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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 16 – Tranquil Night

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

Hearing the Dragon Emperor saying that, as if he wanted to consult with Qin Yu first, Qin Yu understood very well that the Dragon Emperor wanted him to owe him a favor.

Once he owed him a favor, he must help him.

"Had it not been for uncle today, then even if I managed to survive today, I would still suffer a major loss. For uncle to have helped me ruthlessly punish Emperor Yu, I cannot thank you enough. If uncle needs me for anything, please go ahead and say it without holding back." Said Qin Yu very tactfully.

The Dragon Emperor smiled with astonishment. Soon, he said. "Qin Yu, you ought to know about the things between me and Wuxu, right?"

"Yes, I know a bit." Qin Yu nodded.

The Dragon Emperor said. "Soon, when you let Wuming meet Wuxu, I will hide myself. Wuming might let Wuxu meet me… I'm afraid that Wuxu would not agree to it. Thus, I hope that you'll help persuade him at that moment."

Seeing the Dragon Emperor's face filled with anticipation, Qin Yu cannot refrain himself from feeling helpless.

"Qin Yu, just help me for a bit." Ao Wuming also urged Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded. He smiled and said. "It's not that I'm not going to help, it's just that I have no certainty that I'll be able to help. Rest assured… at that time, I would try my best to persuade him."

The Dragon Emperor immediately blossomed with smiles. "You have my utmost thanks."

The Dragon Emperor took a glance at the surrounding and then nodded. "Just like this, I'll withdraw myself first. Qin Yu, you can let Wuming and his brother meet and chat with each other first…. As for whether or not Wuxu would be willing to meet me, you can send a transmission to me when the time comes."

After he finished, the Dragon Emperor disappeared after using a teleportation.

On the meadow that had just gone through a battle, only Qin Yu and Ao Wuming were present.

"Big brother Wuming, please wait a moment. I'll go and inform Wuxu." After Qin Yu finished saying those words to Ao Wuming, he disappeared into the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Seeing that Qin Yu had disappeared into thin air, Ao Wuming grew a big puzzled. "Could it be that Big Brother is in the Qingyu Immortal Mansion? Otherwise, why did Qin Yu enter inside it?" Even now, Ao Wuming still didn't know of the existence of the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Qin Yu did not immediately proceed to Ao Wuxu's residence. Instead, he arrived at where Hou Fei and Shi Zhan were. Qin Yu knew that, at this moment, Hou Fei would most likely still be very worried about him.

"Why isn't big brother here yet?" Hou Fei was looking all over the place. His face was filled with anxiety and worry. However, Shi Zhan who stood next to him gave voice to persuade him. "Lord Hou Fei, lord Qin Yu was definitely delayed by something. For lord Qin Yu to be able to bring us in here, he most definitely is able to come in anytime."

Hou Fei knew that what Shi Zhan said was correct. However, unless he saw Qin Yu, he was unable to rest assured.

Suddenly, a man appeared out of thin air in front of them. It was precisely Qin Yu.

"Big brother." The worried and anxious expression on Hou Fei's face had immediately disappeared. Pleasantly surprised, he walked over. "Big brother, are you alright?"

Qin Yu laughed and said. "Do I look like I'm not alright? It's just that my Divine Armor had been destroyed." Qin Yu felt a bit helpless in his heart. He then smiled and said. "Forget about it; unless the old is gone, the new would not come."

"A Divine Armor. Big brother, who exactly are those two people?" Hou Fei had only fought Emperor Yu and his wife for merely a moment before being sent into the Jiang Lan's Realm by Qin Yu. Thus, he did not know that they were Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor.

"It's Emperor Yu and his wife, the Mystic Emperor." Naturally, a cold expression appeared on Qin Yu's face.

Toward Emperor Yu, Qin Yu was already at the end of his patience.

This kind of person who wholeheartedly wanted to kill him and chased after him the whole time, they belonged to the type that must be killed.

"It's that idiot Emperor Yu?" A fierce expression appeared in Hou Fei's eyes. Immediately, the Black Stick appeared in his hand and he waved it once. "Their strength is too strong right now. I hope that they would not take on the Divine Tribulation anytime soon so that once my strength becomes stronger and reaches their level, I shall pierce some nice holes through their bodies with my Black Stick."

Seeing Hou Fei acting like this, Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from smiling. However, as he recalled the matter with the Dragon Emperor, he immediately said. "Fei Fei, I still have something I must do. Wait here for a bit. I shall be back soon."

"Okay, big brother. Take your time." Said Hou Fei straightforwardly as he waved his hand.

Qin Yu nodded and then his figure disappeared again.

The number of people in the Jiang Lan's Realm wasn't many. However, the Jiang Lan's Realm itself was boundless. The place where Ao Wuxu chose to live in was different from where all the rest of the people were located by. That's because he didn't want to live in the palaces that Qin Yu made but instead decided to chop his own wood and build a wooden house.

A wooden house. In front of the house was a cold pond.

