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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 70 – Sweep Away

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Me!!

Seeing Ao Wuxu leaving the Jiang Lan's Realm, Qin Yu grew excited in anticipation.

What kind of situation would it be on the outside?

"Qin Yu, rest assured. With Wuxu's strength, it was very easy for him to take care of Emperor Yu and his subordinates." Said Wu Lan while smiling. He appeared to be certain of Ao Wuxu's victory. "Both the Blood Dragon and the Five Clawed Golden Dragon are Super Divine Beasts. For Five Clawed Golden Dragons, not only are their energy attacks very powerful, their body's defense was also extremely strong. As for the Blood Dragon, it’s close range attacks have inherited the superiority that's specific to Divine Beasts. However, its energy attack is instead not good. Thus, it goes to a different extreme."


Qin Yu looked at Wu Lan, he really didn't know about the attack power of the Variant Divine Beast, Blood Dragon.

Wu Lan explained. "Five Clawed Golden Dragons are able to execute some attack techniques. As for the Blood Dragon, what it was best at was — Devouringattacks."

"Devouring attacks?" Qin Yu was startled.

Wu Lan nodded and said. "That's right. From the way I see it, this type of attack technique was even stronger than the attack techniques of Five Clawed Golden Dragon. The Blood Dragon was able to separate into multiple Blood Dragons. Once those Blood Dragons enter the body, it directly aims for and swallows the Nascent Soul."


Just thinking about it was enough to astonish Qin Yu. The Blood Dragon was indeed worthy of the title, Variation Super Divine Beast.

"Mister Wu Lan, when he was competing with Immortal Emperor Ni Yang, why is it that he lost the battle?" Qin Yu started to become puzzled. If this type of attack was that powerful, then why did he get defeated?

Wu Lan smiled and said. "Although devouring attacks is powerful, but it is not an attack that can easily swallow anyone. For those that are a lot weaker than him, naturally he is able to swallow them easily. As for those experts who are the same level as him, it is a lot harder to swallow them."

Qin Yu came to an understanding.

"Against crowds, there's the swallow attack. Against a single person, there's close combat. The Blood Dragon could be considered as the most perfect Super Divine Beast that I have seen." Wu Lan gasped in admiration. "Of course, the other Super Divine Beasts were also pretty good as they possessed their respective traits."

"Ao Wuxu finally attacked." Qin Yu who had been paying attention to the outside the whole time finally discovered that the battle had started.

"He only started to attack now?" Wu Lan was a little startled. He had already been conversing with Qin Yu for a while now but they had only started to fight on the outside.

In actuality, one of the reason was because of the fact that the Jiang Lan's Realm's time flow is ten to one compared to the outside world. And there was another reason, that is — Ao Wuxu was putting on airs.

"Youngster Qin Yu. Quickly, let our Demon Awareness spread out of this Jiang Lan's Realm so that we can have a clear look at the battle outside." Said Ye Qu hurriedly. It was impossible for his Demon Awareness to spread out of the Jiang Lan's Realm when he's in it.

With an intention of his will, Qin Yu allowed Ye Qu and Wu Lan's Devil Awareness to escape from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

The location where the Reef Yellow Star used to be had already turned into a boundless empty outer space.

The gigantic Sealing Element Refining Flames Array had been maintained the whole time. Afterall, no one knew whether Qin Yu would suddenly come out and escape from the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array. If he were to escape, then all the efforts would be for naught.

Surrounding the green speck were twelve Immortal Emperors including Emperor Yu.

Emperor Yu and them were all sitting cross-legged around the surroundings of the green speck.

Twenty years!

Emperor Yu and them had guarded the surrounding for an entire twenty years. In this twenty years, Emperor Yu had tried everything. He had his subordinates join hands and attack and even got the Mystic Immortal to come and join hands with him and attack the green speck together. However, without exception, Emperor Yu failed in all his attempts.

Unable to break through!

Although Emperor Yu appeared to be undisturbed as he sat cross-legged in the space, he was actually thinking of ways to break open the green speck.

