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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 17 – Training For A Hundred Years

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu held his breath as he stared at Wu Lan from afar. Wu Lan's right hand that was covered by the flowing black light slowly touched the surface of the jade green colored liquid. Wu Lan's right hand started to shiver.

"Could it be that even Wu Lan is unable to resist the Unitary Heavy Water?" Qin Yu grew anxious.

Wu Lan's right hand slightly stopped for a moment. Immediately after, he pulled it back at a lightning fast speed.

After some continuous movements, Wu Lan had instantly arrived beside Qin Yu.

"Wu Lan, what happened?" Qin Yu already had a bad premonition. Wu Lan had a serious expression. At this moment, the skin on Wu Lan's right hand was frozen to a pale color.

Wu Lan's gaze was still on the jade green colored cold pond located over three hundred meters away. With a low voice, he said. "Qin Yu, I am certain that jade green colored pond is no mere Unitary Heavy Water."

"How could that be?" Qin Yu wasn't aware of the details about what happened earlier. All he saw was Wu Lan extending his right hand into the green liquid and then pausing for a moment.

Wu Lan suddenly started laughing. He looked to Qin Yu while laughing. He said. "Qin Yu, when I extended my hand into that Unitary Heavy Water pond, I sensed that there was a mysterious thing at the bottom of the pond."

"Mysterious thing?" Qin Yu looked at Wu Lan in confusion.

"That's right. If it was merely Unitary Heavy Water, my hands would be able to endure its coldness. However, when I extended my right hand into it earlier, an extremely sharp coldness had corroded my right hand instantly. The coldness from that surpassed that of a Unitary Heavy Water's coldness. The thing that emitted that sharp coldness ought to be a certain mysterious thing located at the bottom of the pond. It even caused my right hand to be injured." Wu Lan had a self mocking smile on his face.

Qin Yu shook his head and said helplessly. "Seems like that thing does not belong to me. Thus, I too shall not wastefully seek it."

"No." Wu Lan said with a smile. "Do not give up, it is still possible for you to obtain that thing."

"Please speak, let's hear it." Qin Yu's eyes shined.

Wu Lan said in details. "Earlier, when I extended my hand into it, I was able to confirm one thing – that even if it was a High Quality Divine Artifact, it too would not be able to withstand the coldness within it. Thus, trying to obtain the Unitary Heavy Water as well as the thing located at the bottom of the pond is absolutely impossible. Therefore, there is only one method left… relying on the storage space!"

"You mean… the Jiang Lan's Realm?" Qin Yu frowned.

Wu Lan nodded and said with a smile. "Qin Yu, think about it. This thing had remained here the entire time. The Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm have never taken it away. Evidently… the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm also have no means to take the cold pond. Furthermore, ordinary storage rings, even Divine Storage Artifacts, would still be unable to resist the coldness of the Unitary Heavy Water, much less the coldness from the item located at the bottom of the cold pond."

"Isn't the Jiang Lan's Realm also a Spatial Divine Artifact?" Qin Yu asked in confusion.

Wu Lan sneered. "Divine Artifact, you're truly looking down on the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Qin Yu's eyes shined. "Wu Lan, what do you mean by that?"

"It is useless for me to tell you about it now. You'll understand it yourself once you reach the Divine Realm. Divine Artifact? Just think about it. The Dragon Clan's Inherited Treasure and the Peng Clan's Inherited Treasure, aren't they both more powerful than a High Quality Divine Artifact? This Jiang Lan's Realm is the most precious treasure I have ever seen in my entire lifetime." Said Wu Lan as he gasped in admiration.

Qin Yu didn't press on.

He knew that Wu Lan didn't wish to tell him. If he did, then he would've already done so.

"You could consider the Jiang Lan's Realm as a space. However, this space is different from the Storage Ring's space where there isn't a bit of life energy. This space is a space that's similar to the 'cosmic space.' Its level is below that of cosmic space, but it's not far from it. As long as you're able to get near that cold pond, you'll be able to use the Jiang Lan's Realm and directly absorb the cold pond into it." Said Wu Lan with certainty.

