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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 55 – Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The main mountain peak of the Gold Punishment Sect's Sacred Mountain was extremely noisy. That was because an enormous banquet was being held here. This enormous banquet had invited a large number of experts. Almost all of the upper echelons of the Dark Star Realm were present.

Flatters, compliments, congratulations…

All sorts of voices were being heard unceasingly. And, as the main character of this banquet, Qin Yu felt a slight headache. That was because everyone who saw him was extremely cordial. Thus, he too could not be rude.

"Had it not been for the fact that this banquet is being held especially for me, I would've already left." Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

However, as for his face, Qin Yu was smiling. At the same time, he was having a toast with a white clothed white haired old man.

"Liu Xing, after I ascend to the Divine Realm, you shall become the next Gold Punishment Lord. As the Gold Punishment Lord, you have to at the very least get to know some of the great experts of our Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sects. This person here is the Great Elder of the White Profound Sect, Fu Xian." Explained Xing Yuan on the side.

During this banquet, Qin Yu was the busiest person. As the person who was about to become the next Gold Punishment Lord, a lot of the people's attitude toward Qin Yu had clearly changed. After all, the Gold Punishment Lord was the leader of the Three Great Sovereigns.

The banquet only ended when the sky had turned pitch-black.

Qin Yu then instantly teleported to the sky above the mountain and started to fly towards his residence. The cold air of the night was blowing on Qin Yu's face causing him to feel a lot more clear-headed.

"I've finally escaped." Qin Yu smiled and sighed deeply.

"Liu Xing, wait for me." A familiar voice sounded. Qin Yu turned his head around to look. In a short moment, Wen Feng had arrived by Qin Yu. Wen Feng smiled to Qin Yu and then said. "Liu Xing, I must thank you this time."

Confused, Qin Yu said. "Why are you thanking me?"

"I'm thanking you for killing Liu Lan." Said Wen Feng while smiling. "Had you not killed Liu Lan and then ascended to the Divine Realm before him, then I would've been out of luck. That Liu Lan and I didn't get along with each other."

Only then did Qin Yu understand.

Qin Yu was very certain in his heart that the reason why he killed Liu Lan, was firstly because Liu Lan planned to kill him right away and clearly did not bother to show any mercy at all. The second reason was to help Wen Feng.

"Regarding things like these, there is no need for you to thank me. Had my strength been weak, then I reckon he'd have killed me too." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

"Right." Wen Feng agreed. He then smiled and looked to Qin Yu. "After His Majesty Xing Yuan ascends to the Divine Realm, you'll be able to merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. At the same time, you are also able to announce yourself as the Gold Punishment Lord to the rest of the world."

Qin Yu nodded.

At this moment, there were still two months till the day of Xing Yuan ascension!

Whether it was during the three months from the date of Xing Yuan's Divine Tribulation till the date of the contest for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord or now when Qin Yu waited for the next two months, Qin Yu had been training in the palace's room the entire time. He did not enter the second layer of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

It was because the time of the arrival of the Divine Tribulation was very special!

Even if Qin Yu hid himself in the Jiang Lan's Realm, the Divine Tribulation would still arrive. The Divine Tribulation was a kind of cosmic law. It was something that completely ignored the obstruction of the various spaces. The sensation Qin Yu had of the Divine Tribulation's arrival was 'a hundred and eight' years.

Regardless of whether Qin Yu hid away in the Jiang Lan's Realm or the Immortal Realm, the Divine Tribulation would still arrive after a hundred and eight years.

The time for the arrival of the Divine Tribulation was not determined by the flow of time in the cosmic space. Rather, it was determined by the amount of time the person who was about to undergo the Divine Tribulation would experience…. For example Qin Yu, if he were to spend a hundred and eight years in the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm, only a bit more than a year would've passed in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. However, at that time, the Divine Tribulation would still descend.

Thus, it was not worth it for Qin Yu to enter into the second layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Seclusion training for two months. With Qin Yu's current frame of mind when he trains, a long period of seclusion training was extremely effortless for Qin Yu. When Qin Yu opened his eyes… it was already the day before the day of Xing Yuan's ascension to the Divine Realm.

Outside Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan's palace. At this moment, over a thousand people were gathered there. An overwhelming majority of these thousand plus people were people of the Gold Punishment Sect. There were also a small number of Black Flame Sect and White Profound Sect experts. The reason why this group of people were gathered here was to see Xing Yuan off.

In the frontmost of the thousand plus people was a dozen or more people, including Qin Yu, Wu Shan and Ju Mi.

"Brother Xing Yuan, I have heard that the Divine Realm is relatively chaotic. The fights and struggles in there are also very ferocious. When you arrive to the Divine Realm, you must continue to put effort into your training. Do not lower the reputation of our Dark Star Realm." The Black Flame Lord Wu Shan said to Xing Yuan while laughing.

