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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 29 – Infiltrate

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

On a little street in Black Crow City's East City District.

A short haired and extremely radiating youth was walking on the street. He currently had a smile on his face. However, the other people on the street, when they saw the youth, consciously stepped aside for him. That's because no one was able to sense this youth's aura.

This youth was precisely Qin Yu with a changed appearance.

"Never had I expected that after I trained in the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' it became harder for me to conceal my aura." Qin Yu didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. After he trained in the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body,' his bones and muscles have become stronger. However, that can't be considered as much. After all, one's body strength couldn't be discovered with Immortal Awareness.

However, after training one's body to a certain point, it would start radiating force.

Qin Yu possessed the Nine Steps Force within his body. The Nine Steps Force was actually assimilated into every part of Qin Yu's body. And, with the Nine Steps Force covering every part of Qin Yu's body like so, it was very easy for others to discover it.

Therefore, Qin Yu absorbed all of the Nine Steps Force in his body into the Black Hole. At the same time, he stopped executing the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' Martial Technique. Only by doing this would be not radiate any aura.

"This Black Hole is strange indeed; whatever enters it, becomes undetectable by the Immortal Awareness of others." Qin Yu had a smile on the corner of his mouth. Actually, this Black Hole could be considered a space tunnel. It can not be considered as being completely in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm; thus, others naturally cannot discover it.

Qin Yu's pace was not fast. However, his goal was very clear… the expert of the Dragon Clan, Yu Pan's residence. If he were to try and gather information by himself, who knows how long it would take. However, by using the troops from the Dragon Clan, it would be a lot easier. After all, the Dragon Clan has an information system on the Black Crow Star.

Traveling back and forth through the crowd; after four hours, Qin Yu had walked half of the distance.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone, His Majesty has ordered; that in six months, on the peak of the Yellow Lion Mountain, Bai Xin shall be executed. Please look at the notice board for the detailed information." A pair of Imperial City's guards were flying in the air and announcing this loudly. Once they spoke, a large amount of people on the street immediately started to gather toward them.

Publicly announcing the execution of someone?

It was something that's rarely seen on the Black Crow Star. It was only done when a crime is extremely great and evil. However, this Bai Xin was someone that not many people on the Black Crow Star know of.

"Bai Xin?" Qin Yu's figure turned into a blur. In a mere two three steps, he arrived at a location closest to the guards.

A black crystal plate was attached to a tall wall by the curb. There are two rows of golden writings on the black crystal plate. Those golden writings were unceasingly radiating a golden light. Although it is currently daytime, the golden light was still very clear. When it turned to night, it's likely that one would be able to see the golden light from far away.

Qin Yu carefully looked at those two rows of words.

"Bai Xin of the Skylark Clan, who did not comply with His Majesty's order and committed the crime of disobedience will be tied on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain for six months. After six months have passed, on the third of November, she shall be executed on the Yellow Lion Mountain's summit."

Qin Yu's eyelid jumped.

"Six months, public execution, and announcing it to the world in such a way." Qin Yu muttered to himself. He had managed to guess what they wanted to do. "This Peng Demon Emperor actually used this kind of method."

Qin Yu became angry.

It was very clear that the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to force Qin Yu and his brothers to go save Bai Xin. As for the summit of that Yellow Lion Mountain, it was definitely extremely dangerous. Even if it wasn't, the Peng Demon Emperor would likely also have set down an inescapable net to capture Qin Yu and his brothers.

If Qin Yu and his brothers were to show up… it would be very likely for them to be captured or even killed.

However, if they do not show up, Bai Xin would be killed!

"Yellow Lion Mountain, Yellow Lion Mountain." Qin Yu repeated this in his mouth a couple times. Soon after, he disappeared from the street. He had already entered the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Eh? Where's that youth that was standing beside me? Could it be that he used teleportation in a place with all these people? Furthermore, earlier when the guards posted the announcement board to the wall, there was still some energy fluctuation. Although it was light, it was still very likely for him to enter a space crack and die."

The cultivators that saw Qin Yu disappearing were shocked.

"Bro, don't bother with people who act so recklessly. Say, who do you think this Bai Xin is to make the emperor publicly announce her execution?"

The number of people in the surroundings started to discuss again.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Hei Yu and his wife Bai Ling were currently talking. What they were talking about was precisely Bai Xin. The two of them were unable to have a peaceful mind unless they saved Bai Xin.

"Big Brother Yu, how about, we infiltrate in and see? Once we find an opportunity, we'll save big sister. As soon as we save her, we'll return to the Jiang Lan's Realm. It shouldn't be dangerous." Bai Ling was so worried that her mind was about to become disordered.

Hei Yu shook his head. "You're being silly. Ling'er, you talk about infiltration, but how do we infiltrate the Imperial City? You talk about going to save your sister, but now, she's imprisoned under heavy layers, how do we save her?"

"Sigh…" Bai Ling's eyes were red. For this matter, she had cried multiple times already.

