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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 26 – A Battle

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Qin Yu's body suddenly stopped. He stared at Ao Ku who was outside the door.

He saw Ao Ku and then took a glance over at Bai Feng up in the air; immediately, an idea came into Qin Yu's mind. Could it be that Zong Jue deliberately brought people over to deal with him?

"Young master Zong Jue, you are the future pillar support of our Bird Clan; as the second Golden Winged Great Peng Bird, how could you do, how could you dare… disobey His Majesty's order. You actually futilely attempted to deliver Bai Xin to Hei Yu and them." Coldly said Bai Feng in the air.

Zong Jue's current complexion turned somewhat ugly.

"Lords Bai Feng and Ao Ku." Zong Jue straightened his waist and looked to the two. "When His Majesty wanted to kill Hei Yu, you two were at that time also supporting his decision. And at that time, I have already told you all that… behind Hei Yu and his two brothers was a mysterious expert. Hei Yu must not be killed. However you all didn't believe me. Fine… in the future, when you all regret your decision, you'd best not blame me."

After Zong Jue said those words, he turned around.

"Young master Zong Jue, you're trying to leave already?" Said Bai Feng coldly.

Zong Jue immediately turned around; he stared at Bai Feng with an extremely cold expression. "Bai Feng, could it be that you want to kill me?" Zong Jue's voice was very loud. His grandeur overshadowed Bai Feng's with a single voice. Zong Jue then took a glance at Ao Ku. "If you two dare to kill me, then come and kill me!"

After Zong Jue finished saying those words, without caring for the other two, he turned into a ray of light and flew toward the horizon.

Bai Feng and Ao Ku looked at Zong Jue leave like that but did not bother to obstruct him from leaving.

Super Divine Beast Golden Winged Great Peng Birds were extremely precious to the Bird Clan. Their status was extremely precious. Furthermore, Zong Jue was neither a Phoenix Super Divine Beast or a Seven Colored Peacock Super Divine Beast. He was a Golden Winged Great Peng Bird, a Super Divine Beast from the strongest clan of the Bird Clan, the Peng Clan.

Even if the Peng Demon Emperor wanted to kill Zong Jue, he would still have to give out a good enough justification.

As for Bai Feng, Ao Ku and them, the most they could do is criticize Zong Jue. Kill? The two of them did not have the courage to do such a thing nor do they have the power.

"Humph." Bai Feng humphed coldly. Zong Jue's disrespectfulness toward her caused her to be awfully unhappy.

Immediately after, Bai Feng and Ao Ku's attention turned to Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu. Although they do not dared to kill Zong Jue, they still dared to kill Qin Yu and Hei Yu. As for Hou Fei… as they knew of Hou Fei's standings, they also didn't dare to casually kill him. They both knew that behind Hou Fei stood the Great Ape Emperor who even the Peng Demon Emperor had to take into consideration.

Qin Yu felt that the power in his entire body was boiling. It's been a thousand years now. In this entire thousand years, Qin Yu had not truly fought to the death before. Qin Yu had fought through battles after battles since youth, even his blood contained within it an addiction to battles.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, they're two level eight Demon Emperors. They're about enough for us to test out our strength." Qin Yu's voice contained within it some excitement.

Hou Fei licked his lips. His eyes started to shine. He shot a glance at Ao Ku and then glanced at Bai Feng. As for Hei Yu, he was looking at Ao Ku with an enormous amount of killing intent. That's because Ao Ku was still holding Bai Xin in his hand.

"Big brother, I'm already tired of waiting." Hou Fei held his Black Stick in his left hand. As for his right hand, it was unceasingly opening and closing. His two fiery eyes were firmly staring at his opponents.

"Oh, pretty courageous." Bai Feng sneered.

Ao Ku figure moved and arrived beside Bai Feng. He was still holding Bai Xin in his hand. Everyone understood that with Ao Ku's strength, he would be able to kill Bai Xin easily with merely an intention. Bai Xin's gaze was on Hei Yu the entire time. "Little Yu."

"Elder sister Bai Xin, I will definitely save you." Hei Yu's entire body's muscles were trembling. He said resolutely.

"Brat, you're dreaming." Ao Ku's hoarse voice sounded.

And right at this moment, Qin Yu and his brothers all sensed that the space was oscillating. In merely a moment later, more than a dozen people have arrived on the airspace above the courtyard. Those people all respectfully said simultaneously. "Paying our respect to the two lords."

"You all are to bring Bai Xin back into the Imperial City."

Ao Ku threw Bai Xin to the leader amongst the group that came. The leader amongst the group immediately received Bai Xin. The current Bai Xin appeared to be under a restriction. She was surprisingly motionless. Ao Ku's hoarse voice sounded once again. "We do not need you all here anymore, you can go."

"Yes, milord."

These over a dozen people disappeared from Qin Yu and his brother's scope of view in merely a moment later.

"Big brother." Hei Yu sent a voice transmission to Qin Yu. "I'll chase over and save Sis Bai Xin."

