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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 6 – The Three Emperors of the Demon Realm

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

"Seems like I should go have a look at the Bewitching God Temple when I have time." Qin Yu naturally had this idea in his heart. To possess the Bewitching God Painting but not go to the Bewitching God Temple, that's completely wasting resources.

Wu Lan appeared to have guessed what Qin Yu was thinking, he lightly smiled and said. "Qin Yu, unless it's absolutely necessary, it's best for you to not go to the Bewitching God Temple."

"Why is that? Don't I have the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas now? Also, with my own strength plus Mister Wu Lan, you and the others, there shouldn't be many people in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could bar my way." Qin Yu said puzzledly.

Wu Lan shook his head. "You still don't understand. What is this Bewitching God Temple? It's the place all the Divine Artifacts in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm origin from! You ought to know about its importance."

Qin Yu nodded.

As the originating place for all the Divine Artifacts in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the Bewitching God Temple was naturally extremely important. However, what does this have to do with him going there to find Divine Artifacts?

"There are a large quantity of experts keeping a close watch on the Bewitching God Temple in its surroundings. When other Immortal Emperors charge into the Bewitching God Temple to find Divine Artifacts, they would not care much about them. However, once you, Qin Yu, appeared there… the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would be shaken."

"Ah, I understand now." Qin Yu suddenly realized. "All of the big shots from over the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm have subordinates keeping a close watch over the Bewitching God Temple. Once I who possessed the Bewitching God Painting entered the Bewitching God Temple, I'll be able to obtain a large amount of Divine Artifacts. For me to obtain that many Divine Artifacts at once, I reckon that all the powers within the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would not allow such a thing to happen."

"That's right."

Wu Lan nodded, smiled and said. "You finally understood. Other Immortal Emperors, Devil Emperors and the like would have to suffer an untold amount of hardships and even go through dangers that could potentially kill them to obtain a single Divine Artifact. If you were to enter the Bewitching God Temple, you'll effortlessly be able to obtain ten or more Divine Artifacts. How could such a thing be allowed? It's likely that all of the big shots from the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would join hands and stand in front of you to block your entrance into the Bewitching God Temple and make you share the Divine Artifacts with them!"

Qin Yu smiled bitterly. "If a large group of people joined hands to obstruct me, it is true that I would have no way around it."

Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Black Devil Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor, Cyan Emperor, Hidden Emperor… and a large group of other people their level. If they were to join hands, then Qin Yu could only admit defeat and obediently hand over the Divine Artifacts.

Wu Lan smiled. "Thus, as I said, after your power have risen to a high level or perhaps when you could ally yourself with a portion of those people to go in together with you, only then could you safely obtain Divine Artifacts."

"Mn, right. That's the only way." Qin Yu carefreely smiled. "In any case, I currently don't need any Divine Artifacts anyways. My own body's power was still the most dependable."

"Then you should continue to train, I won't disturb you anymore." With a movement of his legs, Wu Lan arrived at his own residence.

Qin Yu sat down by the lake and began to train his 'Three Souls Nine Refinements.' It would take the Ox Demon Emperor about three days to arrive, that was equivalent to thirty days in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

This period of time was sufficient for Qin Yu to improve a bit.

Making use of all the time that he had to train, in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that had experts like clouds, Qin Yu could only strive his hardest to increase in power. Only then could he and his brothers have a better time living.

The lake water was like gemstones as it shined in the center of the green grounds.

Qin Yu had already sat on the green grounds beside the lake for a total of thirty days now. During the thirtieth day, he opened his eyes.

"The Ox Demon Emperor still haven't come back?" Qin Yu started to puzzle. In these couple days, he had not noticed Man Qian dispatching anyone over to pass a message to him. However, he also understand that the 'wait three days' that Man Qian said was simply a guessed number.

"Let's go out and see."

Qin Yu disappeared from Jiang Lan's Realm and appeared in the residence that Man Qian prepared for him.

Standing in the courtyard, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness started to spread. He easily discovered Man Qian who was currently training with his subordinate. At this moment, Man Qian was topless and covered in sweat.

"Big brother Man Qian." Said Qin Yu via voice transmission.

Hearing Qin Yu's voice transmission, Man Qian immediately stopped the spar. He said to his opponent. "You can go and rest. This is the end of our training today." Man Qian then used a towel to wipe away his sweat and put on a yellow colored gown before walking over toward Qin Yu.

"Brother Qin Yu. You said you're going to train last time so I didn't dare to disturb you the whole time." Man Qian happily walked into the courtyard.

Qin Yu smiled. He then said. "Big brother Man Qian, let's not talk about these. I want to know if His Majesty the Ox Demon Emperor had come back yet."

"His Majesty?" Man Qian nodded and said. "His Majesty had just came back this morning. I originally prepared to call for you toward the evening. However, never did I expect that you've actually finished your training."

"He's back." Qin Yu immediately stood up. He was filled with a pleasantly surprised expression. "Big brother Man Qian, let's go, bring me to see His Majesty."

The current Qin Yu could not wait any longer.

