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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 47 – Jiang Yan's Identity

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu started smiling in his mind. This Jiang Yan had truly disguised her identity especially well.

"Yan'er, so you still know that I'm here. From the way I see it… as long as Jun Luoyu stands somewhere, your concentration would all be on him, disregarding the existence of everything else." Mocked Qin Yu.

Jiang Yan's face turned red.

"Big Brother Qin Yu, you joke too much." Scolded Jiang Yan with a smile.

Jiang Yan's arrival had caused the banquet to end at an earlier time. Afterwards, a residence was arranged for Qin Yu and his brothers. As for Jiang Yan, she had gone to Jun Luoyu's residence.

"Big Brother Qin Yu, I will call for you later via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission. At that time, we can see each other again." Said Jiang Yan via voice transmission when she was leaving with Jun Luoyu.

Qin Yu had no other choice but to resist the confusion and curiosity within his heart.

Qin Yu and his brothers were arranged to a quiet courtyard manor.

"Big brother, we've already given them enough face to attend their banquet. Now that the banquet is over, isn't it fine for us to leave now? Why are we still staying here?" Muttered Hou Fei.

Qin Yu smiled helplessly. "Fei Fei, don't you think that I too wanted to leave earlier? However, I still have to meet someone later."

"Someone?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu. "Big brother, whoever you had planned to meet, can't you just go and meet them directly? Why are we wasting time waiting here?"

With but a thought, Qin Yu created an ordinary barrier around their surroundings. This barrier isolated their voices from being heard outside.

"That's because this person is a Deity!" Said Qin Yu slowly.

"Deity? From the Divine Realm?" Hei Yu and Hou Fei's expression changed. At this moment, the two of them had their eyes wide open.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "Do not make a fuss about nothing. It's not like the two of you haven't met a Divine Realm's expert before. Uncle Lan, with his strength, I am certain that he is one of the top experts in the Divine Realm." Qin Yu said confidently.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei recalled their weapons.

Cloud Piercing Spear, Black Stick. Their appearance was just black and seemed to be very ordinary. They looked like wood yet also looked like metal. However, in terms of hardness, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had never discover anything that could damage either their weapons.

"Uncle Lan is indeed very powerful." Hei Yu said as he nodded.

"Uncle Lan is my master. He's that powerful, however he never taught me any powerful martial techniques. All he gave me was a weapon. Really…!" Muttered Hou Fei as if he was discontent with it.

Qin Yu suddenly stood up.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu immediately stopped talking. They both looked to Qin Yu at the same time. Hei Yu asked in a low voice. "Big brother, are you going to meet that Deity now?"

"Mn." Qin Yu nodded. He then casually removed the barrier and prepared to leave.

"Who is that person?" Hou Fei asked hurriedly.

However, Qin Yu's body had moved and he had disappeared into thin air. Only a voice sounded in Hou Fei and Hei Yu's minds. "That Deity, her name is 'Jiang Yan.' Remember, do not leak her identity."

"Jiang Yan?" Upon hearing this response from Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu naturally began to recall that girl from the banquet. The two of them looked to each other.

On a certain place on the waist of a tall brown mountain on the Blazing Sun Star was a man and a woman.

Qin Yu was carefully measuring Jiang Yan who stood in front of him.

Jiang Yan was extremely beautiful and adorable. Her pair of large eyes were also extremely quick-witted. Qin Yu had never expected for such a cute girl to actually be someone from the Divine Realm.

"Jiang Yan, I truly have never expected you to be someone from the Divine Realm. You have truly deceived me, Luoyu and Big Brother Wuming." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

Jiang Yan slightly frowned with a confused expression. With a teasing tone, she asked. "Qin Yu, your soul's level is that high and you even know about my identity. Aren't you afraid that I might kill you to silence you?"

Kill to silence?

Qin Yu smiled. Before he could reply, Jiang Yan had already continued. "Soul's level only represents your comprehension of the spatial laws. However, the energy you have in your body is not Divine Energy nor Heavenly Divine Energy. Thus, your possession of your powerful soul is in vain as your body's strength is truly too weak. If I truly wanted to kill you… I reckon I can do that with a single strike."

"Really?" Qin Yu smiled as he looked to Jiang Yan.

"Eh…" Jiang Yan was slightly startled. She immediately said. "On the premise that you do not hide into the Jiang Lan's Realm!" Right after she said those words, Jiang Yan immediately covered her mouth. She knew that she had blurted out something she was not suppose to say.

