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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 37 – Guo Fan

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

"Merely by looking at this youth's Nascent Soul, he's only at the level of a level one Heavenly Demon. However, when looking at his soul, his soul realm is that of a level three Heavenly Demon. This is truly strange." Qin Yu was puzzled. With how powerful Qin Yu currently was, he was able to see through that youth from a single glance.

This youth, his true form ought to be an ordinary demonic beast from the Flying Bear Clan; he was not even a Divine Beast.

[TL: Not sure if this is a typo from the author… but he wrote flying bear clan. Not sure if he meant 'flying birds' aka. Bird Clan aka. just a regular Bird Clan's Demonic Beast.]

After pondering for a moment, Qin Yu continued to monitor Hei Tong and that youth in the restaurant.

"I'll accept it, okay?" The simple and honest youth said hurriedly.

Only then did Hei Tong sit back down complacently. "That's more like it." Hei Tong appeared to be very happy. "Big Guy, last time when I met you, I didn't even have the time to get your name yet. Can you tell me your name?"

The simple and honest youth took a deep breath and roused up his courage before saying. "My name is Guo Fan!"

"Guo Fan, oh, Guo Fan." Hei Tong recited the name softly a couple times.

"My name is Hei Tong." A voice suddenly sounded. This voice was very low, it was so low that Guo Fan didn't even hear it. Guo Fan was startled. "Young lady, what did you say earlier?"

"Not going to repeat it if you didn't hear it properly."

Hei Tong immediately stood up and proceeded to walk out of the private room. "Guo Fan, accompany me in strolling around the street."

"Is she called Hei Tong? Hei Tong, Hei Tong is a great name." Guo Fan muttered a couple times in a low voice. Immediately after, he promptly stood up. "Coming."

Guo Fan.

His true form was merely that of an ordinary demonic beast of the Flying Bear Clan. His mother had already been killed long ago by her enemy. Only his father was alive. It was just that his father's cultivation level was even weaker than his own. However, Guo Fan strived to improve himself. Upon reaching the Heavenly Demon level, he departed from his hometown and arrived at this large planet… the Green Blue Star.

He was unable to afford living in the Green Blue Star City and thus was only able to live in the wilds, outside of the city. Usually, he would clench his teeth and continue to bitterly cultivate. His goal was to strive harder and harder until one day where he could become a man amongst men, so that his father could be proud of him, so that he no longer have to live in the bottom class.

Simple and honest?

Majority of the people who met Guo Fan thought of him as being simple and honest. However, being simple and honest was merely Guo Fan's manner of conduct. In reality, he was very intelligent and understood everything.

"Guo Fan, look. The sculptures here are extremely refined." Hei Tong was standing in front of a shop by the street excitedly. She was carefully looking at each and every little sculpture dolls of this shop. The majority of the sculptures in this shop come in pairs.

Hei Tong walked into the store and immediately took fancy upon a pair of sculptures.

"Guo Fan, look, doesn't this fat doll look like you? It's cute just like you." Hei Tong suddenly turned around and spoke to Guo Fan with her head raised. The current Hei Tong was laughing very happily.

Upon seeing Hei Tong, who was laughing with her head raised up high, Guo Fan's heart suddenly started throbbing. However, a sense of inferiority rushed forth from the bottom of Guo Fan's heart. Subconsciously, Guo Fan clenched his fists.

He liked Hei Tong. However, ever since the first time he met her where she casually gave him a Transmission Spiritual Pearl so that they could contact each other, with merely that… Guo Fan knew already that Hei Tong's status was not something he could match up against.

Guo Fan had once thought of leaving. However, he still had a trace of hope in the bottom of his heart.

"This is me, this is you." Hei Tong picked out another doll, this time it was a female. Happily, she smiled and said. "Guo Fan, these two dolls, should we purchase them?"

"Boss, I'm buying these two carvings." Guo Fan immediately turned around and said to that boss.

"Three Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones." Said the old man unenthusiastically.

Three Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones. Although it sounded very cheap, in reality it was merely two carvings. Had it been during normal times, Guo Fan would definitely not spend three Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones in purchasing carvings that are almost completely useless.

