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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 11 – Same Hearted Brothers

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

In the spacious and empty main hall inside the mountain, Qin Yu was the only one alive. Currently, Qin Yu's heart was still shuddering. Earlier, the Cyan Guard was unexpectedly killed by the lord of the Inherited Prohibited Area. Although Qin Yu was unable to tell what kind of method the lord used to kill him, but the viciousness and mercilessness had still caused Qin Yu to shudder in his heart.

"Red Guard, take away the Cyan Guard's corpse."

The lord's voice resounded in the main hall once again. A red silhouette flashed by. A red clothed man with an appearance that's very similar to the Cyan Guard appeared in the main hall. This Red Guard bent over and picked up the Cyan Guard's corpse. He had a slight… sadness in his eyes.

"Foreign clansman, why are you still here?"

Hearing this sentence, Qin Yu was abruptly woken up by it.

"The lord of this Inherited Prohibited Area has an extremely strange temperament. It's best to not waste time with him." Qin Yu remembered his brother and immediately took Hou Fei out from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

As if he had teleported, Hou Fei appeared in the main hall out of thin air.

"Big brother." Hou Fei's eyes were already moist.

Qin Yu's heart also shivered. He then held back his emotions and said hurriedly. "Let's not waste time anymore, let's go to a safe place first." The only safe place within this Inherited Prohibited Area was that open stone platform.

Hou Fei had also become clear-headed. "Right, let's go." Hou Fei flipped his hand around and absorbed the Black Stick that was on the ground into his body. He then rapidly left the main hall together with Qin Yu. They passed through the tunnel and arrived on the open stone platform.

The open stone platform was isolated on the edge of this floating mountain. Below it was a boundless void. At the same time, there was strong wind blowing to it.

The two brothers Qin Yu and Hou Fei were on top of this open stone platform. They looked at each other.

At this time, the two of them were recalling the memories of their past. The time when they first met at Uncle Lan's residence located at the bottom of the sea. The time when they wandered around the seafloor cultivator world with Hei Yu. The glorious moment when they ultimately established the Stellar Tower… There's also the helpless departure in front of the Ni Yang Realm's Blue Cloud Road. All of their memories were fleeting past their minds.

Amongst the three brothers, Hou Fei and Hei Yu had no choice but to ascend and enter the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm before Qin Yu.

As for Qin Yu, he had bitterly trained in the Mortal Realm for over a hundred years. Only then did he managed to realize the Dark Star Realm and achieve ascension.

The separation of several hundred years, they have finally met each other again.

The last time they saw each other, they were both at the Dacheng stage. However now, the two brothers were already Emperor level experts. One of them was the Ape and Monkey Clan's Super Divine Beast, the future Great Ape Emperor. The other was someone whose reputation had spread wide and far, the Qin Yu that had stepped on Emperor Yu.

Everything had changed, only that promise remained the same.

Hou Fei looked at Qin Yu. His entire body was slightly trembling. Ever since he had arrived on the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, Hou Fei had always been thinking about meeting Qin Yu and Hei Yu again. He was unable to attain any news about Qin Yu at all. As for Hei Yu… in accordance to the Great Ape Emperor's order, unless he had reached the Emperor level, he was not allowed to enter the territory of the Bird Clan.

Bitterly trained! He had frantically trained!

In these past couple hundred years, training hard and bitterly was all that Hou Fei ever did. Including all the life and death battles that he had done in the Inherited Prohibited Area; what did he do all those for? It's all so that he could go and find his brothers, all so that he could be qualified to protect his brothers.


His big brother had came!

"Big brother!"

Tears were forming on Hou Fei's eyes socked. He hugged Qin Yu tightly. The giant tear drops started to flow out from Hou Fei's eyes.

"Fei Fei." Qin Yu also tightly hugged his second brother. Ever since he had arrived in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, Qin Yu had always been lonely in heart and in spirit. He had always wanted to be together with his brothers, always trying his best in order to accomplish that. Even when he was being chased by Emperor Yu, Blood Devil Emperor and them, Qin Yu had never once retreated from his goal.

And now, he had finally succeeded.

After a long time, the two brothers stopped hugging each other and separated themselves.

"Big brother, how did you manage to find me? How have you been all these years? Oh, that's right, did you manage to create the later stages of your Stellar Transformation? Do you know how that Mixed Haired Bird is doing? Do you…"

Hou Fei asked seven questions in succession. He suddenly stopped. That's because he saw that Qin Yu had opened his mouth to reply but didn't know how to reply.

"Big brother, haha, I got a bit too emotional." Hou Fei scratched his head and then grinned.

"It's okay, I'm also very emotional right now." Qin Yu felt that his whole body was comfortable and warm. That warm sensation came from the heart and soul. Soon after. "Fei Fei, how have these past couple hundred years been for you?"

Hou Fei said proudly. "In these past couple hundred years, I roughly did two things. One was finding that Mixed Hair Bird, and the other was to continue training. I had also tried to find you before. However, I did not know where you ascended to nor did I know when you'll ascend. I was even worrying that you might not be able to successfully create the later stages of 'Stellar Transformation.'"

