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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 16 – Unitary Heavy Water

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Dark Stars were created through the evolution of stars. Thus, the temperature on its surface was still very frightening. In that kind of temperature, even ordinary steel would be melted and evaporate into gas. However, to Qin Yu, this kind of temperature was nothing much.

That was because, with Qin Yu's current body, he would not even be slightly damaged by Blue Heavenly Flames. As for the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames… Qin Yu's current body was still a small step away from being able to completely ignore them.

"This gravity is truly frightening." All the muscles in Qin Yu's body were extremely tired. Each and every step that Qin Yu took was so heavy. With the assistance of his Life Elemental Energy, Qin Yu managed to walk to his destination without stopping.

Qin Yu had been curious the entire time.

A liquid that could exist on a Dark Star!

According to Qin Yu's estimation, with the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star's gravity, even if a mountain was to be placed here, it'll likely be instantly crushed and compressed into a finger-size like thing. As for ordinary rivers and other liquids, they'll likely be crushed and compressed into nothingness.

However, this green liquid was a gleaming little pond.

"Mn?" Roughly thirty miles away from that green pond, Qin Yu sensed that the temperature of his surroundings had suddenly fallen. Even the solid land of the Dark Star underneath his feet was dropping in temperature.

Puzzled, Qin Yu continued onward.

When Qin Yu reached a point twenty miles away from that pond, the temperature had dropped to a level where mortals could survive on.

"Could it be that ahead is frighteningly cold?"

In his confusion, Qin Yu continued to proceed onward. However, he was guessing the entire time. His speculations were also changing unceasingly.

Ten miles away from the green liquid pond, Qin Yu was shivering all over. He was thinking in his mind. "The temperature is now this low. It should be comparable to the coldness of the Jade Mist Cold Air."

When he was three miles or so away from that green liquid, Qin Yu was sensing a bone chilling coldness. "The temperature here is definitely comparable to the Weeping Gold Cold Air."

Flames were separated into Heavenly Flames, Blue Heavenly Flames and Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames.

As for the Cold Airs, they were separated into the Jade Mist Cold Air, Weeping Gold Cold Air and the Ice Soul Could Air.

[TL: quite certain IET referred to the 'cold air' as 'mist' before…]

At a distance three miles away from that green liquid, the temperature in the surrounding had already reached a level comparable to that of the Weeping Gold Cold Air. Through that, one could imagine exactly how frightening the temperature of that green liquid was.

When Qin Yu originally used his Soul's Power to inspect the green liquid, he was only able to see it. That was because the Soul's Power could only display the scene and not the perception of cold or hot.

"Isn't this a bit too cold?"

Qin Yu looked to the ground under his feet. His expression had also changed somewhat.

The Dark Star was an extremely solid existence, that was condensed completely through frightening gravity. When Qin Yu walked out from the Conveying Array, all the ground of the Dark Star underneath his foot was condensed together like a single block.

However, at this moment, the Dark Star's ground underneath his foot, because of the frightening coldness, had cracked. Even the terrifying gravity of the Dark Star was unable to cause them to condense together. Thus, one could imagine how cold the temperature was.

And at this moment, Qin Yu was around six hundred meters from that jade liquid pond.

"What exactly is this green liquid? I must inspect it closer." Qin Yu grew stubborn and continued to walk toward the jade green liquid pond.

The extreme coldness caused all the muscles in Qin Yu's entire body to shiver.

Shivering. This meant that Qin Yu's tolerance had reached a critical level.

However, it was still alright. At the very least, his muscles were still able to shiver. Had they stopped shivering and were instead frozen, then it meant that the interior of his muscles might be frozen and split open. Qin Yu continued to walk forward.

"Ssss~~~" The exterior muscles of Qin Yu's left arm had already turned white from the coldness and cracked open. Before the bright scarlet blood was able to flow out from the wound, it was already frozen to a dark red color.

Qin Yu frowned.

However, he still took another step forward.

"Sssss~~" His thighs, left face, and chest instantly split open from the cold. Abruptly, Qin Yu stopped moving.

