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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 38 – Divine Tribulation

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

In the outskirts of the Green Blue Star's city.

"Big Brother Guo Fan, my Eldest Uncle is about to use Greater Teleportation. You just have to stand still." Hei Tong said to Guo Fan in a low voice.

Shocked, Guo Fan asked. "Could it be that we're not going through the Interstellar Transmission Array?"

Even ordinary Demon Emperors would rarely use Greater Teleportation to travel. After all, the gap between the distance one could travel with Greater Teleportation and Interstellar Conveying Array was too great.

"If we were to use the Interstellar Conveying Array, then with merely the time we stood in line, I would've already been able to bring the two of you back with me." Grabbing a person with each hand, Qin Yu directly executed the Greater Teleportation and disappeared with Hei Tong and Guo Fan.

Bringing two people with him, Qin Yu was unable to arrive on the Flowing Mist Star right away. He took a stop on a uninhabited planet. Then, with another Greater Teleportation, he brought Hei Tong and Guo Fan with him to the Flowing Mist Star.

Inside the guest room of the Pure Flow Mansion inside the Five Willows Palace.

Hou Fei, Hei Yu, Wu Lan and even Dong Xue were all carefully inspecting Guo Fan.

"Tsk tsk, never had I expected that. Little Tong, you little lass, how long has it been since you've been out yet you've already brought back with you a guy. I, your Second Uncle, still don't even have a partner yet." Ridiculed Hou Fei with his head stretched out as stared at Guo Fan and Hei Tong back and forth.

Hei Tong, with her cheeks puffed, would occasionally look at her elders in front of her before lowering her head down in embarrassment. As for Guo Fan, he was somewhat reserved. He was able to sense that… the people in front of him, each and every one of them was an extraordinary expert.

"Big Brother Guo Fan, let me introduce you." Hei Tong pulled Guo Fan and brought him toward Wu Lan first. "Big Brother Guo Fan, this is Uncle Wu Lan. Uncle Wu Lan loves me the most. You can call him Uncle Wu Lan like me."

Wu Lan nodded as he smiled and laughed.

"Guo Fan paying his respect to Uncle Wu Lan." Guo Fan was very reserved. Although he wanted to act naturally, the group of people in front of him, albeit they were only standing there casually, were giving him an immense amount of mental pressure. After all, these people were all Emperor level experts. Furthermore, they were extremely powerful Emperor level experts.

Hei Tong then looked to Qin Yu. "This is my Eldest Uncle, you also know him. My Eldest Uncle is a very good person. Furthermore, his words are very useful."

"Guo Fan pays his respect to Eldest Uncle." Hearing what Hei Tong said, Guo Fan also understood that this Eldest Uncle's words are very useful amongst this group of people.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and then nodded.

"This is my Second Uncle, he's unrespectful toward his elders and always makes fun of me." Hei Tong creased her nose and said. Immediately, Hou Fei glared at her. The group of people in the guest room all started to laugh. Even Hei Yu whose expression wasn't that good the entire time had a smile on his face.

Hou Fei immediately opened his mouth and was about to speak.

"However, my Second Uncle plays with me the most. He also cares about me a lot from the bottom of his heart." Said Hei Tong sweetly. Only then did Hou Fei nod satisfiedly. He smiled and said. "Seems like you, girl, still know of my thoughts."

"Guo Fan pays his respect to Second Uncle." Said Guo Fan respectfully.

"Mn." Hou Fei nodded ostentatiously. Immediately after, he opened his eyes up wide and said. "Young man, listen carefully. If I were to find out that you've bullied Little Tong in the future, then I'll chop you into eight pieces." Fire-like radiance was being emitted from Hou Fei's wide open eyes. This caused Guo Fan to be startled.

Guo Fan merely nodded. At the same time, he took a glance at Hei Tong beside him.

"This is my master. You met her last time I was on the Green Blue Star." Hei Tong introduced Dong Xue. Immediately, Guo Fan saluted. Last time when Hei Tong went to the Green Blue Star with Dong Xue, Guo Fan had also gotten to know her when he got to know Hei Tong.