"What to do? I really don't know how that Immortal Emperor Ni Yang managed to comprehend this before his death. He actually managed to comprehend and create such a dreadful defensive barrier that even I and Xi'er cannot break open after we joined hands." At this moment, Emperor Yu still thought that the green speck was Qingyu Immortal Mansion.

One cannot blame Emperor Yu. Afterall, he had never heard about there being such a thing like a Spatial Divine Artifact.

Suddenly, Emperor Yu looked toward his left.

In the empty space several hundred meters to the left of all the Immortal Emperors, a grave and stern man suddenly and surprisingly appeared.

"Who are you?" Emperor Yu immediately stood up.

Ao Wuxu looked at Emperor Yu but did not utter a word.

Besides Emperor Yu were eleven Immortal Emperors. These eleven Immortal Emperors all stood up next to Emperor Yu. Including Emperor Yu, all these people had a very serious expression. They have all felt the pressure!

That was the oppressive feeling that comes naturally with a frightening strength!

"When did the Demon Realm have a new level eight Demon Emperor?" Emperor Yu was greatly shocked. He was a level eight Immortal Emperor, although he was unable to see through this new arrival, he was able to barely sense the Demon Aura that was specific to those from the Demon Realm.

"Friend from the Demon Realm, I am Emperor Yu, I am not aware of who you might be…" Right when Emperor Yu only said half of what he wanted to say, he was interrupted by Ao Wuxu.

"Emperor Yu, it's been a long time, you actually don't even recognize me anymore. Haha…" Ao Wuxu started to laugh loudly. However, it was as if the entire space had frozen, his laugh brought about only intense nervousness to those Immortal Emperors.

Emperor Yu shrink his eyes. At this moment, the eleven Immortal Emperors beside him were prepared to attack at any moment.

"Are you ready?"

Suddenly, two rays of red shined in Ao Wuxu's eyes!

"Roar~~" Suddenly, an extremely reverberating dragon roar resounded in the boundless space. Ao Wuxu's figure had completely disappeared and a gigantic crimson dragon that was over a thousand miles long had suddenly appeared covering the sky. Those crimson colored dragon scales were radiating a demonic brilliance.

The malevolent dragon head was staring at Emperor Yu and them.

Emperor Yu and the eleven Immortal Emperors were shocked stunned.

"It's the Blood Dragon, Ao Wuxu." Emperor Yu woke back up.

However, right at this moment, the thousand miles long Blood Dragon suddenly started to move. It immediately turned into a crimson colored phantom. Emperor Yu and his subordinates were only able to see an enormous dragon mouth coming toward them to swallow them.

[TL: I decided to keep it as miles because 'li' is a chinese mile. A Chinese mile is equal to ⅓ American mile or ½km. I just felt that it is more true to the story to use one thousand miles as opposed to 500km.]


All of a sudden, Emperor Yu and the eleven Immortal Emperors felt that they have entered a crimson colored world.

"Break!" The Great Emperor's Sword in Emperor Yu's hand gave off a boundless amount of golden light.

In a flash, the Blood Dragon had flew back to where it was previously.

As for Emperor Yu and them, they were also still at their original location. It's just that at this moment… including Emperor Yu, there was only four Immortal Emperors who were still alive. Green Blooded Sword Emperor Zhi Bai, Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan and a level six Immortal Emperor.

The Blood Dragon had swallowed eight great Immortal Emperors at once.

The thousand miles long dragon's enormous dragon head was suddenly raised and looked toward the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array's net of light. The enormous dragon body once again immediately turned into a crimson colored phantom. It ruthlessly knocked against the net of light.

The Sealing Element Refining Flames Array that the sixteen Immortal Emperors set up; even the strongest one amongst these sixteen, Immortal Emperor Yu Fan, was merely a level six Immortal Emperor. Although this Sealing Element Refining Flames Array's defense was very strong, but it was still able to be broken by the attack of a level seven Immortal Emperor.


A level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast. The fierce strike from its true body.

Emperor Yu was completely shocked.

That's right, he wanted to kill the sixteen Immortal Emperors! Emperor Yu woke up to reality.

