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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 12 – The Place to Intercept and Kill

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Inside the core region of the disk that's composed of boundless amount of Cosmic Fragmentary Golden Stream. In front of the floating mountain, the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor were chatting with each other. Just at the moment when the two were excited in their chat —

QIn Yu and Hou Fei suddenly appeared in front of the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor.

"Qin Yu, you managed to survive?" Both the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor had expressions of amazement.

Qin Yu glanced at the Great Ape Emperor. He was a bit angry in his heart. He was angry that the Great Ape Emperor actually did not clearly explain the most important aspect — the Inherited Prohibited Area does not allow the usage of Divine Armors.

When Qin Yu entered it, he was mostly relying on the fact that his Divine Armor's defense was powerful.

"Why didn't this Great Ape Emperor tell me? If he wanted to harm me, there was no need for him to use such a method." Qin Yu became puzzled. Was he exactly a friend or foe? Qin Yu was unable to determine that at the moment.

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, I want to ask you about a thing." Qin Yu looked at the Great Ape Emperor.

"Little brother Qin Yu, go ahead and ask." Said the Great Ape Emperor while smiling.

Qin Yu's expression grew solemn. "I only found out after I entered the Inherited Prohibited Area that… the Inherited Prohibited Area does not allow the usage of Divine Armor. You had not told me about this before, can you tell me the reason for that?"

Hou Fei also looked at the Great Ape Emperor. His brows started to crease and a trace of anger was shown in his eyes. "Your Majesty, my big brother is a foreign clansman, he would be met with extreme danger when entering the Inherited Prohibited Area, how could you have allowed him to enter there? Also, you didn't even tell him about the matter of not being allowed to use Divine Armors?"

Even if this Sun Yuan was the Great Ape Emperor, Hou Fei would still not allow him to treat his own big brother like so.

"Fei Fei, I decided to enter the Inherited Prohibited Area on my own." That was something that Qin Yu admitted.

The Great Ape Emperor smiled embarrassedly, he said. "Little brother Qin Yu, you were so anxious to enter the Inherited Prohibited Area, as I was rushing to tell you about some things you have to remember, I had forgotten to tell you about the matter with the Divine Armor. As to whether or not you'll believe me, there's nothing I can do about it. It's just that I know that because of my forgetfulness, I had caused you to subject yourself to danger, that I must truly apologize for."

Hearing the Great Ape Emperor saying it like this, Qin Yu decided to forgive him.

For one, if the Great Ape Emperor wanted to kill him, there's no need for him to use such small trickery. Secondly,… with how high and revered the status of the Great Ape Emperor possessed, yet he still apologized to him. Lastly, Qin Yu believed that the Great Ape Emperor were not someone who would use such small trickery.

"Senior Great Ape Emperor, at that time you had to tell me all those important issues, for you to forget about telling me one of them was also very normal." Qin Yu decided to keep the peace.

The gaze that the Great Ape Emperor looked at Qin Yu with had clearly changed. As the Great Ape Emperor loved to battle, he had always been a blunt person and was disinclined to use small tricks. Furthermore… he was naturally a bit of a careless person.

Imperial City of the Jade Cloud Star.

Qin Yu, Hou Fei, Man Qian, the Great Ape Emperor and the Ox Demon Emperor were all present. The Great Ape Emperor had stayed by the Inherited Prohibited Area before precisely to look after Hou Fei. Now that Hou Fei had came out from the Inherited Prohibited Area, he naturally had also came here.

Hou Fei touched his nose and casually said. "Your Majesty, you had also examined it, I had completely mastered the second stick technique, I ought to be able to go the Bird Clan's territory now, right?"

Hearing this, the Great Ape Emperor smiled.

A bit before Qin Yu had arrived, Hou Fei had learned all but the final move of the second stick technique. He had still not completely mastered the 'Thirty Six Overlapping Waves.' However, he was barely able to use the initial stages of that attack.

At the moment when Qin Yu was attacked by this move, being worried about Qin Yu, the furious Hou Fei had also used the 'Thirty Six Overlapping Waves' to ward off the Cyan Guard's 'Thirty Six Overlapping Waves.' In reality, at that time, Hou Fei had already comprehended the essence of that move.

