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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 7 – Inherited Prohibited Area

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

"Achieving comprehension through battles." Qin Yu also gasped in admiration.

Man Qian exclaimed. "Usually, our soul realm's level increases very slowly. Otherwise, they increase with our comprehension toward the natural law. However, every successive generations of the Great Ape Emperor were different. They would enter battles constantly and achieve comprehension through battles. Thus, it is very hard to describe their cultivation speed. When they're slow, they're rather slow. However, when they're fast, they might also be extremely fast. It was possible for them to gain a whole level from a single battle. However, to train through comprehension through battles, their attack power was strong to a frightening level."

Qin Yu nodded and said. "I believe that compared to the Dragon Emperor and the Peng Clan's so-called Inherited Treasure, the Apes and Monkey Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area was even more precious."

"That's right." The Ox Demon Emperor also agreed. "There is only a single Inherited Treasure for both the Dragon Clan and the Peng Clan; only the powerful Dragon Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor possess them. However, at the moment when they ascend to the Divine Realm, they must return the Inherited Treasure. When they and the Great Ape Emperor all arrived to the Divine Realm, only then would they find out that they're a lot weaker than the Great Ape Emperor."

The Inherited Treasures cannot be carried with them all the time.

However, to achieve comprehension through battles; the comprehension that is achieved was instead engraved deep into one's soul. It would be a timeless benefit.

"Hou Fei, as the only Super Divine Beast of the Apes and Monkeys Clan other than the Great Ape Emperor, was naturally qualified to use the Inherited Prohibited Area." Exclaimed the Ox Demon Emperor.

Evidently the Ox Demon Emperor had recalled about their own Purple Eyed Ox Demon King. The Purple Eyed Ox Demon King was born with godly force. However they do not possess Inherited Treasures nor do they possess Inherited Prohibited Area.

"Your Majesty Ox Demon Emperor, I hope that you are able to bring me to that Apes and Monkey Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area." Said Qin Yu solemnly.

The Ox Demon Emperor nodded, smiled and said. "Qin Yu, I know that you want to go there. However, as that place is called the Inherited Prohibited Area, there were barely any people from even the the internal members of the Apes and Monkey Clan that have the qualification to enter there. Even Man Qian was unable to enter there. As for you…"

Qin Yu naturally knew about the importance of this Inherited Prohibited Area.

A clan's Inherited Prohibited Area, how could they possibly let outsiders enter there?

"I have communicated with the Great Ape Emperor via transmission not long ago. After our discussion… the Great Ape Emperor allowed for you to enter it." After the Ox Demon Emperor finished saying that, he looked at Qin Yu. As he had expected, Qin Yu displayed a pleasantly surprised expression.

"Why did the Great Ape Emperor agree to let me in?" Qin Yu did not believe that he would be qualified to enter the Inherited Prohibited Area just because he possessed the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. How would the Great Ape Emperor possibly care about that?

The Ox Demon Emperor nodded and said. "The reason why he agreed to let you in was because… you are Hou Fei's big brother."

"Every generation of the Great Ape Emperor was qualified to bring outsiders into the Inherited Prohibited Area. The Great Ape Emperor had once brought me there to check out the Inherited Prohibited Area. As for Hou Fei, he is going to become the future Great Ape Emperor. As you are Hou Fei's big brother, Hou Fei is naturally willing to let you enter the Inherited Prohibited Area. Thus, the Great Ape Emperor agreed to let you enter."

Hearing the Ox Demon Emperor's explanation, Qin Yu also understood it.

So it was actually because of Hou Fei.

"Then when do we set off for it?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

"We can set off whenever you prefer." The Ox Demon Emperor smiled as he looked at Qin Yu. "I am available at any time."

Qin Yu originally wanted to set off right away, it's just that as the Ox Demon Emperor was giving him face like so, if he were to really set off immediately, it would be a bit too excessive and he would not satisfied with his gain. Qin Yu decided to delay it a bit. "In that case, let's go tomorrow morning, is that okay?"

