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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 3 – Bewitching God Temple

Translated by: Pumpkin

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Peng Demon Emperor turned to a golden ray of light. At this moment, Peng Demon Emperor's heart was extremely disturbed. His eyes were flickering with light unceasingly. "Never had I expected that Hei Yu's big brother Qin Yu actually had such a powerful helper. It would appear that killing Hei Yu is now impossible. With Hei Yu's potential and his cultivation speed, he would most definitely surpass me one day!"

"I should try to ascend to the Divine Realm at an earlier date and find the seniors of my Golden Winged Great Peng clan. If I were to rely on them and become their subordinate, I believe that I should be able to ensure my safety then." At this moment, the Peng Demon Emperor had no choice but to make the decision to try to rely on the seniors of Peng Clan in the Divine Realm.

Peng Demon Emperor stopped. He was preparing to use Greater Teleportation to leave.

"Hm?" Peng Demon Emperor flipped his hand around and took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. With a swept of his Demon Awareness, he came to know that this message came from Ao Ku… "Your Majesty, the Mystic Emperor and I are on the Green Blue Star."

"Green Blue Star, that's not far away from here."

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan started to use Greater Teleportation. After three Greater Teleportations, he had arrived on the Green Blue Star and saw Ao Ku and Xuan Xi.

On a wasteland on the Green Blue Star. Ao Ku and Xuan Xi were both standing there. At this moment, Ao Ku's complexion was somewhat pale. As for Xuan Xi, her eyes were somewhat red. She was giving off an aura of grief.

"Your Majesty." Upon seeing Peng Demon Emperor's arrival, Ao Ku immediately greeted him respectfully.

Upon seeing Ao Ku, Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan was unable to refrain himself from sighing. "Ao Ku, this time around, everything had surpassed our expectations. Not a single one of us would have thought that Qin Yu actually possessed such a powerful helper. Moreover, his own strength had also increased by a lot. Liu Tu had died and you've also lost one of your two true bodies…" Saying all of this, the Peng Demon Emperor was also unable to refrain himself from feeling disappointed and frustrated.

Ao Ku smiled bitterly. "Your Majesty, over two hundred years ago when Qin Yu came to save Bai Xin, I had fought against him. At that time, when I used my two true bodies, I was able to slightly push him down. Who would've expected that in such a short period of time, his strength would've surpassed mine by so much that he had became able to kill me with merely a flip of his palm."

"Zong Yan."

Upon hearing this voice, Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan looked to the side. Immediately, he said. "Xuan Xi, you should stop grieving so much about brother Feng Yu's death. Afterall, none of us had expected for that black and thin man to be that frightening. Even I am not a match for him."

Xuan Xi naturally knew that the Peng Demon Emperor was unable to match up against that black and thin man. However, she still said coldly. "Zong Yan, I merely wanted to know… whether or not you're planning to help me with avenging my husband's death?"

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan frowned. He raged in his heart. He tried to kindly advise Xuan Xi yet she instead possessed no sense of propriety. With his strength, although he might be inferior to Wu Lan, he was still much more powerful than Xuan Xi.

"Xuan Xi, do not overestimate your own capabilities. In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, it's completely impossible for you to kill Qin Yu. I would also not mix myself into it. This is all that I have to say, farewell." Said the Peng Demon Emperor coldly. Immediately after he shouted to Ao Ku. "Ao Ku, return back with me."

"Good. Good." Xuan Xi was so angry that her face had turned blue. Her entire body was shivering. "Zong Yan, I will avenge my husband myself. Farewell!" After she finished saying that, she immediately used Greater Teleportation and disappeared.

Peng Demon Emperor sneered in his heart. "After seeing Qin Yu's true strength, you're still thinking about trying to avenge your husband? Truly courting death."

Immediately after, Peng Demon Emperor and Ao Ku had also departed from the Green Blue Star.

From this battle, the Peng Demon Emperor had lost a great general in his camp. Even Ao Ku's strength was cut in half. Furthermore, the Emperor Yu who had roamed through the Immortal Realm freely for tens of millions of years had lost his life in this battle.

After such an occurrence, the Peng Demon Emperor would not dare to try to chase and kill Qin Yu again. As for the sole person who wanted to kill Qin Yu, Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi, she was of no threat to Qin Yu.

Flowing Mist Star, Five Willows Palace.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Bai Ling, Guo Fan, Hei Tong, Wu Lan and Dong Xue were all in the main hall. Even the five Demon Kings that had constructed the Five Willows Palace were standing outside the main hall waiting for orders.

"Haha, delightful. Truly delightful. Wasn't Emperor Yu planning to kill us? He's finally been rid off. Wu Lan, you're truly amazingly powerful. With merely a single fist, you've crushed Emperor Yu to death." Said Hou Fei with excitement.

Almost everyone in the main hall was smiling.

