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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 40 – Fighting Head On

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Ridge Peak Star, the uninhabited and nameless planet, has now risen to fame. At the same time, a large number of experts have gathered here. There was also a frightening amount of Demon Emperors, Immortal Emperors and Devil Emperors gathered here. The level two or three Immortal Emperors that used to proclaim themselves hegemons in galaxies have all grown very well behaved here. None of them dared to act slightly arrogant.

The First District, it was the district of Emperor level experts.

At this moment, Qin Yu and his two brothers were with Immortal Emperor Song Shi. Upon seeing the expression on Qin Yu and his brothers, Immortal Emperor Song Shi felt a bit of helplessness in his heart. Immediately, he advised. "Brother Qin Yu, could you all please help me? This time around, my master is undergoing the Divine Tribulation; he too would not want people to cause trouble here. I know that you have desire for vengeance against that Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor, but is it possible for you to settle those matters after my master finishes his Divine Tribulation?"

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other. The three brothers have already come to a decision.

"It'll be too much of a disturbance to do it here, let's do it later." Qin Yu made his decision.

Qin Yu also knew about when to advance and when to retreat. Amongst the several hundreds of Emperor level experts here, there were certainly over ten level nine Immortal Emperor level experts. If they were to attack Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor here, it would become very problematic.

"Brother Qin Yu, thank you very much. Granny Yin Hua has already come out. She's with Emperor Ni. Brother Qin Yu could go ahead and meet Granny Yin Hua and them first. Your residence is that courtyard mansion to the right of Granny Yin Hua's. I have already prepared it for you all. Well then… I'll be leaving first to receive Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor now." Immortal Emperor Song Shi cupped his hands in appreciation before immediately leaving.

Usually, big shots such as Emperor Yu, Flame Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor and so on, were all people that Immortal Emperor Song Shi would personally receive.

Song Shi, a personal disciple of the Cyan Emperor, was a level seven Immortal Emperor. For him to personally receive them meant that the Cyan Emperor were giving them enough face.

"Sigh." Hou Fei curled his lips and scolded. "And here I was planning to use this opportunity to teach Emperor Yu and that Mystic Emperor a lesson. It'll be hard for such an opportunity to come by again after they assemble together with the Peng Demon Emperor."

Hei Yu nodded in agreement.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Who cares if they are working together. The experts here are from all over the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Even Great Ape Emperor and them have shown up. Even if the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to attack us, he would still not dare to do it here."

"When we wait till they separate… the Peng Demon Emperor's speed is too fast, he'll be very hard to handle. Thus, if we were to encounter him then we'll just escape from him directly. As for Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor, we could fight against them instead." Qin Yu was currently very confident.

With the increase in strength that Qin Yu and his brothers have attained, even if they weren't a match for the Peng Demon Emperor, they still have the means to escape with their lives. Qin Yu did not believe that running away was a sign of incompetence. On the contrary… he loved to watch the scene of others being unable to catch him and growing irritable and angry.

"Granny Yin Hua is looking over, let's go greet her." Said Qin Yu via voice transmission.

Afterwards, Qin Yu and his brothers followed the bluestone path and walked toward Granny Yin Hua and Emperor Ni. With Qin Yu's current strength, he was capable of seeing through even a level nine Immortal Emperor.

However, no matter what, he was unable to see through Granny Yin Hua.

Granny Yin Hua's appearance was very amiable. She was giving off a sense of closeness. As for the level nine Demon Emperor, Emperor Ni, her appearance was very seductive. At the same time, she was radiating a grandeur that come from the bones.

"Granny Yin Hua, this Qin Yu's cultivation speed is truly fast. Currently, even I am only able to sense his strength through some difficulty." Praised Emperor Ni.

Granny Yin Hua smiled so hard that her eyes turned into a line. She nodded and said. "He's pretty good. However, this kid still has to strive harder."

"Granny, Senior Emperor Ni." Qin Yu finally arrived in front of Granny Yin Hua. Immediately, he greeted them respectfully.

While smiling, Granny Yin Hua's gaze swept past Hou Fei and Hei Yu. She kindly said. "Oh Qin Yu, those two young men beside you ought to be the two brothers that you've been seeking right?"

"That's right. Granny, this is my second brother Hou Fei and this is my third brother Hei Yu." Qin Yu turned around to look toward Hou Fei and Hei Yu. "Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, greet Granny."

Hou Fei laughed and casually cupped his hand and said. "Junior Hou Fei greets Granny Yin Hua and Senior Emperor Ni."

"Junior Hei Yu greets the two seniors." Hei Yu did not smile at all,. instead he had an icy-cold appearance.

Emperor Ni was dressed in a long gown. From afar, she appeared like a blazing flame. As Emperor Ni looked at Hou Fei and Hei Yu, her eyes started to shine. "Qin Yu, these two brothers of yours are pretty strong too. Fiery Eyed Water Ape and a level seven Demon Emperor. On top of that, possessing the Stick Techniques of the Monkey and Ape Clan, I reckon that his strength is comparable to that of a level nine Immortal Emperor. This Hei Yu, he was chased by the Peng Demon Emperor to the utter extreme, I suspect he's also not someone ordinary."

