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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 9 – Cyan Guard

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Both the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor were looking at Qin Yu and waiting for his decision.

An unequalled defense, only through knocking off the long stick the opponent held would one gain victory.

Qin Yu was a little anxious. What he was most proud of was his defense. However, against the previous opponent that was reputed to have an unequalled defense, he was absolutely unable to match at all. With merely the comprehension of battles, would Qin Yu be able to achieve victory against the pinnacle of the level two stick technique?

Suddenly, Qin Yu clenched his teeth.

"Eh, Hou Fei had came out." The Ox Demon Emperor's voice had brought Qin Yu attention over. At this moment, both the Ox Demon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor looked toward the open platform outside of the Inherited Prohibited Area's tunnel.

Qin Yu also looked over. A familiar figure was staggering as he walked to the open platform. His body was also covered with bloodstains. It was precisely Hou Fei that Qin Yu had not seen in years.

"Fei Fei!" Qin Yu shouted.

However, Hou Fei appeared to have not heard Qin Yu's shout and sat down with his legs crossed. He placed his Black Stick on top of his knees. Hou Fei continued to sit like this with his legs crossed, eyes closed and his hands grasping that Black Stick firmly.

Even with strong wind brushing past his body, Hou Fei still remained motionless.

"Fei Fei!" Qin Yu shouted anxiously. How many years has it been since they've last seen each other? A deep emotion was surging forth from the bottom of Qin Yu's heart.

"Qin Yu, you should stop shouting. Hou Fei can neither hear nor see you. Have you forgotten… that the entire Inherited Prohibited Area was completely wrapped by Heart Clearing Wind? Once you have entered, you'll feel as if you've entered a tiny world and would be unable to hear and see anything from the outside world." The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan stopped Qin Yu.

Only then did Qin Yu grow clear-headed.

He then had a self-mocking laugh. He was bewildered by emotions and had forgotten about the Heart Clearing Wind's effect.

Qin Yu carefully looked at the current Hou Fei.

The current Hou Fei, when compared to before, had a bit less naughtiness and mischievousness and a bit more determination. Sitting atop of the open platform, he appeared like a carved sculpture, not moving even the slightest when brushed by strong wind."

"Fei Fei…" From Hou Fei's pale complexion and his bloodied garments, Qin Yu was able to tell that Hou Fei was most certainly seriously injured.

Qin Yu looked toward the Great Ape Emperor. With his brows creased, he said. "Senior Great Ape Emperor, has Fei Fei always been receiving serious injuries in the Inherited Prohibited Area the whole time?"

The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan tranquilly smiled and said. "When inside the Inherited Prohibited Area, one must go through a hard battle every time. If one was to be careless one could even lose one's life. The people that the Inherited Prohibited Area dispatches do not possess even the slightest amount of mercy. Hou Fei would nearly battle once or twice every day. Other than managing to successfully defeat the the first level stick technique, all the other times, Hou Fei has been defeated and seriously injured."

Qin Yu's heart jolted.

Once or twice every day? A battle of life and death like this, Qin Yu knows that it would consume a lot of energy and mental strength every time. To battle so frequently, even if it was him Qin Yu, he believed that it'll also be awfully difficult for him to bear that.

"For it to be that fierce every single time, what if Hou Fei dies?" Qin Yu looked toward the Great Ape Emperor.

The Great Ape Emperor shook his head and proudly laughed. "Die? Hou Fei is a Super Divine Beast and started out from challenging the lowest level, the level one stick technique. In such a incremental progress, although every battle would be very hard for Hou Fei, it was not enough to cause him to lose his life. If he were to die so easily… then it can only be blamed on the fact that Hou Fei wasn't deserving of his Super Divine Beast status."

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, how many times have you entered the Inherited Prohibited Area?" Qin Yu suddenly asked.

Qin Yu clearly remembered that the Super Divine Beasts of the Ape and Monkey Clan possessed three opportunities to enter the Inherited Prohibited Area.

"I've already entered three times." The Great Ape Emperor had a slightly helpless expression. "Had I only entered the Inherited Prohibited Area twice, I would definitely had used my last opportunity to go in and get Hou Fei for you. However now, you can only rely on yourself."

Qin Yu instead felt relaxed.

"This Great Ape Emperor had entered it three times and is still alive, with Fei Fei's aptitude, he likely would not easily die." Qin Yu looked toward the Great Ape Emperor. "Senior Great Ape Emperor, how many years has it been since Fei Fei entered the Inherited Prohibited Area? And what is his current cultivation level?"

The Great Ape Emperor had a slightly delighted expression. "Hou Fei had been in there for sixty years. Sixty years ago he was a level six Demon King. As for now… I estimate that he's a level two or three Demon Emperor."

"Only sixty years." The Ox Demon Emperor gasped in admiration. "Oh Sun Yuan, for your Ape and Monkey clan to possess the Inherited Prohibited Area was simply allowing you guys to occupy a dominant position. If he was to train and cultivate normally, then even though this Hou Fei is very talented, he'll likely only be level seven or eight Demon King. However, he instead reached a level two or three Demon Emperor."

