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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 2 – Emperor Yu's Death (spoiler highlight if you want to see)

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and TranslationNations

"I'll take care of that level eight Demon Emperor." Said Emperor Yu as he lightly smiled.

After he finished saying those words, Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Ao Ku and Liu Tu all turned into five rays of light and rapidly shot toward the Pure Flow Mansion below them. As for Emperor Yu, he specially shot toward Wu Lan to handle him.

Wu Lan stood up like a spear. He was calmly looking at Emperor Yu who was coming toward him from afar.

"It's been a long time since I last fought." A faint smile appeared on the corner of Wu Lan's mouth.

Wu Lan retreated his right fist toward his waist and started to slowly emit a black light from his entire body. Looking from afar, Wu Lan appeared to be completely covered by a layer of black colored liquid-like and flowing matter.

"A level eight Demon Emperor dares to take me on, you're courting death." Upon seeing Wu Lan acting like that, Emperor Yu was unable to refrain from being slightly angered. The Great Emperor's Sword that he held in his hand shot a sword ray that ripped through the sky and arrived in front of Wu Lan in an instant.

Wu Lan continued to stand there. His right fist was still beside his waist. Suddenly…

Time appeared to have been stopped, and space appeared to have been frozen. Clearly, Wu Lan's right fist was shot out with a speed that appeared to be very slow. His fist penetrated through the space and collided with the Great Emperor's Sword.

Wu Lan's fist was very ordinary. However, his fist was covered with a flowing black matter and was thus no longer ordinary.

The Great Emperor's Sword collided with Wu Lan's fist directly.

"Kacha~~~" Like a frail iron, the Great Emperor's Sword instantly broke apart into seven to eight pieces. The fragments of the Great Emperor's Sword slowly scattered in all directions. However, Wu Lan's fist was still advancing.


His fist had penetrated through Emperor Yu's abdomen.

In the silence, everyone's heartbeat sounded like rolling thunder. Everyone present was looking at Wu Lan with a dumbfounded expression; including the Peng Demon Emperor that had prepared to go and capture Bai Ling.

Emperor Yu, a grand level nine Immortal Emperor, was actually unable to even land a single move against a level eight Demon Emperor. Furthermore… even his Mid Quality Divine Sword, the Great Emperor's Sword, was shattered by this level eight Demon Emperor with a single fist. What exactly was this level eight Demon Emperor's fist composed of?

"Could it be the Dragon Emperor? Or is he the same as the Dragon Emperor?" Peng Demon Emperor was dumbfounded.

As for Emperor Yu himself, he was looking at the large hole in his abdomen in shock. And at this moment, Wu Lan was holding onto a Nascent Soul in his hand. This Nascent Soul had already been pierced through by the black light that covered Wu Lan's hand.

"You, you…" Emperor Yu was completely speechless.

At this moment, a series of scenes had flashed through Emperor Yu's mind in an instant. There was the time when he first started cultivating. There was the time when he was high-spirited after being renowned as a genius. There was the time when he confidently and easily wandered the Immortal Realm. There was the time when he and Xuan Xi experienced love with each other. There was also the haughty time when he became an Emperor level expert. There was also the time when he became the 'Emperor Yu' of the Immortal Realm, the esteemed honorable and radiating moment when he attained the same status as people like the Cyan Emperor.

However, all of this had vanished like smoke in thin air.

Regardless of what grand prospect or magnificent aspiration he had, regardless of the longings he had for the Divine Realm, everything was smashed to pieces by this fist. At the moment before his death, Emperor Yu's gaze fell toward the Mystic Emperor who stood afar, toward his wife, Xuan Xi!

"No!!!" That extremely mournful voice came from Xuan Xi's mouth. Red tears rolled down her face. Emperor Yu felt that his soul, being surrounded by the black light, was slowly dissipating.

With his consciousness fuzzy, Emperor Yu seemed to had seen a figure.

That man who had knocked him down from his utmost position, that man that had brought him numerous nightmares, that man with a miraculous cultivation speed.

"Qin…Yu…" With Emperor Yu's final consciousness, he said these two words. Immediately after, his consciousness dissipated entirely.