"Certainly." The Ox Demon Emperor nodded.

Early in the morning of the second day, Qin Yu followed the Ox Demon Emperor and departed from the Jade Cloud Star. That Inherited Prohibited Area was not a place one could enter unless one had received permission to. Thus, the Ox Demon Emperor also didn't dare to bring a lot of people with him. This time around, only he and Qin Yu were present.

Let's temporarily not talk about these two.

In these past couple days, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was very tired. Ever since Emperor Yu suddenly disappeared, Mu Yan was left to be in charge of all the affairs in Emperor Yu's territory. The power vacuum caused by the deaths of the twenty six Immortal Emperor was left for him to take care of.

Emperor Yu's disappearance, Mu Yan still could not let others know about it.

Once others were to know about it, then it might cause the people's will to grow unstable. Even when he's concealing the news of Emperor Yu's disappearance, the experts underneath Emperor Yu had already started to grow somewhat unstable. After all, the effects from that battle was truly too vile.

"Sigh, I truly don't know when His Majesty would return." Immortal Emperor Mu Yan lay atop the chair. He was filled with helplessness.

For him to support the great bridge by himself, it was truly very tiring for Mu Yan. The most important thing was… he didn't know when this kind of tiring days would finally end. No one knew when Emperor Yu would return.

"Mu Yan."

A dull voice sounded in the empty air. Mu Yan was completely startled. Like lightning, he stood up and looked toward his side.

A figure.

This figure had a familiar appearance but a different temperament.

"Your Majesty, is that you?" Mu Yan also wasn't certain about it in his heart. Was this the same Emperor Yu that had always had a smile on his face? The Emperor Yu from back then always wore a purple gown.

The current Emperor Yu…

was still wearing purple. However it was no longer a long and thick gown. Instead, it's a body-forming gown.

"What, we had only not seen each other for a short period of time and you already can't recognize me?" Said Emperor Yu while lightly smiling.

The current Emperor Yu, even when smiling, brings about fear to the minds of others.

"Your Majesty, could it be that you…" Mu Yan had a pleasantly surprised expression.

Emperor Yu nodded and lightly smiled. "That's right, I had achieved a breakthrough and became a level nine Immortal Emperor."

Mu Yan's pleasant surprised expression on his face had finally blossomed to full happiness. "Your Majesty, this is truly great…." Mu Yan's heart was completely relaxed. The battle in order to kill Qin Yu had caused an extremely serious effect toward Emperor Yu's strength. Mu Yan was also extremely tired from managing the aftermath. However, as the current Emperor Yu had actually broke through level eight Immortal Emperor and became a level nine Immortal Emperor, this would serve as a intimidation toward the other powerful experts.

Emperor Yu's position now was even higher than that time when he battled to kill Qin Yu. After all, a level nine Immortal Emperor was the highest level for an Immortal.

"Mu Yan, those territory and what not under me, set up the preparations… I am prepared to gift them to the Mystic Emperor." Emperor Yu's voice was very dull. However, to Mu Yan, it sounded like a thunder clap.

"Your Majesty, those are territories and strength that you have attained after spending numerous years of work." Mu Yan grew anxious.

Emperor Yu looked at Mu Yan, he gaze at Mu Yan. Mu Yan, being stared like so by Emperor Yu, also calmed down.

"Mu Yan, ever since we stepped on the path of cultivation, our target had always been the comprehension of the natural laws and transcending our limits. And as for I, the goal that I have from the depths of my heart was to ascend to the Divine Realm… now that I have reached level nine Immortal Emperor, what use is there for me to keep those subordinates and territories? Mu Yan, this time when I was training, I suddenly realized that… sometimes, power and might is also a restraint to our cultivation."

Emperor Yu was radiating a proud and aloof ice-cold aura. "After I have given up my powers and might, I instead managed to attain comprehension and reach the level nine Immortal Emperor stage."

