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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 17 – Journey Toward the North

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

Qin Yu was momentarily speechless.

A scene appeared in his mind. A youth was kneeling atop the Snow Mountain; he was begging his father and his clansmen. Three entire years, this youth went from hope to despair and then finally departed determinedly.

"What kind of assistance did the Dragon Clan and Ao Fang give me? All those descendents of the Dragon Clan would only look down upon me. Other than you, brother, who would accompany and chat with me, who else would do that?" Hatred was shown in Ao Wuxu's eyes.

Ao Wuming also grew silent. In the end, he sighed and said. "Big brother, you know about our Imperial Father's character. His temperament was exactly so. As the Dragon Emperor, he would definitely handle his affairs according to the rules of the clan without softening at all. The moment when you reached the Heavenly Demon level, our Imperial Father would definitely expel you from the Green Crystal Star."

Ao Wuxu started to laugh.

He laughed a bit frantically. He then looked at Qin Yu and Ao Wuming. "Back when I was younger, Ao Fang had always been cold and grim toward me. I had always had a grudge against him in my heart. Second brother, did you know…"

"During the time when I passed the Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulations, I had already become aware that I possessed Inherited Memories." When Ao Wuxu said that, Ao Wuming was shocked.

Qin Yu was also startled.

That's right. After Ao Wuxu passed the Four-in-Nine Heavenly Tribulations, he attained Inherited Memories. Inherited Memories was the characteristic that was possessed by only High Level Divine Beasts and Super Divine Beasts. Just by that, it was enough to prove that Ao Wuxu is not a Low Level Divine Beast Red Dragon.

"Second brother, do you still remember what our Imperial Father's response was when I told him that I possessed Inherited Memories?" Ao Wuxu looked at Ao Wuming.

Ao Wuming was speechless.

Qin Yu instead become puzzled. What kind of response did the Dragon Emperor have?

"A slap to my face!" Ao Wuxu's expression had become malevolent. "When I happily run to Ao Fang to tell him that I possessed Inherited Memories and that I am not a Red Dragon, he, Ao Fang, gave me a slap to my face ruthlessly. He hit me so hard that I vomited blood."

"I will always remember the expression that Ao Fang had back then and the words that he said!" Ao Wuxu's body was shivering. "He, Ao Fang, pointed at me with his finger and angrily rebuked telling me that 'You, As the son of the Dragon Emperor, no matter what sort of condition you end up in, you still must not degenerate to a state where you don't even know of honor and shame! Inherited Memories? They're stored deeply in one's soul. You said that you possessed Inherited Memories? Who could inspect that to confirm it? You think you'd possess it just because you said you do? Wuxu, if you really do possess Inherited Memories, then you'd be a Variation Divine Beast. Did you think that it's that easy for a Variation Divine Beast to appear? Wuxu, even if you want to break away from your current status, unless you're able to cultivate and train to the Emperor level, otherwise… it's best for you to not use some petty tricks like these. No one would believe you!'"

Ao Wuxu was filled with an agonized expression. "Second brother, I believe you were present during the time. You ought to have heard it very clearly."

Ao Wuming opened his mouth but didn't know what to say.

"That's right, other than I who could be certain that I possessed Inherited Memories, who else would be able to tell? When I used some of the strong techniques from my Inherited Memories, the other people from the Dragon Clan yet said it's you who passed them to me. Haha… " Ao Wuxu started laughing out loud. His laugh was very desolate.

Ever since that slap, I no longer told Ao Fang that I am a Variation Divine Beast. Instead, I strived my hardest in training. I was planning to use my own practical results to prove myself… However, even after I reached the Heavenly Demon stage, Ao Fang still continued to treat me like that. I had kneeled in the Snow Mountain for three entire years. Yet, he, Ao Fang, did not even bother to glance at me once."

Ao Wuxu laughed coldly. "He wants to see me now? Humph, isn't it just because he found out that I'm a Blood Dragon and not a Red Dragon? Had I really been a Red Dragon, would he still want to see me like so?"


Ao Wuming was silent. Qin Yu was also silent.

"Ao Wuxu." After a long while, Qin Yu uttered. "Hearing what you had said, I believe that I, compared to you, was a bit better off. Although ever since I was six, my Imperial Father would rarely see me once in a year or two. I didn't even have the opportunity to receive lectures from him. All of that was because the current me from back then was not suited to cultivate nor was I suited to administer the nation."

Ao Wuxu looked toward Qin Yu.

"Frequently, I would be lonely by myself. I am like you. I strived my hardest to show my Imperial Father with my results. I was unable to cultivate and train in internal techniques. Back then, I would frantically train in external techniques every day… In our Mortal Realm, there had never been anyone who managed to enter the Xiantian stage with merely external techniques. I managed to succeed. The unprecedented one."

