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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 49 – Two Messages

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Although the Blazing Sun Star's temperature was extremely high, during the very late night time, there was a period of time in which its temperature would fall to an extremely low temperature. And at this current moment, the temperature on the Blazing Sun Star was at that extremely cold phase.

Although a bone chilling wind was blowing, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were standing outside the courtyard manor's door. They were quietly waiting for Qin Yu. Of course, this bit of cold wind did not affect them in the slightest.

"Mixed Hair Bird, big brother said that Jiang Yan is a Deity, I didn't hear wrong, did I?" Even at this moment, Hou Fei was unable to believe it.

Such an adorable girl was actually a frightening expert?

Hei Yu had a calm expression. He said. "We will know about everything once big brother comes back." The sentence Qin Yu said before he left had caused the two to become puzzled.

After a short while, Qin Yu's figure appeared inside the courtyard manor.

"Big brother." Hou Fei and Hei Yu spoke simultaneously.

Qin Yu glanced at his two brothers. He then slightly nodded and said. "I realize what you two want to know, okay… I'll tell you everything."

Qin Yu had never thought of hiding anything from his two brothers.

After creating a barrier surrounding their room, Qin Yu and his brothers chatted for half the night. Qin Yu had spoken of almost everything that he came to know. For example, the relationship between Li'er, Uncle Lan, Granny Yin Hua and Jiang Yan as well as some of the matters regarding the Divine Realm.

Qin Yu had also told them about some of the information he personally managed to obtain from the Bewitching God Temple.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu were shocked by all the information that Qin Yu had given them. At the same time, they became more familiar with the Divine Realm.

On the morning of the second day, Qin Yu and his brothers bid their farewell with the Flame Emperor, Jun Luoyu, Qingqing as well as the others. After they left the Blazing Sun Star, they proceeded toward the location of Qin Yu's clan, the Virtue Residence Star of the Burning Sun Galaxy.

Virtue Residence Star.

On a place close to the Virtue Residence Star's main city, on top of a continuous and unending mountain range, several palaces were located on the summits of the mountain range in picturesque disorder. There were even some elegant pavilions and wooden houses too.

This was the location where the Qin clansmen lived.

The current speed that the three brothers traveled at was much faster. In less than a day's time, the three brothers arrived on this Virtue Residence Star's mountain range. As the three of them entered the mountain range, they walked in the forest and were able to casually see some animals, beautiful plants, clear spring water, flowers, green grass, as well as some forest beasts…

After passing through the forest, flying past the pond, passing the waterfall and following the internal mountain path, Qin Yu and his brothers arrived at the bottom of a ravine. Originally, one could only reach this ravine by going through the top of the mountain. However, the Qin clan had created a tunnel within the mountain.

After passing through this tunnel, one would set foot on a winding little path. There were numerous grasses on this little path.

Due to the fact that there was a cold pond in the middle of the ravine, the ravine was covered with white fog. Once one stepped onto the winding little path and walked a distance of several miles, one would see a stele…. 'Qin Palace.' At this moment, one would be able to see that luxurious palace created entirely by Elemental Spiritual Essence Stone.

This Qin Palace was actually the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. However, because of the fact that the reputation of the Qingyu Immortal Mansion was pretty high, and that the Qin clan merely wanted to live peacefully, they decided to give it such a name.

On the route toward the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, Qin Yu saw many Qin descendants. Those Qin descendents were all extremely respectful to Qin Yu. Almost every single one of them addressed Qin Yu as the 'Utmost Supreme Third Elder.'

"Third Highness." This voice had caused Qin Yu to look toward the source of the voice.

Third Highness, this was the address majority of the people of the Qin clan called him as when he was younger.

