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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 18 – Meeting of the Three Brothers

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip

"Yes, please wait a moment."

At this moment, Shi Zhan was also very straightforward. He immediately closed his eyes to sense where Hei Yu was. As for Hou Fei and Qin Yu, they were watching him attentively and waiting for his response.

Opening his eyes.

Shi Zhan looked toward Qin Yu and Hou Fei, he said respectfully. "Lords, my master is currently on the northern part of the Ice Thread Galaxy of the South Mountain Star Field. As for which planet he was on, the two lords merely need to bring me to a northern planet of the Ice Thread Galaxy and let me out to determine again and I should definitely be able to become certain."

Both Qin Yu and Hou Fei had happy expressions on their faces.

"Good, the matter should not be delayed, let's set off immediately." Said Qin Yu. He then once again took Shi Zhan back into the Jiang Lan's Realm and then proceeded onward towards the Ice Thread Galaxy of the South Mountain Star Field. With their speed, after they continuously passed through a dozen or so Interstellar Conveying Arrays, they had arrived on a northern planet of the Ice Thread Galaxy.

On this planet, Qin Yu once again took out Shi Zhan and had him sense his brother's location.

"Big brother." Hou Fei looked at Qin Yu. "This South Mountain Star Field was already the northernmost star field in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Emperor. This Ice Thread Galaxy was also toward the north of the South Mountain Star Field. However, that Mixed Hair Bird was actually located at the northern part of the Ice Thread Galaxy. This Mixed Hair Bird, why did he run all the way here?"

Qin Yu smiled.

Who knows why Xiao Hei would run all the way here?

"I've found him." Shi Zhan opened his eyes and looked toward Qin Yu and Hou Fei. "According to my sense, I am certain that master was definitely on a planet that's not far from here, the Jade Shepherd Star."

Qin Yu and Hou Fei took a glance at each other and then smiled.

"Let's go!" Said Qin Yu excitedly.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, of the northernmost inhabited planets, the Jade Shepherd Star was definitely one of the top hundred on the list. In the entire South Mountain Star Field, there are only two planets that's further north than it. Toward the east of the Bird Clan's territory, in the Dark Star Realm, there was another star field that's a bit more north than the South Mountain Star Field.

The Jade Shepherd Star was a very ordinary planet. It was ordinary to the extreme.

On this planet, there were two great families that took control of the planet. The strongest experts of these two great families were merely level five Demon Kings. Level five Demon Kings were only able to show their might in small planets like the Jade Shepherd Star. Likewise, the Jade Shepherd Star also possessed two cities.

One of the city was called the Wood Moon City. On the Wood Moon City was a mansion house called the Star Spiritual Palace.

Although this Star Spiritual Palace appeared to be an ordinary mansion house, but the two great families of the Jade Shepherd Star didn't dare to provoke this Star Spiritual Palace. That's because the masters of the Star Spiritual Palace, a married couple, were truly too powerful.

The male master — Mister Liu Xing.

[TL: Remember, Liu Xing → Meteor…]

The female master — Lady Ling Jian.

[TL: the Star Spiritual Palace was named after the two's name. The Xing (Star) in Liu Xing and the Ling (Spirit) in Ling Jian.]

There were no maids in the entire mansion house, only the married couple.

Within the back garden of the mansion house.

Mister Liu Xing and Lady Ling Jian are both here. Both Mister Liu Xing and Lady Ling Jian liked the color white. Thus, they are both donned in white.

A black colored long spear. Mister Liu Xing was holding this black colored long spear with a single hand. He was slowly sweeping the tip of the spear along the sandy ground. The tip of the spread was drawing pictures on the sandy ground. Soon, the pictures were replaced by other pictures.

This Mister Liu Xing, his eyes were bright like the stars. However, his slightly closed lips gave off a feeling of toughness and severe coldness. As for the scar on the left side of his face, with Mister Liu Xing's strength, he was naturally able to remove that scar. However, he didn't and continued to have it.

One at a time.

Mister Liu Xing was waving his long spear very slowly. However, the flowers, plants and dead leaves around him were moving up and down. They were moving up and down with a special frequency following Mister Liu Xing's long spear's movement.

Lady Ling Jian who was also covered in white was standing to the side and looking at Mister Liu Xing.

She watched him calmly and without moving!

Mister Liu Xing, from his appearance to his height and figure, appeared to be only sixteen or seventeen. As for Lady Ling Jian, after carefully inspecting her appearance, she too only appeared sixteen or seventeen. It's just that the faint grandeur that she's giving off was enough to illustrate that she's an expert.

The flowers and plants stopped moving up and down and returned to their upright state.

As it turned out, Mister Liu Xing had just taken back his black long spear. Mister Liu Xing was straight, straight like a long spear.

"Ling'er, how long have we stayed on the Jade Shepherd Star?" Mister Liu Xing raised his head to ask. His long hair covered the sides of Mister Liu Xing's face. Only half of his two eyes were exposed.