Qin Yu on the other hand merely smiled.

"Jiang Yan, don't hide anymore. Tell me, how do you know about the Jiang Lan's Realm? There is only a small number of people in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that know of the Jiang Lan's Realm and all of them are people that I trust completely. It is impossible for you to know about it from the side of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Let me be frank, what is the relationship between you and Uncle Lan?" Qin Yu looked to Jiang Yan with a smiling yet not a smiling expression.

[TL: This might be a hint. Jiang Yan's surname Jiang is the Jiang in Jiang Lan's Realm. Uncle Lan's Lan is the Lan in Jiang Lan's Realm. Hint hint.]

Qin Yu did not wish to make things difficult for Jiang Yan. However, he also does not fear Jiang Yan.

In terms of strength… as Qin Yu possessed the High Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact Divine Spear 'Waning Snow,' his attack power was extremely astonishing. So what if Jiang Yan was a High Level Deity? After all, according to the master of the Bewitching God Temple, Heavenly Divine Artifacts are usually items that only Heavenly Deities would possess. As for a High Level Deity, even if her luck was to be good and her status was to be tall, it was still likely that she would only possess a Low Quality Heavenly Divine Artifact.

Jiang Yan sighed helplessly and said. "Qin Yu, you are truly amazing. Fine, I'll tell you about some stuff. Yes, I know Uncle Lan. That's because he is my uncle."

"Uncle?" Confused, Qin Yu said.

"That's right, he's my real uncle!" Said Jiang Yan seriously.

Qin Yu was startled.

Uncle Lan was actually Jiang Yan's real uncle? In that case, their relationship would certainly be extremely close. Uncle Lan ought to be real blood brothers with Jiang Yan's father then. In that case, who was Granny Yin Hua? What relationship does Li'er have with them?

"Ever since that time when the Heaven Startling Battle occurred in the Divine Realm, uncle had become somewhat cold, detached and sad. However, that was also the time when my uncle became extremely concerned about my big sister."

Jiang Yan frowned. It seemed that she was a bit puzzled. She continued. "I also do not understand why. In the past, although my uncle was pretty good to me, my big sister, and others of our same generation, he could not be considered as extremely fond of any of us. However, after the Heaven Startling Battle, my uncle became very concerned about my big sister and would not allow anyone to bully her."

"Uncle is extremely powerful. Although he is a maverick among our clan, even my father would not go and provoke him." Said Jiang Yan as she sighed. "Not long ago, my Uncle had forged an amazing treasure."

Jiang Yan looked to Qin Yu with eyes of envy. "Qin Yu, did you know? This treasure was something that my uncle spent numerous years of hard work on. Furthermore, it was something that he managed to create only after using many precious materials. My father had wanted my uncle to gift the treasure to our entire clan and make it to be one of our clan's Clan Protection Treasures! He was even willing to use many of our clan's precious items in exchange for it. However, my uncle still didn't agree to it!"

"I suspect you have also guessed what that treasure was. Yes, it's the 'Jiang Lan's Realm.'" Said Jiang Yan as she sighed.

Qin Yu subconsciously clenched his fist. He opened them and them clenched them again only to open them again.

"My uncle is someone without much concern of the worldly matters. If there is something that he still cares about, then that would be my big sister. It's truly strange… why is it that after that Heaven Startling Battle, my uncle suddenly started treating my big sister as his true daughter?" Said Jiang Yan with a puzzled tone.

"Jiang Yan." Qin Yu suddenly spoke.

"Mn?" Jiang Yan looked to Qin Yu.

"That sister you spoke of, is her name 'Jiang Li?'" Qin Yu's gaze was firmly fixed on Jiang Yan. Hearing all this, if Qin Yu still cannot guess who she was, then he would truly be an idiot.

Jiang Yan said with an astonished tone. "You're truly intelligent. That's right, my sister is called 'Jiang Li.'"

"Li'er, Li'er." Qin Yu muttered.

After all these years, Qin Yu's heart had already become hard like steel. However, upon hearing news regarding Li'er, upon remembering the time that he spent together with Li'er in the Mortal Realm, even though his heart had already turned hard like steel, it was still thawed and turned extremely soft.

Seeing Qin Yu's expression, Jiang Yan lowered her head slightly and said in a low voice. "It would appear that you are worthy for my sister to do such a thing."

