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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 1 – Discovered

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and TranslationNations

"What did you say? You have a way to kill Qin Yu, Hei Yu and Hou Fei?" The wine cup in the Peng Demon Emperor's hand rocked. A lot of wine splashed onto the table. However, it appeared that the Peng Demon Emperor did not notice it as he was still staring at Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu nodded, smiled and said. "That's right. If my guess is correct, it's very possible for us to capture those three." Emperor Yu had an extremely confident smile on his face. This also caused the Peng Demon Emperor to believe in it even more. "Tell me, quickly, tell me."

Emperor Yu took a deep breath and then slowly said. "Brother Zong Yan, all these years, we've been trying to chase and kill Qin Yu and his brothers. The major reason for that was because we cannot find out where they are hiding. Although we've ordered our subordinates to pay attention to three extremely powerful youths and report back to us the moment they appear. But… it was very possible that Qin Yu and his brothers had never traveled the Bird Clan's territory together."

The Peng Demon Emperor was calmly listening.

"According to what I know, there are many people who are around Qin Yu. For example, there's Hei Yu's wife Bai Ling! I think that although it might be possible for Qin Yu and his brothers to willingly stay in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion for the entire time, but what about Bai Ling? Would they have the hearts to make her stay there too? If they really had such steel hearts and decided to have their entire group stay in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion the entire time, then we truly would have no way to find them. However, for now… let's assume that the three of them are not in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. If that was the case, then how did they manage to escape from brother Zong Yan's search?" Said Emperor Yu while smiling.

Peng Demon Emperor slowly nodded. "That's right, how exactly did they escape my search?"

"That's very simple. The people carrying out brother Zong Yan's orders are brother Zong Yan's subordinates. How would brother Zong Yan's subordinates be able to investigate who they are? Of course, they would send transmission to some of the ordinary bosses of some ordinary planets. However… if Qin Yu and them became the boss of a planet, then no matter how we search for them, we'll still be unable to find them. That's because we'll be asking them to search for themselves." Said Emperor Yu with a self mocking smile. "I too had only just recently thought of this issue."

"That's right."

Peng Demon Emperor's eyes shined. He immediately turned around and frowned. "No, the experts that appeared in the Bird Clan all these years, my subordinates had kept track of all of them. If Qin Yu and his brothers were to become a boss of a planet, their strength would at the very least be that of a Emperor level. However, according to my records, there are no three people that fits the condition."

"Brother Zong Yan, you're mistaken." At this moment, Emperor Yu's train of thought was extremely free-flowing. "Had you forgotten that this Qin Yu possesses the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas? He has a large amount of subordinates. I reckon there are over a thousand Demon King level experts. You must know that in some ordinary planets, the bosses there are merely Demon Kings. If he were to let his subordinate control this planet and hide himself in the back, then how would your men be able to find him?"

Once Emperor Yu said these words, the Peng Demon Emperor suddenly came to a realization.

"That's right. Haha… I understand now." Peng Demon Emperor laughed loudly and said. "Qin Yu had arrived in the Bird Clan's territory some three hundred years ago. There were about a hundred years difference in the three times that he showed up. In that case… I'll order my subordinate to search the newly emerged bosses in the Bird Clan's territory of the past three hundred years."

"Brother Zong Yan is truly brilliant." Flattered Emperor Yu.

"Haha…" Peng Demon Emperor laughed out loud. Immediately after, he spread his Demon Awareness and immediately covered the entire Imperial Palace. He immediately discovered level eight Demon Emperor Liu Tu and sent a voice transmission to him. "Liu Tu, come over immediately."

In a blink of an eye.

Demon Emperor Liu Tu had appeared. Liu Tu bowed and said. "What might Your Majesty have for me?"

"Liu Tu, go and search exactly how many planets had new bosses within the past three hundred years! After you finished your search, immediately report back. No delay is allowed." Shouted the Peng Demon Emperor.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Upon seeing the tone that the Peng Demon Emperor spoke with, Liu Tu knew that this matter is of extreme urgency. Immediately, he bowed, left the place and started working.

"Brother Feng Yu, let's continue drinking and wait for the news to come." At this moment, the Peng Demon Emperor's mood was extremely good. In the past hundred years, there had been no thread leading to Qin Yu at all. Although Emperor Yu's idea might not necessarily work, but it possessed feasibility.


Emperor Yu also raised his wine cup.

In merely two hours.

"Your Majesty, this is the information regarding the new bosses of the planets within the Bird Clan's territory within the past three hundred years." Liu Tu had immediately arrived in front of the Peng Demon Emperor and handed over the jade slip in his hand. "Your Majesty, majority of the planets are controlled by a family for several hundred thousand to several millions of years. There are not many planets within the entire Bird Clan's territory that had changed hands within the last several hundred years. There are a total of eight of them."

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that can be said to be boundless, only eight planets have changed hands in the Bird Clan's territory. It was truly not many.

