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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 42 – Three Great Divine Tribulations

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: TranslationNations

The sky was muddled dark, with black clouds boiling. In the middle of the black cloud was an enormous dark red colored vortex that spanned several thousand miles. This vortex was spinning unceasingly and causing the space in the area of a mile surrounding the Cyan Emperor to be completely distorted.

Qin Yu, Dragon Emperor, Peng Demon Emperor and a thousand other Emperor level experts were unable to pass through that distorted space. All they could do was to vaguely watch the silhouette in that distorted space…. the Cyan Emperor.

"Three Great Divine Tribulations?" Qin Yu heard what Immortal Emperor Song Shi who stood beside him muttered and started to become puzzled. Qin Yu didn't know anything regarding the Divine Tribulation, thus he immediately asked quietly. "Brother Song Shi, you said something about 'Three Great Divine Tribulations,' what is that?"

The heaven and earth were rumbling. Qin Yu and Song Shi's voice was able to be completely neglected.

Immortal Emperor Song Shi replied quietly. "Qin Yu, this was also only something that I've heard from my master. There was a total of three Divine Tribulations. The first one was formed by Heavenly Thunder. The dark blue colored Heavenly Thunder is the strongest kind of lightning that Emperor level experts could control. As for this first Divine Tribulation, it is an ancient formation array formed by dark blue colored Heavenly Thunder. The power of them falling down together was immensely powerful… it was very hard for even ordinary level nine Immortal Emperors to take on."

Qin Yu was startled.

"No wonder the legendary Divine Tribulation is extremely hard to pass and majority of the Immortal Emperors would fail their Divine Tribulation. With the First Great Divine Tribulation being that powerful, the following two Great Divine Tribulations are certain to be even more powerful."

Immortal Emperor Song Shi said in a low voice. "Qin Yu, look… the dark blue colored lightning is unceasingly flowing about the ancient formation array. That ancient formation array is created by the heaven and earth, its was certainly to be very powerful. And the dark blue colored lightning is already the strongest lightning that Emperor level experts could grasp, after it passed through the ancient formation array like so, its power would continue to increase…" Immortal Emperor Song Shi continued to gasp in admiration. "Not only that, this is merely the First Great Divine Tribulation. The Second Great Divine Tribulation is even more frightening. You ought to know that the experts that undergo the Divine Tribulation would usually have abundant preparations. Majority of them would be able to pass the First Great Divine Tribulation. However, as for the Second Great Divine Tribulation, it's extremely hard!"

"Oh?" Qin Yu started to puzzle. "What might this Second Great Divine Tribulation be?"

"Furthermore, I've heard from my master that when the Divine Tribulation started, the one mile circumference around the person undergoing the Divine Tribulation would be cut off from the rest of the world. The one mile circumference that my master is in is filled with illusions. Furthermore, his heart's devil would also unceasingly come about. The entire Divine Tribulation would be like so. If one were to be distracted in the slightest, then one might have one's body crushed to pieces and soul scattered by the Divine Tribulation." Immortal Emperor Song Shi was also a bit nervous. "The First Great Divine Tribulation is about to land."

Qin Yu raised his head and looked at it carefully.

That ancient formation array formed by the dark blue colored lightning appeared like a millstone. At this moment, that dark blue colored millstone emerged from that enormous red vortex. At the same time, that dark blue colored millstone was still slowly rotating.

"Nine dark blue colored lightnings." Qin Yu was able to clearly see with his eyes that there are a total of nine dark blue colored lightnings continuously revolving about the middle of the millstone with a strange trajectory.


The giant millstone formed by the dark blue colored lightning was slowly revolving. At the same time, it was slowly descending from the sky. Although this millstone was descending very slowly, it was giving off an impression, as if it was the end of the world.

"It's this slow?" Qin Yu was a bit puzzled.

From his knowledge, the majority of the Tribulation lightning would stuck down rapidly. However, this enormous millstone created by nine dark blue colored lightning was descending with a rather slow speed. The distance between the enormous red vortex and the Cyan Emperor was merely ten thousand meters. However, that millstone flew for ten entire breathes worth of time before landing.

