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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 14 – Divine Artifact Destroyed

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Inside the quiet courtyard manor, Ao Wuming was sitting beside the table. As for Lian Zhu, she was walking over with a cup of tea.

"Wuming, what are you vexed about?" Lian Zhu placed the cup of tea in front of Ao Wuming.

Ao Wuming took a deep breath. He then slowly said while looking at Lian Zhu. "My wife, say, do you think I should let my Imperial Father meet my big brother? Big brother does not want to see father, but father wanted to meet him instead. What should I do?"

"You pondered about it for all this time because of this?" Lian Zhu laughed.

"What? You have an idea?" Ao Wuming had already been vexed for three four days now.

Lian Zhu laughed and scolded. "You're truly foolish. Why must you decide this matter on your own? Just directly tell your Imperial Father about this and then bring your father to your brother."

"Big brother would be ang…"

"Don't worry." Lian Zhu interrupted him. "When you go and meet your big brother, first don't let your father appear before him. First meet him by yourself and then ask your big brother if he wants to see the Dragon Emperor. Regardless of whether or not your big brother is willing, you just need to tell the result to your father."

"If big brother isn't willing, then won't father be going there for no avail?…" Right when Ao Wuming said to this point, he started to smile. "Ah. Lian Zhu, you're so clever and quick-witted. So very clever. Even if my big brother isn't willing, but once I tell father about it, then father would likely appear on his own. At that time, won't he have met big brother regardless? Also, big brother cannot blame me for it then."

Lian Zhu chuckled.

After scraping Lian Zhu's nose, Ao Wuming immediately left the courtyard manor. "I'll go and tell my Imperial Father."

On a certain planet in the Dragon Clan's territory that's close to the Bird Clan's territory. Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor had already arrived here. They had already changed their appearance and are currently analyzing the information they received.

On the wall was a large Interstellar Map that covered the entire wall. This Interstellar Map was the map of the Dragon Clan's territory. Even though the writings on the map were very small, but it was also barely enough to cover the entire Dragon Clan's territory and condense it to the size of the wall.

"Brother Feng Yu, Qin Yu and Hou Fei are currently here." Xuan Xi pointed at a planet on the Dragon Clan's territory.

Emperor Yu looked at the map on the wall and nodded. "They had already traveled half the route. Currently, we still do not know which bordering planet they would be proceeding toward."

There were six bordering planets between the Dragon Clan's territory and the Bird Clan's territory. The six bordering planets of the Dragon Clan's territory each led to a different planet on the Bird Clan's territory. Although Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi had decided to intercept Qin Yu and kill him the moment he entered the Bird Clan's territory, but… they were still unable to determine which planet Qin Yu would be going toward.

"According to their current routes, there are two bordering planets that they might be going toward. However, as for which bordering plant it is, we could only continue to wait for new information." Said Xuan Xi while frowning.

Afterwards, Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's troops were sending back information one by one. The routes that Qin Yu and Hou Fei were proceeding toward had become much clearer.

"Reporting to the two Majesties, Qin Yu and Hou Fei had reached the Lotus Fish Star." Said an Immortal Emperor outside of the door very respectfully.

"Lotus Fish Star!"

Both Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's eyes shined. They both turned around to look at that gigantic Interstellar Map. Mystic Emperor raised her hand and pointed on it. She said. "Brother Feng Yu, they had set foot on the Lotus Fish Star, it's clear that they would soon set foot on a bordering planet. In that case… it's clear that they would be going to the Bird Clan's territories Yellow Bird Star from that bordering planet!"

Mystic Emperor pointed on a planet at the edge of the extremely large Interstellar Map — Yellow Bird Star. The entire map was covered with the Dragon Clan's territory, only in the edges were there some bordering planets from other territories.

For Qin Yu and Hou Fei to step on the Lotus Fish Star, they had already clearly informed Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor of the route they'll be taking.

"Yellow Bird Star!"

Emperor Yu looked at the Yellow Bird Star on the map with shining eyes. "Good. Xi'er, let's depart immediately and proceed toward the Yellow Bird Star so that we can intercept Qin Yu and Hou Fei at the Interstellar Conveying Arrays."