Hei Tong pulled Guo Fan's hand and brought him in front of Hei Tong and Bai Ling. Somewhat solemnly, she said. "They are my father and mother."

Guo Fan opened his mouth, he didn't know what to address them as.

Hei Yu frowned and humped coldly, causing Guo Fan to tremble in his heart.

Hei Yu regarded strength highly. However, this Guo Fan was merely an ordinary Demonic Beast. Hei Yu was even worried that… once he and his two brothers ascend to the Divine Realm, how could that Guo Fan be able to take care of his daughter? Seeing Guo Fan's current scared appearance, Hei Yu grew even more angry.

"Guo Fan, it's fine for you to call them uncle and aunty." Said Qin Yu as he smiled.

Guo Fan looked at Qin Yu with a thankful expression before immediately turning back toward Hei Yu and Bai Ling. Respectfully, he said. "Guo Fan pays his respect to uncle and aunty."

"Good. Good." Bai Ling was very happy. Hei Yu merely lightly nodded.

Afterwards, a banquet was held in the Pure Flow Mansion. Guo Fan henceforth became a person of the Five Willows Palace. The Five Willows Palace could be considered as the local tyrant of the Flowing Mist Star. No matter how enormous the power of the Eagle Clan was, the instant their power spread to the Flowing Mist Star, they would become unable to identify Guo Fan's status.

In the banquet.

Qin Yu, Hei Yu and Hou Fei walked out from the guest room.

"Xiao Hei, it seemed like you don't really like this Guo Fan." Qin Yu was able to tell that Hei Yu didn't like Guo Fan.

Hei Yu said indifferently. "Since Little Tong likes this foolish boy, there's nothing I can do about it. It's just that this Guo Fan's aptitude is truly ordinary. If we were to talk about the cultivation speed, then all three of us brothers are exceptional. However this Guo Fan…. I could never imagine him being able to protect Little Tong in the future."

"Don't think about it too much. Everyone has their own fate. While innate talent is important, one's effort is even more important. How would you be able to know, how much Guo Fan will be able to accomplish in the future? Furthermore, what's most important is the fact that Little Tong likes him." Said Qin Yu while easing Hei Yu's anxiety.

Upon seeing Hei Yu's expression, Qin Yu knew that Hei Yu didn't agree with him. Immediately, he switched the topic. "Xiao Hei, this time around on the Green Blue Star, I killed three Demon Emperors of the Eagle Clan. One of them is even a High Level Divine Beast, the Cyan Flame Eagle. I estimate that this Eagle Clan won't let the matter be."

"Eagle Clan?" Hei Yu and Hou Fei were slightly startled. However, their expression remained unconcerned.

Now, in the entire Bird Clan, there was only the Peng Demon Emperor that would cause the three brothers to be careful.

"I am saying all this so that you two can take note of it. I will immediately order Dong Xue to take note of any foreigner on the Flowing Mist Star. After all, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble." Qin Yu also did not care much about it in his heart.

Inside the core planet of the Bird Clan, the Black Crow Star's Imperial Palace.

Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan was current drinking and chatting with his two level eight Demon Emperor subordinates Ao Ku and Liu Tu.

Liu Tu suddenly took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. After a moment, Liu Tu's brows creased. He immediately stood up and said respectfully to the Peng Demon Emperor. "Your Majesty, something has happened in this subordinate's clan. Currently, I am requesting to be allowed to return to my clan to settle the matter."

"What grand matter is it? It shouldn't be too late for you to leave after we finish drinking." Said Ao Ku while smiling.

The Peng Demon Emperor's gaze landed on Liu Tu. "What major matter has happened?"

Liu Tu immediately replied respectfully. "A couple days ago, my clan's future clan chief as well as two Demon Emperors were killed by a mysterious expert on the Green Blue Star."

"Mysterious expert?" Said the Peng Demon Emperor disdainfully. "The next clan chief of your Eagle Clan, I remember he seemed to be a level one Demon Emperor? How strong were the other two Demon Emperors? I reckon that the person who killed them possessed merely an ordinary level of strength."

