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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 56 – Opening the Artifacts Palace

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip, Robin and Kulops

"That's about it. The strength I have now is sufficient to open the Bewitching God Temple's Artifacts Palace." Qin Yu stood up. He didn't need to reach an extremely high level of fusion with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. All he needed was to fuse well enough to be able to open the Artifacts Palace.

That was because no matter how well he fused with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, he would still have to return the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl back to the Dark Star Realm Clan when he ascends.

Not return?

"Should I keep it and not return it?" A slight smile appeared on Qin Yu's face.

There had already been over seventy thousand successive Gold Punishment Lords. Which meant that the number of Dark Star Realm's people that had ascended to the Divine Realm numbered over two hundred thousands. And that was merely the number of the Three Great Sovereigns that had ascended to the Divine Realm. There was also a huge number of non-Great Sovereigns who had ascended, and their number was even bigger than that of the Great Sovereigns! Adding the seniors of the Dark Star Realm that had ascended from the time when the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was occupied by the people of the Dark Star Realm, that number became even more frightening.

There were definitely over a million people!

If Qin Yu were to bring this Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl into the Divine Realm, then once he gets discovered, he'll be chased to death by over a million people. Furthermore, many of those people within the million people, had ascended over a billion years ago. And that was not even the most frightening aspect… the most frightening thing was the mysterious person who had gifted the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, Black Flame Spiritual Pearl and White Profound Spiritual Pearl to the Dark Star Realm.

That mysterious person had said that as the people of the Dark Star Realm Clan were the original residents of this space, those three Grandmist Spiritual Treasures should be the Dark Star Realm's Clan Inherited Treasures.

This mysterious person, would Qin Yu dare offend him?

At the very least, the current Qin Yu who had not even reached the Heavenly Deity level still didn't dare to offend that sort of a mysterious person.

"This Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, if we were to just compare its attack power, it's inferior to my Divine Spear Waning Snow." Qin Yu did not possess much greed for the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl would increase the might of one's body's muscles and bones. However, no matter how much stronger one's body's muscles and bones become, they were still unable to withstand the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Spear Waning Snow.

"This might perhaps be a third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure." Thought Qin Yu.

Qin Yu's guess was incorrect. This Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was not a third-rated Grandmist Spiritual Treasure at all. However, this cannot be blamed on him. After all, he only managed to fuse with part of it. As he has not completely fused with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, he did not know about the might of the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl after fusing with it completely.

"Congratulations Your Majesty." The hoarse voice of the Guard Elder sounded.

Qin Yu looked to the Guard Elder in the distance, who was still sitting there quietly in a cross-legged position. He slightly nodded and said. "Guard Elder, now that I have become the Gold Punishment Lord, I ordinarily do not have a lot of matters to take care of, right?"

The Guard Elder nodded and said. "Your Majesty, the Gold Punishment Lord, the Black Flame Lord as well as the White Profound Lord, the Three Great Sovereigns, are only there for the function of intimidation. They are there so that people with ambition will not wage war through the entirety of the Dark Star Realm. Generally, Your Majesty will not have many matters to attend to."

Qin Yu smiled.

Sure enough, it was as he had anticipated. According to the history of the Dark Star Realm that Qin Yu knew, the Dark Star Realm was originally in a condition of chaotic warfare. Only after the appearance of the Three Great Spiritual Pearls did the Dark Star Realm walk down the road of peace. During times of peace, the Three Great Sovereigns did not have anything to do at all.

As for the trifling matters, the Three Great Vice Sect Masters were able to take care of them completely. Of course, the current Gold Punishment Sect only has two Great Vice Sect Masters.

Qin Yu nodded to the Guard Elder. He then exited the Inherited Palace and left the location.

"Wen Feng, if something is to happen, just send me a transmission. I will be leaving for a period of time to train in peace." Qin Yu merely left this message for Wen Feng and then directly left the Gold Punishment Star.

Qin Yu was a very peculiar Gold Punishment Lord. Right after formally taking on the position of the Gold Punishment Lord, without even using any of his power and privilege, he directly left.

Qin Yu's departure had caused the numerous people who had arrived at the Gold Punishment Star to pay the new Gold Punishment Lord a visit, to travel in vain. Of course, those people were all gasping with admiration in their heart… that this new Gold Punishment Lord who didn't care about fame and all, had decided to immediately go and train right after becoming the Gold Punishment Lord; he was truly a hardworking cultivator.

Qin Yu directly rushed towards the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu did not enter the Bewitching God Temple from the side of the Dark Star Realm. Instead, he went to the entrance located in the Demon Realm. That was because Qin Yu did not wish for others to know that he had entered the Bewitching God Temple and it was more secretive for him to enter through the entrance located in the Demon Realm.

The cosmic space was filled with nothingness. Qin Yu was able to clearly see the enormous space crack located not far from him.

That enormous planet composed of Cosmic Golden Fragmentary Stream and a stream of black specks appeared before him. Qin Yu knew that he had arrived near the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple. Immediately, he sped up.

