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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 39 – The Gathering on the Ridge Peak Star

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Two days later.

"Dong Xue, in the period of time that we'll be away, Little Tong and Guo Fan are not allowed to leave the Flowing Mist Star; they are to continue to stay within the Five Willows Palace and train." Qin Yu entrusted the task to Dong Xue.

"Yes, Master." Said Dong Xue respectfully.

Seeing how serious Qin Yu was, Hei Tong and Guo Fan didn't dare utter a word. Hei Tong already knew that her own Eldest Uncle was usually very good to her. However, when he gets serious, he's extremely strict.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you can both go into the Jiang Lan's Realm first. I'll let you out when we reach the Immortal Realm. This Demon Realm is still not safe enough." Qin Yu turned around and said.

Qin Yu was certain that the Peng Demon Emperor had never relaxed his hunt for Qin Yu and his brothers. With the strength of the Peng Demon Emperor's subordinates, it was simply impossible for them to see through Qin Yu and them. Thus, there's a eight or nine out of ten chance that the Peng Demon Emperor had his subordinates pay attention to three extremely powerful males.

Should the three of them set off together, there was a danger of being discovered. However, if Qin Yu were to set off by himself, then he would be definitely safe. After all, with his current Soul Realm's level, even if the Peng Demon Emperor were to appear before him, he would be unable to discover his strength.

"Big brother, we know. Furthermore, this Mixed Hair Bird is eager to stay with Bai Ling." Said Hou Fei while laughing.

Hei Yu could only helplessly smile.

Soon after, Hou Fei and Hei Yu entered the Jiang Lan's Realm whereas Qin Yu started using Greater Teleportation, proceeding toward the Immortal Realm at a frightening speed.

The Immortal Realm was very wide. In the Demon Realm, all three territories, the Beast Clan's territory, Dragon Clan's territory and the Bird Clan's territory, all possessed regions bordering the Immortal Realm. Amongst them, the Beast Clan's territory bordered the most of the Immortal Realm and the Bird Clan's territory bordered the least.

There were two paths to reach the Immortal Realm from the Bird Clan's territory.

The first path was very close, crossing over the Dark Star Realm and entering the Immortal Realm.

The current Qin Yu was still not completely confident in entering the Dark Star Realm. Thus, he chose the second path… to proceed to the southeast end of the Bird Clan's territory and use the Interstellar Conveying Array on the bordering planet.

After spending ten days, Qin Yu casually arrived at the bordering planet.

"There are quite a lot of experts." Immediately after he arrived on the bordering planet, Qin Yu spread out his Immortal Awareness and discovered that there were actually ten Emperor level experts on this sole planet of the Bird Clan's territory that led to the Immortal Realm. The number was truly astonishing. These Emperor level experts appeared to be from the same group and were about to pass through the Interstellar Conveying Array together.

"I suspect they're also planning to watch the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation." With a movement of his foot, Qin Yu arrived by the Interstellar Conveying Array.

The exact number of Demon Emperors… eight, eight Demon Emperors were chatting with each other and laughing.

"This Eagle Clan's strength is truly large." Qin Yu gasped with admiration in his heart. All these eight Demon Emperors in front of him were from the Eagle Clan. Who knows how many Demon Emperors there are in total in the Eagle Clan? As the second strongest power in the Bird Clan, their reputation was well deserved.

In reality, Qin Yu was not very knowledgeable about the Bird Clan.

Although the Peng Clan is the most powerful in the Bird Clan, their numbers are greatly inferior to the Eagle Clan. It's just that the Peng Clan possessed two types of Super Divine Beasts and also a lot of experts, that's why their power eclipses that of the Eagle Clan's. As for the Eagle Clan, their strongest is only a High Level Divine Beast. However, their numbers are great.

"Big brother, that man behind us seems to be very powerful. I am unable to see through him, can you?"

"Mn? Where did this expert come from? I can't see through him either."

"Then he's at the very least a level seven Demon Emperor! I reckon he's a certain hidden expert from our Bird Clan. Clan Chief has mentioned before, that once the information about the Cyan Emperor's Divine Tribulation spreads out, it will definitely attract a large number of hidden experts. Hidden experts… they are usually hidden from view but would show up when they have the opportunity to see others undergoing the Divine Tribulation."

"Stop looking at him, who knows how powerful he is. If you were to offend him, then we brothers might all lose our lives here."

The eight Demon Emperors were talking with each other through Demon Awareness. Finally, they came to a common understanding and decided to pretend to not notice Qin Yu. Following the rules, the eight of them entered the Interstellar Conveying Array and were then transported to the Immortal Realm.

Afterwards, Qin Yu paid the fees for the Interstellar Conveying Array and also stepped into one.

After a flash of light, Qin Yu was transported from the Bird Clan's territory to a bordering planet in the Immortal Realm.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were flying beside each other in the sky, watching the ground.

"Immortal Realm, this is Immortal Realm. I've never come to the Immortal Realm before." Gasped Hei Yu in admiration. Hou Fei also took a deep breath, he nodded and said. "I've never been here either."