"Yes, let's go."

The Mystic Emperor was also very straightforward. After the two of them finished their conversation, they immediately used Greater Teleportation and arrived on another planet to take its Interstellar Conveying Array. With extreme speed, they proceeded toward the Yellow Bird Star. As they were originally close to the Bird Clan's territory, they had reached the Yellow Bird Star in less than a day's time.

Yellow Bird Star.

As the major transit plant between the Dragon Clan's territory and the Bird Clan's territory, Yellow Bird Star was naturally incomparably bustling. Furthermore, Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor had already placed a lot of troops on this planet to begin with. And now, many of the experts from other planets have also started to assemble toward the Yellow Bird Star.

In a certain desolate and uninhabited outskirt of the Yellow Bird Star.

However, inside a certain forest of this place was a quiet manor. This manor was a residence that Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's subordinates had recently built on the Yellow Bird Star. It was built precisely to await for the arrival of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor.

Ever since Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor had decided to intercept and kill Qin Yu the moment he set foot on the Bird Clan's territory, they had given the orders for their troops to build residences for themselves in all six bordering planets including the Yellow Bird Star.

Inside the manor.

The husband and wife, Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor, were calmly waiting for their subordinates to send news to them.

"Two Majesties, according to Qin Yu and Hou Fei's speed, if they were to not stop to rest for the entire time, then they would arrive on the Yellow Bird Star in two days." Said a level nine Golden Immortal subordinate respectfully.

Xuan Xi nodded indifferently and said. "Good, you may withdraw."

That subordinate immediately bowed and withdrew.

"Brother Feng Yu, it would take at least two days for Qin Yu and Hou Fei to arrive. It's better for us to rest ourselves for a bit in the following two days. It would not be too late for us to attack him after they have arrived." Xuan Xi looked at Emperor Yu. "Brother Feng Yu, in these past couple days, you've been too tense."

Emperor Yu was slightly startled.

"Right, it must be because of how much of an importance I placed Qin Yu as." Emperor Yu smiled lightly. "Xi'er, I am in no mood to rest at this time. If you want to rest, then go ahead and rest."

"I…." Xuan Xi saw Emperor Yu's current appearance and said helplessly. "Mn, I'll accompany you here."

"I hope that Qin Yu and Hou Fei do not rest enroute so that they can arrive on the Yellow Bird Star faster." Thought Emperor Yu in his heart. His gaze had grown cold.

"Can't Qin Yu and Hou Fei stop for a rest? Sigh."

Said the Dragon Emperor helplessly. Ao Wuming who stood to their side was also at a loss for words.

Ever since Ao Wuming told the Dragon Emperor about the matter, the Dragon Emperor was so excited that he decided to immediately set off to Qin Yu's location. However, Qin Yu had already traveled wide and far. The Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming could only continue to chase after them slowly.

In actuality, the Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming were also able to send a transmission to Qin Yu to ask them to wait a bit. It's just that the Dragon Emperor also knew that Qin Yu was anxious to find his brother and didn't want to waste his time. Thus, he could only strain himself and try his best to intercept Qin Yu from another direction.

The Green Crystal Star was originally located at the opposite direction of Qin Yu's route.

Now, the Dragon Emperor and Ao Wuming were proceeding toward the Bird Clan's territory through a different route. Once they reached the Bird Clan's territory, they are able to reach the Yellow Bird Star through the use of two Interstellar Conveying Arrays.

"Imperial Father, according to their speed, it would likely take Qin Yu and Hou Fei two more days to reach the Yellow Bird Star. If we were to speed up a bit, then we are also able to reach the Yellow Bird Star in two days." Said Ao Wuming after calculating their speed.

The Dragon Emperor nodded.

Their speed was faster than Qin Yu's. That's because… they didn't have to wait in line.

Once they took out the title plate of the Dragon Clan's Imperial Family, they were able to immediately step foot into another Interstellar Conveying Array the moment they walked out from one. Like this… their speed was clearly many times faster than Qin Yu's.