Qin Yu thought about it for a moment.

He then looked to Wu Lan and asked. "Then, in order to get near that cold pond, what level of strength must I be?"

"What level of strength? It'll be more or less about when one's body is trained to a level comparable to that of a High Quality Divine Artifact." Said Wu Lan with a light smile. "However, I reckon that it's impossible for you to use this sort of treasure in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

Qin Yu did not think too much.

After all, the number of people that could defeat him in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm was not many now. His goal had always been the Divine Realm. That was because Li'er was there…. even with Uncle Lan, he was only able to ensure that Li'er would not be forced. Thus, he could imagine the final difficulty he would stumble upon in the Divine Realm.

Identity, strength, status, they are very important regardless of which realm one might be in. After training for all these years, Qin Yu was naturally very knowledgeable about it. He had never once considered that upon reaching the Divine Realm, Li'er's father would directly give him Li'er. Everything required him to strive for it!

"High Quality Divine Artifact, right? I got it." Qin Yu smiled and said to Wu Lan. "Wu Lan, thank you for all of this. I'll immediately send you back into the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Wu Lan smiled and nodded. "Continue to try your best, Qin Yu. Let me advise you…. it's best for you to get used to moving about under immense pressures."

"Wu Lan, what do you mean by that?" Qin Yu grew confused by Wu Lan's 'advice.'

"Aiyah, the gravity of this Dark Star is truly difficult to bear. Qin Yu, let me return to the Jiang Lan's Realm." Instead of answering, Wu Lan shifted the subject. Qin Yu felt helpless in his heart. He understood that Wu Lan did not wish to say anymore. Afterwards, with an thought, Wu Lan disappeared from the Dark Star.

"Continue to properly train on the Dark Stars. Once I have finished training, I will proceed toward the Bewitching God Temple." Qin Yu had a plan in his mind. As long as it would be helpful to him in the Divine Realm, Qin Yu would definitely strive for it.

Qin Yu looked at his surroundings. Feeling that bone chilling coldness, Qin Yu slightly nodded. "The conditions here just so happened to be suited for training. Coldness! Gravity!"

Soon after, Qin Yu started running.

He no longer walked, instead, he was running.

Qin Yu's gaze was firm. His leg's muscles started to bulge. Each and every one of his steps firmly smashed onto the ground. With the jade green colored cold pond as the center, at a distance over three hundred meters away from the cold pond, Qin Yu was unceasingly running around it.

This was the limit to the coldness that he could sustain right now. In a state of absolute limit, the Life Elemental Energy was unceasingly pouring into Qin Yu's muscles, causing them to be accustomed to that kind of oppression.

Running, the simplest type of running.

Qin Yu continued to run for three entire years!

With the assistance from his Life Elemental Energy, the past three years have given Qin Yu an exceptional amount of improvement. Qin Yu's current speed was much faster than before. However, even though this was the case… Qin Yu was only able to get closer to the cold pond by ten more meters.

"I'll start running with weights now." Qin Yu sensed that his muscles had improved by a lot.

His gaze was cast toward the ground.

Under that frightening level of coldness, the ground here had already cracked open. The cracks created strips among the ground. Qin Yu grabbed a strip of ground with his hands. He planned to pull it out!

However, Qin Yu was shocked to find out that he was unable to pull it out.

"This substance is extremely hard." Suddenly, the Mid Quality Divine Sword, Sky Piercer, appeared in Qin Yu's hand. When comparing the hardness, the Divine Sword Sky Piercer was harder than the Dark Star's matter. Further, it was also much sharper.

Using a great amount of force, Qin Yu slashed his sword downward. After using a great amount of effort, Qin Yu managed to slice off this strip. The strip was merely a finger wide and a finger thick. It could even be considered as a 'stick.' Even though it's so thin, Qin Yu still had to borrow the sharpness of his Divine Sword in order to sever it.