Currently, Ao Wuxu was sitting in front of the cold pond with his legs crossed. Qin Yu appeared beside him. From Qin Yu's perception — this Ao Wuxu's coldness was even colder than the cold pond.

"What are you here for?" Said Ao Wuxu coldly.


"Speak." Ao Wuxu did not even open his eyes.

"Wuxu, your brother Wuming had come." Right after Qin Yu finished saying those words, Ao Wuxu opened his eyes and turned around to look at him. "Qin Yu, you're telling me that my younger brother Wuming had come? Is this true?" There appeared to be a starlight flickering in Ao Wuxu's ice-cold eyes.

Qin Yu nodded. "He's outside, do you want to meet him?"

Ao Wuxu stood up. He slightly took a breath and then said indifferently. "Send me out."

"And here I thought you'll still have that unconcerned about everything expression. So it turns out that you actually still have someone that you cared for." Said Qin Yu jokingly. Ao Wuxu merely had his eyelids jump but did not say anything.

Soon after, Qin Yu and Ao Wuxu disappeared from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

On the meadows of the Yellow Bird Star.

Ao Wuming had his hands behind his back as he quietly stood and waited. Feeling that Qin Yu and Ao Wuxu had appeared out of thin air, Ao Wuming turned around. Upon seeing his brother Ao Wuxu that looked about seventy percent like him, a pleasantly surprised expression arrived on his face.

"Second brother." Ao Wuxu's eyes were filled with emotion.

"Big brother." Ao Wuming also walked over. The two brothers hugged each other.

Qin Yu took the initiative to walk far away from the meadows. He then sat on the grass.

He turned around to look at Ao Wuxu and Ao Wuming who were far away from him. The two brothers were chatting with much noise and excitement. The current Ao Wuxu does not have the indifference that he had before at all. His ice-cold expression had also shattered into a smile. That smile was truly mind-blowing.

The meadows were covered with slight moisture. The moisture contained within it some coldness and caused Qin Yu to be a lot more clear-headed.

"Ah!" Qin Yu took in a deep breath. A peaceful smile appeared on his face.

For some unknown reason, Qin Yu recalled his hometown, the Purple Mystic Star in the Mortal Realm. That East Hazy Mountain on the Qianlong Continent. Qin Yu had carried Xiao Hei with him many a times and reached the top of that East Hazy Mountain to see the stars that covered the skies.

He had also watched the starry skies on the roofs of the Misty Mountain Villa.

Time flies. Back then, he was still on the mountaintop of the Mortal Realm. And now, he had arrived on the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm's Bird Clan Territory's Yellow Bird Star. He had even encountered and fought Emperor Yu on this same land just moments prior.

"Royal Father, big brother, second brother, how are they doing now?" Qin Yu looked toward the starry sky as if he was looking pass through the space and into the Mortal Realm.

On the other space. Perhaps his Royal Father, his big brother and his second brother were all thinking of him.

"With the cultivation speed of my Royal Father and the others, it'll likely take them another couple hundred years or even over a thousand years before they could ascend to here." Qin Yu understood it very well in his heart. The speed of cultivators in the Mortal Realm was over tens of times slower than that of the cultivators in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

A tranquil smile.

Qin Yu laid down. His back lay on the soft meadow.

Compared to the Purple Mystic Star of the Mortal Realm, the amount of inhabited planets in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm were extremely many. And, although there were a lot of people on each and every planet, the amount of land was a lot greater. This caused a lot of places to be desolate and overgrown. Qin Yu lay on the ground but was able to sense quietness.

Other than Ao Wuming and his brother Ao Wuxu conversing not far away from him, there were no other people in the radius of several thousand miles.

"Where would Li'er be now?" Qin Yu laid on the ground. His gaze was directed toward the cosmic space as he watched the skies filled with stars. "Uncle Lan had said before that once I completely opened all three layers of the Jiang Lan's Realm, I would be qualified to see Li'er. However, the current me is unable to even open the second layer."

Qin Yu was unceasingly thinking in his mind.

He was thinking about his father and brothers, his lover and his Uncle Lan that's good toward him…. One by one, they drift up and down through Qin Yu's mind. Tranquilly, Qin Yu half closed his eyes. "Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about it. When we get to the mountain, there'll be a way through. One must always look to the front."

Qin Yu's heart was filled with serenity.


His heart was serene to the extreme.

Qin Yu's current state was very strange. The figures of his relatives have appeared in his mind one by one. However, his heart was nevertheless still very serene. It was as if he wasn't thinking about anything at all. That kind of serene and tranquil state was very comfortable to Qin Yu.

At this moment, Qin Yu had suddenly sensed the endless void. That tranquil cosmic space was also that silent. Qin Yu did not notice at all that the Meteoric Tear in his soul was currently radiating a green light that was pervading toward the entire Cosmic Space.

Unconsciously, Qin Yu's soul was undergoing a change.

And the Qin Yu at this moment, his heart was filled with warmth. He was not thinking of anything. It was as if the current Qin Yu was asleep.

