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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 27 – Delaying For Time

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Right when Qin Yu was shocked —

"Die!" Ao Ku had a face filled with malevolence; he held his spiked club with his two hands and started to increase his strength once again. Ruthlessly, he smashed down the spiked club onto Qin Yu's head. Wherever the spiked club passed, the space started to warp.


Qin Yu's arm firmly blocked the incoming strike. The spiked club that contained within it Ao Ku's endless amount of Demon Elemental Energy caused Qin Yu's arm's bone to start to crack. Qin Yu knew that the situation was bad and immediately flew backwards.

The two of them separated once again.

On the contrary, Ao Ku strangely did not chase after Qin Yu. Instead, he merely stood there and looked at Qin Yu. His pair of dead fish eyes was fixed on Qin Yu. His hoarse voice sounded. "Qin Yu, I truly never expected for your body to be so tough. According to the information that came from Zong Jue, you've merely ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm a couple hundred years ago. Who would've thought that… you've already achieved such a level in a mere couple hundred years. Your talent is truly the best amongst the people that I have came across."

Qin Yu looked at Ao Ku who stood in front of him and began to ponder rapidly.

Killing Ao Ku truly was hard.

This Ao Ku's Demon Elemental Energy was truly too strong. Numerous times, his fists landed on Ao Ku's body. However, their energy was offsetted by Ao Ku's Demon Elemental Energy. Furthermore, Ao Ku's Divine Weapon, the spiked club's strength was something that cannot be left unblocked.

"Seems like I can only rely on my Divine Sword Sky Piercer and my Sky Piercing Finger!" A cold flash shined across Qin Yu's eyes. With the sixth stage Nine Steps Force's power and using the Black Hole to speed up, the Sky Piercing Finger's power ought to be able to injure Ao Ku.

Right when Qin Yu was about to attack —


Bai Feng crashed into the ground with a rapid speed; splitting open the ground that she smashed onto. The crater extended over several tens of miles. However, in the blink of an eye, Bai Feng once again flew back into the sky.

"Gaga, eat another one of your grandfather's stick strikes!" Hou Fei's arrogant voice resounded through the heaven and earth. At the same time, a countless amount of stick silhouettes covered the heaven and earth. From all directions, they came at Bai Feng.

Bai Feng had an extreme headache.

She actually had a special move. As her true form is that of a Phoenix Tail Crane, there was a special finishing move in her Inherited Memory — Phoenix Tail Needle. The Phoenix Tail Needle was extremely strong that even Ao Ku would have to be extremely careful of it. However, Bai Feng knew of Hou Fei's status and didn't dare to use that move.

To not use her special finishing move and be confronted with Hou Fei's stick silhouettes that filled the entire sky, Bai Feng could only feel vexed as she get trampled on by Hou Fei.


As if the space have been pierced through, the Long Black Spear have instantly arrived in front of Bai Feng.

"Humph, Hei Yu? Fine, I'll vent my anger out on you." Bai Feng who have been trampled upon by Hou Fei the entire time suddenly changed her gaze to Hei Yu who have always been in the surrounding and would occasionally and suddenly attack her.

A gorgeous red ray was shot out from Bai Feng's body. It was directly shot toward Hei Yu's abdomen!

Bai Feng's special finishing move — Phoenix Tail Needle!

Hei Yu's expression took a huge change. His figure murely shifted downwards several tens of centimeters. "Tsk tsk ~~." That gorgeous red ray was shot at the black feather battle armor on Hei Yu's body.

The Black Scaled Battle Armor was created through overlapping layers upon layers of feathers. That red ray appeared to be extremely hot, it burned away three four layers of Hei Yu's Black Scaled Battle Armor's feathers at once.

"Puchi!" That red ray had already entered into Hei Yu's body.

"Xiao Hei." Qin Yu who noticed this scene was greatly alarmed..

"Mixed Hair Bird!" Hou Fei was also greatly alarmed. He have never expected that Bai Feng who was being trampled upon by him the entire time actually had such a powerful attack that penetrated even Hei Yu's battle armor that was almost as powerful as a Divine Armor.

"You with the white feathers, if you have the skills, come and attack me." As if he had turned mad, Hou Fei started to radiate a dazzling golden shine. His Black Stick had turned to twice of its original length.

"Golden Abyss!" Bai Feng's expression changed. Divine Armor 'Golden Abyss,' a treasure that the Great Ape Emperor possessed. She did not expect that the Great Ape Emperor had actually given that to Hou Fei.

With the Golden Abyss, even if Bai Feng used her Phoenix Tail Needle to attack Hou Fei, she would still be unable to succeed. That is because after all, Hou Fei was a level six Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast; his strength was merely a bit weaker than Bai Feng's.

The Black Stick frantically came smashing down. Each smash was extremely exquisite.

As for defense?

Hou Fei had completely given up defense, all he knew was attacking.

"The attacks from the clan of the Great Ape Emperor are truly frantic. He even has the Divine Armor Golden Abyss for defense. Furthermore, I cannot kill that Hou Fei either. This is truly a difficult and annoying battle!" Bai Feng felt extremely grudged in her heart.