"Can you tell me some information about how Li'er is doing in the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu violently raised his head. Like a sharp sword, his gaze shot toward Jiang Yan. His deep longing desire was clearly visible from his gaze.

Jiang Yan grew silent for a moment before nodding and saying. "I'll tell you a bit then. Although granny doesn't allow me to say much."

Qin Yu's heart jumped. Granny doesn't allow her to say much, that granny ought to be Granny Yin Hua.

"Qin Yu, your guess is correct. My big sister is Jiang Li. She is also that Li'er you came to know back then. It's good that you haven't forgotten about her. Had you not been loyal to her, then much less my granny, I would be the first one to teach you a lesson and let you have a taste of my methods." Jiang Yan fiercely waved her arm.

Qin Yu smiled.

Comparing the temperaments of the two sisters, Jiang Yan was cute yet barbarous whereas her sister was quiet and gentle. They were completely different.

"Mn, your current performance is still satisfactory. Regarding my sister, sigh, let me first tell you a strange thing. In the Divine Realm, a girl's appearance is not important. Even her temperament is not of much concern. After all, when one's soul reaches that level, one would have one's own special quality. There are no one who's mediocre. In normal circumstances, there are rarely any girl that would be pursued by a great amount of people."

Jiang Yan pouted. "However, my big sister is different. Ever since that Heaven Startling Battle ended, my sister unexpectedly started to be sought after by a countless number of elites in the Divine Realm. A large number, a very large number of them!"

Qin Yu raised his brows.

Seemed like there were a lot of love rivals.

Suddenly, Qin Yu seemed to recall something. He said. "Yan'er, you mean that… before that so called 'Heaven Startling Battle,' there were not a lot of people pursuing Li'er?"

"That's more or less like it." Jiang Yan nodded and said. "Originally, although there were people pursuing my sister, they did not amount to a lot; merely a couple. To be pursued by a couple people is still something very ordinary in the Divine Realm."

Qin Yu immediately started to grow suspicious regarding that 'Heaven Startling Battle.'

"However now, wow, a large amount of Divine Realm's elites are frantically pursuing my big sister! Those without status were knocked to the side! Those without strength were also knocked to the side! If one doesn't have status and strength, then don't even think about it. If one hasn't reached the Heavenly Deity level, one wouldn't even dare to talk to my big sister!" Gasped Jiang Yan.

Qin Yu opened his eyes wide.

He had already anticipated that there would be a lot of people pursuing after Li'er. However, after hearing what Jiang Yan had just said, it would appear that the number of people pursuing after her was even more frightening than he had imagined.

"Those who sought my big sister, each and every one of them were exceptional people in the Divine Realm. Those who have personally announced that they sought after her, the weakest one among them was a Low Level Heavenly Deity. However, even though he is only a Low Level Heavenly Deity, his status is extremely high. Furthermore, he is extremely exceptional in the matters of 'forging artifacts.'" Sighed Jiang Yan.

Qin Yu slowly exhaled.


It was as if a mountain were crushing down on his heart.

Qin Yu was able to imagine what group of people those who pursued Li'er were. The weakest among them was already a Low Level Heavenly Deity. Clearly… if one does not possess the strength of a Heavenly Deity, one could just forget about pursuing her. Furthermore, among those people, some of them possess extremely exceptional strength and status.

"However, you shouldn't be discouraged. Who is my big sister? Firstly, standing behind her is our clan. Secondly, my uncle is determined to stand behind her. Much less other people, even my father is unable to force my big sister to be with someone." Said Jiang Yan while smiling.

Qin Yu started thanking Uncle Lan.

As Li'er was a weak woman, even if she wanted to resist, she would likely end up becoming unable to resist without the support of Uncle Lan behind her.

"My big sister had announced to the others that she wanted to wholeheartedly train and doesn't want to talk about matters of marriage. Using this method, she managed to refuse countless amount of Divine Realm's elites…. Although there are currently still a group of high status and strong individuals purusing her, I know that the one that my big sister likes is you." Acting like she was mature, Jiang Yan patted Qin Yu's shoulders. "Future brother-in-law of mine, you must continue to put in effort. Don't disappoint my sister."

With Jiang Yan patting his shoulder, Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

However, that 'brother-in-law' gave Qin Yu a very comfortable feeling.

