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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 30 – Soul

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

The night slowly arrived. Five guards walked toward the Profound Golden Illusion Array. Amongst the five guards were Qin Yu and Hei Yu.

The Profound Golden Illusion Array was a type of extremely powerful illusionary formations. This great formation array was set up by the level eight Demon Emperor Ao Ku himself. With the current strength that Qin Yu possessed, he was still unable to break through this formation array. In order to save Bai Xin, the only method for him to do so was to pass himself off as a guard and infiltrate the formation array.

Hei Yu's gaze was directed toward the black pillar in the middle of the Profound Golden Illusion Array. A person was tied on top of the black pillar.

"Big sis Bai Xin." Hei Yu's heart shivered.

Even though her messy long hair was covering her face, even though the dust made Bai Xin appear like a beggar, Hei Yu, although watching from far away, was still able to tell right away with a single glance that the figure tied to the black pillar was the big sis Bai Xin who cared greatly for him.

"Xiao Hei, try to make your expression more natural. What are you looking around for?" Qin Yu's voice sounded in Hei Yu's mind.

Hei Yu suddenly woke up to reality.

"Xiao Hei, that silly appearance that you had earlier, could've easily made others doubt you." Qin Yu said via voice transmission. He completely understood the reason why Xiao Hei had that sort of appearance. However, they cannot allow any slip-ups after getting this far. If they were to be discovered… their only choice would be to fight their way through.

However, even if they were to fight their way through, they'd still need to at least enter into the great formation array. Otherwise, how could they save Bai Xin?

"Brothers, listen up." The leading man among the group spoke with a clear voice. "Soon, it will be our turn to enter into the Profound Golden Illusion Array. This Profound Golden Illusion Array changes every two hours and everytime it changes, the passages changes too. Although us brothers have guarded over it multiple times already, but no matter what, we cannot be careless when entering the great formation array. If anyone were to carelessly fall into the formation array, I'm certain everyone knows what would happen."

Everyone immediately shouted their agreement in unison.

The space that the Profound Golden Illusion Array occupied was pretty bright. In the middle of the great formation array was the region where Bai Xin was tied up. In the vicinity of the black pillar that Bai Xin was tied to were five guards watching over it.

Seeing this scene, Qin Yu grew a bit confused. "In order to watch over Bai Xin, why must they make the guards enter into the great formation array in order to watch over her? Could it be that they feared that someone could break through the great formation array and suddenly appear inside the formation array?"

Qin Yu's guess was actually the reason indeed. That was because after all there are many talented individuals in the world. Who knows, maybe Qin Yu and his brothers were proficient in formation array techniques? However, Qin Yu did not know that there was another very important reason for this arrangement.

"Well then, it's time." The leader said to Qin Yu and the other three. "I'll inform everyone of what the passage route will be these next two hours. Everyone, make sure to not step on the wrong place."

Afterwards, the leader sent the passage route of the Profound Golden Illusion Array to the other four.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu glanced at each other. Their gazes contained within them a hint of a smile. Soon after, under the guidance of the leading man, Qin Yu and the other four followed the safe route and slowly walked toward the center of the Profound Golden Illusion Array. And at this moment, the five guards who saw Qin Yu and the others coming, all had smiles on their faces.

"Xiao Hei, our luck's pretty good. That Ao Ku unexpectedly still hasn't used his Demon Awareness."

Qin Yu felt a lot more relaxed in his heart.

At this moment, even if they were to be discovered by Ao Ku, Qin Yu was still certain that he could save Bai Xin in a split second and rapidly flee through the passage. Even if he were to be surrounded by the Peng Demon Emperor and them, he would still be able to enter into the Jiang Lan's Realm and train peacefully.

Qin Yu has the intention to explore the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, but what Qin Yu wanted more was for his strength to increase so that he can see Li'er sooner.

"I bet that Ao Ku just isn't as hardworking as he seems." Said Hei Yu via voice transmission. He was unable to restrain his gaze from falling onto Bai Xin who was getting closer and closer. Seeing Hei Yu's appearance, Qin Yu felt somewhat helpless in his heart but didn't really care about it.

Thus, the three guards plus two fake guards began to slowly move toward the center safe region.

Qin Yu and the others finally passed through the Profound Golden Illusion Array and arrived in the center safe region.

"Hey, you're finally here. Well then, we brothers will go take a rest." Said the leader amongst the five guards that were currently watching over Bai Xin, while smiling. Afterwards, the five happily departed from the Profound Golden Formation Array according to a sequential order.

Qin Yu and the others casually spread themselves out around the black pillar.

Bai Xin had hazy teary eyes.

"Little Yu, younger sister, this is all that I can do for you two." Bai Xin mumbled in her heart. The scene of that day appeared before her eyes. The scene where she was captured and brought back into the Imperial City by Ao Ku and then summoned by the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan.

A large and wide great hall. At the top of the great hall was the Peng Demon Emperor who was completely encased in golden color. Below him kneeled Bai Xin and standing respectfully beside her was Ao Ku.

"Are you Bai Xin?" The sharp voice appeared to be able to pierce through her soul. It brought Bai Xin shivers through her entire body.

