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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 45 – Return

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Fuufuu…" Hei Yu held the Cloud Piercing Spear in one hand. He lowered his head and exhaled in a low voice. His eyes that were still a bit red, were firmly staring at the Peng Demon Emperor's pulverized corpse.

His face had an abnormal paleness.

At this moment, Qin Yu had removed the space confinement in the surroundings. Qin Yu was able to guess Hei Yu's current frame of mind. He stopped Hou Fei from moving forward. Only after a short period of time had passed did the two of them fly over to Hei Yu.

Qin Yu patted Hei Yu's shoulder to console him.

Hei Yu raised his head. He looked to Qin Yu and then to Hou Fei. A smile appeared on his face. "Big brother, Monkey, I've finally personally killed that Peng Demon Emperor and avenged my parents."

The worries within Hei Yu had disappeared. These years, he had always been keeping the vengeance of his parents deep in his heart.

"Haha, Monkey, big brother, I've grown a lot more relaxed now. You don't have to worry about me." Hei Yu said to Qin Yu and Hou Fei.

Only then did Hou Fei take a deep sigh. He laughed loudly and said. "Mixed Hair Bird, seeing your expression earlier, I didn't even dare to breathe. Oh, that's right, big brother said that the final move you displayed was the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. Why is it different from the one that big brother displayed back then? It also seemed to be different from the one I taught you. Furthermore, it looked even grander than the one big brother displayed."

Hou Fei had always been very honest to Hei Yu. He had shown Hei Yu all of the earlier stick techniques of the Inherited Prohibited Area and have also explained the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike to him.

"Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike? I suppose it could be considered as such." Hei Yu suddenly stared at Hou Fei with a confused expression. "Monkey, you said that the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike that I displayed was even grander than the one big brother displayed? Are you trying to mock me?"

"Why would I?" Hou Fei showed an exaggerated wronged expression. However, this expression had allowed them to know that Hou Fei was indeed trying to make fun of Hei Yu.

Although they're both Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike, they were of different levels.

Earlier, because Hei Yu was in a state of extreme anger, he managed to break through the threshold to the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike and execute it directly. Using the Cloud Piercing Spear, he managed to crush the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan to death.

However, Qin Yu was different. The 'Dao' that Qin Yu had comprehended was much more profound than the 'Dao' contained within the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. Although the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike that Qin Yu executed appeared to be very ordinary, it had actually reached the peak level.

"The final move of the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike is to thrust, why did you smash it instead?" Hou Fei gave voice to his confusion.

Hei Yu smiled embarrassedly. He said. "Regarding this, how would I be able to remember the exact methods of the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike at that time? It was merely because I was extremely angry that I entered into a fantastic state of mind. Following my fury, I just smashed down my spear. The reason why I decided to smash it might be because… I felt that it'd help me relieve my hatred if I crush him to pieces."

Better relieve his hatred, that was the reason. Hou Fei and Qin Yu both smiled.

"Well then." Qin Yu smiled as he pointed to the corpse of the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan. "The other stuff that this Peng Demon Emperor possessed cannot be considered precious. However, that Inherited Golden Crown is a very important artifact."

Qin Yu extended his hand and took the Inherited Golden Crown.

"I have heard the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan said before." Hou Fei frowned as he said. "The Dragon Clan and the Peng Clan's Inherited Treasures are treasures that only people from the Dragon Clan and the Peng Clan respectively, can bind. At the same time… the Inherited Treasure is something passed on from generation to generation and absolutely cannot be taken to the Divine Realm. If someone were to bring this Inherited Golden Crown into the Divine Realm, then it would be likely that the seniors of the Peng Clan in the Divine Realm would spare no effort in killing that person."

"That is easily understood. The seniors of the two clans in the Divine Realm took a large amount of effort in order to send these treasures to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Their purpose in doing that, was precisely to allow their juniors live better. If the treasures were to be brought back up, wouldn't that mean that all their efforts had been in vain? But, I am thinking… what to do with the Inherited Golden Crown?" Qin Yu turned around to look at Hei Yu. "Xiao Hei, try it out. Your father is after all a Dark Electric Great Peng Bird. It might be possible for you to use that Inherited Golden Crown."

