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Book 13 Three Brothers - Chapter 10 – Meeting

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip!!

Unable to escape, Qin Yu calmly stood his ground.

Like they were plucking stringed instruments, Qin Yu's ten fingers were magically flicking. Momentarily, countless golden finger rays appeared and covered the skies. The amount of golden finger rays were definitely no less than the amount of stick silhouettes.

Meteor Finger Technique's Ten Thousand Weighty Fingers!

The stick silhouettes and finger rays all dissipated.

This time, the attacks from both Qin Yu and the Cyan Guard were crowd attacks. Although each of the stick silhouettes and finger rays do not possess a very strong power, but they covered a wide area.

The Cyan Guard had a slightly excited expression. "For finger technique to break through the stick technique, it is the first time that I've come across that. Let's see how you'll take on my next move…" However, the Cyan Guard's speech were stopped in the middle. That's because a sky-covering amount of golden finger rays were once again shot toward him.


Qin Yu sneered in his heart. Only an idiot would stop to sprout nonsense in the middle of a battle.

This Cyan Guard's actual strength greatly surpassed Qin Yu. Although his current attack power was suppressed to Qin Yu's level, but the Cyan Guard only took this battle as a game. Only because of that did he bother to talk in the middle of a battle.

"You actually did this." The Cyan Guard sneered. His cyan long stick jolted and turned into a circle of stick silhouettes. Like a upside down cone, it flew toward those golden finger rays. Every golden finger ray that was covered by the cone was turned into nothingness.

"Not bad." The Cyan Guard's expression changed. He was shocked to discover that majority of those golden finger rays were illusions.

Qin Yu had a slight cold grin on his face.

This was the Thousand Illusions Fingers of the Meteor Finger Technique. Amongst the thousand golden finger rays, there was only a single one that possessed an astonishing attack power. The rest of them were all illusions to confuse the opponent. If the Ten Thousand Weighty Fingers was to be a crowd attack where each of the finger rays possessed a weak amount of power, then this Thousand Illusions Fingers was a single body attack where the only true finger ray within it possessed an enormous attack power.

However, this Cyan Guard used a method to defend against crowd attack to defend against it. Although the stick silhouettes covered a large range, but the amount of power behind those stick silhouettes were weak.

"Boom!" The true finger ray within the Thousand Illusions Finger passed through the stick silhouettes and landed directly on that Cyan Guard's body.

The Cyan Guard stopped. He did not continue to attack but instead looked carefully at Qin Yu. His expression had turned even more concentrated. "Foreign clansman, you are worthy enough for me to become serious. However, I must remind you… that only when you knock down my long stick or escape to the open platform would you be able to save your life. It is completely useless for your attacks to land on my body."

Qin Yu frowned.

"This man who created these rules was truly a scoundrel. What kind of test is this? Unequalled defense and insisted that I knock down the weapon in order to win." Qin Yu felt awfully wronged in his heart. However, he does not have any other method.

As he was in the Inherited Prohibited Area, he must comply with the rules.

"Foreign clansman, experience the last three stick strikes of the Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes."


The Cyan Guard's long stick suddenly turned into a cyan colored light. Qin Yu only felt that the cyan sword silhouette was like a ray of light as it arrived in front of him after two or three strange irregular changes. Qin Yu was only able to fly back to retreat.

Three stick strikes ferociously landed on Qin Yu's body consecutively.

Qin Yu was knocked against the wall. He then fell on his stomach.

"What a strange attack. That's right, it's an attack that's created through the use of the space's fluctuation. The principle behind it is the same as the Ten Termination Fingers." Qin Yu firmly stared at his opponent. And at this moment, stick marks had already appeared on the surface of Qin Yu's body. His internal body was also seriously injured by the vibrations. Blood had already permeated to his body surface. It's just that his Life Elemental Energy had recovered him in a flash.

"Your body's defense is pretty strong." The Cyan Guard sneered.

The cyan stick silhouette once again passed through the space in a strange line. However this time around, Qin Yu was already prepared for it; he flew back and at the same time flicked his ten fingers rapidly. Simultaneously, ten finger rays were shot out. They were shot out in ten parallel lines. However, what's strange was that these ten finger rays unexpectedly came together into one.

Meteor Finger Technique's Ten Termination Fingers.


The ten golden finger rays that had combined into one collided with that rapidly incoming stick silhouette.

The Cyan Guard's attack had failed again!

Qin Yu heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Everything was really as he had expected. The principle behind that stick technique's attack was exactly the same as his Ten Termination Fingers.

The Cyan Guard's expression sunk. "Foreign clansman, never had I expected that your battle comprehension was actually this high. The Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes still have one more final move, I shall see whether or not you'll be able to take on that."

The Cyan Guard raised his long stick.

Qin Yu's concentration was elevated to the peak. He stared at the Cyan Guard in front of him. "This Inherited Prohibited Area had limited his strength to be the same as mine. I don't believe that… that this Inherited Prohibited Area could determine the strength of my 'Sky Piercing Finger.'"