Qin Yu raised his head to look. He carefully looked at the middle aged man before his eyes. "You, you are…"

"Third Highness might have forgotten about this subordinate. Back then, Third Highness was sent by the Prince to the Misty Mountain Villa. I am one of the people sent to the Misty Mountain Villa with Third Majesty. Furthermore, I ended up staying in the Misty Mountain Villa for several years. The bitter effort Third Highness had displayed had also caused this subordinate to feel ashamed. Thus, this subordinate had also started to put in effort toward training and ultimately became a personal guard to the Prince. Afterwards, I was fortunate to be granted a cultivation martial technique from the Prince." Said that middle aged man respectfully.

[TL: Prince as in King. You know… old languages call kings as prince…]

Qin Yu suddenly realized.

Back then, when he was sent to the Misty Mountain Villa, there had indeed been a large group of people following him to the Misty Mountain Villa. However, back when he was younger, the majority of his time was spent on training… thus, he did not have many interactions with those soldiers. The only person that he knew was the leader of the guards as well as some of the entrance guards. As for the rest of the people, Qin Yu was not very familiar with them.

And at this moment, a scene appeared in Qin Yu's mind. That was the scene where he was together with those guards. When he was younger, he did not have the company of his Royal Father but instead had the company of some guards.

"Of those people from back then, how many of them are still alive? What about the vice captain of the guards, the Uncle Wang who would frequently joke around with me? Also, what about those two big guys who guarded the entrance? What were their names again…?" Qin Yu said and said and then suddenly stopped. His gaze had turned somewhat sad.

Qin Yu understood that if there was one of two people among that group of people  who were still alive, then it would've already been pretty good.

"Among that group of old brothers, only I am still alive. The rest of them have all already died… after all, to be able to successfully cultivate was truly hard. Among all of them, only two managed to reach the Xiantian stage. I am one of them. However, the other brother, back on the Hidden Dragon Continent, he lost his life when he fought against one of the Great Wilderness' beast."

Qin Yu slowly sighed deeply.

"What is your name?" Qin Yu asked.

That middle aged man respectfully said. "This subordinate was only a normal guard amongst the Misty Mountain Villa's second team of guards back then, 'Qiu Wei.'"

"Yu'er, so you were here." At this time, Qin De walked over.

The number of people leisurely strolling around outside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion or sparring with one another was truly numerous. Qin De came out to stroll around to relieve his boredom and happened to run into Qin Yu and his brothers.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu paid their respects immediately. "Hou Fei(Hei Yu) pays his respects to Uncle Qin."

Qin De smiled and nodded.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, the two of you can go and relax in the residence first. Xiao Hei, you should go and accompany your wife and Hei Tong." Said Qin Yu. Hei Yu and Hou Fei then bid their farewells and left.

The former Qingyu Immortal Mansion, the present Qin Palace, was a very large Immortal Mansion. And now, quite a few people lived inside it. Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Hei Tong, Guo Fan and a lot of other people had already left the Jiang Lan's Realm and started living together with the Qin clan.

"Xiao Qiu, you can go rest." Qin De said to the middle aged man beside him.

"Yes, Prince " Qiu Wei said respectfully. He also saluted to Qin Yu as he left. Qiu Wei had served Qin De as his personal guard back then. Even now, that group of guards still addressed Qin De as "Prince."

Qin De looked to the back view of the departing Qiu Wei. He sighed and said. "Back then, I had several hundred thousand troops underneath me. However, those that managed to survive till now only number in the two digits. Time, it is the greatest killer."

Qin Yu knew what his Royal Father meant by that.

The number of people that could cultivate was truly small. Furthermore, there was another reason… in a mortal world like the Hidden Dragon Continent, one cannot publicise that they would impart cultivation martial techniques to others. Thus, one could only select some people with good aptitude and innate talents to teach.

"Yu'er, are you going back out again this time?" Qin De asked.

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head. "Not anymore, if nothing happens, I would likely stay here all the way until the date my Divine Tribulation arrives."

