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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 15 – Single Fist

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Kulops and Phillip

At this moment, Qin Yu was kneeling on all four of his limbs. He was even spouting out blood from his mouth.

"Pfff!" Blood escaped from Qin Yu's mouth.

From the attack of the Matchless Great Sword earlier, even the space had been cracked. Qin Yu's Divine Armor, the Black Frozen Snow, was directly punctured and destroyed. When that Matchless Great Sword pierced through Qin Yu's dantian, it still contained a lot of frightening sword aura that spread through all directions.

Had Qin Yu possessed a Nascent Soul within his dantian, then he would've definitely died. After all, the defenses of Nascent Souls were very weak.

The space within the dantian, if one wanted to call it big then it could be considered to be boundlessly big. If one were to say that it's small, then it can also be considered small, as it's merely a portion of the body.

The Black Hole within Qin Yu's dantian was attacked by the two sword auras. His Black Hole directly swallowed those two Sword Auras. The great amount of sword aura that was exploding in Qin Yu's body was added into the attack by Emperor Yu in order to guarantee that he would be able to kill Qin Yu. With that many sword auras, their attack power were actually not that strong. While those sword auras could be considered as catastrophic to Nascent Souls, but to the Black Hole in Qin Yu's dantian, it didn't possess much effect.

It's just that when the Matchless Great Sword pierced through Qin Yu's dantian, it had caused Qin Yu's Black Hole in his dantian to shudder for a bit. Fortunately, the Matchless Great Sword did not directly pierce the location of the Black Hole. Had it pierced the Black Hole directly, then there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that the Black Hole would've collapsed.

The Life Elemental Energy was rapidly repairing Qin Yu's injuries.

"Had my dantian contained a Nascent Soul, then I would've really died this time around." Qin Yu who was kneeling on the floor raised his head and looked in front of him with bloodshot eyes. At this moment, Hou Fei had went berserk and was attacking Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor like a madman.

Like a madman, Hou Fei exploded with his strongest attack power. The Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes had already been executed to the extreme extent. Countless stick silhouettes were frantically attacking both Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor.

"Brother Feng Yu. This Hou Fei is blocking our path like a madman, what should we do?" Said Xuan Xi via voice transmission.

Emperor Yu's brows creased up. He was blocking Hou Fei's attack. Even though Hou Fei was displaying an exceeding level of power, but regardless of his power, technique or comprehension of the world, they were all much inferior to Emperor Yu.

"Don't bother with him, it seems like Qin Yu's aura is gone." Emperor Yu displayed a happy expression on his face. "The might of our earlier sword strike, even I myself would not be able to block it. He have most certainly died."

Emperor Yu didn't know that the current Qin Yu had merely vanished his aura.

"Mn, it really seemed like his aura is gone. It's just that the injuries on his body were being recovered rapidly; so strange." Xuan Xi noticed that Qin Yu's injuries were recovering.


Emperor Yu was startled. "Could it be that Qin Yu didn't die?"

Emperor Yu couldn't believe it. With the two of them joining hands, their attack power was greater than that of a level nine Immortal Emperor. On top of that, they possessed the High Level Divine Sword, Matchless Great Sword. Their attack was even able to rip through space. With such an immense power, they were still unable to kill Qin Yu?

However, he had clearly observed with his Immortal Awareness that the Divine Sword had pierced through Qin Yu's dantian located in his abdomen.

Hou Fei appeared to have gone berserk.

"Fei Fei, I'm still alive!" A voice sounded in Hou Fei's mind. This voice suddenly caused Hou Fei to become sober from his frantic state. "Quickly, get away from the two of them. I will take you into the Jiang Lan's Realm. Quickly."

Hou Fei immediately grasped the current situation and started to fly backwards. As Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor didn't want to kill Hou Fei to begin with, they naturally did not bother to chase after him when he started to retreat.

"Brother Feng Yu, he's still alive, I managed to sense Qin Yu's aura." Xuan Xi's expression suddenly changed.