Mu Yan looked at Emperor Yu with a dumbfounded expression. Only after a long time did he nod as he gasped and said. "Perhaps what Your Majesty said is true."

Emperor Yu nodded. "I would be going to Mystic Emperor's location, you are to prepare for the merge of the two powers." After he finished saying that, Emperor Yu disappeared into thin air in front of Immortal Emperor Mu Yan.

Red maple leaves in a red world. Mystic Emperor was dressed in red. With black hair like waterfall, they poured down to the ground.

Suddenly —

From within the red world appeared a bit of purple.

"Xi'er." Emperor Yu looked at the Mystic Emperor who was currently sitting on the ground.

Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi raised her head and looked at Emperor Yu in surprise. "You… made a breakthrough?" At the moment when she looked at Emperor Yu, Xuan Xi sensed that her husband was already no longer the same husband that she had before. Furthermore, she was also unable to see through Emperor Yu now.

"Yes, that's right." Emperor Yu nodded.

Xuan Xi stood up and carefully inspected Emperor Yu. "Feng Yu, that Qin Yu brought you quite a great shock. However, never did I expect that you would achieve profit from a disaster and break through the level eight Immortal Emperor stage to become a level nine Immortal Emperor. Moreover, you are also different from before now."

"Xi'er, I have come to realized that it was my wrong before. I would now give all my power and troops under me to you, would you forgive me?" Emperor Yu's eyes had a hard to come by gentleness.

Xuan Xi looked at Emperor Yu in surprise.

"We are husband and wife, is it really worth it for us to fight for such a long time for those mere worldly possessions? I have came to a realization." Emperor Yu softly pulled Xuan Xi into his bosom. Xuan Xi also did not resist. She was stuck to Emperor Yu's chest.

"Brother Feng Yu."

[TL: no, not incest. Chinese people likes calling their husbands as brother. Basically, brother and sister have a very different connotation in chinese in addition to the usual relative meaning.]

Hearing Xuan Xi calling him 'Brother Feng Yu,' Emperor Yu looked at the Xuan Xi within his bosom with a huge surprise. How many years have it been? How many years have his wife not called him by that intimate name now?

"Xi'er." Emperor Yu was bursting out with a dense affection from his chest. "The current me only has two things that I am unable to abandon. The first one is you. The other is killing Qin Yu."

Xuan Xi nodded.

"Brother Feng Yu, you managed to break through because of the shock from that Qin Yu. I reckon that if you don't kill Qin Yu, that Heart's Devil would forever remain in your heart. If that Heart's Devil were to continue to exist, then it would be very hard for Brother Feng Yu to pass the Divine Tribulation." Xuan Xi also knew that the Divine Tribulation has ways to incite the Heart's Devil.

The stronger the Heart's Devil one has, the more difficult it'll be after the Heart's Devil was incited. The best method was to remove the Heart's Devil first before taking the Divine Tribulation.

"It's all right, the current me has already reached level nine Immortal Emperor. With the two of us joining hands and adding on our Matchless Great Sword, even if that Blood Dragon were to come again, he would only die under our hands." Said Feng Yu cold and matter-of-factly.

Not to mention the two of them joining hands, even if it was Feng Yu himself, with his current strength, he was definitely able to match up against Blood Dragon Ao Wuxu.

"Brother Feng Yu, rest assured, that Qin Yu would definitely die." Xuan Xi raised her head facing Feng Yu and said.

Feng Yu also nodded.

Within the boundless cosmic space, there were two figures using Greater Teleportation moving about.

"Senior Ox Demon Emperor, how much longer till we arrive?" Qin Yu asked the Ox Demon Emperor.

Ever since they departed from the Jade Cloud Star, they had traveled three days without resting and passed through almost half of the Beast Clan's territory. Then, Qin Yu and the Ox Demon Emperor arrived on a bordering planet of a certain star field and started to continue their journey using Greater Teleportation.