When Qin Yu reached the Bewitching God Temple's entrance, he was shocked to discover that….

"There's truly a large number of people here. There are actually several tens of Emperor level experts and several hundreds of level nine Demon King practitioners." Qin Yu raised his head and gasped in his mind. Ever since the seal on the entrance had been broken through by Qin Yu, none of the major powers dared to seal it again, and many Emperor level experts as well as level nine King level experts had all come here to try out their luck.

When Qin Yu flew into the entrance tunnel, the people there immediately stepped aside. The weakest person among this group of people was a level nine Demon King. The strongest was a level seven Devil Emperor. This group of people all moved aside respectfully to let Qin Yu enter.

"You all, stop for now." Qin Yu said straightforwardly.

"Senior." The several tens of level nine Demon Kings immediately stopped and looked to Qin Yu respectfully. For even a level seven Devil Emperor to step aside, they were able to guess Qin Yu's strength.

Confused, Qin Yu said. "Even you all, with the strength of level nine Demon Kings, have also come here? Could it be that you all believe that you too are capable of obtaining a Divine Artifact?"

An enchanting woman from the fox clan among them said. "Senior, could it be that you didn't know that more than ten years ago, a level nine Golden Immortal managed to luckily obtain a Divine Artifact outside of the Illusion Array?"

"Such a thing happened?" Qin Yu was unable to refrain his shock.

The strongest among them, the level seven Devil Emperor said. "Senior, that Illusion Array is unceasingly changing. Because of the change in the energy, the location of those Divine Artifacts are also unceasingly changing. It is possible for there to be Divine Artifacts that will be shifted to the most external edge of the Illusion Array. In that case, even those who are weaker would be able to obtain a Divine Artifact. Although the possibility is not high, such a thing has happened numerous times before in history. This is also the reason why the Chaotic Star Field is so chaotic."

"Merely, because of the fact that the major powers decided to unify and seal the entrance later on, this had caused there to be a very small number of people coming here to try out their luck. However, ever since Senior Qin Yu broke the seal with a single spear strike of his, the number of people that come to try out their luck has grown exponentially." Said the level seven Devil Emperor attentively.

That fox woman gasped in admiration. "Fortunately Senior Qin Yu split open the seal. Otherwise, we would not even have the opportunity to try out our luck." The rest of the people all voiced their approval.

Qin Yu came to understand it completely now.

"Seems like after I broke through the seal, a lot of people have become grateful to me." Qin Yu couldn't help but smile in his heart.

"Well then, you all can continue." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

After that, Qin Yu turned into a ray of light and directly rushed into the Bewitching God Temple's entrance. After that, his body turned into a blur and disappeared before all these people's eyes. Seeing Qin Yu disappearing before them like so, those people looked at each other in dismay.

"Teleporting inside the Bewitching God Temple?"

"He rushed into the Divine Illusion Array of the Bewitching God Temple." Said that level seven Devil Emperor. He was still able to barely see Qin Yu's movement. The level seven Devil Emperor gasped in his heart. "He's truly a super expert."

Qin Yu did not use teleportation at all. Instead, he had sped up to his peak speed and directly rushed into the Divine Illusion Array. Qin Yu did not fear being trapped by the Illusion Array at all. Firstly, he possessed the Bewitching God Painting. Secondly, once he enters the Bewitching God Temple, the housekeeper of the Bewitching God Temple, Uncle Fu, would naturally discover him and would control the Illusion Array to step aside and create a path for him.

Qin Yu's Divine Awareness easily discovered a large number of Divine Artifacts. However, he did not bother to take even a single one of them.

After flying for a long time, an empty space finally appeared before him. Floating inside the empty space was a palace… the Bewitching God Temple. Qin Yu directly flew towards the entrance of the true body of the Bewitching God Temple.

The gate of the Bewitching God Temple was open. Standing by the doorsteps of the gate was a person… Uncle Fu.

"Qin Yu, it's only been several tens of years, how come you're back again?" Uncle Fu had a confused expression on his face. However, he was still smiling. "Well then, come inside first, we'll talk after."

Like walking into his own house, Qin Yu casually walked into the Bewitching God Temple. "Uncle Fu, my coming to the Bewitching God Temple this time… I reckon that soon, you'll be leaving this location together with me.

"Leave here?" Uncle Fu shook his head repeatedly. "I absolutely cannot disobey the orders that my master gave me. My master said that before the Bewitching God Temple attains a new master, I must manage the Bewitching God Temple and cannot leave it."

"Uncle Fu, you need to listen carefully to your master, Senior Chehou's, previous condition… 'before the Bewitching God Temple attains a new master.'" Said Qin Yu while smiling. "And now, I am confident that I will be able to open the Artifacts Palace."

After Qin Yu finished saying that, he began to walk through the Bewitching God Temple's Front Palace's corridors with long steps.

Uncle Fu was slightly shocked. He only managed to react after being stunned for a moment. He immediately walked over to Qin Yu and said anxiously. "Qin Yu, what do you mean? You said you're able to open the Artifacts Palace?"

By the time Qin Yu reached the courtyard, Uncle Fu was right beside him.