Emperor Yu's body heavily collapsed onto the ground. The sound of the impact was something that resounded through everyone's heart. Only after a short moment had passed did everyone react. And at this moment… Guo Fan, Bai Ling and Hei Tong had already been taken into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu stood beside Wu Lan.

"Wu Lan is truly powerful." Qin Yu took a glance at Wu Lan beside him. He was thoroughly shocked. This Wu Lan who had come from the Divine Realm possessed merely a level eight Demon Emperor level soul. Who would've expected that he was able to smash even a Mid Quality Divine Artifact to bits. Exactly how hard was his fist?

Qin Yu believed that Wu Lan was definitely able to pulverize his body with a single fist.

Even if his 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' had reached the eighth stage after being in the Jiang Lan's Realm for a thousand years, even if his body was now comparable in hardness to that of a Mid Quality Divine Artifact, that Great Emperor's Sword that Wu Lan had easily smashed to bits was also a Mid Quality Divine Artifact.

"So strong!" Qin Yu felt that even his breathing had turned somewhat difficult.

Amongst the people that Qin Yu knew, it seemed that only the Cyan Emperor and the Dragon Emperor possessed such frightening strength. Oh, that's right, there was also that mysterious Granny Yin Hua. As for the Great Ape Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor, it was still difficult to tell whether or not they're able to match up against Wu Lan.

"Qin Yu, I've said before that you possess an opportunity to make me fight. This time…"

"Stop!" Qin Yu immediately said stop and break off Wu Lan's speech.

Qin Yu was secretly laughing in his heart. Even if he didn't continue to listen to what Wu Lan was saying, he still knew about Wu Lan's intention. It was evident that Wu Lan wanted to use this time where he disposed of Emperor Yu as Qin Yu's request so that Qin Yu would no longer had any more opportunity to request him to fight.

Holy fuck, his single fist strike was able to smash a Mid Quality Divine Artifact to bits, with a strength that abnormal, how could I let him off so easily?

"Wu Lan, remember, my request… was killing Emperor Yu my request? I had never requested you to do such. You killed him by your own intention. Therefore… this most definitely cannot be considered as a request I made toward you. I still have this request opportunity." Said Qin Yu while smiling. At this moment, Qin Yu appeared to have completely ignored the Peng Demon Emperor and them.

Wu Lan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Then this Emperor Yu died for nothing?"

"Died for nothing?" Qin Yu was slightly startled. Following which he realized what Wu Lan meant and then nodded his head as if that was obvious. "Mn, he died for nothing."

"Qin Yu!"

Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi clothed in red from head to toe stared at Qin Yu with her hatred filled eyes. "Your subordinate killed my husband, yet you're still here acting all hypocritical. Fine, in that case I'll…"

Peng Demon Emperor waved his hand, stood in front of Xuan Xi and stopped her.

Peng Demon Emperor looked to Qin Yu and then to Wu Lan. "Who are you?" The Peng Demon Emperor felt threatened. This Wu Lan had indeed threatened him. Earlier, Peng Demon Emperor had noticed that… this Wu Lan's point of attack possessed a very fast speed.

That was right, very fast.

However, what was very strange was that when Wu Lan attacked, his opponent was able to clearly see the trajectory of his fist. The rate that the time flowed appeared to be very slow and almost frozen. Speaking of it from a certain point of view, Wu Lan's attack… was very fast.

Fast to a frightening level.

"With my speed, am I able to dodge this man's fist?" Peng Demon Emperor suddenly discovered that he no longer held certainty.

"Who exactly are you?" Asked Peng Demon Emperor again after seeing that Wu Lan did not respond.

Wu Lan finally shot a glance toward the Peng Demon Emperor and said. "Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan, your speed is indeed very fast… unfortunately, your attack power is not strong enough. You cannot injure me. It is impossible for you to kill Qin Yu when I'm present."

Qin Yu was shocked.

Holy, the Peng Demon Emperor who possessed attack power close to that of a High Quality Divine Artifact was actually being described as being 'not strong' by Wu Lan and even unable to injure him. Wasn't this a bit too terrifying?

