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Book 12 Qin Yu - Chapter 69 – Wu Lan's Promise

Translated by: Pumpkin

Edited by: Phillip and Me!!

Qin Yu completely understood.

"That pitiful Ni Yang." Qin Yu had a sigh in his heart. It was evident that these three great experts do not hear and obey Ni Yang at all. Experts have the arrogance of experts, these three would rather die than submit.

From the way it sounded, Ao Wuxu was still not bad.

He promised Ni Yang two demands; he'll protect Ni Yang during the moment of life and death and would also listen to a single command from him.

Wu Lan was even worse, he actually won't even listen to a single command and had only promised to protect Ni Yang when he's in danger.

"Youngster Qin Yu." Ao Wuxu suddenly looked toward Qin Yu. "Although you have became the master of the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, but your strength is much weaker than my own. I have originally intended to not listen to even a single one of your commands, however, giving face to big brother Wu Lan, I would listen to a single command from you."

This extremely arrogant sentence shocked Qin Yu.

"Had it not been Ni Yang, how could you possibly be able to command me?" Ao Wuxu looked down upon Qin Yu. "I would only protect you during the moment of life and death. In other times, you only have a single opportunity to command me. When you ascended to the Divine Realm, you are to return my freedom. If you were to refuse that, then you might as well kill me."

From start to finish, this Ao Wuxu's facial expression did not even change.

Qin Yu lightly smiled. "Ao Wuxu, Ao Wuming is my brother and I also respect you. Good, I accept your demands."

"Wuming is your brother?" Ao Wuxu's expression slightly changed as he looked toward Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded.

Ao Wuxu who was originally indifferent toward everything actually smiled lightly. "Wuming, how is he?"

"Big brother Wuming is doing well. He has been traveling the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm with sister-in-law Lian Zhu." Qin Yu replied. Ao Wuxu heard this and nodded. He took a deep breath and then walked far away and no longer bothered conversing with Qin Yu.

Qin Yu looked at Ao Wuxu's back.

"This Ao Wuxu has an estrangement with both the Dragon Emperor and the Dragon Clan but it seemed like his relationship with his own brother was actually pretty good." Qin Yu was able to sense the different kind of bearing Ao Wuxu had toward Ao Wuming.

Qin Yu didn't know at all that during the time when Ao Wuxu was a child, there was only Ao Wuming, his own brother, that didn't discriminate against him in the slightest.

Ye Qu and Wu Lan's manners toward Qin Yu was instead a lot better.

"Qin Yu, you possessed both talent and luck, with your cultivation speed, I reckon that it would not take a long time for you to ascend to the Divine Realm." Said Wu Lan while smiling. "Merely, you must certainly be very strict to yourself. If you were to rely on others, then your own progress would certainly become very slow. Do you understand that?"

Qin Yu nodded.

Cultivators, their path was filled with dangers. If one were to rely on others all the time, how could they possibly achieve great success?

Wu Lan nodded and then consoled Qin Yu. "It's good that you understand that. To be honest, I have never really took that Ni Yang into consideration. With his temperament, passing the Divine Tribulation? Humph, there's was a fifty percent chance that he'll fail." Wu Lan seemed to not care about Immortal Emperor Ni Yang at all.

Ye Qu who stood to the side said confused. "Big brother Wu Lan, I remember that back then, it seemed like you didn't even want to talk with Ni Yang and didn't listen to his orders at all. Only when Ni Yang was dying and requested your help did you finally help him. Why is it that you're this good to this youngster Qin Yu?"

Ye Qu sized Qin Yu from head to toe with his two tiger eyes. "I also cannot sense what's so extraordinary about this youngster Qin Yu, his strength was even weaker than Ni Yang. Why is it that you're so good to him?"

At this moment, Ao Wuxu who was far away also looked toward their direction.

Clearly, he was also puzzled about this.

Wu Lan lightly laughed and looked toward Qin Yu. "That's because I am confident of Qin Yu. To be more exact… I am confident of that Uncle Lan."

"Uncle Lan?" Qin Yu was stunned. "Mister Wu Lan, you know Uncle Lan?"

