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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 10 – Elder

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

"Seven, seven star Emperor level Metal Beast?" Si Xu's eyes were wide open. Shock was written across his face.

Si Xu repeatedly shook his head, saying. "Impossible. Absolutely impossible. Every successive generation of Elders have been monitoring the entire time. No matter what, they would never have allowed the Metal Beast to mature to a seven star Emperor level. When a Metal Beast first reached Emperor level, it would definitely be killed by that generation's Elder."

Hearing what Si Xu said, Qin Yu also thought that… this Emperor level Metal Beast should not be able to exist. Furthermore, it is even more impossible for it to reach seven star Emperor level.

"Then what is the reason why those five Origin Movement Planets were wiped out by the Metal Beasts?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

Si Xu was slightly startled. Immediately after he sighed and said. "The reason why those five Origin Movement Planets were wiped out by the Metal Beasts was because when those Metal Beasts first reached one star Emperor level, it had immediately left the Origin Movement Planets. Only after their strength grew stronger did they return to those Origin Movement Planets to attack."

"Clever." Qin Yu started to laugh.

Those Emperor level Metal Beasts were truly clever. They knew that they were unable to handle a powerful expert when they first reached Emperor level and actually decided to leave the Origin Movement Planets. They decided to first raise their strength before returning to the Origin Movement Planets to attack.

"Si Xu, I think this Emperor level Metal Beast probably also descended to the Deep Mulberry Star from outside." Qin Yu guessed.

Si Xu said solemnly. "This matter is of utmost importance. A seven star Emperor level Metal Beast poses immense danger. This matter definitely has to be reported to the Elder and the Sacred Planet." As he said that, Si Xu took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"Unexpectedly, the tool that the people of the Dark Star Realm use to send transmission is also the Transmission Spiritual Pearl." Qin Yu was shocked.

What Qin Yu did not know, was that the reason why the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and Demon Realm possessed Transmission Spiritual Pearls, was because they learned from the Dark Star Realm. If one were to compare who had the Transmission Spiritual Pearls for the longest period of time, then the Dark Star Realm possessed it for much longer than the Immortal Realm, Devil Realm and the Demon Realm.

"The Elder will be coming immediately." Si Xu put away his Transmission Spiritual Pearl and said to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. He then looked to the Golden Sun Village. "We still do not have to worry right now. That Emperor level Metal Beast has not attacked yet. The only ones attacking are some King level Metal Beasts."

In the entire Golden Sun Village, close to two thousand silhouettes were flickering about rapidly. They were fighting against the Metal Beasts.

From the appearance, it was obvious that the humans were dominating. Although the Metal Beasts possessed pretty decent strength, their intelligence was truly too low. Without intelligence, it would already be pretty decent if they were able to display half of their strength.

"Hiss!" A Metal Wolf's abdomen was directly pierced through by two hands. Immediately afterwards, it was ripped apart into two.

The middle aged man who killed that Metal Wolf even frantically howled. This middle aged man was precisely the village chief of the Golden Sun Village, Jin Feng.

"Jin Feng is very powerful. Although his soul realm's level is merely an eighteen star King, his body is extraordinarily valiant and is comparable to that of a one star Emperor level expert." Si Xu said to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu naturally was able to guess that this was because of the Golden Cores.

After using a large amount of Golden Cores and absorbing the liquids within them, one's body would be able to be opened up for development even more and one's strength would become even stronger. With a body of a one star Emperor, when facing a King level Metal Beast, Jin Feng was indeed extremely confident and at ease while fighting.

Like a lightning bolt, wherever Jin Feng passed, the Metal Beasts were ripped apart, sprinkling blood everywhere.

"Village chief!" Some of the cultivators within the Golden Sun Village started to cheer.

In merely a moment, more than half of the Metal Beasts were killed. However, only three of the Golden Sun Village's villagers were killed and several tens were injured. With the increase in the superiority of their numbers, it was likely that there would be even less injuries and deaths when killing the remaining Metal Beasts.