Qin Yu recalled the past. "I still remember when I journeyed to the Devil Realm from the Immortal Realm. That time, I was being chased by Emperor Yu and ended up only being able to hide myself in the Jiang Lan's Realm. Finally, after bitterly training, I managed to open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, and then defeated Emperor Yu and his men. If I were to fight Emperor Yu again now, then I wouldn't fear him in the slightest." Qin Yu was filled with confidence.

His 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' had reached the seventh stage.

Qin Yu was definitely able to match up against the level eight Immortal Emperor level Emperor Yu from back then. Adding on Qin Yu's astonishing recovery ability, even the current level nine Immortal Emperor level Emperor Yu, Qin Yu was also able to compete against him.

"Gaga, big brother, if we were to meet Emperor Yu and them again, then with us three brothers together, we would crush them to pieces." Hou Fei's words contained within it a tyrannical aura.

Qin Yu slightly smiled. If Qin Yu and his brothers were to join hands, then they certainly would not be afraid of Emperor Yu and his wife.

The Matchless Great Sword was still able cut into his body. However, unlike before, it was not going to be able to pierce through his body so easily.

"Furthermore, the current Black Hole has become even more stable. Collapsing it is now much harder." Qin Yu was very confident in his own cultivation technique.

The Nascent Souls that others had are very weak. However, his own Black Hole was able to easily swallow other people's sword energy. It was extremely stable.

"Let's go. We three brothers shall take a nice stroll across the Immortal Realm. Hopefully Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor won't not discover us. If they were to discover us… then we three brothers would give them a nice trampling." Laughed Qin Yu.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu's eyes also shined.

Soon after, the three brothers arrogantly traveled about in the Immortal Realm. They were not in a rush to get to the Angelica Dahurica Galaxy's Ridge Peak Star. Although the date of the Divine Tribulation was not precise, it would roughly be in about a year. It was definitely possible for Qin Yu and his brothers to play around for half a year before going over.

Hiding their strength, the three brothers proceeded to wander the Immortal Realm. They ran into quite a few people who overestimated their capabilities; easily, the three brothers defeated them. Against the people they met, they might either give them a small punishment or restrict their power. Against the few hateful scum they met, they killed them directly.

They lived their lives free and leisurely. There was even a sense of chivalry.

The three brothers willfully ate and drank around the different places of the Immortal Realm. They enjoyed the peculiar sceneries of the Immortal Realm. Although it was merely half a year, the days were a lot more enjoyable, compared to the thousand years that they had spent before.

Angelica Dahurica Galaxy. Jade Wave Star.

After a burst of light, Qin Yu and his two brothers arrived on the Jade Wave Star. Compared to before, the three brothers, who had enjoyed traveling around the Immortal Realm, were a lot more cheerful.

"Jade Wave Star." Qin Yu gazed his surroundings. He started to remember the time when he left the Jade Wave Star and immediately met with the unfortunate fate of being surrounded by Emperor Yu. "I suspect that the Cyan Emperor was related to me being surrounded by Emperor Yu's men last time around." Qin Yu understood it very well in his heart. Merely, he didn't want to have another enemy. Furthermore, after knowing the Cyan Emperor, he thought that the Cyan Emperor was still a pretty decent person.

"Three seniors, may I ask if you three came to watch His Majesty's Divine Tribulation?" A man wearing a standard battle armor walked over.

"Precisely." Qin Yu nodded. "May I ask where that Ridge Peak Star is at?"

That man wearing the standard battle armor smiled. "His Majesty has already set up his arrangements. Over there are three newly constructed Conveying Arrays. Those three Conveying Arrays lead to the Ride Peak Star. The three seniors could take those Conveying Arrays. As for the expense of using them, it is a single Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stone."

"A single?" Qin Yu was shocked.

No matter how close the place was, it would cost at the very least two Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones. That was because one stone was the cost of using the Interstellar Conveying Array whereas the other one was the profit taken by the controller of the planet.

"That's correct. His Majesty has set the fee to be a single Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stone. It is merely a formality. His Majesty would not care about the mere cost of using the Conveying Arrays." The man wearing the battle armor had an expression of admiration in his eyes.

In the Immortal Realm, the Cyan Emperor's prestige was extremely high. After all, the best refining stone is time. After laughing proudly through the Immortal Realm for such a long time, the Cyan Emperor's status and strength was unquestionable. The number of people who worshipped him, was also enormous.

"This Cyan Emperor is certainly someone. Worthy of admiration, worthy of admiration." From merely the charge of one Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stone, Hou Fei grew to admire the Cyan Emperor that he had never seen before.

After handing over a single Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stone.

Qin Yu and his two brothers stepped into one of the Interstellar Conveying Arrays. After the flash of light, the three brothers departed from the Jade Wave Star and arrived on the Ridge Peak Star.

Ridge Peak Star.

This planet was originally an uninhabited and nameless planet. The name 'Ridge Peak Star', was something that the Cyan Emperor had given it recently. However, ever since the Cyan Emperor decided that he would be undergoing the Divine Tribulation here, the Ridge Peak Star was determined to be a place that would no longer be obscure and unknown.