Wu Lan smiled as he shook his head. "No, I don't know him at all. However, when we were in the Ni Yang's Realm, I have seen a puppet. I asked you who refined that and you told me it was Uncle Lan, isn't that right?"

"Yes, that's right."

Qin Yu still remembered the things in the Ni Yang's Realm.

At that time, Wu Lan was actually able to immediately determine that the Sword Immortal Puppet was not a real person and even asked who it was that refined it. It was as if after he knew about it, Wu Lan's manners toward Qin Yu had changed greatly.

"Big brother Wu Lan, who is that Uncle Lan?" Asked Ye Qu confused.

"You cannot ask, you cannot ask." Said Wu Lan mysteriously.

Qin Yu was able to determine that this Wu Lan ought to know a bit about Uncle Lan. Or perhaps… he determined some things about Uncle Lan from the Sword Immortal Puppet. Suddenly, Qin Yu remembered a matter —

Where did Wu Lan come from?

Qin Yu was completely unable to determine Wu Lan's original body nor do he know about his history.

Wu Lan immediately continued. "Ye Qu, your dinosaur true body is extremely powerful, like this… you are the same as Wuxu, continue to stay in the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, Qin Yu can command you once and during the time of life and death, you are to protect Qin Yu."

"Yes, big brother." Ye Qu appeared to obey Wu Lan's words. Wu Lan smiled and look toward Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, if Ye Qu were to always be by your side protecting you, then even if your power were to increase, you would not have the strength that's tempered from real combat and would not be able to completely display your powers."

Qin Yu immediately nodded in understanding.

He was able to absolutely understand this point, only through experiencing Emperor Yu and Xue Tianya trying to kill him in the Blue Snow Star did he manage to comprehend and create the 'Meteor Finger Technique' and the 'domain' technique that belonged to Emperor level experts.

"Qin Yu, Wuxu and Ye Qu's battle prowess was something that you're not clear about. It's better for I to tell you about it." Wu Lan's expression grew somewhat serious.

Qin Yu carefully listened.

A person's strength was most certainly not something that can be determined merely by his level.

Wu Lan said slowly. "Wuxu is currently a level eight Demon Emperor and his original body was also that of a Super Divine Beast, Blood Dragon; in his battle mode, there are only a couple people who can surpass him in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm…"

"Which?" Qin Yu immediately asked.

Wu Lan smiled. "I have already not been in the Immortal, Devil and Demon world for so many years, I would only talk about the people that I know of. The Dragon Emperor from the Demon Realm's Dragon Clan, the Peng Demon Emperor and Emperor Ni from the Bird Clan."

[TL: debating about whether to keep it as Peng or change it to Roc…]

Qin Yu naturally knew about the Peng Demon Emperor

The latest clan in the Bird Clan was the Peng Clan. The Peng Demon Emperor was the Emperor of the Peng Clan and at the same time was also the the Emperor of the Bird Clan.

Emperor Ni. Although her strength was very formidable, Phoenixes are both from the heaven and earth and there is only a single Phoenix in the entire Bird Clan. Thus, how many people are there that actually listened to the commands from Emperor Ni? After all, the Peng Demon Emperor has the powerful Peng Clan behind him.

"From the Devil Realm… as far as I know, there wasn't anyone. Of course, it was also possible for there to be powerful hidden experts that I don't know about." Said Wu Lan while smiling.

Qin Yu nodded. On the surface, there are three big shots in the Demon Realm. However, who knows if there are any hidden experts.

"As for the Immortal Realm, Hidden Emperor's strength ought to be at about the same level as Wuxu. As for those that are stronger than Wuxu, there was only one person that I know from the Immortal Realm — Cyan Emperor." Said Wu Lan with absolute certainty.

Qin Yu was already prepared for that.

Cyan Emperor was most certainly stronger than his displayed strength.

"As for the Dark Star Realm, the Three Great Sovereigns would not be weaker than Wuxu…" Said Wu Lan tranquilly.

Qin Yu was startled.

