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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 31 – How to Escape?

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Robin

Qin Yu was shocked upon seeing this scene. This Profound Golden Illusion Array had already reached its peak; it was no longer in the same state that it was earlier anymore. The safe route, that they were preparing to walk, was definitely no longer an option. And, what was most important, was that… the existence of the Peng Demon Emperor and the other experts on the outside had weighed heavily upon Qin Yu.

"How did this happen? How did the Peng Demon Emperor discover us?" Qin Yu was unable to understand.

"Could it be that the Soul Jade Slips of the guards we killed, were shattered and discovered?" Qin Yu guessed in his mind. "No, that shouldn't be the case. They shouldn't constantly be checking whether or not the Soul Jade Slips have been shattered. Usually, one would only check it once a day. So how could he discover us this fast?"

Even now, Qin Yu still did not understand what went wrong in his plan.

"Big brother." Hei Yu stood beside Qin Yu. His brows were also creased. "How did the Peng Demon Emperor and them come so quickly? Even if Ao Ko were to investigate with his Demon Awareness, you should be able to sense it, big brother."

Qin Yu nodded.

Indeed, if they were to use Demon Awareness to investigate and search for them, then Qin Yu would definitely notice that.

"Furthermore, the Peng Demon Emperor, Bai Feng, Liu Tu and Ao Ku are all here. It's obvious that they were prepared." Qin Yu was still very calm. He had already succeeded in saving Bai Xin, so what if they are unable to escape from the Profound Golden Illusion Array?

If they were to directly enter into the Jiang Lan's Realm, what then could the Peng Demon Emperor do to them?

"Big brother, I do not have many requests anymore, now that we've saved Big sis Bai Xin. Even if we are unable to escape today, it'll be fine for us to just enter the Jiang Lan's Realm and continue our training slowly. We could care less about what that Peng Demon Emperor would do on the outside… once we reach the Divine Realm, we shall properly trample upon him." Said Hei Yu to Qin Yu via voice transmission.

"That's right, haha…."

Qin Yu suddenly raised his head and started laughing. Hei Yu also started to carefreely laugh. Their laughter spread far and wide from the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain.

"You're still laughing?" Sneered the level eight Demon Emperor Bai Feng, who stood in the air outside of the great formation array.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu both smiled. The Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm had nothing that was greatly attractive to the three brothers. Although the three brothers still wanted to explore some wonderful and fantastic regions but the brothers wouldn't care even if they were to not go.

"You in the golden clothes, you're the Peng Demon Emperor right?" Qin Yu smiled as he said to the Peng Demon Emperor outside.


Ao Ku, Bai Feng, Liu Tu as well as the group of Demon Emperors standing behind the Peng Demon Emperor shouted nearly simultaneously.

"Shut your mouths." Said Qin Yu indifferently. "I'm talking with the Peng Demon Emperor, what are you all trying to butt in for?" At this moment, Qin Yu's frame of mind was still extremely relaxed. He wanted to see what exactly the Peng Demon Emperor could do.

"You…." Ao Ku and the other Demon Emperors immediately grew angry.

The Peng Demon Emperor raised his hand and the rest of the Demon Emperors immediately didn't dare to utter a voice; they just continued to stare at Qin Yu angrily.

The Peng Demon Emperor looked at Qin Yu with his emotionless eyes. "You are Qin Yu? That lucky fellow who managed to obtain the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and the Bewitching God Painting? The Qin Yu who used the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and killed a whole bunch of Immortal Emperors underneath Emperor Yu?"

"Correct." Said Qin Yu as he looked at the Peng Demon Emperor.

With Qin Yu's current soul realm's level and the assistance from the Meteoric Tear, he was able to clearly see the appearance of the Peng Demon Emperor. What caught Qin Yu's attention the most was… that this Peng Demon Emperor's two brows were like sharp swords. His icy cold gaze caused Qin Yu to have some impressions about him in his mind.

These kinds of people are usually extremely ruthless and fierce. They belonged to the type that would rather kill the entire world than have the world betray them.