"He's ordinary, ordinary. Merely the third amongst the three brothers." Hou Fei laughed with a gaga sound.

"Truly a crafty monkey." Granny Yin Hua smiled and said.

At this moment Qin Yu suddenly sensed something and turned around….

Emperor Yu and his wife the Mystic Emperor were walking over side by side. At the same time, the Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi was even chatting and laughing with Immortal Emperor Song Shi. And at this moment, Emperor Yu and his wife also noticed Qin Yu and his brothers. A sharp cold gaze burst forth from Emperor Yu's eyes.

Qin Yu's mind moved. "Seemed like this Emperor Yu still bears grudges toward me. Furthermore, his hatred is deep to the bone."

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, let's go greet our good friend." Said Qin Yu with a smile. Upon hearing such, Hou Fei and Hei Yu also displayed an evil smile on their face.

Qin Yu and his brothers walked side by side to Emperor Yu.

The bluestone road was not wide. It was merely three meters wide. With the three brothers walking next to each other, they completely occupied the road.

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor had stopped.

Qin Yu and his two brothers as a group and Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor as a group, these two groups stood approximately ten meters from each other. To them, a distance of ten meters were completely negligible. The people of the two groups were radiating an extremely sharp aura toward each other.

"Qin Yu, you've become a level nine Immortal Emperor?" Emperor Yu's expression suddenly changed slightly. He discovered that he was only able to faintly sense Qin Yu's strength. It was as if Qin Yu's soul realm's level was about the same as his own.

"Level nine Immortal Emperor? I guess so." Said Qin Yu as he looked at Emperor Yu.

If Emperor Yu believed it to be such, Qin Yu would also not deny it.

"How is that possible? Back then, on the Reef Yellow Star, you were only a level one Immortal Emperor and had only just opened the Ten Thousand Beast Atlas's third layer. From then till now… it's been only several hundreds of years. You…." Emperor Yu's complexion grew a bit pale.

Reaching level nine Immortal Emperor level in less than a thousand years, it was truly a frightening matter.

Qin Yu merely smiled.

Qin Yu did not say anything. He decided to let Emperor Yu's imagination run wild. As Emperor Yu's soul realm's level was about the same as Qin Yu's, he was unable to clearly see through Qin Yu's strength. That was the reason why he made such a speculation.

"Hey, you're Emperor Yu?" Hou Fei stared at Emperor Yu fiercely.

"Fiery Eyed Water Ape, you're that Qin Yu's second brother 'Hou Fei?' That Hou Fei that ascended less than a thousand years ago? How could this be?!" Emperor Yu's pupils shrunk. The current Emperor Yu's mind had been thrown in chaos. "What exactly is happening? This Hou Fei only ascended less than a thousand years ago, how did he already reach level seven Demon Emperor? A level seven Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast and also possessing the Battle Comprehension of the Monkey and Ape Clan, I suspect that when compared with me, he'll not be much inferior!"

Emperor Yu looked to Hei Yu. "You are Qin Yu's third brother Hei Yu?"

"That's right, my strength is a bit weaker compared to my big brother and Monkey." Said Hei Yu coldly.

Weaker, although a level six Demon Emperor Variation Super Divine Beast appeared not to be extremely powerful, Hei Yu have ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm about a thousand years ago. How could Emperor Yu possibly suspect that there was such an abnormal Divine Artifact like the Jiang Lan's Realm?

Emperor Yu came to realize completely.

At this moment, Emperor Yu understood one thing… against him and his wife, Qin Yu and his brothers would not fear them in the slightest. Instead, they would rush forth and fight against them.

"That time, because of the protection from the Dragon Emperor, we did not manage to kill this Qin Yu. Who would've expected that he would actually have reached such a level. If we want to kill him in the future… it'll be extremely hard." Emperor Yu's brows were so creased that they connected into a unibrow.

"Brother Feng Yu, although it's hard for us to kill them, isn't it also hard for them to handle us?" Xuan Xi comforted Emperor Yu.

"Mystic Emperor, unexpectedly, you've reached level nine Immortal Emperor level now. Your speed is truly fast." Said Qin Yu with an appearance as if he was in awe.

Xuan Xi had indeed reached level nine Immortal Emperor. She had been cultivating and training along with Emperor Yu. In the special state of cultivating together, she was able to clearly sense the comprehension Emperor Yu had toward the cosmic space. Thus, she was able to break through level eight Immortal Emperor level and reach level nine Immortal Emperor level at a very fast pace.

So what if there are two level nine Immortal Emperors?

If Qin Yu and Hou Fei each took care of one, and then with Hei Yu mounting sneak attacks? It'll still be very easy for them to handle Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor.

"My speed in reaching level nine Immortal Emperor is fast? No matter how fast that is, it's still inferior to yours." Said Xuan Xi with a smile. Her smile contained within it no killing intent at all.

