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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 25 – Tracking

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Observing from above, the enormous Black Crow Star only had two cities. One was the extremely big Black Crow City, and the other was the extremely small Imperial City.

After flying out of Black Crow City, a figure immediately teleported to the outskirts of the Imperial City. Once the guards of the Imperial City saw that the person who arrived was Zong Jue, they promptly opened the gates of the city and respectfully welcomed Zong Jue into the city; after which they closed the city gates.

Black Crow City, Qin Yu and his brothers' residence.

Currently, there were more than only Qin Yu and his two brothers in the courtyard. There were also Bai Ling and Hei Tong.

"Big brother, second brother, would my sister really be coming in a moment?" Bai Ling had a face filled with astonishment. The current her still found this a bit unbelievable. Hei Yu who stood to the side lightly held Bai Ling's hand. "Ling'er, rest assured, you'll be able to see Sis Bai Xin in a bit."

Qin Yu and Hou Fei stood to the side, they were also very happy.

"Xiao Hei and Bai Ling, I reckon that they were always worried in the thousand years they spent in the Jiang Lan's Realm." Qin Yu sighed in his heart. After knowing Bai Ling for such a long time, Qin Yu had also came to understand Xiao Hei's wife's temperament. He was thus also able to guess that Bai Ling had been worried the entire time.

"Eldest uncle, second uncle, I'll be able to see my big aunt soon?" The extremely clear and mischievous Hei Tong secretly pulled Qin Yu and Hou Fei's arms. She asked in a low voice.

Hou Fei loved to fool around with Hei Tong. He laughed. "That's right. Wait here patiently. Ever since you've been born and all the way till now, you've still haven't met your big aunt before. In a short moment, you'll be able to meet her. And that was all because of me, your second uncle!" Hou Fei extended his face to the front of Hei Tong. "Come, little Tong Tong, give second uncle a kiss."


Hei Tong twisted her face. She then immediately placed her little mouth toward Qin Yu's face and kissed.

Qin Yu was stunned.

"You want me to kiss you; I instead won't kiss you, I'll kiss eldest uncle instead." Hei Yu raised her head up complacently. Hei Tong's current appearance was still that of a girl. After being spoiled by her elders, her temperament was more of that of a child. If Hei Yu and Bai Ling wanted to teach Hei Tong a lesson, they even needed to first get the approval of Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Wu Lan, Ye Qu and others.

After all, little Hei Tong grew up being watched by Wu Lan, Ye Qu, Qin Yu and the others.

"Little Tong, come to mom." Bai Ling reached out her hand and said with a smile. Hei Tong hopped onto Bai Ling's leg. She then looked at Hei Yu with a pitiful expression. "Dad, I wanna go out to play."

"No." Hei Yu resolutely refused.

Hei Tong's round big eyes were opened wide. "Dad, all these years, I have always been in the Jiang Lan's Realm. I'm about to die from boredom. I wanna go to the city and have a stroll. Dad, I've already reached the Heavenly Demon stage, yet I have never even been out once."

What kind of temperament did Hei Yu have? He still had the same ice-cold appearance.

"Eldest uncle?" Hei Tong looked to Qin Yu pitifully. Hei Tong was very certain that whether it's her own father or her second uncle, they all listened to the words of her eldest uncle. As long as her eldest uncle agreed to it, everything would be settled.

Qin Yu looked at little Hei Tong.

When he was undergoing the Nine-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulation, not only had he wandered through the Qianlong Continent, he had even fought through the seafloor cultivation realm, charged into the Nine Swords Immortal Mansion and even set the Tenglong Continent aflame with Heavenly Flames. Compared to himself, little Hei Tong did indeed experience a lot less.

"Xiao Hei, when our strength was at the level of little Tong's, we had experienced a lot. Little Tong did indeed experience too little. After we receive Bai Xin, we shall accompany little Tong and stroll around the Black Crow City." Qin Yu spoke out.

Hei Tong immediately looked to her father Hei Yu.

"Mn, what big brother said is correct. It was true that we cannot let little Tong live under our wings all the time." Hei Yu nodded his head as if he had reached a realization. "Little Tong, after we receive your big aunt, we'll bring you to the Black Crow City and have some fun."


Hei Tong immediately started beaming with joy. Immediately after, she started to mutter. "Big aunt, big aunt, come quickly. Once you've come, I'll be able to take a stroll around the Black Crow City."

We'll change topic from Qin Yu and them playing with little Hei Tong noisily in the courtyard; currently, Zong Jue had returned to his mansion house. As a Super Divine Beast Golden Winged Great Peng Bird, Zong Jue's status was extremely high. He status was second only to the Peng Demon Emperor and the three level eight Demon Emperors.

Inside the garden in Zong Jue's mansion house.

A woman bearing a strikingly resemblance to Bai Ling was sitting beside the pond. She was staring blankly at the tranquil and mirror-like pond. After a long time, she took a deep sigh. Soon after, she continued to stare at the pond.