Liu Tu replied respectfully. "Toward Your Majesty, that mysterious expert's strength was naturally only ordinary. However, that person killed the future clan chief of my clan. As the current clan chief, I must take care of this mysterious expert."

"Leave after you finish drinking." Said the Peng Demon Emperor indifferently,without any tolerance.

"Yes." Liu Tu didn't dare to say anymore.

This drinking session was determined to be unable to continue on peacefully. After drinking another two cups, the Peng Demon Emperor picked up a Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"Zong Yan, it's been a while since we contacted each other." That message caused the Peng Demon Emperor to stop drinking completely. That's because the man who sent that transmission was an expert that even the Peng Demon Emperor cannot see through… it was the expert known as Eternal, the Cyan Emperor.

"Brother Chi Qing, what matter might you have in finding me?" The Peng Demon Emperor was still courtesy toward the Cyan Emperor.

The Cyan Emperor transmitted. "I do have a matter for which I was searching for you… to be honest, in about a year's time, I will be undergoing the Divine Tribulation."

"Undergoing the Divine Tribulation?" The Peng Demon Emperor’s heart jumped.

"That's right. I have decided to invite all my friends from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to attend my Divine Tribulation. I contacted you because I want to inform you to come and attend my Divine Tribulation. Zong Yan, are you interested in watching me undergo the Divine Tribulation?" The tone of the Cyan Emperor's transmission seemed to be very relaxed.

A beam of light flashed passed the Peng Demon Emperor's eyes. "Of course I'll be interested. Brother Chi Qing's Divine Tribulation, since you've invited me, how could I not show up?"

Usually, when people undergo Divine Tribulation, they would not tell others of where they'll be taking on the Divine Tribulation in order to prevent being disturbed by others. However, the Cyan Emperor instead was inviting people. That was something that's more strange. It's just that toward people like the Peng Demon Emperor, it was beneficial for them to watch a Divine Tribulation. Thus, he would naturally not miss this opportunity.

"Good. I estimate that my Divine Tribulation would arrive after a year. As for the exact time, I am still uncertain right now. I have already decided upon the location where I'll be undergoing the Divine Tribulation, it'll be on an uninhabited planet on the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy of the Immortal Realm's Plate Roe Star Field… the Ridge Peak Star. You merely have to arrive to the Jade Wave Star and my subordinate will naturally guide you to the Ridge Peak Star when the time comes." The Cyan Emperor declared the details of the location and timing.

The Peng Demon Emperor responded via transmission. "Good, I will certainly be there when the time comes."

"Zong Yan, you can also spread this information out. As long as they are able to arrive on the Ridge Peak Star during the time of my Divine Tribulation, then each and every one of them may attend my Divine Tribulation." Said the Cyan Emperor. Soon after, the Peng Demon Emperor and the Cyan Emperor cut off their transmission. However, the transmission from this time caused the Peng Demon Emperor to be confused.

Inside the Bird Clan's Imperial Palace.

The Peng Demon Emperor was thinking hard with creased brows.

"Your Majesty…" Ao Ku called with a low voice. Ao Ku and Liu Tu were both confused as to what the Peng Demon Emperor were thinking.

The Peng Demon Emperor lifted his head up. He looked to Ao Ku and Liu Tu. "Liu Tu, Ao Ku, let me ask the two of you, if the Cyan Emperor were to undergo the Divine Tribulation, why would he invite everyone from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm? Undergoing the Divine Tribulation is a major event, is he not afraid of others stirring up trouble for him?"

"Your Majesty, did you say the Cyan Emperor is about to undergo the Divine Tribulation?" Both Ao Ku and Liu Tu were astonished.

In their minds, they had still thought that the mysterious Immortal Emperor, the Cyan Emperor, was still a level eight Immortal Emperor. Who would've expect that he was about to undergo the Divine Tribulation.

"That's right, Chi Qing is about to undergo the Divine Tribulation. Furthermore, he invited a countless number of people, from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, to attend his Divine Tribulation. Say, what do you think this Chi Qing has got up his sleeve?" The Peng Demon Emperor was pondering with his brows creased.