Qin Yu had never imagined that the Inherited Prohibited Area was actually located between two star fields.

The distance between two star fields was extremely long. Furthermore, within the boundless cosmic space between two star fields were some indescribable strange and frightening energies. Normally, Emperor level experts would not dare to lightly rush into it.

"I estimate that we'll need to travel for another day. Qin Yu, don't worry, from the planet that we were previously on to the Inherited Prohibited Area, there are a total of nine extremely dangerous areas within the boundless space. If the guide were to not know about the route, then to get to the Inherited Prohibited Area was simply a nine in ten chance of death." Said the Ox Demon Emperor while laughing.

Qin Yu did not doubt him in the slightest.

That's because he had already seen quite a couple dangerous places. Those were places that Qin Yu didn't dare approach at all.

Through their unceasing Greater Teleportation usages, the Ox Demon Emperor still had to take into consideration that Qin Yu was unable to teleport too far of a distance using Greater Teleportation. Otherwise, the Ox Demon Emperor's Greater Teleportation range was enough to reach the Inherited Prohibited Area.

After a day.

Within the boundless cosmic space, Qin Yu and the Ox Demon Emperor were standing side by side. They looked toward the front of them.

"We're almost there, it's right ahead." The Ox Demon Emperor pointed at what's in front of them.

In front of Qin Yu and the Ox Demon Emperor was an extremely large golden disk-like substance. This golden disk was extremely large. It was as large as an entire planet. At the same time, there were grey colored strips flowing within the golden disk.

"Directly fly over there." Said the Ox Demon Emperor.

Even if the distance to the golden disk was still pretty far, Qin Yu was already able to sense the fluctuation of the cosmic space from where he stood. It was simply impossible to use Greater Teleportation. Qin Yu stepped on the Divine Sword Sky Piercer and charged forward with his fastest speed.

"Eh, your speed's pretty good." The Ox Demon Emperor looked at Qin Yu in shock. The whole journey when they were using Greater Teleportation, he had been slowing down deliberately for Qin Yu. However now, he discovered that Qin Yu's flying speed was unexpectedly not much slower than his own.

"It's because of this Divine Sword." Qin Yu casually explained.

The Ox Demon Emperor glanced at Qin Yu with a profound intention. With his knowledge and experience, he naturally knew that it was impossible for one to reach that speed with merely a Divine Sword. The Ox Demon Emperor had already guessed how strong Qin Yu's body was.

Although it appeared to be very close, it was actually very far away when flying.

The current Qin Yu's speed was without need for further mention. However, it actually took him an entire half a day flying before he actually approached the 'golden disk.'

In front of Qin Yu was a boundless golden color. This golden disk was truly humongous. Its size was comparable to an extremely large planet. Moreover, Qin Yu discovered —

This 'golden disk' was actually a lot of golden colored sand flow that's constantly flowing about and forming the disk shaped oblate spheroid.

"This is the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream." The Ox Demon Emperor pointed at the continuously flowing golden sand. "Such a large Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream that's as large as a large planet is something that's rarely seen in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm."

"Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream?" When Qin Yu was on the Hidden Emperor Star, he had previously seen it before. It's just that at that moment, he did not pay close attention to it.

"That's right, even if it was I, if I were to enter into that Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, those flowing 'Fragmentary Gold' would directly twist my body into tatters." Exclaimed the Ox Demon Emperor.

Qin Yu was unable to refrain from looking at the omnipresent 'golden sand' in amazement.

"These Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream assembled here and took the shape of a disk. However, the center of this disk was actually empty. The Apes and Monkeys Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area was located there, in the center of the 'golden disk.'" The Ox Demon Emperor pointed at the distant place.

Qin Yu breathe a mouthful of cold air.

Such an enormous Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream actually obediently took the form of a disk to protect the Inherited Prohibited Area within it, that senior that created the Inherited Prohibited Area was truly too formidable.