"Jiang Lan's Realm is very precious. Truly… even in the Divine Realm, it belongs to those apex quality treasures. Even the 'Craftsman God' Chehou from back then, when he was still in the Divine Realm, with his comprehension of the spatial laws, it wais impossible for him to create an artifact like the Jiang Lan's Realm." Gasped Jiang Yan.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

'Craftsman God' Chehou? Could it be that Bewitching God Temple's master, Chehou Yuan? According to what Chehou Yuan had said, his ability to forge artifacts was second to none in the Divine Realm. He was indeed qualified to be called the 'Craftsman God.'

Qin Yu did not press on to question further regarding Chehou Yuan. That was because he didn't want the matter regarding him succeeding as the next master of the Bewitching God Temple to be leaked. This was to be an important tool to assist him in moving about in the Divine Realm unhindered.

"Jiang Yan, you said that 'Craftsman God' is also unable to create an artifact like the Jiang Lan's Realm. Is this Jiang Lan's Realm truly that precious?" Qin Yu grew a bit curious as to how precious the Jiang Lan's Realm was.

Jiang Yan glanced at Qin Yu. "Let me advise you that after your strength become sufficient in the future, you should return the Jiang Lan's Realm to Uncle Lan. This treasure… could be considered as Uncle Lan's first Spiritual Treasure. I truly don't understand why he was willing to give it to you. Even if you are my big sister's future husband, it is still insufficient for my uncle to give you the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Qin Yu's expression changed.

The Jiang Lan's Realm was actually Uncle Lan's first Spiritual Treasure. This information had truly shocked Qin Yu.

Spatial Divine Artifacts are hard to refine and create. However, to be called 'Spiritual Treasure,' the Jiang Lan's Realm ought to be an Acquired Grandmist Spiritual Treasure. For Uncle Lan to be able to successfully create it, he must've used a large amount of mental and physical effort. Back then, when Uncle Lan gave the treasure to him, he had casually told Qin Yu that it was a Divine Artifact. It would appear that Uncle Lan was afraid that Qin Yu would not accept the treasure because of how great it was.

Gifting away his first Spiritual Treasure? Who would be able to reach up to such boldness? However, such a behavior had also shown the concern that Uncle Lan had for Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from being boundlessly thankful for Uncle Lan.

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 48 – Granny Yin Hua's Warning

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

As Qin Yu listened to Jiang Yan's speech, he deeply remembered every single sentence that she said, so that he could analyze the hidden meaning behind every sentence.

As he analyzed those words, he managed to come up with a lot of theories.

One cannot speak more than needed. If one does, then one would easily let words slip!

When Jiang Yan was telling Qin Yu, although she remembered the stern order given to her by Uncle Lan, Granny Yin Hua and everyone, telling her that she was not allowed to speak of some important matters, she still managed to unintentionally expose some of the hidden information. Although she did not pay attention to it as she was speaking, Qin Yu instead managed to guess all of them.

"Yan'er, you said earlier that your big sister only started to become pursued by a large amount of people after the 'Heaven Startling Battle;' and that it was also at that time Uncle Lan became overly concerned about her. Can you tell me what kind of battle this 'Heaven Startling Battle was?'" Qin Yu asked.

Qin Yu's intuition told him that all of the changes ought to be related to this 'Heaven Startling Battle.'

"The Heaven Startling Battle is of course an extremely amazing battle. It's merely some of the powerful experts of the Divine Realm fighting each other. What's special about it?" Jiang Yan was not at all enthusiastic toward that 'Heaven Startling Battle.'

"Which experts?" Qin Yu continued asking.

"You won't know them even if I tell you about it. How many people of the Divine Realm do you know? Among those in the battle, much less you, even I don't know many of them." Jiang Yan curled her lips and said.

Qin Yu nodded.

Regarding this 'Heaven Startling Battle,' Qin Yu was also not in a rush to know more about it. After all, the current him doesn't know anything about the famous people or the numerous powers of the Divine Realm. It was not too late for him to slowly investigate the Heaven Startling Battle after he has reached the Divine Realm.

What Qin Yu longed for the most, what he wanted to know the most was… where exactly in the Divine Realm was Li'er's home?!

Qin Yu looked at Jiang Yan and said with a serious tone. "Yan'er, is it possible for you to tell me where in the Divine Realm is your home located?" Qin Yu merely needed to know the name of the location. As long as he knew the name, it would become very easy for him to search for it after he reaches the Divine Realm.