Lady Ling Jian nodded and said. "Almost three years."

"Three years, three years… this place ought to be the place that we have stayed at the longest ever since we started getting chased." Said Mister Liu Xing as he lightly smiled. However, even though he was laughing, he was still giving off a chilling sensation.

Lady Ling Jian walked over. She held Mister Liu Xing's left arm. "That's right, big brother Yu. Are we to change our location again?"

"That's right, we have to change our location again." Mister Liu Xing nodded.

Lady Ling Jian looked at Mister Liu Xing with a hopeful expression. She said. "Big brother Yu, can we stay here a bit longer? They have not yet discovered us, it shows that we have hidden ourselves very well this time around. Being on the run… those days were truly tiring."

Mister Liu Xing held Lady Ling Jian in his chest firmly with a single hand. "Ling'er, it's all my fault. Because of me, I've involved your family. Your entire clan had died because of me; even your big sister had been captured."

"Big brother Yu, it's not your fault. Those people are barbarous and cannot be reasoned with. Ever since you've ascended and all the way till now, you've never departed from my hometown, so how could you possibly offend them? The only reason why they wanted to kill you was because they are barbaric and cannot be reasoned with." Lady Ling Jian closely hugged Mister Liu Xing.

Mister Liu Xing raised his head up. A single tear rolled down from the corner of his eye.

Mister Liu Xing and Lady Ling Jian continued to hug each other like that. Suddenly, Mister Liu Xing's expression changed. He turned his hand around and then the long spear appeared in his hand. "Ling'er, experts have arrived." Lady Ling Jian also turned her hand around and took out a long sword.

"Haha… Xiao Hei, you certainly can flee. You've actually flee all the way to this nook. However, that's good too for I would be able to display a great service to His Majesty now." After a loud laughter, several tens of people rapidly shot over from the air. Immediately, they arrived on the airspace above the Star Spiritual Palace.

[TL: The Xiao Hei they addressed Hei Yu as is different from the Xiao(lil) Hei that Qin Yu address Hei Yu as. 萧黑 vs. 小黑]

This Mister Liu Xing, Lady Ling Jian addressed him as 'Big brother Yu,' however, this man chasing after him addressed him as 'Xiao Hei.' It appeared to be pretty contradictory.

"Three Emperor level experts." Mister Liu Xing's eyes trembled.

Amongst these several tens of figures, only three people possessed a golden battle gown. The several tens of people behind them were all donned in a black gown.

"Xiao Hei, not bad. In a mere three years, you've actually reached the level one Demon Emperor level from level nine Demon King. Also, didn't you only ascend to the Immortal, Devil, and Demon Realm a mere three hundred years ago? Truly a genius Demon Emperor of our Demon Realm." The golden colored youth who the leader of the group started to laugh and said. "Unfortunately, with I, a level four Demon Emperor, leading this time around and my two brothers here also being level two Demon Emperors, you'd certainly die here."

Mister Liu Xing protected his wife behind him. He said to her via voice transmission. "Ling'er, in a moment, escape first. I would catch up to you afterwards."

"Big brother Yu, can we still escape this time around?" Lady Ling Jian was a bit desperate. "Big brother Yu, I won't run away. If we are to die, then we'll die together."

Mister Liu Xing firmly bite down on his gums. Blood rolled down from the corner of his mouth.

"You all, why are you chasing after me to kill me?" Said Mister Liu Xing as he strongly pressed down his anger.

The golden clothed youth leader lightly laughed and said. "Why we're chasing after you to kill you? Who knows why. This was the command that His Majesty gave personally. He said that you must be dead not matter what. The order of His Majesty… in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there aren't many that would dare resist against it."

Mister Liu Xing's eyes that were covered by his hair started to expose a radiance of anger. "Peng Demon Emperor, right? Ever since I've ascended, I've never ever killed a single person. I had only stayed in the Bai family. However, you all had wiped out the entire Bai family and even wanted to chase after and kill me. How exactly have I wronged you? Even if I were to die, you all must still tell me the reason that I'm being killed for."

The golden clothed youth laughed and said. "I do want to tell you, unfortunately… even I don't know of the reason, so how can I tell you?"

"Who knows the reason?" Said Mister Liu Xing.

"His Majesty knows. Also, those couple higher ups beside His Majesty most likely also know. Unfortunately, you do not have the chance to search for it." The golden clothed youth waved his hand and said. "Enough, I'm not wasting time with you anymore. Hey, brothers, attack."

"Wait a moment." Suddenly, Lady Ling Jian spoke.

"Hmm?" The golden clothed youth waved his hand to stop his troops. He then looked at Lady Ling Jian with a teasing smile. "Little Bai Ling, what do you have to say?"

"Is my sister still okay? Did you guys did anything to her?" Bai Ling asked.

This Lady Ling Jian's actual name is called Bai Ling. The so called 'Lady Ling Jian' was merely an alias on the Jade Shepherd Star.