Sun Yuan tranquilly smiled. "The Super Divine Beasts of my Ape and Monkey Clan, ever since the senior descended from the Divine Realm and created the Inherited Prohibited Area, every successive generation of our Super Divine Beasts all used battle to achieve comprehension. Our cultivation speed does not have much relation with the passage of time. Instead, it was related to the frequency of our battles."

"Although it was merely sixty years, but Hou Fei had experienced twenty to thirty thousand life and death battles. With this many battles, how could achieving level two or three Demon Emperor level be considered something extraordinary? Qin Yu, let me ask you. After you ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, how many life and death battles have you had?" Sun Yuan looked at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu thought about it for a moment and then smiled regretfully. "About ten or so."

Ten, the gap between ten and twenty to thirty thousand was something that everyone knows.

"You can continue to show off." The Ox Demon Emperor scowled. "Life and death battles, do you think that it's that easy to find experts of the same level? If your opponent was to be too strong, then your life might be finished. If your opponent was too weak, there won't be any effect at all. To both have a life and death battle while also not dying, did you think that it's that easy to satisfy this demand? In my entire life, I also only have had less than a hundred such battles. Other than your Ape and Monkey Clan's Inherited Prohibited Area, which other place would allow Hou Fei to battle that many times in a mere sixty years?"

Right when they were conversing, Hou Fei who was sitting cross-legged on the open platform stood up.

Holding the Black Stick in his hand, Hou Fei once again entered into the tunnel.

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, if I want to go in, do I just directly rush into there?" Qin Yu's voice suddenly sounded.

"You really want to go in?" The Great Ape Emperor looked at Qin Yu in shock.

Against an enemy with unequalled defensive and attack power that's ten times that of a level three Immortal Emperor, the Great Ape Emperor did not believe that Qin Yu would have a large success rate.

"Qin Yu, I know that you possess the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. However, that is useless there." The Great Ape Emperor thought that Qin Yu was planning to use the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. "If you were to send out the Demon Emperors within the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas, the Inherited Prohibited Area would automatically send out someone who's at the same strength and ten times the attack power as the Demon Emperors you send out. The more Demon Emperors you send out, the faster the Inherited Prohibited Area would send out people to match your Demon Emperors. You could only rely on yourself."

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, you don't need to try persuading me. I merely wanted to know, if I want to go in, how do I go in?" Qin Yu asked once again.

The Great Ape Emperor looked toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu's expression remained the same even after being stared by the Great Ape Emperor.

"Fine, if you wanted to go in, you only need to directly fly over there. Remember… once you fly over there, you would not be able to easily come out from. You are only qualified to come out after finishing a battle." Said the Great Ape Emperor attentively.

"I understand." After saying these words, Qin Yu was prepared to fly over.

"Wait a moment. There's one more thing." The Great Ape Emperor said hastily. Qin Yu stopped his movement.

"Qin Yu, once you enter that tunnel, you'll be faced with a battle. In the entire Inherited Prohibited Area, the only safe place is that open platform."

The Great Ape Emperor pointed toward the open platform. "That's the place, the place where Hou Fei sat to recover from his injuries. Only that place is safe. Also, once you stepped into the tunnel, you'll be confronted with a battle."

"I got it." Qin Yu nodded.

"Qin Yu, after you entered it, you only need to finish a battle against your enemy, you don't need to win, you merely need to survive the battle. Once you flee back to the open platform, you'll be able to come back out. The method for you to come back one is…. walking to the bluestone on the edge of the open platform and stand on top of it. The Inherited Prohibited Area would automatically send you back out."

Qin Yu nodded, he then flew toward the floating little mountain.

Seeing Qin Yu fleeting figure, the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor glanced at each other.

"Sun Yuan, do you think Qin Yu can survive?" Said the Ox Demon Emperor quietly.

"He… has a very low chance of coming out alive." The Great Ape Emperor shook his head.

Qin Yu's body traveled past the Heart Clearing Wind. As the Heart Clearing Wind brushed past Qin Yu's body, they did not cause the slightest amount of injuries.

Qin Yu descended on top of the open stone platform.

This open stone platform was not very big. On its edge was a extremely glossy bluestone. This was the method to exit. Qin Yu turned around to look… sure enough, the entire Inherited Prohibited Area had turned into a little world; he was unable to see anything from the outside.

"Foreign clansman, you have a short period of time to prepare yourself. You would soon be greeted with your enemy." A voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

Qin Yu's expression changed.

Fast as a lightning, he immediately rushed into the deep and unmeasurable tunnel before his eyes. This tunnel was a bit long. However, with Qin Yu's speed, in merely a blink of an eye's time, he had rushed through to the end of the tunnel and arrived on an extremely vast hall.

Qin Yu stopped when he reached this extremely vast hall.