At this moment, Qin Yu suddenly remembered a thing.

Fei Fei had said back then that when the Great Ape Emperor was commenting on the Demon Realm's Three Great Emperors, he had said that the Dragon Emperor possessed a terrifying attack and defense but a subpar speed. As for the Peng Demon Emperor, he possessed a very fast speed, ordinary defense and also a weak attack.

Indeed… experts of the same level would give the same kind of determination.

"Not only do you possess a weak attack, your defense could also only be considered as so-so. If you're far from me, it might be possible that I cannot kill you. However, if you were to approach me… that Inherited Treasure of your Peng Clan might have to exchange ownership today." Wu Lan continued.

Beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of the Peng Demon Emperor.

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan remembered about a matter. What Wu Lan had said to him was not much different from what the Dragon Emperor had said to him before.

"Your Majesty?" Ao Ku and Liu Tu looked to the Peng Demon Emperor. They were waiting for the Peng Demon Emperor's decision.

Peng Demon Emperor's countless years of haughtiness started to rise. This man in front of him actually disregarded him like so. Pend Demon Emperor grasped his fists and started to radiate with a golden light. At the same time…

Specks of crimson colored dots appeared on the body of the Peng Demon Emperor. The crown on the Peng Demon Emperor's head that was originally golden color had turned crimson color.

"Comparing the mastery of one's movement technique, there are not many people who dare to compare with me. Even if I were to fight you in close combat, I do not believe that you'll be able to hit me." The Peng Demon Emperor's eyes were shining with a crimson light.

Wu Lan's expression changed. He muttered. "Those seniors of this Peng Clan had truly left enough assets. Seems like I'll have to spend some great effort this time around."

Seeing that Wu Lan's expression had grown solemn, the Peng Demon Emperor instead grew relaxed. He realized that the man in front of him does not have the assurance of taking him on. Immediately, the Peng Demon Emperor ordered. "Xuan Xi, Ao Ku, Liu To, the three of you go surround Qin and kill him. I'll take care of this guy."

"Yes." Ao Ku and Liu Tu immediately accepted the order. As for Xuan Xi who was enraged, she had already set off to kill Qin Yu.

Qin Yu not at all concerned about being surrounded by the three.

"As my Nine Steps Dark Gold Body has reached the eighth stage, I shall test out my achievement today." A smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. His body was comparable in hardness to that of a Mid Quality Divine Artifact. On top of that, he had the recovery ability of the Life Elemental Energy.

Qin Yu was confident that he'll be able to fight one against three.

"Qin Yu, die!" The Flowing Great Sword that contained within it the immense hatred of the Mystic Emperor was the first to arrive in front of Qin Yu. Qin Yu merely moved his body aside and directly stretch his hand out to catch the sword.

Catching a Divine Sword one handed!

A faint silver light was radiating from Qin Yu's body. Qin Yu grabbed the Divine Sword with his left hand whereas his right hand came smashing at the Mystic Emperor like lightning. Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi actually decided to take on Qin Yu's fist head on. Her left hand turned into numerous mirages as it rushed forth to attack Qin Yu's head.

"Bang!" Qin Yu's fist smashed onto Xuan Xi's body. As for Xuan Xi's finger technique, even though Qin Yu had dodged, it still managed to land on Qin Yu's forehead. Xuan Xi's body was merely jolted and not damaged in the slightest. Qin Yu was also not damaged in the slightest.

Qin Yu took a step back.

"Prepare to die!" Ao Ku and Liu Tu came with a pincer attack on Qin Yu from both sides. Ao Ku's spiked club and Liu Tu's machete both came attacking at Qin Yu. However, Qin Yu merely used his two hands to hit back.

"Emperor Yu was truly good toward you." Qin Yu continuously blocked several tens of strikes from Ao Ku and Liu Tu. However, he instead started to speak to the Mystic Emperor. "Unexpectedly, he was willing to part with his Divine Armor and gave that to you."

Emperor Yu possessed a Divine Armor.