"Don't be impetuous." Qin Yu immediately stopped Hei Yu. Qin Yu was very certain that for these two great experts to dare give Bai Xin to their subordinates in front of them, this signified that they have enough certainty… that they would be able to make Qin Yu and them unable to easily save Bai Xin.

"Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Hei Yu; is that right?" Bai Feng lightly smiled and said. "You do not have to look over anymore, it's impossible for you all to save Bai Xin. I know of Ao Ku's temperament, he always does his work with a backup. At this moment, Bai Xin most definitely has Ao Ku's energy in her body. Even if you all managed to save her, Ao Ku would still make her self detonate in merely a moment."

Ao Ku slightly nodded.

Hei Yu's expression slightly changed. Sure enough, that was the case.

"Qin Yu, it was said that you've once wiped out all of the Immortal Emperors underneath Emperor Yu. However, I am not convinced that a little brat like you who've only ascended a couple hundred years ago would be that powerful. " Ao Ku have been staring at Qin Yu the entire time. "For you to dare to come to the Black Crow Star, you must have the awareness of death."

After he finished, Ao Ku's body's entire aura started to rise.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, this guy with a broken voice is mine. You two take care of that woman." Said Qin Yu with a clear voice. "Let's compete and see who defeats our enemy first."


Hou Fei and Hei Yu spoke in unison. At the same time, a several thousand foot tall gigantic ape mirage appeared behind Hou Fei's back. That giant ape appeared to be howling to the sky. Soon after, the mirage of the gigantic ape disappeared in a flash. At the same time, golden colored hair appeared on Hou Fei's body and his lips turned purple.

Ice-cold black feathers immediately appeared on Hei Yu's body. Each and every feather appeared like black iron as they flickered with a metallic radiance. Between his brows was a black feather scale.

Battle form!

Hou Fei and Hei Yu simultaneously entered their battle forms. One of them held a long Black Stick and the other held a long Black Spear.

"Haha, several juniors." Ao Ku's hoarse voice was filled with disdain. Bai Feng who was up in the air also had a face filled with indifference. She did not bother to care about Hou Fei and Hei Yu at all. That's because she had discovered that Hou Fei was only a level six Demon Emperor and Hei Yu was only a level five Demon Emperor. Even if they were Super Divine Beasts, they were still somewhat inferior compared to her.

On Qin Yu's legs were blue colored trousers. On his body was an extremely skintight blue shirt. They were created through his sixth stage of Nine Steps Force Energy. To the current Qin Yu, Top Quality Immortal Armor was completely useless. As for Divine Armor… he didn't have any.

"Guy with the broken voice, enough of the rubbish talk." Qin Yu's gaze was fixed on Ao Ku.

Ao Ku's brows creased. His dry and rough lips slightly opened. "I dislike others saying that I have a broken voice." After he finished saying that, a gigantic spiked club appeared in his hand. Following a curve, as if he had teleported, he arrived beside Qin Yu in an instant.

[TL: spiked club is called wolf tooth club in chinese.]

An attack!

"Go!" Hou Fei shot straight toward the sky at a rapid speed. At the same time, he brazenly raised his Black Stick high up and smashed it toward Bai Feng. As for Hei Yu, he flew with a weird trajectory and, with a speed even faster than that of Hou Fei's, arrived behind Bai Feng and started to attack.

Qin Yu against Ao Ku.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu against Bai Feng.

The battle had started!

Ao Ku's spiked club strike was extremely heavy. Furthermore, this spiked club was a Divine Weapon. Even though it was merely a Low Quality Divine Weapon, but because of the fact that it was extremely heavy, Ao Ku had decided to pick this spiked club as his weapon and gave Bai Feng the other Mid Quality Divine Long Sword.

Against the incoming strike from the spiked club, Qin Yu stood motionless and was firmly staring at the spiked club.

"Courting death." Ao Ku sneered in his heart. He began to pour even more of his Demon Elemental Energy into the spiked club. He wanted to kill Qin Yu with a single club strike.

Qin Yu's figure slightly moved a couple centimeters. The spiked club that was originally going to land on Qin Yu's chest instead landed on Qin Yu's left arm. At this moment, Qin Yu brazenly used his left arm like a clamp and clamped the spiked club between his arm and body.

"Ah?" Ao Ku was filled with astonishment.

The spiked club's strike was so valiant, how could it be so easily clamped by Qin Yu? Logically, Qin Yu ought to be smashed to pieces.

"Humph. If you don't enter your battle form, then you're not even capable of breaking my bones." Qin Yu sneered in his heart. His right hand, containing within it an endless amount of power, ruthlessly smashed forward. Ao Ku's spiked club was still being clamped. He was simply unable to dodge in time. Qin Yu's punch landed firmly on his chest.

The sound of bones breaking sounded. Blood came splashing.

Ao Ku was knocked flying backwards. While he was flying backwards, the injuries on his body was also being rapidly recovered. At the same time, the spiked club had suddenly turned small and flew directly back into Ao Ku's hand.


An extremely vague stick silhouette was seen. As if emerging from hell, it suddenly smashed onto Bai Feng's waist. Bai Feng's figure was sent flying rapidly downwards and smashed violently against the ground. Upon hitting the ground, several tens of enormous cracks appeared on the surface of the ground. Bai Feng's entire person had already sunk into deep into the underground to the subterranean level.