Hei Yu sighed and then hugged Bai Ling.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps sounded from outside. Bai Ling immediately sat straight. Hei Yu looked toward the outside of the door. Upon seeing the person who came, his face displayed a delighted expression. "Big brother, did you manage to obtain information regarding big sis Bai Xin?"

Qin Yu nodded and then sat on a chair.

"Really? Big brother, then when should we go out and save my older sister?" Bai Ling asked hurriedly.

Qin Yu shook his head. With a slightly worried expression, he said. "When I left earlier, before I even managed to see Yu Pan, I discovered that the Peng Demon Emperor had announced something to the entire world!"

"Big brother, what is it? Is it related to Bai Xin?" Hou Fei walked in from outside.

The residences of the three brothers were very close to each other. Right after Qin Yu walked in from outside, Hou Fei had immediately noticed it and also walked over. Hearing Hou Fei's question, Qin Yu nodded. "That's right, it's related to Bai Xin. The Peng Demon Emperor announced to the world that after six months, Bai Xin will be executed on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain!"

"Executed?" Bai Ling was startled. Hei Yu also looked at Qin Yu with shock.

Qin Yu nodded.

Bai Ling hurriedly said. "Big brother, we must definitely save older sister. We must definitely save her before the six months period ends. Otherwise, older sister will be executed."

"Public execution? Hei Yu muttered. "Big sis Bai Xin can't be considered a major criminal who has committed a great crime of extreme evil, if the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to kill her, he could easily do it directly. However, he decided to announce to the entire world that he would execute her in six months; it's definitely a scheme."

Qin Yu nodded. "That's right, that Peng Demon Emperor has also decided that during those six months, she will be tied up on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain, and then he will execute her."

"Hell, tying her on the Yellow Lion Mountain's summit for six months; isn't it obvious that they want us to walk into a trap?!" Hou Fei grew a bit angry. Qin Yu also felt grudged.

Hei Yu and Bai Ling took a glance at each other.

Hei Yu stood up and said to Qin Yu and Hou Fei. "Big brother, Monkey, I know that this time around that Peng Demon Emperor has certainly laid down an inescapable net waiting for us. This was all caused by us wanting to save Bai Xin. Big sis Bai Xin is not related with you two. Big brother… this time, the matter of saving big sis Bai Xin, I will go by myself."

"What kind of bullshit are you spouting?" Qin Yu's brows creased. He looked at Hei Yu with an ice-cold gaze. "Xiao Hei, tell me… if I were to be in this sort of circumstance, would you look on without lifting a finger?"

Hei Yu was stunned.

"You silly Mixed Hair Bird, gaga." Hou Fei started to laugh.

"Well then." Qin Yu took a light breath and said. "Since there's a six months time range, the guards would become more intense toward the end of the six month range. I reckon that the first half month time won't be so intense. I have decided to rescue Bai Xin after a month and half."

Hei Yu, Bai Ling and Hou Fei looked to Qin Yu.

"For that Peng Demon Emperor to dare use such method, it means that he is certain that he'll be able to capture us. In our plan to save Bai Xin, our biggest reliance is the Jiang Lan's Realm!" Qin Yu looked to his brothers and spoke his idea. "This time around, after we save Bai Xin, if we cannot escape, then we shall enter into the Jiang Lan's Realm."

"We do not have to care about what happens in the outside world. We can just focus on cultivating and training in the Jiang Lan's Realm. After all, the outside world is not very attractive to us. After our strength reaches the peak level or after we have undergone the Divine Tribulation and ascend to the Divine Realm, the Peng Demon Emperor naturally cannot do anything to us." Qin Yu smiled and said.

Qin Yu's best preparation was that if they were unable to escape, then they would enter the Jiang Lan's Realm and train till the peak level before figuring out what to do.

With the Jiang Lan's Realm in his hand, Qin Yu was not afraid that the Peng Demon Emperor could do anything tohim and his brothers.

"That's right, after saving Bai Xin, if we cannot escape, then we'll enter the Jiang Lan's Realm. Fuck, this bastard Peng Demon Emperor. Although we cannot provoke him in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, but we'll kill him after we reach the Divine Realm. After we have reached the Divine Realm where he would not have the Inherited Treasure anymore, let's see if he'll still act arrogant!" Said Hou Fei aggrievedly.

Hearing Hou Fei saying such, Qin Yu, Hei Yu and Bai Ling all started to laugh.

"Right, we'll kill him after we reach the Divine Realm." Said Qin Yu while laughing.

The Black Crow Star only had two cities, the Black Crow City and the Imperial City. The rest of the land was filled with plains, mountains, forests, wetlands, ocean and such. On certain small places there might be some people living within it. However, the amount of people in those places were extremely sparse.

The summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain.

The Yellow Lion Mountain was the location where successive generations of Peng Demon Emperors execute people who have committed great crimes of extreme evil. On the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain stood a black pillar. A lot of the sinners have been tied on this pillar before they received their punishments.

