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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 41 – Undergoing the Divine Tribulation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"The Peng Demon Emperor has arrived?" Qin Yu's relaxed mood immediately tensed up. Soon after, he said to Hou Fei and Hei Yu beside him. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, come, let's go out. The Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming and the Great Ape Emperor have all arrived."

"The Great Ape Emperor also came?” Hou Fei immediately stood up.

Hei Yu was instead not particularly concerned.

"Not only them, there's another person… the Peng Demon Emperor. The Peng Demon Emperor has joined the Dragon Emperor and them, and arrived together with them." Qin Yu muttered. "This matter is a bit troublesome. This Peng Demon Emperor is extremely eccentric, he might even not give the Dragon Emperor and them face and directly attack us. With the Peng Demon Emperor's speed, it was impossible for others to prevent him in time."

"What big brother said is correct. With that Peng Demon Emperor's temperament, he might just directly attack us. Mixed Hair Bird, it's best for you to temporary not meet that Peng Demon Emperor. The person that Peng Demon Emperor wants to kill the most is you." Warned Hou Fei.

Hou Fei had a cold expression. "I'm going out with you two."

Qin Yu looked at Xiao Hei.

He understood Xiao Hei's temperament very well. It was very hard to persuade him. However, the situation that they had guessed earlier was not necessarily going to happen… furthermore, with his own speed, he should be fast enough to send Xiao Hei into the Jiang Lan's Realm in time.

Furthermore… in this First District was Granny Yin Hua, who Qin Yu was still unable to see through, even now.

"Let's go, we'll go out and greet the Dragon Emperor and them together." Qin Yu have made his decision.

The Great Ape Emperor, the Dragon Emperor and them, were people that Qin Yu and his brothers must definitely greet. The three brothers exited their courtyard mansion and followed the bluestone path toward the entrance area of the First District.

In merely a short period of time.

Qin Yu saw a couple familiar figures…. covered in gold from head to toe, the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan, level eight Demon Emperor Ao Ku and level eight Demon Emperor Liu Tu. These three men were leading a bunch of Demon Emperors as they walked over. These people were clearly from the Bird Clan.

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness immediately discovered that there were three groups of people entering into the First District. The first group of people were the people from the Bird Clan. The second group of people were from the Dragon Clan and were led by the Dragon Emperor. As for the third group of people, they were from the Beast Clan, lead by the Ox Demon Emperor and Great Ape Emperor.

"Hei Yu." Upon seeing Hei Yu, the Peng Demon Emperor immediately started to emit killing intent from his eyes. He was planning to attack Hei Yu right away.

Upon seeing Hei Yu, Immortal Emperor Song Shi who was leading everyone from the front, knew that the situation had grown bad. Immediately, he spoke. "Senior Peng Demon Emperor, my master has said that this time around, it is he who is undergoing the Divine Tribulation. None of the people who have came to this place to attend his Divine Tribulation are allowed to attack each other here. Whoever it is that violates his will, my master would personally set out to dispose of them."

"Chi Qing really said such a thing?" The Peng Demon Emperor looked to Immortal Emperor Song Shi with an ice-cold gaze.

"Yes, that's right." Immortal Emperor Song Shi raised his head up and looked the Peng Demon Emperor in the face. He did not retreat in the slightest.

And at this moment, Qin Yu was paying close attention with his Immortal Awareness. His eyes were also fixed on the Peng Demon Emperor. "Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan has never cared about anyone, maybe he would really attack here?" Qin Yu was very cautious.

"Not good!" Qin Yu who was prepared the entire time and had power stored up in his body, suddenly moved like a spring. He immediately reached beside Hei Yu.

However, with merely moving this short distance, the golden ray of light that the Peng Demon Emperor had turned into had already arrived in front of Qin Yu. His speed was fast to a frightening level.


A walking stick collided with the Peng Demon Emperor's golden claw.

The golden ray of light flew back, the Peng Demon Emperor returned to his original place. The Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan shrunk his eyes back and firmly stared at the old granny in front of Qin Yu…. Granny Yin Hua.