The Black Crow City was extremely wide. However currently, with the residence of Qin Yu and his two brothers as the center, an area of a hundred meters around them has turned into a death zone. The battle they had started just recently had already caused the death of several thousands of people and injured several tens of thousands. As for the other people, they have already hid themselves and taken shelter.

At this moment, several million people were on the sky and ground. They were watching from the sidelines from far far away.

A stick silhouette soared to the sky like a long dragon. Like planets were colliding into each other, a wave of collisions sounded unceasingly. Those collision sounds were Qin Yu and Ao Ku fighting each other.


It was unknown whose attack landed on the ground but immediately, the entire earth appeared to be shaking like an earthquake struck. An extremely large crack started to spread.

Numerous amounts of people were standing afar, watching from the sidelines and discussing about the fights.

"Lord Yang, who is fighting over there? They actually dared to fight on the Black Crow Star." Asked a robust burly man to a black clothed old man.

This black clothed old man is a level two Demon Emperor level expert; he was someone of considerable status on the Black Crow Star.

The black clothed old man looked to the battle in the distant. "Who? How can you not tell after seeing those auras? A battle of this level, even if it was me, if I am to go closer, then I'll likely be killed already."

The cultivators in the surroundings were all shocked.

"Lord Yang, I have heard from my master that it was two of the three lords from the Imperial City who are fighting against some people." Gasped a youngster.

"Two of the three lords from the Imperial City?" The black clothed old man's eyes opened wide. All of the people in the surroundings were stunned.

The three lords underneath the Peng Demon Emperor, all of them were level eight Demon Emperors and High Level Divine Beasts. Their strength was comparable to Emperor Yu when he was a level eight Immortal Emperor. Of course, these three lords, compared to the current Emperor Yu, a level nine Immortal Emperor, were still a bit inferior.


An extremely sharp and reverberating sound sounded. A stick silhouette of several tens of miles long came crushing down on the center of the battlefield from high up in the sky.

At the same time, there were two figures in the middle of the battlefield that soared to the sky.

At the time when these two figures flew to the sky, they were still colliding with each other unceasingly. The sound of the collision rumbled in the ears of the people watching from several hundred miles away.

"Qin Yu, your ability to recover is truly frightening." That Ao Ku was unable to refrain himself from speaking.

The two of them separated several miles from each other all of a sudden and then immediately rammed into each other again. They were striking each other's body.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, the methods of attacking was mostly divided into two types. One was fighting from afar through controlling one's flying sword, magics or barriers. The second is closed ranged combat.

Although attacking from the distant might appear to be very powerful, it's very hard for one to kill someone from afar. That is because the flying sword that is controlled by one's energy is weaker than when it's being held by one's hand and attacking with one's full power.

However, closed ranged combat…

If one was to be slightly carefree, then one would lose one's life.

As for Qin Yu, he relied on his body's valiant defense and continued to conduct closed range combat unceasingly. Ao Ku, likewise, was also relying on the speed and defense that he gained when in his Double Headed Dragon Vulture's battle form to conduct closed ranged combat unceasingly.

Every time the two of them fought each other, they were trying to kill their opponent.

There was one time where the two of them were several miles away from each other and instantly collided with each other. At the same time, they threw their attack like lightning to their opponent.

The spiked club came crashing toward Qin Yu's head. This time around, Qin Yu did not bother to block it with his arm like he usually do.

"This time around, you're definitely going to die!" Qin Yu's eyes were like lightning.

"Bang!" Qin Yu merely slightly dodged his head. The spiked club ruthlessly smashed down on Qin Yu's shoulder. The sound of the bones breaking was something that caused one to shiver all over when heard. However, Qin Yu merely slightly frowned. His eyes shined cold.

Almost simultaneously —

Qin Yu's left hand's index finger was immediately pierced into Ao Ku's abdomen.

Meteor Finger Technique — Sky Piercing Finger!

The extremely pure and concise blue colored energy of the sixth stage Nine Steps Force started to be rotated by the Black Hole in reverse. The blue colored Nine Steps Force reached a frightening level.

And at the moment when Qin Yu attacked with his left hand's forefinger, the Divine Sword Sky Piercer that he held in his right hand was also pierced toward Ao Ku's chest. As if he had already anticipated that, Ao Ku's dragon tail immediately wrapped itself around Qin Yu's arm.

If Qin Yu did not have his arm's strength, then his Divine Sword Sky Piercer would not be able to pierce through Ao Ku's defense.

Ao Ku had a slight smile on his face. However, in a wink's time, his expression changed.


Sky Piercing Finger!

Qin Yu's finger that he did not cared for unexpectedly erupted with an astonishing penetrating power. It continuously penetrated through his numerous layers of dragon scales. The extremely dense Demon Elemental Energy in his body only managed to weaken the blue finger energy by eighty percent before being unable to weaken it anymore.

"No Nascent Soul?" Qin Yu clearly sensed that his Sky Piercing Finger's energy had penetrated through Ao Ku's body. However, he did not manage to attack Ao Ku's Nascent Soul.


Ao Ku's dead fish eyes started giving off a dazzling radiance. Afterwards, his entire body's muscles started to twist and warp. With a 'sii~~' sound; the sound of his muscles ripping apart echoed unceasingly.