"Stop him!" Emperor Yu suddenly shouted. At the same time, he sent voice transmissions to those sixteen Immortal Emperors. "Yu Fan, you all, quickly run away." Like lightning, Emperor Yu's voice transmission resounded in the sixteen Immortal Emperor's minds.

The sixteen Immortal Emperors were already shocked the moment when the thousand mile long Blood Dragon appeared. It's just that as Emperor Yu was still alive, how could they possibly dare to run away?

At this moment, they wanted to run after hearing Emperor Yu's command. However… it's too late. The breaking of the Sealing Element Refining Flames Array had caused the entire space to fluctuate. It was simply impossible for the sixteen Immortal Emperors to teleport.

With a dragon roar!

That thousand miles long Blood Dragon actually divided in a split second. The thousand miles long Blood Dragon had turned into sixteen Blood Dragons all of a sudden. In a flash, these sixteen dragons had already bound up the sixteen Immortal Emperors.

This was precisely what Wu Lan had mentioned to Qin Yu about. The characteristic specific to the Blood Dragon, dividing into multiple Blood Dragons to carry out group Devour attacks.

This was not a Body Clone Technique.

The sixteen Blood Dragons, each and every one of them has the strength of around a third of Ao Wuxu's. They were merely a bit weaker than a level eight Immortal Emperor. After a shout of screams, the sixteen Immortal Emperors disappeared.

"Roar~~~" Another dragon roar sounded.

The sixteen Blood Dragons suddenly started to rush toward Emperor Yu and the other three. At the same time, they merged together and returned to a thousand miles long Blood Dragon. While rushing over, that thousand miles long Blood Dragon unexpectedly disappeared into thin air.

A person appeared.

Covered in a layer of crimson colored dragon scales, his long hair had turned crimson colored, there were even two dragon horns growing on his head. That pair of ice-cold, crystal-like eyes were staring at Emperor Yu.

It's the Ao Wuxu in his Battle Mode Human Form!

The Ao Wuxu with the strongest attack power!

Emperor Yu, Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai, Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan and that level six Immortal Emperor were all filled with anger and fear.

"You are Ao Wuxu." Emperor Yu's whole body was shivering.

"That's right." Said Ao Wuxu as he looked at Emperor Yu coldly. "Emperor Yu, the me from back then was unable to prevail over you and could only draw a tie. However, the currently i have already reached level eight Immortal Emperor, today's conclusion would only be — me trampling on you."

In merely a brief of a moment, twenty four Immortal Emperors had died.

"Qin Yu managed to open the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas?" Said Emperor Yu. His voice was cold.

At the moment when he saw Ao Wuxu, Emperor Yu already knew that Qin Yu must've opened the third layer of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas. Afterall, Ao Wuxu was a Spiritual Beast of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas back then. This matter was something that high level people of the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm knew of.

"That's right." Ao Wuxu looked at Emperor Yu coldly.

"Run away." At almost the exact same moment, Emperor Yu sent voice transmissions to his subordinates.

A level eight Demon Emperor Super Divine Beast, even Emperor Yu was no match for him. Back then, the level seven Demon Emperor level Ao Wuxu was already at the level of Emperor Yu. The current Ao Wuxu was even more frightening than that.

The four great Immortal Emperors moved out at almost the same time.


An ice cold voice echoed. Ao Wuxu had turned into a crimson ray of light. All of a sudden, that crimson ray of light turned into four. The four crimson rays of light simultaneously charged toward Emperor Yu and the other three, causing the four of them to be unable to escape.

The level six Immortal Emperor died in battle.

Afterwards, the four crimson rays of light were once again turned into three crimson rays of light.


Ao Wuxu's main body was holding a battle knife. This battle knife was extremely long, it was as tall as Ao Wuxu himself. However, Ao Wuxu was extremely fast when using it to attack and its attack power was also very astonishing.

Ao Wuxu's main body was attacking Emperor Yu. His two clones were attacking the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor and Green Blooded Sword Immortal.

The space was shaking. The frantic energies were spreading in all direction like storms. Emperor Yu, Green Blooded Sword Immortal and Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor were all trying their hardest to escape.

In a mere ten breaths time.

Ao Wuxu's body appeared next to the green speck.