The Peng Demon Emperor held the jade slip in his hand. He swept through it with his Demon Awareness. Immediately, he lightly smiled and said. "Four amongst these eight are most probable." As he said that, he passed the jade slip to Emperor Yu beside him. Emperor Yu did not say anything and immediately took the jade slip and looked through it with his Immortal Awareness.

Soon after, Emperor Yu raised his boss and looked to the Peng Demon Emperor with a smile. "Brother Zong Yan, of these eight, four of them are likely to be bosses that are changed by the time when Qin Yu escaped. Two of these four had their bosses changed right when Qin Yu arrived at the Bird Clan's territory. One of them had their boss changed after Qin Yu killed Bai Feng. The last of them changed their boss after Qin Yu returned after the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation."

"That's right, these four planets are the most probable. However, the other four are also probable." The Peng Demon Emperor nodded and said.

Merely, both Emperor Yu and the Peng Demon Emperor knew that it was only a possibly. It might be possible that their speculation would not hold up at all and Qin Yu and his brothers had instead stayed in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion the entire time.

"Big brother Feng Yu, you sought for me?" Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi suddenly appeared.

Emperor Yu nodded and said while smiling. "That's right, brother Zong Yan and I had came to a speculation. If we are to be correct in our speculation, it is very possible for us to be able to find Qin Yu and his brothers and even kill them this time around."

"Really?" Xuan Xi's mood had also turned cheerful.

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan also nodded.

Emperor Yu's expression suddenly grew solemn. He slowly said. "This time around, no matter what, we cannot alert them. We must certainly be able to… kill them with a single strike. If they were to discover us, we must not allow them to escape."

"That's right." Peng Demon Emperor also nodded. He was also able to deeply sense the pressure that the three brothers brought upon him.

"Brother Zong Yan, that's why I believe that this time, when we are to inspect these eight planet bosses, all three of us must set off together. Once we discover them, the three of us are to immediately kill them." A cold light shined through Emperor Yu's eyes.

Peng Demon Emperor also nodded. "We'll go and personally inspect every single one of them. After all, there are only eight of them. We'll start off with the most probable four."

"Mn…" Emperor Yu slightly nodded.

On a starry sky.

Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Ao Ku and Liu Tu were all standing in the sky. Emperor Yu's Immortal Awareness was spread open. This planet was their first target. The boss of this planet was someone who had turned into the planet's hegemon when Qin Yu had just step foot into the Demon Realm.

"How is it?" Peng Demon Emperor looked to Emperor Yu.

Of the five, Emperor Yu possessed the highest level soul. Furthermore, he had already seen Bai Ling, Ye Qu, Ao Wuxu and them before when they were watching the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation on the Ridge Peak Star. Thus, he was naturally familiar of their auras.

"None. There is no one in this planet that possesses the aura of the people with Qin Yu or that Bai Ling." Said Emperor Yu as he shook his head.

Peng Demon Emperor's brows creased. He then said. "Let's go, we'll go and try out the next planet."

When the Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and the other three were bitterly searching for Qin Yu and them, Qin Yu and his brothers were still peacefully training in the Jiang Lan's Realm. This time around, it was unlikely for Qin Yu and his brothers to exit the Jiang Lan's Realm until they reach a level where they can handle the Peng Demon Emperor.

Flowing Mist Star. Five Willows Palace. In the back garden of the Pure Flow Mansion.

Bai Ling and her daughter Hei Tong was sitting beside the cluster of flowers. They were currently looking at the open space in the middle of the garden where Wu Lan was currently instructing Guo Fan. Wu Lan, unlike Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu, did not try his utmost to bitterly train. Instead, he was living a quiet and cozy life on the Flowing Mist Star.

Occasionally, he would play with Hei Tong. Occasionally, he would go fishing or drink tea. And occasionally, he would give some directions to Guo Fan.

"Uncle Wu Lan, is this right?" Guo Fan once again threw his right fist frontward. The space where his fist went through appeared to had been compressed instantly and was giving off a frozen repressiveness.

In actuality, Guo Fan's fist did not contain any energy. It was a fist that was thrown with merely strength and muscles.

There was nothing that can be done… when training in the garden, if he were to use the Demon Elemental Energy within his body, then it was likely that Guo Fan would had smashed the entire garden to pieces with a single fist. Thus, he could only train like this. Fortunately, what he was learning was the methods of using one's fist. Therefore, it didn't matter even if he didn't use any energy.

"Haha… it's not bad." Wu Lan nodded joyously. Afterwards, he looked toward Hei Tong who sat afar. "Little Tong, your husband is truly not bad. His attack technique is similar to my own. He could indeed learn my martial technique. Merely, this is about it for today, I'll teach him again tomorrow."