"The date of your Divine Tribulation? Yu'er, I have already asked about the matters regarding the Divine Realm. According to the history of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, generally, for level nine Immortal Emperors, the faster ones would have to wait several tens of thousands of years before their Divine Tribulation arrives. The slower ones would even have to wait several millions of years. The amount of time we father and son will have together should still be considerably long." Qin De couldn't help but expose a trace of joyous delight.

Qin Yu shook his head helplessly and said. "Royal Father, have you forgotten about the Cyan Emperor? After the Cyan Emperor reached level nine Immortal Emperor, he waited for merely several hundred years before his Divine Tribulation arrived."

"Level nine Immortal Emperor? However, there are rumors saying that the Cyan Emperor had been deliberately hiding his strength. Although he had announced to the others that he was a level eight Immortal Emperor, the majority of the people who had managed to see the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation all believed that… the Cyan Emperor had already reached the level nine Immortal Emperor. Who said that he merely waited several hundred years?" Qin De asked instead.

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled.

It would appear that what most people knew was still very limited. It was all merely some hearsays.

"Royal Father, the Cyan Emperor had actually been stuck at level eight Immortal Emperor the entire time. And during the first time when I went to the Crescent Moon Bay, it was only then that he managed to successfully reach the level nine Immortal Emperor level. And after several hundred years, he underwent his Divine Tribulation on the Ridge Peak Star." Qin Yu spoke out the truth.

After being stuck at level eight Immortal Emperor for tens of millions of years, the Cyan Emperor possessed a terrifying strength.

"Oh, what you meant is… you'll also be undergoing your Divine Tribulation shortly?" Said Qin De with a frown.

Qin De truly didn't wish to be separated from Qin Yu that early. After all, the father and son had only just reunited with each other. And once Qin Yu ascends to the Divine Realm… who knows how many years it would take for Qin De to reach the Divine Realm.

"That's right, I reckon that after several hundred years, my Divine Tribulation will come." Said Qin Yu slowly.

'Qin Yu's words had foundation behind them.

Others say that the time the Divine Tribulation arrived was not certain. However, Qin Yu knew, that there were regular patterns behind the arrival of the Divine Tribulation. The higher the level of one's soul, the sooner the Divine Tribulation would arrive.

For example, the Cyan Emperor whose soul had reached the Golden Soul Pellet level, his Divine Tribulation had arrived in merely several hundred years.

As for the level nine Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast 'Phoenix' Emperor Ni, level nine Immortal Emperor Hidden Emperor Lin Yin and other people had reached level nine Emperor level for a very long time. However, none of their Divine Tribulations had arrived yet. Their speed was clearly much slower.

As for Qin Yu's Golden Soul Pellet, there was a eighty or ninety percent chance that it was at an even higher level than the Cyan Emperor's. It would be weird if his Divine Tribulation didn’t come faster than the Cyan Emperor's. Staying in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for several tens of thousands of years? That would be nothing but a delusion.

"Several hundred years. Several hundred years is also good." Qin De could only say it like this.

Upon seeing his Royal Father's expression, Qin Yu determined that in the final times before he leaves the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, he will definitely properly be together with his Royal Father as well as his brothers.

The peaceful days continued. No hatred. No slaughter. With plenty of family love, friendships…. Qin Yu and his brothers spent roughly eighty years like that.

On this date, someone arrived at the Qin Palace.

The Demon Realm's Beast Clan's person with the highest battle comprehension, Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan. The purpose of Sun Yuan's arrival was precisely for Hou Fei.

Inside the main hall of the Qin Palace.

"You're already a level nine Demon Emperor? How is that possible? How long has it been? Although your cultivation speed was very fast before, to reach level nine Demon Emperor in merely four thousand years, that still shouldn't be possible. Especially for level seven, eight and nine Demon Emperor. The further down the harder it is to train." Sun Yuan looked to Hou Fei. He found it a bit unbelievable.

Hou Fei felt a bit ashamed.

Four thousand years? Had it not been for the Jiang Lan's Realm's tenfold times origin, how would Hou Fei have been able to become a level nine Demon Emperor?