Immortal Emperor Song Shi who stood beside Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi had a bitter expression on his face. He didn't want Qin Yu and his brothers to meet Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor at all. Once these two groups were to meet, it was very possible for them to start fighting.

"Brother Qin Yu." Immortal Emperor Song Shi spoke.

Qin Yu slightly smiled. "Emperor Yu, I wonder if you still remember… that time, when you and your wife mounted a sneak attack against me, what did I say?"

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor's expression slightly changed.

"I, Qin Yu, hereby swear to the heavens; I will certainly kill you one day! I, Qin Yu, and you, Emperor Yu, shall not cease unless either one of us dies!" The oath that Qin Yu shouted then seemed to still ring inside their ears. And the Qin Yu who stood in front of them, his smile had turned somewhat cold.

Qin Yu coldly smiled and said. "What you two have done to me in the past, I would definitely return with double! Do not bother speaking rubbish to me; Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, if you two have the ability, then go and undergo the Divine Tribulation right away. If you were to ascend to the Divine Realm sooner, then you two might be able to live for a bit longer in the Divine Realm. Otherwise… with my cultivation speed, I would definitely easily surpass you two. At that time, humph…"

Qin Yu did not give Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor any face at all.

He was disinclined to give them face. Now that they've reached this point, is there any room left to save the situation? If Qin Yu were to be able to tolerate it still, then he would not have any self-respect at all.

"Worthy nephew Song Shi, did you hear that? It's not that I am not giving you face." Emperor Yu turned around and said to Immortal Emperor Song Shi.

Immortal Emperor Song Shi merely felt a headache.

"Chi~~" Sparks flashed in the space. At the same time, the space had been completely distorted. An extremely sharp aura ripped apart the space. Immediately, it arrived in front of Qin Yu. Qin Yu merely saw a pair of eyes that was filled with killing intent!

As if he was already prepared, Qin Yu extended his right index finger forward.


The space returned to its previous tranquility. Emperor Yu's figure that was talking with Immortal Emperor Song Shi gradually disappeared. Another Emperor Yu appeared in front of Qin Yu.

Emperor Yu's index finger collided with Qin Yu's index finger. At the same time…

The sword in Emperor Yu's hand, the Great Emperor's Sword, was obstructed by Qin Yu's Divine Sword Sky Piercer. The two of them were not moving. Their eyes were fixed upon each other. Merely, the ground that they stood on have already turned into pieces.

"Never had I expected that Emperor Yu's finger technique is this outstanding. The electric energy contained within it is the strongest amongst all that I have seen." Said Qin yu with a smile.

In the blink of a moment earlier.

Emperor Yu's figure had turned fast like a lightning. He had condensed his Immortal Elemental Energy into his Divine Sword and was planning to pierce through Qin Yu's dantian with it. As for his finger, he had executed another one of his finishing technique and was trying to crush Qin Yu's head to pieces.

"What solid fingers." Emperor Yu merely said those words before disappearing and returning back to where the Mystic Emperor stood.

And just at this moment, a boundless voice sounded in the air.

"Feng Yu, Qin Yu, this time around, it is I who is about to undergo the Divine Tribulation. I wish for the two of you to not battle here. I shall let this time pass. If anyone were to attack the other again. then… I, Chi Qing, would personally discipline that person."

Cyan Emperor's overbearing voice transmission was not heard by only Qin Yu and them, it was also clearly heard by all of the Emperor level experts on the Ridge Peak Star.

"Discipline, humph." Emperor Yu humphed coldly. The Mystic Emperor's expression have also turned slightly ugly.

Nominally, the Cyan Emperor's status was the same as Emperor Yu and them. However, based on what the Cyan Emperor had just said, it was very clear… that he did not see Emperor Yu and them as equal. It was as if, that if he wanted to discipline them, then he would be able to do so easily.

"Did this Cyan Emperor finally stop hiding his strength?" Qin Yu was instead not angry.

Back then, on the Crescent Moon Bay, Qin Yu was able to tell, based on what Granny Yin Hua and the rest said, that the Cyan Emperor's strength was no weaker than the Dragon Emperor. The mysterious Cyan Emperor… for him to undergo his Divine Tribulation publicly like so and then sending a voice transmission so tyrannically, to threaten Emperor Yu and Qin Yu; It would appear that he no longer wanted to hide his strength.

"Little friend Qin Yu." A familiar voice sounded from behind.

Qin Yu turned around to look and saw the Hidden Emperor, the Black and White Dual Emeprors and the Hidden Emperor's granddaughter, Lin Lin. They were all walking over toward him. As for Granny Yin Hua and Emperor Ni, they had already returned to their own residence.

"Lin Lin is also here?" Qin Yu was slightly shocked as this was the First District. Actually, the Cyan Emperor was merely giving the Hidden Emperor face.

Upon seeing Lin Lin, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from thinking about his disciple Liu Hanshu, that simple and honest youth that was striving his hardest to improve himself. Unfortunately… his sole disciple had already died.

[TL: Quite certain that Qin Yu has another disciple called Niu Wa. Then again, he didn't teach either of them…] (Robin:

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