[TL: Xiantian → Pre-Heaven/Innate]

Qin Yu looked toward Ao Wuxu. "Ao Wuxu, did you know? I had once thought that my Imperial Father does not love me. Otherwise, why would he not see me once even in a year or two? Only afterwards did I understood everything."

"Ao Wuxu, you cannot completely reject your Imperial Father because of what happened back then. No matter what, he was still your biological father. Flowing within your body was your Imperial Father's blood. I am not asking that you forgive him, but at the very least, give him an opportunity to explain himself. Let him explain what happened back then… Ao Wuxu, do not reject him. I know very well of what you're going through as I have also gone through the same. I know that in the bottom of your heart, there's also a trace of hope. Do not reject it completely. Give your Imperial Father an opportunity. Likewise, give yourself an opportunity." Qin Yu looked at Ao Wuxu. In his eyes were signs of encouragement and hope.

Ao Wuxu grew silent for a long time.

Finally, he slowly nodded. "Qin Yu, perhaps what you said was right. However, this man Ao Fang… would disappoint you."

"No, I do not think that'll be the case." Qin Yu shook his head.

Ao Wuxu did not refute him. He looked toward Ao Wuming. "Second brother, you can let Ao Fang here. I'll see how he'll explain himself."

"Okay, big brother." Ao Wuming nodded and then took a grateful glance at Qin Yu. Afterwards, his Demon Awareness was spread out. In merely a short moment, another man had joined these meadows. It was a white haired old man — the Dragon Emperor.

Dragon Emperor Ao Fang took a grateful glance at Qin Yu and then walked toward Ao Wuxu.

"You can stop, tell me from there." Said Ao Wuxu suddenly. At this moment, Ao Fang was a dozen or so meters away from Ao Wuming.

Ao Fang stopped.

"Wuxu." Ao Fang looked at Ao Wuxu. "Ever since you left the Dragon Clan, this is the second time that we’ve seen each other."

Ao Wuxu merely nodded his head indifferently. He did not say anything in response.

Ao Fang nodded and said. "Wuxu, the grudges that you have, I understood about all of them. Toward everything you have experienced in the Dragon Clan back then, I have nothing to say. Back then, I am indeed a bit excessive and harsh toward you."

"Merely harsh?" Ao Wuxu sneered.

Ao Fang sighed. "Perhaps you'd think that I'm too heartless. However, those are the only methods that I knew of in lecturing my children. Even your brother Wuming ended up going against my wishes and married a woman from a foreign clan. I truly failed as a father."

"Indeed, you failed." Said Ao Wuxu coldly.

"Wuxu, did you know? When I found out that you were taken into the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas by Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, at that moment, I was so very furious and remorseful." Ao Fang's eyes grew slightly red from anger. "I had wanted to directly kill that Ni Yang because he had imprisoned my son!"

Qin Yu who was at the side noticed that the facial muscles on Ao Wuxu slightly twitched the moment when he heard Ao Fang said 'my son.'

"Ever since we talked that time, after you declared that you do not care about me at all, I came to realize a bit. Since that time, my bearing towards your brother Wuming marrying a woman from a foreign clan has also gradually changed." Sighed Ao Fang.

Ao Wuming was startled.

He did not know at all that his Imperial Father had changed because of that matter. Now that he thought about it, that was indeed the case. When he first got together with Lian Zhu, Ao Fang was so angry that he nearly went insane. He even went so far as to refuse to let Ao Wuming return home.

Ever since that time with Ao Wuxu, although Ao Fang still doesn't approve of him being with a woman from a foreign clan, he stopped opposing it that unyieldingly. He even allowed Ao Wuming to return back to the Green Crystal Star.

"Wuxu, I had already reached level nine Demon Emperor. I am uncertain when the Divine Tribulation might arrive. I am not trying to make extravagant demand for you to forgive me. I am already satisfied for you to be willing to see me this time."

Ao Wuxu was momentarily silent.

After a short period of time—

"Ao Fang. Let me ask you." Ao Wuxu stared at Ao Fang. "Had I still been a Red Dragon, would you still want to see me and recognize me as your son like so?"

Qin Yu and Ao Wuming also grew tensed.

From Qin Yu's point of view, the reason why the Dragon Emperor was so good to him on the Crescent Moon Bay was precisely because of Ao Wuxu. Afterwards, when he fought back Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor, it was also for the same reason. To the Dragon Emperor who was about to ascend, the strength of his son was not something that would hold a lot of significance. Even if this was the case, he had still helped Qin Yu a couple times. That was enough to show his concern for Ao Wuxu.

"If it was me from before you were imprisoned into the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, then that me would likely not recognize you. However, the me that woke up to reality afterwards, that me would definitely recognize you. Wuxu, can you give your father a chance?" Ao Fang fixed his eyes on Ao Wuxu.