"I've heard that Qin Yu's current strength is very powerful. Thus, I already expected that your strength would be pretty good. I had even expected for you to be a level seven Demon Emperor. Never had I expected that I had underestimated you so greatly. This time around, I was even thinking of passing on the Great Ape Emperor's position to you." Said Sun Yuan helplessly.

There were only a few people in the main hall. Only Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Qin De and Sun Yuan.

At this moment, Qin Yu and Hei Yu started smiling.

Passing on the Great Ape Emperor title to Hou Fei? Qin Yu and his brothers had already decided that once the Divine Tribulation comes…. the three brothers will undergo the Divine Tribulation together. It was likely that the amount of time the three brothers would remain in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would be less than a million years.

"Oh Great Ape Emperor, please spare me. Haven't you been the Great Ape Emperor nicely the entire time?" Hou Fei said hurriedly.

"But I have also reached level nine Demon Emperor." Sun Yuan sighed. "After I reached level nine Demon Emperor, I intended to quietly train so that I can prepare for the arrival of the Divine Tribulation. However you…"

Hou Fei curled his lips and said. "Great Ape Emperor, my big brother, the Mixed Hair Bird and I, have already decided that we will undergo the Divine Tribulation together. With my big brother's current cultivation level, I reckon his Divine Tribulation will arrive very soon. Thus, the amount of time I will remain in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm is very short. However, you're different. You've only reached level nine Demon Emperor. I reckon you'll still be able to remain in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for several hundred thousand years. Even several millions of years is possible."

"You, you said… you three are taking on the Divine Tribulation together?" Sun Yuan was completely stunned. He came back in a bit and said with a very red and intensive expression. "You cannot, you absolutely cannot!!!"

"Three people taking on the Divine Tribulation together, are you all trying to court death? You should know that the more people there are taking on the Divine Tribulation together, the more the Divine Tribulation would increase its power by multiple folds. If all three of you were to undergo the Divine Tribulation together, then the power each of you would be taking on would be more than twice that of what you would be taking on if you were to undergo the Divine Tribulation on your own! As for exactly how much stronger, even I do not know. That is because in all of history, there have only been two people at most undergoing Divine Tribulation together. And out of all the people who tried undergoing their Tribulations together, only a single group managed to successfully pass the Divine Tribulation. As for three people taking on the Divine Tribulation at the same time, there has never been a precedent of success."

Sun Yuan naturally believed that Qin Yu and his brothers were indulging in wild fantasies.

"It is only somewhat possible if all three of you possess strength that matches the Demon Realm's Three Great Emperors or the Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns." Sun Yuan added.

Qin Yu and his brothers looked to each other and smiled.

Hei Yu, in regards to his strength, was even a tier above the Peng Demon Emperor. As for Hou Fei, he was definitely no weaker than the Great Ape Emperor. And there was Qin Yu… the current Qin Yu, once he held the Divine Spear 'Waning Snow' in his hand, he was even confident in taking on the Demon Realm's Three Great Emperor and the Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns, all six of them, by himself.

Even if he did not have the Divine Spear Waning Snow, Qin Yu could also rely on his body's might as well as his soul's might to match the Gold Punishment Lord, the Dragon Emperor and them.


Qin Yu suddenly discovered a weird thing. He was unable to refrain himself from showing an odd expression.

His two Transmission Spiritual Pearls had actually respectively received a message at the same time. One of his Transmission Spiritual Pearl was the one that he used in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. The other Transmission Spiritual Pearl was the one he used in the Dark Star Realm under the alias of 'Liu Xing.'

"I'll be right back." Said Qin Yu to the few people in the main hall. He grew confused. What were the two messages that he had received?

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 50 – Wu Long

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu walked into a secluded garden on the east side of the Qin Palace. With a flip of his hand, he first took out the Transmission Spiritual Pearl of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. After sweeping through the contents with his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu was slightly stunned.