Over a thousand Emperor level experts were able to see the Cyan Emperor lifting his right hand high up against the sky in that distorted space. At the same time, he shouted with a thunder-like voice. "Break!"

The enormous millstone landed with a rumble. It was a clear contrast against the tiny silhouette of the Cyan Emperor. That tiny palm collided with the enormous lightning millstone.

However, the result of the collision was…

The enormous millstone started to crack. That ancient formation array had collapsed completely. Like roaming dragons, the nine dark blue lightnings that composed the ancient formation array started to run about in all directions without any pattern. Whenever they collided with the Cyan Emperor's body, they would immediately dissipate.

"As expected, the Cyan Emperor possessed extraordinary strength."

"The Cyan Emperor has been hiding his strength the entire time. He managed to so easily cut open the First Great Divine Tribulation. His strength surpasses ours by far."

Hidden Emperor, Emperor Yu and the rest all started to discuss the Cyan Emperor. These people knew quite a lot about the Divine Tribulation. They also knew of the might of the First Great Divine Tribulation. Upon seeing how the Cyan Emperor broke through it so easily, they all had somewhat realized Cyan Emperor's strength.

"Big brother, was that the First Great Divine Tribulation? It appeared just so-so to me." Said Hou Fei to Qin Yu as if he didn't see anything extraordinary.

Immortal Emperor Song Shi glared and said. "That's because my master is very powerful. Had it been any other regular level nine Immortal Emperor, then I reckon they'll be already seriously injured by this First Great Divine Tribulation already." Upon seeing Hou Fei acting like so, Qin Yu could also only laugh wryly.

"This Heavenly Lightning has already reached the dark blue stage. With the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body, it could only take the lightning head on after it reached the eighth stage. Even the seventh stage would sustain injuries." Ye Qu who stood to the side spoke.

Ao Wuxu also had an extremely serious face.

Upon seeing the reactions of the people, Hou Fei stopped saying anything more. Qin Yu lightly laughed and said. "Well then, the Second Great Divine Tribulation is already storing up its energy now. Pay close attention, there won't be such a great opportunity to watch it again in the future."

Not only the group of people with Qin Yu, the other people also started to discuss the First Great Divine Tribulation from earlier. Merely a moment later, the Ridge Peak Star had once again returned to the silence from before. Everyone had their heads raised, they were looking, looking to see exactly what the Second Great Divine Tribulation would look like.

The black clouds rolled. The direction of the rotation of the enormous red vortex started to change. The outer vortex was still spilling at the same orientation as before. However, the inner vortex started to spin at the opposite direction. Suddenly, electric sparks appeared in the region of the intersection between the inner and outer vortex.

Black flames emerged from the area between the inner and outer vortex. The red vortex was several thousands of miles wide. Although it was merely a slight amount of black flames everywhere, but one cannot belittle these black flames should they be gathered together.

Black flames?

"Blue Heavenly Flames are blue colored. Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames are golden colored with a blue colored exterior. What is this black flame?" Asked Qin Yu in a low voice.

"Divine Flame!" Immortal Emperor Song Shi had a very solemn expression. "The True Flame of the Nascent Souls of Immortal Emperors are Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames. It is rumored that this Divine Flame is the True Flame of Deities. It is extremely powerful."

"True Flame of Deities? That… how could anyone be able to take that on?" Qin Yu was startled.

Hou Fei who stood to the side said. "Regarding this Divine Flame, I actually know about it. Not only Deities possessed them… in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the beings birthed by flames, the Super Divine Beasts Phoenix and Fire Qilin would also have the Divine Flame as their True Flame upon reaching Emperor level."

"Divine Flame, it is said that it can be used to refine Divine Artifacts. Generally, one could only defend against the Divine Flame should one possess a Divine Artifact and use a large amount of energy." Explained Immortal Emperor Song Shi. "This Divine Flame would only attack once. As long as you can defend against it, it'll automatically dissipate. If one were to be roasted by the Divine Flame, then in time even ordinary Divine Artifacts would melt. No matter how strong a cultivator was, he would still be unable to resist it."

