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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 44 – Thirty Six Overlapping Waves?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

With grief and indignation, Zong Yan looked to the three people before him. Among the three people, Hou Fei eyes were filled with ridicule. Hei Yu, on the other hand, had eyes filled with flames of anger. Only Qin Yu preserved a calm expression.

"Will I be able to retain my life?" Zong Yan had already begun to despair. He raised his head and looked at Qin Yu.

Zong Yan knew very well in his heart that the reason why he was unable to flee with his speed was because of Qin Yu. Although he was still unable to figure out exactly what Qin Yu had done to cause the space to constrict him like so, Zong Yan had grown even more afraid of this Qin Yu.

Merely several hundred years after ascending, he possessed strength comparable to that of a level nine Immortal Emperor. Afterwards, he disappeared for over three thousand years. His accomplishments after over three thousand years, one would quake in fear just imagining it.

"Big brother, Zong Yan has committed all manners of crimes, whoever it was that obstructed his path, he would always handle them mercilessly. Haven't we heard from that Ao Ku that this Zong Yan is an absolutely selfish person, a scum who thinks for no one but himself. Hell, I might as well smash his soul with a single stick strike of mine." Hou Fei fiercely stared at Zong Yan. His black stick seemed to be ready to smash downward at him at any moment.

Zong Yan immediately felt a burst of shock in his heart.

"Am I going to die?" Zong Yan instantly recalled all the things he had experienced throughout his life. Zong Yan's life principle was to rather turn his back on everyone in the world, than have the people of the world turn their backs on him. Whoever set themselves against him are the wrong ones, they are his enemies.

Only at this moment did Zong Yan feel a bust of disappointment and frustration. "If I were to die, I reckon that no one would grieve for me."

Qin Yu and Hei Yu glanced at each other. Qin Yu spoke.

"Zong Yan, I shall give you an opportunity to live." Qin Yu's voice had instantly brightened up Zong Yan's eyes. He raised his head and looked to Qin Yu. However, upon seeing that smile on Qin Yu's face, Zong Yan felt a burst of humiliation. He raised his chin slightly and said in a cold voice. "Qin Yu, if you want to kill me then go and kill me, don't you think of humiliating me."

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

As Zong Yan was the Peng Demon Emperor, he still had his pride.

"I will not humiliate you." Said Qin Yu with an indifferent smile. "I reckon that you can also tell now, without even my second brother and third brother, I am able to easily kill you by myself. Furthermore, in front of me, you are simply unable to flee. Zong Yan… am I correct?"

Zong Yan nodded and said. "Qin Yu, your strength is enough to convince me. In front of you, I am indeed unable to escape. If I were to die at your hands, all I could blame would be my own ability for being insufficient."

"Since you're unable to escape, then the opportunity that I shall give you is… to fight against my third brother Hei Yu without fleeing. If you manage to defeat my third brother, I shall let you go. If my third brother is to defeat you, then your fate shall be decided by my third brother Hei Yu personally. During the period where the two of you fight each other, my second brother, Hou Fei, and I will definitely not interfere. What do you think?" Qin Yu proposed his proposal.

Although Qin Yu gave this proposal, it was actually Hei Yu who told him to propose this via Voice Transmission.

Hei Yu wanted to avenge his parents. If he were to kill Zong Yan with the assistance of Qin Yu, he would not be content no matter what. Only when he fight against Zong Yan himself and kills him would he be able to feel that he had not let his parents down.

"Fight against Hei Yu without fleeing?" Zong Yan's eyes narrowed.

Hei Yu looked at Zong Yan coldly. "Zong Yan, what's wrong? Could it be be that the grand and majestic Peng Demon Emperor is afraid of me?"

Zong Yan sneered in his heart.

Earlier when he exchanged a blow with Hei Yu, the reason why he was the one losing in the exchange was because he did not use the ultimate move of the Inherited Treasure. If he were to fight against just Hei Yu, Zong Yan believed that he had some certainty that he'd be able to win.