Suddenly —

Qin Yu sensed the sound of arguments and was immediately woken up. "What's happening?" Once he woke back up, the Meteoric Tear within Qin Yu's soul returned to its normal state. Qin Yu himself had also faded from that kind of profound state,

"What's wrong with me?" Qin Yu touched the corner of his eye, unexpectedly, there was tears on the corner of his eye.

"My Soul's Realm level!" Qin Yu was filled with astonishment.

Qin Yu's Soul's Realm level was originally at the first layer of the Heavenly Soul. However, after that short 'sleep,' Qin Yu's Soul's Realm level actually reached the second layer of the Heavenly Soul. Qin Yu knew very well that if he was to train and cultivate normally, it'll take him several hundred years to reach the second layer of the Heavenly Soul.

Qin Yu slightly calculated in his heart.

"It's only been a while; not even an hour has passed. How did I manage to improve so much in such a short time?" Qin Yu was astonished.

"Could it be that this is what they called a moment of enlightenment?" Suddenly, Qin Yu came to a realization. He had heard about 'a moment of enlightenment' before. Some people do not cultivate at a fast pace but might enter a special state at a certain moment. At that moment, their soul's realm level was promoted at an extremely frightening pace. Some were even able to immediately reach the summit at once.

However, once a moment of enlightenment was broken off, it was very hard to enter that state again.

"What kind of state was I in before?" Qin Yu was thinking about it very hard. However, no matter how hard he thought about it, he was still unable to recall the state that he was in earlier. All he knew was that at that moment, he was not thinking about anything. He was in a very comfortable state and even involuntary shed tears.

"Second brother, you need not speak anymore." A voice sounded from afar.

Qin Yu turned around to look.

At this moment, Ao Wuxu was arguing with Ao Wuming. Qin Yu looked at these two with a helpless expression. Had it not been for the sound of their argument to break him from that state of enlightenment, then he might've reached the third layer of the Heavenly Soul at once or even break through the Heavenly Soul Realm. That too was possible.

Qin Yu shook his head and smiled. He then walked toward Ao Wuming and Ao Wuxu.

A moment of enlightenment was something that can be discovered but not sough after. To encounter it once was already a matter to be rejoiced for. Since it had been interrupted, then perhaps the Heavens had destined that he would only reach the second layer of the Heavenly Soul through enlightenment. As for the later stages, he must still rely on himself and slowly cultivate.

"Big brother, all these years, Imperial Father had been regretting about his conduct and deeds that he had done back then. He wanted your forgiveness the whole time. I am not asking you to forgive him, but can't you just see him?" Ao Wuming continued to try to persuade Ao Wuxu.

"Enough!" Ao Wuxu was slightly angry.

At this moment, Qin Yu walked over.

"Ao Wuxu, no matter what, uncle is still your father. Is it impossible for you to even see him? Are you unwilling to give your own father an opportunity to meet you?" Qin Yu looked at Ao Wuxu with a face filled with anticipation.

Ao Wuxu looked at his brother Ao Wuming and then looked at Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, you don't understand." Ao Wuxu looked toward his brother. "Second brother, could it be that even you don't understand? Back then, I stayed in the Dragon Clan for all those years. In all those years, I had always tried every possible method to train and cultivate. However, even when my cultivation speed manage to keep up with yours, but Imperial Father and all the other clansmen had always thought that I, as a Red Dragon, have too low of a potential and that even if I reached level nine Demon Emperor, I'll still be inferior to you as a level eight Demon Emperor."

"To be disdained as beneath contempt." Ao Wuxu stared at Ao Wuming. "Second brother, could it be that you've forgotten about long how I've kneeled on the Snow Mountain during that time? I've kneeled there for three entire years. I begged for them to allow me to live in the Green Crystal Star, the only home that I have! However, what did they do? They thought that I, as a Red Dragon, was not qualified to live there. Even though I was the Dragon Emperor's son, I was still exiled. At that time, what did the Dragon Emperor do? He did not bother to speak for me at all. Instead, he agreed with them and wanted me to leave the Green Crystal Star to other planets."

To live on the Green Crystal Star, the requirement was that one have to be a High Level Divine Beast, Super Divine Beast, experts that's already at the Emperor level and their families.

The families of them are only the women and their children. However, when the children grew older, they were still required to leave and walk their own path. Back then, Ao Wuxu had reached level one Heavenly Demon, was not allowed to continue to live in the Dragon Emperor's palace and was forced to leave.

"Three entire years." Ao Wuxu's body was trembling. "Back when I was younger, I held anticipation for the Dragon Emperor. All the way till the time when I kneeled for three years on the Snow Mountain. In those three years, I had always harbor hope for him until finally, all my hope turned into despair!"
"Ever since I left the Snow Mountain, I had told myself… I, Ao Wuxu, was no longer a descendent of the Dragon Clan. He, Ao Fang, can forget about me coming back and recognizing him as my father!" The tears in Ao Wuxu's eyes were flickering. He said those words one by one.

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