"Here are three Low Quality Elemental Spirit Stones." Without any hesitation, Guo Fan handed over the payment.

Guo Fan turned around to look to Hei Tong. His face suddenly turned a bit red. "Tong… can I call you Tong Tong?"

"Ah…." Hei Tong opened her eyes wide as she looked at Guo Fan. After a short moment, she reacted. "Tong Tong, if you want to call me that then go ahead. Your mouth is grown on your face, I cannot control what you say." After disorderly mumbling for a bit, Hei Tong walked out of the store with the two sculptures and a reddened face.


Guo Fan clenched his two fists. He was excited from the bottom of his heart.

"Truly guileless. However, he's doing a bit better than how I was back then." Qin Yu was watching everything from beginning to end. "At the very least this Guo Fan dared to take the step forward. I, on the other hand, had spent all that time with Li'er and didn't dare to say a single sentence."

Just by seeing Guo Fan's expression from earlier, Qin Yu had grown fond of this simple and honest youth.

If this Guo Fan wanted to become Hei Tong's life companion, at the very least, Qin Yu believed that… he would definitely support him.

At this moment, Guo Fan still didn't know that there was a super expert paying attention to him. He was still very excited. His face had even grew a bit feverish. The current Hei Tong, on the other hand, was even more extreme. Her face was so red that it's comparable to that of an apple.

Guo Fan and Hei Tong walked on the street side by side. They were momentarily stunned as to what to say.

"Guo Fan, why aren't you talking?" Hei Tong suddenly spoke.

"I, I don't know what to say." At this moment, Guo Fan was feeling somewhat blank.

Hei Tong suddenly said. "Guo Fan, which street are we on now? How many turns have we made?"

Guo Fan looked to the surroundings and suddenly discovered… that it seemed like they were lost. Guo Fan who was overly excited earlier was in a completely floating and fleeting state. His brain was in a complete chaos. He was not looking at where they were going at all. The turns they made were also all done in random.

"Oh, that's right, I remembered." Guo Fan suddenly saw a building that was over a hundred floors tall. Upon seeing this signature building, Guo Fan immediately recalled where they were. After all, he had been in the Green Blue Star for quite a while now. "I am not certain about the name of this street. However, I do know about the directions."

Hei Tong also appeared to have regain her liveliness. "Guo Fan, can you tell me about your parents?"

"My father, he's a servant in an restaurant on an ordinary planet of the Green Blue Galaxy. My father's greatest wish is for me to attain the level of Demon King. If I were to become a Demon King, then I would become a big shot in the planet that we are from."

Guo Fan's gaze turned misty. He shook his head and said. "However, I do not wish to confine myself in a small planet. That's why I came to the Green Blue Star. I have been striving my hardest in cultivating, giving it my all… I believe that there will definitely be a day where I achieve success." Subconsciously, Guo Fan had clenched his right fist tightly.

Hei Tong raised her head to look at Guo Fang. Suddenly, she sensed that the current Guo Fan was somewhat different from the Guo Fan who was ordinarily simple and honest. However, the current Guo Fan was even more attractive to her.

"Guo Fan, do you have a goal?" Suddenly asked Hei Tong.

"Goal? I do not have a clear goal. I merely want strength, so that no one will be able to oppress me and my relatives. I merely want to live comfortably and happily with my relatives. However, I know that in a world like the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, one must possess sufficient strength in order to not get oppressed. Thus, I must strive my hardest." Said Guo Fan resolutely.

"Foolish boy."

Qin Yu smiled. He then raised his head and took a gulp of wine from his wine glass. "Live comfortably and happily; not being threatened and oppressed by others. Even if you were to reach Emperor level, there are still others that could threaten you. Although this kind of goal might look to be very easily obtainable, in reality…. even if you reach Emperor level, you still won't have reached your goal."

Seeing Guo Fan, Qin Yu remembered himself during the times in the Mortal Realm. The him from back then, wanted his relatives to live happily and not be threatened.

As he forged ahead, his current strength was already close to the level of ordinary level nine Immortal Emperor. However, he still has to strive harder.