Hei Yu looked at the Inherited Golden Crown. His brows were frowned together.

"No, I do not like this Inherited Golden Crown." Said Hei Yu resolutely.

Perhaps he thought of the previous generation's master of this Inherited Golden Crown or perhaps he thought of his parents dying because of this Inherited Golden Crown. Regardless… Hei Yu loathed the Inherited Golden Crown.

"Since you don't like it, then we might as well return this Inherited Golden Crown back to the Peng Clan. I do not wish to anger the Peng Clan's seniors in the Divine Realm and have them come chasing to kill us just for a treasure that we cannot use." Qin Yu casually threw the golden crown aside.

As long as the Golden Crown remained in the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu was able to get it back at any time.

"Okay, let's return it to the Peng Clan." Hou Fei also voiced his approval. Qin Yu and Hou Fei looked to Hei Yu. Hei Yu glanced at the Inherited Golden Crown and then also nodded.

Demon Realm's Bird Clan's Territory. Core planet Black Crow Star. Imperial City.

At this moment, some of the Emperor level experts within the Imperial City had started panicking. That was because not long ago, the imperial guards who monitored the soul jade slips inside the Imperial Palace discovered that the soul jade slip belonging to the Peng Demon Emperor, Zong Yan, had shattered.

A couple days ago, Ao Ku's soul jade slip had also shattered. Although that had shocked everyone, it was not enough to cause the Imperial City to panic. However, the Peng Demon Emperor's death had instead caused a great number of experts to panic.

The Peng Demon Emperor who possessed the Inherited Treasure actually died? Who killed him? Who possesses the strength to kill him?

Historically, for the Peng Demon Emperors, only a few of them died during their Divine Tribulation. A majority of them managed to live through the Divine Tribulation and ascend to the Divine Realm. Zong Yan was the first Peng Demon Emperor in history to be killed.

Where is the Inherited Treasure?

The preciousness of the Inherited Treasure greatly surpassed that of the Peng Demon Emperor himself. It was fine for the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan to die as they could just select a new Peng Demon Emperor. However, if the Inherited Treasure was lost, then the status of the Peng Clan would drop greatly. The status of the entire Bird Clan would also become inferior to the Beast Clan and the Dragon Clan.

Inside the main hall of the Imperial Palace.

A large number of Emperor level experts of the Bird Clan were gathered here. Compared to several thousand years ago… the Peng Demon Emperor, as well as the three level eight Demon Emperor’s underneath him, were all dead. Currently, the Bird Clan's strength had become much weaker.

"Everyone, first Lord Ao Ku died and now, His Majesty Zong Yan has also fallen…. our Bird Clan has entered a most dangerous period. Currently, the most important thing we must do is to select a new Peng Demon Emperor." A white gowned old man said in a clear voice. "According to the old rules, the Peng Clan's two great Super Divine Beasts both possess the qualifications to become the next Peng Demon Emperor. Dark Electric Great Peng Bird, Fang Lan, is currently a level five Demon Emperor. However, the Golden Winged Great Peng Bird Zong Jue is only a level two Demon Emperor. Thus, I think that if Fang Lan were to become the next Peng Demon Emperor, everyone should not have any objection to it, right?"

This white gowned old man was a Demon Emperor of top seniority and powerful strength. His words had significant weight behind them.

Peng Demon Emperor, that position was usually succeeded by either one of the two great Super Divine Beasts of the Peng Clan. Its selection was to select the strongest one.

However, at this moment, Zong Jue walked forward.

"Zong Jue, could it be that you want to become the Peng Demon Emperor?" Shouted that white gowned old man.

