and entered into the Refining Flame Wristband.

"Uncle Fu, let's go!" Said Qin Yu, he was about to rush into the dense and foggy Divine Illusion Barrier before him.

"Master, you are now the master of the Bewitching God Temple. As for those trifling matters, you can just let me resolve them." Said Uncle Fu respectfully. He then pointed to the space not far to the east of the two.

A ring radiating a three colored light suddenly appeared there.

"This is?" Although Qin Yu had become the master of the Bewitching God Temple, he did not know much about Uncle Fu.

"Master, this is a Conveying Array. In all these years, I have been in the Bewitching God Temple without anything to do. Thus, I had created a Conveying Array here. Another one was created outside of the Cosmic Golden Fragmentary Stream. They were created so that in the future when I leave from here with the new master, we would not have to go through the troubles of going back and forth through the Divine Illusion Barrier." Said Uncle Fu with a smile.

Qin Yu lightly nodded.

He also didn't feel like rushing through that Divine Illusion Barrier. Qin Yu directly followed Uncle Fu and entered into the Conveying Array. Following a flickering of lights, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu disappeared from the Conveying Array.

Qin Yu and Uncle Fu continued on with their journey. Uncle Fu's flying speed was extremely fast. However, he was unable to use Teleportation or Greater Teleportation because he did not possess a soul.

Thus, Qin Yu could only bring Uncle Fu along with him as he used Greater Teleportation.

On the journey, Qin Yu and Uncle Fu chatted with each other. Through that, Qin Yu managed to get to know a lot of Uncle Fu's secrets.

Uncle Fu was extremely powerful. Although he was unable to use Teleportation or Greater Teleportation, he was able to travel tens of thousands of miles in a blink of an eye. His speed was ten to a hundred times faster than Qin Yu.

Because Uncle Fu's body's toughness had already reached the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact level, even High Level Heavenly Deities' bodies were unable to match his in toughness. Furthermore, a lot of formation arrays and barriers were placed within his body to increase his speed. One could easily imagine how fast Uncle Fu was.

At the same time… Uncle Fu was a great expert in the arts of formation arrays and barriers!

Having followed Chehou Yuan for all those years, Uncle Fu had been researching the 'Array Path,' the entire time. The nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' it was likely that Uncle Fu would be able to remember them word for word with his eyes closed.

It was so much so, that with the comprehension that Uncle Fu had toward the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' Uncle Fu had actually written a set of 'Array Path's Comprehensions.' He had written a total of over ten thousand scrolls. Merely, those Golden Scrolls were placed within Uncle Fu's personal Storage Divine Artifact.

Furthermore, because Uncle Fu did not possess a soul, he was unable to comprehend out a stage. This caused… Uncle Fu to struggle in the first level of the 'Array Path' the entire time.

Back then, when Chehou Yuan decided to relearn the 'Array Path,' he spent a billion years researching the first level.

However, what about Uncle Fu? He had followed Chehou Yuan for all these years and had been researching the first level of the Array Path the entire time. The amount of time he spent on it was so long that it was unknown how many billions of years it had been.

The current Qin Yu knew that Uncle Fu was a master in the arts of formation arrays and barriers. However, the actual strength of Uncle Fu's formation arrays and barriers, he had still yet to know about them.

Without truly researching the nine hundred scrolls of the 'Array Path,' it was impossible for Qin Yu to know of Uncle Fu's true strength in the field of formation arrays and barriers.

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