"Seems like I cannot proceed forward any more. If I were to proceed forward, then I reckon that all my muscles would be frozen to death. Even the Life Elemental Energy would not be able to recover them in time." Qin Yu knew very well of his body's current condition.

All of his muscles were violently shivering. The tiny cells in his body were also violently moving about. It was as if they were trying to use the shivering to create some heat to counteract the coldness of the outside. Under such coldness, the tough and powerful muscles also began to slowly rip apart. The Life Elemental Energy was recovering the muscles unceasingly.

At this moment, the limit had been reached!

Qin Yu was just a bit more than three hundred meters away from the location of that jade green liquid pond!

"The coldness here is very close to that of the Ice Soul Cold Air. I reckon that when I reach the distance of two hundred meters, the temperature would be the same as the Ice Soul Cold Air. What exactly is that jade green pond? Its temperature is actually even colder than the Ice Soul Cold Air."

The Ice Soul Cold Air was a coldness at the same level as the hotness of the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flame.

Even Low Quality Divine Artifacts were unable to resist being split open by its coldness. It was likely that even Mid Quality Divine Artifacts were unable to resist it repeatedly. Only a High Quality Divine Artifact would not be damaged by the Ice Soul Cold Air. The frightening coldness that it possesses is very clear.

This green colored liquid…. appeares to be much more terrifying than the Ice Soul Cold Air.

"Where exactly did this green colored liquid come from?" Qin Yu began to ponder. He was certain that with such a powerful liquid… it definitely could be used for a major function.

But how would he be able to obtain it?

"Using the Gold Force to obtain that green liquid?" Qin Yu was pondering. "No. With such a large gravitational attraction force from the Dark Star, my Gold Force would be crushed the moment he leaves my body. Furthermore, with such a powerful coldness, the Gold Force would also not be able to resist it."

Qin Yu had immediately rejected his first idea.

What about the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Although the Jiang Lan's Realm could absorb things, the distance between them cannot be too great. Furthermore, it also depended on what the 'thing' being absorbed was. If it was a person, then it won't work should that person resist being absorbed. If it was an object like a Dark Star, then it would be impossible for the Jiang Lan's Realm to absorb it. As for a pond of liquid… it should be able to absorb it, if the distance between them was smaller.

Suddenly, Qin Yu's eyes shined.

"At times like this, I could only believe in Uncle Lan." A figure was split from Qin Yu's body. It was the Sword Immortal Puppet.

"The toughness of the Sword Immortal Puppet is much stronger than my current body. I suspect it'll be able to resist the cold." Qin Yu's Awareness entered into the Sword Immortal Puppet. He then prepared to control the Sword Immortal Puppet to move forward.

However, when Qin Yu proceed to lean forward to walk….


The Sword Immortal Puppet had been crushed by the gravity!

The body of the Sword Immortal Puppet was indeed extremely tough. Even under the crushing weight of the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star, its body did not receive the slightest amount of damage. Its body also did not receive the slightest amount of damage in the surrounding temperature that was close to that of a Ice Soul Cold Air's temperature.

However, the Sword Immortal Puppet's maximum strength was only that of a level nine Golden Immortal.

The Sword Immortal Puppet that was powered with a level nine Golden Immortal's strength was simply unable to even walk a single step on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star. While it was still able to stand earlier, but once it start to lean forward to take the first step, it lost its balance and was crushed to the ground on his stomach.

"It would appear that it is impossible for me to obtain that green liquid." Qin Yu had a self mocking smile. He then directly retrieved the Sword Immortal Puppet back into his body.

"If he were to help out, then it might be possible." Qin Yu suddenly remembered a person. Soon after, he disappeared and a green speak appeared on the Dark Star.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Wu Lan and Hei Tong were sitting beside each other. As for Guo Fan, he was bitterly training. Wu Lan had merely said two sentences casually but Guo Fan instead started to think real hard about what Wu Lan had said and then started training.

"Uncle Wu Lan, my Eldest Uncle has arrived." Hei Tong suddenly said.