Although he was unable to completely ward off the attack, it was mostly because the Cyan Guard's 'Thirty Six Overlapping Waves' had already overlapped each other. Each of his stick strikes were stronger than the last one. It was because of that that Hou Fei did not manage to ward off the attack. Hou Fei himself was also confused about it. When he came back to the Jade Cloud Star and began training again, he found out that he was capable of executing the 'Thirty Six Overlapping Waves' now.

"Hou Fei, you had successfully learned the second stick technique and your strength is also at the level three Demon Emperor level now; indeed, you do have the qualifications to enter the Bird Clan's territory now." Said the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan while laughing.

Hou Fei was overjoyed. He laughed happily. "Big brother, it would seem that we would be able to depart for the Bird Clan's territory tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan, the Ox Demon Emperor Man Quan and Man Qian were all stunned.

Qin Yu nodded. He smiled and said. "We are currently worried about our third brother, we truly cannot stay here any longer."

Hearing Qin Yu saying it like this, the other three all knew that it was already determined. The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan shook his head and smiled. A golden battle armor appeared on his body. This was precisely the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan's Divine Armor.

"Showing off?" Muttered Hou Fei in a low voice.

Divine Armors were rare and precious. There were merely a couple of them in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm.

However, what Sun Yuan did caused people to be amazed — he removed the blood contract from the Divine Armor and held the Divine Armor with his hand while placing it in front of Hou Fei. He said solemnly. "Hou Fei, accept the 'Golden Abyss.' From today on, the Golden Abyss is yours."

Hou Fei was dumbstruck.

Only after a long time did he manage to stammeringly say. "Your, Your Majesty, what, what are you doing?"

The Great Ape Emperor lightly smiled. "You are the future Great Ape Emperor of my Ape and Monkey Clan, your safety is very important. Although you had reached the Emperor level, but for you to survive the Bird Clan's territory, there are a great amount of Demon Emperor’s there that can kill you. If you possessed this Golden Abyss, then there would not be many that could threaten your life."

"Those that are able to threaten you, I am acquainted with all of them. They also know about your importance to my Ape and Monkey clan. As they know about the severity of your well-being, they would not touch you." The Great Ape Emperor's face was filled with smiles. "Well then, accept it."

Hou Fei really liked this Divine Armor. He even said that the Great Ape Emperor was 'showing off' out of jealousy when he saw it appearing on the Great Ape Emperor's body. However, who would've expected such a thing to happen?

"What about you?" Hou Fei looked at the Great Ape Emperor.

The Great Ape Emperor said heroically. "I, through the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, with my, Sun Yuan's strength, even if I am not using a Divine Armor, how many people could possibly cause me harm? Moreover, you better not forget that all the years that I spent in the Inherited Prohibited Area, were no joke."

Hou Fei immediately accepted the Divine Armor with a face filled with smiles.

While others didn't know about the Great Ape Emperor's true strength, Hou Fei does.

The Great Ape Emperor had already successfully mastered the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes. According to Hou Fei's estimations, ordinarily, the Great Ape Emperor would use the fourth stick technique, the Heaven Startling Nine Stick Strikes and would already topple over ordinary level nine Immortal Emperors.

If he were to use the fifth stick technique, the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes… then the Peng Demon Emperor and the Dragon Emperor who both possessed an Inherited Treasure would likely not be much stronger than the Great Ape Emperor.

Of course… if the Great Ape Emperor were to be able to one day comprehend and then master the highest level stick technique, the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike, then he'll likely become the true unequalled person in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm. Unfortunately, the difficulty of that was truly too great. In the countless years of successive Great Ape Emperors, there had only been a single Great Ape Emperor that managed to learn the Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike. Majority of them had only managed to reach the Heaven Startling Three Stick Strikes.

"Heaven Startling Single Stick Strike… if I were to be able to comprehend that one day, then who in the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm would dare act arrogant in front of me?" Muttered Hou Fei in his heart.

The Great Ape Emperor’s actions and words had caused Qin Yu to be without the slightest amount of grudge toward him now.

The second day.