Zong Jue smiled and said. "I do not oppose Brother Fang Lan becoming the next Peng Demon Emperor. However, our Bird Clan's Lord Ao Ku and His Majesty Zong Yan were both killed by someone, in succession. Even our Inherited Treasure was lost. A Peng Demon Emperor without the Inherited Treasure, how shall he lead the entire Bird Clan, how would our Bird Clansmen be convinced and accept it? Thus, I believe our top priority shall be finding the Inherited Treasure."

"Brother Fang Lan, do you think what I said is correct?" Zong Jue's gaze was cast toward Fang Lan who stood by the corner.

Fang Lan's eyes had been closed the entire time. Upon hearing Zong Jue's question, his eyelids were lifted upward. His deep gaze had caused all the surrounding people to feel a sense of fear. Fang Lan said coldly. "Without the Inherited Treasure, the Peng Demon Emperor is not the Peng Demon Emperor."

After he finished saying those words, Fang Lan grew silent again.

"Everyone, please suggest how we shall find the Inherited Treasure." Said the white gowned old man with a loud voice.

Immediately, voices of discussions filled the entire main hall. All of these higher echelon experts of the Bird Clan were hard pressed by the issue of the Inherited Treasure. Even after discussing for a long time, they still did not manage to put forward a proposal.

Fang Lan stood to the side with his eyes closed as he listened to the chatter of the discussions. He frowned, raised his head and glanced at everyone present. With a cold voice, he said. "Find the Inherited Treasure? Even Zong Yan who possessed the Inherited Treasure was killed by the enemy, even if we were able to find the enemy who has taken the Inherited Treasure, who would be able to defeat him?"

Suddenly, everyone was stunned. They all then took a long sigh and grew completely silent.

All of them knew that. However, they still decided to discuss. That was because they wanted to put in a bit more effort. However, now that they had listened to Fang Lan, all of them had also given up hope.

At this moment, a female among the Emperor level experts said coldly. "Fang Lan, didn't you say earlier that without the Inherited Treasure, the Peng Demon Emperor is not the Peng Demon Emperor? I reckon you also agree to finding the Inherited Treasure and then decide the Peng Demon Emperor. And now, those words you've said, what is your intention? Are you planning to give up looking for the Inherited Treasure?"

"Give up?" Fang Lan merely smiled disdainfully. He then closed his eyes again and went back to sleeping on the side, no longer bothering with the others.

The group of Bird Clan experts were looking at each other as they stood in the main hall. They were unable to come up with an idea as to what they should do. All they could do, was to end up in groups of two or three and start discussing.

They started discussing about the astonishing strength of Zong Yan's killer. They started discussing what might happen now that they don't have the Inherited Treasure…

"It's pretty lively here." A voice suddenly resounded through the entire main hall.

In an instant, everyone in the main hall grew silent. It was an absolute silence. At the same time, they had all looked over to the entranceway.

They saw three youths walking into the main hall side by side. The locations that they passed, none of the imperial guards actually moved forward to stop their path. These three youths, one was wearing a golden gown, one was wearing a black gown and the last one was wearing a white gown.

Even without wind blowing, the gowns were fluttering.

The golden gowned youth had a sinister smile on his face. The white gowned youth looked at all the people present with an ice cold gaze. Only the youth in the middle, the youth wearing the black gown, had a peaceful and deep gaze.

As the three youths entered into the main hall, the aura that they emitted had caused all of the Demon Emperors within the main hall to hold their breaths. It was like they were being crushed by a large mountain, giving them a feeling of not being able to breathe.

"Who are you all?" The white gowned old man possessed the highest strength. He was barely able to resist the pressure of their powers.

"Qin Yu, it's you all?" Zong Jue looked to Qin Yu and his brothers in shock.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded to Zong Jue. It could be considered as him greeting Zong Jue.

As for Hou Fei who stood beside Qin Yu, he was instead laughing evilly and said. "When Zong Yan was still alive, this place wasn't this lively. Yet now that he is dead, the place has grown a bit more lively. For us three brothers to come here, we do not have any major business. Merely, after we killed your Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan, we decided to do a good deed and give you all the Inherited Golden Crown."