"You are that Granny Yin Hua?" The Peng Demon Emperor had long since heard about Granny Yin Hua's distinguished name. Merely, that time around, Granny Yin Hua had only used her mysterious technique to transmit her image. And now, it was also the first time for the Peng Demon Emperor to meet Granny Yin Hua.

With a kind appearance, Granny Yin Hua coughed a couple times. "Sigh, I've grown old and weak now."

Qin Yu almost laughed out loud.

Granny Yin Hua was indeed as frightening as he had thought. When the Peng Demon Emperor attacked, Granny Yin Hua was still a long distance away from Qin Yu. The Peng Demon Emperor attacked first, whereas Granny Yin Hua moved out afterward. However, Granny Yin Hua instead managed to block the Peng Demon Emperor. With just her speed… Granny Yin Hua was already even faster than the Peng Demon Emperor!

The Peng Demon Emperor who possessed an Inherited Treasure, his strongest strength was his speed. However, Granny Yin Hua was even faster. With merely this, the Peng Demon Emperor had grown terrified.

"That Chi Qing even considers me to be his Big Sister; thus, I cannot not give him face. Since he said he won't allow people to fight here, I must also help him prevent fighting from occurring. Say, Zong Yan, isn't that right?" Said Granny Yin Hua with a face filled with smiles.

At this moment, no one dared to look down upon this old granny.

The Peng Demon Emperor merely kept staring at Granny Yin Hua. No one knew what he was thinking.

A couple sounds of airspace vibration was heard and the Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming, Ox Demon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor flew past the group of Demon Emperors and landed beside the Peng Demon Emperor.

"Zong Yan, what are you doing?" Said the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan while smiling. "Could it be that you're planning to attack the next clan chief of my Monkey and Ape Clan?"

"Most certainly not." Said the Peng Demon Emperor directly. "Earlier, I merely tried to catch someone."

That's right, catch someone.

What the Peng Demon Emperor tried to do earlier, was to momentarily confine Hei Yu's strength and arrest him. He didn't dare to kill Hei Yu at all… that was because he had vowed in front of Bai Xin that he would not kill Hei Yu.

"Catching someone? Say, Zong Yan, are you not giving Chi Qing face? This time around, it's Chi Qing who's undergoing his Divine Tribulation." Ridiculed the Dragon Emperor.

The Peng Demon Emperor took a glance at the Great Ape Emperor and the Dragon Emperor and then humphed. He knew that with the Great Ape Emperor and the Dragon Emperor present, even if he wanted to capture Hei Yu, it would be very troublesome.

Qin Yu and his two brothers, the Peng Demon Emperor, the Dragon Emperor and the rest of the people being gathered here immediately managed to attract the attention of a great number of experts. However, those groups of experts also didn't dare to come closer.


A cyan clothed figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the air. He soon landed on the ground in between Qin Yu, his two brothers and the Peng Demon Emperor's group. It was precisely the Cyan Emperor who was about to undergo his Divine Tribulation!

The Cyan Emperor was radiating an aura that caused one to be comfortable from his entire body. Chi Qing merely looked at the two sides before immediately smiling lightly to the Peng Demon Emperor and said. "Brother Zong Yan, as I invited you to come watch my Divine Tribulation, I hope that you will give me face. I do not wish for anyone to attack anyone here."

"Fine, I will give you face. Let's go!"

Said the Peng Demon Emperor ice-coldly. Immediately after, he took to the air. Ao Ku, Liu Tu and the rest of the Demon Emperors of the Bird Clan, all immediately followed him to the sky. Immediately after, this group of Demon Emperor’s started flying toward their own courtyard mansion.

The Cyan Emperor merely took a glance at the Peng Demon Emperor who flew past him. He lightly smiled and then looked to Qin Yu. He laughed and said. "Little brother Qin Yu, you have brought me quite many troubles."

Qin Yu could only smile.

And at this moment, Qin Yu suddenly turned around to look in the distance. What he saw was Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor leading a large group of Immortal Emperors, greeting the Peng Demon Emperor and his men. They were even chatting and laughing.

"These two groups, they have indeed joined hands." Not only Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, the Dragon Emperor and the rest also took notice of it.

"Everyone, please rest yourselves. I estimate that the date of my Divine Tribulation should be about in a month's time. In this month's time, I would have to carefully prepare and would be unable to take care of everyone. Please forgive me." Said the Cyan Emperor to everyone around.