Qin Yu and Hou Fei were standing outside of the Imperial City. They were prepared to set off to the Bird Clan's territory to search for their brother Hei Yu. In order to find Hei Yu, they naturally cannot do that without Shi Zhan. As for Shi Zhan, he was currently inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

"Shi Zhan is too weak, it'll allow me to be better at ease for him to be inside the Jiang Lan's Realm." These were the words that Qin Yu told Hou Fei when he took Shi Zhan into his Jiang Lan's Realm.

After Qin Yu and Hou Fei bid their farewell to the Great Ape Emperor, the Ox Demon Emperor and Man Qian, they began their journey to find their third brother.

Outside the Interstellar Conveying Arrays of the Jade Cloud Star.

"Big brother, back when we were in the Mortal Realm, that Mixed Hair Bird would always fight with me. Hehe, his strength right now would definitely be below me, I'm going to trample on him greatly this time around. Tsk tsk~~" Hou Fei was extremely excited.

Qin Yu chuckled. "Fei Fei, that's something that's hard to say. Who knows, maybe Xiao Hei managed to attain some fortuitous encounter and is now even stronger than you?"

That shouldn't be possible right?"

Hou Fei was rubbing his chin and having an appearance of doubt.

"Well then, it's our turn now." Reminded Qin Yu. He then stepped onto the Interstellar Conveying Array with Hou Fei. Following a blurry brilliance, Qin Yu and Hou Fei disappeared.

At this moment, a Golden Immortal was holding a Transmission Spiritual Pearl in his hand. "My lord, Qin Yu and Hou Fei had stepped onto the third Interstellar Conveying Array of the Jade Cloud Star."

There are a lot of experts from the Immortal Realm and the Devil Realm in the Demon Realm. Due to the existence of Interstellar Conveying Arrays, many people who are at or above the level of Golden Immortals were able to easily come and go about other Realms.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was flying amidst the clouds. His destination was the current residence of Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor; a nameless small island. Immortal Emperor Mu Yan, with his strength, was naturally capable of using teleportation to go there. However… Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was enjoying the feeling of flying. Furthermore, while he's flying, he was also able to think about how he should report to Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor.

Ever since Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's combined their forces, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan's position became even more powerful.

Although Mystic Emperor also has two level seven Immortal Emperors under her, but their ability to administer was much inferior to Immortal Emperor Mu Yan. Thus, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan became the number one individual under Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor.

"Last time around, Qin Yu disappeared with the Ox Demon Emperor; I did not manage to find out where they went. Could that be blamed upon me?" Immortal Emperor Mu Yan felt a bit helpless in his heart.

Since Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor intended to kill Qin Yu, their troops naturally tried all methods to keep a close watch over Qin Yu. With the influence of their two powers combined, to accomplish such was an easy task.

When Qin Yu and the Ox Demon Emperor departed for the Inherited Prohibited Area, especially after they flew into the Cosmic Space; how could those surveillance people possibly be able to keep up their surveillance? Because of this, Mu Yan was once blamed for it.

"His Majesty had changed." Immortal Emperor Mu Yan sighed. "If it was His Majesty from before, he would definitely not blame me because of something like this. However now, he started to directly blame me for it. Sigh. His Majesty had placed too much of an importance on Qin Yu."

At this moment, that nameless small island had already appeared beneath the flying Immortal Emperor Mu Yan.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan turned into a ray of light and landed on that small island. There were no servants or attendants in this small island; only Emperor Yu and the Mystic Emperor were here. Only a couple trusted aides knew about this small island.

"Mu Yan, you've come." Mystic Emperor Xuan Xi slightly smiled at Mu Yan.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan immediately replied respectfully. "Mu Yan pays his respect to Her Majesty Mystic Emperor. Your Majesty Mystic Emperor, I have news regarding Qin Yu to report this time around."

"Qin Yu?" Xuan Xi raised her beautiful brows.

"Mu Yan, you said you have news regarding Qin Yu?" Emperor Yu who suddenly appeared out from nowhere stared at Mu Yan. Being started by the Emperor Yu like so, Mu Yan naturally was feeling pressure.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan immediately said. "Your Majesty, last time the Ox Demon Emperor and Qin Yu left. However, they came back to the Jade Cloud Star. At the same time, they brought two people back with them — The Great Ape Emperor and Hou Fei."