Bai Xin, who was kneeling on the ground, raised her head upwards to look. She couldn't clearly see the appearance of the Peng Demon Emperor. All she managed to see was his pair of ice-cold and ruthless eyes.

"I ask you a question, are you not going to respond?" The Peng Demon Emperor's tone grew a bit higher.

"Yes, I am Bai Xin." Bai Xin's voice was very low. It was somewhat hoarse.

The Peng Demon Emperor encased in a golden color said indifferently. "Bai Xin, you also ought to know about your current situation. Your soul and your Nascent Soul are completely restricted. It is impossible for you to even kill yourself. I have already decided to tie you up on the black stone pillar, on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain, in order to use you to lure Hei Yu and his two brothers."

"You're…. despicable!" Bai Xin angrily glared at the Peng Demon Emperor. However, Bai Qin instead felt as if the Peng Demon Emperor was thousands of miles away from her. The distance between the two was truly too great.

"I wish to make a deal with you." The Peng Demon Emperor’s voice was very ordinary. It was as if he wasn't angry at all.

Bai Xin ferociously flipped back her head. She refused to look at the Peng Demon Emperor.

"Bai Xin, even if you were to not cooperate, it would still be impossible for you to kill yourself or escape. I will still be able to tie you up on the black stone pillar on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain. You ought to be able to guess that Hei Yu and his brothers would rush over to save you. At that moment, I can still kill Hei Yu and his two brothers. As for now, the deal that I am proposing, it could bring about a bit of benefit to you." The Peng Demon Emperor's voice appeared to contain a hint of a smile.

"Benefit?" Bai Xin's heart moved; she raised her head and looked to the Peng Demon Emperor.

Currently, Bai Xin doesn't even have the ability to control her own fate, it was all in the control of the Peng Demon Emperor; so, does she even have the qualifications to conduct a deal?

"I only want you to become my spiritual beast. I can assure you that if you were to accept, I would definitely not kill Hei Yu and Bai Ling; what do you think?" Contained within the Peng Demon Emperor's voice was enticement.

Bai Xin's heart was jolted.

Become the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast? Able to save her younger sister and Little Yu?

Bai Xin raised her head up. Her clear gaze landed upon the Peng Demon Emperor. No matter how hard she tried to squint, she was still unable to see the Peng Demon Emperor's facial appearance. "Peng Demon Emperor, did you think that a little woman like myself is that easily deceived? For you to try that hard, wasn't it all to kill Little Yu? What? Now you're not going to kill him anymore? I do not believe that I would benefit you that much by becoming your Spiritual Beast."

"No. I said that I am not going to kill Hei Yu and Bai Ling. Of the two brothers that Hei Yu has, the oldest brother, Qin Yu, is someone that I must kill. My true target is him…. as for the matter about me chasing after Hei Yu the entire time to kill him, it was also because of Qin Yu." Said the Peng Demon Emperor indifferently.

At this moment, Bai Xin suddenly realized.

Her Bai family and even Hei Yu have been wondering why the Peng Demon Emperor had been chasing to kill Hei Yu. After all, Hei Yu held no grievance nor hatred with the Peng Demon Emperor. Only now did she realize that the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to kill Hei Yu because of his big brother Qin Yu.

"Bai Xin, do you agree?" Said the Peng Demon Emperor indifferently.

Bai Xin was pondering.

The Peng Demon Emperor continued. "Even if you were to not agree, you'd still be tied to the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain and would still be unable to save Qin Yu and them. However, if you were to become my spiritual beast, you'd instead be able to save Hei Yu and Bai Ling and I'll still be able to kill Qin Yu. Isn't this getting the best of both worlds? Could it be… you're afraid that after becoming my spiritual beast, you'll be mistreated and killed by me?"

"Death? How could I be afraid of death?"

Bai Xin raised her head and looked at the Peng Demon Emperor, sitting at the top of the great hall. "Peng Demon Emperor, I agree to become your Spiritual Beast. However, you have to swear that you won't kill Hei Yu and Bai Ling."

Bai Xin realized that even if she didn't agree, there would be nothing she could do. However, if she were to accept… she would instead be able to save Hei Yu and Bai Ling. She didn't understand why the Peng Demon Emperor wanted her to become his Spiritual Beast, but Bai Xin wouldn't care even if her soul were to be scattered, so why would she care about becoming his Spiritual Beast?

As for the so-called true target that the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to kill… Hei Yu's big brother, 'Qin Yu'…. Bai Xin merely felt a bit guilty in her heart.

"Good, I promise you."

The Peng Demon Emperor promised her very straightforwardly.

"I, Peng Demon Emperor, Zong Yan, hereby swear that as long as Bai Xin becomes my Spiritual Beast, I, Peng Demon Emperor, Zong Yan, absolutely shall not kill Hei Yu and Bai Ling! If I were to violate this oath, then my soul shall be scattered!" The Peng Demon Emperor's voice was very firm and resolute. Word by word, as Bai Xin heard them, a smile appeared on her face.

"Come." Bai Xin released her guard and closed her eyes.