The Three Great Sovereigns of the Dark Star Realm were truly terrifying. Back when he was on the Crescent Moon Bay, Cyan Emperor and them even said that the head of the Dark Star Realm's Three Great Sovereigns, the previous Gold Punishment Lord, was even their old big brother.

"Other than some hidden experts, the rest of the people, for example Emperor Yu, Mystic Emperor, Blood Devil Emperor and them, were definitely not a match for Wuxu." Said Wu Lan indifferently.

From Wu Lan's speech, Qin Yu knew of one point —

Wu Lan didn't know about the existence of granny Yin Hua.

"You ought to know about Wuxu's power right? Other than those couple experts from the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there are not many other people that can match him." Said Wu Lan while smiling. "As for Ye Qu, his strength is close to that of Emperor Yu's."

Qin Yu was able to have a clear hierarchy of the strength of Ao Wuxu and Ye Qu.

Only after knowing how strong they actually are would he be able to better use the sole command that he has of them.

"That's right, you have to be careful of Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor joining hands." Said Wu Lan all of a sudden. "They are both level eight Immortal Emperors; however, once they join hands, not only would they be able to match a level nine Immortal Emperor, what's most important is that… their Divine Weapons could combine into one and turn into a High Level Divine Weapon. I reckon that even Wuxu would not be able to take that on."

As if he was recalling the memories from back then, it was evidently that Wu Lan knew about Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor's attack power.

"I understand." Qin Yu nodded.

Although Emperor Yu and Mystic Emperor joining hands could not do anything to the Jiang Lan's Realm, but one still cannot belittle these two's attack power.

Ao Wuxu who stood afar suddenly gave voice.

"Youngster Qin Yu, where is this?" Only now did Ao Wuxu noticed that this place was different.

In the Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there was not a single planet with the vastness of land that Jiang Lan's Realm possessed.

A boundless amount of land, anyone would feel strange.

"Youngster Qin Yu, in the entire Immortal, Devil and Demon Realm, there are no place with such a vast land. For even my Demon Awareness to be unable to determine the boundary." Ao Wuxu said in astonishment.

A Level eight Demon Emperor's Demon Awareness was certainly able to cover an entire planet.

"The amount of Elemental Spirit Energy here is also excessively dense." Wu Lan was also surprised.

Qin Yu started to smile. "This is the inside of the Jiang Lan's Realm."

"Jiang Lan's Realm?" Wu Lan, Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu looked to Qin Yu.

Qin Yu nodded, as these three were also bounded by the Ten Thousand Beasts Atlas, Qin Yu decided to tell them. "Jiang Lan's Realm is a Divine Artifact that Uncle Lan refined. There is an extremely large space inside of this Artifact."

"Spatial Divine Artifact?' Wu Lan was filled with astonishment.

"Spatial Divine Artifact, why is it that I've never heard of that before?" Both Ye Qu and Wuxu grew puzzled.

"And this was also refined by that Uncle Lan?" Wu Lan immediately asked.

Qin Yu nodded.

Wu Lan took a deep breath as if to calm himself down from the shock. He then looked at Qi Yu with a profound look. "Qin Yu, this Uncle Lan of yours truly cared for you."

"Uncle Lan is indeed very good to me." Said Qin Yu as he sighed. He recalled the memories of the days in the Mortal Realm when he was together with Uncle Lan and Li'er.

Only after a long while did Qin Yu awoke from the memories. "Mister Wu Lan, there's also another matter that I haven't spoke yet. I believe that you all would probably understand it in the future; the time flow speed in the Jiang Lan's Realm is different from that of the outside world. Ten years in here is only a single year outside."

"Ten years in here is one year outside?" Ye Qu was astonished. Ao Wuxu also walked over, his face was filled with shock.

"Isn't that a bit too fantastic?" Said Ye Qu, he found it unbelievable.

Time is an theoretical existence. For the flow of time to be different in the two spaces, it was truly very fantastic.

"Mister Wu Lan, what's wrong?" Qin Yu looked toward Wu Lan in confusion.