After receiving the Inherited Golden Crown from Qin Yu, Hou Fei grope it a couple times and then muttered deliberately. "Why does this Inherited Treasure have the appearance of a golden crown?" As he said this, he even pinched it a couple times.

"Stop." A couple Demon Emperors were unable to refrain themselves and shouted.

The Inherited Treasure was the Crown of the successive generations Peng Demon Emperors. It possessed an unsurpassed status in the Bird Clan. It was even more important than the Peng Demon Emperor himself. However, Hou Fei was currently rubbing it as if it was a plaything. How would they not possibly be angry?

"If you were to anger your Granddaddy Hou here, then I would not give you this Inherited Golden Crown." Said Hou Fei with a deep and cold voice.

Qin Yu who stood to the side started laughing. Hou Fei's speed at which he turned hostile was truly fast. However, it was very effective. Immediately, no one in the entire main hall dared to say anything. Even the Peng Demon Emperor had been killed. Furthermore, the aura that Qin Yu and his two brothers were emitting had also displayed the frightening strength that they possessed.

Rumor has it that Qin Yu eliminated the seal on the Bewitching God Temple with a single spear strike. This was something that this group of Demon Emperors knew of too.  Who would dare to anger the three brothers?

"Good, seeing that you all have been obedient, I'll give it to you." Like throwing trash, Hou Fei threw the Inherited Golden Crown toward the ground.


That white clothed old man was the first to respond. With his body to the ground, he flew forward rapidly and instantly caught the Inherited Golden Crown.

Qin Yu slightly nodded to Zong Jue. He then said to Hou Fei. " Fei Fei, do not waste time with them anymore. Let's return." Hou Fei nodded. He then even looked to the Demon Emperors in the main hall with a look of ridicule.

Then, like the time when the three of them came, the three brothers walked out side by side. Not a single one of those imperial guards dared to block their path. After they walked to a short distance outside the main hall, Qin Yu and his brothers disappeared into the air.

"Huff!" Only now did the group of Demon Emperors manage to have a deep sigh of relief. They were all thinking in their hearts. "Too frightening."

"What is happening with you all?" A Demon Emperor shouted to the imperial guards outside the entrance. "How could you let them strut in like this? Even if you guys cannot block them, you must still try to make it seem like you tried."

Those imperial guards' heads were drenched with cold sweat. One of the imperial guard leader among them said helplessly. "Your Lordship, it's not that we didn't want to block them, but rather that we were unable to move at all."

Immortal Realm. Core planet of the Wind Plate Galaxy, Blazing Sun Star.

That was the headquarters of one of the current three great leaders of the Immortal Realm, the Flame Emperor. Qin Yu had arranged his parents and others to the Burning Sun Galaxy. As the Burning Sun Galaxy was the Flame Emperor's territory, Qin Yu had decided that it was best for him to come and greet the Flame Emperor.

The Blazing Sun Star was extremely hot. However, due to the fact that it was the headquarters of the Flame Emperor, there would always be a large number of people arriving at the Blazing Sun Star every day.

In the airspace above the Blazing Sun Star. Qin Yu and his two brothers were standing in the air. They were all searching with their souls.

"Eh?" Qin Yu suddenly uttered a sound of surprise.

"Big brother, is there something shocking? That Flame Emperor's strength did not increase by much, he's still a level eight Immortal Emperor." Puzzled, Hou Fei looked to Qin Yu. Although Hei Yu did not say anything, he also looked to Qin Yu with a puzzled expression.

Qin Yu smiled and explained. "No, I am not shocked about the Flame Emperor. What I am shocked about was that I actually discovered a good brother that I befriended in the Immortal Realm, Jun Luoyu!"

Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 46 – High Level Deity

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Jun Luoyu?" Hou Fei frowned. He then suddenly realized and said. "Ah, I remember now. Big brother, you once said that you befriended two good brothers on the Blue Flame Star. One was Ao Wuming and the other was this Jun Luoyu."