"Flame Emperor? Wu Long?" Qin Yu was stunned for quite a while.

This message was sent over by the Flame Emperor. The contents of the message was: "Brother Qin Yu, the reason why I contacted you, is to relay a message from the current Asura Devil Emperor. Asura Devil Emperor, Wu Long, will come and pay you a visit today. Oh, that's right, I forgot to let you know that… the Asura Devil Emperor Wu Long is the newly-appointed Asura Devil Emperor. His strength is also that of a level nine Devil Emperor. Furthermore, standing behind him are the two level nine Devil Emperors Mo Luo and Mo Kong. It could be said that the current Wu Long is the absolute ruler of the Devil Realm! I hope that brother Qin Yu will regard this meeting as important!"

Qin Yu only managed to remember after being stunned for a while.

"Wu Long, isn't Wu Long that Devil Realm expert from the time when I broke the seal on the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple who had said that he would be able to reach level nine Devil Emperor within a hundred years? I remember that he was only a level six Demon Emperor back then." Qin Yu had instantly recalled about Wu Long.

Back then, when Wu Long saw Qin Yu's spear strike, he managed to attain a moment of enlightenment.

Qin Yu didn't know that Wu Long was the disciple of one of the two great hidden experts of the Devil Realm, Mo Kong. Wu Long was someone who practiced the Asura Devil Path. And now, he managed to reached level nine Devil Emperor in a single breath and easily defeated the previous Asura Devil Emperor, Bai Ruxue.

Mo Kong and Mo Luo are brothers. Now that Mo Kong's disciple became one of the Devil Realm's hegemon, the two of them naturally stood behind him and supported him. The three level nine Devil Emperors of the Devil Realm were actually in the same faction. One could easily imagine the status that Wu Long currently held. The Black Devil Emperor and the Blood Devil Emperor simply did not even possess the qualifications to compete with Wu Long. To say that Wu Long had become the absolute overlord of the Devil Realm was in no way an understatement.

"Wu Long, that little guy who was only a level six Devil Emperor, who would've expected that the delirious utterances that he said back then actually turned true. It has only been eighty years and he has already reached level nine Devil Emperor. He has indeed become a level nine Devil Emperor in less than a hundred years." Qin Yu recalled the bold, visionary words that Wu Long had said back then and smiled.

Why would this Wu Long come and visit him?

Qin Yu smiled. He flipped his hand and took out the other Transmission Spiritual Pearl. He believed that Wu Long did not have hostility in his visit. Furthermore, in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, it would already have been fortunate for others that Qin Yu did not go and create troubles for them. Others coming to create troubles for him… an egg hitting a rock, one cannot blame the rock if the egg breaks.

With a sweep of his Divine Awareness, Qin Yu's expression grew solemn.

"It has finally begun?" The corners of Qin Yu's mouth was slightly raised.

This message was sent over by the Gold Punishment Lord: "Consecrated Liu Xing, my Divine Tribulation will arrive in another year's time. I wish for you to quickly return to the Gold Punishment Star. For one, i want you to be present during my Divine Tribulation. Secondly, a very important matter is also waiting for you. The matter is in regards to the position of the Gold Punishment Lord. I reckon that the new Gold Punishment Lord shall be selected between you and Vice Sect Master Liu Lan. Thus, you must be sure to return to the Gold Punishment Star before the date of my Divine Tribulation. If you were to come back too late and Liu Lan were to become the Gold Punishment Lord, then you can blame no one but yourself for that."

With a flip of his hand, Qin Yu put away the Transmission Spiritual Pearls.

"Gold Punishment Lord?" Qin Yu gazed toward the north. It was as if he was seeing through the empty sky and saw the Gold Punishment Star. "I have still not seen the Three Great Inherited Treasures of the Dark Star Realm. I have heard that of the Three Great Inherited Treasures, the one that the Gold Punishment Lord possesses is the strongest."

