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Book 14 – The New Sovereign - Chapter 11 – The Mystery to Its Birth

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Robin and Phillip

"Lord Liu Xing, please forgive this Jin Feng for the disrespect that I showed you before." Jin Feng suddenly walked forward. He said respectfully, as he placed his left hand on the right side of his chest and lowered his head.

Upon seeing that Qin Yu was able to subdue a seven star Emperor level Golden Beast, Jin Feng had completely realized that such an expert was not someone that he, who was not even Emperor level, could risk offending.

"Lord Liu Xing, please forgive us." Said Jin Feng's two brothers, respectfully, to Qin Yu.

Elder Liu Tong looked to Qin Yu. He asked. "Lord Liu Xing, did Jin Feng and them commit an offense against you? If Jin Feng and them were to have offended Your Lordship, I too ask for Your Lordship to forgive them!" Elder Liu Tong also requested for Qin Yu's forgiveness earnestly.

In the Dark Star Realm, strength determined one's status!

Having absorbed Xu Zong's memories, Qin Yu knew very well about the rules of the Dark Star Realm. Immediately, he laughed unconcernedly. "Village chief Jin Feng need not mind about it too much. Back then, you've merely had your eyes clouded by hatred after your villagers were killed. I am capable of understanding your hatred."

"Lord Liu Xing." Jin Feng was moved. He still remembered the manner he had toward Qin Yu back on the Mulberry Receiving Village. Never had he anticipated that the respectable Lord Liu Xing would be so opened minded.

Qin Yu felt helpless in his heart.

He looked to Elder Liu Tong and said. "Elder, I have a matter that I came to seek your help with. Of course, before you decide whether to help me, would you be willing to come to the Mulberry Receiving Village along with me? I shall bid farewell to that girl who guided me."

"Lord Liu Xing, please do." Elder Liu Tong stood beside Qin Yu. He even slightly distanced himself to the back. His respect toward Qin Yu can be clearly seen.

Afterwards, Qin Yu, Si Xu and Elder Liu Tong flew toward the Mulberry Receiving Village located not far from here. And at this moment, almost everyone on the Mulberry Receiving Village was on alert. They were afraid that the herd of Metal Beasts would attack their village.

Upon seeing Si Xu flying over, those villagers who are on alert immediately spread the news to the entire village. Almost immediately, over a thousand villagers of the Mulberry Receiving Village had all come out. Amongst them included Xiu Ya.

"A'Ya." That blond haired girl who had originally suspected Qin Yu pulled Xiu Ya's arm and slightly pointed at Qin Yu who was flying over. "Look, that's the Elder! The Elder also appears to be somewhat respectful toward Lord Liu Xing."

For some unknown reason, Xiu Ya had a bad feeling. However, she still said to the friend who have grown up together with her beside her. "Li Xin, Lord Liu Xing had told me before that he had came to our planet to find the Elder."

As Elder Liu Tong monitored the entire Deep Mulberry Star, he had also appeared several times in those eight villages of the Deep Mulberry Star before. Almost everyone on the Deep Mulberry Star recognizes this strongest protector of the Deep Mulberry Star.

"Lord Elder." All of the cultivators respectfully saluted to the Elder.

Elder Liu Tong flew ahead. He said to the bunch of people below him. "This is Lord Liu Xing. Lord Liu Xing is about to depart from here. Before he leaves… "

"Xiu Ya." Qin Yu suddenly called out for Xiu Ya directly.

This girl called Xiu Ya was tenacious, hardworking and optimistic. Qin Yu, from the bottom of his heart, liked her a lot. Of course, he merely liked her like a younger sister. Now that he was about to leave, he figured that he must at least bid his farewell with her. Otherwise, Qin Yu was unable to feel comfortable.

"Lord Liu Xing, are you leaving?" Momentarily, Xiu Ya's heart was in a state of confusion.

Rarely did Xiu Ya revere a person. When she saw that Qin Yu was able to instantly kill three King level Metal Beasts, she had already grown to revere him. In her heart, Qin Yu was very powerful, very perfect.