"That's not for certain." Said Ye Qu who stood to the side.

Upon training the Nine Steps Dark Gold Body to the max level, all of the bones in one's body would be as tough as High Quality Divine Artifacts. Divine Flame was only able to melt ordinary Divine Artifacts and materials that are used to refine Divine Artifacts. However, High Quality Divine Artifacts were not something that can be melted with merely Divine Flames.

"The Divine Flame is descending." Hei Yu who have been quiet the entire time spoke.

Qin Yu and them also saw that the black flames have finally finished gathering. They condensed together into a long black dragon shaped flame that spanned several tens of meters long. The long black dragon shaped flame came rushing downward.


Everyone was shocked. The Cyan Emperor directly flew upwards toward the incoming black dragon-shaped Divine Flame.

Generally, one would take on one's tribulations on the ground because the impact that one would receive in the air was even greater. For the Cyan Emperor to do such a thing, it signified that he was either an idiot or extremely self confident. The Cyan Emperor was an idiot? Not a single person thought of that.

"Why isn't Cyan Emperor using his Divine Artifact?" Puzzled Hou Fei.

After the Cyan Emperor flew to the air, everyone was able to see his expression and what he was wearing even more clearly. The Cyan Emperor was still wearing his ordinary cyan jacket that was at the very most only a Top Quality Immortal Artifact.

Would the Cyan Emperor not have a Divine Armor? Of course not. However, the Cyan Emperor wasn't using it.

"Howl~~~" The black dragon-shaped flame actually roared. Afterwards, it opened its dragon mouth and swallowed the Cyan Emperor. That black flame had completely covered the Cyan Emperor.

The several tens of meters long black dragon-shaped flame continued to fly downwards. Logically, although the black flames had only covered the Cyan Emperor for a short period of time, even if the person was to be a level nine Immortal Emperor, they would still be burned to ashes without Divine Artifacts. Afterall, that black dragon-shaped flame was composed of Divine Flames!

Merely a breath's time have passed. Soon after, that black flame have surprisingly disappeared.

Sure enough, this Divine Tribulation was created by the cosmos and was extremely marvelous.

Qin Yu's eyes shined.

Qin Yu was able to clearly see that when the black Divine Flames were flying past the Cyan Emperor's body, the Cyan Emperor was radiating traces of jade green ripples. Under the protection of the jade green ripples, the Cyan Emperor was not damaged in the slightest.

"Those jade green ripples have protected the Cyan Emperor, what exactly is it?" Qin Yu was very certain about that.

When the black Divine Flame dissipated, the Cyan Emperor was still wearing his cyan jacket and had a light smile on his face.


Standing in the air and taking on the Divine Tribulation indifferently; with merely this sort of manner, it was already something that no ordinary people can reach up to. This Cyan Emperor who had stayed at the level eight Immortal Emperor stage for a frightening period of time has truly hidden his power extremely deep.

"I am inferior to the Cyan Emperor." A voice sounded. Qin Yu's extremely sensitive hearing was able to distinguish that it was Emperor Ni who said that.

"Haha… Emperor Ni, you need not mind too much about it. For the Cyan Emperor to achieve his current prowess, it mostly have to do with the fact that he was lucky back then. Luck… is something that's beyond one's ability to control." Laughed the Dragon Emperor.

Emperor Ni's true form is that of a Phoenix. She who was a level nine Demon Emperor level Phoenix was able to fill the entire sky with Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames and attack her enemy. Under the attack from the Extremely Silent Heavenly Flames, even if it was to be the Hidden Emperor, Lin Yin, he would still be unable to survive. Against Emperor Ni, even the Hidden Emperor has to flee.

As for the true finishing skill of Emperor Ni, it was charging her entire body into a Divine Flames and attacking her enemy. As she was birthed by flames, it was possible for her to change her body to flames. However, there is a limit to the time that she can turn into a Divine Flame. And now that she saw that the Cyan Emperor was unaffected by Divine Flames for a short period of time, Emperor Ni had no choice but to admit that she's inferior to the Cyan Emperor.