"Good, I'll agree." Zong Yan looked to Hei Yu while smiling coldly. He then glanced at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you must remember that you and that Hou Fei cannot interfere."

"Of course." Qin Yu nodded.

"However, I am afraid of you escaping. Thus, I am going to have you come to my place to fight against my third brother. I am going to take absorb you into it now, do not resist." Qin Yu said.

"Okay." Zong Yan was extremely straightforward.

When his life was no longer on his own hands, why then would Zong Yan fear what tricks Qin Yu might do? Qin Yu also does not have to use any tricks.

"Absorb!" Qin Yu's intention.

Zong Yan immediately disappeared from the outer space. He was absorbed into the first layer space in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Zong Yan didn't know at all that when Qin Yu had absorbed him into the Jiang Lan's Realm, he did not plan to let him back out at all.

In the first layer space of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"This, this is a spatial Divine Artifact?" Zong Yan was dumbstruck as he looked to everything before him. He had originally thought that Qin Yu had absorbed him into the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. Never had he expected that it was actually a space.

Zong Yan did not believe that Qin Yu would be able to control a space. Thus, his only explanation was that it was a spatial Divine Artifact.

"What, do you have any complaints?" While Zong Yan was shocked, Qin Yu and his brothers had also appeared beside him. Zong Yan glanced at Qin Yu. He felt that Qin Yu was even more unfathomable. He replied. "I do not have any complaints. The regulations of this battle, Qin Yu, you can decide it for us."

"Good, since no one has any complaints, then you can start the battle. As for the battlefield…. it shall be that space over there." With a casual whip of Qin Yu's hand, an isolated cubic space of a hundred meters height, width and length had appeared.

To separate a small space with a casual whip of his hand, this had stunned Zong Yan once again.

"Go in there." With an intention, Hei Yu and Zong Yan were sent into that cubed shaped space. After Zong Yan was sent into it, he had even tried to touch the edge of the cubic space with his energy. However, the cubic space was extremely tough and durable; he was unable to break through it at all.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu merely smiled lightly.

"Rise." With a point of his fingers, the surface of the earth had suddenly split open. At the same time, a large mountain appeared from the surface. In a blink of an eye, a large mountain appeared on the surface.

"Fei Fei, let's go and watch the fight from the top of the mountain. The viewpoint just happens to be the best there." Said Qin Yu as he smiled. At the same time, he flew to the top of the mountain. Hou Fei also flew over to the top of the mountain; laughing and giggling on the way. "Big brother, you truly know how to enjoy life."

The two brothers stood on the summit next to each other. They looked to the two people in the cubic space not far away from them.

"Unless the victory and defeat is established, this battle shall not come to a stop." Qin Yu said with a clear voice. "Zong Yan, Hei Yu, listen carefully. The space that the two of you shall fight in is only a space that large. It is very simple for the two of you to determine the outcome of the battle. There are two ways; to admit defeat or to be killed. Well then, the two of you can begin."

Right after Qin Yu finished his words, the two people in that hundred meter cubic space started staring at each other. Their auras were rising unceasingly.

"Big brother, when you tell the two of them to fight each other head on without fleeing, it appears to be fair. However, to make the two of them fight in such a small space, clearly you are partial toward the Mixed Hair Bird." Hou Fei was able to tell the reason why Qin Yu made the battlefield so small with a single glance.

A cube of a hundred meter distance.

For an expert like the Peng Demon Emperor, if he were to exhibit the limit of his speed, then it was likely he'd reach several millions to tens of millions of miles with a single move. However, the area here was merely a hundred meters… for such a small area, the Peng Demon Emperor's astonishing speed was of barely any use.

In such a place, the most important thing was one's agility.

In terms of close combat agility, Hei Yu was most definitely on par with the Peng Demon Emperor. Thus, this had sealed the greatest strength of the Peng Demon Emperor.