Earlier when Qin Yu sent a voice transmission to Hou Fei, he naturally emitted his soul's aura. Although he immediately withdrew it , he was still unexpectedly discovered by Xuan Xi.

With an intention of his mind, Hou Fei and Shi Zhan, who were hiding far away, were immediately sent into the Jiang Lan's Realm. Having made sure that Hou Fei and Shi Zhan were safe, Qin Yu was totally relieved of the worry in his heart.

Now… Qin Yu was able to directly enter the Jiang Lan's Realm himself.

"Emperor Yu, I really never would've thought that… after the battle in the Reef Yellow Star, you'd dare to act overbearing like this again. You were even unwilling to let go and continued to pursue me relentlessly in order to kill me." Qin Yu looked at Emperor Yu. In his eyes were traces of anger.

The Divine Armor Black Frozen Snow had already been destroyed earlier. Although the Divine Armor's defense was very strong, once it's pierced through, it's destroyed completely. It was only possible to restore it if one was able to refine Divine Artifacts. However, in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm… there's likely no one who could refine Divine Artifacts.

"How could this be…." Seeing that Qin Yu actually stood back up and was talking to him, Emperor Yu appeared to have been struck by lightning and turned into a fool. He had a face filled with an unbelieving expression.

"Qin Yu, you're actually still alive? Actually still alive? Impossible!" Emperor Yu's eyes shined with a cold light. His entire body's aura was surging. Xuan Xi who stood next to him also had a shocked expression. She was equally astonished by the fact that Qin Yu was still alive.

Qin Yu looked at Emperor Yu. "Emperor Yu, listen carefully. In the Mortal Realm, that Hua Yan used my relatives to threaten me. On the Maple Moon Star, you dispatched troops to kill me. On the Blue Snow Star, you came to kill me. On the Reef Yellow Star, you didn't hesitate to refine an entire planet to kill me. And now, you came to kill me again! Again and again, you came to kill me. Never once did I try to take the initiative. Each and every time, it's always you who came for me!"

Qin Yu's anger had soared through the skies.

Angrily, he pointed at Emperor Yu. "Emperor Yu, who did you think that I, Qin Yu, am? I originally didn't want to create a death enmity with you, however, you continued to pursue me relentlessly in order to kill me and steal my treasures. Even a clay man is still thirty percent clay. Good. Good. It is you who forced me!"

[TL: Even a clay man is still thirty percent clay basically means that even if a clay had turned into the shape of a man, it's still a clay. Aka. no matter what you do, one's character would not change. Chinese idioms…]

"I, Qin Yu, hereby swear to the heavens; I will certainly kill you one day! I, Qin Yu, and you, Emperor Yu, shall not cease unless either one of us dies!"

Qin Yu pointed at Emperor Yu angrily. His angry voice resounded through the heavens — "I, Qin Yu, and you, Emperor Yu, shall not cease unless either one of us dies!" The sound echoed through the world.

"Shall not cease unless either one of us dies? Humph, then you must certainly die." Emperor Yu's figure had turned into lightning.


The energy contained in that angry voice had caused Emperor Yu's complexion to change color. Two men wearing golden gowns appeared. One of them was a golden haired youngster. The other one was a white haired old man.

"Dragon Emperor." Emperor Yu's expression changed greatly. Mystic Emperor's expression also changed.

The Dragon Emperor took a glance at the Divine Armor on Qin Yu's body that was pierced through as well as the blood on the corner of his mouth. He turned around to look at Emperor Yu with cold eyes. "Feng Yu, for you to be reluctant to part and pursue relentlessly like this, is it not overly excessive?"

Emperor Yu sneered. "Dragon Emperor, don't tell me that you haven't heard what Qin Yu had just said. He said that he shall not cease unless either one of us dies."

"Qin Yu, are you alright?" Ao Wuming arrived beside Qin Yu.

"I'm fine, it's just that my Divine Armor has been destroyed. Qin Yu took off the broken Divine Armor from his body and then took it into his Blazing Profound Ring. He then directly used his Black Hole energy and condensed it into a long gown.