At this moment —

Wu Lan's eyes were filled with shocked, his complexion had also grew a bit pale. He had an appearance as if he had just saw a ghost.

"Mister Wu Lan." Said Qin Yu once again.

"Big brother Wu Lan, what's wrong?" Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu also looked toward Wu Lan.

Only after the three of them calling out to him a couple more times did Wu Lan come back. Wu Lan took a couple breaths and allowed his expression to be a slightly more calm. However, there was still some astonishment in his eyes. "Qin Yu, are you telling the truth that the flow of time in the Jiang Lan's Realm is different from that of the outside?"

"That's right." Qin Yu nodded.

Wu Lan took a deep breath and then once again look at Qin Yu profoundly for a couple more times. He then gasped in admiration and said. "Qin Yu, I will also promise you that during the time of life and death, I would protect your life. Also, you would have a single chance to command me."

"Oh." Qin Yu smiled as he nodded.

Wu Lan didn't even give Ni Yang a chance to order him. For him to give Qin Yu a chance, Qin Yu was already very satisfied.

"Big brother Wu Lan."

"Big brother Wu Lan."

Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu both looked at Wu Lan in surprise.

Wu Lan continued to smile as he looked at Qin Yu. "Qin Yu, when you reach the Divine Realm, I do not care if you'll return my freedom, you can do as you please."

Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu grew even more surprised. Wu Lan actually didn't ask for the freedom when they reach the Divine Realm. From Ye Qu and Ao Wuxu's point of view, they were completely unable to understand this.

Wu Lan did not bother to explain, he merely smiled.

Qin Yu nodded. For others to be so nice to him, he too cannot be excessive. Qin Yu had already decided in his heart that if he were to be able to reach the Divine Realm, he would certainly return to Wu Lan his freedom.

"Qin Yu, when you leave the Jiang Lan's Realm, I hope that you'll allow us to continue training in the Jiang Lan's Realm. We are able to save ten times the time if we trained in here." Said Ao Wuxu suddenly.

Qin Yu smiled and instead asked. "Could this be considered as you seeking a favor from me?"

Ao Wuxu nodded cold and matter-of-factly. "Yes, I would most certainly not ask a favor for free, if you were to allow me to train in the Jiang Lan's Realm, I would give you another chance to command me."

Like this, Qin Yu would obtain two chances to order Ao Wuxu. Thus, he was naturally willing.

"Ao Wuxu, I would use the first chance right now." Said Qin Yu.

"Qin Yu, you'd best not waste the chance. Although you have two opportunities to command Ao Wuxu, but if you were to want Ao Wuxu seek a favor from you again in the future, it was a nearly impossible matter." Wu Lan reminded Qin Yu.

Qin Yu merely shook his head. "I know. Ao Wuxu, currently outside of here was Emperor Yu and his subordinates, about twenty Immortal Emperors. They also have a Sealing Element Refining Flames Array, I hope that you… teach him a profound lesson."

"The subordinates under Emperor Yu, twenty some Immortal Emperors, and a Sealing Element Refining Flames Array?" Ao Wuxu had a slight smile on his face. "It would be a bit hard to kill Emperor Yu. However, as for teaching him a lesson… I would make that lesson extremely profound, so profound that Emperor Yu would not be able to forget about it for his entire life."

Ao Wuxu looked toward Qin Yu. "Let me go out."

The master of the Jiang Lan's Realm was Qin Yu, thus no matter how strong Ao Wuxu was, he was still unable to leave it by himself.

Qin Yu nodded.

"Qin Yu, let me remind you." Ao Wuxu suddenly said in a low voice. "Big brother Wu Lan gave you a chance to command him, unless you're at the most important moment, it's best for you to not waste that chance." Ao Wuxu exclaimed softly. "I really don't understand… why is it that big brother Wu Lan is so nice to you?"

Qin Yu was unable to refrain himself from being startled.

"Enough about that, let me out. I'll teach Emperor Yu and his men a good lesson." Said Ao Wuxu indifferently.

Qin Yu stopped over thinking anymore. With an intention of his will, Ao Wuxu disappeared from the Jiang Lan's Realm.

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