"We can not talk about things like fairness. The Peng Demon Emperor has trained for all those years yet Xiao Hei has merely trained for about thirty thousand years. For the two of them to fight, is that fair? The Peng Demon Emperor possesses the Inherited Treasure of the Peng Clan. Xiao Hei, on the other hand, does not possess any. Is that fair? Thus, we cannot talk about fairness. I merely provided a slight assistance. After all, the effects of that Inherited Treasure aren't just solely speed."

Qin Yu's gaze was fixed on the cubic space. "Let's not talk anymore, the battle has begun."

Hou Fei immediately also turned to look at the cubic space.

Inside the cubic space, the two people were standing opposite each other.

"My father Fang Chong, you killed him right?' Hei Yu's voice was cold.

"You knew?" Zong Yan was unable to refrain his shock. He had still thought that Hei Yu did not know about it. Back then, Qin Yu and them managed to hear about Hei Yu's identity inside the Jiang Lan's Realm. Thus, Zong Yan didn't know about it at all.

Furthermore, not long ago, when Hei Yu, Qin Yu and Hou Fei taught Ao Ku a lesson, they managed to receive even more details from Ao Ku.

"Killing my parents, between the two of us today, only one shall survive!" Instantly, Hei Yu's eyes grew red. At the same time, black colored feathers appeared on his body. The black scaled feather on his forehead was radiating an even colder light.

Zong Yan merely had a slight smile of ridicule.

"A little vile spawn like you wants to kill me?" A quicksilver-like golden liquid began to flow on the surface of Zong Yan's body. The golden crown on his head radiated a dazzling brilliance. "I shall show you why this 'Golden Crown' is the Peng Clan's Inherited Treasure!"

After he finished saying those words, Zong Yan's body suddenly disappeared. When he reappeared again, he had appeared in front of Hei Yu.

A distance of several tens of meters, to these two great experts, cannot be regarded as distance at all.

"Chi chi…"

As if piercing through space, the golden claws directly pierced through Hei Yu's chest. However, a strange phenomenon occurred… Hei Yu actually did not bleed at all.

After a short period of time, this 'Hei Yu' that had his chest pierced through turned into nothingness.

It was actually an afterimage!

Several hundred afterimages had covered the entic cubic space. Among the several hundred after imagines, more than half of them had Hei Yu's appearance. Sometimes, more than half of them had Zong Yan's appearance. And sometimes, they were all the appearance of a single person…

"Sometimes, being too fast is also useless. In an instant, he can travel several tens of millions of miles. However, is he capable of displaying that sort of speed completely in a close combat battle?" Hou Fei provided a commentary on the side.

Qin Yu nodded in his heart.

Zong Yan's peak speed was extremely fast. Hei Yu's peak speed was much slower than his. However, in their current close combat battle, that sort of speed was not something that could be used at all.

"Chi…" Zong Yan's golden claws once again grabbed onto Hei Yu's waist.

Originally Zong Yan had thought it to be an afterimage. However, during the instant that he grabbed the waist, he discovered that… it was actually Hei Yu's true body. Zong Yan was overjoyed. He planned to use this opportunity to seriously injure Hei Yu. However, at this moment, Zong Yan saw a pair of extremely angry red eyes and a black spear.

Taking on a serious injury so that he can kill Zong Yan.

The greatest reliance that Hei Yu possessed was the strong defense of his Black Feathered Battle Armor.


Like a rain dragon coming out from its cave, the Cloud Piercing Spear violently arrived before Zong Yan's eyes. It had reached a distance of merely a palm's width from his eyes.

"Ah~~~~~" The alarmed Zong Yan roared violently.

As if it was about to drip blood, the golden crown on his head had instantly turned from golden color to crimson color. The golden light radiating around Zong Yan's body had instantly turned crimson color.

Retreating backward!

Zong Yan's speed had instantly reached an unprecedented limit. Disregarding everything, he flew backwards. The speed of his retreat was even faster than the speed of the incoming spear.

Zong Yan managed to escape the incoming spear. However, to reach his peak speed all of a sudden, he was unable to stop right away because the space of the battlefield was too small.