A smile appeared on the corners of Qin Yu's mouth. "I might as well take on that position of the Gold Punishment Lord. Furthermore, after possessing the Inherited Treasure, I can also openly display it during the Divine Tribulation since I would have to return that thing in the end anyways."

Qin Yu was certain.

He was certain that even if the peak experts of the Divine Realm noticed that he had used the Inherited Treasure during his Divine Tribulation, they would still not care. That was because every successive Gold Punishment Lords have used the Inherited Treasure. Furthermore, in the end, he would have to return it to the Dark Star Realm anyways.

Qin Yu had not thought about bringing that treasure into the Divine Realm. If he did, then that would mean that he had placed himself as the enemy of all the seniors of the Dark Star Realm.

The flowing spring water. Passing through the clear spring water where the pebbles underneath the water was clearly visible, beside the small spring water creek, inside the bamboo forest was an elegant bamboo pavilion house.

This was Qin Yu's residence.

Qin Yu did not like being in the Qin Palace. Instead, he liked the tranquil natural environment. Ordinarily, Qin Yu would be by himself. Only occasionally would he go and accompany his brothers or his juniors.

"Third Highness, His Majesty Asura Devil Emperor of the Devil Realm has arrived." Qiu Wei walked over with a youth.

At this moment, Qin Yu had his pants rolled up and was sitting on a stone beside the spring water creek. His legs were placed in the water. He was enjoying the sensation of the water moving about his legs.

"Wu Long? That young lad who had said that he would be able to reach level nine Devil Emperor level within a hundred years and the current Asura Devil Emperor?" Qin Yu was still sitting. He had his back facing the two.

"Senior Qin Yu, this junior is precisely Wu Long!" Wu Long was extremely respectful.

Even though he had become a level nine Devil Emperor and the absolute hegemon of the Devil Realm, Wu Long was still extremely respectful toward Qin Yu. For one, from the spear strike that Qin Yu displayed back then, Wu Lan knew very clearly that even the current him was much inferior than Qin Yu. And the second reason was… he believed that Qin Yu had graced him with his teachings.

Seeing how courteous Wu Long was, Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

"Qiu Wei, you can go and rest." Said Qin Yu.

"Yes, Third Highness." Said Qiu Wei respectfully. He then withdrew from this location. However, Wu Long grew confused…. That Heavenly Immortal from earlier, why did he address Senior Qin Yu as 'Third Highness?'

Wu Long didn't know much about Qin Yu's matters back in the Mortal Realm.

"What matters bring you here?" Said Qin Yu indifferently. He still had not turned his head around.

Wu Long said respectfully. "This junior has come in order to express his thanks to Senior Qin Yu. Had Senior not displayed that spear strike, then there would not be the current Wu Long. Although Senior is not this junior's master, Senior has graced upon this Junior like a master."

"Wu Long, your words are too serious. Back then when I broke the seal, not only you, the other seventy one Emperors also saw it. However, they did not manage to comprehend it. You, on the other hand, did. This is your own gift of talent. Your own ability. It does not have much relationship with me." Said Qin Yu indifferently.

However, Wu Long heart was not swayed in the slightest.

The things that he had determined were impossible to be changed by mere words.

"Senior Qin Yu, this junior has come today because he wishes for senior to have a look at this junior's spear technique! Might Senior be willing to have a look?" Wu Long was still using the respectful tone when he spoke those words.

Qin Yu turned his head around.

"Spear technique?" A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. "Good, you can use it and let me see it. You do not have to use energy with it."


Wu Long immediately stood up strong like a javelin. He extended his left hand and a crimson colored long spear appeared within his palm. Wu Long said. "Senior Qin Yu, back then, this junior managed to attain some comprehension as he saw Senior's spear technique. After this junior returned, he spent a total of seventy seven years and finally managed to create this set of spear techniques. This junior is unable to be like senior and condense all of the greater Daos into one strike and was only able to distribute his comprehension within nine different forms to create a set of 'Bloodfire Nine Forms.'"