"Haha…" The Dragon Emperor laughed with extreme anger. "Feng Yu, I never would've expected that you would've been this shameless. I too have heard what Qin Yu had said earlier. Time and time again, you chased after Qin Yu to kill him. It seems to me that it has always been you who initiated the attack. Good. Good. You destroyed Qin Yu's Divine Armor, I shall let you pay the price for it."

The Dragon Emperor's aura started to surge.

The Dragon Emperor was about to attack!

Seeing this scene, Ao Wuming exposed a cheerful expression. He said to Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, my father is about to attack. Rest assured, Emperor Yu would definitely not be able to match against my father's attack."

Qin Yu slightly nodded. He knew that the Three Emperors of the Dragon Clan were all extremely powerful. This Dragon Emperor possessed the Inherited Treasure. According to what the Ox Demon Emperor had said, this Inherited Treasure was even stronger than a Divine Artifact.

Qin Yu and Ao Wuming were happy in their hearts. However, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor's expressions changed the moment they heard that the Dragon Emperor was about to attack.

"Dragon Emperor, are you planning to fight against us for this Qin Yu?" Said the Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi coldly. Although Xuan Xi was a woman, but she had stood at the the position of a high and above Emperor for a long time and also possessed her own imposing nature.

Emperor Yu also stared at the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor indifferently laughed and said. "Oh how many years has it been since I last fought; it would appear that not many people know of the strength of the Dragon Emperor now. Did you two think that you'd be able to fight against me with that mere Matchless Great Sword? Truly a jest."

Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor stood rigidly.


A blinding golden light suddenly radiated from the Dragon Emperor's body. It soared through the skies vibrating the heaven and earth. Basking in the golden light, the Dragon Emperor appeared to be a God of War, a figure that people look up to in admiration.

"Against you two, I merely need a single fist!"

Said the Dragon Emperor indifferently. However, that voice contained within it an absolute arrogance.

A golden liquid like substance that could be seen with the naked eye was emitted from the Dragon Emperor's body. Soon, it covered the Dragon Emperor and turned into a suit that covered his entire body. It turned into a battle armor that even covered his two fists.

"Careful." Emperor Yu said to his wife via voice transmission.

Qin Yu and Ao Wuming were paying close attention.

"Big brother Wuming, are you certain that the Dragon Emperor would be able to take them on?" Asked Qin Yu via voice transmission

Ao Wuming said with confidence. "Rest assured, although Emperor Yu has reached level nine Immortal Emperor, but when comparing his strength, he's only at the same level as my Imperial Father. However, my Imperial Father possesses our Dragon Clan's Inherited Treasure. For him to take care of them, it's extremely easy."

Seeing how Ao Wuming was so confident, Qin Yu also started to ease up and carefully paid attention to the battle.

The indifferent laughter of the Dragon Emperor who was currently basking in a golden light sounded. "Be careful." Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor's power was also condensed to the extreme. The two Divine Swords in front of them were also trembling. They were ready to attack at any moment.

Suddenly —

A golden lightning flashed, the Dragon Emperor had arrived in front of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor. Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor simultaneously struck out with their swords. At the same time, the Dragon Emperor's right first was thrust forward.


A single fist!

That fist covered with a golden colored armor landed on Xuan Xi's Divine Armor. Cracks started to appear on that Divine Armor and Xuan Xi's completely turned deathly white in a flash.


Emperor Yu's expression had a huge change. Immediately, he distressfully embraced Xuan Xi and flew backwards.

"Xi'er, Xi'er. Are you okay?" Emperor Yu had retreated several hundred meters back and was asking Xuan Xi about her condition distressfully. At this moment, Xuan Xi's complexion was deathly pale. She looked at Emperor Yu and, with great effort, squeezed out a smile. "I'm fine, that Dragon Emperor didn't plan to kill me. It's just that I had never expected that the Dragon Emperor would be able to break apart my Divine Armor that easily."

A Divine Armor that's worn by a level eight Immortal Emperor was able to display an extremely strong defense.

However, it was still cracked and destroyed by a single fist from the Dragon Emperor.