"Your Elder has arrived." Said Qin Yu with a smile.

His Immortal Awareness clearly discovered a silhouette flying over rapidly. In merely a blink of an eye, this man had arrived in the sky above the Golden Sun Village. From his appearance, it seemed that he was also currently using his Soul's Power to carefully search for the Emperor level Metal Beast.

The Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star was a bald headed middle aged man. His body was radiating a faint golden light. His gaze was like lightning as it swept through every corner of the Golden Sun Village below him. Upon seeing Qin Yu and Si Xu, he merely nodded and did not fly over to them. Clearly, this Elder was more concerned about the existence of the Emperor level Metal Beast. He was using his Soul's Power to continuously search the region below him.

"With the gap between the soul realm levels being so great, how could you possibly be able to find it?" Thought Qin Yu in his heart.

Qin Yu looked to that Emperor level Metal Beast with his Immortal Awareness.

That Emperor level Metal Beast had the appearance of a cheetah. Its body was composed of a dark cyan colored metal. Its ice-cold eyes took a glance at the Elder on the sky with great disdain. It was evident that this Emperor level Metal Beast did not care about the Elder at all.

The Emperor level Metal Beast then cast his gaze at Jin Feng who was currenting massacring the Metal Beasts.

"Die." Jin Feng had a bloodthirsty smile on his face. His hand had turned into a claw as it ripped through the surrounding space. With a 'kacha' sound, he grabbed and smashed a tiger type Metal Beast's head.


A deep cyan colored light ripped through the sky. It was shot directly toward Jin Feng.

The Elder who had been keeping a close watch over the battlefield had also immediately shot himself toward that dark cyan colored light. As for Jin Feng, when he saw that dark cyan light rushing toward him, he was unable to help himself from feeling a burst of fear in his heart. Immediately, he flew backwards.


The Elder had actually managed to intercept that cheetah Metal Beast.

Upon seeing this scene, Si Xu had a smile on his face. Qin Yu, on the other hand, shook his head.

"That Emperor level Metal Beast had intentionally slowed down its speed." Qin Yu spoke. "That Emperor level Metal Beast attacked first whereas the Elder intercepted later. With the Elder's strength, how would his speed be able to match that of a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast? For him to be able to block the Metal Beast, it is evident that the Metal Beast had intentionally slowed down."

Si Xu immediately realized.

"It was planning to kill the Elder?" Si Xu shivered.

At this moment, the Elder of the Deep Mulberry Village, Liu Tong, was currently filled with shock. A couple days ago, he had received a message from the Sacred Planet saying that there had been an Emperor level Metal Beast roaming around the surrounding star fields and to be on alert.

In these past couple days, Liu Tong had been carefully monitoring the entire planet. And earlier… the message from Si Xu had caused him to immediately rush over. And now, he had also encountered the so called 'Emperor level Metal Beast.' However, Liu Tong had never anticipated that this Emperor level Metal Beast would actually be this powerful.

In merely three bouts.

A large cut had appeared on Liu Tong's chest. His blood was flowing out unceasingly. Had it not been for the fact that he had slightly dodged earlier, then his chest and abdomen would've already been split open. To Immortals and Devil experts, having their chest and abdomen split open does not mean much. However, to the people from the Dark Star Realm, it was an extremely serious injury.

"Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star, do not try resisting anymore, you are no match against me. All of the people on this Deep Mulberry Star shall be killed! Not one will be able to escape." The deep cyan colored cheetah stared at Liu Tong with his eyes. His voice had resounded in Liu Tong's mind.

Liu Tong was startled.

Emperor level Metal Beasts possessed intelligence comparable to that of humans; sure enough, that was true.

"You will be the second Origin Movement Star Elder that I've killed." Said that dark cyan color cheetah Metal Beast via voice transmission. Upon hearing this, Liu Tong was shocked… could it be that another Elder of an Origin Movement Star had died?