"How do we get in it?" Qin Yu looked at the Ox Demon Emperor in confusion.

The Ox Demon Emperor instead did not reply. Suddenly, the Ox Demon Emperor pointed toward a distant place. "Look, the Great Ape Emperor has arrived."

Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 8 – Heart Clearing Wind

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Qin Yu looked toward the direction that the Ox Demon Emperor pointed at but was unable to see anyone. Only after a short period of time did he unexpectedly see a man casually walking over from the depths of the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream. Wherever this man passed, the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream automatically moved aside to create a path for him; they absolutely did not injure him in the slightest.

"How is that possible?" Qin Yu was unable to believe what he saw; there's actually someone in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could cross the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream without dying.

The Ox Demon Emperor laughed and said. "Qin Yu, Sun Yuan would only not be attacked by the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream that's there. If he were to go to other Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Streams, for example those that had shown up in the Hidden Emperor Star, they would still kill him."

[TL: trivia, Sun is the same Sun from Sun Wukong (Son Goku) and Yuan means Ape.]

"What you're saying is…" Qin Yu was able to guess.

The Ox Demon Emperor nodded. "That's right, the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream here was refined by that senior from the Ape and Monkey Clan that had descended from the Divine Realm. It was already different from ordinary Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream."

Qin Yu also came to understand it.

The Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream here was essentially 'tamed.'

"Man Quan, you've come." That man had already arrived in front of them.

[TL: Man Quan means Reckless Authority/Power.]

Qin Yu was carefully examining the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan at a close range. The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan was even a bit shorter than Qin Yu. He appeared to be both skinny and short, much like Wu Lan. However, he was radiating an domineering aura that's even more domineering than that of the Ox Demon Emperor.

"This ought to be Qin Yu right?" The Great Ape Emperor looked toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu immediately respectfully bowed and said. "Qin Yu pays his respects to senior Great Ape Emperor."

The Great Ape Emperor's attitude toward Qin Yu was pretty good. It might be because of the relationship with Hou Fei. He lightly smiled and said. "Mn, I have came to know from Hou Fei that you had ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm even later than Hou Fei. In a mere three hundred years, you've actually achieved Emperor level, not bad, not bad."

Qin Yu smiled modestly.

"This Inherited Prohibited Area of my clan is pretty safe, no?" The Great Ape Emperor turned around and looked at that endless amount of Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream while talking to Qin Yu at the same time.

Showing off.

There are only a very small amount of people that's capable of coming to the Inherited Prohibited Area. Sun Yuan would usually always show off the Inherited Prohibited Area to anyone that's here for the first time. However Qin Yu knew… that the Inherited Prohibited Area was a place with the qualifications to be shown off. Merely the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream that surrounded it was already terrifying enough.

"Of course it's safe. With this Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, if anyone else tried to enter it, they'll be just seeking their death." Laughed the Ox Demon Emperor.

"What are those gray colored strip-shaped things?" Qin Yu asked. "I had previously seen from afar that there's gray colored strip-shaped things; however, I do not see them now."

Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan nodded and said. "They are a kind of wind. An extremely unique kind of wind. It's called the Heart Clearing Wind. Only through using this kind of wind would you all be able to pass through the area filled with Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and arrive in front of the Inherited Prohibited Area."

"Through using this kind of wind?" Qin Yu was confused.

The Great Ape Emperor started to laugh. "When the senior of my Ape and Monkey Clan constructed the Inherited Prohibited Area, he had installed upon it two different kinds of methods of entrance! The first method was that as long as the person entering was a Golden Eyed Rock Ape or a Fiery Eyed Water Ape Super Divine Beast, they would be able to ignore the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and enter it. You two have also seen it earlier."

Qin Yu nodded.

That senior that constructed the Inherited Prohibited Area had certainly considered it very well.