Although the Gold Punishment Lord was powerful, before they ascend to the Divine Realm, they are required to return the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl to the clan.

A Gold Punishment Lord without the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl would possess strength comparable to ordinary people from the Dark Star Realm that had ascended to the Divine Realm. They also did not possess any superiority in the Divine Realm. In the future, they too would have to work hard and compete in the Divine Realm.

"Haha, I still possess this bit of confidence." Xing Yuan laughed openly. At the same time, he looked to Qin Yu. "Liu Xing, after I leave, you'll become the Gold Punishment Lord. Remember, the Gold Punishment Lord is the leader of the Three Great Sovereigns, if this lunatic Wu Shan were to become arrogant toward you, you'd just need to teach him a ruthless lesson."

Qin Yu merely smiled.

Wu Shan however opened his eyes wide. "Hey, Xing Yuan, don't you toy with me! You have also seen the exchange between this Liu Xing and Liu Lan. He's already that powerful before even merging with the Inherited Treasure, once he merges with it… his strength would likely become even more powerful than yours. You, telling him to teach me a lesson… truly too much."

Qin Yu suddenly frowned.

"Is it the time of the ascension?" Qin Yu felt a bizarre change to the entire space.

During the last time when the Cyan Emperor ascend to the Divine Realm, Qin Yu's soul's level was still not high enough. He was still unable to sense that subtle change. However, the current Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the change.

Xing Yuan's expression started to gradually grow solemn. He stopped joking around with all the people present. Xing Yuan looked to everyone present and lightly smiled. "Everyone, I will be ascending now… we shall meet again in the Divine Realm!"

"Meet again in the Divine Realm!" Wu Shan, Ju Mi, QIn Yu, Bao Yu, Wen Feng and the rest all said in unison.

Xing Yuan's body started to slowly levitate. Numerous misty starlights shot out from his body. The current Xing Yuan had a kind of aura that makes one want to look up to him. Xing Yuan smiled to everyone. Immediately, the misty starlight on his body became a lot more numerous. In an instant, it had covered his entire body.

With a teleportation.

Xing Yuan had disappeared. He had disappeared from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm!

Qin Yu slightly frowned.

From the moment he sensed that Xing Yuan was about to ascend, Qin Yu had assimilated his soul with the entire cosmos. What exactly caused the ascension, Qin Yu was quite curious.

"What exactly is this principle? The phenomenon of ascension is very similar to that of Teleportation and Greater Teleportation. It also suddenly caused the person to disappear and the reappear in another area. However, ascension brings one directly into another space. What exactly is the principle behind that?"

Qin Yu continued to think about it.

However, even after thinking about it for half a day, Qin Yu was still unable to obtain an answer for this question.

"Ascension, this could also be considered as a kind of remarkable power. Merely, it is a power that belongs to the cosmos. If I am able to comprehend this sort of remarkable power, won't I be able to easily travel back and forth between two cosmic spaces?" Qin Yu gasped in admiration in his heart.

If the people in the Divine Realm were to hear what Qin Yu had thought, then they would've definitely laughed at him for being excessively wild and reckless. After all, not even High Level Heavenly Deities are capable of traveling between two cosmic spaces easily.

On the second day after Xing Yuan ascended.

Only Qin Yu was standing outside the entrance to the Inherited Palace. Qin Yu raised his head up to look at this ancient Inherited Palace. On the ground beside the Inherited Palace were a lot of dried up branches and dead leaves.

"Once I merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, I'll have enough strength to open the Bewitching God Temple's Artifacts Palace." Qin Yu was unable to refrain from thinking about the great amount of treasures within the Artifacts Palace. Those treasures were all items left behind by the master of the Bewitching God Temple, Chehou Yuan. The most precious among the treasures was the core of the Bewitching God Temple created from the Nine Purple Origin Flame Beads.

"Your Majesty Liu Xing, come on in." The hoarse voice of the Guard Elder was heard.

Qin Yu slightly took a breath in and then stepped into the Inherited Palace. Once he entered the Inherited Palace, Qin Yu's gaze was involuntarily cast toward the altar located in the middle of the palace room. The previous two times when he saw the altar, it merely had the faint aura of the Inherited Treasure.

However today, Qin Yu discovered that the aura of this altar was over a hundred times more dense.

"Your Majesty Liu Xing." The dark and thin old man walked out from the corner of the room. It was the Guard Elder.

The Guard Elder's dried up and yellow finger was pointed to the middle of the altar. "Your Majesty Liu Xing, the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is located inside the altar. When fusing with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, there are a couple things you must pay attention to. Your Majesty Liu Xing, please listen carefully."