That sharp claw's speed had immediately increased by fifty percent. In merely a blink of an eye, it had appeared before Liu Tong.

Against this claw, Liu Tong closed his eyes. He was simply unable to dodge it. All he could do was to close his eyes and await his death… Four star against a seven star, the gap between them was truly too great.

However, Liu Tong waited for a long time but the claw still have not arrived.

"Hey, little cheetah, don't stare at me." A voice resounded.

Liu Tong opened his eyes. What he saw was a scene that caused him to be dumbstruck…

A youngster was grabbing the neck of the Emperor level Metal Beast with a single hand. The Emperor level Metal Beast was hanging in the air. The Cheetah Emperor level Metal Beast was unceasingly radiating a flickering light from its body. It was trying to resist. However, although it merely had its neck grabbed, no matter what it did, it was unable to throw itself off from that youngster's hand.

"He's, that's right, he's that youngster that stood beside Si Xu." Liu Tong immediately remembered.

At this moment, Qin Yu looked to Liu Tong. He smiled and said. "Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star, let me introduce myself. I am Liu Xing, an Interstellar Cultivator."

"Interstellar Cultivator!" Liu Tong was shocked.

There was indeed a group of Interstellar Cultivators in the Dark Star Realm. This group of people do not seek pleasure. Instead, they only wish to continuously wander the Dark Star Realm and train. Although this group of people do not possess a prominent reputation, they are usually dreadfully powerful.

After all, if one was not powerful, how would they dare to wander the Dark Star Realm?

"I am the Elder of the Deep Mulberry Star, Liu Tong. Thank you Lord Liu Xing for saving my life. Thank you Lord Liu Xing for saving this Deep Mulberry Star." Liu Tong was filled with an endless amount of thankfulness.

A seven star Emperor level Metal Beast.

Had it not been for Qin Yu, the Deep Mulberry Star would be most definitely doomed. Furthermore, a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast could use Greater Teleportation to continue to endanger the other Origin Movement Planets. The dangers of a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast were truly too great!

Furthermore, according to what that Emperor level Metal Beast had said via its voice transmission, it had already killed another planet's Elder.

And at this moment, the group of Metal Beasts that no longer had the Emperor level Metal Beast controlling them, started to frantically flee after finding themselves at a complete disadvantage. In merely a moment, all of the surviving Metal Beasts had fled.

"Lord Elder." Jin Feng and the rest of the people all walked over. Respectfully, they greeted the Elder. Si Xu had also walked over. "Lord Elder."

Jin Feng glanced at that Emperor level Metal Beast with some fear in his heart. He asked. "Lord Elder, what level is this Metal Beast? Could it be… Emperor level?"

Who amongst them didn't know of the terrible reputation of Emperor level Metal Beasts?

Elder Liu Tong nodded and said. "This Emperor level Metal Beast is extremely powerful. It is much stronger than myself. As for its true strength, Lord Liu Xing should be able to tell." Elder Liu Tong looked to Qin Yu respectfully.

Jin Feng's eyelids jumped. All of those Golden Sun Villagers were startled.

Even the Elder addressed him as Lord!

Qin Yu nodded and said. "This Emperor level Metal Beast's strength can be considered as pretty good. It possesses the strength of a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast." Qin Yu was still grabbing onto this Emperor level Metal Beast by the neck with a single hand. No matter how hard it tried to struggle free, it was unable to move in the slightest.

Seven star Emperor level?

All of the cultivators of the Golden Sun Village had their eyes wide open as they looked to the cheetah Metal Beast that appeared like a plaything in Qin Yu's hand.

A cheetah Metal Beast that had become unable to resist after having its neck pinched was a seven star Metal Beast? If that really was the case, then how many star Emperor level is this Lord Liu Xing that's smiling in front of them?

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