It was a three inch long, one finger wide, and one finger thick dark red colored strip.

Qin Yu wanted to pick it up with his hands.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he was still unable to pick up this merely three inch long strip. Moreover, he was even unable to move it in the slightest. What Qin Yu didn't know was that this dark red strip, had it been on other ordinary planets, would still possess a weight greater than a large mountain. To be able to exist under the gravity of the Dark Star, one could easily imagine the density of this dark red strip.

Furthermore, in a place like the Dark Star with a terrifying amount of gravity, the weight of this strip was over a hundred thousand times Qin Yu's weight. Although it appeared to be very small, but how could Qin Yu possibly be able to move it?

"How do I add weight then?" Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

He then looked to the Divine Sword Sky Piercer in his hand. Qin Yu had already dripped his blood on the Divine Sword Sky Piercer and had became its master. Thus, it did not possess even the slightest amount of weight in Qin Yu's hands.

"Gravitational barrier!" Qin Yu immediately pat his head. "I actually forgot about the gravitational barrier." After he said that, he created a gravitational barrier with his hands and increased the gravity by three times.

This gravitational barrier secret technique was something that nearly everyone from the Dark Star Realm knew how to use. When Qin Yu used his Soul Searching on Xu Zong, he had also came to know about this rather primary level gravity barrier technique.

"This is truly heavy. And it's only three times." Qin Yu felt that his entire body had suddenly sunk. It was as if standing up had turned into a kind of burden. Qin Yu suddenly started laughing

He remembered his childhood.

Back in his childhood period, he had also carried weights and frantically ran to temper his body.

Compared to his childhood, what he stood on was no longer the mountain roads of the East Misty Mountain but instead the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.

Back during his childhood, he carried stones and the likes behind his back. However now, Qin Yu was relying on the gravitational barrier technique of the Dark Star Realm in order to increase the gravity. Although his body weight had only increased three times, with the gravity of the Dark Star, the weight surpassed over a hundred East Misty Mountains!

The sound of footsteps was heard!

Qin Yu started to run resolutely run step by step.

As he ran, a peaceful smile appeared on Qin Yu's face. With his awareness getting fuzzy, Qin Yu seemed to have began to feel that the Dark Star that he was on had turned into the mountain roads of the East Misty Mountain from back then. Furthermore, a familiar voice seemed to sound from behind him… "Faster, even faster!"

That voice was the voice of his first teacher, Zhao Yunxing.

Qin Yu was running unceasingly. Sweat drops appeared on his body endlessly. However, once they appeared, they were immediately extinguished by the terrifying gravity of the Dark Star. Qin Yu still remembered that before he entered the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, there was such a line in the jade slip that Elder Zhi Qiao gave him… "Do not use Transmission Spiritual Pearl on the Dark Star. Under the terrifying gravity of the Dark Star, the Transmission Spiritual Pearl would be crushed to nothingness."

Even Qin Yu's Sword Immortal Puppet was crushed by the gravity, one could imagine how terrifying the gravity was. Thus, Qin Yu's sweat did not even possess the qualifications to exist on this Dark Star.

Qin Yu continued to run.

His gaze was incomparably resolute.

After a hundred years!

Qin Yu had already increased the gravitational barrier on his body to four times his body's weight. He was still running. His gaze was still that resolute.

He had run for a hundred years now. Actually, being pressured by such a strong gravity, one's body would be transforming endlessly with just standing. However, running like Qin Yu, every single muscle within his body was undergoing an evolution with the assistance of the Life Elemental Energy.

Training for an entire hundred years.

"My muscles should have reached fifteen star Emperor level now." Recently, Qin Yu was able to sense that his bones were also slowly undergoing a transformation through weighted running. Evidently, his bones and muscles were now at the same level.