Back then, Qin Yu merely casually mentioned it. Neither Hou Fei nor Hei Yu had paid much attention to it. Furthermore, neither one of them had seen Jun Luoyu before. Thus, they were naturally unable to differentiate who Jun Luoyu was with their Demon Awareness.

"To be honest, the number of experts over here on the Flame Emperor's side is truly great. There are actually four level eight Immortal Emperors!" Hou Fei gasped in admiration.

Qin Yu nodded.

Of the four level eight Immortal Emperors, two among them were the Flame Emperor and Jun Luoyu. Never had Qin Yu anticipated that in only about four thousand years, Jun Luoyu would actually become a level eight Immortal Emperor.The title of the Genius Immortal Emperor was truly not false.

"Brother Guan Sheng, long time no see. I am Qin Yu." Qin Yu's Divine Awareness Voice Transmission had directly sounded in the Flame Emperor's mind. At Qin Yu's current level, he does not need to call the Flame Emperor by his title. It was fine for him to just call him directly by his name.

At this moment, the Flame Emperor was chatting with his wife in a courtyard. Upon suddenly hearing Qin Yu's voice transmission, his carefree mood immediately disappeared.

"My wife, go and have the maids accompany you. I shall go out for a bit." Said the Flame Emperor to his wife. At the same time, he immediately covered the entire Blazing Sun Star with his awareness. However, he was unable to find Qin Yu at all.

"Qin Yu, Qin Yu has come?" Flame Emperor 'Guan Sheng' immediately recalled numerous things.

Qin Yu's achievement of breaking the seal of the Bewitching God Temple with a single spear strike was sufficient to rouse the Flame Emperor Guan Sheng. However, the current Flame Emperor still didn't know that the Peng Demon Emperor had already been killed by Qin Yu and his brothers.

The information regarding who the Peng Demon Emperor was killed by had been completely sealed off by the Emperor level experts of the Bird Clan.

"Brother Ye Qun, Brother Peng Ding, Qingqing, Brother Luoyu, quickly, come to the guest room. Qin Yu has come." The Flame Emperor immediately sent a voice transmission via his Immortal Awareness to these people.

In the guest room.

Flame Emperor Guan Sheng as well as the other four people were all gathered here. These five people were the people with the strongest power in the Flame Emperor's Imperial Palace. The Flame Emperor was the one with the strongest power whereas the other four possessed power second only to him.

In terms of strength, of the other four people, Jun Luoyu, Ye Qun and Peng Ding were all level eight Immortal Emperors. As for the sole female of the group, Qingqing, she was a level seven Immortal Emperor. However, Qingqing had another identity… Flame Emperor 'Guan Sheng's' younger blood sister.

"For Qin Yu to come this time around, it should most likely be related to his father being on the Burning Sun Galaxy. " Level eight Immortal Emperor Ye Qun wore a body of white clothes. His entire body was radiating a slight plum blossom fragrant.

"Wow, Qin Yu, a legendary person. I must definitely take a good look at him this time around." Said Qingqing with excitement.

As the sole girl among the five, the other four people were all extremely and uncritically fond of her. Qingqing wore all red. On her body were numerous jewelries and accessories. Her long hair had also been tied up into tiny braids. There were at least several tens of tiny braids.

"Qin Yu is indeed legendary. Especially after looking at the intelligence Brother Guan Sheng presented regarding Qin Yu, I became even more ashamed of myself. When compared to me, he is even more fitting of the title 'Genius Immortal Emperor.'" Said Jun Luoyu while smiling lightly.

Although Jun Luoyu was smiling, he was giving off a sense of bitterness.

"Luoyu." A voice suddenly sounded within the guest room. The five people within the guest room all looked to the entrance. Qin Yu and his two brothers had arrived arrived by the doorsteps.