"Brother Qin Yu, don't worry. His Majesty had just gotten back and still have business to take care of. It's better for you to wait till the evening to see him. That's because today, in the evening… His Majesty had personally prepared a feast to entertain you." Said Man Qian while beaming with smiles.

Qin Yu was shocked. "Personally prepared a feast to entertain me?"

What kind of status does the Ox Demon Emperor held? He even personally prepared a feast for Qin Yu, wasn't this a bit too formal?

"Brother Qin Yu, it seems like you still aren't conscious of your own status." Said Man Qian while smiling. "To be able to open the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and kill a whole bunch of Emperor Yu's subordinates while also possessing the Bewitching God Painting, you are naturally of high enough status for His Majesty to personally prepare a feast to entertain you."

One's strength was dependent not only one one's cultivation level, it was also depended on one's weapons and so on.

Qin Yu possessed the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and was able to match against Emperor Yu, this signifies that his status was equivalent to Emperor Yu. It is completely within reasons for the Ox Demon Emperor to personally prepare a feast to entertain him.

"Big brother Man Qian, I have a matter that I want your help on." Qin Yu had a matter in his heart that he had not settled the whole time.

"Just say it." Said Man Qian straightforwardly.

Qin Yu waved his hand and five people appeared in thin air. These five people were precisely — Tan Meng, Kong Lan, Tu Gang, Wan'er and the grown and robust little Niu Wa.

"Master." Said Kong Lan and them respectfully.

The gown and robust little Niu Wa who now appeared like a calf had his eyes wide open as he looked at Qin Yu. Only after hearing Kong Lan and them did he wake up to reality. "Zheng Zhong paying his respect to Lord Qin Yu." Niu Wa was merely his nickname. His actual name was Zheng Zhong.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Big brother Man Qian, Zheng Zhong had grown up in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. I do not wish for him to spend his whole life in there… however I am a person without a fixed residence. Furthermore, if he follows me, he would be subjected to a lot of dangers. Thus, I want to request you to help me take care of him. Of course, I would have Kong Lan and the other three follow after him." Qin Yu said his intention.

Man Qian looked at Kong Lan and them and then displayed a smile on his face.

Kong Lan, Tan Meng and Tu Gang are all level nine Demon Kings. Although they are not Demon Emperors, they are still still people of great use.

"Rest assured. Just leave Zheng Zhong in my care. In the future when you see him, you'll certainly be pleased." Said Man Qian happily.

Hearing what Man Qian and Qin Yu were talking about, Niu Wa's heart was filled with excitement.

When he was in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, only Tan Meng and them were beside him.

However, since it had always been these couple people. Niu Wa had also hoped for the teeming external world.

"Kong Lan, from today on, you four would be free. You would be subordinates of Man Qian now. In the meantime, conveniently help me take care of little Niu Wa. Are you all willing?" Qin Yu looked toward the four.

In the eyes of Kong Lan and the other three were a cheerful look that was hard to be covered up.

Freedom… it is likely what all of the spirit beasts within the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas longed for the most.

"Most certainly." Kong Lan and the other three all nodded.

With an intention, Qin Yu removed the soul binding on Kong Lan and the other three.

Having taken care of little Niu Wa's matter, Qin Yu had also relieved a worry from his heart. If little Niu Wa was to follow him, Qin Yu also knew that he'll likely not be able to live peacefully. It would be a lot better for him to stay with Man Qian.

In the evening.

Inside the Ox Demon Emperor's Palace within the Imperial City.

As the actual Emperor of the Beast Clan, the Ox Demon Emperor's Palace could not be considered as luxurious. It merely had a special kind of grandeur. The entire palace was black. From afar, it looked like a prehistoric giant creature crouching in wait.

Being lead by Man Qian, Qin Yu entered a resort within the palace.

Today's so called entertaining Qin Yu for dinner, there's in fact only three people present — the Ox Demon Emperor, Man Qian and Qin Yu. Of course, before they arrived at the resort, Qin Yu didn't know that there's only three people present.

Qin Yu looked around —

Beside a large tree in the resort that looked similar to a sweet olive tree was a table. There were only three chairs beside the table. At this moment, other than maids, there was only a single man in the entire resort. A man filled with hegemony.

With steel needle-like stubble beard and eyes bright and full of expression, even when he's turning around to wave, he was still able to cause others to perceive his strength!

He was a man radiating power.

"Your Majesty, this person is Qin Yu." Man Qian slightly bowed and said with a smile.

Qin Yu immediately also slightly bowed and said. "Qin Yu paying his respect to Your Majesty the Ox Demon Emperor." As Qin Yu was planning to seek help from the Ox Demon Emperor, and adding on the fact that the Ox Demon Emperor’s strength and status was both extremely high to begin with, for him to be a bit more respectful was what he ought to do.

The Ox Demon Emperor carefully inspected Qin Yu. Soon, he nodded and smiled. "Truly a genius youngster. When Qian'er descended to the Mortal Realm, you were still only at the Dacheng stage. However now, you've already reached the Emperor level. Your cultivation speed, I reckon that even that Genius Immortal Emperor would still be inferior to you."

Qin Yu merely lightly smiled.

His cultivation speed…

In reality, since he ascended till his current strength now, even if one were to consider them using the true amount of time taken, then he still really only used several hundred years.