Jiang Yan looked to Qin Yu with a smile yet not a smile.

"Qin Yu, hehe, I knew that you would ask that. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you." Said Jiang Yan with a smile.

Qin Yu frowned. "Yan'er, I know that this might be an order given to you by Uncle Lan or Granny Yin Hua. However, I still wish that you can tell me where exactly Li'er lives. You ought to be able to understand the impatience in my heart." Qin Yu was staring at Jiang Yan.

Jiang Yan felt somewhat uncomfortable being stared at by Qin Yu.

She too knew about the relationship between her big sister and Qin Yu. Jiang Yan who loved dreaming had even thought this relationship, the love between a youth from the Mortal Realm and a girl from the Divine Realm was very romantic.

"I…." Jiang Yan was about to refuse.

Qin Yu immediately interrupted. "Yan'er, in all these years, from the time when I was in the Mortal Realm till now, I have been trying my hardest the entire time! I have never once given up. All I want is to know the location where your sister, Li'er, is at right now."

"I understand that," Qin Yu took a deep sigh, "the reason that Uncle Lan and everyone doesn't want me to know about Li'er's location, is most likely because they are worried that I would be unable to hold myself back and would rush to her immediately after reaching the Divine Realm only to encounter danger. Is that right?"

Jiang Yan nodded. She didn't say anything, she merely looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled bitterly. "Unable to hold myself back? Indeed. This has been in the depths of my heart for all these years; I do not even have any means of getting in touch with Li'er. Do you know how much I wish to hear Li'er's voice? Unfortunately, I can only hear her voice in my dreams."

Qin Yu closed his eyes. "Even though several thousand years have passed, once I close my eyes, I am able to clearly see the smiles and the scowls that Li'er had shown me before. It is so clear like it was engraved in my soul. Unless my soul gets scattered, I would never forget about it in eternity."

Qin Yu suddenly stepped forward. He grabbed Jiang Yan's shoulders with his hands. He opened his eyes and stared at Jiang Yan. "Yan'er, I ask of you, please, I ask of you! You can be at ease, I will not be impulsive. Having wandered the world for all these years, I am already no longer that foolish youngster that doesn't know about anything. I know how to endure silently, I know!"

Qin Yu's tone was very firm. His eyesight was burning.

As if she had been influenced by Qin Yu, Jiang Yan took a deep breath and then said slowly. "Okay then, I'll trust you."

Qin Yu was overjoyed. He then pricked up his ears to carefully listen to what Jiang Yan was about to say.

Jiang Yan said slowly. "My big sister is currently still in the clan. The location where our clan is located in is the Divine Realm's…" Upon reaching this part, Jiang Yan's voice grew silent.

Qin Yu looked to her. He was shocked to discover that Jiang Yan's mouth was moving but no voice was being sounded.

"Yan'er, you are too hot-headed." A voice sounded.

With a silver flower hairpin on her head, with an appearance like that of an kind elderly lady, Granny Yin Hua was walking over with her walking stick. And only at this moment did Qin Yu manage to sense that… the space surrounding Jiang Yan had been completely distorted. It was as if it had been separated from the external world.

Jiang Yan immediately started acting coquettishly and begged for forgiveness. Although Qin Yu was unable to hear her voice, he was able to guess it just by looking at her coquettish appearance.

"I'll let this time pass, sigh." Said Granny Yin Hua helplessly.

"Thank you granny." The distorted space surrounding Jiang Yan had instantly returned to normal.

Qin Yu was certain about one thing: This Granny Yin Hua's ability to control the space surpassed his own by far. It was so great, that even with the assistance of the Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu was still unable to detect the slightest aura from her.

Qin Yu knew that with the assistance from the Meteoric Tear, his Divine Awareness had barely reached the level of Low Level Heavenly Deities. From this, he was able to determine that… Granny Yin Hua's strength was greater than that of a Low Level Heavenly Deity.

"Yan'er, you ought to know about how serious this matter is. If this foolish boy were to be truly unable to resist himself in the end and frantically go to your home to find Li'er, then once the news of that spreads, this foolish boy would then lose his life. Then…." Granny Yin Hua shook her head and sighed.

Jiang Yan didn't dare to say anything anymore.