"Qin Yu, can you explain yourself?" Uncle Fu was somewhat anxious.

Qin Yu turned around and looked at Uncle Fu. While smiling, he said. "Uncle Fu, I'll tell you about this explicitly. I currently possess enough strength to open the Artifacts Palace. In other words… I am able to obtain the core of the Bewitching God Temple. From today onwards, I shall be the new master of the Bewitching God Temple. And you… will not have to continue to stay here and wait. You can follow me and wander the world with me."

Uncle Fu calmed down after a short moment.

"Impossible. I am very certain about your strength. It has only been several tens of years, how is it possible for you to reach that level so quickly?" Said Uncle Fu with absolute certainty.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Uncle Fu, since you don't believe me, I shall show you, is that fine?"

After Qin Yu finished saying those words, he started to walk towards the entrance of the Artifacts Palace.

Uncle Fu slightly frowned and stood behind Qin Yu. Like last time, Qin Yu managed to easily discover the crucial mechanism. The bottom of the entrance door started shining with a cyan radiance. At the same time, two protrusions appeared.

"Uncle Fu, all I need to do is pull this door up, right?" Qin Yu turned around and glanced at Uncle Fu.

"Right." At this moment, Uncle Fu was also influenced by Qin Yu's confidence. He felt that… Qin Yu might actually be able to succeed. Merely, Uncle Fu found it a bit hard to believe. According to the original plan, he was supposed to wait for Qin Yu to return from the Divine Realm one day and then succeed this Bewitching God Temple.

Qin Yu grabbed onto one protrusion with each of his hands.

Qin Yu violently pulled with his arms. His muscles started bulging. The golden liquid that originated from the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl started to flow through his muscles. Qin Yu's strength was increasing unceasingly.

"Clang~~~" The dark red colored door was vibrating unceasingly and giving off noises.

As Qin Yu increased his power, the vibration of the dark red colored door became even more intense. The smile on Qin Yu's face also grew even more brilliant. Qin Yu understood very well, that at the current moment, he had not even used a third of his strength.

"He!!" [TL: This is a shout.]

Qin Yu's two hands started to violently increase in strength!

Following a loud shout, that dark red colored door started to violently rush upward. With a kacha sound, the door slid into the mechanism located above.

At the instant when Qin Yu pulled the dark red colored door up, Qin Yu felt a peculiar aura surging from within the Artifacts Palace, rushing towards him. Qin Yu could sense that… it was the aura emitted by the gathering of all kinds of treasures. Even though he had yet to enter it, Qin Yu was still able to tell that there were numerous treasures within the Artifacts Palace. It was definitely a shocking number.

Qin Yu's eyes started to shine. He stared at the deep passageway that appeared after the entrance door of the Artifacts Palace was pulled open.

"Qin Yu, you actually managed to succeed, you actually managed to succeed!" Uncle Fu had a hard to come by pleasantly surprised expression on his face. Uncle Fu was a puppet that possessed intelligence. Puppets, they are things that only top artifact forging experts of the Divine Realm are able to create. They are different from the Artificial Intelligence of the science and technology cosmos of the Mortal Realms.

Puppets also possessed emotions like people. They also possessed thoughts like people. They merely do not possess the most fundamental soul and thus are unable to comprehend the space.

"Uncle Fu, do you know of the layout of the interior of the Artifacts Palace?" Qin Yu looked to Uncle Fu. Qin Yu did not wish to run around all over the place like a blind man.

Uncle Fu was slightly excited. "Of course I do. The Artifacts Palace is the location in the entire Bewitching God Temple with the most treasures. There are also precious crafting materials, all sorts of precious crystals and numerous Heavenly Divine Artifacts within it. Of course… the most precious ones are still the Grandmist Spiritual Treasures!"

Qin Yu gulped. His heart was beating rapidly.

Uncle Fu sighed. "Sigh, back when my master was still here, the number of treasures in the Artifacts Palace was much bigger than it is now. Because my master wanted to create the legendary Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure, he had already stopped caring about everything else. Not only did he take with him some of the rare materials, he even melted down five Grandmist Spiritual Treasures to obtain the Grandmist Spiritual Energy within them. He was worried that there would not be enough Grandmist Spiritual Energy for the Exalted Celestial's Spiritual Treasure."

"Five Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? Melted down?" Qin Yu felt a bit distressed upon hearing that.

Had he not melted them down, then wouldn't Qin Yu be able to obtain even more Grandmist Spiritual Treasures? Of course, one cannot be too greedy. Qin Yu tried hard to calm his mind.

"Fortunately, my master still thought of his successor. Otherwise, the remaining Grandmist Spiritual Treasures might have all been melted down. Come, follow me to the most internal private room. The remaining Grandmist Spiritual Treasures are those that my master had left behind because he considered them to be the most beneficial to the successor."

As he said that, Uncle Fu took the lead to enter the deep and serene passageway. As for Qin Yu, he started following behind Uncle Fu. Just like this, the two of them followed the passageway and walked to the deepest parts of the palace…

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