In front of Qin Yu's eyes, Ao Ku was surprisingly split into two. The two halves of Ao Ku once again started to wriggle around and grow. In a short while, they turned into two people. Two Ao Kus appeared in front of Qin Yu. They looked at Qin Yu coldly.

Body Clone Technique?


"What's going on? What kind of martial technique is this? These two Ao Kus strength are actually the same; they both have the power of Ao Ku at his peak." Qin Yu was startled.

The two Ao Kus took a glance at each other and then immediately looked to Qin Yu. The Ao Ku on the right laughed. "Qin Yu, stop looking. Let me tell you, these two are both my true body."

"Amongst the three great lords under His Majesty, I am the strongest one. Even Bai Feng has a special finishing move like the Phoenix Tail Needle, did you think that I merely had that bit of skill from earlier?" The two Ao Kus were looking at Qin Yu but did not attack him.

"How could there be two true bodies?" Qin Yu spoke.

These two Ao Kus also possessed a lot of patience. The one on the left sneered and said. "My true form is that of a Variation High Level Divine Beast, Double Headed Dragon Vulture. Splitting into two, that is the remarkable ability from my Inherited Memories. Earlier, you were equally matched against a single true body of mine; your strength could be considered to be pretty good. However, against the two of me, you will be no match."

Qin Yu listened as Ao Ku continued. He did not say a single word. Suddenly, Qin Yu's eyes narrowed.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, don't fight anymore. Quickly, come over." Quietly, Qin Yu sent a voice transmission.

Hou Fei and Hei Yu who were currently fighting against Bai Feng heard Qin Yu's voice transmission. They believed Qin Yu completely and immediately threw off Bai Feng and flew toward Qin Yu. As for Qin Yu, he directly took Hou Fei and Hei Yu into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Fei Fei, Xiao Hei, you two are to return to the Jiang Lan's Realm first, I'll join you guys shortly." Qin Yu's voice transmission sounded in Hou Fei and Hei Yu's minds.


Bai Feng's figure immediately appeared beside the two Ao Kus. Puzzled, she said. "Ao Ku, Hei Yu and Hou Fei disappeared."

The two Ao Kus both frowned. Soon after, they looked to Qin Yu coldly. Like vipers, those two pairs of eyes stared at Qin Yu.

"Ao Ku, I already know what you were scheming. There is no need for you to hide anymore." Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face.

"Scheme? What scheme?" Ao Ku was still pretending.

Qin Yu lightly smiled and said. "Ever since the beginning when the two of you appeared, I have been suspicious… of whether you two wanted to kill us or to arrest us and why the Peng Demon Emperor and the other level eight Demon Emperor was not here?"

"Against you all, the two of us are more than enough." Bai Feng spoke.

Qin Yu shook his head. "Ao Ku, Bai Feng, at the beginning it could be that you two were arrogant and thought that you two would be sufficient to handle us. However, after fighting with us for such a long time, you also ought to know that the two of you were unable to kill us. If the Peng Demon Emperor and the other 'lord' was to be on the Black Crow Star, then they would definitely have appeared. However, we have fought for such a long time yet the Peng Demon Emperor still hasn't appeared."

"Therefore, I have determined that the Peng Demon Emperor was not on the Black Crow Star to begin with." Said Qin Yu with confidence. "As for the two of you, when you're fighting against us; for example Bai Feng, did not used your full strength in the beginning. After you were trampled upon later did you decide to use the Phoenix Tail Needle. As for Ao Ku… you've fought against me for such a long time… had it not been the fact that you sensed that my Sky Piercing Finger and Divine Sword were able to kill you, you would also not use your full strength and split into two true bodies."

Qin Yu stared at the two. "What does this all signify? It signified that you are delaying. I reckon that the Peng Demon Emperor is en route back here or might even be arriving on the Black Crow Star in a short moment."

At this moment, Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness has covered the entire Black Crow Star. With the Meteoric Tear's assistance on top of Qin Yu's current third layer Heavenly Soul Realm's level, even a level nine Demon Emperor cannot escape his investigation.

The two Ao Kus fused into one and immediately look to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, you are very smart. What you said was correct. The moment I fought against you, I immediately became aware that even if I were to turn into two and fight against you with two true bodies, the most I could do is defeat you. However, if you were to flee, I would be unable to catch you at all. Thus, I could only delay for time…"

"You're still trying to delay for time… the Peng Demon Emperor has already arrived." Qin Yu smiled brilliantly. He turned into a ray of light and rapidly shot toward the group of people in the Black Crow City.

Ao Ku and Bai Feng was startled. They immediately prepared to chase but discovered that they were unable to find Qin Yu with their Demon Awareness.

"This Qin Yu is truly cunning. Eh, why did he say that His Majesty had arrived earlier? Did His Majesty really arrive?" Bai Feng puzzled. Ao Ku also had a trace of puzzlement on his face.

However, in a blink of an eye —

The two of them had a slight bitter smile on their face. That was because the Peng Demon Emperor's voice sounded in their minds. "Where is Hei Yu and his two brothers?"

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