Ridge Peak Star, the reason why it's named 'Ridge Peak' was because there were a lot of high mountains on this planet. The majority of the high mountains were scarlet red, white and gray.

"Three seniors." Immediately after Qin Yu and his brothers stepped out from the Interstellar Conveying Array, a woman greeted them respectfully. "As the three seniors are Emperor level experts, you could follow this humble self to the First District to watch his Majesty undergo the Divine Tribulation."

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu took a glance at each other and started to smile.

This Cyan Emperor's arrangements were truly good.

"You can lead us then." Said Qin Yu with a smile. Soon after, the three brothers followed behind the woman and rapidly flew toward the north.

There were a lot of people on the Ridge Peak Star. In the air, Qin Yu merely used his Immortal Awareness to cover a section of the planet and immediately discovered millions of cultivators. Almost all of these cultivators were Immortals. The number of Devils and Demons amongst them were very few.

"To rush to the Ridge Peak Star in a year's time from the Devil or Demon Realm, how could ordinary people be able to do that?" Qin Yu understood that the reason why there were so many Immortals here, was because of the favorable location of the Ridge Peak Star.

Qin Yu was able to clearly sense that the Ridge Peak Star was set up like an extremely vast barrier. The outermost layer was where the Heavenly Immortal level experts stayed. The middle layer was where the Golden Immortal level experts stayed. The innermost layer, the so called 'First District,' was where the Emperor level experts stayed.

In the outermost and middle layers, the Cyan Emperor did not have his men establish any dwellings. All those dwellings were constructed by the Immortals themselves. As for the First District, there were numerous courtyard mansions. They were specially established by the Cyan Emperor's men.

Following the woman, Qin Yu and his brothers descended by the entrance of the First District. "Seniors can enter. There will be people inside who will arrange where seniors will live."

Qin Yu and his brothers nodded and then walked past the entrance of the First District.

By the entrance were four Immortal Emperors. The leader amongst them was an old acquaintance of Qin Yu…. the fourth disciple of the Cyan Emperor, Immortal Emperor Song Shi. It was the youth that Qin Yu had came to know on the Crescent Moon Bay.

"Cultivation brother Song Shi." Shouted Qin Yu with a smile.

Immortal Emperor Song Shi who was currently talking with someone turned his head around. Qin Yu had already resumed his true appearance. Surprised, Song Shi said. "Qin Yu, you've come? I suspect these two are the two brothers that you've been trying to find?"

"That's right, this is my second brother Hou Fei and this is my third brother Hei Yu." Said Qin Yu magnanimously.

"Oh… Hou Fei, Hei Yu. I've already heard about the strength of you three brothers. The future Great Ape Emperor and a man whom the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to kill. You brothers are truly amazing. Even Demon Emperor Bai Feng was killed by you all." Said Immortal Emperor Song Shi with a smile.

Hou Fei spoke out and said. "Hey, did that Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor come yet?"

"No, they're still not here. Even the Peng Demon Emperor isn't here. I reckon they'll be here in a couple more days. However, there are already several hundreds of Emperor level experts inside the First District now. There are even some extremely powerful hidden experts." Gasped Immortal Emperor Song Shi.

Qin Yu and his brothers were shocked.

Several hundreds of Emperor level experts, it was truly astonishing. In the past, the most they had seen at the same time, were only several tens of Emperor level experts.

"Qin Yu, come, I've already prepared your residence. It's next to Granny Yin Hua and them." Said Immortal Emperor Song Shi with a smile.

"Granny Yin Hua also came?" Qin Yu started to chat with Immortal Emperor Song Shi.

"That's right, Emperor Ni has also arrived. Qin Yu, I recently discovered something… it actually turns out that the strongest people in the Devil Realm weren't the Blood Devil Emperor, Black Devil Emperor and the Asura Devil Emperor. There were actually even more powerful experts. I've already came across two of them." Said the Immortal Emperor Song Shi mysteriously.

"Oh?" Qin Yu was prepared to meet a lot of hidden experts this time around.

"The Hidden Emperor as well as the Black and White Dual Emperors have also arrived. There's also the Hidden Emperor's granddaughter." Said the Immortal Emperor Song Shi with a smile. "Senior Hidden Emperor was actually very interested in my master's Divine Tribulation."

Qin Yu also smiled.

How could he not be interested? The Hidden Emperor was also someone who was about to undergo the Divine Tribulation.

"Unfortunately, that boy Emperor Yu still hasn't shown up." Muttered Hou Fei resentfully. Hearing that, Qin Yu was unable to refrain from smiling. Before they arrived, Hou Fei had already said that he was going to teach that Emperor Yu a lesson.

"Ahead is the residence of Granny Yin Hua…" Right when Immortal Emperor Song Shi had finished only half of his sentence, he frowned and took out a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. Soon after, he smiled to Qin Yu and said. "You all have arrived at the right timing. Just a moment ago, the guards on the Jade Wave Star had sent a transmission over saying that Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor have arrived. I will have to go and personally greet them."

"Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor have arrived?"

A sharp ray of light flashed through Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu's eyes simultaneously.

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