A Spiritual Beast Ring was shot out from the Peng Demon Emperor's hand. It enveloped Bai Xin's head. Soon after, it assimilated into Bai Xin's brain. Finally, it fuzed with her soul.

Bai Xin and the Peng Demon Emperor's deal was a success.

Bai Xin was then brought out. Only Ao Ku and the Peng Demon Emperor remained in the great hall. Ao Ku looked to the Peng Demon Emperor with a puzzled expression. Respectfully, he asked. "Your Majesty, wasn't your true goal killing Hei Yu? That Qin Yu shouldn't be of much importance to Your Majesty, right?"

"It's merely to deceive that Bai Xin." Said the Peng Demon Emperor indifferently.

"Then, the oath that Your Majesty swore earlier?…" Ao Ku looked to the Peng Demon Emperor.

The Peng Demon Emperor turned around and left the great hall. An indifferent voice sounded in the main hall. "I merely swore that I would not kill Hei Yu and Bai Ling. However, just because I won't kill them, does that mean that you all can't kill them either?"

Ao Ku suddenly realized.

Bai Xin was in that kind of hazy and muzzled state.

"Death, when will I die?" Bai Xin searched for death in her heart. "If only I can see Little Yu again before my death, that'll be so good."

When Hei Yu first entered into the Bai family, Bai Xin and her sister Bai Ling both came to like their junior. Especially after Hei Yu displayed his astonishing talent and his power increased at an astonishing speed, the two sisters both fell in love with Hei Yu.

It's just that after Bai Xin saw that Bai Ling had gotten together with Hei Yu, she had decided to hide her feelings in the bottom of her heart to never speak of them again.

"Big sis Bai Xin!"

A faintly discernible voice suddenly sounded in Bai Xin's mind. That voice was so familiar to her. When she was still in the Bai family, she had heard that voice numerous times before.

"Am I dreaming?" Bai Xin's lips curled in a bitter smile.

"Big sis Bai Xin, it's me, Little Yu. I've come to save you." The voice once again resounded in her mind. Bai Xin was suddenly woken up and immediately looked forward with her eyes shining brightly. What she saw in front of her was a very ordinary guard. Except that the guard's eyes were extremely familiar to her.

"Xiao Hei, is that you?" Bai Xin had grown emotional. She wanted to send a voice transmission but her soul was restricted and thus was unable to send a voice transmission. If she wanted to speak, she could only speak with her voice.

Qin Yu, who stood to the side, noticed this scene and also started to slightly smile. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission. "Xiao Hei, do not speak too much. Once we get closer, we'll immediately proceed to rescue her." Qin Yu was secretly glad. They have yet to discover Ao Ku doing any probing with his Demon Awareness.

"Got it, big brother." At this moment, Hei Yu rejoiced.

"Big sis Bai Xin, my big brother and I have come to save you. Just wait a bit." After Hei Yu finished saying those words, he and Qin Yu glanced at each other. The two of them were about to kill the other three guards in a flash.

When Bai Xin spoke with Hei Yu, Bai Xin's mind was filled with emotions; she still didn't realize the crisis.

However, at this moment, she awoke.


A burst of wind. Qin Yu's hands were like sharp blades as they simultaneously pierced into two guards' abdomens. He directly squeezed and crushed the two Nascent Souls into pieces with his hands. As for Hei Yu, he also displayed an astonishing speed. With a single move, he killed the other guard.

Her power was restricted, her soul was also restricted, so the current Bai Xin could only speak with her voice.

"Little Yu…." Her hoarse voice sounded.

To not eat or drink for all this time, even though Bai Xin was still alive, but her throat had long since dried up. Merely, at this moment, Bai Xin was striving to speak. Her dried up throat produced a hoarse voice.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu both looked to the direction of the voice.

"Run away, run, away!" Bai Xin tried her hardest to speak those words.

"Rest assured." Hei Yu's figure was like lightning. His hand, like a knife, directly severed the rope that tied Bai Xin. Hei Yu looked at Bai Xin with an excited expression. "Big sis Bai Xin, you won't ever suffer any hardships again. I guarantee it!"

Bai Xin had a worried expression on her face. "Peng Demon Emperor, he's about… to come." Her hoarse voice sounded.

Although others might not know, Bai Xin herself was very certain. After becoming the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast, it was likely that whatever she thought in her mind was all known to the Peng Demon Emperor. The instant Hei Yu sent a voice transmission to her, it's likely that the Peng Demon Emperor probably already knew about it.

"It's alright, they still haven't discovered us yet." Said Hei Yu via voice transmission. "Big sis Bai Xin, don't speak."

"Let's go." Qin Yu looked at Hei Yu. "Quickly!"

Like lightning, Qin Yu and Hei Yu began to walk through the safe route that they were familiar with. However… in only a moment, the stars had moved. The entire Profound Golden Illusion Array started to move, it was changing unceasingly.

"Hei Yu, you are definitely going to die this time around."

Numerous silhouettes were floating in the air. They were coldly looking at Qin Yu and Hei Yu. Their leader was precisely the Peng Demon Emperor Zong Yan.

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