"Peng Demon Emperor, you appear to know me pretty well. Could it be that you also want to obtain the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas and the Bewitching God Painting?" Said Qin Yu while smiling.

"Bewitching God Painting." The Peng Demon Emperor sneered. "That Bewitching God Temple is not something that appeals to me. How could the treasures within it be comparable to my Inherited Treasure? As for the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas… haha, I know that it contains three high ranked Demon Emperor's. However, in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, not even level nine Demon Emperor expert's,, other than the Dragon Emperor and the Great Ape Emperor, would dare say that they can rival me."

"Really?" Qin Yu asked.

"Of course." Said the Peng Demon Emperor naturally.

"What about Emperor Ni? The Cyan Emperor?" Said Qin Yu while smiling. The Peng Demon Emperor's expression slightly changed. Qin Yu continued. "And the legendary Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm?"

The Peng Demon Emperor's two eyes burst forth like lightning as he stared at Qin Yu. "Never had I expected that you actually know quite a bit. Emperor Ni is a Phoenix birthed by the world. Furthermore, now that she's reached level nine Demon Emperor, even at a moment of crisis, she can still turn into flames. Killing her is truly somewhat hard. However… I am able to seriously injure her. As for the Cyan Emperor, I am truly unable to see through him. The Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm, I do not take them into consideration under normal circumstances."

"Do not take them into consideration?" Qin Yu's brows creased.

The Peng Demon Emperor said indifferently. "The people of the Dark Star Realm rarely ever get involved with the matters of the outside world. So why would I be afraid? Even if we were to fight… the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm would only be comparable to us Three Great Demon Emperors."

Qin Yu was startled. It would appear that the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm were truly extraordinary people.

"Qin Yu, you said all that just to prove a point? However, is Emperor Ni inside your Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas? What about the Cyan Emperor or the Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm? Haha… you don't have any of them. Thus, you'll definitely die today. Of course, you can go ahead and flee into that Qingyu Immortal Mansion or whatever. That idiot Emperor Yu was unable to break through a mere Immortal Mansion but I do not believe that even I will be unable to break through it." The Peng Demon Emperor was filled with confidence.

Qin Yu had a very brilliant smile on his face.

Qingyu Immortal Mansion?

Even now, the people of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm still think that the place where he had been hiding, was inside the Qingyu Immortal Mansion. How could these people possibly know, that where he was hiding was actually an unprecedented 'Spatial Divine Artifact,' Jiang Lan's Realm?! Even when Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor joined hands and used the Matchless Great Sword to attack, they were still unable to damage the Jiang Lan's Realm in the slightest. Even if the Peng Demon Emperor were to be ten times as powerful as them, he would still likely be unable to even shake the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Sigh, Peng Demon Emperor. I am very confused, how did you manage to discover that I'm here? Seeing that you've gathered a large group of troops, it seems like you were already prepared." Qin Yu asked.

Even if they were to go into the Jiang Lan's Realm and train, at the very least he wanted to figure out how the Peng Demon Emperor had discovered them.

"You're very confused?"

The Peng Demon Emperor started laughing. Ao Ku, Bai Feng and Liu Tu. At the same time, the Peng Demon Emperor's gaze was directed toward Bai Xin. He lightly smiled and said. "Oh Qin Yu, look over there. That young lady Bai Xin is currently emotionally close and unwilling to separate from Hei Yu."

Qin Yu turned around to look.

At this moment, Bai Xin was talking to Hei Yu. Hei Yu looked to Qin Yu; with a smile, he said. "Big brother, I've already broken the restriction placed upon Big sis Bai Xin."

"Bai Xin, you still have ten breath's time. Make sure to hurry up and carefully chat with your good younger brother. If you're late, then you won't have any opportunity to chat with him again in your lifetime." Said the Peng Demon Emperor while smiling. However, his voice was like a cold wind permeating through Qin Yu and Hei Yu's bodies, making them tremble.