However, when Emperor Yu was killed by Wu Lan earlier, his Divine Armor did not appear at all. If he had his Divine Armor… the result would still not change. After all, even the Mid Quality Divine Sword, the Great Emperor's Sword, had been smashed to pieces. Wu Lan's attack power was obvious.

"Thus, I must kill you with even more." Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi's eyes shined with fierceness. Her figure turned red. Once again, she rushed toward Qin Yu.

"I cannot waste any more time. Having been chased to kill the entire time, I shall let them know that… trying to kill me would sometimes cause you to pay a hefty price." Qin Yu gave rise to a killing intent.

Ao Ku, Liu Tu and the Mystic Emperor came attacking at Qin Yu almost simultaneously. To the left, Ao Ku. To the right, Liu Tu. As for the Mystic Emperor, she was coming from behind. At this moment, both Ao Ku and Liu Tu had entered their battle form.

Ao Ku's spiked club came crushing toward Qin Yu's left arm. Liu Tu's machete came chopping toward Qin Yu's right arm.

Without any defense, only focusing on attack!

With the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body having reached the eighth stage, Qin Yu's speed had also became even more frightening. Ao Ku and Liu Tu only saw the silhouette of a fist crashing toward their chests.

Their chests caved in. Their bones shattered.

"Explode!" The two hands that Qin Yu had pieced into the body of the two started to shoot out tens of finger rays. Those extremely sharp finger rays easily pierced through Ao Ku and Liu Tu's Nascent Souls.

And at this moment, Mystic Emperor's sword split open a line of blood on Qin Yu's back and knocking him forward.

"Eh?" Qin Yu looked to Ao Ku with puzzlement.

Liu Tu was killed with a single strike. However, Ao Ku… he actually split into two at the final moment. Qin Yu only managed to kill one of the two. The other one was unexpectedly still alive.

"Your Majesty, Qin Yu is too powerful." Said Ao Ku via voice transmission. When he finished, without waiting for the Peng Demon Emperor to respond nor caring for what he might say, he immediately turned to a ray of light and started to flee.

Ao Ku was able to split into two. In actuality, both of them were his true bodies. It was an ability that he possessed as a Variation High Level Divine Beast. However, one of his true bodies was already killed by Qin Yu… if he wanted to cultivate another true body, it'll be extremely hard to accomplish.

"Qin Yu is too powerful?" Peng Demon Emperor who had heard the voice transmission was unable to refrain himself from glancing over to Qin Yu.

With a single glance, he had discovered that Liu Tu's corpse had fallen onto the ground. As for Ao Ku, he had already fled. As for that Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi who had hacked Qin Yu with her sword, she too had stepped onto her Divine Sword and started fleeing after being unable to injure Qin Yu.

"They've actually all left. And this level eight Demon Emperor in front of me is also extremely abnormal." Peng Demon Emperor had discovered a matter upon fighting Wu Lan.

Wu Lan possessed an extremely powerful defense, powerful to a frightening level.

His attack power was also extremely powerful, so powerful that he could seriously injure him. Peng Demon Emperor understood that had he not used the final function of the Inherited Treasure right away which increased his defense greatly, then he would be unable to even take on a single hit from this Wu Lan.

Peng Demon Emperor turned into a blur and arrived high up into the sky. He looked to Wu Lan from afar.

"You're truly powerful. Your fists are extremely fast. However, your movement techniques are inferior to mine… your defense is also extremely powerful. I sense that you resemble the Dragon Emperor. Merely, I don't know when comparing your defense and attack with the Dragon Emperor, who would be stronger? However, the Dragon Emperor's fists' speed is far inferior to yours." Said the Peng Demon Emperor indifferently.

Wu Lan retrieved back his hand, placed them behind his back, smiled and said. "The Dragon Emperor possesses an Inherited Treasure. On top of that, being a Five Clawed Golden Dragon is powerful by itself. Both his defense and attack are a rank higher than mine. Merely, his attack speed… is indeed significantly inferior to mine."

"Qin Yu, I congratulate you on obtaining such a good helper."

After the Peng Demon Emperor finished, he directly turned into a blur and disappeared. Peng Demon Emperor also understood this in his heart… that from today on, it was practically impossible for him to be able to kill Hei Yu.

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