Ox Demon Emperor's words were very crafty. Without noticing, he had already lightly praised Qin Yu. Although each one of his sentence appeared to be simple, but they made Qin Yu extremely comfortable. After all, all of the things the Ox Demon Emperor said were all Qin Yu's proud achievements.

As they chatted more, Qin Yu did not feel much estrangement toward the Ox Demon Emperor.

"Your Majesty Ox Demon Emperor, I presume that big brother Man Qian had already told you about my purpose in coming to the Jade Cloud Star. Ever since I ascended into the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, I have been constantly searching for my brothers. Is it possible for you to tell me where my second brother Hou Fei is at?" Qin Yu asked his question at the appropriate timing.

The Ox Demon Emperor raised his cup to toast. He then lightly smiled and said. "That Hou Fei that you mentioned… he is currently in the Inherited Prohibited Area of the Apes and Monkey Clan." Ox Demon Emperor's eyes revealed a slight envy.

"Inherited Prohibited Area ?" Qin Yu looked at the Ox Demon Emperor.

Man Qian who stood to the side was also shocked. "Is it that legendary Inherited Prohibited Area of the Ape and Monkey Clan?" Man Qian eyes also possessed an envious that's hard to be covered up.

The Ox Demon Emperor nodded and said." That's right, the Inherited prohibited area was a holy land that is created by a certain senior of the Ape and Monkey Clan that had descended from the Divine Realm a long time ago."

"A senior that descended from the Divine Realm?" Qin Yu now sensed how extraordinary this Inherited Prohibited Area was.

The Ox Demon Emperor smiled as he looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, did you know that… in all these countless years, under normal circumstances, who is the strongest expert of the Demon Realm?"

Qin Yu shook his head.

"Qian'er, tell Qin Yu about it." The Ox Demon Emperor lightly smiled.

Man Qin took a deep breath and then started to explain to Qin Yu. "The three strongest people of the Demon Realm, under normal circumstances, were that generation's Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and Great Ape Emperor."

"What about Emperor Ni?" Qin Yu remembered about this level nine Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast.

"What I said was every generation's Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and Great Ape Emperor. Although the current Emperor Ni was extremely powerful, but once Emperor Ni ascended to the Divine Realm, it is different to tell whether or not there'll be new Phoenixes. However, there are always Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and Great Ape Emperor."

Qin Yu naturally understands.

The Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and Great Ape Emperor were all titles. Naturally, there would be one in every generation.

"The reason why they're powerful was because… the Dragon Emperor possessed the Dragon Clan's Inherited Treasure within his body, the Peng Demon Emperor possessed the Peng Clan's Inherited Treasure. The might of the Inherited Treasures… were stronger than even Divine Artifacts." Said Man Qian as he forced a smile while looking at Qin Yu.

Qin Yu was shocked.

At this moment, he had finally understand why Wu Lan said the Dragon Emperor was very powerful, powerful enough to make Ni Yang admit defeat.

The Dragon Emperor is a level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast. However, he possessed an Inherited Treasure. His actual strength was so powerful… that even level nine Demon Emperor Super Divine Beasts would not dare to say that they have certainty in beating him.

"Inherited Treasures that are even more powerful than Divine Artifacts, what are they?" Qin Yu became astonished.

Both Man Qian and the Ox Demon Emperor shook their heads.

Their Purple Eyed Ox Demon King was also a powerful race. Unfortunately, they do not possess an Inherited Treasure. How would the Dragon Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor possibly let them know about secret of the Inherited Treasures?

Qin Yu suddenly recalled a matter. "Your Majesty Ox Demon Emperor, earlier when big brother Man Qian mentioned the Dragon Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor both possessed Inherited Treasures; then what about the Great Ape Emperor? Why is he powerful? How is he able to match up against the other two?"

The Ox Demon Emperor smiled and said. "The reason why the Great Ape Emperor is powerful was precisely because of the Inherited Prohibited Area."

"How is the Inherited Prohibited Area powerful?" Qin Yu had became curious about this Inherited Prohibited Area.

The Ox Demon Emperor gasped in admiration and said. "To speak the truth, if they were to really fight, then the Dragon Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor who possessed Inherited Treasures might be slightly stronger than the Great Ape Emperor as the Great Ape Emperor does not possess a Inherited Treasure."

Qin Yu started to frown. He felt that what the Ox Demon Emperor had just said was contradictory.

"The Apes and Monkey Clan are fond of battles. Their Inherited Prohibited Area was a place they would use to achieve comprehension through battles. When training there, it would allow their fighting capability to grow at a rapid speed. For example, the Dragon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor were both level eight Demon Emperors; the Dragon Emperor was able to increase his strength ten times through his Inherited Treasure whereas the Great Ape Emperor would use his battle comprehension to increase his attack power by eight to nine times."

"If they're experts of the same level, if they were to not use any weapons, then even the Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and the rest were to join hands, they would still be no match against the Great Ape Emperor. To achieve comprehension in battles, this is why every generation of the Great Ape Emperor used to turn their noses high up in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Said the Ox Demon Emperor as he gasped in admiration.

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