There was only a single person who was called 'Eldest Uncle' by Hei Tong. It was Qin Yu. Wu Lan turned around to look. He then smiled and said. "Qin Yu, didn't you said that you're going to go to the Dark Star Realm to train last time around? How come you've come here instead?"

"I've already reached the Dark Star Realm. Not long ago, I've discovered some liquid on a Dark Star. However, that liquid was extremely and frighteningly cold. I was unable to approach it at all. Nor was I able to collect it. Thus, I came here to seek the help from you, Wu Lan. With how strong your body is, I believe it should be possible for you to approach it." Qin Yu immediately got into the main subject.

Upon hearing Qin Yu's speech, Wu Lan grew puzzled. He asked. "You said, liquid?"

"Wu Lan, you could spread your Demon Awareness out of the Jiang Lan's Realm and observe it yourself." Qin Yu controlled the Jiang Lan's Realm to allow Wu Lan's Demon Awareness to be able to travel through it. Wu Lan nodded and began to spread his Demon Awareness out.

After a short moment.

"How was it?" Qin Yu looked to Wu Lan.

Wu Lan smiled and said. "Who could've known. Never had I expected this thing would appear on a Dark Star. That jade green colored liquid, if my guess is correct, it ought to be 'Unitary Heavy Water.'"

"Unitary Heavy Water?" Qin Yu was a bit puzzled. He had never heard of the name 'Unitary Heavy Water' before.

Wu Lan explained. "Unitary Heavy Water is a cold attribute liquid energy of the same rank as the 'Divine Flame.' Merely, when compared with the Divine Flame… this Unitary Heavy Water is even more rare. Back during the time when I was in the Divine Realm, I had only seen it once before."

"Rare? Could it be that this Unitary Heavy Water is extremely hard to obtain?" Although he still had not ascended to the Divine Realm, Qin Yu was already anxious to know more about the Divine Realm.

Wu Lan laughed at himself and said. "My status in the Divine Realm was not high. Thus, I do not know much about it. However, I know that… the Deities usually possess Black Divine Flames as their true flame. Thus, there are quite a lot of people who utilizes the Black Divine Flame. However, as for those who uses the Unitary Heavy Water, I've only ever seen one."

Qin Yu carefully listened.

"That time, I happened to be lucky and saw the master of the Bewitching God Temple refining artifacts. At that time, I saw that the master of the Bewitching God Temple was using the Unitary Heavy Water." Wu Lan said in detail.

Qin Yu was shocked.

"Wu Lan, you said that the master of the Bewitching God Temple was refining artifacts?" Qin Yu wanted to know everything regarding the master of the Bewitching God Temple.

Wu Lan nodded and said. "The master of the Bewitching God Temple was also an extraordinary big shot in the Divine Realm. Of course… I reckon that the master of the Bewitching God Temple was still not as amazing as your Uncle Lan."

Qin Yu started to laugh. "How do you know that he's not as powerful as Uncle Lan?"

Wu Lan said with an inevitable tone. "How is that even a question? Merely by looking at this Jiang Lan's Realm; being able to refine this Jiang Lan's Realm, his status in the Divine Realm, is that something that cannot be questioned! Although the master of the Bewitching God Temple was extraordinary, it was still impossible for him to create the Jiang Lan's Realm. If the master of the Bewitching God Temple were able to match your 'Uncle Lan,' then he wouldn't have caused such a great fanfare when coming from the Divine Realm to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Nor would it have been that troublesome."

Qin Yu nodded in understanding.

Having witnessed Uncle Lan's strength, Qin Yu was even more certain, that Li'er ought to be in the Divine Realm.

"Likely there was some specific reason as to why Uncle Lan and Li'er were residing on the Mortal Realm's Purple Mystic Star. Who knows how much time it will take for me to grow strong enough to see them." Qin Yu sighed in his heart.

During the time when Qin Yu was training in the Mortal Realm, he had felt that he was so far away from reaching Li'er that the distance seemed to be boundless.