"That's right, I'm leaving." Qin Yu nodded and said. He then raised up the Emperor level Metal Beast in his hand. Under the grasp of Qin Yu's hand, this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast was unable to resist at all.

"Before I leave, I'm going to give you a present." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"Present?" Xiu Ya was slightly startled.

And at this moment, Elder Liu Tong seemed to have guessed what Qin Yu was about to do. He hurriedly sent Qin Yu a voice transmission. "Lord Liu Xing, no matter what, we cannot let that Emperor level Metal Beast live. We must definitely kill it. In the Dark Star Realm, the dangers of an Emperor level Metal Beast is too great, truly too great! Everyone from the Dark Star Realm, when they encounter an Emperor level Metal Beast, they all have to spare no effort in killing it. No matter what, we cannot allow it to have an opportunity to destroy our Origin Movement Planets."

Qin Yu was slightly startled.

When he captured this Emperor level Metal Beast, he had originally planned to tame it and then gift it to Xiu Ya. Although it might be hard for others to tame an Emperor level Metal Beast, Qin Yu was instead still able to do it.

However now, it seemed that… the Dark Star Realm simply do not allow for Emperor level Metal Beasts to live.

"In that case, that's also quite simple." Qin Yu smiled and was about to kill this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast. However, at this moment…

"It's best for you to not kill me. Otherwise, my brothers would not let you get away with it." That seven star Emperor level Metal Beast stared at Qin Yu. Its two eyes were filled with hatred.

Qin Yu was slightly shocked. This seven star Emperor level Metal Beast had brothers?

However, with his strength, would he fear a mere Metal Beast?

"Little cheetah, did you think that your brothers are able to rival me?" Qin Yu asked back with his voice transmission. The seven star Emperor level Metal Beast was shocked. For Qin Yu to be able to take care of him so easily, his strength was clearly unfathomable.

With merely a kacha sound.

The seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's neck was broken by Qin Yu's hand. Immediately after, a golden energy was shot out from Qin Yu's hand and a Golden Core flew out.

A seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's Golden Core!

Countless people of the Mulberry Receiving Village had their eyes shining. The Golden Core of an Emperor level Metal Beast was simply something that was rarely seen in millions of years. Even Elder Liu Tong grew a bit startled.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said to Elder Liu Tong. "Elder Liu Tong, you ought to know of the preciousness of this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's Golden Core. The golden liquid within this Golden Core, you are to let Xiu Ya absorb it after she reached a sufficient level. As for the corpse of this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast, it shall be my gift to you."

Liu Tong grew excited.

"Thank you Lord Liu Xing." Liu Tong looked to the corpse of that seven star Emperor level Metal Beast. His eyes were shining.

Toward Emperor level experts, the effects of Golden Cores were less and less useful. To one star and two star Emperor level experts, the Golden Cores were still of some appeal. However, to four star Emperor level experts like Elder Liu Tong, the ordinary Golden Cores were simply of no appeal. Even the Golden Core of a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast would only cause him to be slightly excited. The thing that truly attracts Elder Liu Tong was the seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's corpse!

The reason why Metal Beasts are called Metal Beasts was because their bodies are composed of metals!

When Metal Beasts are born, although their bodies were composed of metals, their bodies were incomparably agile. When the Metal Beasts die, their bodies would solidify and completely turn into a metal ore.

One could easily imagine how hard the metal ore that a seven star Emperor level Metal Beast's corpse would turn into. Even without refining it, the weapons created by the corpse of this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast would also be extremely sharp and tough. If one were to refine it, then the weapons created from the corpse would possess a hardness that approaches that of a Low Quality Divine Weapon.

"Thank you Lord Liu Xing." Xiu Ya wanted to say something but she ended up not saying much.

"Make sure to continue training hard." Qin Yu gave a word of encouragement.

Soon after, Qin Yu turned around and looked to Elder Liu Tong. "Elder, let's return to your Elder's Palace first." Elder Liu Tong nodded. He absorbed the corpse of the Metal Beast into his space ring and then set off with Qin Yu.