[TL: Chinese phrase that the Peng Demon Emperor used was → 'What kind of medicine do you think this Chi Qing is selling in his gourd?']

Liu Tu suddenly spoke. "For the Cyan Emperor to dare do such a thing, it signifies that… he is certain that he'll be able to pass the Divine Tribulation and he isn't worried that others will cause problems for him." Ao Ku also nodded his head in approval. "That old fox Cyan Emperor, he's extremely secretive. For him to have cultivated all these years, he most definitely has a few special tricks up his sleeve."

The Peng Demon Emperor nodded and laughed coldly. "Back when I was still a child, this Chi Qing was already one of the hegemons of the Immortal Realm. However now, Chi Qing is no longer in any limelight. For him to suddenly invite countless people to watch him undergo the Divine Tribulation, I shall see what kind of powerful trick this Chi Qing has in his sleeve for him to be so confident in passing the Divine Tribulation."

Not only the Peng Demon Emperor. On this date, the Immortal Realm's Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor and the newly emerged Flame Emperor, the Devil Realm's Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor and Asura Devil Emperor and the Demon Realm's big shots of the Bird Clan, Dragon Clan and Beast Clan all received the Cyan Emperor's transmission.

The content of his transmission was very simple. He was merely inviting a bunch of people to watch his Divine Tribulation.

Furthermore, when the Cyan Emperor was sending his transmissions, he also informed those he sent the transmissions to… that they could spread the news of his Divine Tribulation so that even more people could go and attend it. No matter who it was, as long as they could arrive there at the time, then they would be allowed to attend his Divine Tribulation.

Such a large scale invitation of experts of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm to attend the Divine Tribulation, such a thing was extremely rare in the history of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Of course, the majority of the people who have done such a thing in history were mostly one of the Three Emperors of the Demon Realm. Not a single Immortal Emperor of the Immortal Realm dared to do such a thing.

Qin Yu who was on the Flowing Mist Star had likewise received the Cyan Emperor's transmission.

In his transmission, the Cyan Emperor even praised Qin Yu. He praised how Qin Yu was actually able to kill the level eight Demon Emperor Bai Feng all by himself. This signified that Qin Yu had, at the very least, become one of the peak experts of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Only a small number of people could slightly suppress Qin Yu.

Flowing Mist Star. Inside the Clear Flow Mansion of the Five Willows Palace.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you two are to prepare yourselves. In a couple more days, we'll be setting off. This time, the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation is also a good opportunity for us. Let's watch how the Divine Tribulation is first, it would help us prepare ourselves in the future." Said Qin Yu directly.

"Divine Tribulation, we must most certainly check it out." Hou Fei was somewhat excited.

Hei Yu muttered. "Big brother, how many of us are going this time? The Immortal Realm is located awfully far from the Flowing Mist Star; if we were to go, it would take us quite some time to return."

"The three of us. Wu Lan and Bai Ling could follow us too. As for Guo Fan and Little Tong, they'll be staying in the Five Willows Palace. With Dong Xue taking care of them and adding on the fact that this Flowing Mist Star could be considered as being under our rule, other people could not find them so they should be very safe." Qin Yu thought for a moment and then said.

Hei Yu and Hou Fei also nodded in approval.

Suddenly, Qin Yu flipped his hand around and took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl.

"Qin Yu, have you also received the Cyan Emperor's transmission?" This transmission was sent from the prince of the Dragon Clan, Ao Wuming.

"Yes, I've received that too." Qin Yu replied.

"Qin Yu, you must definitely go this time around. A public Divine Tribulation, it would definitely attract a great amount of experts. Not only would Granny Yin Hua, Emperor Ni and them go, some true hidden experts might also appear. Those hidden experts do not care about reputations but instead care greatly about the Divine Tribulation. This occasion is certain to be huge." Ao Wuming appeared to be somewhat excited.

"True hidden experts?" Qin Yu also started to look forward to it.

Exactly how many hidden experts were there in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm? Unless he truly met them, he would never know about them.

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