The golden clothed youth started to laugh. "You're talking about your sister? To be honest, your sister would have certainly been killed. However, I do not know how she managed to get so lucky but our Young Master Zong Jue actually took a fancy upon your sister. So, your sister's little life could be considered saved."

"Zong Jue!" Mister Liu Xing's eyes narrowed. Cold light radiated out from his eyes. "Is it Zong Jue who told the Peng Demon Emperor that I'm located in the Bai family? That scoundrel!"

"Shut your mouth. Young Master Zong Jue is not someone that you could comment on." The golden clothed youth's expression turned cold. "This great Demon Emperor does not have the time to waste on you anymore, brothers, attack."

With a wave of his hand!

The three men who's wearing golden gowns simultaneously shot toward Mister Liu Xing to attack him.

"Yao~~" A reverberating bird noise sounded from Mister Liu Xing's throat. Sharp black feathers appeared on Mister Liu Xing's body. Those feathers were like steel as they flickered a metal gloss. Their hardness was evident.

"Brothers be careful, that Xiao Hei has entered battle form." Said the golden clothed youth via voice transmission.

Mister Liu Xing held a black long spear in his hand. Between his brows was a black feather scale. Although his long hair covered his eyes, they were unable to cover the blood-thirst and frantic battle intention in his eyes. Like a lightning bolt, his body was shot out.

His long spear was like a long dragon. He rolled up innumerable amount of spear silhouettes. All of a sudden, he had stopped the three great Demon Emperors.


The three Demon Emperors were also not holding back and started to frantically attack this Mister Liu Xing. As for the other several tens of black clothed men, they started to attack Bai Ling.

A level four Demon Emperor, two level two Demon Emperors. All of them merely to surround and kill a level one Demon Emperor.

"Kachang." A long sword was thrust at a black plate armor and gave off the sound of metal clashing. The person who thrusted the sword was a level two Demon Emperor.

That golden clothed youth immediately shouted via voice transmission. "You idiot, did you not know that this Xiao Hei's battle armor was extremely rigid and is close to the level of a Top Quality Immortal Armor. You two, attack with all your strength. If you don't, then killing him is but a dream."

"Yes." The two Demon Emperors immediately replied.

Criss-crossed sword aura. Soaring spear silhouettes.

Mister Liu Xing's long hair fluttered in the wind. The scar on his left face was even more malevolent. His two blood red eyes were giving off a feeling of hysterical madness

"Big brother Yu."

At this moment, Bai Ling was firmly hit with a fist to her back by a black clothed man. She was thrown away flying and sprayed blood in the sky. Bai Ling had actually already reached level nine Demon King level. It's just that amongst those several tens of black clothed men, there were five at level nine Demon King. The rest of them were all level eight Demon Kings.

"Scram." Mister Liu Xing grew frantic.

He shook his long spear and swept back the two level two Demon Emperors. However, that golden clothed youth's attack was charging toward Bai Ling rapidly.

"Die." The golden youth thrust his spear forward.

However, right when the spear was about to hit Mister Liu Xing, Mister Liu Xing had strangely shifted some twenty centimeters toward the lower right as if he had teleported. The spear that was originally able to pierce through the abdomen had only pierced through the chest.

"Teleportation Martial Technique." The golden clothed youth's expression had changed. "Wasn't that the martial technique that's specific to only the Super Divine Beast of the Peng Clan?"

Having received a spear hit, Mister Liu Xing brandished his long spear even more frantically. Several tens of spear silhouettes appeared and pierced through six people, killing the six Demon Kings immediately.

"Ling'er." Mister Liu Xing hugged Bai Ling.

"I'm fine, he didn't hit my crucial body part." Bai Ling tried her best to squeeze out a smile.

At this moment, the golden clothed youth and the other two Demon Emperors had already surrounded Mister Liu Xing. "Xiao Hei, from your strength, I suspect you are a Variant Divine Beast from the Eagle Clan. Variant Divine Beasts… are rarely seen. You actually even know the Teleportation Martial Technique; unfortunately, you still have to die."

Mister Liu Xing looked at his surroundings. He had used up all his tricks earlier. However, that golden clothed youth was actually a High Level Divine Beast. Adding on the fact that he's a level four Demon Emperor; the gap between them was truly large.

"Big brother, Monkey, it would appear that we cannot meet again." A tear rolled down from Mister Liu Xing's eye.

"Ling'er, what you said was right. If we are to die, then we shall die together." Mister Liu Xing firmly hugged Bai Ling. He then ferociously looked at the three Demon Emperors surrounding him. "However, even if we were to die, we must still drag a couple down with us to share our fate."

"Xiao Hei!"

"Mixed Hair Bird!"

Two familiar voices suddenly sounded. Like being struck by lightning, Mister Liu Xing suddenly shivered and raised his head to look toward the sky. The two familiar figures were flying toward him rapidly.

"Big brother, Monkey." Mister Liu Xing's body shivered like electric current had just flowed through it. His tears flowed down.

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