"Foolish boy, I hope that you'll be able to live a more relaxed life than mine."

Everyone has their own path. Likewise, Guo Fan has his own path too.

Guo Fan continued to chat with Hei Tong. He was talking about his past, his friends, his relatives. Gradually… half a day passed.

"Guo Fan, I'm afraid that I can only stay on the Green Blue Star for a couple days. If it wasn't for my Eldest Uncle… then I reckon that I wouldn't even be able to come to the Green Blue Star at all." Said Hei Tong helplessly with her mouth bulged up.

Puzzled, Guo Fan said. "Could it be that your parents aren't even willing for you to come to the Green Blue Star?"

"Mn… my parents have an enemy. This enemy is very powerful. My parents are a bit weaker." Said Hei Tong helplessly. "However I know that my Eldest Uncle and them are very powerful right now. Soon, they would not have to fear that enemy anymore."

"I believe your Eldest Uncle and them would succeed." Guo Fan nodded.

"Eh? Young Lady, are you from our Eagle Clan?" Suddenly a voice sounded.

Guo Fan and Hei Tong simultaneously raised their head and looked over. What they saw was a black clothed youth smiling and walking over with two middle aged man. That black clothed youth carefully looked at Hei Tong. "Eagle Clan, furthermore a Divine Beast from the Eagle Clan. Uncles, this one should conform the requirement right?"

The two middle aged men both looked at Hei Tong with a expression as if they were inspecting goods. Soon after, one of the middle aged men nodded and said. "This woman conforms with the regulation."

"Ah! After so long, I've finally found one who is attractive." Said the black clothed youth excitedly.

"What are you all doing?" Hei Tong opened her eyes wide and said angrily.

Guo Fan who stood to the side also sensed that something was amiss. However, he continued to stand beside Hei Tong. No matter what happens, he would not hide himself.

The black clothed youth said while beaming with smiles. "Young lady, I am Liu Qu of the Eagle Clan. My true form is that of a Cyan Flame Eagle, the High Level Divine Beast of our Eagle Clan. According to the rules of the clan, as a High Level Divine Beast, my life companion ought to be from our eagle clan. At the same time, she ought to be a Divine Beast. Only then would our descendents have a higher chance of being a Cyan Flame Eagle."

"In your dreams!"

Hei Tong grew angry. She looked like an angry little lion. "You little scoundrel, you actually dared to act like so to this young lady. I will definitely make you regret it."

"Little lady." A middle aged man standing behind the black clothed youth said indifferently. "Young master Liu Qu is the next clan chief of our Eagle Clan. As an eagle clansman, you have a responsibility to devote yourself to our clan. As young master Liu Qu has chosen you, you must comply. This is your honor. If you were to resist… then the consequences of your action is not something that you are capable of bearing."

Hei Tong cursed in rage. "Utter bullshit!"

"How truly bold and vigorous. Your angry appearance is truly adorable." The black clothed youth appeared to be very happy.

Hei Tong's angry appearance was indeed adorable. Qin Yu, Hou Fei and them had mentioned this before and Hei Tong was even happy about that. However, at this moment, Hei Tong was extremely angry.

"Tong Tong, you leave first."

Guo Fan suddenly stood in front of Tong Tong. His gaze was determined like water. "Tong Tong is already my life's companion. If you all want to snatch her, then you must first go through me." At this moment, Guo Fan didn't care about his life or death at all. At this moment, Guo Fan believed that he must stand forward.

"Go through you? Brat." The black clothed youth appeared to have heard some kind of joke. "Are you sure you're not stupid? You're merely a level one Heavenly Demon, this young lady is even stronger than you. Do you know what level I am? Level one Demon Emperor! Do you know the strength of my two uncles? They're both a lot stronger than me!"

Guo Fan's heart shivered.

Three Emperor level experts. Emperor level used to be something that he felt eminent and unapproachable.

However now, Guo Fan, who was determined even in the face of death, didn't move in the slightest.