This time around, Qin Yu and his two brothers did not use their aura to oppress others. Last time around, when they were in the Imperial Palace of the Demon Realm's Bird Clan, they did that on purpose.

"Qin Yu." Jun Luoyu also had a cheerful expression. "Never had I expected that after not seeing you for more than three thousand years, your strength would surpass mine so greatly."

At this moment, the Flame Emperor 'Guan Sheng,' Ye Qun, Peng Ding and Qingqing were all surprised. They originally thought that Qin Yu would be coming by himself. However, three people had come. And the most important thing was…. they were unable to detect the souls of any of the three people.

Evidently, all three of them had souls surpassing level eight Immortal Emperors. At the very least, their souls were at the ninth Immortal Emperor level.

"These two brothers of Qin Yu's have become much stronger compared to the time when I saw them on the Ridge Peak Star!" Thought the Flame Emperor with shock.

At this moment, Jun Luoyu asked. "Qin Yu, if my guess is correct, then these two ought to be the two brothers that you were trying to find? Back then, you wanted to go to the Demon Realm to find your two brothers no matter what, never had I expected that you truly managed to find them. Truly, congratulations."

Jun Luoyu still clearly remembered the days when he was together with Qin Yu and Ao Wuming.

"That's right, this is my second brother Hou Fei." Qin Yu pointed to Hou Fei. The Flame Emperor 'Guan Sheng' was familiar with Qin Yu and his two brothers. However, the rest of the people weren't. The Flame Emperor's younger sister, Qingqing, narrowed her eyes from smiling and said. "So it's actually the successor of the Great Ape Emperor, Hou Fei. However, from how I see it, Hou Fei's strength should be on par with the Great Ape Emperor."

Hou Fei laughed. "Senior Great Ape Emperor has provided me the kindness of his guidance. However, if we were to compare strength, then it is true that I am not inferior to him."

He didn't give his own senior face at all. This caused all the people present to be amazed.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu who were familiar with Hou Fei's temperament could only feel helpless in their hearts and then laugh.

"This is my third brother, Hei Yu." Qin Yu said that and then turned to Jun Luoyu. "Brother Luoyu, didn't you all say back then, that there was definitely no High Level Divine Beast or Super Divine Beast of the Eagle Clan who had ascended in the past two three thousand years?"

Jun Luoyu had recalled the time when he, Qin Yu and Ao Wuming had just arrived on the Hidden Emperor Star and met with Meng Hong. Qin Yu had asked Meng Hong and Ao Wuming about the matters regarding his own brothers. Back then, Ao Wuming and Meng Hong were both absolutely certain that within the past two three hundred years, there had not been any High Level Divine Beast from the Eagle Clan to ascend. Furthermore, there was no Super Divine Beast in the Eagle Clan.

"Qin Yu, I didn't say that. It's Meng Hong and Big Brother Wuming that said that. Why? Is this third brother of yours a High Level Divine Beast or a Super Divine Beast?" Jun Luoyu was unable to refrain his shock as he said that.

Hou Fei laughed with his distinct gaga noise. "Mixed Hair Bird is a Variation Super Divine Beast."

The expression of the Flame Emperor and them had immediately changed.

Although the Flame Emperor had interacted with Qin Yu and his brothers on the Ridge Peak Star, he, as well as his subordinates, still didn't know about the fact that Hei Yu was a Variation Super Divine Beast. All they knew was that… the Peng Demon Emperor from back then and Hei Yu had hatred between them.

"The banquet has been prepared. Brother Qin Yu, Brother Hou Fei, Brother Hei Yu, please!" Said the Flame Emperor with a smile.

During the banquet, after exchanging wines and toasting with each other, the relationship between them also grew more intimate.

From the banquet, Qin Yu came to find out about one thing. The Flame Emperor, one of the three major powers of the Immortal Realm, was actually composed through a unity of several second rated powers. Although the Flame Imperial Palace was called the Flame Imperial Palace, it actually had 'Five Palaces.'