However now, Qin Yu knew in his mind that he should be able to find Li'er once he ascends to the Divine Realm.

"Oh, Wu Lan." Qin Yu woke back up and proceeded to ask Wu Lan. "This Unitary Heavy Water, are you able to get them in here?"

Wu Lan muttered to himself. "The Unitary Heavy Water, I have also never attempted to touch it before. I am not afraid of ordinary Divine Flames, but Unitary Heavy Water? That's truly hard to say." Wu Lan did not have absolute certainty that he was able to do it.

"Wu Lan, help me out and give it a try." Said Qin Yu.

Now, all Qin Yu could do was to ask Wu Lan for help. Wu Lan muttered to himself for a short period of time before saying. "In that case, let me leave the Jiang Lan's Realm and try it out. Of course… if I were to fail, then there's nothing else I can do."

"In that case, thank you very much." Qin Yu was overjoyed.

"Eldest Uncle, that Unitary Heavy Water that you two are talking about, is it very powerful?" Hei Tong who was confused as she listened to the conversation from the side asked.

Qin Yu stroked Hei Tong's head affectionately. He smiled and said. "Of course it's powerful. Even your Eldest Uncle was unable to approach near it. Say, do you think it's powerful or not?" Afterwards, Qin Yu looked to Wu Lan.

Wu Lan nodded. Qin Yu then let Wu Lan out from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

On the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star.

Qin Yu and Wu Lan suddenly appeared on the Dark Star. Upon returning to the Dark Star, Qin Yu once again felt that frightening pressure. However, Wu Lan appeared to be completely fine on the Dark Star.

"The gravity here is pretty good." Wu Lan seemed to be unable to sense that frightening gravity. He then looked to that cold pond located three hundred meters away. He asked Qin Yu. "It should be that, right?"

Qin Yu nodded. "Wu Lan, if you can't do it then don't force yourself. As you'll be too far away from me, it would be impossible for me to return you back into the Jiang Lan's Realm." Qin Yu carefully entrusted the task to Wu Lan.

Indeed, this was very dangerous.

If Wu Lan were to encounter any dangers beside that cold pond, it would likely be impossible for Qin Yu to save him.

"Don't worry." Wu Lan smiled confidently. Then, with a movement of his leg, he shot toward the cold pond like an arrow. He was so fast that Qin Yu even saw a blur!

A speed so fast that it created a blur on the Fourteen Star Emperor Level Dark Star?

"To have a speed this fast on the Dark Star, his body is able to bear it?" Qin Yu was amazed. It was the first time that he discovered that he had underestimated Wu Lan.

"Qin Yu, I forgot to tell you this. That time when I saw the master of the Bewitching God Temple refining his artifacts, I was only several meters away from him and the Unitary Heavy Water. Thus, at the very least, it would be very easy for me to get near the Unitary Heavy Water." Wu Lan's Voice Transmission sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu was unable to conceal a smile.

A distance of over three hundred meters. Had it been Qin Yu, then it would have taken a long time to walk over there. However, Wu Lan was like an arrow. With two steps, he had arrived beside the green pond. Wu Lan's expression started to change. It turned serious. The relaxed expression that he had before was gone.

The Unitary Heavy Water was extremely cold. Ordinary Storage Rings were simply unable to endure it. As even Low Quality and Mid Quality Divine Artifacts were unable to resist its coldness, much less ordinary Storage Rings.

"Wu Lan, cover the Unitary Heavy Water with your body's energy." Said Qin Yu via Mind Voice Transmission.

"Can't do. With the Unitary Heavy Water's coldness, I reckon my Demon Elemental Energy would be frozen to nothingness the moment it touches it." How would taking the Unitary Heavy Water be as easy as Qin Yu had imagined?

Wu Lan could only use his two hands!

A faint black light started covering Wu Lan's right hand. Qin Yu remembered that when Wu Lan was fighting against the Peng Demon Emperor, his two hands had also been covered with a layer of black light.

Wu Lan's right hand, with the black light circulating around it, started to slowly proceed towards the jade green colored cold pond.

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