"Song Shi, what kind of martial technique did senior Cyan Emperor use earlier? What are those jade green ripples?" Qin Yu asked Immortal Emperor Song Shi.

Song Shi had a face filled with confusion. "I'm not certain either. Ever since tens of millions of years ago when my master started to train in a certain kind of special martial technique, I have never seen him fight. However, my master is very powerful. That's without doubt. When lecturing us martial brothers, he would always subdue us with only a single move."

Qin Yu nodded to himself.

Song Shi and his four other martial brothers, the strongest amongst them was now already at the level eight Immortal Emperor level. However, they were still subdued by the Cyan Emperor with a single move. One could easily imagine how deep and unmeasurable the Cyan Emperor's strength was.

"It's the final Divine Tribulation of the Three Great Divine Tribulations." Said Immortal Emperor Song Shi as he pointed at that enormous dark red colored vortex. "Qin Yu, this Third Great Divine Tribulation is the strongest amongst the three. Historically, many powerful Emperor level experts have died to this Third Great Divine Tribulation."

Qin Yu also understood that the final one was definitely the strongest. Thus, he was fully concentrated as he watched on.

Perhaps, one day he too might have to take on this Divine Tribulation.

The enormous dark red colored vortex started to give off bits of black colored mist. The black colored mist permeated out from the cracks within the vortex and then started to gather toward the center.

A lump of several hundred meters wide mist was formed. This lump of mist started to slowly descend downward.

"Black colored mist? What is that?" Qin Yu was carefully watching on with his eyes. It wasn't that he didn't want to use his Immortal Awareness but rather that, for some strange reason, his Immortal Awareness was unable to permeate into that distorted space.

As the black colored mist descended, Qin Yu finally managed to see the 'mystery' within the black colored mist.

"Lightning, gray colored lightning." Qin Yu's eyes were shining.

Within that black colored mist of several hundred meters were numerous gray electric snakes roaming through. Those gray electric snakes are extremely thin. At first, Qin Yu had thought them to be just part of the mist.Only through great difficulty did he manage to distinguish the two.

"I've never seen a gray colored lightning before. It appears to be something frightening." Qin Yu was carefully watching how the Cyan Emperor would take it on.

The several hundred meters long and wide black mist was extremely large. It covered half of that one mile area. When it descended upon the Cyan Emperor, it immediately covered the Cyan Emperor completely.

"Chi Chi~~~"

Acute sound echoed. The thousand Emperor level experts all clearly heard the sound. Had the space not been distorted, they would also be able to clearly see that the countless amount of electric snakes were striking the Cyan Emperor's body unceasingly.

"Divine Tribulation, as expected, it's very powerful. Haha…."

The Cyan Emperor suddenly started to laugh out loud. The Cyan Emperor who was not moving and continued to let the electric snakes strike upon him suddenly stretched open his arms. A jade green colored water screen, with the Cyan Emperor as the center, started to spread in all directions.

Wherever the jade green colored water screen passed, everything would turn into nothingness, the black mist and the gray lightning included.

Afterwards, the jade green colored water screen started to gather toward the Cyan Emperor's body with an even faster speed. Soon after, it disappeared. The Cyan Emperor was still smiling as he stood in the air. It was as if he have not done anything at all. However, that black mist and those gray electric snakes have all disappeared.

"So powerful." Peng Demon Emperor, Dragon Emperor, Great Ape Emperor and other super experts were all shocked.

Even the Dragon Emperor and them who are close friends with the Cyan Emperor have never seen the Cyan Emperor's true strength before. The jade green colored water screen that the Cyan Emperor had displayed earlier was immensely powerful… its strength was definitely above that of Divine Flame.

"I reckon that the jade green ripples that countered the Divine Flame earlier is the same kind of energy as this jade green water screen." Qin Yu was still looking at the Cyan Emperor who was tranquilly smiling in the distance.

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