These Five Palaces respectively belonged to Flame Emperor Guan Sheng, Ye Qun, Peng Ding, Qing Qin and Jun Luoyu.

These five people possessed an equally matched position and were headed by the Flame Emperor.

"After I reached the level eight Immortal Emperor level, I left the Seclusion Training Ground and proceeded to the Devil Realm to handle the Devil Emperor Xue Yi. Although I managed to successfully kill Devil Emperor Xue Yi, the Blood Devil Emperor Xue Tianya proceeded to chase after me the entire time. Thus, in the Blood Devil Emperor's territory, I proceeded to kill my way back into the Immortal Realm." Jun Luoyu and Qin Yu were chatting about all the stuff that happened in all these years.

Only now did Qin Yu find out that Jun Luoyu had finally removed his heart's binding.

"Luoyu, that Xue Tianya was also a level eight Devil Emperor. How did you manage to kill Devil Emperor Xue Yi in his territory and then kill your way back into the Immortal Realm?" Said Qin Yu with a bit of suspicion.

Guan Qingqing who had been talking with Qin Yu frequently since the start of the banquet, she who have been filled with curiosity towards Qin Yu, laughed happily and said. "Big Brother Qin Yu, Big Brother Luo Yu is very amazing. He possesses a High Quality Divine Artifact. That Blood Devil Emperor, no matter what he did, was unable to stop Big Brother Luoyu."

"High Quality Divine Artifact?" Qin Yu looked to Jun Luoyu with a puzzled expression.

That long sword that Jun Luoyu had before seemed to not be a High Quality Divine Artifact.

"Oh, that's something that I managed to luckily obtain enroute to the Devil Realm after leaving my seclusion training." Said Jun Luoyu with a slight smile. It seemed as if he payed no attention to the High Quality Divine Artifact.

Qin Yu was however suspicious.

High Quality Divine Artifacts, they are extremely rare even in the surrounding regions of the Bewitching God Temple. How did this Jun Luoyu managed to obtain one so luckily? Furthermore, he didn't obtain it in the Bewitching God Temple.

Unable to understand it, Qin Yu decided to stop thinking about it.

"Luo Yu, how did you come to be with brother Guan Sheng and become one of the five big shots?" Said Qin Yu jokingly.

Flame Emperor Guan Sheng who stood to the side said. "The reason why we decided to create this group of power was so that we would not be oppressed by the Cyan Emperor and the Mystic Emperor. We do not have any ambition. As long as others do not provoke us, we will not go and attack others. With the five of us together, we also do not have any relative superiority. Merely, I am usually the one who goes out to handle affairs. Thus, others began to think that I am the head of this power."

Only now did Qin Yu understood.

No wonder Jun Luoyu would join them. Likely he knew that joining this group of power would not bring about much burden.

"Luoyu, where's Yan'er? How come I didn't see her?" Puzzled, Qin Yu asked.

Back then, Jiang Yan had followed Jun Luoyu all over. Wherever Jun Luoyu goes, she would go there too. Logically, Jiang Yan should also be on the Blazing Sun Star. So why was it that Qin Yu didn't see her?

"Yan'er has something to do, so she left for a period of time." Said Jun Luoyu tranquilly.

Merely, Qin Yu was able to tell from Jun Luoyu's eyes that he was concerned about Jiang Yan.

"Big Brother Hou Fei, you brothers are truly amazing. Tell us about what you've all done." Seeing that Qin Yu did not pay much attention to her, Guan Qingqing started chatting with Hou Fei. Hou Fei was instead very excited about that. He started talking about all sorts of stuff.

The banquet lasted for quite a long time. When the banquet was about to end, a person walked in from the doorway.

"Yan'er." Jun Luoyu looked to the girl outside the door in surprise. A joyous expression then appeared on Jun Luoyu's eyes. He stood up and walked over. "Yan'er, how come you've only arrived here now?"

Jiang Yan's eyes were a bit red and swollen. It seemed that she had not taken note of Qin Yu.