"Watch carefully, foreign clansman." Said the Cyan Guard indifferently.

His long stick moved.

Qin Yu was only able to sense that the space had suddenly been twisted. In a blink of an eye, thirty six stick silhouettes suddenly had appeared in front of him. These thirty six stick silhouettes were arranged in front to back. However, Qin Yu was able to sense that… every one of them were true.

"Illusions, illusions."

Qin Yu determined in his heart that there was only one true stick silhouette and that it was impossible for there to be thirty six stick silhouettes. However, Qin Yu was unable to determine which is the true one using his eyes and Immortal Awareness. Qin Yu only had a single chance.


A stick silhouette ferociously landed on Qin Yu's body. "That's right, this is the moment!" Qin Yu eyes shined. His index finger that was already prepared beforehand was thrusted to the long stick like lightning.

Index finger, long stick!

The two collided into each other. At this moment, time appeared to have been stopped. The thirty six stick silhouettes have all disappeared.

"Bang!" The Cyan Guard's hand was jolted ferociously.

Qin Yu also felt that his finger was numb.

The Cyan Guard looked at Qin Yu with an astonished expression. "Your strength was definitely no higher than a level three Immortal Emperor; you are either concealing your strength, or, with your soul's realm level and your strength, it was impossible for your attack to be this powerful. Absolutely impossible."

How could the Cyan Guard possibly know that Qin Yu was able to use his Black Hole to accelerate and shoot out such a strange attack?

"Don't you run!" The Cyan Guard's figure was shot forward rapidly.

At this moment, Qin Yu had already started to rapidly flee. "Only an idiot would stop for you. Even the Sky Piercing Finger cannot knock down your long stick, do I have any other way to knock down your long stick?"

Unfortunately… the Cyan Guard that was currently enraged actually violated the rule to suppress his strength to a level three Immortal Emperor. His speed was increased to a frightening level. In merely a moment, he appeared in front of Qin Yu.

This run and chase, Qin Yu and the Cyan Guard had already ran from the second battlefield all the way to the main hall. It was the main hall that Qin Yu first entered.

"Foreign clansman, prepare to die." The Cyan Guard attacked again.

"Sigh, I failed again. This final Thirty Six Overlapping Waves, I am always unable to block it." Hou Fei rapidly fled from the first battlefield.

Ever since he successfully challenged the first level stick technique, Hou Fei had been constantly challenging the 'Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes.' However, he failed every single time. In all these years, Hou Fei had managed to learn thirty five moves of the 'Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes.' He had always failed the final move by a bit.

Only through completely comprehending the final move would he be able to defeat his opponent.

When Hou Fei was fleeing, the Red Guard that was battling against him did not give chase. That's because the Red Guard also knew that the Inherited Prohibited Area was created to train the descendents of the Ape and Monkey Clan. Furthermore, the Red Guard was only allowed to use half of Hou Fei's strength, thus he was unable to catch up to Hou Fei with his speed.

"This Thirty Six Overlapping Waves is an advanced level technique compared to the other thirty five moves. It puts into use the comprehension of the space to transform and store the body's energy in order to create a explosive power in a split moment. It continuously shoots out thirty six stick silhouettes to create the strongest attack power." While Hou Fei was fleeing, he was also thinking about the technique in his heart.

After all these years, Hou Fei was completely certain about the principle of the Thirty Six Overlapping Waves. It's just that he was lacking a bit when trying to use it.

"There's battle ahead!"

While Hou Fei was rapidly flying out, he sensed that there was an intense battle in the main hall ahead of him. "Eh, strange. There's someone else other than me in the Inherited Prohibited Area? Didn't the Great Ape Emperor use all three of his chances already?"

Hou Fei grew curious. Who exactly was the person in the battle?

In a blink of an eye, Hou Fei had arrived on the main hall.

At this moment… he saw a furious Cyan Guard carrying with him a cyan colored long stick silhouette as it landed ferociously on a black haired youngster. Seeing this black haired youngster, Hou Fei's eyes were opened wide and round like a ball.

"Big, big brother!" Hou Fei was shocked.

He then became clear headed. Hou Fei grew angry when he saw the situation of the battlefield. "What's with this Cyan Guard? He's relying on the fact that he possessed an unequalled defense and doesn't bother to defend at all. Instead, he is chasing after my big brother and attacking him."

The current situation was precisely that.

The Cyan Guard was determined that Qin Yu was concealing his strength. This caused the Cyan Guard to believe that he was deceived. The angry Cyan Guard was completely exploiting the loophole within the rules.

He had completely given up defense and started to only attack.

No matter how strong Qin Yu was, it was still impossible for him to defend against that.


The Cyan Guard's body's energy started to move about following a special method. He once again executed the strongest move of the Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes.

Heaven Startling Thirty Six Stick Strikes.

It used a special method of energy movement to cause the energy to be stored up and then compressed to the extreme and then shoot out a stick stick rapidly. Then, following the first strike, it once again shot out a second stick strike. Following the second strike was the third strike…

One strike after another, overlapping one another.