Hei Tong immediately ran over to Wu Lan, grabbed his arm and started to act coquettishly. "Uncle Wu Lan, just teach him for two more hours. Up till now, you've only demonstrated three times. How would Big Brother Guo Fan be able to learn your technique that easily? Uncle Wu Lan~~~"

"Sigh, okay, okay." Said Wu Lan as he pampered Hei Tong.

Immediately after, Wu Lan looked to Guo Fan. "Guo Fan, open your eyes wide. Make sure to also use your Demon Awareness to carefully observe. As to how I execute my fist, the method of the fist, you must comprehend it yourself in order for it to become yours."

After he finished saying that, Wu Lan looked to the front indifferently.

He lightly grasped his right fist and struck it out slowly yet fast. At the time when Wu Lan threw his fist out, the surrounding space appeared to had been frozen. Wu Lan's fist had completely pierced through the space.


A faint air ripple had appeared in the surrounding.

Fortunately, Wu Lan had not used any energy with his fist strike. It was merely done with his comprehension of the way of the fist. Even without any energy behind it, it was able to give rise to such a result. If he were to use his energy with the fist, then the might of the fist was something that can well be imagined.

"Did you manage to see it clearly?" Wu Lan looked to Guo Fan.

Guo Fan frowned and shook his head. Immediately after, he walked to the side and started to slowly throw his fists forward one by one. He was trying to unceasingly experience the new sensation. Wu Lan smiled as he saw this scene. At the same time, he walked to the table on the side, picked up a cup of tea and started to slowly drink it.

However, Wu Lan and them were completely oblivious that at this moment, the Peng Demon Emperor and them had already arrived on the Flowing Mist Star.

The sudden emergence of the Five Willows Palace was indeed a matter that had happened within the past three hundred years. It was one of the eight places under suspicion. At this moment, in the sky above the oceans of the the Flowing Mist Star stood Emperor Yu, Peng Demon Emperor, Mystic Emperor, Ao Ku and Liu Tu.

"Brother Feng Yu, check it out." Said the Peng Demon Emperor.

Emperor Yu nodded and once again began to spread his Immortal Awareness. The Immortal Awareness of a level nine Immortal Emperor instantly covered the entire Flowing Mist Star. Naturally, his Immortal Awareness also covered the Five Willows Palace. Naturally, Wu Lan, Guo Fan and them were discovered.

"Bai Ling, I've discovered Bai Ling's aura." Emperor Yu said to Peng Demon Emperor with a pleasantly surprised tone.

"Really?" The Peng Demon Emperor also had an ecstatic expression on his face.

To search eight planets, they were already prepared for failure. After all, Qin Yu and his brothers' ability to hide themselves had caused Peng Demon Emperor and them to suffer immensely.

"What about Hei Yu and his brothers?" Peng Demon Emperor immediately asked.

Emperor Yu frowned and shook his head. "None. I only see Bai Ling and a girl that's very intimate with her. At the same time, there are two males. One of them possessed the strength of level eight Demon Emperor while the other wasn't even at the level of Demon King."

"Level eight Demon Emperor? Who?" Peng Demon Emperor was suspicious. Level eight Demon Emperor, all of them possessed widespread reputation.

"I don't know." Emperor Yu shook his head. Immediately after, he said puzzled. "Even during the time on the Ridge Peak Star when we were watching the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation, I had also not seen this man." Wu Lan had indeed not watched the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation. That was because… Wu Lan didn't feel like watching it.

Peng Demon Emperor's brows creased. "It would appear that he ought to be a Demon Emperor from the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas."

"Mn." Emperor Yu nodded and said. "Although I did not manage to find Qin Yu and his brothers, but let's first capture Bai Ling and them. Furthermore, I sense that girl appears to be very intimate with Bai Ling. Ah, it's her daughter."

Emperor Yu's Immortal Awareness had covered the Five Willows Palace the entire time. Earlier, Hei Tong was chatting with Bai Ling and had called her 'mother.'

"Daughter? Hei Yu and Bai Ling's daughter?" An indescribable light was flickering in the Peng Demon Emperor's eyes.

"Good, let's proceed immediately. It's a bit hard to capture that level eight Demon Emperor alive, we'll kill him directly. As for the rest of them… capture them all alive." The Peng Demon Emperor had gave the order directly. "Let's go."

Immediately, the five of them disappeared from the sky above the ocean and appeared in the sky above the Five Willows Palace.

Wu Lan's soul realm's level was not strong, it was merely at a level eight Demon Emperor level. However, during the moment when Emperor Yu had spread out his Immortal Awareness and covered the entire Flowing Mist Star, Wu Lan had a foreboding sensation. However, he was unable to instantly find the reason.

Wu Lan who had sensed something immediately raised his head up.

What he saw was five people suddenly appearing in the sky above them. It was precisely the Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu and them. Upon seeing this group of people's sudden appearance, Wu Lan's expression immediately changed and immediately sent a Mind Voice Transmission. "Qin Yu, Emperor Yu and them have come!"

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