"What a pity. It's one thing to be unable to kill Emperor Yu because he possessed a Divine Armor. Never did I expect that the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor were also able to escape." Ao Wuxu sighed. "Sigh, to simultaneously control the attack of my two clones caused adversely affects on the main body's attacks. Otherwise, Emperor Yu would not have been able to escape so easily."

"Qin Yu, let me return."

Said Ao Wuxu via voice transmission. Soon after he disappeared into thin air.

At this moment, the boundless space energies were still shaking. However, other than some drifting blood in the cosmic space, there were nothing else that can show the trace of a battle.

On a desolate planet.

Two figures in a sorry state appeared on this planet.

Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan was half kneeling on the ground. His complexion was deathly pale. Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor Mu Yan, although his attack power was not as strong as the Green Blooded Sword Immortal, his defense was a lot stronger. It was precisely due to his defense that, although he was seriously wounded this time, he managed to survive.

As for the extremely famous 'Green Blooded Sword Immortal,' Zhi Bai, he had lost his life in this battle. While the Green Blooded Sword Immortal's attack was very strong, but his defense was inferior to that of the Yellow Gowned Immortal Emperor. Because of that, he had lost his life.

'Green Blooded Sword Immortal' Zhi Bai who had moved unhindered through the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm had fallen.

Emperor Yu's luxurious purple gown was stained with blood. His completely was also very pale. "Mu Yan, what's the loss this time around?"

As the subordinate who managed all the troops underneath Emperor Yu, Emperor Yu would usually ask Mu Yan about the statistical results after every battle.

Mu Yan stood up. His expression was extremely ugly. "Your Majesty, in this battle, we had lost twenty six Immortal Emperors."

"Twenty six." Just by hearing this number, Emperor Yu felt a major pain in his heart.

Mu Yan continued. "Your Majesty, the Reef Yellow Star was the planet with the greatest possibility of Qin Yu appearing amongst the three major planets; those sixteen Immortal Emperors stationed there were also those that are stronger. As for the other ten Immortal Emperors that had been gathered there to attack the speck of green, those ten Immortal Emperors were also the ten that were amongst the strongest."

Emperor Yu started to shiver in his heart.

It was precisely because those ten were powerful that he gathered them over to attack the speck of green.

These twenty six Immortal Emperors, they accounted for less than half of the subordinates under Emperor Yu, but they were the true elites underneath Emperor Yu. This battle… more than half of the elites underneath Emperor Yu were lost and his strength had dropped to less than half of its former strength!

"Even Zhi Bai died in battle, Your Majesty's war generals were almost completely wiped out. Those who reached above the level six Immortal Emperor level were only this subordinate and Your Majesty left." Said Mu Yan with an awfully downcast voice.

While it is true that Emperor Yu still have quite a bit of Immortal Emperors underneath him.

But none of those Immortal Emperors were above level six Immortal Emperor.

"Qin Yu, Ao Wuxu!" Emperor Yu's whole body were shivering. He took a deep breath. "Let's return."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

Soon after, the two disappeared from the desolate planet.

Inside the Jiang Lan's Realm.

Seeing Ao Wuxu appearing before their eyes, Qin Yu, Ye Qu and Wu Lan all welcomed his return. Even the four other Demon Emperors were filled with excitement. They also knew about what had happened earlier.

Killing twenty six Immortal Emperors and all of them were Emperor Yu's elites. Amongst which there's even the Green Blooded Sword Immortal Zhi Bai.

"Wuxu, not bad." Said Wu Lan while smiling.

There were admiration in Qin Yu's eyes. "Wuxu, you killed twenty six in a single stretch, you even killed that Green Blooded Sword Immortal. There's also a couple level six Immortal Emperors including Immortal Emperor Yu Fan. Truly amazing."

Ao Wuxu still had a grave and stern expression. "It's nothing. I had said that Emperor Yu might be a bit hard to kill and thought that I would've been able to kill twenty seven of them this time. Never did I expected that one of them escaped." After saying those, Ao Wuxu even had a slight regretful expression on his face. It seemed as if he was very dissatisfied with his accomplishments.

Qin Yu, Ye Qu, Wu Lan and them were immediately dumbfounded.

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