As he said that, Wu Long's left hand was jolted. His crimson spear had left his hand!

This set of spear technique was extremely fierce. There was layer upon layer of spear silhouettes. In an instant, the entire sky was filled with spear silhouettes. It was like a sea of blood filling the sky. That nine forms spear technique, each strike was stronger fiercer than the previous. Furthermore, they press forward without exception.


A low shout.

Immediately, the endless sea of blood disappeared. Replacing them was a condensed blood arrow. As if it was ripping apart the space, that blood arrow violently flew. That blood arrow was that crimson colored spear.

The nine forms spear technique's demonstration had ended.

Wu Long held the end of the shaft of the spear. The spearhead was thrust forward.

A clear space ripple was actually shot out from the spearhead. It only dissipated after flying for several hundred meters. Like a sculpture, Wu Long remained there without moving for a long time. Only then did he slowly put back the spear.

Qin Yu's eyes were a bit shiny.

"Not bad. Your spear technique possesses a killing intent a tier higher than mine. A courageously advancing killing intent. Furthermore, it possesses that 'either you die or I die' sort of life-risking strength." Qin Yu nodded and smiled. "Your spear technique is already very exceptional. Without using your body's energy, you're already able to create space ripples. This spear technique… if you were to use it, then ordinary level nine Devil Emperors should be no match against you."

Qin Yu's comprehension level was much higher than Wu Long's. Thus, he was able to naturally create a very clear judgement.

According to Qin Yu's speculation, Wu Long's current spear comprehension was only comparable to that of the Monkey and Ape Clan's Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes.

"What Senior said is right." Wu Lan was very convinced.

Qin Yu continued to smile and said. "You're of the Asura Devil Path right?"

"Yes." Wu Long nodded. He was a bit confused. Why did Senior Qin Yu ask about the 'Asura Devil Path?'

Qin Yu nodded and said. "Then it makes sense. The cultivation method of the Asura Devil Path has influenced you. Although it allows your spear technique to be filled with killing intent and amplifies its power by a lot, it also… causes your defense to decrease as it increases the attack power. Although your spear technique can be considered pretty decent, with your strength and comprehension, I believe… it is possible for you to double the power of this spear technique within a hundred years."

"Double the power?" Wu Long was overjoyed.

Last time, Wu Long managed to attain a moment of enlightenment that allowed him to rapidly reach the level nine Devil Emperor. However, it had only allowed him to reach the level nine Devil Emperor level. If he wanted to progress even more… then like before, he would have to spend a very long period of time.

However, Qin Yu was able to allow him to double the power of his spear technique within a hundred years. This caused him to become unable to resist his excitement.

"Might Senior be willing to teach this junior?" Asked Wu Long respectfully.

"I will demonstrate it to you once. As for whether you'll manage to comprehend it, it'll depend solely on you." With a brush of his hand, a bamboo branch that still had bamboo leaves on it, flew into Qin Yu's grasp. "Pay close attention."

Wu Long immediately raised his concentration to the peak. He was completely focused on Qin Yu.

Qin Yu slightly smiled.

Holding the bamboo branch, Qin Yu walked to a bamboo tree. He used this bamboo branch and softly hit the bamboo tree. With a mere hit, the bamboo branch cut halfway into the wrist-sized bamboo tree.

"If you manage to comprehend it, then good. If not… then do not ask me about it." After Qin Yu finished saying that, he removed his hand from the bamboo branch. The bamboo branch remained embedded in the bamboo tree.

As for Qin Yu, he returned to his bamboo pavilion house.

"What, what did Senior Qin Yu do earlier?" Wu Long stood to the side. It was as if he had entered into a chaotic state. "The branch was not damaged in the slightest. Even the bamboo leaves were not damaged in the slightest. However, this bamboo branch managed to cut into half of the bamboo tree."

Wu Long shook his head. "No, Senior Qin Yu did not use any energy. None at all. But how is it possible for a branch to cut through the bamboo tree without the use of energy? And even the leaves on the branch were not at all damaged?"