Under the close attention of numerous parties, the time passed very slowly.

"Two Majesties, Qin Yu and Hou Fei had reached the Exceeding Forest Star, they're a day away from reaching the Yellow Bird Star."

"Two Majesties, Qin Yu and Hou Fei are half a day away from reading the Yellow Bird Star."

Following the numerous incoming information messages, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor did not dare to have the slightest amount of distraction in their heart.

"Two Majesties, Qin Yu and Hou Fei had reached the bordering planet in the Dragon Clan's territory. After they finish standing in line, they will reach the bordering planet in the Bird Clan's territory — Yellow Bird Star."

Hearing this information message, Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor both stood up.

"Qin Yu, he's about to come." Emperor Yu's eyes shined. The Mystic Emperor also held Emperor Yu's hand tightly. "Brother Feng Yu, don't worry, this Qin Yu would definitely not be able to take on our combined strike."

Emperor Yu nodded.

However, Emperor Yu still involuntarily grasped his first tightly. He still remembered that after he refined the entire Reef Yellow Star, what he managed to obtain was a Qin Yu hiding in that green speck. Finally, all his troops were massacred.

"Today, I will definitely kill him." Emperor Yu raged in his heart.

Hou Fei and Qin Yu were standing in line.

"Big brother, there's truly a lot of people in this bordering planet. There's actually over a hundred people standing in line. I suspect that it'll take a long time for it to reach our turn." Said Hou Fei helplessly. Qin Yu also smiled bitterly.

How could the circulation of people in ordinary planets be able to compare to a bordering planet like the one they were on?

Over a hundred people, after a short while of standing in line, they had all passed through to the Yellow Bird Star on the other side.

"Next." Coldly said the man whose job was to precisely take the toll fee of Elemental Spirit Stones. After he received the Elemental Spirit Stones from Qin Yu and Hou Fei, this man then allowed Qin Yu and Hou Fei to enter the Interstellar Conveying Array and started the Interstellar Conveying Array.

The next planet belonged to the Bird Clan's territory.

A burst of vague brilliant light started to flicker. Following the light, Qin Yu and Hou Fei disappeared and then found themselves having arrived on the Yellow Bird Star.

"Yellow Bird Star. We've arrived." Qin Yu had a cheerful look.

"Big brother, we're tired after journeying so far nonstop. According to our plan, let's rest on this planet for a while." Hou Fei walked out from the Interstellar Conveying Array and took a long stretch.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "Don't be anxious, let's have Shi Zhan determine where Xiao Hei is at first so that we can determine which interstellar routes we should be taking from now on."

Hou Fei nodded.

That Shi Zhan's safety was very important. Only through having Shi Zhan would they be able to find Hei Yu easier.

"There are crooks mixed in with honest folks here, let's go find a peaceful place without anyone before letting Shi Zhan out." Qin Yu pulled Hou Fei and then the two turned into rays of light and flew toward the east.

And at this moment, an Immortal took our a Transmission Spiritual Pearl. "My lord, Qin Yu and Hou Fei had arrived. They did not continue to stand in the Interstellar Conveying Array but instead stopped on the Yellow Bird Star. After they left the Interstellar Conveying Array, they flew toward the east."

After Qin Yu and Hou Fei flew several hundred miles, they stopped and descended. There was no one here, all that's here was an overgrown prairie. Qin Yu directly took Shi Zhan out from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Once Shi Zhan was out, he saw Qin Yu and Hou Fei and immediately said respectfully. "Shi Zhan pays his respect to lord Qin Yu and lord Hou Fei."

"Enough." Hou Fei immediately said loudly. "You are to immediately sense your master Hei Yu's rough location. We've already given you the map of the Bird Clan's territory, give us a general area."


Said Shi Zhan as he bowed. He then started to stand toward the side without moving, he had started to sense where Hei Yu was located at.

Qin Yu suddenly frowned.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Hou Fei asked in confusion.

Qin Yu said while frowning. "Earlier, there's an Immortal Awareness that swept through our surroundings."