"Your big sister is a very gentle and quiet person. However, her heart is extremely unyielding. The things that she determines, there is no one who can force her to change her mind. With your sister's temperament, if this boy were to die, then even if your big sister did not search for death with him, her temperament would likely still take a huge change." Granny Yin Hua's tone was serious. "I have watched you and your big sister grow up, there is no one who knows the temperament of you two sisters better than I."

Qin Yu's heart moved as he continue to hear from the side.

This Granny Yin Hua was the one who raised Jiang Yan and Li'er.

"Qin Yu, you ought to have guessed my identity. That's right. I've raised Yan'er and Li'er. Their meals, their sleep schedule, their training and even their amusements were all my responsibilities. In my heart, I have long since considered them to be my own granddaughters." Granny Yin Hua coughed and said.

"Granny." Jiang Yan grabbed one of Granny Yin Hua's arm. She rocked it back and forth and shouted like a spoiled child.

"Okay, stop fooling around." Granny Yin Hua smoothed Jiang Yan. She then turned around to look at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, there are not many things that Li'er would conceal from this old woman. I know of the things between the two of you. I also know what Li'er is thinking in her heart. Thus, I support Lan, Lord Lan's plan."

As Qin Yu heard Granny Yin Hua, he took note of the 'Lord Lan.'

What does Lord Lan signify?

Does it merely signify that within Li'er's clan, Uncle Lan possessed a higher status that Granny Yin Hua?

"Thus, Li'er true identity, where Li'er is at, and everything else; neither I nor Yan'er will tell you about them…. when the time comes, Lord Lan will naturally tell you about them." Said Granny Yin Hua.

Qin Yu nodded.

From Granny Yin Hua's tone as well as her gaze, Qin Yu was able to tell that she was not someone that could be persuaded just by using emotions.

"I know that Lord Lan regarded you as very important. Furthermore, he believed that your future prospects are boundless. He firmly supported you being together with Li'er. Haha…. Qin Yu, let me tell you, had it not been for Lord Lan, it would've been impossible for Li'er to resist her father's command." Laughed Granny Yin Hua.

Qin Yu didn't say anything. He merely continued to listen.

"To Lord Lan, you are someone with boundless future prospects. This time, the reason why Yan'er and I came to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was precisely to see who exactly is the genius that Lord Lan had regarded as so important. However, the first time I saw you, I was relatively disappointed." Granny Yin Hua spoke without holding anything back.

Qin Yu was still silent as before.

He too came to understand now why Jiang Yan was especially interested in him the first time he met her. So it turned out that these two people came to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm precisely to check him out.

"I was unable to see what exactly about you deserves for Lord Lan to regard you with such importance!" Said Granny Yin Hua with a very heavy tone.

Granny Yin Hua's manner of speaking was unpleasant to hear. Thus, Qin Yu was unable to refrain from slightly frowning.

"That was the reason why the battle of the Reef Yellow Star came to be. Emperor Yu used the great formation array to bind you. I wanted to use this to see your potential. If you are to be unable to break through even such a difficulty, then in the Divine Realm with numerous more obstructions, how would you be able to break through them?" Granny Yin Hua started smiling. "However, from what it seems now. Lord Lan is worthy of being Lord Lan, his foresight is far above mine."

At this time, the gaze Granny Yin Hua looked at Qin Yu was like the gaze a mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law — extreme fondness.

"Not merely above but far far above!" Granny Yin Hua gasped in admiration incessantly. "No matter how hard I try, I am unable to understand how, with your aptitude, since last time we met, in merely a bit over three thousand years, your soul has actually reached such a level; it's about to reach the High Level Deity stage."

While one's strength was easy to train, one's soul was hard to train.

"Usually, the time it would require for one's soul to reach the Low Level Deity stage from the level nine Immortal Emperor stage would be extremely long. To reach the Mid Level Deity stage from the Low Level Deity stage is even more difficult! Under normal circumstances, for one's soul to reach the Low Level Deity stage from level nine Immortal Emperor stage would require close to a hundred million years."

"However, you, in merely over three thousand years, such an aptitude… I have never seen such a frightening speed before in my entire lifetime." Granny Yin Hua shook her head and ridiculed herself. "And here I was, thinking that your aptitude was not up to much. Lord Lan's vision is truly vicious."

As Granny Yin Hua said those words, she had walked up to Qin Yu.