"Little Yu, youngster sister, you all must survive." A low voice sounded from Bai Xin's mouth. A single thread of tear rolled down from the corner of her eye. In these past couple hundred years, Bai Xin had always lived in Zong Jue's mansion house. Zong Jue could be considered to be extremely good to her; he had never made things difficult for her.

However, once she thought of her sisters, brothers, parents and elders that have died, Bai Xin felt very pained in her heart. Now, there was only Bai Ling and her left from the Bai family.

"Bai Xin." Zong Jue walked in front the entrance of the garden. He walked on the white stone path and directly toward where Bai Xin was at.

Upon hearing the voice, Bai Xin knew that someone had come. She promptly wiped away her tears and stood up respectfully. Her respectful appearance was not merely because Zong Jue's status was high and could control her life and death; the most important reason was because… she believed that Zong Jue was a good man, at the very least he was very good to her.

"Young master Zong Jue." Bai Xin addressed Zong Jue the same way as the servants did.

Zong Jue slightly nodded to Bai Xin. He then said to her via voice transmission. "Bai Xin, didn't you want to see your younger sister and Hei Yu?"

Bai Xin raised her head to look at Zong Jue with astonishment. Seeing the expression of certainty that Zong Jue had in his eyes, Bai Xin's heart burst into an overwhelming feeling of happiness. However, she also knew that this matter was not something that can be spoken. Immediately, she said via voice transmission. "Young master Zong Jue, you're willing to let me see my younger sister and little Yu?"

Zong Jue lightly nodded.

"Where are they?" Bai Xin immediately asked via voice transmission.

Zong Jue smiled. "They are currently in the Black Crow City. I'll bring you over. We'll reach there in a short while."

"Black Crow City?" Bai Xin was startled. At this moment, Bai Xin had more than just a pleasant surprise in her heart, she was also worried. Bai Xin looked at Zong Jue and sent a worried voice transmission. "Young master Zong Jue, this is the core planet of the Bird Clan, how were little Yu and my younger sister able to get here?"

Zong Jue lightly smiled. "Bai Xin, you ought to know that Hei Yu has two brothers right?"

Bai Xin nodded. Immediately after, she sent a transmission. "Could it be….?"

"No need to talk any further, you'll know about everything once you meet them." Said Zong Jue via voice transmission. "As for now, you should make some preparation to leave the Imperial City with me."

"Yes." Bai Xin was so emotional that she ended up saying 'yes' from her mouth.

At the west gate of the Imperial City.

"Open the city gates." Zong Jue commanded indifferently.

"Yes, young master Zong Jue." The guards that watched over the city gate saw that it was Zong Jue and immediately replied respectfully. They then started the valve that controlled the city gate. Immediately, a rumbling noise sounded unceasingly. The extremely large city gate with the thickness of a mile was being opened.

Effortlessly, Zong Jue brought a maid with him out of the city gate. This maid was naturally Bai Xin in disguise.

"What's with young master Zong Jue? It's the second time young master had left the city today. It seemed that young master had only came back a while ago."

"Who knows; this time around he brought with him a maid. I reckon that he's going to buy some stuff."

Those city guards started to gossip idly. Their daily lives were actually awfully dry and dull. They were unable to manage major events and was only able to manage trifle matters like opening the city gates. And at this moment, a black gowned male was standing by the city gates watching Zong Jue and Bai Xing departing the city.

"Reporting to the lord, young master Zong Jue and Bai Xin had exited the city gate." This black gowned man held a Transmission Spiritual Pearl in his hand; he had sent the information out.

It is that same drifting muslin veil. Within the muslin veil lay a beautiful young woman, the sole female amongst the three great experts under the Peng Demon Emperor, level eight Demon Emperor Bai Feng.

Standing outside the muslin veil was the same black clothed youth.

"Very good, you can go." Bai Feng's simple and elegant voice sounded from within the muslin veil. The black clothed youth respectfully bowed and then quietly left Bai Feng's residence. As for Bai Feng, she had instantly disappeared from her bed.

In the airspace of the Imperial Palace.

Bai Feng was dressed in a set of white clothes and standing up high in the sky. Her soft red lips opened and, in a low voice, she said. "Ao Ku, how long must I wait for you to come out?"

"Bai Feng, you do not have to worry about me." A deep and hoarse voice sounded. At the same time, a figure appeared beside Bai Feng. This man was very tall, an entire two heads taller than Bai Feng. His two eyes were filled with viciousness. Although this man was very tall, he was not skinny either. Instead, he gave off a very oppressive sensation.

The three great experts underneath the Peng Demon Emperor; the first one was a High Level Divine Beast from the Crane Clan, Phoenix Tail Crane, Bai Feng. The second was a High Level Divine Beast from the Eagle Clan,Cyan Flame Eagle, Liu Tu. The third was the strongest amongst the three, Variation High Level Divine Beast, Double Headed Dragon Vulture, Ao Ku.

Ao Ku's mother is from the Vulture Clan. His father is however from the Dragon Clan. It was rumored that… Ao Ku was related with the current Dragon Emperor Ao Fang. Of course, this was merely a legend that no one can confirm.