Seeing the rear views of Qin Yu and Liu Tong flying away, Xiu Ya merely bit her lips.

"Little Ya, Lord Liu Xing is truly too far away from us." Si Liu stroked Xiu Ya's head and comforted her.

Xiu Ya merely continued to stare at the shadow of Qin Yu that had disappeared into the horizon. Her gaze was extremely firm.

The Elder's Palace was located on top of a mountain. Following an arc, Qin Yu and Liu Tong rapidly flew to the Palace located atop the mountain. The Elder's Palace was constructed by the people from the Sacred Planet. It was extremely luxurious.

The Elder's Palace was not large. It was composed of two palaces, one in the front and one behind. Usually, the Elder would reside in the palace in the back.

"I must truly thank Lord Liu Xing this time around. Not only have you saved me, you've also saved the entire Deep Profound Star. You've even gave me the corpse of this seven star Emperor level Metal Beast." Elder Liu Tong's entire face was red as if he had a blush on. Evidently, his mood was extremely good.

"Elder Liu Tong, to be honest, I have been wondering about a matter the entire time." Qin Yu muttered.

When Elder Liu Tong was talking with Qin Yu, they had stepped into the palace. The two of them sat on two chairs. Elder Liu Tong looked to Qin Yu and said. "Wondering about a matter? What might this matter be?"

"Metal Beasts!"

Qin Yu had been wondering about the Metal Beasts the entire time. And now, he decided to ask. "During the times when I have been training amongst the cosmos, I had also discovered some uninhabited Origin Movement Planets. However, there are no Metal Beasts on those Origin Movement Planets. Furthermore… people only lived on the Three Great Star Fields in the Dark Star Realm… Gold Punishment Star Field, Black Flame Star Field and the White Profound Star Field. Of which, the Origin Movement Planets of the Black Flame Star Field possesses not Metal Beasts but instead Blazing Fire Beasts. On the Origin Movement Planets of the White Profound Star Field, what they had was also not Metal Beasts but instead Frost Ice Beasts."

"I am truly unable to think of exactly what the cause of all these might be." Qin Yu sighed.

Elder Liu Tong started to laugh. "Haha, Lord Liu Xing, if you were to ask other Elders, then I suspect nine amongst ten Elders would not know the reason. However, I am knowledgeable about this."

"Oh?" Qin Yu looked to Elder Liu Tong.

Qin Yu had merely asked. Never did he expected for Elder Liu Tong to be able to provide an answer.

Elder Liu Tong gasped in admiration and said. "The Metal Beasts, Frost Ice Beasts and Blazing Fire Beasts were all Beasts that are only available in the Dark Star Realm. The reason why they exist only in the Dark Star Realm is because.. of the Conversion Array!"

"Elder Liu Tong, are you talking about the Conversion Array that converts Elemental Spirit Energy into Gold Attribute Energy?" Qin Yu suddenly had a guess in his mind.

Elder Liu Tong nodded and said. "That's right. This was actually something that my teacher told me back in the Sacred Planet. Lord Liu Xing, I can tell you that… the Metal Beasts, Frost Ice Beasts and the Blazing Flame Beasts were all birthed by the world."

"For example, on the Origin Movement Planets, because of the fact that we have to set up Gold Attribute Energy Conversion Array, the person setting it up need at the very least have King level strength. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of Elemental Spirit Stones are required. However, ordinary babies and children were simply unable to set up those kind of formation arrays. Thus, we set up an enormous Gold Attribute Conversion Array on the Origin Movement Planets. This great formation array would convert the Elemental Spirit Energy to Gold Attribute Energy at all times. Thus, the Gold Attribute Energy covered the entire Origin Movement Planet." Elder Liu Tu explained carefully.

Qin Yu nodded.

He too knew about this.