Qin Yu looked to the cracked Dark Star strips underneath his foot.

"This thing is as heavy as hell. Since I've arrived in the Dark Star Realm, might as well show this to Little Tong and them." Qin Yu used his Divine Sword Sky Piercer to cut off three sticks of the dark red colored strips. Although it was impossible for him to pick it up, he was still able to absorb it with his Jiang Lan's Realm.

With a thought, Qin Yu absorbed the three dark red sticks into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

He then turned around and glanced at the jade green colored cold pond located not far away from him. "I can only come again after I have reached seventeen star Emperor level." Qin Yu then proceeded to run toward the direction of the Interstellar Conveying Array.

This time around, Qin Yu removed the gravitational barrier. The speed that he ran at had turned exceedingly fast.

In merely half a day, Qin Yu had arrived by the Conveying Array. Not far away from the Conveying Array, Qin Yu saw Meng Long who was currently walking. Evidently, the past hundred years of training had only allowed Meng Long to slowly walk.

Meng Long looked to Qin Yu who was rapidly running over with shock.

"Meng Long." Qin Yu greeted while smiling.

Meng Long pointed at Qin Yu and said stammeringly. "You, you've already successfully finished your training?" One must know that the further down the road, the harder it was to train. Meng Long's speed was already very fast.

However, the plan that Meng Long had for himself was… to be able to stand up and walk within a hundred years, to be able to run regularly in ten thousand years, to be able to run with twice his bodyweight in a hundred thousand years and to be able to run with three times his bodyweight in a million years.

He had planned for a thousand years. However, what about Qin Yu? How many years had it only been?

How could he not be shocked? He was even starting to feel that his brain had been jolted.

Qin Yu nodded and said with a smile. "That's right. I've succeeded. I think I am able to step onto the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star now." To be able to carry the weight of twice one's body weight and run regularly was the requirement to succeed. However, Qin Yu was currently able to carry four times his weight when running.

"How is that possible? How is it possible that you've succeeded this fast?" Meng Long was unable to accept it.

Qin Yu also knew that his training speed was somewhat frightening. Immediately, he smiled and said. "It might be that my aptitude is good. Meng Long, I'll take my leave first." Qin Yu no longer say anymore and directly walked into that Conveying Array.

This Interstellar Conveying Array was specially manufactured and did not require Elemental Spirit Stones to supply energy. Instead, it required the cultivator to pour in his own energy. After all, it was impossible for Elemental Spirit Stones to exist on a Dark Star like this.

After Qin Yu poured in Gold Force into it, the Interstellar Conveying Array started to shine.

In over a hundred years, Qin Yu's muscles had completely reached fifteen star Emperor level. So much that it was likely even a bit higher level than that.

Seeing Qin Yu disappear, Meng Long still felt that he was about to faint. "How could this be? I had personally seen his muscles being unable to withstand the pressure of the gravity at first. Could it be… that he was faking from the beginning? No, that can't be, why would be faking it to me?" No matter how hard he tried to think, he was still unable to understand why that Liu Xing was able to train so fast.

Trial Sacred Planet. On the transfer planets of the Thirty Six Trial Dark Stars. The Interstellar Conveying Array on the lounge on the first floor of the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Building started to shine. Immediately, it attracted a large amount of people.

"Hello, Lord Liu Xing." Elder Zhi Qiao was smiling to Qin Yu. "Did Your Lordship manage to succeed in your training?"

Qin Yu felt a bit helpless in his heart.

He knew that if he were to train in the Dark Stars one after another, then his astonishing training speed would definitely shock everyone.

"Forgot about it, who cares about what others think? I'll just let others think that I'm a genius." Ultimately, Qin Yu could only reach such a decision. Qin Yu nodded to Elder Zhi Qiao and said. "That's right."

"Lord Liu Xing, please wait a moment. Let me prepare the fourteen star Emperor level title plate." Said Elder Zhi Qiao while smiling.

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