"You still have to prepare?" Ridiculed the Dragon Emperor.

The Cyan Emperor couldn't help but laugh. "Haha…."

"Haha…" The Dragon Emperor also laughed out loud. The Dragon Emperor, Emperor Ni, the Cyan Emperor as well as the previous Gold Punishment Lord, all had an extremely good relationship and understood each other very well.

Upon seeing the scene, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from gasping in his heart. "This Cyan Emperor is truly completely confident in passing the Divine Tribulation. No wonder he dared to invite so many people to come watch his Divine Tribulation without caring for others causing troubles for him."

The following days waiting for the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation were not boring at all. That was because there were many friends here. At the same time, many Immortal Emperors, Demon Emperors and even Devil Emperors came to Qin Yu to pay him a visit.

Qin Yu and his two brothers, their reputations were widespread.

Furthermore, not long ago, Emperor Yu had mounted a sneak attack against Qin Yu, yet instead fought him to a draw. Thus, Qin Yu's prowess was as clear as day. The information regarding their simple exchange of attacks was also widely known… Qin Yu and his two brothers combined possessed a martial prowess that was comparable to that of the Hidden Emperor and the Black and White Dual Emperors. Thus, it was natural that there were many people who wanted to befriend them.

Inside Qin Yu's courtyard mansion.

"Brother Qin Yu need not see me off, I'll take my leave." A handsome golden clothed youth bid his farewell to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu and his brothers saw this golden clothed youth leave with their eyes. Immediately after, then closed the door.

"Hey, Big Brother, from the way I see it, this Flame Emperor's strength is merely so-so. Isn't he just a level eight Immortal Emperor? How did he manage to suddenly rise to power and obtain a position that's close to that of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor?" Said Hou Fei.

That golden clothed youth from earlier was precisely the newly risen power in the Immortal Realm, the Flame Emperor.

"You'd best not underestimate that Flame Emperor." Said Qin Yu solemnly. "I feel that this Flame Emperor is not as simple as he seems to be… moreover, I think that he's even more powerful than Emperor Yu. Of course, it is merely a feeling that I have."

"He's that strong?" Hou Fei was shocked.

Hei Yu also looked at Qin Yu with a doubtful expression. As a level eight Immortal Emperor, he ought to not be that powerful.

Currently, Qin Yu and his brothers were not certain about it. However, in the future, when Qin Yu's status grew higher, when he would gathered with the big shots from everywhere, at that time he would know about the reason why this Flame Emperor was so threatening. Of course, that is something in the future.

A month has passed since the time when Peng Demon Emperor tried to attack Hei Yu. Logically, the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation should have arrived. However… there was no news of the date for his Divine Tribulation yet.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Bai Ling, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu were all in the courtyard mansion. Bai Ling, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu have never seen a Divine Tribulation before and thus wanted to watch. However, Wu Lan did not come out from the Jiang Lan's Realm. According to Wu Lan, he said. "Don't feel like watching."

As they were chatting, a voice suddenly sounded from the sky.

"Everyone, tomorrow is the date that I, Chi Qing, will be undergoing my Divine Tribulation. At that time, I hope that everyone would stay in their respective districts and watch my Divine Tribulation. Please do not enter the Center District where I will be undergoing my Divine Tribulation." This was the Cyan Emperor's voice.

Immediately after, the voice dissipated.

Following the speech, the entire Ridge Peak Star started to shudder with noise and excitement. Countless people started to discuss the new information they had just received. As for Qin Yu and them, they also grew happy. Finally, the wait was over.

On the day leading to the Divine Tribulation, there were already over a thousand Emperor level experts in the First District!

In the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, about eighty percent of the Emperor level experts had come to the Ridge Peak Star. After all, watching a Divine Tribulation was something of great appeal to almost all Emperor level experts. For the majority of the people, they do not even know what kind of situation would occur in the Divine Tribulation.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and them were likewise unclear about the Divine Tribulation.

On the day of the Divine Tribulation.