That's because… there are six tunnels in front of him. These six tunnels were not long. Qin Yu was able to faintly see that at the end of these six tunnels were large halls much like the one that he's currently in.

Qin Yu raised his head and looked at the row of words carved onto the wall of the vast hall.

"Heaven Startling Stick Canon!"

"What powerful grandeur." With merely those four words, they had already caused Qin Yu to tremble in his heart, as if what was in front of him were not words but instead an extremely towering mountain that pierces through the heavens.

Qin Yu swept his gaze around.

On the walls, other than the words 'Heavenly Startling Stick Canon,' there was pictures and some handwritings. Those are a series of pictures depicting a person using the long stick. These pictures were separated into six groups. They are respectively —

Heaven Startling Stick Canon's Seventy Two Stick Strikes!

Heaven Startling Stick Canon's Thirty Six Stick Strikes!

Heavenly Startling Stick Canon's Eighteen Stick Strikes!

Heavenly Startling Stick Canon's Nine Stick Strikes!

Heavenly Startling Stick Canon's Three Stick Strikes!

Heavenly Startling Stick Canon's Single Stick Strike!

However, those pictures appeared to be extremely mysterious. Like illusions, they were unceasingly fleeting and changing. Qin Yu was unable to even clearly see even a single image. It was so much that Qin Yu even began to become suspicious as to whether or not they were really pictures.

"The descendents of my Ape and Monkey Clan, before they ascend to the Divine Realm, if they were to be able to succeed in mastering the Heavenly Startling Stick Canon's Single Stick Strike, then they would be able to become join my sect and become my disciple." The words carved at the bottom of the pictures had caused Qin Yu a great shock.

"The person who had left these words ought to be that senior of the Apes and Monkey Clan that had descended from the Divine Realm." Qin Yu guessed in his heart. Right at this moment, an ice-cold voice sounded in Qin Yu's mind.

"Foreign clansman, seeing that you possessed a low quality Divine Armor, let me warn you first. You are not allowed to use the low quality Divine Armor. Otherwise… you will be killed directly."

Qin Yu was startled.

"Your opponent would possess the same strength as you. The stick technique that he would be using would be the 'Heavenly Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes.' In the event that you do not use your low level Divine Armor, if you were to be able to attain victory or escape to the open stone platform outside alive, you would be able to safely depart from this Prohibited Area."

Hearing all this, Qin Yu's expression changed.

"Not allowed to use the Divine Armor? How do I fight then?" Qin Yu grew a bit anxious.

Qin Yu did not doubt this voice at all. To be able to control a planet-sized Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, this person would definitely be able to kill him easily. For example… if he were to throw Qin Yu into the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream, then Qin Yu would likely die on the spot.

"You are to enter the second battlefield!"

The ice-cold voice sounded. Qin Yu then felt as if the times had flied. Dumbstruck, Qin Yu looked at the location that's he's currently in. It is a spacious and empty area inside the mountain. Qin Yu's heart moved. He turned around to look… sure enough, there's a tunnel that lead to here. Qin Yu was able to faintly see the other end of the tunnel.

The other side of the tunnel should be the great hall that he was previously at.

"Could it be that this place was one of the other end of the six tunnels that I saw?" Qin Yu guessed in his heart.

Qin Yu was correct. The six tunnels led to six different battlefields. At this moment, Hou Fei was fighting at the first tunnel's channel. And Qin Yu, he was sent by the Inherited Prohibited Area's mysterious energy to the second battlefield.


A figure arrived on the second battlefield from thin air. This person was holding a cyan colored long stick. He was extremely learn and naked on the upper body. This was Qin Yu's opponent.

"Foreign clansman, your opponent is I." This man looked at Qin Yu coldly. "I am the Cyan Guard of the Six Great Guards of the Inherited Prohibited Area."

"Cyan Guard?" Qin Yu didn't dare to relax in the slightest.

"The Cyan Guard, when fighting against foreign clansman, you are to use the same strength that he possesses." The voice that had previously sounded in Qin Yu's mind sounded in the second battlefield. The Cyan Guard showed a respectful expression. He bowed and said. "Yes, my lord."

"Foreign clansman, according to master's rules, this is to test your comprehension toward battles. If you were to use your Divine Armor to forcefully take on the attacks, then you would be breaking master's rules. He who breaks master's rules would definitely die." The ice-cold voice resounded in the spacious and empty battlefield.

Qin Yu felt that the people of the Inherited Prohibited Area was extremely frightening. He was able to sense that the strength of this Cyan Guard in front of him was unfathomable. He was merely suppressing his power to be the same level as him. This Inherited Prohibited Area has Six Great Guards, what other formidable people are here?

"Begin." An ice-cold voice sounded.

The Cyan Emperor raised his eyes. His gaze was fixed on Qin Yu like a viper.

Suddenly, the long stick in the Cyan Guard's hand was flipped over. Like a rain shower, it filled the sky and covered all directions. Qin Yu's line of sight was filled with a countless amount of stick silhouettes. With merely a single move, Qin Yu was already unable to flee!

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