When it reached the thirty sixth stick strike, it's power would become excessively strong.

Under normal circumstances, even if a person was able to block the first strike, they would be unable to defend against the consecutive strikes following behind it.

However, Qin Yu was able to directly use his Sky Piercing Finger to break through this technique. That's because… the Sky Piercing Finger's power was too powerful. The vibration from the collision caused the Cyan Guard's stick to be jolted out of control. Although the Cyan Guard was still grabbing onto his stick, he was unable to continue to execute the move.

This time around, the Cyan Guard had once again executed the Heaven Startling Thirty Six Strikes.

The Cyan Guard did not bother to defend at all. His long stick firmly hacked down.

The stick silhouettes were swiftly moving!

In a flash, thirty six vaguely distinctive stick silhouettes appeared in front of Qin Yu. Qin Yu was so angry in his heart that he wanted to curse out. However, he didn’t have any other means than to use the same technique he did earlier.

He took on a stick strike and then used his Sky Piercing Finger.


The index finger collided with the stick.

The Cyan Guard had a slight cold grin on his face. After that long stick was struck by Qin Yu's Sky Piercing Finger, it actually rapidly bounced back. The Cyan Guard's body turned around, the long stick rapidly made a 360 degree turn and came crushing at Qin Yu with an even more frightening speed.

Borrowing the power!

"Too fast!" Qin Yu's expression changed. After borrowing the power from Qin Yu's finger strike, the long stick's speed surpassed Qin Yu's reaction speed. He was unable to use the same method he used last time in time.

Using his body to feel the true stick silhouette and then breaking through the attack. In order to do that, he required time in between the sensing and the attacking. The faster the speed the stick silhouette was, the harder it was for him to break through it.

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

Four stick strikes landed on Qin Yu's body consecutively. Each strike was faster than the one before it. The Thirty Six Overlapping Waves, if the first strike was not broken, then the following strikes would be harder and harder to break.

Qin Yu was filled with anger.

This damned place. It doesn't allow him to use his Divine Armor, and furthermore, his opponent possessed an unequalled defense. In order to win, one must knock down the opponent's long stick. What's with this?!


That's murder!

What Qin Yu guessed was correct. When the Inherited Prohibited Area was created, it was intentionally created to murder foreign clansmen. It merely left behind a bit of hope for them, that's all. "Fuck, I'm not playing anymore." Qin Yu's eyes turned blood-red. He was prepared to use the Jiang Lan's Realm.

However, right at this moment —

"Bang!" "Bang!" "Bang!"

The same stick silhouettes. It's just that these stick silhouettes were black. They appeared from another directly and collided with the Cyan Guard's stick silhouettes unceasingly. The trajectory of these stick silhouettes were exactly the same. The attack method was also exactly the same.

"Big brother, quickly, flee. The guards of the Inherited Prohibited Area are all vicious and merciless!" A familiar voice transmission sounded in Qin Yu's mind. Qin Yu looked over —

"Fei Fei." Qin Yu was pleasantly surprised. However, his expression immediately changed greatly.

Hou Fei only managed to consecutively block twenty some stick silhouettes. Finally, he was unable to block anymore. The black stick was knocked flying and smashed onto the wall of the main hall. Afterwards, another stick silhouette landed on Hou Fei.

Blood had covered Qin Yu's field of view.

"Fei Fei!!!" Qin Yu's eyes grew red.

His body moved. In a flash, he was holding Hou Fei. He wanted to rapidly rush to the outside. However, there were seven more strikes from the Thirty Six Overlapping Waves!

Qin Yu was knocked to the side from the first strike of these seven strikes. He was unable to run toward the tunnel.

"Big brother!" Seeing this scene, the serious injured Hou Fei's eyes also grew red. However, in a blink of an eye, Hou Fei discovered that he was no longer in the main hall. He had already arrived in the Jiang Lan's Realm.

After taking Hou Fei into the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu grew a lot more relaxed.

Right when Qin Yu was prepared to enter the Jiang Lan's Realm —

"Stop." An ice-cold voice sounded.

The Cyan Guard's body stopped, it was like he had be received a body fixation technique.

"Cyan Guard, when you were chasing after the foreign clansman, in order to catch up to that foreign clansman, you've used energy that reached the level of level six Immortal Emperor. You had already surpassed the boundary within the regulation. He who violated the rules must die." The ice-cold voice sounded.

"My Lord, please spare my life. Please spare my life." The Cyan Guard immediately kneeled down and said terrified.


With a cold humph, the Cyan Guard grew motionless. Qin Yu who was nearby saw that the Cyan Guard's eyes had become dim. Soon after, the Cyan Guard fell on the ground motionlessly.

Qin Yu was astonished.

This 'lord' of the Inherited Prohibited Area was truly incomparably cold and merciless.

"Foreign clansman, you may safely depart." That ice-cold voice had turned amiable.

(Why did the lord in the Inherited Prohibited Area not punish the Cyan Guard the moment when he broke the rules? Hehe…)

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