Jiang Yan said helplessly. "Big Brother Luoyu, I went to see my granny. Granny told me to go back to train properly. I'm afraid I will be leaving for a very very long time this time around."

"Very long time?" Jun Luoyu's brows were raised. He then lightly smiled and consoled Jiang Yan. "Go back and properly listen to your granny's words. Be at ease and train. Only through raising one's strength will one be able to protect oneself and the things that one holds dear."

"Mn." Jiang Yan nodded. Suddenly, Jiang Yan's gaze unintentionally landed on Qin Yu in the distant. Immediately, she was shocked!

Qin Yu also looked to Jiang Yan in amazement.

From the first instant that he saw Jiang Yan, he had been completely shocked!

Jiang Yan was a level one Immortal Emperor? Nonsense!

With Qin Yu's current Divine Awareness's level and the assistance provided by his Meteoric Tear, Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that… the current Jiang Yan's soul's level was even higher than his own. If his guess was correct, she ought to be at the peak of Deity level… High Level Deity!

To personally meet a High Level Deity in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, especially someone who he knew before with a strength that was only so-so. This sort of shock was something that didn't need much explanation.

"Could it be that Jiang Yan, in merely several thousand years, managed to have her soul reach the High Level Deity stage? Furthermore, she even said earlier, that her granny wants her to return to properly train… properly train for a High Level Deity?"

Qin Yu had grown completely suspicious.

Back then, when he determined that Jiang Yan was a level one Immortal Emperor could also be a mistake. With his soul's level back then, if a High Level Deity wanted to disguise her strength, he would be unable to see through her at all.

Poor Jun Luoyu, even now, he still didn't know about the strength of the 'little sister Yan'er,' that he protected.

"This Jiang Yan is actually a High Level Deity? Then what about Granny Yin Hua?" Qin Yu frowned. Upon thinking of this, suddenly, numerous scenes had appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

For example, the respectfulness that the Cyan Emperor displayed toward Granny Yin Hua.

For example, on the Ridge Peak Star, the Peng Demon Emperor's attack was easily intercepted by Granny Yin Hua even though she moved later.

Even Qin Yu himself, even with his current strength, he was still inferior to the Peng Demon Emperor in terms of speed. He was only able to match up to the Peng Demon Emperor if he controlled the space to oppress him. Yet, back then, Granny Yin Hua did not oppress the Peng Demon Emperor's speed. Instead, she surpassed him with just her speed.


The Cyan Emperor who could easily bind the Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and them, such a hidden and forbearing super expert, when confronted with Granny Yin Hua, was still that respectful.

And now, even Jiang Yan addressed Granny Yin Hua as granny. There was no longer a need to guess about the strength of Granny Yin Hua.

"Qin Yu, do not mention of my strength!"

At the first moment Jiang Yan noticed Qin Yu, she immediately sent him a voice transmission via Divine Awareness.

Jiang Yan was able to ascertain with her Divine Awareness that Qin Yu's soul was at a very high level. When compared to her own, it was merely a bit weaker. Even if she were disguised, someone at Qin Yu's level would still be able to sense her soul. Especially the shocked expression that Qin Yu had, it showed that… Qin Yu had managed to see her true strength.

"I won't tell. However, you must have a chat with me later." Qin Yu replied back with Divine Awareness Voice Transmission.

"Okay." Said Jiang Yan very straightforwardly.

While talking with Qin Yu via Divine Awareness Voice Transmission, she was also talking with Jun Luoyu. "Big Brother Luo Yu, according to what granny said, this time around, my training will last for a very long time. I reckon that even after you ascend to the Divine Realm, I will still be in training."

Jun Luoyu's brows were raised. The expression on his face changed slightly. Immediately after, he consoled her. "It's okay. If fate has it, then it is not too late for us to meet again in the Divine Realm."


Jiang Yan nodded somewhat sadly. She then turned around and displayed a very pleasantly surprised expression when she saw Qin Yu. "Ah, Big Brother Qin Yu, you're also here?"

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