"Guard Elder, please speak." Said Qin Yu.

At this moment, Qin Yu also didn't dare to be distracted in the slightest. That was because he knew that it was extremely hard to bind a Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. Sometimes, even if one's soul's level were high, it would still be of no use. Of course… it was easier the higher one's soul's level was.

"Your Majesty Liu Xing, in order to merge the Gold Punishment Spiritual Treasure with the body, you must first drip your blood on it to become its master. However, you must remember one thing – when you drip your blood on it, you must pour in Gold Force into your blood. Only then will the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl accept your blood. Otherwise, it will not accept the blood." Said the Guard Elder slowly.

Qin Yu nodded.

Binding the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was indeed a bit troublesome. Even when dripping the blood, one must pour Gold Force into the blood.

"In a moment's time, I will be opening the altar and releasing the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. Your Majesty can be at ease; the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl will not attack anyone who possesses Gold Force. After you succeed with the blood dripping master recognizing oath, you will be able to slowly merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. As for how much you'll be able to merge with it, it is determined by your body's cultivation level, your Gold Force's cultivation level as well as your soul's cultivation level." As the Guard Elder said those words, he began to walk up the stairs of the altar.

Qin Yu was watching on the side.

The Guard Elder walked to the top of the altar. Golden energy shot out from his hands. At the same time, Qin Yu was able to sense that the Guard Elder's body was emitting a dense Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl's aura.

At last, the Guard Elder smacked down on a certain location on top of the altar with his palm.

"Rumble~~~~" The entire altar instantly started to shudder. The Inherited Palace also began vibrating like the altar. It was like an earthquake was happening.


A ray of golden light suddenly soared to the sky from the center of the altar. It was the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl!

"Your Majesty Liu Xing, quickly, do the blood dripping master recognizing oath!" Shouted the Guard Elder via voice transmission.

With a movement of his foot, Qin Yu appeared beside the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl. Furthermore, the space surrounding Qin Yu had turned into a swamp-like substance and stopped the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

A drop of red blood shining with a golden light fell on the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

That Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl instantly stopped resisting. Like a sponge, it directly absorbed that drop of blood. Qin Yu was unable to conceal his happiness. "It's done. This Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl is mine now."

The Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl directly integrated into Qin Yu's body.

The Guard Elder who saw this entire scene took a deep sigh of relief. With a pale complexion, he nodded and said. "Your Majesty Liu Xing, how far you will be able to merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl will depend on Your Majesty's own strength. Your Majesty can be at ease and continue to fuse with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl here. There will be no one coming to disturb Your Majesty."

Qin Yu nodded. He directly sat down cross-legged on a praying mat in the Inherited Palace and closed his eyes to start training.

"Strange, truly strange. This Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl actually only absorbs Gold Force. It won't absorb any other kind of energy." When Qin Yu tried to pour in Nine Steps Force into the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, it was completely rejected by the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

After that, Qin Yu was only able to continue to pour in Gold Force.

After he managed to pour a certain amount of Gold Force, the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl started to rotate. At the same time, streams of quicksilver-like golden liquid started to flow out from the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

All the muscles, bones and so on in Qin Yu's body appeared to have turned into a dried up river; they were frantically absorbing this golden liquid. As this golden liquid assimilated into Qin Yu's muscles and bones, Qin Yu felt that his entire body's muscles and bones seemed to have undergone a kind of frightening evolution.

With a thought, Qin Yu tried to violently clench his right fist.

"Bang!" Qin Yu's palm actually gave birth to a sonic boom as he closed his hand into a fist violently. Traces of space cracks had even appeared in the surrounding area of his right fist.

"So powerful. My power had increased by at least ten times." Qin Yu was overwhelmed with amazement.

Although he managed to clearly sense that his muscles had achieved a advancement by leaps and bounds, Qin Yu was still overwhelmed with amazement by this sort of progress. No wonder the Gold Punishment Lord was the leader among the Three Great Sovereigns.

"Such a pure and concise Gold Force. This sort of Gold Force is several realms higher than that of an eighteen star Emperor level expert's Gold Force." A sharp sword-like finger ray appeared on the tip of Qin Yu's finger. Wherever the finger ray passed, a black colored space crack would appear.

Qin Yu's degree of fusion with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl was much higher than all the successive generations of Gold Punishment Lords.

This was because Qin Yu's soul's level was truly too high. It was several levels higher than that of an ordinary Gold Punishment Lord. Thus, he naturally obtained an even higher degree of fusion with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl… However, he was still unable to completely merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl.

If he had managed to completely merge with the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl, then the Gold Punishment Spiritual Pearl would've turned completely into a golden liquid.

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