Hei Tong, contrary to expectations, was not worried. She merely looked at the current Guo Fan. She was carefully looking at Guo Fan's expression. It was as if she was planning to forever remember that expression in the bottom of her heart. "Big Brother Guo Fan, you are unable to obstruct them at all, why do you still try to obstruct them?"

"If I were to not do this, then after today, I would regret it for the rest of my life." Guo Fan slightly raised his head. He stared at the three Emperor level experts in front of him. "They could kill me. However, they cannot make my heart surrender to them. Even if I am to die, I would look down upon them from the bottom of my heart."

A determined light flashed pass Guo Fan's eyes.

At this moment, the scene of his father entrusting the task upon him appeared in Guo Fan's mind. His father was awaiting him with anticipation. However today… Guo Fan clenched his teeth, his gaze grew even more resolute.

"Attaboy, you have guts." The black clothed youth smiled. "If you look down on me then go ahead and do that, I'll just kill you right now and seize the girl that you like; what could do you about it?" The black clothed youth's gaze was filled with an indifferent disdain.

"Eldest Uncle, if you were to continue to watch passively from the sidelines and not come out, then I would ignore you from today on!" Suddenly Hei Tong shouted loudly.

Qin Yu who was watching from the restaurant was startled.


A grave and stern man suddenly appeared before Hei Tong and Guo Fang. However, at this moment, this man had a slightly embarrassed expression on his face.

"Eldest Uncle, you finally decided to show up." Said Hei Tong with a bulged mouth. "These three people are too hateful."

Qin Yu took a glance at Guo Fan. "You're called Guo Fan? Mn, not bad; a pretty decent lad." Guo Fan felt that Qin Yu's amiable gaze was giving him a burst of warmth from the bottom of his heart. In this split second, he appeared to not be afraid of those three Emperor level experts at all.

"Who are you? You wish to step into the matters of our Eagle Clan?" Shouted the black clothed youth. He was giving off the aura of a person of high status.

"Eagle Clan? I don't even care about your clan chief Liu Tu, so why would I care about you three babies?" Said Qin Yu with a light smile.

Guo Fan saw a scene that had made him stupefied.

Three blurs suddenly appeared before the three men. Soon after, the three blurs disappeared. Qin Yu returned back to where he was standing. It was as if he had never moved at all.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

The three men suddenly fell to the floor with a loud bang.

"What I hate the most is people forcing others. Especially forcing my relatives." With a wave of his sleeve, the three corpses turned to ash and disappeared.

After reaching the seventh stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' one's entire body's bones were as strong as a Low Quality Divine Artifact. Qin Yu's entire body, regardless of whether it was his fists, feet, or fingers, they were all comparable to Divine Artifacts. Furthermore, they are Divine Artifacts that could restore themselves in an instant. Attacking with his strength, how could three Demon Emperors, with the strongest amongst them being a level five Demon Emperor, be able to escape alive?

"Little Tong, since that guy has died, it would become a bit troublesome for us to stay here. Let's go back." Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"Go back? Can't we wait a couple more days?" Hei Tong suddenly turned around to look at Guo Fan. Her gaze was filled with reluctance in parting.

Guo Fan was also reluctant to part.

"We cannot stay here any longer." Qin Yu did not fear the level eight Demon Emperor Liu Tu. However, he disliked trouble. Hearing Qin Yu saying that they cannot stay any longer so resolutely, both Hei Tong and Guo Fan's eyes were filled with a sense of loss and reluctance to part.

Qin Yu suddenly pointed at Guo Fan. "However, this fellow could follow us. If he were to stay here, then he'll definitely be killed when the Eagle Clan investigates."

"Yay, I knew that Eldest Uncle is the best." Excited, Hei Tong hugged Qin Yu.

Qin Yu smiled. "And who was it that said that she would ignore me from today on?"

"Eldest Uncle…" Hei Tong's face grew red. However, she still sneaked a peek at Guo Fan. Guo Fan's face was also filled with a happy expression. Only, he still sneaked a peek at Qin Yu. Earlier, the three Emperor level experts that he had thought to be eminent and unapproachable were killed in an instant. "I don't know when I would be as strong as Hei Tong's Eldest Uncle?!" Subconsciously, Guo Fan clenched his fists.

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