Qin Yu nodded and said. "That's true. At that time, I was also wondering what might've happened if I failed to create the later stages. I have not seen you guys nor have I seen Li'er again, so I had always been demanding myself to not fail. Fortunately… I managed to succeed in my creation."

"Big brother, it seems to me that your current strength is pretty powerful. I had originally thought that I'll be the strongest amongst us three brothers now. Never had I expected that big brother is also this strong now. Could it be that big brother had been training hard and bitterly ever since you ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm?" Asked Hou Fei.

Qin Yu took a deep breath, he slowly said. "About this matter, we must talk about the grudges between Emperor Yu and I."

"Emperor Yu? Could it be that idiot provoked you?" Hou Fei's eyes started to open wide.

Qin Yu reached out his hand and patted Hou Fei's shoulder. He then slowly began to talk about what had happened after he arrived in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. From the time when his disciple died on the Maple Moon Star causing him to incur hatred with Emperor Yu to the battle in the Blue Flame Star. Then to the battle against the Blood Devil Emperor's son on the Hidden Emperor Star. And then to the time on the Blue Snow Star when he was chased by the two great experts… All the way till the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array.

In the whole series of events that Qin Yu described, Hou Fei had been anxious for Qin Yu the entire time as he listened.

Although Qin Yu was currently well and living, but hearing about those battles had still caused Hou Fei to become anxious.

"Ever since I opened the Third Layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, killed twenty six Immortal Emperors and forced Emperor Yu to flee, no one dared to provoke me again. After that, I effortlessly arrived here." After Qin Yu finished his story, and he also let out a deep breath.

Hou Fei's eyes were blinking nonstop. They were flickering with anger.

"That idiot Emperor Yu and that Blood Devil Emperor, they actually dared to bully you like that." Hou Fei's anger soared. He then looked at Qin Yu. "Big brother, your disciple Liu Hanshu was actually hounded to death by them, those bastards."

Qin Yu waved his hand and said. "Don't worry, they would one day repay everything that they had done." Qin Yu's tone was dull. However, his eyes shined with fierceness.

"Oh, that's right. Big Brother, earlier I had abruptly disappeared from the main hall and arrived in another world. What was that?" Hou Fei looked at Qin Yu curiously. Earlier, he was in the Jiang Lan's Realm and worried about Qin Yu so he didn't think too much about it. However now, he got curious.

Qin Yu smiled and said. "That is the Divine Artifact that Uncle Lan gave me, the Jiang Lan's Realm."

"Uncle Lan?" Hou Fei suddenly understood. "Uncle Lan is truly powerful. That Jiang Lan's Realm that he gave you was amazing, the Black Stick that he gave me was also amazing."

"What happened to the Black Stick?" Qin Yu asked.

According to what Qin Yu knew, this Black Stick was only as hard as a Divine Artifact. It appeared that there's nothing else to it.

Hou Fei chuckled. "Big brother, did you know… that before I even came to the Inherited Prohibited Area, I had already reached level six Demon King? From level one Heavenly Demon to level six Demon King, it merely took me a bit over two hundred years. Don't you think that's a bit too fast?"

Now that Qin Yu thought about it, it was indeed too fast.

Even the Genius Immortal Emperor, Jun Luoyu, still took several hundred years and almost a thousand year to reach level two Immortal Emperor. It is likely that it took him two to three hundred years to reach the level six Golden Immortal. For Hou Fei to reach that level so fast… it was truly astonishing.

"The reason why my cultivation speed was fast was precisely because of this Black Stick." Said Hou Fei complacently.

"Oh?" Qin Yu looked at the Black Stick in Hou Fei's hand with astonishment.

Hou Fei mashed his lips twice and then said. "About this Black Stick, I don't know why but when I am holding the Black Stick, I started to feel more intimate with the cosmic nature. My soul's realm also rises rapidly. However, if I am not holding the Black Stick, I am unable to achieve that profound sensation."

"There's such an effect?" Qin Yu was amazed.

If that really was the case, then it ought to be because of Uncle Lan. After all, the Black Stick was given to Hou Fei by Uncle Lan.

Talking about Uncle Lan, Qin Yu and Hou Fei were both filled with amazement. However, toward Uncle Lan himself, the two brothers did not know much about him.

"Fei Fei, do you have news regarding Xiao Hei?" Qin Yu suddenly asked. "I remember that you had previously tried to find Xiao Hei."

Hou Fei nodded and said. "That's right, I went to find that Mixed Hair Bird before, relying on that Mystic Ice Lion Beast that had a soul connection with him. It's just that right after I had determined that the Mixed Hair Bird was in the Bird Clan's territory, I was brought back by the Great Ape Emperor before I was even able to enter the Bird Clan's territory to search for him."

Suddenly, Hou Fei's expression grew solemn. "Big brother, I had always been worrying about a certain thing."

"Go ahead." Qin Yu felt his eyelid jumped.

With a serious expression, Hou Fei said. "According to what the Profound Ice Lion Beast, Shi Zhan, the Mixed Hair Bird ought to have been moving about a large range in the Bird Clan's territory. I suspect that… he is being chased by someone."