"Uncle Wu Lan, what's with you too. You've never set off to attack the entire time. If you would have shown your might earlier and taught that Peng Demon Emperor and them a lesson, how would they still dare to come after us then?" Hei Tong was secretly muttering on the side. Guo Fan, upon seeing that Hei Tong was speaking bad of Wu Lan, secretly pulled Hei Tong's hand and said with in a low voice. "Tong Tong, be more respectful toward Uncle Wu Lan."

At this moment, Hei Yu and Bai Ling were looking at each other and laughing.

Upon seeing this scene in front of him, Qin Yu was also very delighted.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, I believe that after this battle, that Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan ought to not dare to continue to come after us now. It could be said as… we would be able to freely wander the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Said Qin Yu to everyone present.

When Qin Yu was saying those words, he also shot a glance toward the calm and easy-going Wu Lan. Although he was somewhat prepared for Wu Lan's prowess, but it still surprised him greatly.

"This Flowing Mist Star is also very boring, where should we go to?" Hei Tong's eyes shined as she asked.

"From this battle, we had also exposed the Flowing Mist Star. Although we believe that the Peng Demon Emperor would not continue to come for us, but it was also possible for him to be unable to keep his anger down and send subordinates to cause troubles for us. Although Fei Fei, Xiao Hei and I would not be afraid of that, but Guo Fan and Little Tong's strength were still pretty weak. Furthermore… that Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi most definitely possessed an extreme hatred for us as Emperor Yu had also died. It was also possible for her to come for revenge."

Qin Yu had a somewhat solemn expression.

Qin Yu understood very well in his heart that it was very likely for Xuan Xi who had went mad with anger to come seeking for revenge and then target the weaker people like Bai Ling and Hei Tong.

"It's very possible." Hei Yu's expression had also turned solemn.

They cannot stay in the Flowing Mist Star.

"Let's enter the Jiang Lan's Realm." Guo Fan suddenly suggested. Guo Fan had already married Hei Tong several tens of years ago. However, Guo Fan had never trained in the Jiang Lan's Realm before. Unlike Hei Tong who loved lively places, Guo Fan instead liked to quietly train.

Hei Tong also nodded. She curled her lips and said. "In this past hundred years, I've already grew bored of strolling the city. Since it's so boring now, let's return to the Jiang Lan's Realm. However, Eldest Uncle… you have to agree to make me a beautiful island in the Jiang Lan's Realm. At the same time, you must make me some beautiful palaces on that island."

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

Everything in the Jiang Lan's Realm were things that Qin Yu could create with a single intention.

"Big brother, where should we go to?" Hei Yu asked. Since they cannot stay in the Flowing Mist Star any longer, where should they go to?

"I've decided to go stroll the Bewitching God Temple first." Said Qin Yu with a smile. Qin Yu had wanted to go to the Bewitching God Temple for a long time already. Merely, he did not have the opportunity to go there all these years.

"Bewitching God Temple." Wu Lan's eyes shined. Immediately after he started to smile.

"Sure. Bewitching God Temple, let's go to the Bewitching God Temple." Hou Fei started to shout excitedly. Guo Fan and his wife Hei Tong's eyes started to shine. They were also looking forward to the Bewitching God Temple.

In the boundless cosmos, Qin Yu used Greater Teleportation to travel from a planet to another. With Qin Yu's Greater Teleportation's distance, he had arrived on a easternmost planet on the Chaotic Star Field, the Bewitching Overlooking Star.

The Bewitching Overlooking Star was a flourishing planet. Furthermore, it was the most chaotic planet of the Chaotic Star Field. That was because it was the closest planet to the Bewitching God Temple. It was also the planet with the most Emperor level experts gathered there. However, not to long ago, after the negotiations of the five different powers of the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm sealed off the entrance of the Bewitching God Temple, the chaos of the Bewitching Overlooking Star had also gradually disappeared. The amount of experts that remained on the Bewitching Overlooking Star had also grown smaller and smaller in amount. And today, three Emperor level experts had appeared here.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had just arrived on the Bewitching Overlooking Star. They immediately sensed the particularity of the Bewitching Overlooking Star.

"What's happening here? How come the entire planet's space is fluctuating? Furthermore, it's an incessant fluctuation." Qin Yu was completely puzzled. It was clear that one cannot use Teleportation and Greater Teleportation on the Bewitching Overlooking Star.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu was also puzzled.

Qin Yu spread his Immortal Awareness outside of the planet to search for the cause of the space fluctuation. However, the further Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness departed from the range of the Bewitching Overlooking Planet and approached the Bewitching God Temple….

"Ah!" Qin Yu had a completely astonished expression.

Having been in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for so long, this was the first time Qin Yu had witnessed such an astonishing scene.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu both looked to Qin Yu.

"No wonder one must fly through the Bewitching Overlooking Star in order to reach the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu muttered. He then turned to his brothers and said. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, let's go."

Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other. They did not know why Qin Yu was startled earlier. However, they still followed behind Qin Yu and rapidly flew out of the Bewitching Overlooking Star and into the boundless cosmos. They began to proceed to rapidly fly toward the direction of the Bewitching God Temple.