Over a hundred million cultivators were gathered on the Ridge Peak Star. Over a thousand Emperor level experts were gathered in the First District. Over a hundred million Golden Immortal level experts were gathered in the Second District. As for the Third District, majority of the people gathered there are Heavenly Immortals; there are very few Heavenly Devils and Heavenly Demons.

Densely packed, countless silhouettes flew to the sky. Each and every one of them stood in the sky. They were looking at the faraway Center District.

Inside the First District.

Almost everyone was hovering in the sky watching the Center District. Qin Yu and his group of people were likewise also in the sky. Qin Yu gazed at his surroundings and saw that the Dragon Emperor, Ao Wuming, Great Ape Emperor, Ox Demon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Flame Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor… and numerous groups of other experts were all standing in the sky.

The most center region, the Center District, had a circumference of around ten miles. This was the location where the Cyan Emperor has prepared to undergo his Divine Tribulation.

"Brother Qin Yu." Immortal Emperor Song Shi flew over to Qin Yu. "I'll stay here and watch my master's Divine Tribulation with you guys."

"Sure. Song Shi, but why didn't you stay with your senior martial brothers and them?" Qin Yu asked. Immortal Emperor Song Shi was the fourth disciple of the Cyan Emperor. The Cyan Emperor had a total of five disciples. Each and every one of them was an Emperor level expert. The strongest among them, the fifth disciple, was even a level eight Immortal Emperor.

"My eldest martial brother and my fifth martial brother don't really get along. It's very tiring for me to be there!" Song Shi shook his head grudgingly.

Qin Yu smiled.

"Oh, that's right. Where is Granny Yin Hua?" Asked Qin Yu. Granny Yin Hua's residence was right next to Qin Yu's. If Granny Yin Hua was present, Qin Yu would easily have noticed her already.

"Oh, regarding Granny Yin Hua, it seemed like she had some sort of important matter and left ahead of time." Explained Song Shi.

Qin Yu nodded. He reckoned that Granny Yin Hua doesn't care much about Divine Tribulation either. After all, her prowess was already displayed.

"Big brother, the Divine Tribulation has started." Hou Fei called to Qin Yu's attention.

Qin Yu immediately looked to the Center District.

Only the Cyan Emperor was in that Center District of ten miles circumference. The Cyan Emperor was standing on the ground with his hands behind his back. He did not use any barrier technique nor was there any preparation. He was merely standing on the ground.

The bright and clear sky suddenly turned dark!

The entire Ridge Peak Star had suddenly turned dark and silent. It was a frightening silence. Everyone who was watching the Divine Tribulation, was paying close attention to it, none of them dared to speak a word.

An enormous dark red colored vortex suddenly appeared in the dark sky. That vortex was several thousands of miles wide. It was spinning unceasingly. The frightening energy caused the entire space to begin to fluctuate.

"Chi chi~~~~"

Electric currents were running through the entire Ridge Peak Star. The space was shocked by the lightning. Fortunately, the vaporized electric currents did not affect the experts.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Ye Qu, Peng Demon Emperor, Emperor Yu, Hidden Emperor… and countless other experts, all looked toward the sky. They were staring at that dark red colored vortex.

Blue colored electric currents were flickering through that dark red colored vortex. At the same time, the dark red colored vortex started to rotate. Its rotation speed was not fast. However, its rotation was followed by an odd pattern.

"Mn, what's happening?"

Everyone was looking at the scene in front of them with astonishment. That was because with merely the rotation of the dark red colored vortex, it had caused the area roughly a mile in circumference surrounding the Cyan Emperor to be completely distorted. Everyone was barely able to see the figure of the Cyan Emperor within that distorted space.

"Big brother, that dark red colored vortex has created a large formation array." Said Hei Yu via voice transmission.

Qin Yu also raised his head up to look. Sure enough, the dark blue colored lightning that was originally inside the depths of the dark red colored vortex had started coming out. After the dark blue colored lightning appeared out from the surface of the dark red colored vortex, it turned into a large dark blue colored formation array. That formation array was in the shape of a ring. The interior of the ring was covered with numerous peculiar trajectories where the dark blue lightning was unceasingly traveling through.

What kind of formation array was this?

"The Three Great Divine Tribulations, this ought to be the First Great Divine Tribulation." Muttered Song Shi.

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