"Haha, stupid woman. If you do not enter your battle form, then against you, only myself will be enough." Shouted Hou Fei complacently with his hands on his waist.

If level eight Demon Emperor Bai Feng was not to enter her battle form, then she was still not a match against Hou Fei using the Heavenly Startling Nine Stick Strikes! After all, Hou Fei who was a level six Demon Emperor using the Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes, was comparable in fighting power to a level eight Demon Emperor in their battle form.

For the first exchange, Qin Yu and his brothers had complete dominance.

"Boom!" A ray of white light shot out from the underground. It immediately arrived beside Ao Ku. That white light turned into a woman. That woman's entire body was covered in white colored feathers. Only the top of her head was covered in a layer of red feathers. Bai Feng…had entered battle form.

Ao Ku was however firmly staring at Qin Yu, and his hoarse voice rang out. "I didn't think that you would be this strong."

"Trying to pulverize my body with a mere Low Quality Divine Weapon? With only that measly amount of power, how could it possibly be able to?" Qin Yu said with a light smile. The toughness of his bones were at a level close to that of Divine Artifacts; for a single Low Quality Divine Weapon to try to break through his body, it was a very difficult task.

The sixth stage of the 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' was still nothing great; the seventh stage would allow one's body to become comparable to that of a Low Quality Divine Weapon. If one was to reach the eighth stage, then no matter how much a Low Quality Divine Weapon attacks, it would still be unable to break through the body. It was so strong that the Low Quality Divine Weapon might itself break apart.

"Tsk tsk~~~" Black dragon scales appeared on Ao Ku's entire body. A black horn appeared on his forehead. Two enormous feathered wings appeared on his back. At the same time, a dragon tail grew on his pelvis.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei and Hei Yu were all stunned.

"What kind of battle form is this?" The three of them were all astonished. Even the Dragon Clan's battle form do not possess a dragon tail. As for the Bird Clan, when they enter battle form, they also usually would not grow wings.

From Hei Yu to Bai Feng, neither of their battle forms have wings.

Ao Ku's extremely tall body stood straight. His arm that was covered with dragon scales held within it a spiked club. His enormous feathered wings were slowly moving up and down. His dragon tail was also unceasingly swaying about. A valiant aura caused Qin Yu to become alert.

"Ao Ku, these three brats actually possesses some skill. Let's settle this matter quickly by going all out." Said Bai Feng quietly.

"I know." Ao Ku nodded.

Suddenly —

Bai Feng and Ao Ku who have entered their battle forms charged at Qin Yu and his brothers with a rapid speed. Old rules; Ao Ku charged toward Qin Yu whereas Bai Feng charged toward Hou Fei.

"Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" ….

With his two feathered wings, Ao Ku's speed was extremely fast. His spiked club had turned into a blur. As for Qin Yu, he was also flashing unceasingly like Ao Ku. Again and again, they would ram into each other frighteningly and Ao Ku would again and again spray blood out from his mouth. His eyes had also turned more and more crimson red.

"Fuck, this brat isn't scared of death!"

Ao Ku once again had his dantian area smashed by Qin Yu's fist. It's just that, through the dampening caused by the dragon scales, Qin Yu's fist at most only managed to jolt his bones. Furthermore, Ao Ku's dense energy had already removed Qin Yu's attack energy from his dantian area.

"Boom!" "Boom!"

Qin Yu had just dodged that spiked club but the dragon tail landed on his body. Qin Yu was knocked back several meters.

"If that spiked club attacked with full power, it is capable of breaking my bones. Although this dragon tail is unable to break my bones, but its power was also quite strong." Qin Yu had a fierce expression on his face. "I should have confused him by now. Time to use my Divine Weapon."

Divine Sword Sky Piercer!

With Qin Yu's current strength, he was able to display an enormous amount of power using the Divine Sword Sky Piercer.

"Bang!" Qin Yu forcibly blocked the spiked club a single arm. With a kacha sound, the bones in his left arm ruptured.

"Bang!" At the same time, Qin Yu's right fist smashed upon Ao Ku's abdomen.

Abruptly, the Divine Sword Sky Piercer appeared! Qin Yu held Sky Piercer in his hand; his sixth stage of 'Nine Steps Dark Gold Body' containing the astonishing Dinosaur Power exploded out. With a single sword strike, he directly pierced through the dragon scales and was about to pierce the dantian area if he stretched out a bit more!

But Qin Yu was not able to pierce through.

Ao Ku's dragon tail had wrapped itself around Qin Yu's right arm and not allowing him to pierce any bit further.

Ao Ku's eyes looked at Qin Yu fiercely. He said via voice transmission. "As I already know that you are brothers with Hou Fei and Hei Yu, so how could I not know that in the Mortal Realm you have obtained Divine Artifacts from Ni Yang's Realm? Brat, I knew that you had this trick up your sleeve the entire time. I have waited a long time; moreover…my Nascent Soul is not located in my dantian; even if you managed to pierce through it, it would still be of no use."

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