After Qin Yu and his brothers flew for two hours in the boundless cosmic space, they had finally arrived beside the 'thing' that had startled Qin Yu.

"What is that?" Hou Fei and Hei Yu were completely shocked.

Qin Yu smiled. "That's the reason why I was shocked earlier. Never had I imagined that… the Bewitching God Temple would contain such a boundless tear in space. The space here is tearing, restoring, tearing and then restoring incessantly. With such a large tear space, it's no wonder that…the space was clearly fluctuating even on the Bewitching Overlooking Star that's so far away from here."

"Big brother, could this even be considered as a tear?" Hou Fei had his eyes wide open as he looked at the enormous tear located several millions miles away.

Even though they are located several millions miles away, the three brothers were still able to see that enormous crack clearly. Thus, one could imagine that the enormous space tear was at the minimum several thousand miles wide or even tens of thousands of miles wide.

A space tear that's several thousand miles wide?

"This space tear is too abnormal. The width is one thing. But its length was at the very least ten billion miles long!" Gasped Qin Yu. Qin Yu was able to clearly see that this space tear appeared like a winding great river within the boundless cosmic space.

The source of this space tear 'great river', according to Qin Yu's estimation, ought to be the Bewitching God Temple.

An enormous space tear that originated from the direction of the Bewitching God Temple and continued to extend to a length close to that of an entire star field. Just through imagining it, one would know how frightening it was.

Although the space tear was restoring itself, it could also start to tear in the blink of an eye.

"A frightening energy was ripping apart the space of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm incessantly. The source of this energy ought to be the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu's brows slightly creased. From merely this tear, one was able to determine how extraordinary the Bewitching God Temple was.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu also nodded.

To be able to rip apart a crack in space with a length of an entire star field and a width of several thousand miles, on top of that, this space tear was being ripped apart unceasingly, how powerful must this energy be?

"Come, let's go check it out." Qin Yu's eyes were bright and full of expression. Toward the peculiar and miraculous things, Qin Yu was extremely willing to explore them. And now, he very much wanted to check out what exactly was the Bewitching God Temple for it to be able to continuously rip apart space and create such an enormous tear in space.

The three brothers flew side by side.

Even with the current astonishing speed that the three brothers possessed, they still spent two entire days before they managed to approach the Bewitching God Temple.

"Big brother…" Both Hou Fei and Hei Yu had an astonished appearance.

"My estimation was wrong. It's not a single space tear but instead a series of tears!" Upon seeing the scene before him, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from admitting that he had underestimated the frightfulness of the Bewitching God Temple.

According to the narration written on the Interstellar Map, the 'thing' before them ought to be the Bewitching God Temple.

Why was it called a 'thing'?

That was because what stood in front of them did not had an appearance of a 'temple' at all. Instead, he had the appearance of an enormous planet. This 'planet' had a size a hundred thousand times bigger than ordinary larger planets in the cosmos. It was so big and beyond reasonable limits.

"This is the Bewitching God Temple?" Hou Fei swallowed a gulp of saliva. His eyes were wide like a ball.

"That's right." Qin Yu nodded. He was also staring at the 'planet' of extremely terrifying size that stood before him. "To be exact, the Bewitching God Temple is inside it. A substance covered the outside of it. Only through passing this substance would one enter the Bewitching God Temple."

"Does it require such a large scale thing to protect the Bewitching God Temple?" Hei Yu was also shocked.

This planet in front of them, the surface of one half of the planet was black whereas the other half was golden. Qin Yu was able to tell right away that this golden half was composed of a countless amount of Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream. As for what the other half of the planet, the black specks that composed it, was, Qin Yu was unable to tell.

However, Qin Yu knew that it ought to be a substance that possessed the same rank as Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream.

With one half being Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and the other half being a stream of black specks, the two halves were both in the shape of a semicircle. When the two of them folded and connected with each other, they took the shape of a sphere. It was likely that once they pass through this layer of protective barrier, they'll be able to reach the Bewitching God Temple.

"So many Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, this was the most that I had seen gathered in a single place. This Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and that stream of black speck appeared to be truly terrifying. The location where the two of them met was actually rubbing and colliding with each other unceasingly. Their friction had even give birth to Divine Flames, their collisions had created space tears. Terrifying. Terrifying!"

Qin Yu was speechless.

Indeed, on the ring where the two frightening energies met were numerous black flames. That was the Divine Flame created by the friction and collisions. Due to the fact that the two energies were too powerful, their collisions had even give birth to space tears. All of these tears were long to a frightening level. There are some on the top, some on the bottom, some toward the north, some toward the south… The space tears that Qin Yu and his brothers had encountered earlier was one of the many.

"The Bewitching God Temple has two entrance channels. That ought to be one of the two." Qin Yu pointed to a far away location, the central part of the golden semisphere. That was because there are the aura of Emperor level experts gathered there.

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