"Slow down, SLOW DOWN!" Zong Yan only just managed to escape from the spear but discovered that he had once again came across another crisis…. the membrane on the border of the cubic space. To smash onto the membrane with his top speed, the impact would most definitely cause him to be seriously injured.

However, a distance of merely several tens of meters would simply be something that could be traveled in an instant with his top speed.


Zong Yan ferociously smashed onto the cubic space's 'membrane.' This membrane possessed an unprecedented hardness. Sounds of bones breaking could be heard for a moment.

"Pff!" Zong Yan fell to the ground and vomited mouthfuls of blood in succession.

Seizing the opportunity, Hei Yu came rushing at Zong Yan. Zong Yan glared at Hei Yu fiercely and then started to evade him unceasingly. Ever since this moment…. Zong Yan desperately avoided fighting Hei Yu head on again.

The two of them were displaying their agility unceasingly.

One was a Golden Winged Great Peng, whereas the other was the son of a Dark Electric Great Peng and an Eagle. The confrontation of a Super Divine Beast and a Variation Super Divine Beast.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei were extremely concentrated.

In terms of agility, the Beast Clan and the Dragon Clan were fundamentally inferior to the Bird Clan. Furthermore, the peak agility of the Bird Clan was ruled by the two great Super Divine Beasts of the Peng Clan.

Afterimage. Numerous afterimages. The number of afterimages grew more and more. They filled the entire cubic space. If one were weak, then one would not be able to tell how many blurs there were at all. That was because at any moment, a large number of afterimages were being produced and disappearing.

"Ahhhh~~~ Zong Yan, if you have the ability, then come fight me head on!"

Hei Yu's roar sounded in the cubic space.

"To focus mostly on yourself and attack your enemy only briefly, this is true way to prevail over one's opponent." Zong Yan replied and then stopped saying anything more.


An angry bird cry sounded out. Qin Yu's expression changed. "It would seem that Xiao Hei has reached the peak of his anger." Being with Xiao Hei for a long time, Qin Yu knew that Xiao Hei rarely cried out in anger like this. That time when his Royal Father was undergoing the Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation where Qin Yu tried to die with his enemy, Xiao Hei had also cried out in anger like this.

"Thirty Six Overlapping Waves, he's actually using it like this?" Said Hou Fei in surprise.

In an instant, numerous black spear silhouettes appeared in the cubic space. That was the spear move that Hei Yu used with his Cloud Piercing Spear.

"That move, the Great Ape Emperor has already used it on me a long time ago." Zong Yan did not care for the incoming strike.

"No, it's not the Thirty Six Overlapping Waves." Qin Yu's eyes instead shined. Qin Yu's eyesight was clearly at a much higher level than Hou Fei's. He was able to see the true implication behind the numerous spear silhouettes.

More than merely Thirty Six Overlapping Waves, there were over a hundred of them. The entire cubic space was filled with spear silhouettes.

"Yoh~~~" A mournful bird cry sounded. Hei Yu appeared to have gone berserk. His eyes were scarlet red as he stared at Zong Yan. The corner of his eyes appeared to have been ripped. His aura had soared to the peak!

All the silhouettes that covered the entire space had naturally managed to reach Zong Yan. Zong Yan instead did not care for them at all. With attack power separated into over a hundred portions, how would a single one of them be able to damage him?

"It's not the Thirty Six Overlapping Waves?" Hou Fei was puzzled with what Qin Yu had said.

Qin Yu was suddenly overjoyed. "It's the Heavenly Startling Single Stick Strike!"

The countless number of spear silhouettes had instantly combined into a single black spear. In the moment before, the spear was still several tens of meters away. However, in a single instant, the spear had, with a mountain splitting, ocean sinking inexhaustible power, reached Zong Yan's head.


The sound of a skull shattering!

Peng Demon Emperor's head was shattered completely. His skull was completely smashed. His soul had scattered!

At the moment when Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan had his head smashed, his eyes were still wide open. The only thing he managed to see before his death was a pair of blood filled and extremely frightening eyes.

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