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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 18 – Reaching the Final Stage of the Soul

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

To Qin Yu, this title plate was still of significant importance. For one, it would allow him to continue his training on the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. Secondly, it was a mark of his identity. It would allow Qin Yu to travel about the Dark Star Realm easier.

Elder Zhi Qiao took out a triangular prism shaped crystal pillar. That crystal pillar started to emit a misty radiance that covered Qin Yu.

"Eh? Lord Liu Xing, you haven't obtained your Emperor level title plate?" Elder Zhi Qiao looked to Qin Yu in shock. According to the rules, when awarding a new Emperor level title plate, the old one must be returned.

Qin Yu had seen the information in the jade slip and knew about this matter. He explained. "I had never trained on the Dark Stars before."

"So that's the case." Elder Zhi Qiao nodded with a smile. However, he was still a bit shocked. Soon after, Elder Zhi Qiao took out a title plate that appeared to be of stellar crystal construction and handed it to Qin Yu. "Your Lordship, this is the fourteen star Emperor level title plate. Your Lordship can drip your blood on it to become its owner."

Qin Yu received the title plate.

The title plate was a bit transparent. It radiated three different colors. On the front of the title plate was the word 'Emperor.' On the back of the title plate was the word 'Fourteen.' After Qin Yu dripped his blood on it and became its master, he absorbed it into his body.

"Elder Zhi Qiao, farewell." Said Qin Yu and then he immediately proceeded to leave through the entrance.

All of the people standing around immediately spit a road open for him. They watched as Qin Yu proceeded toward the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Building. Unable to refrain themselves, these people started discussing what happened.

On one of the Three Great Sacred Planets of the Dark Star Realm, the Gold Punishment Star.

When Qin Yu was training on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, the new Gold Punishment Lord had already ascended the throne and had completely made it public. At this moment, the Gold Punishment Lord and a group of people were gathered in the main hall of the Gold Punishment Sect.

The Gold Punishment Lord sat on the owner's seat, whereas the six people sat on the guest seats. At this moment, one person stood up. Respectfully, he reported. "Your Majesty, news has arrived from the Trial Sacred Planet. The two lords that had entered into the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star from back then, one of them has already come back out. It is Lord Liu Xing."

"Liu Xing, he is currently a member of the Deep Mulberry Star. In the past, he was an unknown interstellar cultivator." Said the Gold Punishment Lord indifferently.

The newly appointed Gold Punishment Lord's name is Xing Yuan. He was originally also an unknown interstellar cultivator. Later, he came out from the Eighteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star and, with his overwhelming strength, undisputedly became the next Gold Punishment Lord.

Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan continued. "According to the information Wen Feng sent over, this Liu Xing's strength ought to be no weaker than Wen Feng. In that case, why did this Liu Xing enter the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star to train?"

"I reckon this Liu Xing's strength is at the fifteen star Emperor level. According to the information, this Liu Xing had never gone through training in the Dark Stars. It might be that he was not confident in himself and thus decided to train on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star for a period of time before entering the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star?" Said a white bearded old man with a smile.

Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan nodded and smiled. "That makes sense. For this Liu Xing to possess such a strength… it would seem that he would be a candidate for the next Gold Punishment Lord."

"Humph." A cold humph came from a seat to the left of the Gold Punishment Lord.

It was a cold looking middle aged man.

Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan lightly smiled and said. "Vice Sect Master, you do not have to think about it too much. Since he has reached fifteen star Emperor level, he shall be considered as a candidate for the next Gold Punishment Lord. However, with your seventeen star Emperor level strength, is there even a need for you to worry about him? Merely, you're the same as me. Neither one of us know when our Divine Tribulation might arrive. Once we pass the Divine Tribulation, the position of the Gold Punishment Lord would still be something that Liu Xing, Wen Feng and them would be left to fight over."

The cold looking middle aged man nodded.

This man was precisely one of the three Vice Sect Masters of the Gold Punishment Sect. He is a seventeen star Emperor level expert with strength only second to the Gold Punishment Lord Xing Yuan!

A breeze brushed past. The countless soft branches of the large tree drifted with the wind.

While drinking wine, Qin Yu looked through the window and saw the scenery outside. The scenery on the Trial Sacred Planet was very decent.

When Qin Yu came out from the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, he did not immediately continue his training. Instead, he decided to first dine and drink in the first floor restaurant of the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Building and then go onto the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star later.

The surroundings of Qin Yu's table were extremely empty. Although there were several hundred people in the restaurant dining and drinking, all of them took their own initiative to distance themselves from Qin Yu. This was their reverence toward the strong.

"That is Lord Liu Xing, you see him? He's the one beside the window. I've heard that Lord Liu Xing had only trained for a bit over a hundred years on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star before coming out. That kind of speed is truly astonishing." A baldy boasted in a low voice.

"It might be that Lord Liu Xing was powerful to begin with?" A youth beside the baldy said.

"Not necessarily." The baldy said to the surrounding people in a low voice. "How about this, let's have a bet as to how long it'll take for Lord Liu Xing to reach the Sixteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star."

"Even if he's a genius, it'll still take at the very least ten thousand years." Someone said.

The baldy smiled and said. "In that case, let's bet if it would take less or more than ten thousand years for Lord Liu Xing to reach the Sixteen Star Emperor Level."

"Fine, who will be the banker?"
[TL: banker = dealer. Not sure which term is better, since I felt that the dealer is more like a card dealer… whereas banker is like the house player that everyone bets money to… argh…]

"Quiet down, His Lordship has stood up."

Seeing Qin Yu standing up, the entire restaurant lounge grew quiet. Qin Yu smiled and then walked toward the waiter. "I'd like to pay my bill." That waiter looked at Qin Yu with eyes filled with admiration. Respectfully, he said. "Lord Liu Xing need not pay anything. As Your Lordship is planning to enter the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, you're also entitled to eat here free of charge."