Hei Yu immediately grew extremely angry. He smiled and looked at the Peng Demon Emperor. "Peng Demon Emperor, ten breath's time? You must be dreaming. Do you think that you will have the opportunity to kill Big sis Bai Xin?"

The Peng Demon Emperor smiled yet did not respond.

"Little Yu." Bai Xin pulled Hei Yu's face toward to herself. She smiled happidly. "Let big sister look at you."

"Big sis Bai Xin." Hei Yu felt that something appeared to be amiss. He started to panic a bit in his heart.

Qin Yu also felt some panic in his heart. It was as if there were something he hadn't noticed.

Demon Elemental Energy ran through her entire body. Bai Xin's skin was back to the delicateness that it had before. Her appearance also returned to the beauty that she had before. Her two beautiful eyes were looking at Hei Yu. She always had a smile on her face. It was as if she was very happy, extremely happy.

"Big sis Bai Xin, what's wrong? What's wrong?" Hei Yu said worriedly.

Hei Yu and Qin Yu were simply unable to anticipate that Bai Xin would become the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast. After all, in order for one to become a Spiritual Beast, one must be completely willing to become one. They did not believe that Bai Xin would be willing to become the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast.

"Don't ask." Bai Xin smiled as she shook her head. She only continued to look at Hei Yu as if she was planning to forever immortalize Hei Yu's appearance in the bottom of her heart and in the depths of her soul, never forgetting.

"Ten breath's time. At the very least, in these ten breath's of time, Little Yu is mine." Bai Xin's heart was extremely relaxed.

"Time's up." The Peng Demon Emperor's voice sounded.

Qin Yu and Hei Yu both sensed that something was wrong. At this moment, Bai Xin who was in Hei Yu's bosom suddenly trembled faintly. Her eyes started to become disorganized. It's just that she had a peaceful and happy smile on her face. It was as if she had fallen asleep.

Even till her death, Bai Xin had never told Hei Yu that she loved him.

"Big sis Bai Xin, Big sis Bai Xin…" In a panic, Hei Yu shouted repeatedly. However, although Bai Xin appeared to be asleep, she would never wake back up. Hei Yu's Demon Awareness had already discovered that Bai Xin had died. It's just that he was unwilling to accept it.

"Big sis Bai Xin!!!"

Hei Yu's voice that was filled with grief, indignation, pain and suffering sounded. Qin Yu who stood to the side also felt a burst of pain in his heart. Qin Yu immediately turned around to look at the Peng Demon Emperor outside the the great formation array. The Peng Demon Emperor currently had a complacent smile on his face. "How did Bai Xin become your Spiritual Beast?"

Having reached this point, if Qin Yu was to still be unable to guess the reason, then he would truly be a fool. Under those circumstances, Qin Yu cannot think of any other reason that could cause Bai Xin's death.

"You've finally managed to guess it." The Peng Demon Emperor lightly smiled and said. "I believe that you also know why my people could arrive so promptly."

Qin Yu had a steady face.

As Bai Xin was the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast, the Peng Demon Emperor likely already found out during the first time Hei Yu send a voice transmission to Bai Xin. At that moment, the Peng Demon Emperor directly notified his troops and came over via teleportation. Everything was clear now.

Yet Qin Yu was still confused… why would Bai Xin become the Peng Demon Emperor's Spiritual Beast?

"Peng Demon Emperor, I'll kill you!!!" Hei Yu glared angrily at the Peng Demon Emperor. His words appeared to come out through his teeth; they were filled with murderous intent.

"I'm the one who is going to kill you, you little bastard!" The Peng Demon Emperor looked to Hei Yu coldly. "However, don't worry; there will definitely not be anything unexpected happening this time around. Each and every one of you will fall under my hand. Especially you, little bastard Hei Yu."

"Your Majesty, everyone is here." Ao Ku suddenly said respectfully. A group of Demon Emperors had flown over to the Peng Demon Emperor from afar.