However, the prowess of Ao Ku was without doubt. He was the strongest amongst the three great experts!

"Ao Ku, now that His Majesty and Liu Tu are not in the Imperial City, you ought to know about everything…"

"You're in charge of the general situation, that I know." Said Ao Ku coldly. "Well then, my Demon Awareness had already sensed that Zong Jue and that woman have started to teleport. If we do not leave now, then it'll become troublesome."

Bai Feng humphed coldly.

Afterwards, Ao Ku and Bai Feng turned into two rays of light and shot toward the city gate.

The Black Crow City was extremely wide, merely the length of a single city wall was no less than a billion miles. Only cultivators were able to construct such a frightening city. If mortals were to come, then they would not be able to walk the entire billion miles in their entire life. And at this moment, Ao Ku and Bai Feng were flying into the Black Crow City from the sky.

"Your Demon Awareness is a bit stronger than me, you'd best not slip-up and lose them." Bai Feng laughed.

"Rest assured." Said Ao Ku coldly.

Bai Feng lightly smiled and said. "His Majesty was truly amazing, originally we were going to kill Bai Xin; however His Majesty still bestowed her to Zong Jue and instead ordered our people to secretly monitor Bai Xin. Who would've expected that… the Hei Yu that we were unable to catch and kill after all our painful efforts, we would be able to catch him soon using this method."

Bai Feng was very certain that Zong Jue had brought Bai Xin out so that she can be together with Hei Yu and Bai Ling. Afterall, if he wanted to do something, he had countless amount of maids he could take with him, why must be take Bai Xin instead?

"Bai Feng, had you informed His Majesty about this matter?" Ao Ku suddenly spoke out.

"You need not worry about the way I handle matters." Bai Feng lifted her brows and said.

The two were chatting as they flew above the Black Crow City. Suddenly, Ao Ku spoke and said. "Zong Jue had landed outside of a courtyard mansion. There's quite a few people inside that courtyard mansion. I only managed to examine a single person, that man is a level six Demon Emperor. I didn't dare to examine again as I'm afraid that I might be discovered."

Ao Ku was very shrewd; his Demon Awareness had only discovered Hou Fei before he stopped observing anymore.

"Level six Demon Emperor?" Bai Feng's eyes shone.

"That man is a Fiery Eyed Water Ape, he ought to be one of the two brothers that His Majesty said Hei Yu had." Ao Ku's voice suddenly changed. "We can attack now."

Inside the courtyard mansion, Qin Yu, his two brothers, Bai Ling and Hei Tong were chatting.

"Big brother, could it be that Zong Jue was deceiving to us?" Said Hou Fei with a frown. "If he were to deceive us and send people to encircle and annihilate us, then we'll be in a real bad situation."

Qin Yu shook his head. "He most likely won't. If he really wanted to eliminate us at a single stroke, then his skill to lie was trying too amazing. Hmm, my Immortal Awareness has already sensed him." Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness clearly sensed Zong Jue flying over with Bai Xin.

"He currently brought with him a female, her strength is that of a level seven Demon King." Qin Yu said clearly.

"Right, that's my older sister. When my older sister was caught, she was at the level of level seven Demon King." Bai Ling was filled with emotion.

After a while, Zong Jue and Bai Xin landed outside of the courtyard mansion. Qin Yu turned to little Hei Tong and said. "Hei Tong, you go and open the door. Make sure to properly greet your big aunt." Hei Tong immediately had a face filled with happiness. Cheerfully, she was about to run over there. However, right at this moment —

"Zong Jue, you truly have a large nerve!" A clear and cold voice sounded from the sky.

A figure appeared in the sky above the courtyard mansion. It was Bai Feng. She and Ao Ku had been using their Demon Awareness and secretly following Zong Jue and Bai Xin the entire time. Right when Zong Jue landed in front of the door and was about to knock, the two of them directly teleported over here.

Immediately, the situation turned quiet. Both Zong Jue and Bai Xin who stood outside the door and Qin Yu and them who are inside the courtyard mansion were shocked.

And just at this moment.

"Little Tong, Ling'er, get in the Jiang Lan's Realm."

Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness voice transmission sounded in the minds of little Tong and Bai Ling almost simultaneously. Hei Tong and Bai Ling both looked to Qin Yu. With an intention of his mind, Qin Yu took the two into his Jiang Lan's Realm. At the same time, his voice transmission sounded in Hou Fei and Hei Yu's minds. "That woman up there is a level eight Demon Emperor, be careful."

While he was sending the voice transmission, Qin Yu's figure had turned into a ray of light. He planned to save Bai Xin.

Bai Xin?

"You ought to be the eldest brother amongst the three, Qin Yu, right?" The door of the courtyard mansion exploded open into bits. At the same time, a hoarse voice sounded from outside the door.

An extremely cold and detached Ao Ku had appeared. He held Bai Xin's neck with a single hand. His eyes were fixed directly on Qin Yu. Bai Feng had teleported into the air yet Ao Ku teleported to Bai Xin's side. That's because Ao Ku knew how important his opponent considered Bai Xin to be.

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