Hou Fei smiled and said carefreely. "Oh, it's just that? It's very common for cultivators to use their Immortal Awareness or Devil Awareness to sweep their surroundings. What's to care about that?"

"No, that Immortal Awareness from earlier appeared to be of a very high level." Qin Yu brows were deeply furrowed. "It's just that the Immortal Awareness had disappeared right after. I did not manage to carefully examine it in time. However, at the very least, it's level six Immortal Emperor or above."

"I've determined Qin Yu's location."

Xuan Xi nodded to Emperor Yu. Emperor Yu's eyes started to shine with burning light. "Finally, this moment has come. Xi'er, prepare to join hands with me immediately. My power is a bit stronger than yours, I'll take charge of our attack. Okay?"

Xuan Xi nodded.

The two then took a glance at each other; with extreme mutual understanding, they flew up to the sky simultaneously. Soon, the two started to execute numerous hand seals at the same time. The seals were exactly the same. Finally, they started to chant numerous strange syllables.

Two Divine Swords were floating beside them. It was the Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword.

One was golden and the other was green.

Suddenly —

Xuan Xi and Emperor Yu's forms started to change alternately. Similar to the space shifting, the two were unceasingly shifting. The Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword started to let out a trembling buzz cry. At the same time, they started to fuse together.

Lights shined brilliantly. Suddenly, sword aura pierced through the sky. The Great Emperor's Sword and the Flowing Great Sword had combined into the High Quality Divine Sword — the Matchless Great Sword.

Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi took a glance at each other. The two's figure were once again shifted in the air. At this time, the hand seal that Emperor Yu and Xuan Xi made was completely different. Rays of golden light were radiating from Emperor Yu's fingers.

Holding the Divine Sword Matchless Great Sword one-handed, a cold and fierce light shined through Emperor Yu's eyes.


Suddenly, Emperor Yu's Immortal Awareness covered the entire Yellow Bird Star. Qin Yu who was currently waiting for Shi Zhan's answer was immediately discovered. Being covered by that Immortal Awareness, Qin Yu's expression immediately changed.

"Something's amiss." Qin Yu immediately grew alert. He was prepared to immediately launch his own Immortal Awareness.

However, right at the moment when that Immortal Awareness covered Qin Yu, Qin Yu sensed that the entire Yellow Bird Star was shuddering. An astonishing brilliance pierced through the heavens and was coming toward him. Even the traces of space cracks have appeared.

Fast. Too fast. Qin Yu's Immortal Awareness was only just spread out but that Divine Sword had already reached him.


With a speed surpassing all attacks that Qin Yu have ever encountered, an attack that's at least ten times faster and stronger than that Green Blooded Sword Immortal's attack from back then. Qin Yu did not even have the ability to react and dodge. Qin Yu only sensed that his body was jolted as a frightening momentum was thrust at him causing him to fly backwards.

That momentum was brought forth by the Divine Armor.

The Divine Armor, Black Frozen Snow only merely caused the attack to be a bit sluggish. In less than a moment, that Divine Sword, like piercing through gauze, pierced through the Divine Armor. Like tofu, Qin Yu's body was pierced through.

That Divine Sword directly pierced through and Qin Yu's dantian area. Blood burst forth.

"Qin Yu, die."

Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor immediately arrived in front of Qin Yu through teleportation.

Seeing this, Hou Fei raged like lightning. Especially when he saw that the Divine Sword had pierced through Qin Yu's Divine Armor and through his dantian, Hou Fei was stupefied.

"Big brother!!!" Hou Fei's two eyes were blood red. He was shouting himself till he's hoarse.

Hou Fei's body shined. A several hundred meter tall enormous ape phantom appeared behind Hou Fei. A layer of silver hair appeared on Hou Fei's body. His eyes turned golden and his lips turned purple.

"Ah~~~" A roar originating from the soul sounded. Hou Fei's golden eyes immediately turned deep red. The corner of his eyes were close to rupturing. "Who is it?!" Following his roar, he stomped the Black Stick in his hand. Countless stick silhouettes, like an endless amount of ocean waves, covered Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor immediately.

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