"The second method was to use a secret technique to control that 'Heart Clearing Wind.' That Heart Clearing Wind would then be controlled and wrap you up completely and cause you to not be attacked by the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream. Afterwards, the Heart Clearing Wind would directly fly into the internal region where the Inherited Prohibited Area is and you'll naturally be safe."

Qin Yu gasped in admiration. "This great world is truly full of extraordinary things. I have never heard about this Heart Clearing Wind before. It surprisingly is able to protect one from being attacked by the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream."

"Well then, let's not waste time any longer. You two, please wait for a moment."

The Great Ape Emperor’s two hands transformed into a lotus flower shape. At the same time, he was chanting some unknown language. Soon after, the Great Ape Emperor pointed with one of his hands and a stream of wind suddenly came from within the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream and arrived in front of the three.

"Qin Yu, Man Quan, don't worry. Man Quan, this is your second time, you should know already." Soon afterwards, the Great Ape Emperor pointed with one of his hands and that 'Heart Clearing Wind' turned into two. They wrapped around Qin Yu and the Ox Demon Emperor respectively.

After being wrapped, Qin Yu discovered that he was unable to see his surroundings anymore.

It was as if he had landed into a tiny world that's only four or five squares wide. As for its height, it was also only three meters or so. In this tiny world, Qin Yu was able to safely move about. However, Qin Yu was unable to see the outside of this 'tiny world.'

"Qin Yu, don't worry, after being wrapped by the Heart Clearing Wind, you'll be unable to hear the sounds of the outside world nor would you be able to see anything in the outside world. The Demon Awareness from the outside is also unable to permeate through it. In brief, everything in the Heart Clearing Wind, only I, who performed the technique to call upon it am able to be unrestricted." The Great Ape Emperor’s voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind. This caused Qin Yu's heart to calm down.

"So mystical." Qin Yu gasped in admiration.

After the Heart Clearing Wind wrapped around someone, it was actually able to create a little world. Furthermore it even restricted voice, Demon Awareness, sight and everything else.

"Qin Yu, we'll be passing through the area of the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream in a short while. In this short period of time, you can just be at ease and wait." Said the Great Ape Emperor via voice transmission. As for Qin Yu who was within the Heart Clearing Wind, he did not sense the movement of the Heart Clearing Wind at all.

After a long period of time.

Qin Yu sensed that this little world that he was in suddenly burst into movement. Soon after, it scattered and turned into a lump of Heart Clearing Wind before flying away.

At this moment, Qin Yu also saw the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor.

"We've arrived." Said the Great Ape Emperor while smiling.

Qin Yu looked toward his surrounding in astonishment.

The internal region within the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream was sphere shaped. It had a diameter of several hundred miles. Qin Yu raised his looked up, down, front and back; in all directions he was able to see the boundless Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream.

There was a small mountain floating within the internal region of the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream.

Qin Yu, the Ox Demon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor were currently in front of this little mountain. This little mountain was about twenty thousand meters tall. Standing in front of this little mountain, the three of them were just like ants.

"This is the Inherited Prohibited Area." The Great Ape Emperor pointed at this little mountain.

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, is Hou Fei currently in there?" Qin Yu started to grow anxious.

The Great Ape Emperor nodded. "Can you see that? That's the tunnel. That's right, it's that tunnel with an open platform on the outside. Hou Fei is inside of that tunnel." The tunnel that the Great Ape Emperor pointed at was the sole tunnel in the entire mountain wall.

Qin Yu immediately wanted to fly over there.

"Stop." The Great Ape Emperor stopped Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you cannot go in there."

"Why?" Qin Yu grew anxious.

"Qin Yu, first let the Great Ape Emperor finish before making your decisions afterwards as to whether you'll go in or not." Said the Ox Demon Emperor.

Qin Yu looked at the Great Ape Emperor. The Great Ape Emperor gave a wry smile and said. "Can you see that the entire surrounding of the Inherited Prohibited Area was filled with a boundless amount of Heart Clearing Wind?"

Qin Yu nodded.