"Them?" Said Xuan Xi shocked.

The Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan and the future Great Ape Emperor Hou Fei. They were both people that were being paid close attention to by the intelligence personnels.

"What did Qin Yu end up doing afterwards?" Asked Emperor Yu coldly.

Xuan Xi smiled bitterly as she looked at her husband. Perhaps her current husband only has the idea of killing Qin Yu in his mind. "This Heart's Devil was certainly very serious." Xuan Xi grew even more determined to help her husband kill Qin Yu.

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan replied respectfully. "Your Majesties, Qin Yu had just left the Jade Cloud Star with Hou Fei today. Only the two of them."

"They left?" Emperor Yu's brows creased.

Mystic Emperor was also puzzled.

Suddenly, Emperor Yu's eyes were narrowed. A cold light shined through. "Hua Yan who had been dispatched to the Mortal Realm had once told me that Qin Yu has two brothers. One was Hou Fei and the other was Hei Yu."

A cold smile appeared on Emperor Yu's face. "If my guess was correct, that Qin Yu tried every means possible to rush to the Demon Realm was precisely to find his brothers. When he departed with the Ox Demon Emperor, he did that to search for Hou Fei. And now that he managed to find Hou Fei, he must've definitely set off to find Hei Yu now."

"That make sense." Xuan Xi nodded in approval.

"Xi'er, our opportunity had arrived." Emperor Yu looked toward Xuan Xi.

Xuan Xi instead frowned. She waved at Immortal Emperor Mu Yan and said. "Mu Yan, you can go back first."

Immortal Emperor Mu Yan knew that there are things between the two Majesties that are not suited for him to listen to, he immediately bowed and said. "This subordinate shall take his leave." After he finished saying that, Immortal Emperor Mu Yan turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Xuan Xi looked toward Emperor Yu and said. "Brother Feng Yu, I am in approval of you wanting to kill Qin Yu. However, that Hou Fei is a bit troublesome."

"What's troublesome about it? He's nothing more than a little monkey." Emperor Yu sneered.

Xuan Xi shook her head and said. "While it's possible to ignore his strength, but… he has a person behind his back — the Great Ape Emperor Sun Yuan!"

Hearing the name Sun Yuan, Emperor Yu's brows started to crease. People at the level of Emperor Yu naturally knew about the Demon Realm's successive generations of Three Emperors and how exceedingly frightening they are. The Dragon Emperor and the Peng Demon Emperor both possessed an Inherited Treasure. The Great Ape Emperor instead possessed an Inherited Prohibited Area.

Currently, Emperor Yu had reached level nine Immortal Emperor. However, Sun Yuan was a level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast. If they were to just compare their strength, then there was hardly any difference between them. However, once Sun Yuan started to use his Stick Technique to battle, Emperor Yu would become distinctly inferior to him.

"Sun Yuan, troublesome indeed." Emperor Yu nodded. Soon after he smiled and said. "We'll just directly kill Qin Yu and ignore that Hou Fei."

Xuan Xi said with some hesitation. "If we were to kill Qin Yu, won't that Hou Fei seek us for revenge?"

"Revenge? By the time Hou Fei possesses the power to get revenge, we would've already ascended to the Divine Realm." Said Emperor Yu while smiling indifferently. "Did you perhaps think that Sun Yuan would cause us troubles because we killed Qin Yu? Furthermore, when the two of us join hands; compared to Sun Yuan, who knows who's actually stronger."

Xuan Xi thought about it for a bit and then also nodded.

Killing Hou Fei, Sun Yuan might come and cause troubles. Killing Qin Yu… Sun Yuan likely wouldn't.

"The Dragon Clan has some relation with Qin Yu, the Dragon Clan's territory is not suited for killing Qin Yu." Xuan Xi muttered to herself. "The Bird Clan and the Beast Clan doesn't get along, let's kill Qin Yu in the Bird Clan's territory!"

Emperor Yu's eyes shined with a cold light. "Right, we will kill Qin Yu the moment they pass through the Dragon Clan's territory and arrive at the Bird Clan's territory!"

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