And now, Bai Xin was tied on this pillar. She had already been tied onto this pillar for close to a month now and had neither eaten nor drunk anything. Logically, people who have reached her level would not have to eat or drink anything. However, Bai Xin's Nascent Soul was completely restricted; she was unable to even use the slightest amount of her energy.

Without any energy in her body, Bai Xin had been in a state of starvation the entire time.

However, she possessed the body of a level seven Demon King and was no mortal. Thus, even if she was to be starving, the worst that could happen would be that her body would gradually dry up. It was impossible for her to die from starvation because after all, her soul was already able to exist outside of her corporeal body. Unfortunately, even her soul is restrained right now.

Bai Xin had a face like a beggar's. To be blown by the wind and dried by the sun for an entire month on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain had caused her to be in a very sorry state.

"Death?" Bai Xin sighed deeply in her heart. "If only I had died earlier."

Bai Qin wished for death. It's just that currently, her life and death was no longer under her control. All she could do was to continue to endure days like this — being tied up on the mountain's summit, being blown by the wind and dried by the sun, being surrounded and watched by countless amount of people.

That's right, surrounded and watched.

Currently, there was a large amount of people on the foot of the Yellow Lion Mountain watching Bai Xin. Those who were declared to be publicly executed were generally all extraordinary people. A lot of people would come to see those extraordinary people being publicly executed.

Bai Xin who wasn't famous also managed to attract the a lot of people.

"Who is this Bai Xin? There's even a large formation array that's arranged in the surroundings. Even Demon Awareness cannot pass through that array." A person watching from the foot of the mountain cursed helplessly.

"Who knows?… However, to be able to be executed on the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain could be considered as becoming famous in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Compared to the other mediocre people, she's much better off." Said a middle aged man while sighing.

A lot of cultivators wished for fame and did not care about life or death. After what the Peng Demon Emperor did, Bai Xin's name have spread all over. This actually caused a lot of people to become envious of her.

On a certain corner on the waist of the Yellow Lion Mountain. There was a man that's currently in a hidden location. It was Qin Yu, who had been probing around the Yellow Lion Mountain for three entire days. Qin Yu had been surveying with his eyes, hitting up a chat with other people and all kinds of other methods. Currently, Qin Yu understood nearly everything regarding the Yellow Lion Mountain.

"Demon Emperor Ao Ku lead with him three mediocre Demon Emperors. The true people who watched over Bai Xin everyday were those thirty pitiful guards. And on the summit of the mountain, there was also a large formation array that encircled Bai Xin."

Qin Yu already had a risky plan in his mind.

This was the only method that Qin Yu could think of.

"Sigh, brother Wang, these days are truly boring. Lord Ao Ku and them are relaxing comfortably. However, us brothers have to change shift every two hours."

"Stop complaining. it would be disastrous if you were discovered."

Two guards were chatting with each other out of boredom. Five guards were set as a group as they watch over Bai Xin. There are a total of six groups. These six groups change shift every two hours.

"Level nine Demon King. Disguising as a level nine Demon King. With my current strength… that Ao Ku might be able to discover it if he were to use his Demon Awareness to check. Mn, I can only take a gamble."

From not afar, a man was looking at these two guards.

These past couple days, after following these groups of guards changing shift, Qin Yu have already determined that it'll be the time for these two guards to change shift soon. However, Qin Yu still have not discovered yet that the guards taking on the shifts were all working in groups of two or three.

"I do not believe that Ao Ku would always examine with his Demon Awareness." With an intention of his mind, Hei Yu suddenly appeared beside Qin Yu.

"Xiao Hei, we are to quickly kill one of those two each and use our Soul Searching Technique to obtain their memories. Immediately after, we are to take on their shift and enter the great formation array." Qin Yu said via voice transmission.

Hei Yu nodded.

"On the summit of this Yellow Mountain Lion, only Ao Ku has a stronger soul realm level than us. The other three Demon Emperors do not amount to much; as long as Ao Ku does not examine us, no one would be able to discover our impersonation. If he were to discover us, then we'll just have to take them on."

"Got it."

Hei Yu nodded. Afterwards, Qin Yu and Hei Yu charged toward the two guards not far from them with lightning speed. These two guards were level nine Demon Kings. Under the hands of Qin Yu and Hei Yu, these guards did not even have the slightest power to resist. Qin Yu directly absorbed these two guards' bodies into the Jiang Lan's Realm to 'destroy the corpse and extinguish the marks."

Qin Yu and Hei Yu's appearances and figures immediately changed to the appearance of those two guards.

"Li Yan, it's time to change shift. hurry up." A voice sounded from afar.

"Got it. I'm coming. Brother Wang, let's go; it's time to change shift." Qin Yu answered. At the same time he said to Hei Yu next to him. These two impersonators started to walk directly toward the man calling for them from afar.

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