"I thought that I'm only qualified to eat here for free after I obtained the fifteen star Emperor level title plate?" Qin Yu was puzzled.

That waiter shook his head. "Elder had said that there was no need. He was certain that you possess the strength of a fifteen star Emperor."

Of course, among those who dared to enter the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, how many would dare enter it without sufficient confidence in themselves? If one were to enter without sufficient confidence, then it was literally no different from suicide.

Finally, Qin Yu exited the restaurant lounge and walked into the main entrance lounge where the Interstellar Conveying Array stood.

A middle aged man who was sitting cross-legged beside the Conveying Array stood up. He walked to Qin Yu and said respectfully. "Lord Liu Xing, I am the Elder in charge of the affairs here."

"You can start the Conveying Array." Qin Yu was very straightforward.

On the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.

This time around, Qin Yu was not in a sorry state like last time. Immediately after he was transferred over, he merely felt a slight pressure causing him to sink down. The familiar pressure of the gravity had once again returned.

"There's actually someone else on this planet." Qin Yu's Soul's Power clearly sensed that there was a woman located some twenty miles away from where he stood.

"She's from the White Profound Sect." Qin Yu was able to clearly sense the cold aura emitting from that woman. "For a woman to be this powerful, it truly is a rare occasion." Qin Yu praised in his heart.

Qin Yu did not bother to waste time, immediately, he deployed the gravitational barrier and increased his body weight by one fold.

"Mn?" Qin Yu suddenly remembered a thing. "Something's amiss. The gravity of these eighteen Emperor level Dark Stars are increased gradually and corresponds to the tolerance of the one star Emperor level to eighteen star Emperor level. However… since that was the case, there should only be a need for only a single Dark Star. One only needs to train on the first Dark Star and then increase the pressure on oneself through gravitational barriers. The seniors of this Dark Star Realm, why did they go through all the hardships of finding eighteen Emperor level Dark Stars?"

Qin Yu found himself a bit unable to understand the reasoning.

"Forget about it, I'm not going to bother with it anymore."

However, Qin Yu didn't know at all… that it didn't take a lot of time for the seniors of the Dark Star Realm to find these eighteen Emperor level Dark Stars.

Furthermore, only through having these eighteen Emperor level Dark Stars would they be able to confirm the strength of the people. Only through them would the Three Great Sacred Planets be able to record the people's strength more accurately.

Qin Yu had also decided on a matter. He had decided to only train on this Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star and just continue to increase the weight on himself. There was no need for him to go to other Dark Stars.


Qin Yu took a deep breath. Soon after, he began his long training journey.

Experts are lonely beings. Qin Yu was also only able to accumulate his strength through an extreme amount of loneliness. On this Dark Star, Qin Yu began his solitary training.

After eight hundred years.

Merely only a pair of shorts. With a naked upper body, Qin Yu was doing a handstand. His hands' ten fingers were like trees as they firmly grabbed the ground. He was supporting his entire body's weight with his ten fingers. At this moment, Qin Yu had also added four times his body's weight to himself through the gravitational barrier technique. Furthermore, this was all done on the Fifteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star!

Qin Yu clearly understood that his two hands are his most effective weapons in the future.

Thus, he must attach a lot of importance to temper his fingers.

"Is the High Quality Divine Artifact truly the limit?" As Qin Yu was training, he was also pondering in his mind.

Was the ninth stage of the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body the limit?

Right at this moment, Qin Yu started to frown. Soon after, his face displayed an ecstatic expression. "After all these years, my soul realm's level has finally reached the limit!" Qin Yu immediately stopped training and sat down on the ground cross-legged.

Within his boundless mind, Qin Yu's soul was rolling about unceasingly, viscous like a thick liquid. At the same time, sharp golden light would occasionally emit from the thick liquid.

"According to the 'Three Souls Nine Refinements,' when the soul has reached the limit, the stage of satisfaction, it would be able to turn into essence."

A figure appeared in Qin Yu's mind. The appearance of this person was exactly the same as Qin Yu.

This person was sitting there in a cross-legged position. He was executing the hundred and eight hand seal techniques 'Three Souls Nine Refinements' with his two hands at a lightning speed. When Qin Yu began to execute the first hand seal, his soul started to flow like quicksilver.

As the hand seals continued to be executed, the speed of the quicksilver-like flow grew faster and faster.

When he executed the final hand seals, his boundless mind started to vibrate. The figure that was sitting there cross-legged suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes were bright like a torch.


Within his frantically shaking mind, rays of golden light suddenly started to shine. Immediately, his entire brain stopped vibrating. It returned to the peacefulness from before. Clearly, one could see… a circular golden pellet was whirling around in Qin Yu's mind.

That was precisely the soul that had reached the satisfactory stage.

"Is this the soul of ordinary Deities?" Qin Yu looked at that deep brilliance that was the round golden pellet in his dantian. That round golden pellet was extremely dazzling.

Suddenly, an even more astonishing green light shined from another location. Immediately, the green light covered the golden light. Qin Yu's mind had turned completely green. As for the thing that was radiating the endless amount of green light, it was precisely a near transparent tear.

"Meteoric Tear." Qin Yu was shocked.

Suddenly, the Meteoric Tear started to radiate a seven colored brilliance. That seven colored brilliance was directly shot into Qin Yu's golden soul pellet. At this moment, a large amount of information had rushed into Qin Yu's mind.

"These are…" Qin Yu was immediately attracted.

Immediately afterward, he continued to sit cross-legged on the Dark Star. Motionlessly, Qin Yu began the longest cultivation period he had ever underwent, from since he was born till now!

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