This Heart Clearing Wind was also very strange. They appeared like an egg shell wrapping around the egg yolk as they wrapped the entire mountain completely. Fortunately, the Heart Clearing Wind is transparent as seen from the outside so one can see through them to see what's inside.

"While seeing it from the outside, you'll be able to pass through the Heart Clearing Wind and reach the interior section. However, once you entered it, you'll feel as if you've entered a tiny world and would not be able to see the outside at all." Explained the Great Ape Emperor.

Qin Yu knew about it, as he had already experienced it earlier.

"Qin Yu, let me tell you. The usage of this Inherited Prohibited Area is restricted. The Super Divine Beasts of the Ape and Monkey Clan, they are able to enter through it three times in their lifetime. If they tried to enter it for a fourth time, they'll certainly die." The Great Ape Emperor had a solemn expression.

Qin Yu carefully listened.

"The other clansmen of the Ape and Monkey Clan, they are allowed to enter it once in their lifetime." The Great Ape Emperor had a long sigh and said. "When my Ape and Monkey clansmen entered it, they would undergo the trials of the Inherited Prohibited Area. However, those trials follow a prescribed order."

"If people not from the Ape and Monkey Clan were to enter it, they would come across someone of the same strength as them." When the Great Ape Emperor said this part, Qin Yu grew puzzled.

"There's other people in the Inherited Prohibited Area?" Immediately asked Qin Yu.

According to what the Great Ape Emperor said, once other non-Ape and Monkey clansmen entered it, they would be met with someone of the same strength as them. In that case, then… there ought to be a lot of people in the Inherited Prohibited Area. Otherwise, how would there certainly be someone of the same strength appearing?

"No." The Great Ape Emperor shook his head. "Basically, it's hard for me to explain clearly in a short period of time."

"Qin Yu, I can tell you this." Said the Great Ape Emperor after pondering for a moment. "When my Ape and Monkey clansmen train inside there, our opponents would all be people that's only half our strength."

"Half?" Qin Yu was confused.

'That's right. For example, Hou Fei, he would be battling unceasingly in there. The Inherited Prohibited Area would sent out a single person to be his opponent. This man's strength would only be half of his. However, his opponent would have reached the pinnacle in comprehension of the stick technique. Even though his strength was only half… Hou Fei was seriously injured practically every time." Said the Great Ape Emperor solemnly.

Qin Yu was shocked.

Against someone who possessed only half the strength yet still receiving serious injuries.

"There are a total of six different levels of stick techniques inside there. When Hou Fei entered it, he started to challenge from the lowest level stick technique. Step by step, he advanced. Over all these years, he had only managed to won once and started challenging the second level stick technique. Moreover, the opponents who he challenged the whole time only had half his strength!"

The Great Ape Emperor looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, if you were to enter there, your opponent would possess the same strength as you. His stick technique would also not start from the first level. Rather, it would start at the level corresponding to your soul's realm level."

"What level is your soul's realm right now?" Asked the Great Ape Emperor.

"Around level two or three Immortal Emperor." Replied Qin Yu honestly.

"Then your opponent would be using level two stick techniques. Furthermore, it'll be the highest ranked level two stick technique. The attack power displayed from that ought to be around ten times that of a level three Immortal Emperor. As for your opponent's defense… his defense was unequalled. Only by knocking off the long stick in his hand would would be able to win."

[TL: raw said dacheng ranked level two. dacheng → great success. So, I decided to make it highest ranked for now unless I'm wrong.]

Qin Yu was truly astonished.

Unequalled defense and with attack power ten times that of a level three Immortal Emperor.

"Thus, when non-Ape and Monkey clansmen enter, they almost certainly will die. After all, your opponent's defense was unequalled. Only through achieving a battle comprehension that surpassed him would you would be able to knock off his long stick." The Great Ape Emperor stared at Qin Yu and said solemnly. "Qin Yu, you best think over it clearly."

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