Ao Wuxu's eyes were also fixed on Ao Fang for a long time.

"Qin Yu, let me return." Suddenly, Ao Wuxu said to Qin Yu. Qin Yu was unable to refrain from being stunned.

Ao Fang also had a slight disappointed expression on his face.

"Big brother." Ao Wuming also spoke.

Ao Wuxu did not respond at all. He merely looked at Qin Yu. Ultimately, Qin Yu nodded and then took Ao Wuxu back into the Jiang Lan's Realm. At the moment Ao Wuxu that returned to the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu received a mind voice transmission.

The Dragon Emperor looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, thank you very much for this. Wuming, let's return."

Rushing over all the way from the Green Crystal Star yet ending up with such results.

Ao Wuming nodded. He then turned to Qin Yu and nodded to bid farewell. However, just as the two were about to depart, Qin Yu spoke. "Uncle, earlier Wuxu sent me a mind voice transmission. He wanted me to relay a message to you."

The Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming looked toward Qin Yu simultaneously. Their gazes were shining.

Qin Yu had a slight smile on his face. "Wuxu said that if he was able to meet you again in the Divine Realm, then it means that he still has the predestined relationship of father and son with you."

The Dragon Emperor had an ecstatic expression.

"Thank you, thank you." The Dragon Emperor was such a steady person, yet, he still said two thank you's to Qin Yu in a row.

Qin Yu also smiled.

Qin Yu understood that… for Ao Wuxu to be able to act like this, with Ao Wuxu's temperament, it was certainly something that's awfully hard to come by. As for whether the father and son would be able to pass through the Divine Tribulation and meet each other again in the boundless Divine Realm, that is something that's hard to say.

Following the departure of the Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming, Qin Yu's mind also grew a lot more relaxed.

In a restaurant on the Yellow Bird Star. This restaurant was also a lodging place. Qin Yu and Hou Fei decided to stay in this restaurant to rest a day on the Yellow Bird Star. Qin Yu and Hou Fei were about to set off again. It's just that before they set off, they had to first determine where Hei Yu is.

Last time around, Shi Zhan did not even finish confirming the location of Hei Yu before he was interrupted by the emergence of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor. And now, Shi Zhan was once again carefully confirming the location of Hei Yu.

"Shi Zhan, we have already given you the map, tell us the approximate location of your master." Both Hou Fei and Qin Yu were looking at Shi Zhan.

Shi Zhan closed his eyes to sense the approximate location of his master Hei Yu.

After a long time, Shi Zhan opened his eyes. He said to Qin Yu and Hou Fei. "Lord Qin Yu, Lord Hou Fei, according to my confirmation earlier, the current location of my master is on a star field to the extreme north, the 'South Mountain Star Field.' He is in a big galaxy in the northern part of the South Mountain Star Field."

"South Mountain Star Field." The entire Interstellar Map appeared in Qin Yu's mind.

From the Yellow Bird Star to the South Mountain Star Field, it was certainly almost straight north.

"Lords, I believe that I would be able to be more definite about my master's location the moment we reached the South Mountain Star Field." Said Shi Zhan respectfully. The further away one was, the harder it'll be to be certain. Back when they were on the Beast Clan's territory, Shi Zhan was only able to determine that Hei Yu was in the Bird Clan's territory.

"Good." Qin Yu nodded. "Toward the north, let's go." Qin Yu directly took Shi Zhan back into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Let's go. I wonder how the Mixed Hair Bird is doing right now?" Hou Fei grew excited.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei immediately set off northward from the Yellow Bird Star to the South Mountain Star Field. In the entire journey northward, Hou Fei and Qin Yu did not stop to rest at all. Especially when they thought of their third brother Xiao Hei, their passion surged even greater.

In merely two days.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei had unceasingly passed through Interstellar Conveying Arrays after Interstellar Conveying Arrays. From the bordering planet, the Yellow Bird Star, they had reached the most northwestern star field of the Bird Clan's territory — South Mountain Star Field.

South Mountain Star Field was the northernmost star field in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. If one were to continue to travel north from the South Mountain Star Field, then one would enter the place where a lot of frightening Cosmic Energies like the Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream gathered. If one were to pass through that frightening area, then one would enter the northernmost section of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

Right after arriving on the South Mountain Star Field, Qin Yu and Hou Fei immediately proceeded to a desolate mountainous region.

"Big brother, quickly take out Shi Zhan." Urged Hou Fei.

"I know, I'm also anxious to meet Xiao Hei." Said Qin Yu while smiling. Immediately after, Shi Zhan appeared in front of the two. Qin Yu immediately said. "Shi Zhan, we've arrived on the South Mountain Star Field. Carefully examine which galaxy your master is currently on and approximately where on that galaxy your master is."

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