Qin Yu's expression changed.

He had once considered that a possibility; it's just that he was not willing to accept that. Qin Yu immediately denounced it. "That's impossible. You also know that Xiao Hei was at the very least a High Level Divine Beast. With merely the information that I managed to inquire, in the period when Xiao Hei ascended, there were no High Level Divine Beasts like him that had ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Thus, Xiao Hei was a Variation Divine Beast that no one knew about. As a Variation Divine Beast… there certainly would not be anyone in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm that could know about him. If no one knew about him, who would go and chase to kill him for no reason?"

Qin Yu still remembered what Ao Wuming had told him.

Hou Fei nodded and said. "Big Brother, what you said makes sense. There are indeed High Level Divine Beasts within the Eagle Clan but they are not Black Eagles. Mixed Hair Bird was definitely a Variation Divine Beast and not many people would know about him. However, this does not signify that there would not be anyone chasing after him and trying to kill him. It might be that he provoked someone after he ascended."

"Big brother." Hou Fei solemnly looked at Qin Yu. "You ought to know that neither one of us had ascended to the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm for a long time. While I am able to train and cultivate to my current strength through the usage of the Black Stick and the Inherited Prohibited Area; but what about the Mixed Hair Bird?"

"Xiao Hei has the Cloud Piercing Spear." Hurriedly replied Qin Yu.

This Cloud Piercing Spear was created with the same material as Hou Fei's Black Stick. They are both given to them respectively by Uncle Lan. Maybe it also had that kind of cultivation assisting function.

"That's right." Hou Fei nodded. "However big brother, you have to understand that even if he possessed the Cloud Piercing Spear, how far would he reach in a mere three hundred years? The reason that I was able to reach level three Demon Emperor from level six Demon King in a mere sixty years was all because of the Inherited Prohibited Area. If I didn't have the Inherited Prohibited Area, relying on on the Black Stick, I would at most be level eight or nine Demon King right now."

"Big brother, you ought to know about how great the gap between Emperor level and the levels below it are." Hou Fei's words had caused Qin Yu to tremble in his heart.


Hou Fei was able to train and cultivate to level three Demon Emperor because of the Inherited Prohibited Area, but what about Xiao Hei?

The levels below Emperor level.

Back then, on the Maple Moon Star, Qin Yu relied on the body of the Sword Immortal Puppet but was still unable to injure Yu Qingzi. The Emperor level 'domain' was the greatest assistance to prevail over those below the Emperor level.

"Big brother, you shouldn't worry. That was merely a guess of mine." Seeing that Qin Yu was somewhat worried, Hou Fei immediately said.

Qin Yu nodded and said. "I understand all that you said and it makes a lot of sense. There truly are a lot of people in the Bird Clan that possesses the power to chase and kill Xiao Hei. However, at the very least, Xiao Hei is still alive."

If Xiao Hei were to die, then his spiritual beast Shi Zhan would naturally know about it.

"Thus, regardless of whether Xiao Hei is safe or not, we must still hurry up and go to the Bird Clan's territory as soon as possible to find him!" Said Qin Yu resolutely.

"If he was to be safe, then we'll just consider it that us three brothers would have our reunion earlier." Qin Yu started to laugh. However, his eyes turned cold in a flash. "If there really was someone chasing after Xiao Hei trying to kill him, then we shall go and extinguish that scoundrel."

"Right." Hou Fei also grew excited. "Back then, us three brothers swept through the seafloor cultivation realm, who dared to provoke us? Now is the same, even if it is the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, whoever dared to provoke any of us three brothers, they'll be provoking all three of us."

Hou Fei was truly a tyrannical brute. His eyes had even turned red as he said those.

"Fei Fei, let's leave here immediately?" Asked Qin Yu.

After all, Hou Fei only possessed three opportunities to enter the Inherited Prohibited Area, to waste one means that he'll have one less opportunity.

"What are we waiting for?" Hou Fei started to laugh loudly. "I already can't wait anymore. Furthermore, I still have two more chances after this one… Did you think that I'm that idiot Great Ape Emperor? If I was to truly train and cultivate, then I'll be able to reach the 'Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike' Realm in a single try."

Qin Yu saw Hou Fei's arrogant appearance, he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

This Heaven Startling Stick Technique was separated into six different techniques. The current Hou Fei was still not able to successfully master the second technique; in addition the further it goes, the harder it becomes, for Hou Fei master the sixth technique, the difficulty isn't just simply hard.

"Good, since Fei Fei you don't even care about this opportunity, then I would also not be wasting time. Let's go. After we get out, we'll bring Shi Zhan with us and immediately set off for the Bird Clan's territory." Qin Yu was filled with enthusiasm.

Hou Fei also shouted excitedly.

The two brothers immediately stepped on top of that smooth-surfaced bluestone on the edge of the open stone platform. That bluestone faintly shined with light; Qin Yu and Hou Fei were directly sent out of the Inherited Prohibited Area. It's just that after Qin Yu and Hou Fei left, an indistinct and low murmuring sound was sent out from the Inherited Prohibited Area.

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