Elder Liu Tong continued. "Those Gold Attribute Energy are not merely absorbed by the cultivators on the Origin Movement Planets. Some of the Gold Attribute Energy gathered together and even formed Metal Beasts. As to why they formed Metal Beasts, I too am not certain about that. However, what I know was that… the Metal Beasts are formed because of the Gold Attribute Energy."

Qin Yu completely understood everything now.

"Ah, I understand now. The Blazing Fire Beasts on the Origin Movement Planets of the Black Flame Star Field were formed by the Fire Attribute Energy covered by the Fire Attribute Conversion Array. The Frost Ice Beasts of the White Profound Star Field was formed through the same method. The reason why the Origin Movement Planets of the other star fields didn't have any such Beasts was because they do not possess the Conversion Arrays."

Qin Yu suddenly had understood everything.

However, after he know the reason why, Qin Yu grew curious. How come the large amount of Gold Attribute Energy created through conversion would create Metal Beasts for no reason?

"The mysteriousness of the cosmos is not something that I could understand." Qin Yu gasped in admiration.

Elder Liu Tong also nodded and said. "Right, the cosmos are truly too mystical. A lot of the things that happens in the cosmos is not something that we could understand. Why the Metal Beasts are born, why they would attain intelligence after reaching Emperor level… it is truly a mystery."

Qin Yu nodded. He then smiled and said to Elder Liu Tong. "Elder Liu Tong, the reason why I came to find you was because I have a matter that I seek to inconvenience you with."

"Lord Liu Xing, please go ahead and speak without hesitation. As long as I can help out, I would definitely help out." Elder Liu Tong was very frank and straightforward.

Qin Yu said slowly. "Elder Liu Tong, you ought to know that I am an Interstellar Cultivator. All these years, I have been drifting about the cosmos. I had never cared about where I might be at. I had merely wandered all over the place and trained. However, a thousand years ago, I had discovered that I had reached a bottleneck. No matter what I do, I was unable to move forward. Thus… a certain place came to my mind. A place that I had never been to before…. the Eighteen Emperor Level Trial Dark Stars. I have decided to enter the Eighteen Emperor Level Trial Dark Stars and test myself there."

Elder Liu Tong said in approval. "Lord Liu Xing ought to go there. The Eighteen Emperor Level Trail Dark Stars are the places where one would be able to train the fastest. Never had I imagined that… Your Lordship had reached your current strength without going to the Trail Dark Stars."

"In all these years, I had been drifting about the cosmos and have never used my Stellar Identity Diamond. Back then, when I departed from my home planet, I had used Greater Teleportation and didn't go to the Elder's Palace to receive my Stellar Identity Crystal. And now, I hope to be able to use your Deep Mulberry Star's Stellar Identity Crystal." Qin Yu finally spoke his purpose in coming.

The existence of the Stellar Identity Crystal was also something that Qin Yu learned through Xu Zong's memories.

To be able to carry a 'Stellar Identity Diamond,' it signified that the Elder's Palace recognized this person's strength.

Usually, the cultivators that had decided to leave their planet would go to the Elder's Palace to receive a Stellar Identity Diamond. That was one could only receive the special treatment that was specific to the people from the Dark Star Realm after possessing a Stellar Identity Crystal.

For example, entering a Dark Star to test oneself, entering the Bewitching God Temple, becoming a guard of the Sacred Planets and so on.

They were all things that one need a proof of identity for. However, there were also a lot of proud and aloof people who thought that it wasn't worth their time to go and receive the Stellar Identity Crystal. They are cultivators that trained by themselves. They believed that strength was everything…. Only when they truly needed a Stellar Identity Crystal, they would randomly go to a planet and obtain an Identity Crystal.

As for the Elders that received those proud and aloof experts, they were also extremely willing to present them with a Stellar Identity Crystal. That was because… giving them an Identity Crystal signified that the extremely powerful expert had originated from their planet and would allow their planet's reputation to spread far and wide.

"Lord Liu Xing, as someone this powerful, are you truly willing to accept the Stellar Identity Crystal from my Deep Mulberry Star and become a person of my Deep Mulberry Star?" Elder Liu Tong was filled with a pleasant surprise.

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