Only at that moment did Emperor Yu react. He immediately moved his intention and retrieved back his Great Emperor's Sword. At the same time, an Immortal Elemental Energy also wrapped around the Flowing Great Sword and retrieved it. While they were doing that, the Dragon Emperor did not obstruct them at all.

"Feng Yu, listen carefully." The Dragon Emperor firmly stared at Emperor Yu who was currently half kneeling and holding his wife. "Today, you've destroyed Qin Yu's Divine Armor and greatly injured him, for reciprocation, I also destroyed one of your Divine Armors and greatly injured the Xuan Xi."

Emperor Yu was biting down on his teeth tightly. However, he did not say anything.

No matter what, the gap between him and the Dragon Emperor was too great.

To be weaker than the other, one could only bite down one's tooth to pieces and swallow it into one's stomach. Emperor Yu coldly humphed and then proceed to stare at Qin Yu ferociously. Afterwards, he held his wife and turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

As a level eight Immortal Emperor, Xuan Xi was very fast in recovering from her injuries.

"Brother Feng Yu, please don't mind about it too much." Said Xuan Xi to Emperor Yu.

Seeing the current Emperor Yu's expression, Xuan Xi was very worried in her heart.

Emperor Yu was a very arrogant person. The shock from this time was truly too great. Everything was prepared so perfectly and their attack was also perfect. However… they still failed and the Dragon Emperor even appeared.

Emperor Yu shook his head. "Xi'er, according to what Qin Yu said, I had only gone after him the whole time. Those several times… the first time, Hua Yan died. The second time, a lot Golden Immortal were killed on the Maple Moon Star. The third time, on the Blue Snow Star, I had persistently monitored for such a long time yet was still unable to find even the slightest trace of him. The fourth time… on the Reef Yellow Star, he sent out Ao Wuxu and killed twenty six of my Immortal Emperors."

"Xi'er, tell me, can I endure that?" Emperor Yu was panting. His eyes were glittering like frost and snow. "Numerous times, I've been disgraced. And this time, what was it? He vowed to not cease unless either one of us dies. Ha… now that we've reached this point, can I still shrink back? With the numerous disgraces, if I don't kill him, then even when I die, I would not be able to close my eyes in death and die contentedly."

Seeing her husband acting like this, Xuan Xi knew that Emperor Yu's heart's devil was very strong.

"Dragon Emperor, that old fart." Once he thought of the Dragon Emperor, Emperor Yu's heart started to rage and feel powerless. When he was fighting against the Dragon Emperor, his Great Emperor's Sword had actually managed to stab at the body of the Dragon Emperor.

Unfortunately, the Great Emperor's Sword was unable to cause any damage when it was stabbed at the Dragon Emperor's golden battle armor.

The gap!

Even though he had reached level nine Immortal Emperor, the gap between him and the Dragon Emperor was still immensely large.

"So strong." Seeing the Dragon Emperor who was basked in a golden light, these were the only two words that Qin Yu thought of. Although the Dragon Emperor's fist strike appeared to be extremely simple; however, Qin Yu noticed that when the fist attacked, there appeared slight traces of black space cracks in the path of its attack.

The fist was heavy like a mountain.

It goes without saying how strong that fist was.

Even a level eight Immortal Emperor's Divine Armor was destroyed by a single fist.

The golden armor on the Dragon Emperor's body had turned into a golden colored liquid in a flash. Soon, it flowed into the Dragon Emperor's body and disappeared. The golden light that surrounded the Dragon Emperor had also disappeared.

"Qin Yu, how are you right now?" The Dragon Emperor walked over while smiling. He asked about Qin Yu's condition amiably.

"I'm fine, many thanks to uncle for helping me." Qin Yu said his thanks.

"Trivial matter. That guy Emperor Yu always thought that he's outstanding and that he could attack someone again and again. This time, I merely taught him a lesson." The Dragon Emperor suddenly asked Qin Yu. "Oh, that's right. He had destroyed one of your Divine Armor and I only destroyed one of theirs, was I a bit too lenient toward them?"

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