She patted Qin Yu's shoulder and then said kindly. "With your astonishing cultivation speed, if you were to persist on training, I think…. in several tens of thousand of years, you'll be able to reach the Heavenly Deity stage. With your astonishing aptitude and the assistance from Lord Lan, it is still possible for you to be together with Li'er."

Qin Yu nodded.

"Although you possess an astonishing aptitude, I am still unable to determine how your aptitude is so astonishing." Thought Granny Yin Hua in her heart. "How is it possible that in merely over three thousand years, his soul would be able to reach such a state?"

At this moment, Qin Yu said. "What granny had said, Qin Yu will firmly remember it in his heart. Is there anything other advice granny might have for Qin Yu?"

Towards Granny Yin Hua who had raised Li'er, Qin Yu was extremely respectful.

Granny Yin Hua said in realization. "Now that you mentioned 'advice,' I remembered something very important. Granny Yin Hua's expression grew serious. Solemnly, she said. "Qin Yu, you must remember this thing."

Qin Yu was startled by Granny Yin Hua's expression. His ears immediately opened wide to listen to what Granny Yin Hua was about to say.

"There's something very important?" Jiang Yan who stood to the side muttered in confusion.

Granny Yin Hua then said to Qin Yu. "From your current strength, I can tell that your Divine Tribulation should be coming soon. The thing that I am about to tell you is in regard to the Divine Tribulation. Qin Yu, you must remember that when you are undergoing the Divine Tribulation to not use the Jiang Lan's Realm. Furthermore, you must also not use your hidden trump cards."

"Trump cards?" Qin Yu looked to Granny Yin Hua with a confused expression.

Qin Yu had already decided that he was going to take on the Divine Tribulation with Hei Yu and Hou Fei. At that moment, the three brothers would be able to ascend to the Divine Realm together. With the three of them taking on the Divine Tribulation together, it was possible that the might of the Divine Tribulation would increase greatly. However, Qin Yu was still very confident in himself.

"Why am I not allowed to use it? When I take on the Divine Tribulation, I will definitely be doing it in a hidden location. Even if I were to use the Jiang Lan's Realm, others would not know about it. No one would know about it. So why not?" Qin Yu was a bit confused.

Granny Yin Hua shook her head and said with a slight smile. "There's someone who will know! The people from the Divine Realm! Qin Yu, let me tell you, the Divine Realm is not as simple as you imagine it to be. Did you perhaps think that the Divine Realm merely possesses some powerful experts separated into a few different powers?"

Qin Yu was stunned.

"No, the Divine Realm is involved in the operation of the cosmos, it involves the cosmic space. In short, the Divine Realm is extremely complicated. It is not as simple as you imagine it to be. If you do not wish to create difficulties for yourself, then when you are undergoing the Divine Tribulation, do not use the Jiang Lan's Realm or your hidden trump cards." Granny Yin Hua said.

Qin Yu came to realize.

"If the treasure I use to take on the Divine Tribulation are too powerful, then they would likely be lusted after by the big shots in the Divine Realm." Qin Yu thought in his heart. "However, even if I do not use powerful treasures, it is still very easy for me to take on the Divine Tribulation."

Qin Yu was extremely confident.

"Well then, this is all that I want you to know. Just remember these two points. First, when undergoing the Divine Tribulation, hide all your trump cards. Second, do not be reckless and go find Li'er. When your strength reaches the needed level, Lord Lan will naturally come to your assistance."

After Granny Yin Hua finished her words, she looked to Jiang Yan. "Yan'er, it's time for us to return. The time we have been in the lower realm this time around is relatively long. If we do not return now, it'll become a bit troublesome."

"Mn." Jiang Yan nodded. She then looked to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, I'm going back to the Divine Realm now. You better try harder. Do not make my big sister wait too long." After biting her lip a couple times, Jiang Yan said softly. "Big Brother Qin Yu, if Big Brother Luo Yu were to have any troubles, I wish that you'll lend him a hand. Please."

Qin Yu slightly nodded. "You can be reassured."

Granny Yin Hua and Jiang Yan bid their farewells with Qin Yu with a smile. Immediately after, the two of them flew toward the horizon. A golden gate suddenly appeared in the sky. Just like that, Granny Yin Hua and Jiang Yan stepped into the golden gate and disappeared. The golden gate had also vanished.

Blazing Sun Star. On this large brown mountain, there was only Qin Yu raising his head toward the sky.

Afterwards, with a movement of his body, Qin Yu also disappeared.

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