Qin Yu, who was inside the pavilion house, glanced at Wu Long who was standing there, lost in thought. He then lightly smiled.

The comprehension towards the 'Dao,' was not something that could be taught through words. It could only be demonstrated through some simple methods so that others could comprehend it. For Qin Yu to demonstrate it so that Wu Long could comprehend it was much easier than for Wu Long to blindly search for comprehension himself.

However, even if this was the case, it was still not something that one could achieve comprehension on easily.

"If he comprehends it, then the 'Bloodfire Nine Forms' would not have that weak spot anymore." Qin Yu sighed lowly. He then disappeared from the room.

Inside the Qin Palace's main hall, Qin Yu was bidding farewell to a large group of people. He had told them that he had to go out for a bit to handle some affairs. And this time around, Qin Yu was leaving by himself. Even Hou Fei and Hei Yu could not follow him.

Qin De and Qin Feng were thinking about asking when Qin Yu would be back. Qin Yu who was uncertain about the timing merely said that he'd return within three years.

In the boundless Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Qin Yu executed his Greater Teleportation with astonishing distance. When traveling by himself, he was much faster than when traveling with Hou Fei and Hei Yu. In less than a day, Qin Yu had entered the Dark Star Realm.

The Dark Star Realm that was extremely mysterious to the people of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm was not secretive at all to Qin Yu.

The northeast region. The mysterious Dark Star Realm.

On the Gold Punishment Star of the Three Great Sacred Planets. On the summit of the Sacred Mountain in the middle of the enormous city in the Gold Punishment Star. A large number of experts were gathered upon those eighteen mountain tops. Compared to the last time Qin Yu came here, there were many many more experts gathered here.

The matter of the Gold Punishment Lord's Divine Tribulation had caused numerous Gold Punishment Sect's disciples scattered around the Dark Star Realm to rush back.

As he walked into the Front Palace, Qin Yu saw an acquaintance… Great Elder Fu Lan.

"Ah, Consecrated Liu Xing, you've finally come? Vice Sect Master Liu Lan and Great Squad Captain Wen Feng have been waiting for you." Said Great Elder Fu Lan excitedly. "Consecrated Liu Xing, quickly prepare so that you can go to the Guard Elder together with Vice Sect Master Liu Lan and Great Squad Captain Wen Feng."

Qin Yu was puzzled.

"Great Elder Fu Lan, why are they waiting for me? What matter might there be for us to go to the Guard Elder? Wasn't His Majesty the Gold Punishment Lord about to undergo the Divine Tribulation?" Asked Qin Yu in succession.

Great Elder Fu Lan said in astonishment. "Consecrated Liu Xing, you don't even know about this? Although His Majesty's Divine Tribulation is quite important, the matter regarding the next successor to the Gold Punishment Lord is even more important. Consecrated Liu Xing, you, Vice Sect Master Liu Lan as well as Great Squad Captain Wen Feng are all qualified to compete for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord. Before the competition, you all are required to go to the Guard Elder."

"Why are we going there?" Asked Qin Yu curiously.

Great Elder Fu Lan said somewhat enviously. "I too want to know. Regardless, those who possess the qualifications to compete for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord are all required to go to the Guard Elder. I still do not have that qualification."

Qin Yu understood it now.

"Go quickly, every single time, it had always been those who are qualified going to the Guard Elder together. Vice Sect Master Liu Lan and Great Squad Leader Wen Feng are waiting for you. If you were to not show up, then it'll be considered as you voluntarily renouncing your right to compete for the position of the Gold Punishment Lord." Said Great Elder Fu Lan with a smile.

"Renounce? How is that possible?" Said Qin Yu while smiling.

He immediately discovered Wen Feng and Vice Sect Master Liu Lan with his Divine Awareness. Immediately, he proceeded to walk over to where Wen Feng was.

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