The Peng Demon Emperor smiled. "Immediately start the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array and encircle the entire range of the Profound Golden Illusion Array. No matter how Hei Yu and them try to flee, they would definitely be within the Profound Golden Illusion Array."

Sealing Element Refining Flame Array?

Hearing this name, Qin Yu was shocked.

"Qin Yu, the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array is arranged together with sixteen Demon Emperors. Of these sixteen Demon Emperors, four of them are level seven Demon Emperors. In order to break through this Sealing Element Refining Flame Array, one would require the strength close to that of a level nine Demon Emperor. That's right… that Ao Wuxu in your Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas might be able to break through it." Said the Peng Demon Emperor with a light laugh. "You most certainly should send him out."

Qin Yu gradually calmed down.

"Xiao Hei, don't grieve anymore. Our current strength is insufficient; we are still not a match against the Peng Demon Emperor. He possesses the Inherited Treasure, it's nearly impossible for us to kill him in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm." Qin Yu sent a voice transmission and consoled Hei Yu. "We possess the Jiang Lan's Realm and do not have to care about that Sealing Element Refining Flame Array. We'll directly enter the Jiang Lan's Realm and continue our training, and once we have reached the Divine Realm, we'll find this Peng Demon Emperor and settle the debt."

Hei Yu was hugging Bai Xin's corpse.

"Big brother, take Big sis Bai Xin's corpse into the Jiang Lan's Realm. I'll properly bury her after I return to the Jiang Lan's Realm." Hei Yu's hoarse and gloomy voice sounded. Qin Yu sensed that something was wrong. From Hei Yu's hoarse voice, he was able to sense Xiao Hei's anger and grief. With an intention of his heart, Qin Yu directly absorbed Bai Xin's corpse into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Hei Yu raised his head and looked coldly at Peng Demon Emperor and them. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to Qin Yu. "Big brother, I temporarily do not wish to return to the Jiang Lan's Realm. Today, I must definitely kill one of them."

"Don't be stupid." Qin Yu replied via voice transmission.

Hei Yu merely shook his head but did not respond.

Qin Yu felt helpless in his heart. Xiao Hei have grow up together with him; he was very clear about Xiao Hei's temperament. If he had set his mind on something, he would definitely do it… that temperament was very similar to Qin Yu's.

"Hei Yu, don't forget that you still have Bai Ling and Hei Tong. I could take a step back and temporarily not take you back into the Jiang Lan's Realm; however, during moments of crisis, no matter whether or not you've managed to kill any of them, you must still return to the Jiang Lan's Realm." Qin Yu stared at Hei Yu.

In order to take someone into the Jiang Lan's Realm, the person being taken must not resist. Otherwise, Qin Yu would've already absorbed Hei Yu into the Jiang Lan's Realm. After all, that was the safest method.

"Okay." Hei Yu agreed.

"Your Majesty, we have finished arranging the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array." A Demon Emperor said respectfully.

The Peng Demon Emperor nodded in satisfaction. "Bai Feng, Liu Tu, Ao Ku. You three are to enter the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array with me. These two brats have yet to enter the Qingyu Immortal Mansion, it would appear that they want to fight against us. We shall satisfy their desire."

The net of light of the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array covered a third of the Yellow Lion Mountain. Amongst this third was the summit of the Yellow Lion Mountain.

The net of light of the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array disappeared temporarily. Led by the Peng Demon Emperor, the three level eight Demon Emperors… Bai Feng, Liu Tu and Ao Ku calmly entered the Sealing Element Refining Flame Array. Soon after, the net of light once again resumed its activity. The Peng Demon Emperor stood with his hands crossed. "Ao Ku, you go and remove the Profound Golden Illusion Array. Ao Ku, Bai Feng, Liu Tu, you three are in charge of Hei Yu. As for me… I'll play with that Qin Yu."

With the restriction of the oath, the Peng Demon Emperor didn't dare to personally kill Hei Yu. However, as he had his three strongest subordinates attack him at the same time, it would be strange if Hei Yu was able to survive against them.

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